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Make your ADSL connection more reliable!
2012-02-11 13:52:00
A while ago on Wireless Waffle, I commented on the daily loss of service that was occuring on my home broadband (ADSL) connection. It seems that this struck a chord with a number of people and remains one of the most commented-on articles on the site.The question is, 'can anything be done to fix this problem'? The answer seems to be, that for a few pounds (a few and a bit Euros, or a few and a half Dollars) you can easily make a device which will provide additional filtering on your ADSL line and help with the problem of interference on the line. This solution is not a 100% guarantee of an improvement but does help and has resulted in an enormous (almost complete) reduction in drop-outs and, to boot, an increase in connection speed on the Wireless Waffle line!The increase in broadband connection speed is perhaps an odd outcome but this is a result of a more stable connection on the line. This is why... The equipment at the exchange sets a target 'signal to noise (...
Russia is the Tsar of Pirates
2012-01-19 15:30:00
Wireless Waffle has talked extensively about pirate radio in the past, from short-wave music stations, to Brazilian sat-jackers. But it seems that, of all the nations on the planet, the Russians hold the baton for being the biggest pirates of them all.This story begins when reading the latest intruder report from the IARU Region 1 Monitoring System. The report indicated that there had been an intrusion into the 80 metre amateur band between 3.5 and 3.6 MHz by Russian pirate stations running AM. Now historically the Voice of Korea (the North Korean broadcaster) has been transmitting in the 80 metre band (or the 75 metre band as it's called in in North America) on 3560 kHz in AM and the immediate assumption was that these new signals couldn't possibly be Russian pirates, but must be the Voice of Korea and perhaps a few other stations trying to jam it. The IARU report, however, says that the carriers are very unstable and that the modulation is voices in Russian.So the only...
Let's sheikh on it!
2011-07-14 11:39:00
Around the short-wave world, mention of 'PsyOps' has recently had reason to reappear. It refers to psychological warfare being conducted by NATO forces to 'scare' Colonel Gadaffi's forces into remission through a variety of activities. One of these activities is the broadcast of semi-threatening, warning messages to troops loyal to Libya's erstwhile leader.These messages have apparently been broadcast from a Lockheed Martin EC-130 aircraft known as Commander Solo overflying the region and are using the frequencies which belong to the 'Great Man Made River Authority' (GMMRA) which is Libya's authority responsible for artificially transporting water from wells in the Sahara desert via a big pipe to population centres in the North. Why NATO would have chosen these frequencies is not known, however there is (or was) apparently an ALE network on these channels that was presumably in regular use and hence there would be several receivers acr...
Electric Noise Emitted from Amateur Radio
2009-06-22 14:26:00
I bought a 1000W switch mode power supply to use with my amateur radio. It unfortunatly emits an electric noise that makes it impossible to hear other stations except those very close or very strong. What can I do to eliminate the noise? I mostly use 7,000- 7,200Mhz and 14,000 -14,350Mhz
Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning and Great Plains Super Launch
2009-04-27 05:21:00
The Great Plains Super Launch (GPSL) is the premier annual event for Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning (ARHAB). This year's event is scheduled for July 16 - 19 at Topeka KS. I won't be able to go, but it looks like they are planning on having a blast!
Noisy Neighbours
2008-10-30 22:23:00
It may appear to have been quiet here at Wireless Waffle over the past couple of months, but that's because a number of things have piqued the interest and we've been doing a bit of experimentation and investigation. The first of them is the issue of Power Line Telecommunications (PLT) also known as Broadband over Power Line (BPL) and in particular the problems being experienced by many UK short-wave radio listeners with it. One of these devices could recently be heard, albeit quietly, across the HF spectrum (oddly it has since disappeared) at Waffle HQ but it raised the question as to how many more there were in the area. To find out, I fitted and HF antenna to my car and connected it to an HF receiver and then drove around a nearby housing estate to see what could be heard.The antenna used resonated in the 18 MHz (17 metre) amateur band but received perfectly well in the 17 MHz (16 metre) broadcast band. Tuned to a clear channel around 17460 kHz, the car was driven a...
A Noisy Noise Annoys (Part 3)
2008-07-27 10:12:00
The European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI) is currently in the process of finalising a standard for in-home Power Line Telecommunications (PLT). This is equipment that allows internal electrical wiring in a house to be used as a local area network, to carry computer and other data signals around without having to re-wire your house to do so. Whilst wireless networks do much the same, the advantage of PLT is that it could be built into, for example, a television, to allow it to interconnect with a video server or even a set top box, without the need for additional leads and connectors.These devices (for example those sold by Homeplug) work by sending signals around the mains wiring at frequencies between around 3 and 30 MHz. Now the wiring in a typical house is designed to carry signals at 50 or 60 Hz, depending which country you are in, and although it is possible, with sufficient brute force and ignorance, to get signals in the short-wave (high frequency or HF) fre...
9M6YBG pitstop at Seremban for Eyeball.
2008-06-06 05:12:00
Wednesday 4th June, was a surprise visit by 9M6YBG - Mr. YBGO from Sabah. He make a pitstop in Seremban while on the way to Johor after spending some time with family at Genting Highland.Well when you meet highly respect DX chaser, you will learn something from them. One is crazy with 6M and regards 10M as past time and the other one crazy in QRP, digital mode, satellite and homebrew as past time. Both are CW operators! and We spend the 2 hours dinner and where I listen to their wonderful experience.9M6YBG well known in Sabah for his Homebrew Spider Beam and also well known person in 9M2 land.He skill in QRP mode made him a special person in 9M land.It was good eyeball at Jusco Seremban 2 together with his family. Pictures with his two lovely daughterHe will be operating temporary at Kluang, Johor with below setup His 20feet tall buddiepole His portable equipment Have fun at 9M2 land.See you again.
The World's Simplest Harmonic Filter
2008-05-31 02:23:00
One problem that radio amateurs (and professionals for that matter) regularly stumble across, is the problem of adequately surpressing the harmonics that are produced in their transmitter. Harmonics are frequencies which are on multiples of the actual signal being produced (e.g. a transmitter at 100 MHz will produce harmonics on 200, 300, 400, 500 MHz and so on...) and are a natural and largely unavoidable bi-product of the transmitter.Normally a low pass filter is used to try and stop harmonics from reaching the aerial. Such a filter will be designed to allow the wanted frequency through with little or no attenuation, whilst attenuating harmonics by 30 dB or more (the level of filtering required depends on how bad the harmonics being produced by the transmitter are). However, there are some instances where the surpression offered by a low pass filter might not quite be enough to reduce the harmonics to a level where they are no longer a problem. The diagram below illustrates th...
LED Resistor Calculator
2008-05-30 07:28:00
As usual browsing a interesting site, it will lead to another interesting site and that site will lead to more interesting site.And this what I found from one site to other and to the other site.Led resistor calculator.To build a project that involve LED, you know that directly input certain voltage will degrade the life span or even burn the LED.Now this site, offer a calculation of what is the resistor limitor before the LED is being supply current.Click HEREEnjoy!73!
9M2JKL Visit with Special Guest
2008-05-06 17:43:00
1st May - Labour Day, I have opportunity to take my time off to visit 9M2JKL again. This time is not another normal visit and gathering.This visit will be special visit for me and also two Japanese Amateur Radio Operator. 9M2WZI Arai-san is holiday in Malaysia, stopping by JKL for a reunion and one new Japanese Amateur Radio operator JH8PHT also drop by to visit club house.Good to see WZI here again in Malaysia and nice to meet JH8PHT Mr. TakasakiHere is the picture from camera of 9M2WZIGroup photoSit L-R: 9M2BZ, 9M2WZI, JH8PHT, 9M2ACStand L-R: 9W2CBL, 9M2IDJ, 9M2/JH6TOUDemonstration with guidance from expert looking at meExpert show how to operate properly.Anyway 1 stone kill two bird trip. 1st meet new people and the JKL gang again. 2nd learn on 21mhz operation and antenna + CW contact operationSee you all again either in 9M2 or JA land!73!
Power Supply Arrived - Alinco DM-330MV
2008-04-30 17:50:00
I posted here about new purchase power supply and is finally arrive my hand today. This power supply came from the Land of Rising Sun. Above small picture has being unviel with big box handed over to me by 9M2WZI Arai-san. Alinco DM-330MVNicely packaging of Power supply and manual. The manual come with Japanese and English version, no problem to those ain't know about Japanese Langauges just like me. Closer view of front panelThe front panel has multiply output power. A cigarette plug with 10A max. 2 snap in output terminal with 5A max each. Switchable of Voltage or Ampere indication on the meter. This unit come with noise offset to eliminate the pulse noise of the switching circuit.Closer look at the back 32A output connectorNothing much at the back panel.Small and portable to bring anyway. However Japan uses 120V and the power socket can be use in land with 220V and has to be use adapter.If you purchase this model DM-330MV, it will automatically set it to run under 120V, those w...
Japan Amateur Radio start to enjoy 75/80 Meters
2008-04-29 13:07:00
Japanese Amateur Bandplan have been amended, giving amateurs in Japan more privileges in 75/80 meter band. Now they will have additional frequencies meters: 3.599-3.612 MHz, 3.680 to 3.687 MHz, 3.702-3.716 MHz, 3.745-3.747 MHz and 3.754-3.770 MHz.Here is what I notice in the bandplan by JARL• 3500-3520 kHz (CW only)• 3520-3525 kHz (Digital Mode and CW)• 3525-3575 kHz (CW and Phone)• 3599-3612 kHz (CW and Phone)• 3680-3687 kHz (CW and Phone)• 3702-3716 kHz (CW and Phone)• 3745-3770 kHz (CW and Phone)• 3791-3805 kHz (CW and Phone)73!
Learn Ham Radio with Hamband
2008-04-26 18:19:00
It would be very interesting to learn morse code, amateur radio through song and video and also about rebuild ham radio contest station while at the same time teaches the viewer.It's from a musical group called the Ham Band.Look at this videoCome and Join the Airwaves - Enjoy the country music!You can also visit their website here --
I will be operating soon
2008-04-22 05:44:00
After much awaiting my good friend from far away has already acquired a suitable power supply to power my HF unit.He send me picture of the box of what would be when I will be receiving soon.I'm going to operate 10M, 6M, Satellite communication soon.73!
Andy Hardy finds Amateur Radio
2008-04-14 13:32:00
Here is short clip 1939 movie title "Love find Andy Hardy". Posted up by WD9T in CQtube.Andy Hardy starred by Mickey Rooney uses a local Ham Operator to send an urgent message to Canada. Clip or Video about amateur radio --> CQtube73!
What is your favourite Band to work with?
2008-04-09 17:37:00
I would like to know, those who has Class B licence holder in Malaysia, What is your favourite band that you would like to work?This poll will run till end of this month - April 2008.Take the pollFree Poll by Blog FluxIf you have further comment do drop on the comment here.This poll is for my own analysis.Thanks for your support! 73!
AllPinouts at Wiki
2008-04-08 15:57:00
One anonymous has left a new comment on one of my post "G4WPW - Microphone Connection pinout"And share a link in Wiki which offers many connections configuration of pinouts from Computer cable connection to TV connection, all sort of connection can be found there. But not on Amateur Radio pin out configuration. G4WPW still the most archive has to offer.Please share this pinout (and any other you may have) on AllPinouts archive ( is created with the same MediaWiki software that was developed for the Wikipedia project and allows registered users to contribute and improve the website. All text is available under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) and may be distributed or linked accordingly.AllPinouts is a free content project that collects information about hardware interfaces of modern and obsolete hardware, including pinouts of ports, expansion slots, and other connectors of computers and different digital devices (i.e. Cellular Phones, G...
Parcel from JH6MBD
2008-04-07 14:44:00
Last Saturday, I and 9M2IDJ attend 9M2JKL meeting to discuss about activity to be held this year. Too my surprise 9M2/JH6TOU pass me a bag that he hand carry back from Japan. And inside this bag contain as follow:Kenwood SWT-2and thisSWR Power meter with range of measuring from 3.5 up to 145MhzThis small retangular square SWR power meter is small and can be carry anyway easily.And last item in the bag is ICOM IC-505This unit only support 6M band All mode portable unit. Less button to be press and easy to use.Above all item is from JH6MBD. Special thanks Mr. Kubota-san for the above units. And also thanks to Harano-san 9M2/JH6TOU on helping hand carry to Malaysia.I have no time to connect this unit to enjoy. Lately busy with my work at company.If I have time to connect and play around with it. I will review it.Again Many thanks to JH6MBD and also 9M2/JH6TOU.73!
Amateur Radio Seminar by MCMC at Johor Bahru
2008-04-01 10:14:00
I was invited to the Amateur Radio Seminar by MCMC on 29th March 2008.The event was held at NPC, Bandar Baru Uda, Johor Bahru (N1°29.630' E103°43.258') from 2pm-5pm. The seminar mainly was for all the newbies in Amatuer Radio Society. Speech given by MCMC and also from Amatuer Radio Club in Malaysia.Highlight :- The history of Amateur Radio- Introduction of the clubs including their history.- Standard Operation Procedure of the HAM- Emergency rescue explanation and procedure during disasterThe MARTS Representative - 9W2LCM (Loh)Many senior and experience HAM were there to support the event successful.I meet many old friends and some new guys there.Buffet provided during the break.9W2PCK (Left) & 9W2TSk (Right)One of past event for HAM at Johor Bahru - "JOTA 2007 at Johor Bahru"You might wonder........yes! I'm a "HAM" - 9W2JAS. Since 2005.MY TRIPS - Home
By: My Trips
A Noisy Noise Annoys (Part 2)
2008-03-10 18:25:00
<rant> Whilst visiting Oxford this week, a quick scan around the 70cm band yielded a number of repeaters that aren't normally receiveable from my regular location. Amongst these was GB3WO, near Witney in Oxfordshire. Nothing unusual there. Except that upon setting the right CTCSS tone and firing up the repeater, it was distressing to find that it remained open and was emitting a horrid buzzing/whining noise like someone was attacking it with a chainsaw. The culprit for the noise was clearly one of the many low-power licence-exempt data links used for devices such as weather stations, doorbells and the like.I've already discussed the issue of allowing these devices into the UK 70cm repeater band and poor GB3WO was suffering the consequences (of course, the addition of a requirement for all transmissions to have CTCSS as some repeater operators have done would help the situation but would not stop the repeater input being jammed by such a device, only stop it being...
Clipperton 2008 Dxpedition - TX5C
2008-03-07 03:31:00
TX5C Dxpedition group has touch down Clipperton and ready for pile up DX.Target 100,000 QSO, Start from March 7 ~ March 17, 2008Click HERE for prediction propagation towards AS - Asia region10M band has 0200 ~ 0300 UTC opening to AS but distance between 9M2 and Tx5C is about 17,000km away, possible to have contact?Let see! my unit will be standby 28.495Mhz this weekend to hear TX5C.TX5C Website HERE73!
CQ Serenade Song!
2008-02-28 13:30:00
This is the first time I hear a song that related to Amateur Radio.Click HERE to hear the beautiful melody of CQ Serenade. CQ Serenade Song! beautiful melody come with three favour English version, Instrument Version and French Version. Here is YouTube clip 73!
Amateur Radio in Wiki
2008-02-25 03:20:00
Amateur Radio in Wiki started by Tim, VK4YEH.Please click HERE --> http://www.amateur-radio-wiki.n-et/Do note that this site is still new, as there is not much article inside, but if you have a good one and share to those wiki surfers, you are welcome to submit. This site support by Wiki, please ensure that you read the rules and regulations when you submit your article.73!
Link up your website with up to date solar activity
2008-02-24 03:09:00
Here you can link up your website to get up to date all the Solar activity73!
QRV something else!
2008-02-23 15:12:00
Lately, I have not actively post up anything about my activities on amateur radio.I been busy QRV with -- --- .-. ... . -.-. --- -.. . for the pass weeks and actively doing it.I find it fun of learning and add up my personal skill and testing my patient of learning. I admit myself not a patient guy and boy this code does test and improve my patient.Good luck to me!73!
G4WPW - Microphone Connection pinout
2008-02-13 11:41:00
G4WPW has range of microphone and unit connection pinout details. Above is example taken from G4WPW websiteYou can view HERE - Excellent site73!
IC-375 delivered from Japan
2008-02-13 01:32:00
This unit belong to JR1WZI Mr. Arai-san, he send it over to 9M2IDJ house in Japan to be hand carry back to Malaysia by IDJ-san.I?m being waiting this unit to arrive and it has finally reached my hand today when I meet IDJ-san for a dinner to discuss about DX in Malaysia. At the same time he hands over it to me.This unit carries Japan frequency which support from 430 up to 440Mhz. Suitable for Satellite communication especially LEO satellite either uplink or downlink frequency that falls within that range. Further these transceivers have all mode support - FM, LSB, USB and CW and this add a plus for me.This unit carries japanese frequency and only support 430 ~ 440Mhz. Suitable for Satellite communication on the LEO satellite either uplink or downlink frequency falls within that range. Further these transceiver has all mode support - FM, SSB and CW and this add a plus for me.Let me see what I bird that I can test it out:AO-16: uplink 145.920Mhz FM, downlink 437.026Mhz USBVO-52: uplin...
Frequency Asked Questions
2008-01-31 21:22:00
A quick scan of the 430-440 MHz (70cm) amateur band in the UK usually reveals very little, other than the occasional repeater and one or two low-power licence exempt data transmitters (for weather stations and so on). But the other day I stumbled across a number of transmissions in the band which puzzled me.The first of these were foreign voices being transmitted on what was clearly some kind of repeater on a frequency of 430.0375 MHz. This turned out to be an Echolink node near Heathrow Airport in London that was being accessed by some Maltese radio amateurs. OK, so I should have known about this and it's certainly no mystery. But then I heard something similar on 430.0875 MHz and as far as I can make out, there are no Echolink nodes on this frequency in the UK.The next signal was encountered when listening to the GB3FN repeater on 433.375 MHz. I kept receiving bad adjacent channel interference. In the end this turned out to be a strong voice transmission on 433.3875 MHz (1...
RAE Result for 2nd Batch 2007 is out!
2008-01-31 13:12:00
MCMC has published the result for 2nd Batch candidate who sat for the exam in year end 2007.Congratulation to those who made it!Those who did not make it don?t give up! Amateur Radio is fun! And the call you obtain is unique which that be use by yourself only and the rest of your life.Click HERE for the result.73!
2008-01-25 15:17:00
Apparently, MARTS and MCMC has meeting at MCMC building today and the same time 9W2MUS is there as courtesy visit. I have chance to see him real person.I aslo have chances to meet Marts council and also some station 9W2QC and 9M2SS was there. It was just a short visit and I have to travel back to Seremban. I went there with 9M2IDJ.73!
Understanding Solar Indices by KJ6RZ
2008-01-24 14:33:00
To understand further how HF works with different condition of propagation condition is important.What frequency work best for F layer? Same goes D and E layer.Solar Flux number the highest the number what will you enjoy in the HF band, the lower the number of solar flux what will you do to your radio?KJ6RZ has the explanation for it. Click HERE73!
9M2RTB become YB Indonesian repeater
2008-01-21 11:54:00
My local repeater 9M2RTB belong to Marts has turn into YB Indonesian repeater. Today during rush hour back home from work. Wanted to get situation of traffic in my town, once I switch on my mobile rig. I have my local repeater turn to and what I heard is station from Indonesia on going QSO non-stop.Bare with me on the poor recording, which I record it with my low cost handphone, the sound quality is still good.No chance for me to break in! Frustration! this is not only happen today. It has being happen for a month. - I give up! and have my volume of my car radio turn up and tune to my local FM radio 94.5FM Mix FM and listen my favourite DJ and song all the way back home.My local repeater is being connected to Echolink or eQSO or whatsoever link by some station here and it has being on going for a month. And look like it has become a Personal Repeater rather than Public Repeater for Negeri Sembilan.Hey! this is Public Repeater, it doesn't belong to me or yours. Right?Is good that yo...
BS7H Scarborough Reef Video
2008-01-12 15:07:00
BS7H video arrive today and immediately put into my DVD player and watch it. Very informative of how this Reef become the most wanted list in everyone log.Scarborough Reef located in the South China Sea, just west of Philippines. I have not QSO with BS7H, looking at this video, on next BS7H Dxpedition happen to be activate I will sure hunt for it.I give it a 59+, 5 for Good Video, 9 for Good information and + for superb Video compilation.This 2007 BS7H Scarborough Reef Video written & filmed by 9V1YC James Brooks.The Video can be avaliable HERENow here is posted by K7AGE on Youtube BS7H Year 1997 Dxpedition.73!
Graphical Resistance calculator in iPhone
2008-01-08 06:42:00
Don't know the value of the resistor is, Here the LINK where you can select the color of the resistor on each band and the value will be automatically appear for you. Above is only picture, taken from HEREDevelop for iPhone, but I try it with my window xp browsers, I have no problem using it.I pick it up from my favourite site that I frequently visit - MAKE Magazine 73!
Radio ham saves sailors from 200km away
2008-01-07 13:20:00
Here is another demonstration of how Amateur Radio Operators saving two life's stranded on high waves seas some 200km away."AN amateur radio operator from Comboyne has saved the lives of two men battling treacherous five-metre seas during a day-long Good Friday ordeal in the Pacific Ocean.Bob Wilson and Mike Ross are now safe after their calls for help were heard by 62-year-old Harold Ralston ? a radio ham for the past 30 years ? who was working in his shed when he heard the call."He's an amazing guy and I can't wait to shake his hand," said Mr Wilson, the boat's grateful skipper."Read the rest HERE73!
NOAA - Solar Cycle may start!
2008-01-05 13:57:00
NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has announce that next 11 year cycle solar will begin in March this year. Great for Amateur Radio but not happy for user depend more on satellite such as GPS, Hand phone, and etc.Sunspot is area of intense magnetic activities. When during the peak of solar, Solar flares and vast explosions from the sun, will shoot energetic photons and highly charged matter towards earth. Therefore disturbing our ionosphere and geomagnetic field. Military and Airline communications, satellites, GPS signals will be disturb by this activities.Those who stay close to North and South pole will see more of Auroras. This will illuminate the night skies with red and green color.As for Amateur Radio, get ready your antenna and transmitter. I'm looking forward a good DX.Read the whole article HERE73!
Antenna and Propagation
2008-01-05 13:13:00
The most important in Amateur Radio is Antenna. As I have blog previously about Antenna is Factor!. You have high powerful transmitter, but without proper setup of Antenna, your communication will be fruitless.Further understand Propagation, will bring great joy in communication.Here is the explanations about Antenna and Propagation. This will teach you about Ground wave propagation, about our atmosphere that will help us in wave propagation, type of atmosphere our sky have, how our propagation travel thru ground and sky, and many many more to learn.Long article, but full with information.73!
Amateur Radio Call Signs
2007-07-13 04:29:00
Call signs in the United States used to be very easy for one Ham Operator to tell which area in the US the Ham they were talking to was from! A 6 call was from California or some state near, or a 0 call was New York or a state near New York, they did ...
A Noisy Transatlantic Oyster
2007-04-23 16:16:00
In a previous post I discussed the fact that the powers that be in Europe had taken a decision with respect to low power, licence exempt radio equipment that meant that the 'heart' of the 70 centimetres amateur radio band had been ripped out due to a mountain of noisy interference produced by wireless doorbells, weather stations and so on.But that's not the end of the story, or so it would seem. Not content with annoying noisy oysters by wiping out 433.500 MHz (the EU 70cms FM calling channel) as well as the repeater input and output frequencies in the UK (as well as Finland, Slovenia and certain other countries) from 433.000 - 433.375 paired with 434.600 to 434.975, I recently discovered that they have also managed to pull the wool over our eyes with respect to another travesty against 70 cms radio amateurs. But this time, it's not those of us in Europe that are suffering, it is amateurs in the USA and in particular, in areas where European tourists congregate....
Interest in Amateur Radio on the Rise
2007-03-27 01:21:00
The new rules seem to be driving greater enthusiasm for ham radio in general. There's been an uptick in ARRL publication sales, particularly in licens...
Request for Amateur Radio User Group
2007-03-19 19:15:00
Judging by the recent thread on amateur radio, it seems like we have a number of ham radio fans in our midst. How about enabling a ham radio user gro...
Amateur Radio Satellites
2007-03-19 04:25:00
Here's a startling fact &#8212; more than 70 Amateur Radio satellites have been launched over four decades. The number is astonishing because these so...
Welcome to Amateur Radio
2007-03-06 19:28:03
This is an invitation to all CR4 members and readers get into AMATEUR RADIO You will have a lot of fun www.e...
welcome to amateur radio
2007-02-23 13:02:01
This is an invention to all CR4 members and readers to joint the AMATEUR RADIO HOBBY you wll fine a lot of fun and
All over the world amateur radio direction finding is a fun
2007-01-14 05:32:02
All over the world amateur radio direction finding is a fun event associated with adventure and its just about hoining your technical skills......
FCC drops Morse code requirement for amateur radio license:
2006-12-18 16:47:02
From Engadget: Despite the fact that it's been proven more than once that there are lots of folks who are well-versed in Morse c...
Amateur Radio - HAM Radio
0000-00-00 00:00:00
Not many people know this but I am an amateur radio operator. My call sign is KC2NKL and I operate a few radios at home. If you are not sure what amateur radio is all about, take a look at this vintage film I directed to by KC2BPS (Joe Werner). ...
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