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Alexa Hakkında Herşey
2012-05-10 22:43:00
Alexa Hakkında Herşey
Alexa Traffic Rank Nedir
2012-05-10 22:43:00
Alexa Traffic Rank Nedir? Alexa Nasıl Ölçüm Yapar? Web Siteniz Kaçıncı Sırada ?
Alexa Chung Vintage Style Tips
2012-05-03 14:43:00
Along with being a television reporter, model and contributing editor for British Vogue Alexa Cheung is busy being the nation?s sweetheart. She has won over our hearts with her quirky looks and is now she is presenting in the States she truly is a real international style icon. We love the versatility when it comes ...
2012-04-22 22:36:00
Berikut ini adalah lirik lagu terbaru yang berjudul Lirik lagu SAMPAI KAPAN By ALEXA . untuk koleksi lainnya silahkan telusuri blog ini. Akukan datang untukmu Disaat kau menginginkanku Tapi kau pergi sesuka hatimu Sampai kapan kau begini Sampai kapan, kapan, sampai kapan Kita bisa bertemu Sampai kapan, kapan, sampai kapan Kita bisa berdua Selama ini, selama ini Ku ingin kita bersama Selama ini, selama ini Kuingin kita bercinta selamanya Akukan datang untukmu Disaat kau merindukanku Sesuka hatimu Sampai kapan kau begini Sampai ku menanti Sampai kapan ku disini Bersamamu selamanya Sekian postingan tentang Lirik lagu SAMPAI KAPAN By ALEXA semoga bermanfaat buat anda yang sedang mencarinya. Lirik lagu ini adalah hak cipta / hak milik dari pengarang, artis, dan label musik yg bersangkutan. Jika Anda suka dengan Lirik lagu SAMPAI KAPAN By ALEXA , belilah kaset / CD atau nada sambung pribadi (NSP/RBT)-nya untuk mendukung artis yg bersangkutan.
2012-04-20 21:33:00
Berikut ini adalah lirik lagu terbaru yang berjudul Lirik lagu JANGAN PERNAH PERGI By ALEXA . untuk koleksi lainnya silahkan telusuri blog ini. Bersama RindukuBersama RindumuBersama Hatiku Warnai LangkahmuBersama Denganmu Arungi Mimpiku CodaKu Berikan SemuaHanya Untukmu, Hanya UntukmuJangan Kau, Jangan PernahJangan Pergi, Jangan Pernah Pergi DarikuJangan Kau, Jangan PernahJangan Pergi, Jangan Pernah Pergi DarikuJangan Pernah Pergi Dariku Bersama NafaskuBersama NafasmuBersama Tubuhku Rebahkan JiwamuBersama Denganmu Arungi Mimpiku Back to coda Sekian postingan tentang Lirik lagu JANGAN PERNAH PERGI By ALEXA semoga bermanfaat buat anda yang sedang mencarinya. Lirik lagu ini adalah hak cipta / hak milik dari pengarang, artis, dan label musik yg bersangkutan. Jika Anda suka dengan Lirik lagu JANGAN PERNAH PERGI By ALEXA , belilah kaset / CD atau nada sambung pribadi (NSP/RBT)-nya untuk mendukung artis yg bersangkutan.
Alexa, please come back!
2011-10-09 12:06:00
It was back in 2009, when Dave Beckerman started the experiment how web site owners could help each other with increasing of theirs web sites visibility. I have joined that effort by writing postentitledProposal for increasing of Alexa rating. As you can see at that point Alexa rating of my web was bellow 1.2 milion. ... Related posts: Proposal for increasing of Alexa rating WordPress makes this site runnig Making Prints
Keira Knightley, Leelee Sobieski, or Alexa Chung? Who wears Mary Katrantzou
2011-10-01 04:31:00
Remember the name Mary Katrantzou, because if recent celebrity red carpet trends are any indication, you’ll be seeing a lot more of her work. The Athens born designer has what’s become in recent seasons one of the must-see shows of London Fashion Week, and that’s being reflected in an increase of the brand’s celebrity red ...
Keira Knightley, Leelee Sobieski, or Alexa Chung? Who wears Mary Katrantzou
2011-10-01 04:31:00
Remember the name Mary Katrantzou, because if recent celebrity red carpet trends are any indication, you’ll be seeing a lot more of her work. The Athens born designer has what’s become in recent seasons one of the must-see shows of London Fashion Week, and that’s being reflected in an increase of the brand’s celebrity red ...
Get Better alexa rank
2011-04-06 17:32:00
To get better alexa rank your website needs more visitors, there are lot of ways to get visitors. The best method of getting visitors is to write useful content that can attract manmy through google and other search engines. The … Continue reading →
Jarang Update, Alexa Gemuk, Pengunjung Stabil
2010-11-27 16:01:00
Jarang Update, Alexa Gemuk, Pengunjung Stabil…inilah fenomena yang terjadi di dJumTKS Weblog setelah hampir 2 bulan. Dari data Google Anaytics per 27 Oktober ~ 26 November 2010 jumlah... [ This is a content summary only, visit my website for full links, other content and more : dJumTKS Weblog > ]
Simple Trick to increase your Alexa Rank
2010-10-24 17:13:00
Hey people, I’m not here to list down a set of bullet points to increase your Alexa ranking, but to tell you a simple trick to increase your rank. Before 2 months, I was blogging assiduously ! attains its best ever Alexa Ranking, 40,000th Rank. I have posted my contents frequently, at-least once or twice a day and develop high quality content, focus on sites like Stumble Upon,Twitter,Digg and building a strong blogger network… like how a normal Blogger will do.;) After a month, I was bit busy with my design related stuffs, I was designing a template and hardly had time to look after my website. When I saw my site statistics, I was shocked to see my Alexa rank reduced to 150,000. My rank gradually reduced and i couldn’t believe it was my site… I was suffering from Digestive disease… Yep, very hard to digest my rank..! So the concept is simple. KEEP YOUR SERVERS TICKING., and your Alexa Rank will automatically increase. Content is...
By: IT Buddy
Sisters hot friend Alexa Nicole
2010-08-09 14:37:00
Alexa Nicole is taking a dip in her friend's pool while her friend isn't home. But what Alexa wasn't planning on was her friend's brother being there and is always up for a pleasant surprise. She was planning to get wet today but not in th..
Alexa Ray Joel Busy Recording In The Studio
2010-02-04 04:48:00
Alexa Ray Joel checked in with fans on her Facebook this evening with news on new music. The daughter of Billy Joel writes: Hey Everyone!! Sorry I haven’t been on here in a while… been...
SPOTTED: Kim Kardashian @ Alexa Chung's
2009-07-30 02:08:00
Kim Kardashian was spotted on her way to the Alexa Chung show last night. She looks great. I see she has pair of the "Hammer Pants" The news has been just a buzzing about her breakup with Reggie Bush. I predict they will get back together.
10 Free and Easy Ways to Improve Your Alexa Ranking
2009-05-28 12:35:00
Alexa, which is owned by, gives away a free toolbar that you can download and install in your browser. Alexa is then able to keep track of the sites you visit and compute the traffic ranking of those websites, with a rank of "1" being the assigned to the most visited site.If you want a more technical definition, Alexa explains it like this:"The traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and data obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources, and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach). As a first step, Alexa computes the reach and number of page views for all sites on the Web on a daily basis. The main Alexa traffic rank is based on a value derived from these two quantities averaged over time (so that the rank of a site reflects both the number of users who visit that site as well as the number of pages on the site viewed by those users)."
Descarga gratis el ranking Top 1,000,000 de Alexa
2009-01-30 20:08:00
Alexa es una web bastante conocida que recopila informacin sobre las webs visitadas por los usuarios que descargan la barra Alexa (disponible para los ms populares navegadores, Firefox e IE incluidos). Pues bien, la buena noticias es que estn ofreciendo, totalmente gratis, la lista del milln de pginas ms visitadas segn sus estadsticas, en ...Este es un post de ILMAISTRO.COM, Blog de Tecnologia. Suscribirse via RSS. Descarga gratis el ranking Top 1,000,000 de Alexa
Alexa Comes With New Skin - For Revenue Reason?
2008-10-24 09:36:00
Alexa, a subsidiary of Amazon which oriented to measure the traffic for website and one of the popular search engine in the world. If you often do you check the website traffic, the Alexa’s display looked different from the previous day. One of the changes is the placement of the search box.The old display ...
Top Finance Blogs Ranked by Alexa
2008-07-22 14:42:00
1 TR: 2,734 (3,859 links from 683 blogs) A: 5,161 2 TR: Unk A: 18,500 3 TR: 595 (55,276 links from 1,558 blogs) A: 18,588 4 TR: 114,529 (99 links from 32 blogs) A: 72,680 5 TR: 18,407 (838 links from 177 blogs) A: 86,000 6 TR: 6,891 (2,542 links from 377 blogs) A: 88,325 7 TR: Unk A: 92,487 8 TR: 19,067 (3,381 links from 170 blogs) A: 100,000 9 TR: 227,372 (82 links from 17 blogs) A: 123260 10 TR: Unk A: 151,800 11 TR: 114,529 (352 links from 32 blogs) A: 190,351 12 TR:97,528 (328 lnks fm 37 blgs)A:193,425 13 TR: 27,742 (411 links from 118 blogs) A: 210,000 14 TR: 45,277 (563 links from 74 blogs) A: 223,322 15 Bi...
John Chow Visitors is Deteriorating
2008-06-08 13:47:00
John Chow should do something now, The site visitors is deteriorating. So what happen to his site with 300,000 Page Views per month ? He better make good post or else his thousands of monthly earning will also diminished. Or there is something wrong with his SEO ? [ Hat Tip from Mani ] Related PostsShoemoney VS ...
Network Marketing Training by Alexa Rating
2008-06-02 16:58:00
Network marketing training has permeated the industry. Some trainers provide an incredible amount of value to their students. Their students are able to take the information they receive from their trainer, apply it to their business and use it to take their network marketing business to the next level. Other trainers however really don?t provide a lot of value. Their strategies and techniques aren?t effective and they come out with a bunch of useless materials because the fact of the matter is it?s the only way they can make money because they don?t know how to do network marketing itself. How do you separate the bad ones from the good ones? First off, any trainer that?s worth his or her weight in gold should offer some type of free training, whether it?s through audio or video so that you as the prospective student can get a sense of the quality of content and style. Every trainer I have ever spent money with, I have ALWAYS listened to some type of free resource that ...
Alexa Sucks
2008-05-28 01:59:00
I am sorry…but Alexa ratings just suck. First of all if you have Vista you can not even download the Alexa bar…so there you go…already inaccurate since the new platform out there is Vista. They claim they have been working on it on their website but that has been there for over a ...
It Seems Alexa Rank Loves Me Now
2008-05-25 16:03:00
I still remember few days back I posted an article entitled ?Alexa Rank Strikes Again?. Well I guess they heard my grievances when they slice a little bit of my rank, around 2,000 was being cut from my previous Alexa rank. It seems nobody has been interested on Alexa rank changes nowadays probably the main ... SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "It Seems Alexa Rank Loves Me Now", url: "" });
Trust Alexa rankings??
2008-05-22 22:25:00
Do u trust Alexa Rankings... It shows u ranking based on the users who installed Alexa Toolbar and I am also performing some R&D lets hope for the best.
The Pirate Bay: Laut Alexa einer der 100 der meistbesuchten Seiten weltweit
2008-05-20 20:57:00
Das Piratenschiff aus Schweden scheint unaufhaltsam zu sein und schwimmt unaufhaltsam weiter. Die nordischen Piraten brechen jegliche Rekorde in Sachen Schadensersatzforderungen und etablieren sich nun fest in den Top 100 der weltweit meistbesuchten Webseiten. Laut dem Alex-Webranking verläuft die Zukunft für den BitTorrent-Tracker schwedischer Herkunft auf jeden Fall in Sachen Besucherzahlen bestens. Trotz des aufziehenden ...
Alexa ranking changes: What does it mean?
2008-05-19 00:00:00
This has beena bad habit for a long time. Check once a day what’s been going on with my Alexa rankings. Everyone knows the ranking were not of much relevance unless you were comparing sites in the same industry or market. So when I check today, surprise, the ranking of my site has gone up ...
By: DWS Extra
Name Sightings on Baby Products - Alexa, Gianni, Preston, Wyatt
2008-05-19 00:00:00
About a week ago, the New York Times ran an article about The Monogram Shop, a boutique in East Hampton. The article wasn't focused on baby names, but it did mention that the shop's baby-sized sweaters were embroidered with names like Alexa, Sam, Reece, Preston and Gianni. A very modern-sounding ...
Entrecard Vs Alexa
2008-05-17 12:32:00
Right now after weeks of research in Entrecard I can relate both entrecard and alexa. At first when I started using entrecard the alexa has also varied and I though both are not dependant. But after using entrecard for more than 3 months I came to find some very good results.Generally when the Idea of Entrecard was started, it was completely confusing for the users. But later the loop holes are found and people started exploiting Entrecard. So entecard guys changed their working pattern and then it was a bit better. In the mean time I was more concerned about entrecard and its working and hence I was working heavily for getting traffic from Entrecard. Since I started working with entrecard, the traffic was consistent and the traffic from Entrecard is around 30%-40% of my total traffic. So monitoring this site stats are really easy for me.At the first week of using Entrecard there was not that change in my Alexa stats but after that my alexa started becoming better. I have moved from...
How I improve my Alexa Ranks
2008-05-16 05:32:00 is a subsidiary of It is a website which provides information on traffic levels for websites. The Alexa rank is measured according to the amount of users who?ve visited a website with the Alexa toolbar installed. Alexa toolbar is an application developed by Alexa Internet. Its primary use is to measure website statistics. This toolbar collects as well as gives some valuable information. Once you install it, the Alexa toolbar monitors all your surfing and collects information about what domains you visit. They use this data to rank web sites. The traffic rank they assign to websites is based on 3 months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of other users and is a combined measure of page views and users. Webmasters, advertisers and ad networks use your blog?s Alexa rank as a gauge to determine the worth of a link on your website. If you depend on link or site selling as a form of monetization you?ll definitely want to increase your Alexa rank, bec...
Buddy Blogs climbs in Alexa Rankings
2008-05-16 01:08:00
The Buddy Blogs is now in the the 35th place on the Top Philippine blogs based on Alexa Rankings as compiled by Pinoy Money Talk. Click the image to enlarge. Previously, the Buddy Blogs was on the 37th place. Thanks thanks thanks my dear readers!!!!
Alexa?s Top 50 Philippine Blogs (May 2008) According to PMT
2008-05-15 12:12:00
James of PMT has updated his list of Alexa?s Top 50 Philippine Blogs (May 2008), and I would like to inform you that I am at # 41 which is a drop from my previous rank which is 38 . Anyway this might be because my Alexa rank drop also from 123,840 to 138,538 ...
Alexa Rank Strikes Again
2008-05-10 10:17:00
Now here it goes again, Alexa strikes back and slaps my rank again. The results never change and it goes even more worst. My Alexa rank keeps on increasing and I think this scenario won’t be stop anymore. I don’t know how Alexa made their computation that came into this damn result. This site has ... SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Alexa Rank Strikes Again", url: "" });
Huge List Of Blog Directories Sorted By Alexa Ranking
2008-05-10 05:04:00
I have covered previously on the importance of submitting our blogs to directories. As mentioned, building links from directories will increase our blog’s link popularity, gain direct traffic and more importantly improve our search engine rankings. Unfortunately many directory lists available online comprises of the general ones so I shall be listing only Blog Directories instead ...
Picture of the Month ~ Alexa Graph Error !!
2008-05-09 18:27:00
This is the code of alexa graph widget.,which has been displayed as an error.[Click on the Picture to En-large]
By: IT Buddy
Does Christy Brinkley's Looks Like Alexa Ray's Sister?
2008-05-09 10:58:00
Billy Joel, Alexa Ray Joel and Christie Brinkley backstage at the 2008 Rainforest Foundation Fund Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall on May 8, 2008 in New York City. Alexa ray is the daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley.Alexa is only a young 22 years old, while her mom is 54 years old. Alexa appears to look older than she really is and Christie appears to be younger, so its safe to say that Alexa did not capture any of her mom's good genes.(photo via wireimage)
Understanding Why Alexa Rankings Are Important
2008-05-07 13:47:00
Getting a grasp on all the inside language involved in web publishing can be a challenge. Figuring out what numbers count and what don't for tracking a website's success can seem like an impossibility. Many publishers find it difficult enough to keep up with Google ranking. The sad reality is that this number isn't the only important one. Alexa ranking is also a valuable number to keep up with, especially if earning potential is itself is an creation that offers a readout of traffic for some websites. The trick, however, is that it measures based on the amount of users who've paid sites a visit with an Alexa toolbar installed in their own browsers. Alexa ranking is important, but it does have a few flaws. Despite this, a high Alexa ranking can really pay off with advertiser interest.Alexa rank involves the number of people that visit sites with the toolbar installed on their browsers. Traffic rank revealed is based on historical data aggregated ove...
Do You Really Need A College Health Insurance Plan Posted By : Albert Alexa
2008-05-07 07:57:00
When you are finally done with your high school education, there is no doubt that you'll be enrolling into a college. Many times when a child reaches the age of 20, they are no longer covered by their parents' insurance and this can lead to a troubling situation if they are not working and just strictly going to college. A key component of personal finance is financial planning, a dynamic process that requires regular monitoring and reevaluation.
Increase my Alexa / Google ranking by frenchi1966
2008-05-07 00:41:00
### PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY!! ### Thanks for reading this auction. Please read it carefully! I have a PR2 website where Alexa Traffic Rank has been dropped dramatically. I want to generally... (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Link Building, SEO, Web Promotion)
Alexa Rank Bermasalah
2008-05-05 09:47:00
Sudah hampir satu minggu lebih alexa rank web ini tidak beranjak, baik turun atau naik. Sudah beberapa jurus saya lakukan antara lain dengan memasang banner alexa dan memang toolbar alexa, tapi hasilnya tetap saja nihil. Jika tidak naik, kenapa juga tidak turun, barang 1 point, lah ini stag. Sepertinya server alexa yang mengurusi masalah rank ...
Belajar Seo & Cara Cepat Menaikkan Alexa Rank Dengan UMR
2008-04-30 06:27:00
Belajar Seo memang butuh kesabaran, dan berhubung saya masih ngutang artikel tentang gimana caranya supaya Alexa rank cepat melesat / Cara Cepat Menaikkan Alexa Rank, maka kali ini saya akan sharing pengalaman tentang UpMYRank bedasarkan pengalaman pribadi. Singkat aja yah. UpMyRank adalah salah satu program autosurf yang tidak sama dengan ?autosurf? seperti selama ini kita ...
Educate Yourself On The Health Insurance Landscape Posted By : Albert Alexa
2008-04-26 06:05:00
Health insurance can be confusing, especially if it is your first time shopping around with different providers. Terms such as deductible, co-payments, and pre-existing conditions can be confusing if you do not know what they really mean. Many graduates think that the six months they have before the required scheduled repayment of their various college debts seems like forever. The six months is nothing compared to the years and years of payments ahead of you. A consolidation of student loans can make the monthly much less painful. Read more about finance and student loans.
[] Neue Ranking Methologie bei Alexa
2008-04-26 00:00:00
Wie ich heute bei SEO- Radio und auch bei GFX- Sector gelesen habe, hat Alexa seit heute einen neuen #8220;Ranking- Algorithmus#8221; der ganz speziell nun aus mehreren Datenquellen als nur der Tool- Bar besteht. Damit sind leider keine...
By: BlogNews
It?s Not Late for Thoughts on The New Alexa Yet - Guest Post on Search Engi
2008-04-23 19:22:00
Hi, fellas! I recently enter my thoughts about the new Alexa Rank for the Search Engine Journal Guest Blogging contest. It’s not the usual buzz about Alexa changed the way they rank sites, it’s soo.. yesterday, isn’t it? The New Alexa Ranking - Still Useless or Not, Reap Its Benefits Before Your Competitors Do! The article ...
Alexa new ranking system! Now with multiple sources data
2008-04-23 12:00:00
OK Ladies and Gentlemen, as you may now already know, we have changed and improved our new ranking system. We now collect our data ranking system with “Multiple Sources”. If you found that your rank jump up or down, then you should now that your previous rank wasn’t wrong before. It’s just different. Trust ...
Christie Brinkley and her daugher Alexa Ray Joel
2008-04-23 00:17:00
Christie Brinkley and her daughter by Billy Joel, Alexa Ray. I guess that whole thing about the male gene being dominant is true. What do you think? Can you IMAGINE having a mother that looks like this? I don’t think I would ever want to leave the house. Technorati Tags Alexa Ray ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Christie Brinkley and her daugher Alexa Ray Joel", url: "" });
New Video: Christie Brinkley and Alexa Ray
2008-04-22 18:00:00
ALEXA RAY JOEL gushed over mom CHRISTIE BRINKLEY at Monday night's Smart Cookie Awards in New York, which recognize and support mothers in the business, philanthropy, and celebrity worlds who are making outstanding contributions to women's and children's causes around the globe. Alexa...
Alexa Updates, Last Weeks Post Now Less Relevant
2008-04-22 11:55:00
After I wrote about my frustration with Alexa, they did a major algorithm change that rendered my post less relevant. The rant was about Alexa’s lack of calculating major traffic shifts with a couple of sites I work on. Compete on the other hand did recognize the traffic increases. Alexa made major updates to the way ...
Alexa Algorithm Changed
2008-04-21 17:33:00
Recently Alexa has announced that they have changed their Alexa algorithm says that NOW more sources will be used to come to a rating. Some bloggers noticed that their sites gained a huge increase of Alexa but many blogs have suffered from huge drop of Alexa as well, included several of my blog.
Alexa Announced New Rankings System
2008-04-21 00:00:00
“Our rankings have changed” that what Alexa is saying on their website. Well, it seems like good news for search engine optimizers, webmasters, web directory owners who always like to check Alexa Ranking for their websites. Yes! Alexa have launched a new Alexa rankings system with improved methodology and algorithm to check website popularity. Website ...
Alexa Ranking Change(s) - Still Inaccurate If You Ask Me!
2008-04-20 13:52:00
I'm sure a lot of you guys already know, but Alexa just recently changed their ranking system and supposedly it is going to be a little more accurate and not rely heavily on Alexa toolbar users anymore. But are the new chances really enough? Will it be better or still completely inaccurate? How will this affect you persona17 Zoom(s)
New Alexa Ranking System
2008-04-20 13:51:00
This week Alexa presented the new ranking system, which cause some sites to have major rank increase, while some seen drops. Looking at what Alexa has in store now, the chart now shows only a maximum of 9 months statistics, compared to the previous 5 years max. However Alexa promises that these historic traffics data ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "New Alexa Ranking System", url: "" });
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