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2012-05-31 18:54:00
The Wall Street Journal reports on how last year's Fukushima Nuclear Plant meltdown is now affecting bluefin tuna that migrate to the California coast of the United States. Surprisingly, researchers are saying that they have detected radioactive cesium isotopes in all of the fish they have tested. Of course, the actual news report and its "experts" are claiming a low to minimum radiation count, but the wise consumer should note otherwise. Unfortunately we all may have to start thinking twice about that sushi...
REVENGE Spoiler Alert: Help Cast Emily’s You-Know-Who!
2012-05-24 18:36:00
The second REVENGE’s Nolan revealed to Emily that her supposedly-dead mom was alive, our brains went into overdrive. Who should play the Clarke family’s missing link? We came up with a few suggestions… give us yours in the comment section! Felicity Huffman The formerly desperate housewife looks like she and James Tupper (who plays Amanda’s dad in flashbacks) could totally be the gene pool from which our vengeance-seeking heroine emerged. And after years of playing Lynette, Huffman would no doubt relish the opportunity to sink her teeth into a role that allowed her to play something more glamorous than a suburban mom! Er, not that there’s anything wrong with that… Cynthia Watros Long before she became one of LOST’s tailies or TITUS’ good-hearted girlfriend, Watros tore up the daytime screen as GUIDING LIGHT’s nutty nurse Annie Dutton, taking home a Lead Actress Emmy for her work on the soap. Anybody who remembers the classic ri...
China Cleantech Stock Alert: Guanwei Recycling (NASDAQ:GPRC) Moves over 14%
2012-05-11 20:35:00
New York, NY - May 11, 2012 - renewable energy/green newswire), an investor research portal specializing in sector research including China stocks and renewable energy stocks issues trading alert for Guanwei Recycling Corp. (NasdaqCM :GPRC) - trading up at $1.6798, up 0.2099(14.28%) 2:07PM EDT on over 600,000 shares. The stock had a day's high of $1.72.
Awwwwww Alert! Nina Dobrev Has a Taste For…
2012-05-11 19:59:00
Just when we thought we’d couldn’t love Nina Dobrev anymore comes the latest instalment of the iconic “Got Milk?” campaign featuring THE VAMPIRE DIARIES star alongside her real life mother Michaela Constantine. Enjoy.
2012-05-11 14:00:00
The following is a thought-provoking speech delivered by political activist and former United States soldier, Mike Prysner. He goes on to explain how the institution of racism is pivotal in enforcing war and fooling the masses into dying for oppressive causes. As if it weren't any more clear, the speech exposes how the poor are sent to obliterate other poor people on a sadistic global checkerboard for the elite. Good morning Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and the list that goes on...
CLWR $ 1.25 ALERT !
2012-05-08 17:03:00
Load the BOAT, Again !!! :thumbs: Its A Bottom.. or at least Look Like :):cowboy:
2012-05-07 18:43:00
West Coast-based MC, ScHoolboy Q was recently on New York City's Hot 97 FM declaring a personal PSA against the use of "Lean" aka "Sizzurp" aka "Purple Drank" aka highly-addictive-and-bad-for-yo-u codeine and promethazine. Q gave listeners a first-hand account of the awful withdrawal symptoms of the drug and even talked about how he's been pleading with fellow music peer, A$AP Rocky, to get off the stuff too. It's pretty real and the message is pretty clear--kids, don't do drugs that hurt you!
2012-05-05 20:45:00
Hiring good employees definitely will help the company grow. However they are not easy to come by. The other day, I was in the office and while I was doing my work, I heard this guy talking very loudly over the phone. I didn?t want to ease drop on anyone?s conversation but he just was ...
'Supermoon' alert: Biggest full moon of 2012 occurs this week
2012-04-30 20:02:00
Skywatchers take note: The biggest full moon of the year is due to arrive this weekend.
China Scam Alert: The Different Company Bank Account. Again.
2012-04-25 02:59:00
Someone should have told me that April is China scam month, because I always thought it was December (see Ancient China Business Scam. Back With A Vengeance This Season).  My firm has gotten more emails and phone calls this month from foreign companies scammed by Chinese manufacturers than any month ever. Since I am guessing this is attributable more to the downturn in Chinese business than to anything related to this particular month, I am writing this post as a warning. What we are seeing so much of this month is the very basic, very much tired and true, bank account switch scam.  We got two of these already this week (and it is only Tuesday).  In both cases the parties were out six figures, yet we told both of them not to bother hiring us to try to get their money back. Not surprisingly, both cases involved purported chemical companies. (See our posts Anatomy Of A China Scam. Part I. Just The Facts. and Anatomy Of A China Scam. Part II. Conclusion And Advice., both involving a...
Photos: Mexico raises volcano alert level after rumbling
2012-04-18 19:45:00
Authorities in Mexico have raised the alert level for the Popocatepetl volcano southeast of Mexico City due to increasing activity. (AP)
Mexico raises alert for Popocatepetl volcano
2012-04-17 11:16:00
Mexican authorities raised the alert level for the Popocatepetl volcano near to Mexico City on Monday after it started spewing red-hot fragments of rock.
Trayvon Martin Media Alert State Attorney Angela Corey will hold a news con
2012-04-11 21:14:00
Angela B. CoreyTrayvon Martin Media Alert State Attorney Angela Corey will hold a news conference TONIGHT 6:00 PM ET 04/11/12State Attorney Angela Corey will hold a news conference Wednesday night at the State Attorney?s Office in Jacksonville, Florida.JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- State Attorney Angela Corey will hold a news conference Wednesday night at the State Attorney?s Office in Jacksonville, Florida.Ms. Corey is prepared to release new information regarding the Trayvon Martin shooting death investigation.The news conference will begin at 6:00 p.m. The State Attorney?s Office is located at 220 E. Bay Street in downtown Jacksonville.Satellite/live truck operators will be allowed inside the location two hours before the event. Please be prepared for a 1,000 ft. cable run. Reporters and photographers will be allowed inside at least 30 minutes before the news conference begins.Parking spaces for satellite and live trucks have been blocked off on Market Street, which runs along the east s...
Biotech Alert: PositiveID (OTCBB: PSID); Big Ambitions for Biodefense and D
2012-04-04 16:32:00
New York, NY - April 4, 2012 - ( Newswire), a leader in research for independent investors presents its second exclusive Q&A interview with Medical technology stock, PositiveID Corporation (OTCBB: PSID). Mr. William J. Caragol, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, illuminates on the first quarter operational highlights that have positioned the Company in the diabetes and biodefense markets for 2012.
Major Sale Alert! is having a 24-hour 40% off flash sale.
2012-03-29 17:58:00
Quick! Online retailer is hosting a 24-hour 40% off flash sale. Discounts apply to all merchandise on the site, including sale items! Now that’s what you call a deal. Of course there are a couple of exclusions, Uggs and Canada Goose merchandise, but there’s still plenty of items available at discounted prices. With free ...
New Couple Alert: Olivia Munn & Joel Kinnaman Dating
2012-03-29 06:31:00
Iron Man 2 actress Olivia Munn is rumored to be dating actor Joel Kinnaman, who has just been announced as the lead role in the remake of the 1980′s flick Robocop. Hot New Couple: Matthew Morrison & Olivia Munn Dating! Munn, 31, recently ended things with her boyfriend Brad Johnson in January, but seems to ...
Fashion Truckie Alert!!!
2012-03-16 00:00:00
Catch Chocolate Clothing's super cute Fashion Truckie  this March 18, 12:00pm-8:00pm at the Platform of Ronac Art Center along Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan. Get special discounts plus FREE cotton candy! See you there!!! Also, don't forget about this FREE make up workshop brought to you by Laura Mercier. Learn from one of the industry's best international make up artists, Jeffrey Tasker, who has worked on celebrities as big as the Sex and the City cast and Oprah Winfrey. See You There! WIN Shopping Money from Multiply
Giveaway Alert: Lancôme Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate Sampling Pr
2012-03-15 13:22:00
Hello my babies!  I know, I have been on a skincare kick lately….but I can’t help it!  There are just too many great goodies out there!  So….have you ever wanted to try something before you buy it?  You know how I am a proponent of sampling in any form, because let’s face it skin care ...
A Miss TLC New Video Alert: M.I.A. - "Bad Girls"
2012-03-13 19:50:00
Ok, so this video's not new. I just needed to bring it up to illustrate three things. One - The Miss TLC Bad Girl Mix has been added for a limited time to the sidebar on the right ---> Check it out and thank me later. The songs included are as follows: 1 - Danity Kane ft. Missy Elliot "Bad Girl" 2 - Donna Summer "Bad Girls" 3 - Jon B. "Bad Girl" 4 - M.I.A. "Bad Girls" 5 - Madonna "Bad Girl" 6 - The Pussycat Dolls "Bad Girl" 7 - Usher "Bad Girl" 8 - Black Buddafly ft. Fabolous "Bad Girl (Remix)" 9 - David Guetta ft. Taio Cruz "Little Bad Girl" That way you have the list for yourselves just in case the record labels restrict them from being played in YouTube playlists (which they do from time to time). The second thing I wanted to bring up was that I love this song. Love love love. And the third thing I wanted to bring up was the whole M.I.A. / Super Bowl controversy. By now you've all heard about the drama with Madonna's performance at the Super Bowl...
Tom Geldschläger: Xell - guitar medley - scary playing alert!
2012-03-09 00:14:00
Tom Geldschläger: Me performing various parts from "Xell"´s debut album. I did not play on the record, but was hired to play guitar in his live-band. I ended up playing some parts that were originally performed by strings, woodwinds etc. You check out some of those in this video. P.S.: for the last part of the video I edited two parts together for musical continuity - I had originally videotaped those parts in seperate sessions because this video was made during the practise-sessions for a gig. Xell - guitar medley Sindbad by Xell I played over 30 minutes worth of guitar parts on this wonderful album by Jimmy Pitts and Marco Minnemann, this is just a little compilation of parts where I used a FRETLESS guitar. Buy the album for much more where this came from :) The album is part of Marco´s amazing "Normalizer 2" series ( ). visit or ! Pitts/Minnemann Project - fretless guitar mom...
Spoiler Alert! 5 Things You Didn’t Know About ONCE UPON A TIME Direct Fro
2012-03-04 20:26:00
Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more exciting for ONCE UPON A TIME fans thanks to Sunday’s one-two punch that has tonight’s brand new episode being preceded by a livestream of the hit ABC series’ PaleyFest Panel, thought it might be fun to sprinkle a little spoilers on this fairytale of a day. 5 spoilers to be exact direct from our recent press event with co-creators/executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. See for yourself, after the jump. Storybrooke interrupted. For all those wondering when the denizens of Storybrooke might start to follow in Sheriff Graham’s dearly departed footsteps — who was one of the few townspeople to begin to show awareness of his fairytale alter-ego — well, you can stop wondering now. “It’s certainly going to be a part of the series going forward,” admitted co-creator Adam Horowitz. “The bleed between worlds is something we’ve played with and continu...
Amber Alert Issued for 4 Year Old Samuel Jones from New Mexico
2012-03-04 16:05:00
An Amber Alert was issued by the Carlsbad Police Department for a 4 year old boy that they fear has been abducted by a non-family member and the police say the child?s life may be in danger. Authorities say little Samuel Jones was last seen around 6:30 p.m. Saturday near the 100 block of Taylor Circle ...
New Couple Alert: Eddie Murphy & Toni Braxton Dating
2012-02-29 22:54:00
Actor Eddie Murphy, 50, and singer Toni Braxton, 50, have reportedly been dating for four months. Sneaky! A source told reporters that the two ”are seeing each other and very into it.” Murphy even supported Braxton backstage at her concert in Los Angeles on Feb. 19. Singer Toni Braxton Hospitalized Braxton’s rep insists that the two are just ...
2012-02-29 17:33:00
Not sure if everyone is hip to Google's upcoming policy change (goes into effect tomorrow actually), but we thought we'd share a little info about what it means and how you can decide what information you as a user would like to share or withhold. The gist is that Google's new unified privacy policy will take all data collected about browsers including age, queries, sites visited, etc. and assign it to their online identity aka Gmail and YouTube accounts. After tomorrow users will not be allowed to opt out of the policy, but it is still possible to clear your current browsing history therefore disassociating your account from past data. Here's how:
Set alert 13:42 zwaaien/brullen/foto RT: @marijnfietst:
2012-02-24 17:13:00 Set alert 13:42 zwaaien/brullen/foto RT: @marijnfietst: #omloopkoorts 5 hours ago from Twitter - Comment - Like
Missing Child Alert: Delray Beach, Florida Girl Feared Abducted
2012-02-21 17:28:00
The Delray Beach Police Department is reporting the disappearance of a 17 year old girl, Jade Beneby this morning who was apparently abducted from a bus stop. The girl reportedly left her home this morning around 6:30 a.m. and headed to the bus stop as she was heading for school. She is a student at Atlantic ...
Amber Alert Issued For Three Children Ages 9, 7 and 5 from Caldwell, Idaho
2012-02-19 20:49:00
Police seem to believe that a mother, Bertha Guerrero-Castro, in Caldwell Idaho may have picked up her three children for visitation but she never returned them by the 3 p.m. deadline on February 18, 2012. They say that the three children, Ubaldo, Mirella and Esmerelda Guerrero-Lopez were last seen at 4601 Autumn Lane yesterday. An ...
Tom Quayle, Rick Graham: Funk Jam in Guitar Idol - super jam alert!
2012-02-19 01:55:00
Rick Graham Tom Quayle delivered a very insightful clinic covering many aspects of fusion guitar, covering the neck and methods highlighting options for players to break out of pattern based playing. Apologies for the distorted sound. I am working on it. I hope to be working with these guys in the near future on another new project. Tom Quayle, Rick Graham: Funk Jam in Guitar Idol
Amber Alert Issued for Fort Worth Girl, 11 Year Old Jessica Smith
2012-02-08 16:40:00
An Amber Alert in Fort Worth Texas has been issued for 11 year old Jessica Smith who police believe was taken by her mother, Kimberly Smith. Although they decline to say why, the police are reporting the girl could be in danger. According to Jessica?s older sister, 16 year old Caitlin Fields, there has been some ...
Angarkh liked Angarkh's event 'Contest Alert'
2012-02-07 11:30:00
Angarkh liked Angarkh's event 'Contest Alert'
A Miss TLC New Video Alert: Madonna - "Give Me All Your Luvin'" (Feat. M.I.
2012-02-03 23:36:00
MISS TLC SAYS: SHE. LOOKS. GORGEOUS. Granted, I know Botox and video airbrushing had a lot to do with that, but I am truly captivated by how stunning she looks in this video. I love the color choices in the cinematography as well. Her nod to "Like A Virgin" with the wedding attire, and the Super Bowl halftime performance with the football players is adorable too. I doubt this would ever happen, but IF she tanked at the SB, then this would forever be a reminder of that disaster with the footballer connection. So hopefully, she shines. Which I expect. :) I've pasted in some screenshots of Madonna's insane beauty, below. Um, yes. The mock breastfeeding part is weird. But at least her bra is hot. ;)
A Miss TLC New Song Alert: "KnightMarez"
2012-02-02 18:28:00
Check this out party people. I've been lucky enough to get a sneak peek of an upcoming project from DJ Poun' and DJ Ty Adams called Florecent Dreams. "Knightmarez" is the lead single and you can check it out below..... DJ Poun' presents F. Dreams... - "KnightMarez" f/ SuperGenius, Tiffany Lavo, & Ty Adams: In case you aren't "in the know", DJ Poun' (showing he means business in the picture above ^^^) is the younger brother of super-producer Just Blaze, and has evolved into a well-known DJ/remixer/producer/writer in his own right over the course of the past 10 years. You may have heard him rock the crowd at 40/40, on the Roc The Mic tour, or at multiple Vegas venues; where both he and DJ Ty Adams now hold residencies. Either way, big tings a gwan for this multi-dimensional music lover. Check out his full stats or book him through his site at DJ Ty Adams (saluting fellow music-lovers above ^^^) has also climbed the ranks of the party-rockin...
HART OF DIXIE Spoiler Alert: Creator Leila Gerstein Dishes on Zoe’s “Bi
2012-01-30 20:59:00
Think Zoe Hart’s biggest problem in BlueBell is choosing between Wade (Wilson Bethel) and George (Scott Porter)? Think again! Or at least that was our big takeaway from a recent one-on-one with the real “heart” of the show — creator Leila Gerstein — who was only to happy to spend a few minutes during a recent Television Critics Association Press Tour Party dishing on everything DIXIE. See for yourself, after the jump. Firstly, did you ever expect that midway through HART OF DIXIE’s inagural season you’d be responsible for creating a show that’s so successful it regularly builds upon its GOSSIP GIRL lead in? Leila Gerstein: Well thank you. I can’t even answer anymore questions, I’m just going to stop and bask in that! I’m not sure it’s a success, but I hoped it was going to be one. I feel like I wrote a show for my demographic, one that is more WB than CW and we felt [pointing to producing partner Len Goldstein] that th...
2012-01-26 18:29:00
We were recently informed about a scam involving FedEx that's been making rounds and alerting watchdogs. The scheme involves getting a hold of a person's checking information and swiping $500 to open up a new FedEx account. Then there's another jux (possible supplement) that involves receiving an anonymous check for a large sum that's addressed to and from unknown parties. The goal is to entice the receiver to cash it so that it bounces and their account info gets snagged. Watch out for both!
Spoiler Alert: The Cast of SHAMELESS Dishes on What’s In Store for Season
2012-01-20 21:53:00
With SHAMELESS’ fantastic second season about to kick into high gear, thought now might be as good as any to preview what’s in store for fans of the funniest small screen family this side of the Dunphey-Pritchett clan. But just what did Emmy Rossum, Justin Chatwin, Jeremy Allen White, Laura Slade Wiggins and Executive Producer John Wells have to dish about what’s ahead for their delightfully dysfunctional family. Find out for yourself, after the jump. Girl Gone Gallagher! After spending much of SHAMELESS’ first season acting like the responsible elder of the Gallagher clan, fans should brace themselves for Fiona to make up for lost time at the start of the second season. “Unlike the first season, Fiona has kind of lost her moral compass a little bit which was fun for me because I think as we grow up we all have horrifying moments where we realize, ‘Oh, My God, I’m just like my mother, or, I’m just like my father.&rsquo...
Amber Alert Issued For 11 Year Old California Girl
2012-01-20 20:31:00
The San Jose Police Department issued an Amber Alert for an 11 year old girl that was apparently abducted by 42 year old Tri Le, her mother?s ex-boyfriend. According to the police Le broke into his ex-girlfriend?s home on Taffy Court San Jose, California. The police say Le assaulted a family member then he fired off ...
Andy James: ESP Guitars NAMM 2012 - burning guitar alert!
2012-01-20 19:05:00
ESP Guitars: NAMM 2012 Andy James Clinic
Oleg Plastinkin: Fender American Standard tasty soloing alert
2012-01-16 22:58:00
Fender American Standard.Raw Vintage RW6264 neck,bridge RW5770 humbucker . By Oleg Plastinkin
Felipe Praino: Lydian Rock - Brunetti Tasty Solo Alert
2012-01-16 22:12:00
Just trying some ideas and licks on this nice lydian backing track.I hope you enjoy... Gear: Brunetti XL R-evo MusicMan Axis Apogee Duet 2 Logic Pro Felipe Praino - Lydian Rock Solo
yer Beware: Scam Alert for Apple iPhone Owners in Auckland Central (con, do
2012-01-07 14:03:00
Scam Alert: $2 Shop “iPhone Repair Centre”. My mates had been charge $50 by dodgy “specialist” to unlock Apple iPhone stucked to 4.1; the slick-talking crook took the $50 and tell owner there is no solution! Watch out for these crooks in Auckland Central. Ask for trade references, check only with authorized Vodafone dealership on ...
Biotech Stock Alert: Dendreon (NasdaqGS: DNDN) Continues its Run
2012-01-06 20:44:00
Point Roberts, WA - January 6, 2012 -, an investor research portal specializing in sector research including biotech and pharma stocks, issues a trading alert for Dendreon Corporation (NasdaqGS: DNDN). The stock is on the move again trading through yesterday's highs and is currently trading at $11.99, up 1.37 (12.90%) 1:40PM EST with a day's high of $12.18.
Deal alert ? Mango Shift dress with a v-neck
2012-01-06 18:43:00
Mango Shift dress with a v-neck $119.90 $59.99! Mango has some really pretty dresses that are perfect for work and going out, like this one.
Polls: Goa borders on alert against smuggling of fake currency
2012-01-06 16:16:00
Election Commission of India has asked central forces to guard the borders of Goa to provent smuggling in of fake currency ahead of the March 3 assembly polls in the state. Joint Chief Electoral Officer Narayan Navti said here today that Border Security Force and special forces will be deployed to watch state’s borders. “(Ahead ...
By: Goa Blog
Saudis, Gulf states on war alert for early US-Iran clash
2012-01-05 20:48:00
The armies of Saudi Arabia and fellow Gulf Cooperation Council states stood ready Thursday Jan. 5, for Washington to stand up to Iranian threats and send an aircraft carrier or several warships through the Strait of Hormuz into the Persian Gulf. Riyadh has been leaning hard on the Obama administration not to let Tehran get ...
Deal Alert ? Abstracct wooden heels
2011-12-23 16:28:00
abstract wooden heel $28.60 $24.95. Totally non-practical for this time of the year, but aren’t these heels awesome and cheap?!
Amber Alert Issued For 20 Month Old Girl Taken in Humble Texas
2011-12-19 21:08:00
According to the police a 20 month old girl, Savannah Scheideler was taken by her biological father, Gregory Vincent Daniels from the Chuck E. Cheese in Humble Texas, Sunday around 7:05 p.m. An Amber alert was issued this morning according to the Harris County District Attorney?s Office. The child is described as a white female that ...
Virus Alert: SMS Trojans found in the Android Market
2011-12-13 10:04:00
Cell phones and other Android devices are at the risk of being infected by Trojans as fake apps enter the Google Android market. The malicious apps are actually premium rate SMS virus that generates SMS or text messages to premium rate destinations that results to bigger bills for smarthphone users.  According to reports the fake ...
RT @wijkagVdaalWest: Zakkenrollers nu actief op wc De Ellekoot. Blijf alert
2011-12-07 11:59:00 RT @wijkagVdaalWest: Zakkenrollers nu actief op wc De Ellekoot. Blijf alert. Let op uw spullen. 8 hours ago from Twitter - Comment - Like
Amber Alert Issued For Detroit 2 Year Old Toddler
2011-12-02 20:41:00
The state of Michigan has issued an Amber Alert for two year old Bianca Jones. The child?s father told police his car had been hijacked at gunpoint with his daughter in the car at the time. The toddler was last seen in her father?s silver 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis which was stolen at Brush and ...
A Miss TLC New Video Alert: Justin Bieber (Duet With Mariah Carey) - "All I
2011-12-01 15:34:00
MISS TLC SAYS: Upon the first viewing I thought "this is creepy and uncomfortable... MC is 41 and Biebs is 17... and she is vamping it up all sexy like she usually does...I mean, really, is she trying to flirt with him???" Of course I banished that thought from my mind and said "of course not... it's not like she's grinding on HIM... she's grinding on the wall... besides, he's WAY too young for her." And then I remembered....... she's married to Nick Cannon. And obsessed with childlike materials and themes (*for evidence, see: actual Mariah Carey album titles). I mean, she has a perfume named Lollipop Bling (which comes in a gumball machine gift set). She's obsessed with Hello Kitty. Nick proposed to her ring pop-style for pete's sake! And did I mention she's 41??? Ok, now it all just got a little creepier to me. ;) *Glitter, Rainbow, Fantasy, Charmbracelet, Butterfly, Music Box, Daydream, Emotions. So I decided we should investigate further... The video opens up with...
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