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Photos of the day: Giant tree art and more amazing images
2012-05-24 17:00:00
Mike De Butts adds the finishing touches to a giant Baobab Tree sculpture entitled 'Under the Baobab', outside the Southbank Centre on May 24, 2012 in London, England. The Pirate Technics' installation is made from a selection of brightly colored fabrics from around the world, and is part of the Southbank Centre's 'Festival of the World' exhibition, which includes a series of large scale pieces of art that will be in place around the Southbank centre over the Summer. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)
Angry Birds Successor to be Called Amazing Alex [After 1 Billion Angry Bird
2012-05-12 06:31:00
Rovio has apparently learned from those Angry Birds that placing all one?s eggs in the same basket is not always a good business strategy, not that the Angry Birds series is in any danger of losing popularity with the crowds yet. But the game maker is finally ready to launch ...
Free philosophy Falling in Love and Amazing Grace fragrance samples at Nord
2012-05-11 19:41:00 -locator
Free philosophy Falling in Love and Amazing Grace fragrance samples at Nord
2012-05-11 19:16:00 -locator
TV Ratings: Sunday May 6, 2012 (AMAZING RACE and GCB Go Out with a Whimper)
2012-05-07 19:51:00
VS. = Indicates how show performed versus their previous NEW airing. Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions Time Network Show Rating 18-49 VS. 8PM CBS The Amazing Race 9.39 2.6/7 ABC Once Upon a Time 8.93 3.0/8 NBC Harry’s Law 7.52 0.7/2 FOX The Simpsons 4.74 2.1/6 8:30PM FOX Bob’s Burgers 3.68 1.8/5 9PM CBS The Amazing Race 9.39 2.6/7 ABC Desperate Housewives 9.30 2.8/7 NBC Celebrity Apprentice 6.16 1.9/5 FOX Family Guy 5.54 2.7/7 9:30PM FOX American Dad! 4.75 2.3/5 10PM CBS NYC 22 6.94 1.3/3 NBC Celebrity Apprentice 6.16 1.9/5 ABC GCB 5.67 1.8/5
News: Spider 3D printed guitar - amazing!
2012-05-04 01:40:00
The Spider 3D printed guitar was designed specifically for laser sintering, one of the common 3D printing technologies that allows for the manufacture of full strength, extremely complex parts. The entire body, including all the little spiders inside the body, was printed as a single component, which could not be manufactured any other way.
vintage everyday: Amazing Pictures of Celebrities with Their Vintage Camera
2012-04-26 06:08:00
vintage everyday: Amazing Pictures of Celebrities with Their Vintage...: Marilyn Monroe with Nikon Camera by Bert Stern Grace Kelly taking Frank Sinatra?s photo with a Hasselblad and much more. Just brilliant. 
Amazing Levitation Video
2012-04-20 16:58:00
The following video shows an African shaman performing levitation. A German crew captured the scene. The video appeared on Youtube and some other sites spiritube. Some people have questioned its authenticity.I think it is genuine for these reasons. Assuming the shaman to be 5-6 feet tall, the fire circle is at least double his height  in diameter that is, 12 feet. Also, when the second cameraman appears in the video, another five feet distance is revealed, outside the fire circle. Even if a pulley was used to pull him up(as some critics may say), it would need to be used on a rope overhead stretching at least 18 feet in length (sum of the above two lengths). Judging from the fact that this place does not have even lighting, it is hard to believe they could have found and used a pulley.Second, if they did do so, why did they lift him up just by about 3 feet ? Why not lift higher, say to 6 feet? That would have been more spectacular.Third, his b...
Chris Broderick: Amazing Guitar... bid time running out!!!
2012-04-18 00:32:00
Chris Broderick Megadeth Ibanez Prestige S5470F Red 6-string Guitar Autographed Charity auction: guitar used on Endgame & 2009-10 tours: Make a bid PLEASE NOTE! More info on Chris Broderick's guitar up for auction: New information on the Chris Broderick Guitar - The guitar for sale is the one pictured with Chris Broderick in the Endgame artwork. The photos of the specs on the guitar were from the Ibanez website. I just learned Chris customized the guitar with DiMarzio D Activator pickups and had the Ibanez factory remove the "tone" knob. Actual images of the guitar for sale (photo 2): Specifics Condition: Used: An item that has been used previously. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully ... Read more Brand: Ibanez String Configuration: 6 String Model: S5470F Dexterity: Right-Handed MPN: S5470FRVK Country of Manufacture: Japan Body Type: Solid Style: S Prestige series - Red Viking Serial number: F0822711  Make a bid This guitar was ...
3 Seated Sex Positions To Give Your Girl AMAZING Orgasms
2012-04-15 16:00:00
Sex positions offer a lot of flexibility and comfort in a couple's repertoire. Enjoy these 3 for clitoral stimulation that will give her AMAZING orgasms. Related articles: 2 Woman On Top Sex Positions For BETTER Orgasms! How To Give Any Girl Multiple Orgasms During Sex How To Give An Amazing Leg Massage How To Sustain Sex Longer And Give Women Amazing Orgasms The Best Sex Positions For Mind-Blowing Orgasms
Cody Westheimer Shares His Amazing Journey Into The World of Television and
2012-04-14 17:44:00
  As we explore all the different facets that make up what we see on the screen, it is always fun to hear how one finds a way to compose for the celluloid realm.  Composing for film and television is an elite world where a select few are fortunate to be invited.  To his eternal delight composer Cody Westheimer was lucky enough to crack open the door and now finds himself happily composing for a variety of television shows and films. In fact, as a huge recent achievement, Cody’s musical score was just selected as the theme music for the NBC Sports Major League Soccer.  Creating and writing music has opened the door wide open for so many opportunities for Cody and he candidly shared how he found his way into his wondrous world.   As you were recently invited to score the theme music for NBC Sports Major League Soccer, maybe you can share what’s the story behind getting such a cool opportunity? CODY:  Like most things in life it was serendipitous.  I scored my first sports ...
Amazing video shows 100 years of ocean travel in 1 minute
2012-04-12 22:49:00
It's a century's worth of history, all condensed into one minute: Graduate studentBen Schmidt created the above video, showing an animatedmap of Spanish, Dutch, and English journeysacross the ocean from 1750 to 1850. Aside from being eye candy, the video ? Continue reading ?
The Most Amazing Images of the Week, April 2-6, 2012
2012-04-06 19:52:00
From Popular Science - New Technology, Science News, The Future Now: Tungurahua The Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador has some of the most amazing, terrifying eruptions in the world. This one, from 2006, shows molten lava streaming down the sides of the mountain while ash spews into the nigh
AMAZING Premature Ejaculation Treatments To Improve Sexual Stamina!
2012-04-06 15:56:00
Premature ejaculation is a common problem with a lot of solutions. Creams and sprays don't work. Reach your sexual prime with NATURAL cures for better sex NOW! Related articles: Fixing Premature Ejaculation ? What Makes A Good Treatment To Boost Sexual Stamina (Most Guys Are Clueless) Preventing Premature Ejaculation ? Are These 4 Myths Killing Your Sexual Stamina in Bed? Do THIS For Amazing Sexual Stamina! How To Stop Premature Ejaculation & Enjoy Amazing Sex! Premature Ejaculation: How To Increase Your Stamina
Christian Saggese: amazing new 10 string guitar
2012-04-05 16:41:00
provando una chitarra rodolfo Cucculelli 10 corde
Step Right Up to See the GOP?s Amazing War on Women
2012-04-03 14:35:00
Mother Jones’ illustrator Zina Saunders takes on the GOP’s oppressive and backwards stance on women in her illustrated political cartoon this week, in which you are invited to step right up and watch the greatest circus on earth – the 2012 Republican presidential campaign. Watch it over at Mother Jones’.  
The Most Amazing Science Images of the Week, March 26-30, 2012
2012-04-02 04:27:00
From Popular Science - New Technology, Science News, The Future Now: A well-rounded lineup of amazing imagery for you guys this week: there's an elephant with a phone and a monkey with a cold (animal requirements: fulfilled). There's a shot of the space shuttle in space, and one of the S
15 Amazing and Creative Moleskine Sketches
2012-03-29 12:54:00
You are reading : 15 Amazing and Creative Moleskine SketchesBeautiful designs & artwork usually begins as a rough sketch. While they may end up as crisp, clean, sharp & vivid designs, it?s often interesting to see them in their raw form ? the initial rough and ready sketch jotted down in a Moleskine notebook (the artists favourite journal of choice).99designs scam, true or false ...By CrazyLeaf Design BlogCrazyLeaf on Facebook | CrazyLeaf on Twitter | CrazyLeaf on Flickr | CrazyLeaf on StumbleUpon Get new design resources every hour on Design Freebies
How To Stop Premature Ejaculation & Enjoy Amazing Sex!
2012-03-25 19:00:00
Premature ejaculation sucks, because there are many girls who avoid sex with some guys because they cannot last. Learn how to last longer TODAY!Related Posts How To Stop Premature Ejaculation For Good ? 3 Powerful Tips To Transform Your Sex Life (Tonight!) Premature Ejaculation ? Why It Happens And How To Stop It Premature Ejaculation ? Stop It By NOT Doing These 2 Things! Stop Premature Ejaculation ? With This 95% Effective Breathing Technique Premature Ejaculation ? 3 Essential Exercises For Men That Will STOP It!
The amazing lyrebird of Australia
2012-03-24 02:51:00
  This post is dedicated to Mrs Chinncredible, who once believed in dropbears.
Free Amazing Me ? It?s Busy Being 3! book
2012-03-23 21:45:00 -it’s 8 items down on that lust. Put in the number that you want, and fill out the form at the bottom.
How To Give Her AMAZING Sex Even If You Can?t Last Long Enough
2012-03-21 15:00:00
Sex tips cover a lot of different topics. One of the biggest genres is how to last longer in bed. Learn a technique to EASILY give any girl an orgasm. Related Posts How To Have Amazing Sex Even If You Can?t Last Long Enough In Bed (This Will Completely Blow Her Mind!) How To Give An Amazing Leg Massage How To Sustain Sex Longer And Give Women Amazing Orgasms Do THIS For Amazing Sexual Stamina! Why Can?t You Last Long Enough In Bed?
Codelobster ? An Amazing Integrated Development Environment
2012-03-21 10:55:00
You are reading : Codelobster ? An Amazing Integrated Development EnvironmentAn integrated development environment is a software application that provides a number of facilities for developers such as a source code editor, debugger and some work automation tools. CodeLobster is an affordable integrated development environment (IDE) available for Microsoft Windows users. The versions of Windows that CodeLobster supports are : Windows ME, Windows NT 4.x, ...By CrazyLeaf Design BlogCrazyLeaf on Facebook | CrazyLeaf on Twitter | CrazyLeaf on Flickr | CrazyLeaf on StumbleUpon Get new design resources every hour on Design Freebies
2012-03-19 17:28:00
STICKY POST UNTIL 22 MARCH 2012 SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWER ENTRIES Dear Readers, It is sad for me to say this but I have come to the final blog giveaway courtesy of the generous Fisher-Price who sponsored the amazing prizes! Six lucky blog readers have bagged really cool Fisher-Price products from my first and second ...
Jeff Beck: amazing painting prints available
2012-03-17 16:34:00
Tom Noll: The Original Image of Jeff that I painted from was graciously provided by Ueli Frey of Switzerland, shot at the Montreux Jazz Fest.And, if you're curious about that FRQZ shirt I'm wearing...
Amazing Spiderman At WonderCon 2012 With Zennie62
2012-03-13 09:32:00
The Amazing Spiderman jumps into WonderCon! From Friday to Sunday, will be at WonderCon for something like the fifth time as press, and 12th time in attendance. This time WonderCon, which has been held at the Moscone Center since almost the dawn of Moscone Center, is at the Anaheim Convention Center. Yes, it means (Read More...)
Free You?re Already Amazing by Holley Gerth Book
2012-03-08 08:47:00 This Fre? Stuff ?Tms . om feed should only be read in feed readers, on the Freestuff Timesemail list, or the ??FST Google Gadget.?? Any other use is copyright infringe ? ment and should be reported.? ??
More Amazing Travel Photos From Around the World
2012-03-03 22:33:00
This statue, created by Bruno Catalano, is located in FranceAirport in the Maldives is located on an artificial island in the middle of the Indian OceanZhangye Province of Gansu . The color is the result of an accumulation for millions of years of red sandstone and other rocks.In the resort town of Skagen (Denmark)  you can watch an amazing natural phenomenon. This city is the northernmost point of Denmark, where the Baltic and North Seas meet. The two opposing tides in this place can not merge because they have different densities:Twice a year in the Gulf of Mexico rays migrate. About 10 thousand stingrays at a time!  WOW!These trees grow in the forest near Gryfino , Poland . The cause of the curvature is unknown.Many of these photo were sent in by readers - If you own rights to any of the featured images and do not wish to appear here, please don?t hesitate to contact us for direct removal. Malephotog (at)
Behind Chronicle's amazing flying scenes
2012-02-20 22:22:00
Complejidad para realizar escenas de vuelo controlado, y nada simplemente disfrutad de estas escenas, de VFX tan espectaculares.
By: Magic VFX
Lee Ritenour: Six String Theory - amazing judges and prize haul!
2012-02-20 21:22:00
***3rd ANNUAL GLOBAL INSTRUMENT COMPETITION BEGINS!!  (Guitar, Piano/Keyboards, Bass or Drums)  Lee Ritenour's 3rd Annual Global Music Competition is now accepting entries in Guitar, Piano, Bass or Drums! Winning musicians of the Rhythm Section will record a track on Lee Ritenour's 2012 Concord Records album starring a 'who's who' of greats such as: Dave Grusin, Nathan East, Will Kennedy, Dave Weckl, George Duke, John Beasley, Sonny Emory, Larry Goldings, John Beasley, George Duke, Stanley Clarke and many more. Guitar & Rhythm player winners will also win Berklee College of Music Scholarships, Yamaha instruments & endorsements, Crown of the Continent & National Guitar Workshop scholarships for guitar finalists + various other prizes. The 4 winners will have a shot at a Concord Records deal plus professional mentoring. Submit 2 YouTube videos online for your chance to win! For registration, info & prize details: www.sixstrin...
The Amazing Hummingbird Vine As Seen On TV
2012-02-20 19:23:00
The amazing Hummingbird Vine Turns Your Backyard in to a Natural Hummingbird Playground!DO you love hummingbirds? If so you will love the hummingbird vine.
Amazing Herb Kit ? Basil, Oregano and Parsley Plants
2012-02-14 03:29:00
With The Amazing Herb Kit you can grow your own herbs. Grow your own herbs and spices at home for pennies. Don't pay grocery store prices and always have your favorite herbs on hand.
Forget Less, Recall More: The Amazing Power of Huperzine-A
2012-02-12 14:25:00
Huperzine-A comes of a Chinese Club Moss and has been utilized for many generations by the Chinese people. At first used as an anti-inflammatory, the club moss has lately been noticed to contain the... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Amazing Videos of Earth at Night from Space
2012-02-11 22:17:00
From Wired Top Stories: While you're curled up comfy in your bed each night, the crew of the International Space Station is getting unrivaled views of our planet. For anyone wishing they could see what the astronauts see, here are recent videos of the Earth at night taken from space.
Amazing (Watch "Big Ang" Raiola Tell Her Story)
2012-02-10 00:57:00
"Big Ang" Raiola is the only reason to watch VH1's "Mob Wives". Check out her extremely entertaining and surprisingly honest interview with Jimmy Kimmel below. Part 1: Part 2: Hilarious.
The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Captures Twitter
2012-02-07 10:23:00
When Sony’s Amy Pascal announced the decision to remake the Spider-Man movie series because the firm could not come to an agreement regarding its future with Tobe McGuire, and pointing to the idea that the movie needed to reach a teenage audience, I thought it was a big mistake. I mean, the first Spider-Man movie (Read More...)
Amazing online cinema archive for educators - 2500 films & study guides in
2012-01-30 08:00:00
"CAMPUS is designed specifically with educators in mind, offering easier access and better resources, to support over 2,500 Canadian productions, in both English and French, including 500 new titles added just for classroom use. It features new search functions: by subject, and soon, by age group. CAMPUS also enables educators to prepare clips in advance online?selecting excerpts, labeling them and adding comments and questions?while chapters and playlists make it easier than ever to present media in class.
Ramiro Garcia ?Amazing Grace? American Idol Audition (VIDEO)
2012-01-27 15:32:00
28 year-old worship leader, Ramiro Garcia, who was born with no ears, delighted the judges with a rendition of ?Amazing Grace? during the American Idol Season 11 auditions in Galveston, Texas on Thursday (January 26)- watch video below. 2012 American Idol 11 Green Mile SPOILERS: Top 60 To Top 42 Ramiro?s parents were told their ...
The Revolutionary Website Of Amazing E-Cigarettes
2012-01-25 23:12:00
Today, you'll be able to throw out all these mucky ashtrays and upgrade yourself combined with best electronic cigarettes at the moment. It's only with this website that you can choose the most... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Today?s Amazing Choices Of Electric Cigarettes
2012-01-25 18:44:00
Usually, it is tough to separate a great electronic cigarette into a bad one. Right now, we really do not really need to be bewildered for the reason that we are able to very easily say it's good if... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
2012-01-25 15:15:00
• Trailer Park: GLEE gets thrilling! • Double Your Pleasure! ABC follows in The CW’s footsteps by ordering a BEAUTY AND THE BEAST pilot. • THE AMAZING RACE Announces Season 20 Cast: BIG BROTHER’s Rachel & Brendon are at it again! • Spoiler Alert! DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES to kill of a major character. • Must Read TV: EP Alex Gansa walks fans through HOMELAND Season 1. • Q&A: Aubrey Plaza on her Sundance superhit and her murderous plans involving Ryan Gosling.
Scott Mishoe: amazing tapping from the time machine
2012-01-24 22:57:00
Scott Mishoe Some Old Video Clips Of Scott Mishoe In Hampton va.
Jan Laurenz: Bandura 55 Strings... another amazing looking instrument
2012-01-23 01:03:00
first steps on Bandura by Jan Laurenz,just discovered this fantastic Ukranian instrument! there are many true "virtuosos" on Bandura to discover on the Net. I have big respect for the "real" bandura players and of course just try to play it as good as i can as a beginner.... funny thing: For thouse who wrote comments about changing a 12 string guitar beeing hell (stick,megatar,beartrax ecc...) just try to change the strings on this one (bandura) hi hi I did,55 strings,yes that was hard! first steps on Bandura by Jan Laurenz
News: Amazing Samurai Stratocaster NAMM - stunning!
2012-01-21 11:33:00
Built by John Cruz with the contributions of Dru Whitefeather (leather), Ron Thorn (inlay), and Pamelina (artwork), the Samurai Stratocaster is a tour de force of craftsmanship and style. The Music Zoo's Tim Reynolds talks with John about this guitar at NAMM 2012. This guitar will be coming to The Music NAMM 2012: The Amazing Samurai Stratocaster From Fender Masterbuilder John Cruz
Rick Wakeman ? Amazing Grace (CD/DVD) Revisited
2012-01-21 00:17:00
I have no clue as to how many CD?s and DVD?s I have. Buts it?s a lot, most are crap, and sit in huge piles in dark corners. I do have a list of favorites, but rarely do I have the time to visit with them. In fact my ?favorites? pile has been dwindling. ...
The Amazing Restoration of the Second 300 SL Ever Built
2012-01-19 15:00:00
When Mercedes-Benz rolled out its new-for-2013 SL at the North American International Auto Show on Monday, it would've been really cool to show off the very first SL ever produced, in order to illustrate the heritage of the iconic sports car. (Especially because the SL will be celebrating its 60th
360 Iron looks amazing
2012-01-18 16:19:00
Ironing is boring but in the future it can be different. Take a look at this 360 Iron concept design by Bernardo Bajana. Iron with a touchscreen display? Why not? You can easily make settings such as the temperature of the hot plate. Via Tags: gadgets, home
An Amazing New Superhydrophobic Coating Coming Soon
2012-01-10 20:11:00
After watching the video of this amazing product, my mind started spinning about the thousands of applications for this coating from Never Wet. From submarines to airplanes to wind generator vanes to ??????? Pray tell, (and I can imagine there's going to be some pretty humorous responses!), "On wha
Barcelona: 5 hotels with amazing locations
2012-01-02 10:50:00
By Regina W Bryan in Barcelona— Not all hotels in Barcelona are created equal when it comes to location. While it’s true that some of the cheapest rooms can be found outside of Barcelona’s city center, this isn’t always the case. There are some great hotel deals to be had right in the center of the action. Here are my “Top 5 hotels with amazing locations,” in no particular order: 1. Hostal Galeria Malda Del Pi 5 1/1 Doubles: €20 Read review I’m partial to Malda because I lived right across the street from it for a year on C/ del Pi. This area is about five minutes by foot from Pl. Catalunya, which is where you’re going to come in from the airport if you take the airport bus or train/metro combo. So it’s convenient. However, I don’t recommend hotels that are right on Pl. Catalunya because they are noisy, pricy, and surrounded by touristy restaurants and bars. At Malda you get the close proximity to the center, but also Gothic Quarter charm an...
Andreas Varady: with Stochelo Rosenberg Trio at the amazing Gypsy Jazz Fest
2011-12-27 13:03:00
Party time at the end of Noumea's Gypsy Jazz Festival : Autumn leaves, under the sun of Kanaky, and right by the beautiful blue sea ! Nouma All Star Jam 2 All Star jam in Nouma !
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