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Obama administration denies role in arming Syrian rebels
2012-05-17 01:21:00
President Barack Obama's administration has repeatedly said over the past few months that it won't ship arms to Syria's outgunned opposition, warning that doing so will only escalate the bloody conflict there. But the Washington Post reported Wednesday that the U.S. has been helping to coordinate shipments ...
Romney: Obama administration has ?emboldened? North Korea
2012-04-13 16:58:00
Mitt Romney linked North Korea's failed rocket launch to the Obama administration in a statement released late Thursday night, saying the president's efforts to appease the regime have "emboldened" Pyongyang. In a statement condemning the launch, Romney said President Barack Obama has "no effective response" to North Korea's weapons program and supported a "food-aid deal" "that ...
Bolton accuses administration of leaking story on Israeli planning along Ir
2012-03-30 01:20:00
Bolton accuses administration of leaking story on Israeli planning along Iran border Former U.S. diplomat John Bolton alleged Thursday that the Obama administration leaked a story about covert Israeli activity in order to foil potential plans by the country to … Continue reading →
Is The Obama Administration Evil?
2012-03-20 08:34:00
Is The Obama Administration Evil?A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet Back in the 1970's, a novel was written by "Thomas Luke," a nom de plume (by the way) for Graham Masterton.  The title of the book was/is "The Hell Candidate." The premise of the story is that a candidate for President of the United States makes a pact with Satan to secure the presidency.  The reader follows "the hell candidate" through the campaign, which, of course, he wins. OK.  Before you ask -- yes, I did read the novel, back when it was published in the seventies.  No pun intended -- that cussed book made a heck of an impression.   It was right up my alley -- politics and religion, er, possibly NON-religion?  Whatever. ("The Hell Candidate" by Thomas Luke is available at Amazon HERE. So why am i making reference to Mr. Masterton's book?  Because America is in the midst of a presidential campaign and I am beginning to feel as if there is another Hunter Peal in the...
Wake Up Amerika!
2012-03-19 06:02:00
John Adams said, “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a country. One is by the sword, the other is by debt.” Actually, there is a third way … executive order. While many of us fell for the sleight of one hand orchestrating a phony contraceptives debate, some wondered what the other hand was ...
2012-03-13 21:29:00
Like a couple of prom pimples, they’re back! It’s Hanoi Jane and Sixties bra burner Gloria Steinem resurfacing in The Great Sandra Fluke diversion! It seems Ms.’s Fonda and Steinem want Rush Limbaugh and nearly every other Conservative talk host fired. So much for free speech. They also object to what they mistakenly call Mr. ...
Has NYT criticized administration for gunrunning operation?
2012-03-04 18:40:00
Conservative bloggers and pundits — as well as a handful of reporters in the mainstream media — have been inquiring into the administration’s “Fast and Furious” gunrunning scandal, “the only border gun operation that was undertaken with the full intention of the straw-purchased guns leaving the control of law enforcement officers and reaching the armories ...
Proof Positive
2012-03-02 01:48:00
While reading about the Condom-in-Chief’s current contraceptive diversion, his latest lies behind soaring gas prices and masterful apology to Muslim extremists for the destruction of a few already-desecrated Korans … I came across this reply to some article or other in the Washington Times. I believe it sums up the span of time between 2008 ...
The Final Conflict
2012-02-22 21:10:00
As our country careens toward the election of 2012, we increasingly find ourselves on a collision course between good and evil. In the corner on the left, wearing a black hat and flashing a forked tongue, we have Barack Hussein Obama. In the corner on the right, wearing a white hat and clinging to a ...
Geithner says administration lacks solution to debt problem
2012-02-17 01:08:00
Expressing admiration last May for  ”Congressman Paul Ryan’s honest attempt to save Medicare”, Jon Huntsman wrote that critics of “his approach incur a moral responsibility to propose reforms that would ensure Medicare’s ability to meet its responsibilities to retirees without imposing an unaffordable tax burden on future generations of Americans.” Today, as James Pethokoukis reports ...
Trashing The Constitution
2012-02-10 18:50:00
Any credibility activist Ruth Bader Ginsburg may once have had as a Supreme Court Justice is gone. She has become the term limit poster girl for the unelected public servants that occupy the high court. During an interview with Al Hayat TV in Egypt, she clearly demonstrated a fundamental lack of understanding of the United ...
Obama Administration Defends Contraception Rule Amid Mounting Criticism
2012-02-08 21:04:00
First Posted: 02/ 8/2012  9:45 am Updated: 02/ 8/2012 10:39 am Reuters- By Susan Heavey WASHINGTON–The Obama administration is willing to work with Catholic universities, hospitals and other church-affiliated employers to implement a new policy that requires health insurers to offer birth control coverage, a top adviser to the president’s re-election campaign said on Tuesday. ...
By: Suzie-Q
Free, Black and Twenty-One
2012-01-13 02:11:00
For once I agree with Michelle Obama … she doesn’t deserve to be stereotyped as “an angry black woman.” Just because she wrote, “blacks must join in solidarity to combat the white oppressor” in her Princeton thesis doesn’t make her angry. Statements like, “America is a downright mean country” or, “for the first time I am ...
The Agricultural Adjustment Administration adjusts farmers pockets to less
2012-01-06 06:00:00
Surpluses of the main US farm products had been piling up in storage bins since the early 1920s, and President Roosevelt used the Agricultural Adjustment Administration starting in 1933 to try to limit the output of those products. If their supply went down, then their prices would go up, enabling many farm families to make ... You Might Also Like:Agricultural education in WV, a 1923 update
Ron Paul: 9/11 prompted ?glee? in Bush administration
2011-12-09 23:44:00
Ron Paul: 9/11 prompted “glee” in Bush administration Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said Thursday evening that Bush administration officials were gleeful after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks because it gave them a pretext to invade Iraq. “Just think of … Continue reading →
Distracted To Ruin
2011-12-06 02:16:00
While Herman Cain was being ambushed by the government controlled media, misfits and malcontents were occupying anyplace to which they could be bussed, and Egypt was falling into radical Muslim hands that promise to become even more oppressive than the brutal dictator the people ousted, a few other items managed to escape most public attention. For ...
Obama administration sought to keep voters in dark about (coming) Solyndra
2011-11-16 00:21:00
Earlier today, Bruce e-mailed me this tweet, “OMG! Bush told Halliburton to delay announcing layoffs until after the ’06 elections!!!????”  Therein, @robertcurlin linked a Washington Post article that has gotten a lot of conservative tongues wagging: The Obama administration urged officers of the struggling solar company Solyndra to postpone announcing planned layoffs until after the November ...
Pundit dons clown shoes, finds scandal-free Obama Administration
2011-10-30 23:40:00
Reader V the K e-mailed me a link to an article which shows how clueless some pundits are when it comes to Barack Obama.  Although some once fascinated by the perfect crease in the president’s well-pressed trousers have started second-guessing their initial enthusiasm, others, ignoring the Democrat’s record in the White House as they gave ...
Polling The ?Occupy? Marxists
2011-10-21 07:45:00
If you’re ready believe the unruly mob disrupting Wall Street shares anything in common with the Tea Party, you need a sobering cup of reality. Oh, most of them, surprisingly, walk upright but they couldn’t be more opposite in every other way. Democrat pollster Douglas Schoen is among the first to have polled a meaningful ...
The Great Unwashed
2011-10-14 21:10:00
Did you ever wonder what a community organizer does? Just take a look at what’s happening on Wall Street and in several other cities across the country … Obama never got so much bang for his buck! Fueled by the White House’s hateful rhetoric and co-opted [if not actually organized] by labor unions and Acorn-style ...
By Any Other Name
2011-09-15 21:54:00
Barry ‘Never met a tax I didn’t like’ Obama is whining his way around the country saying really presidential things like, “If you love me, you’ll pass this bill” and talking about 153 bridges that are structurally unsound … although he’s letting unsuspecting travelers figure out which ones they are. By the way, weren’t these ...
The Odd Couple(s)
2011-09-06 19:31:00
It all started with a sleepless night, but instead of counting sheep I dreamed up political scenarios. Go figure. It’s hard to believe that, with the damage he has already wrought upon America, Barack Obama will survive another election unless he learns to turn water into wine. He has already turned wine into water in ...
Obama?s Big Wind
2011-09-03 15:32:00
It would appear the only ‘grass roots’ contact our intrepid Campaigner-in-Chief has experienced lately was with the divots churned up by his putter, before Hurricane Irene chased him from Martha’s Vineyard. Remember the Midwestern bus trip we bought for him? Well, it turns out he never boarded either of those big black hearses until just ...
The Story of ?O?
2011-08-27 09:00:00
Careful Mr. President … don’t trip over the guys in front of you! As I listen to the latest from Libya and the Middle East, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around The Nutty Professor’s concept of “leading from behind.” Come to think of it, he has tried to apply his theory to domestic ...
Lowongan HR Recruitment & Administration Officer
2011-07-02 08:15:00
PT Tozy Sentosa ….. Seize Your Future….. We are inviting highly motivated and enthusiastic professional candidates to join a well-established International Retail Brand Company to fill in the following positions : HR Recruitment & Administration Officer (Banten – Serpong) Requirements: Male/Female around 22-27 years old Hold at least Diploma/ Bachelor Degree from reputable universities majoring ...
The Basic Principle Of Isle of Wight Real Estate Administration
2011-01-25 11:03:00
Property management is again a discipline that effectively applies such principles that are well spread in commercial, residential or even industrial real estate. The basic and fundamental principle is in the relationship between the landlords and tenants. An estate agent can act as the owner if there is an agreement between them and the real landlord, thus entrusting them to handle all the duties of the property owner.
Tidying up the unfinished car administration from years back
2010-10-26 21:32:00
When we moved to France we drove our car there with the intention of officially importing it at some stage. However, we were rather busy in the first few months in France setting things up, then spent the rest of that first year trying to catch up on various bits of administration that we’d put ... Related posts:Buying a house in France: Part 22: French administration Where is “home” when you’ve moved to live in France? Crazy car insurance companies in France Extricating oneself from the French administration Buying a house in France: part 23: French documentation: ID card, Livre de Famille and proof of address
IT Faculty, Business/BBA Faculty, Cashier, Administration
2010-08-17 20:03:00
An International Program for Information Technology and Business Administration in Bandung currently requires following staff: IT Faculty, Business/BBA Faculty, Cashier, Administration with the following specifications: 1. IT Faculty : S2 in IT/Computer Science, TOEFL >500 2. BBA Faculty : S2 (Business)/MBA, TOEFL > 500 3. Cashier: D3/S1 Accounting/Economy/Business 4. Admin Staff: D3/S1 in Business/Social Sciences/Administration Please submit the complete cv in pdf format by August 21, 2010 to ICAT HRD Dept. Related PostsJob at PT Esmalglass IndonesiaPT Esmalglass Indonesia is internationally recognised as a pioneer in the areas of ceramic pigments,...Job Vacancy @ HOTEL SALAK THE HERITAGEWe are a four stars hotel which located in Bogor with Free Wireless Internet, 12 meeting rooms @ 10 ...Lowongan Kerja BUMN Perusahaan Farmasi PT Kalbe Farma Tbk Agustus 2009PT. Kalbe Farma Tbk is the leading pharmaceutical company in Indonesia are looking for dynamic, expe......
2010-08-05 01:46:00
Our company is export oriented garment factory, today invites experienced workers to join with us as : EXIM ADMINISTRATION STAFF Qualifications are generally as follows : - Min.D3 Degree, max.age 25 years old. - Experience at least 2 years in Exim. - Fluent in english and familiar operating Microsoft Excel. - Good interpersonal skills and able to work under pressure. Job Location : DKI Jakarta. Salary : 2 – 2,5 million/month. Please send your application, resume in English with recent photograph no later than August 21th, 2010 to : (Put the code EXIM ADM for subject email) Only qualified applicants will be called for interview. Related PostsExport Staff PT. Bintang Jaya Makmur SurabayaREQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS : 1. Male, minimum 28 years old 2. Minimum S1 Degree, majoring in ...JOB VACANCY @PT. BERDIRI MATAHARI LOGISTIKWe are an International Freight Forwarder, one of Hitachi Group Company, which operate Inside and Ou...Lowongan Kerja di PT. Macoline Indone...
The Wall Street Journal Aids Bush Administration Era Neocon John Bolton In
2010-05-04 04:25:00
Déjà Vu: According To The Right, Iran Should Be Attacked Before They Acquire Nuclear Weapon — Meanwhile, Pentagon Brags The United States Has Now Cut Down To A Nuclear Arsenal Of ONLY 5,113 WMD’S Okay, folks — someone needs to educate me on this one because I’m increasingly... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
Obama ["Bush III"] Administration: There Is No Reasonable Expectation Of Pr
2010-02-12 01:34:00
4th Amendment Alert: President Maintains No Search Warrant Is Necessary To Track Innocent Americans Via Cellphone GPS Tracking Abilities… Isn’t it the far-right who generally subscribes to the “If you’ve nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to fear.” theory? Why... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
Nick Jonas & The Administration CD+DVD First Look
2010-01-19 08:35:00
Nick Jonas & the Administration are out with a first look at their CD+DVD release. The limited edition DVD includes 8 intimate studio performances and can be purchased February 2nd at Target and...
2010-01-15 16:34:00
We are a sole agent company of mining equipment seeking the great people to support and enhance our position as the great company of mining industry for the position of PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION SECTION HEAD (PA) Responsibilities -To monitor employee data, concealing and all related Personnel matter. -To ensure personnel administration policy well implemented within the organization based on company ...
OOPS: In Defense Of Bush Administration, Rudy Giuliani Forgets 9/11 Attacks
2010-01-09 01:38:00
George Stephanopoulos’ Good Morning America Interview With “America’s Mayor” Reveals Possible Short-Term Memory Loss For Rudy; Rudy’s Spokesman “Clarifies” Statement After Considerable Scrutiny From Prominent Bloggers Over Stephanopoulos’ Failure To... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
Question: Did The Obama Administration Just Define We Bloggers And The Gay
2009-10-13 05:19:00
Of Course, The White House Denies The Rumor… As you know, I normally don’t like to cut and paste commentary by media (”MSM”) outlets or from my fellow bloggers, preferring for the most part to simply paste a link so our readers can click on the referenced articles/columns... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
Journalistic Twist: Obama Administration Takes On The [ahem... so-called] ?
2009-10-09 05:51:00
What Happened To The So-Called “Liberal MSM” And Why Did They Turn On President Obama And Vice-A-Versa? H/T goes out to both Time And MemeOrandum for The Pull… old UP a minute — what’s going on here? Apparently, President Barack Hussein’s White House and its... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
Obama Administration Agrees To Hold Unconditional Talks With Iran Signaling
2009-09-13 04:25:00
WARNING — Before You Flip Your Lids — Remember: President Barack Hussein Obama, While Campaigning For The Oval Office, Clearly Stated “Just Because We Agree To Talk Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Say NO“… Now that the Obama Administration has agreed to speak with... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
The GTL? Open Post Labor Day Roundup ? Obama Administration?s Former ?Green
2009-09-07 21:57:00
THE Gun Toting Liberal Reaches Out To His Fellow Commentators -Slash- Co-Bloggers And Readers To Furnish Their Opinions On Any Of The Above Or Anything Else Political One Wishes To O-Pine On… Hey everybody, it’s Labor Day (not “Management Day” as President Obama put it... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
The Hypocrisy at the Heart of the Obama Administration:Flooding the Washing
2009-08-21 03:46:00
In his successful bid for the White House, Barack Obama promised “throughout the campaign” (to borrow one of his expressions) to be a new kind of politician, more transparent than the then-incumbent.  He would post each bill that lands on his desk online so that we the people would have “five days to look” at ...
2009-08-12 03:59:00
CAREER OPPORTUNITY PT. TRIYASO As distributor of: InFocus, ASUS, Control4, Analog Way & SONOS are looking for Best Candidates for: Sales Executive (SE) Qualification: Diploma degree, max. 22 years old / SIM A Experienced in government and private enterprise project Have strong interpersonal and communication skills, friendly, confident and smart   Sales Counter (SC) Qualification: Diploma degree, max. 22 years old Have strong interpersonal and communication ...
Obama Faulted Bush Administration for Rushing Legislation
2009-07-28 10:28:00
If someone found a tape where George W. Bush, long before he had been elected President faulted a Democratic Administration for using tactics that he would use once in office, you can bet that the media would be playing that audio clip on a regular basis. Well, while reading what was on the mind of various ...
2009-07-27 03:52:00
CAREER OPPORTUNITY MEDICAL TEAMS INTERNATIONAL is a non-profit organization, which serves to bring aid and medical care to those in needs worldwide. We are looking for people who are skilled, passionate, determined and experienced for the positions below:   Health Program Assistant (HPA) ? Jakarta (country Office) HPA holds a general responsibility of assisting the program manager in the overall direction ...
2009-07-27 03:49:00
JOB VACANCY RUSTAN CONSULTING A fast growing Tax and Business Consultant office at Jl. HR. Rasuna Said, Jakarta has several vacancies for:   Senior Tax Consultant (SNT) Junior Tax Consultant (JNT) Administrative Support (AS) Receptionist (RCP) Qualifications: GPA > 2,75 For SNT & JNT ? Bachelor Degree (S1 in Accounting) For AS ? Diploma degree (D3 in Accounting) For RCP ? Bachelor degree (D1 in Secretary), female, good ...
2009-07-25 03:36:00
JOB VACANCY PT. TECHKING ENTERPRISES INDONESIA  A distribution company of Toshiba Notebook PC in Indonesia HQ is stationed in Jakarta and aim for new recruits who are dynamic, active, result-oriented with excellent analytical thinking, well organized, honest having good interpersonal and communication skills, able to work under pressure and a good team player to be a part ...
It's Not Iran - It's Obama's Administration Here in America VIDEO
2009-07-15 00:35:00
Television ad that highlights recent press accounts that sound more like they are out of Iran than the U.S. But truth be told they are actually accounts of Barack Obama's (and his administration's) failures and poor policy decisions. From:
JOB VACANCY - Business and Administration etc.
2009-07-14 03:35:00
JOB VACANCY Vacancies for young professional dynamic person to join with a multinational company in Food Manufacturing and Chocolate School as:  Business and Administration Education min D3 Experience Bisnis Administration English Proficiency, both oral and written female, 25 years of age  Chocolate (Pastry Chef) Education min D3 Chocolate working specialist Experience min Chef de Party English Proficiency, both oral and written Male / female, max 30 years of ...
Democrats Upset that Bush Administration had Secret Effort to Kill or Captu
2009-07-13 18:27:00
All weekend, we’d be hearing how upset Democrats were about a CIA program the Bush Administration kept secret from Congress.   With the high dudgeon typical of their criticism of Bush, they made it seem this was some program which violated the constitution, infringed on our civil liberties and just plain showed what horrible, no good ...
2009-07-04 03:47:00
URGENTLY REQUIRED METTA SCHOOL a national plus school is looking for committed individuals for following positions:   Preschool, kindergarten teacher / Assistant Elementary Teacher (English, Science and Math) Elementary Teacher (Bahasa Indonesia, PPKN, IPS) Mandarin Teacher Administration Staff With qualifications as followed: Bachelor degree with GPA minimum 2,75 Creative, dedicated and love children Strong teaching, curricula delivery, class management skill and able to work in ...
2009-07-02 04:03:00
JOB VACANCY   Microfinance Innovation Center of Resources & Alternatives (MICRA), a local foundation founded by Mercy Corps with the purpose of building the institutional strength in microfinance sector, is looking for qualified Indonesian citizens to join with us. The positions are full-time consulting contracts. The position is based in Jakarta; require strong English language and computer ...
Pro Linux System Administration - Linux Certification Material
2009-06-29 18:18:00
Pro Linux System AdministrationProduct DescriptionWe can all be Linux experts, provided we invest the time in learning the craft of Linux administration. Pro Linux System Administration makes it easy for small to medium–sized businesses to enter the world of zero–cost software running on Linux and covers all the distros you might want to use, including Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS. Authors
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