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Randy Couture Desktop Wallpaper Background
2007-10-04 23:06:00
As you know, we like to create our own desktop wallpapers for the MMA community.  However, when we come across a great wallpaper, we just have to get it out to the MMA community. We came across this nice Randy Couture wallpaper today.  It was created by MMA Wire.  I thought that many of you would like it.
Michael Vick Should Have to Fight Randy Couture to the Death Guitar Jam
2007-09-30 22:40:00
Here's a little soft, monotonous Sunday guitar jam called "Michael Vick Should Have to Fight Randy Couture to the Death." Click to play.
Candy Cane Cookie Recipe
2007-09-26 04:12:00
Candy Cane Cookies 1 cup butter or margarine 1 cup sifted confectioners sugar 1 egg 1-1/2 teaspoon almond flavoring OR 3/4 teaspoon peppermint flavoring 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 1/2 cups all purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup crushed peppermint candy 1/2 cup white sugar Preheat oven to 375 F. Mix butter sugar, egg, and flavorings thoroughly. Add flour and salt, Mix well. ...
Candy Corn Myspace Layout
2007-09-26 00:00:00
Here?s a Myspace layout with all candy corn in the back. This is my favorite Halloween treat, how about you?
Handy Clock for Nseries - Check time in 5 world cities at once!
2007-09-25 08:04:00
  GET IT HERE - Original Price: $19.95/ Discounted Price: $17.96 (Use Discount code: NC12345 at the time of purchase) Do whatever you want with time! Check it in 5 world cities at once, note it with stopwatch, count it with time log, plan it with calendar or even forget about it with alarms and timers. Compatible Devices: Nokia N71, ...
Female Bodybuilder and Pastor Candy Canary Needs Your Help
2007-09-12 19:59:00
If you've been looking for a charity to support here's a great opportunity to to help out a fellow bodybuilder and contribute to a worthwhile cause...Shalom!I am writing you to ask for your monetary support. I am traveling to China and Thailand for 10 days. And this time, I am also taking my oldest son, Street with me. He feels the Lord is calling him to be a full-time missionary in Thailand. (I told him last year that if he still felt the Lord was calling him than I would take him with me this upcoming year.) So…he is going and this will be his first time out of the US! He is very nervous b/c he does not know what to expect. Please pray for him.I will be partnering up with Joyce Moore, founder of the Abba House, , a non-profit organization catered to helping women and children who have been sold into the sex slave trade. I will be apart of a team who shares the love of Jesus Christ to the young children and women.In China, I will be visiting several ...
My favorite candy commercial videos
2007-09-11 04:35:00
I first saw this on the M&M's website and the kids love it even though they've never actually seen the Addams Family TV show. As a kid, I definitely preferred the Addams over the Munsters. My own son Adam keeps asking me why his name is spelled wrong.Just this year, I actually told Doug of the slang term of "muffin top", where I am usually the one who is the dark about popular slang. What a cute commercial!
Randy Couture?s Picks For UFC 75
2007-09-09 01:59:00
UFC Heavyweight champion, Randy ?the Natural? Couture?s has made his picks for UFC 75. When it comes to calling UFC events, Couture has been on a bit of a hot streak as of late. Couture successfully picked Gabriel Gonzaga to defeat Mirko ?Cro Cop? Filipovic and he predicted a victory for himself when he met ...
Jelly Belly Candy Clearance Sale?It?s Back! Save 60% + $5 off
2007-09-07 20:08:00
Rating: 1 Posted By: jmarrone Views: 452 Replies: 5 Jelly Belly Outlet has a clearance sale on Christopher's Fruit Gems (just like Sunkist Fruit Gems) and Belly Flops that seemed to go away for a little while. And they also have a $5 discount coupon code (D42EZAWT). The Fruit Gem stuff makes good xmas gifts:* 2 lb. box, reg 14.95, sale 6.99* 3 lb. tin box, reg 20.30, sale 5.99* 9 lb Fruit Picker Basket, reg 39.95, sale 14.99* Belly Flops...only $8 per 2lb bag, but with $50 purchase and coupon code listed above you can save add'l $5. They also have pomegranate Flops right now which rock. Note, Flops are are cheaper in their Visitor Center but unless you live by the factory you're out of luck so this is the next best thing.Visitor Center store are in Fairfield, CA and Pleasant Prairie, WISign up, shop, and get paid with FatWallet Cash Back!
Dan Henderson Upset with Randy Couture
2007-09-05 16:38:00
Hot off the presses, here?s a video interview that the OC Register did with Dan ?Hollywood? Henderson. This is the infamous interview where Henderson is informed that his next opponent Quinton ?Rampage? Jackson has been training with good friend, Randy ?the Natural? Couture. Upon learning that Couture has been training Rampage, Henderson admits that he ...
Andy Cavazos (P-STL)
2007-09-03 14:26:00
The Cardinals recalled Cavazos from the minors.
Candy Corn
2007-09-03 00:58:00
This is the only time of the year where I actualy like candy corn…I think that is a very seasonal candy and in September through October I like it otherwise I relaly don’t…kinda weird. But here is a cute candy corn recipe for all those candy corn lovers out there! I got this ...
Sparklet Candy Cane Bikini Top And Bikini
2007-08-31 18:16:00
Lingerie:Bikinis & Matching Sets: 2Pc. Sparklet Candy Cane Bikini Top And Bikini
Randy Couture Says That Fedor is Probably The Best Around - Bring It!
2007-08-31 17:55:00
After dominating Gabriel Gonzaga, Randy Couture is looking into the future. Randy states that most likely the best heavyweight fighter around is Fedor Emelianenko and he’s ready for him. Some say it’s “calling Fedor out”, others would say Randy’s just confident with himself. You be the judge. Go to the blog entry to see the video!
The NFL Wants Randy Couture
2007-08-30 16:51:00
Fox Sports writer and NFL specialist, Jay Glazer reports that ever since Randy ?the Natural? Couture defeated Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 74 this past weekend, he has been flooded with requests from NFL coaches and players to meet Couture. At 44 years of age, Couture is a source of inspiration for everyone. The teams would ...
Randy Couture Highlight Video “The Natural 2″
2007-08-30 13:29:00
Earlier this month, Thjoker joker posted his first Highlight video of Randy Couture which was an amazing first attempt at a Highlight video. ThJoker just informed us that he has created another Randy Couture Highlight video to celebrate Randy’s win against Gabriel Gonzaga. Once again Thejoker pulls off another great Highlight video. The way he speeds up and slows things down combined with music - I’m no video editor, but this guy really has some natural talent. Take a look at the Highlight below: The Natural 2 - Randy Couture - Thjoker
Sholay Remake Rights Sold To Pritish Nandy Communications By The Sippys
2007-08-30 13:17:00
Brace yourself for another remake of the Classic Sholay as the rights of the film has been sold to Pritish Nandy Communications by Sascha Sippy, chairman of Sholay Media and Entertainment.Source adds, "There were many makers who had been vying for the rights of the film, but PNC finally won the deal. Production on the animated version of Sholay is scheduled to start soon. The cast and crew for the official remake is also being planned and top league directors like Shankar, Priyadarshan and Sanjay Gupta are being considered for this project. After that, the prequel and the sequel will also be made. The $100 million deal was finalized in London today."When contacted Sascha Sippy confirmed the news saying, "Sholay is undoubtedly the biggest movie brand that India has had and as custodians of that brand we want to be careful and responsible with it. We have chosen Pritish Nandy Communications as our partners as we like and appreciate their work and approach."
Randy Couture Breaks Hand in Title Defense
2007-08-27 20:20:00
  (Photo courtesy of thefightnetwork) The Fight Network has reported that Randy Couture broke his left forearm while blocking a left high kick from Gabriel Gonzaga during their bout at UFC 74 on Saturday night. Luckily, the damage is not too serious so healing will not require the use of a cast. As ...
Randy Crawford - One Day I'll Fly Away (1980)
2007-08-27 07:30:00
Randy Crawford's initial notoriety came from her fiery vocal on "Street Life," a 1979 song matching her with the Crusaders that was included on the soundtrack for Burt Reynolds' film Sharky's Machine. Crawford was born in Macon and grew up in Cincinnati; she worked in clubs as a teen, accompanied by her father. Crawford was lead vocalist in a group that included bassist Bootsy Collins before touring as George Benson's opening act in 1972. Cannonball Adderley invited her to sing on his LP Big Man. Crawford recorded "Don't Get Caught in Love's Triangle," a song produced by Johnny Bristol, during a short stay on the label. She soon moved to Warner Bros., and after "Street Life," recorded and toured Europe with the Crusaders. Crawford was tabbed Most Outstanding Performer at the 1980 Tokyo Music Festival. She remained with Warner Bros. through the '80s and early '90s, but was unable to score either a big R&B hit or major crossover smash, despite having one of the most readily id...
Randy Couture Dominated Gabriel Gonzaga
2007-08-27 03:57:00
I have to say, Randy Couture was extremely impressive in his fight against Gabriel Gonzaga. The Tim Sylvia fight was amazing, but this fight just took it to the next level. Randy Couture looked great, he was very agile, technical (did you see his head movement to avoid punches) and at 44 years of age ...
UFC 74: Randy Couture Defeats Gabriel Gonzaga !! (Open Thread)
2007-08-26 06:33:00
Forty-four year old Randy Couture withholds his heavyweight championship by defeating Gabriel Gonzaga, a man who knocked out Mirko CroCop.Herb Dean had to stop the fight after Randy Couture got into Gonzaga?s half-guard and rained down punches.He is now a six-time champion. We should all feel inspired. Consider this an open thread.
Randy Couture All Access Full Video with Rachelle Leah
2007-08-25 04:01:00
Last night at 12:00 EST UFC All Access Randy Couture featuring Rachelle Leah aired on Spike Tv. Randy shows off his beautiful house, his belts on display in an amazing cabinet, his flying squirels, his custom UFC hummer from Season one of TUF, his choppers and his pool. Watch Randy Train for his upcoming fight, ...
Get Ready For UFC 74 Randy Couture vs Gabriel Gonzaga
2007-08-24 19:10:00
To help you get ready for the UFC 74 Main Event, Gabriel Gonzaga vs Randy Couture, we’ve posted both fighter’s last fight videos. Quite honestly, this wasn’t my idea, I happened to see it on anther blog and thought it was an excellent idea. So, check out Randy Couture vs. Tim Sylvia - it was ...
Rachelle Leah on Spike TV Tonight With Randy Couture
2007-08-23 23:11:00
Quick Reminder - tonight on Spike TV is a whole night of Randy Couture. The night starts with: UFC Unleashed - 10PM EST Featuring Randy Couture vs. Tim Sylvia Countdown to UFC 74 - 11PM EST All the info about UFC 74! UFC All Access Hosted by the one and only Rachelle Leah! - 12PM EST
MMA Girls UFC 74 Predictions Randy Couture vs Randy Couture - they go with
2007-08-20 13:36:00
Okay, so they call themselves the MMA Girls. What these girls do is they give terribly scripted predictions for upcoming UFC Fights… In this edition of MMA Girls, the girls predict the outcome of the upcoming UFC 74 event. They lightly touch upon the Randy Couture and Gabriel Gonzaga fight - they go with Gonzaga. ...
Dana White Worried About Randy - Randy Couture Vs. Gabriel Gonzaga
2007-08-14 20:00:00
In a recent interview by Boston Herald / Improper Bostonian, Dana White was asked about the upcoming Randy Couture vs. Gabriel Gonzaga Fight. He commented “I?m worried about Randy, because this guy is so nasty,” White said of Gonzaga. “He?s so powerful and he has so many weapons.” UFC VP Craig Borsari further states ?There?s ...
Cannot read the min handy cam dvds
2007-08-14 17:20:00
I have gota sony DCR-DVD605 handycam. I also have a sony-rw dvd drive. My dvd drive shows up other movie dvds, audio dvds. However when I insert the mini dvd of the handy cam(sony rw 1.4 gb 30min single side)it does not show up anything. It shows the...
Andy Cohen - Marketing Guru with a Magical Touch
2007-07-25 13:10:00
What caught my attention to this Motivational Speaker, Business Keynote Speaker, Marketing Guru, Innovation Expert, Best-Selling Author, IS THAT HE IS ALSO AN ACCLAIMED MAGICIAN! I believe he is one of the best business speakers I have come across. His speeches are unique in a way that he uses magic as a metaphor to our current ...
Gabriel Gonzaga vs Randy Couture Betting Odds
2007-07-24 22:42:00
The lines are moving further in the direction of Gabriel "Napao" Gonzaga (video) being a slight favorite over the current Heavyweight Champion, Randy "The Natural" Couture (video). The best odds on Gonzaga are currently -125 at and +110 at for Couture. It's not often the reigning champion is considered the dog by all of the books and in this case I think it's exactly where Randy wants to be.Gabriel Gonzaga (8-1) moved quietly through his early MMA and UFC fights, until the big bang with Cro Cop. The moment he dropped Mirko with an ironic head kick, he became the most dangerous Heavyweight alive.....At least in the minds of some.His first real test in an MMA ring occurred in 2003 when he fought Fabricio Werdum. Gonzaga was able to control that fight on the ground during the first half, unfortunately by the third round he was gassed and was pounded out by Werdum. Werdum has only to wins by TKO and it's hard to imagine him knocking anyone out throwing so...
Philippine Idol Updates: Vote Gian and Miguel as Candy Cuties
2007-07-18 21:08:00
This may seem juvenile, but hey, everything for the P.I.! Fans of Philippine Idol are encouraged to vote for Gian Magdangal and Miguel Mendoza to be part of the Top 20 Candy Cuties. This annual poll of Candy Magazine is based on online votes from members of its website as well as discretion from the magazine staff. Gian ... [ This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more! ]
"Candy Colored Bracelets" 4.99 each
2007-07-17 19:46:00
"Green Apple""Hard Candy""Poppin Bubblegum" MySpace Layouts
Candy cigarettes and cancer
2007-07-04 06:49:00
I remember those candy cigarettes from when I was young back in the 80s, the ones that when you blew on them the sugar ’smoke’ came puffing out, just like a real cigarette. For some reason, I thought that such candy cigarettes were banned here in the U.S. I was mistaken. While candy cigarettes have ...
Epocware Handy Converter v1.01 S60v2
2007-06-29 20:29:00
Epocware Handy Converter v1.01 S60v2 Updated excellent conversion rates. Particularly useful when traveling or calculations of the same trip. Can online download new data on the course. A version for customers at Symbian 7 and 8 The kit also packaged version for phones Nokia N70 and Nokia N90 Right Click and Save as DOWNLOAD LINK Technorati Tags: OS7, OS8, mobile softwares, nokia
Being There: Putting Brain, Body, and the World Together Again, by Andy Cla
2007-06-17 16:47:00
This month I've reviewed a book (on the Books about Brains and Machines blog) that I absolutely loved when I was doing my PhD. It is one of the few in the field that I can recommend pretty much without reservation. I hope you enjoy the review, but am sure you will enjoy the book.
Boost your PR with Andy Coates? Viralink!
2007-06-06 12:03:00
I got this from There’s a Blog in My Soups Viralink for a PR Boost. Are you looking for other ways to visit new blogs and boost your PR? When I receive a pingback I’ll update my list to include your website that way people who land on my website and use it will get ...
Handy Command Line Options
2007-05-19 03:29:00
Here is a list of commands you can execute from the Run command prompt in XP: Accessibility Controlsaccess.cpl Add Hardware Wizardhdwwiz.cpl Add/Remove Programsappwiz.cpl Administrative Toolscertmgr.msc Character Mapcharmap Check Disk Utilitychkdsk Clipboard Viewerclipbrd Command Promptcmd Component Servicesdcomcnfg Computer Managementcompmgmt.msc Date and Time Propertiestimedate.cpl DDE Sharesddeshare Device Managerdevmgmt.msc Direct X Control Panel (If Installed)directx.cpl Direct X Troubleshooterdxdiag Disk Cleanup Utilitycleanmgr Disk Defragmentdfrg.msc Disk Managementdiskmgmt.msc Disk Partition Managerdiskpart Display Propertiescontrol desktop Display Propertiesdesk.cpl Display Properties (w/Appearance Tab Preselected)control color Dr. Watson System Troubleshooting Utilitydrwtsn32 Driver Verifier Utilityverifier Event Viewereventvwr.msc File Signature Verification Toolsigverif Findfastfindfast.cpl Folders Propertiescontrol folders Fontscontrol fonts Fonts Folderfonts Free Cell ...
Wanderlei Silva en la inaguración de la nueva academia de Randy Couture
2007-05-17 20:35:00
Los próximos 2 y 3 de Junio, Randy "The Natural" Couture inaugurara una nuevo centro de entrenamiento Figozen-Couture y para ello contara con la presencia de "Mr Pride" Wanderlei Silva.Da gusto ver a dos mitos de este deporte trabajar juntos a pesar de pertenecer a organizaciones diferentes y ser sus máximos exponentes, bien por ambos...... aaaaah quien pudiese estar allí.FuenteSpecial Thanks to Machinemen from MMA Barracus
Candy Cane Spelling Officially Nuts
2007-05-14 23:05:00
It’s definitely an added bonus if you try at least one suicide attempt while locked up. Double bonus points if you shave your head and tattoo“666″ on your forehead. Good luck becoming a woman in prison and, possibly, “a mother.”… Source
Crusaders (feat. Randy Crawford) - Street Life (1979)
2007-04-23 23:20:00
Back in 1954, Houston pianist Joe Sample teamed up with high school friends tenor saxophonist Wilton Felder and drummer Stix Hooper to form the Swingsters. Within a short time, they were joined by trombonist Wayne Henderson, flutist Hubert Laws, and bassist Henry Wilson and the group became the Modern Jazz Sextet. With the move of Sample, Felder, Hooper, and Henderson to Los Angeles in 1960, the band (a quintet with the bass spot constantly changing) took on the name of the Jazz Crusaders. The following year they made their first recordings for Pacific Jazz and throughout the 1960s the group was a popular attraction, mixing together R&B and Memphis soul elements with hard bop; its trombone/tenor frontline became a trademark. By 1971, when all of the musicians were also busy with their own projects, it was decided to call the group simply the Crusaders so it would not be restricted to only playing jazz. After a few excellent albums during the early part of the decade (with guitarist ...
Lara pulls Andy Caddick In A Great Career
2007-04-23 14:26:00
  Lara pulls Andy Caddick during the NatWest Series in the summer of 2000
Randy Couture's UFC 70 Picks
2007-04-21 14:37:00
On a plane crossing the Atlantic tonight, UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture touches down in Manchester, England to watch UFC 70 “Nations Collide” and, more importantly, find out who will challenge the six-time title-holder for his hardware in August.Before hopping the pond, the Champ gave The Fight Network his “Natural Picks.”CLICK HERE to read them!
An Interview With NPC Bodybuilder & Pastor Candy Canary
2007-04-18 17:29:00
Recently, NPC Female Bodybuilder Candy Canary was featured as the Inside Bodybuilding Female Bodybuilder of the Week.If you're a fan of Candy, check out her recent interview on where she discusses her background, her calling as a pastor, her competition plans for 2007 - and her current training program!Check Out The Interview Here:
Female Bodybuilder Of The Week: Candy Canary
2007-04-10 04:47:00
This week's award for Female Bodybuilder of the Week goes to a very unique athlete by the name of Candy Canary.In an industry known for it's somewhat superficial and often self-centered nature, Candy Canary has set herself apart as one focused not only away from herself but on those most in need.You see, Candy is not only an amazing bodybuilder - winning the Heavyweight Class at the 2006 NPC Emerald Cup, but a Pastor with a focus on youth and missions.And so rather than me talk about all the incredible things Candy has already done and is continuing to do...Check Out Candy's Official Site Here: and Subscribe to Candy's Blog Here: Out Candy's Contest History Here:,+Candy&-g=1Check Out Some of Candy's Photo Galleries Here:
Randy Couture on 'The Late Late Show'
2007-04-04 16:47:00
Check out Randy Couture on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Wednesday night, April 4 at 12:35am ET/PT. The show airs on your local CBS station so check local listings for Central and Mountain time. Randy will talk about his return to the Octagon and the upset when he gained the heavyweight belt back from Tim Sylvia. Randy will also share some thoughts on the 5th Season of The Ultimate Fighter, UFC Fight Night and UFC69: Shootout.
Sony Mini Camcorder, Samsung Camcorder, Sony Handy Cam Camcorder
2007-03-27 02:41:00
Capture those special momentswith a camcorder bargain priced from IDM. Sony DCR-HC48 MiniDV HandyCam Camcorder - $368.88 Samsung SC-D363 Compact Mini-DV Camcorder - $209.99 Sony DCR-SR82 60GB Handycam Hard Drive Camcorder - $699.99
Randy Couture Follows 'Fighter' Documentary To Hawaii
2007-03-26 22:46:00
By Matt BooneMMACLASSICS.COM & Icon Sport invite Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fans of all ages to join us along with invited guests on Sunday, April 1 @ 2:00 PM in Honolulu at the Pipeline Cafe( for the Hawaiian premiere of 'FIGHTER, a documentary' featuring Randy "The Natural" Couture.After the fireworks at Icon Sport's, 'Epic' fight card on Saturday night at the Blaisdell Center, please come join Ultimate Fighting (UFC) Heavyweight champion Randy Couture along with a plethora of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters and celebrities as they gather to screen his award winning film. The Pipeline Cafe has graciously opened its doors to the UFC Hall of Famer who is visiting Hawaii for the first time since regaining his UFC heavyweight belt in an historic performance at UFC 68.'FIGHTER, a documentary', looks back to capture a slice of sports history as Randy "The Natural" Couture chases his first UFC heavyweight belt and beyond. The film "takes you deep into the worl...
Free Emergency Preparedness Movie Night at Sandy Cinema
2007-03-26 10:59:00
Sandy Cinema is hosting a FREE "Disaster Movie Night" on Tuesday, April 3rd, at 6:30 p.m. The presentation will include information on the Pandemic Influenza of 1918, and will be followed by a discussion and an opportunity for questions and answers. This is an opportunity for the community to become involved in emergency planning, which is a community responsibility, as well as learning what local organizations, agencies, and individuals are doing to prepare for emergencies, and the role you can play in the event of a disaster.The focus of the movie and discussion will be the possibility of a future flu pandemic, and what can be done in the midst of disaster. This will include controlling the spread of disease, what you should do and not do, and balancing public welfare and individual rights. For more information and future Free Movie Night presentations, you can visit Sandy Cinema on the web.Technorati tags:current events, Oregon, people, safety
Vandy Can?t Seem to Make the Grade
2007-02-28 04:26:07
Not my alma mater, but soon to be Mindy’s. I found the College Sustainability Report Cards when Adam linked to the terrible grade received by Princeton Theological Seminary. The Sustainable Endowments Institute released its College Sustainability Report Card, which grades 100 leading colleges by looking at campus greening practices and endowment policies. Hopefully this is something Vandy starts taking into consideration as it continues building and expanding. In fact, all colleges should be taking these sorts of critical analysis’ seriously. college, green, sustainability, VanderbiltShare This
Candy Cane Cheesecake on
2007-02-06 11:48:02
Candy Cane Cheesecake for the Baby Cake Recipes on
Candy Cane Fudge on
2007-02-06 11:48:02
Candy Cane Fudge for the Baby Cake Recipes on
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