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Bay Area transit agencies offering free service tonight
2011-01-05 04:55:00
Bay Area transit agencies offering free service tonight But Tri-Valley’s Wheels opts out of special ‘deals’ for local riders Read more on Pleasanton Weekly No Tags---Related Articles at Ideas, Thoughts and Implications:No Related PostsSHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Bay Area transit agencies offering free service tonight", url: "" });
What if Fan Operate in Stall Area
2009-09-22 11:14:00
Hi, I have selected a Axial flow fan with 6000 cmh @ 75 Pa & 1350 RPM for evaporator coil. Now, pressure of evaporator coil is changed from 75 Pa to 90 Pa with same flow. Now, my motor has maximum 1350 RPM. Now, is it possible that this fan will run in stall area and will make more noise
Unusual Area: CR4 Challenge (09/22/09)
2009-09-21 00:01:00
This week's Challenge Question: The given figure shows two concentric circles. Line XY is tangent to the inner circle and its length is 2 inches. With the given information, determine the area of the annular region between the two circles. The Answer will be posted right here on CR4 o
Three charged in Detroit area builder bail out fraud allegations
2009-09-20 07:35:00
In the following press release Terrence Berg United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan announced that James Wiese, 38, of Birmingham, Ilir Dokaj, 33, and Tom Gjokaj, 52, both of Sterling Heights, were indicted today by a federal grand jury in Detroit for scheming to obtain $7,557,100 from federally insured banks through fraudulent mortgages on twelve Birmingham homes. Berg was joined in the announcement by Andrew C. Arena, FBI Special Agent in Charge.The 2-count indictment charges that James Wiese, through his company Great Lakes Custom Builder, LLC, purchased twelve residential properties in Birmingham, Michigan in 2004 and 2005. Many of these property sites originally had smaller homes located on them, which had been demolished. Wiese built new houses on the twelve sites, expecting to make a profit when the new houses were sold.James Wiese, Ilir Dokaj and Tom Gjokaj devised a scheme in which Gjokaj would be the straw buyer and purchase all twelve of the newly con...
2009-09-07 18:30:00
linshining created a new blog: Evacuations reduced in Calif. fire area
2009-09-07 05:06:00
linshining created a new blog: Evacuations reduced in Calif. fire area
9 indicted in Miami area mortgage fraud allegations
2009-09-03 20:10:00
In the following press release Jeffrey H. Sloman, Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Michael K. Fithen, Special Agent in Charge, U.S. Secret Service, and Robert Parker, Director, Miami-Dade Police Department, announced today the unsealing of an Indictment charging: Mike Ohana, 39, of Miami, FloridaMichael Ramos, 29, of Miami, FloridaRyan T. Dosen, 30, of Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaPaula Ramos, 52, of Miami, FloridaElba Emilia Perez, 43, of Lehigh Acres, FloridaFernando Soto, 37, of Miami, FloridaAntonio Abreu, 63, of Hialeah, FloridaYosvany Abreu Garcia, 34, of Fort Myers, FloridaErick Valdes, 35, of Miami, Florida[All are charged] with one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1343, and four counts of substantive bank fraud, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1344.  Through this scheme, the defendants defrauded two financial institutions of over $3 milli...
Formula for Common Area of Intersecting Circles
2009-08-05 17:55:00
What is the formula for the common area when 2 circles of Radius R and r is intersecting each other where 0<x< R-r where x is the common ordinate for 2 circles. DHAYANANDHAN.S, INDIA
Gunman Opens Fire, Kills 5 at Pittsburgh Area L.A. Fitness
2009-08-05 05:37:00
A crazed gunman walked into an aerobics class at a L.A. Fitness gym in Collier Township, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday night and opened fire on an unsuspecting aerobics class. The gunman walked into the class, and turned out the lights, before opening fire and killing five women and injuring many more. It is being reported that the ...
The weight and surface area "per meter" of human hair.
2009-08-03 05:28:00
Would someone tell me the above info, and the location of their source ? Also what is the diameter assuming that hair is perfectly cylindrical at a minimum? Does anyone know a nano technology lab that might be able to look any questions relating to this, and also a lab where it would be possible t
Calculation of Surface Area of H Beam
2009-07-22 06:43:00
Is there any formula or charts for finding Surface area of H - Beams ? Can any one tell me how to calculate the above for a H beam -- 200 X 100 Pls help me
Calculating the Moment Area of a Triple Extension Ladder
2009-07-17 17:04:00
Can someone tell me how to go about calculating the I(moment area) of a cross section of a triple extension ladder. So it has the bottom section two extrusions (rectangular) and a rung of (xxlength) which joins these together. The middle section fits inbetween the bottom section and so forth. So in
Free Legal Advice Houston, TX Area Phone Call 7/15/09 ONLY -
2009-07-15 19:03:00
Free Legal Advice Houston, TX Area Phone Call 7/15/09 ONLY Published by at 12:03 PM - Wed, Jul 15 Compare your Deal
Chicago area (including parts of IN & IL) Culver's $1 week - July 13 - July
2009-07-15 17:24:00
Chicago area (including parts of IN & IL) Culver's $1 week - July 13 - July 19th Published by at 10:24 AM - Wed, Jul 15 Compare your Deal
Area Calculations: CR4 Challenge (07/14/09)
2009-07-13 00:01:00
This week's Challenge Question: You divide your lawn by a grid of 3-feet squares. Now take five stakes and put them at any five corners of your grid. Now take a long string and run it around the five stakes. What is the area of the lawn inside the string? Can you find a general equation to calc
Bolt Root Area
2009-07-12 11:38:00
Can anyone tell me how to calculate the bolt root area?
How to Hide Icons and Clean Up the Notification Area of Taskbar
2009-07-07 06:40:00
Many taskbar icons are redundant and unnecessarily occupy memory space.  You can get rid of those redundant icons and make more room in the taskbar. This is useful if you don?t use taskbar icons often and if you like your taskbar to be free of clutter. To do so, Right-click on Start bar and open ... Related posts:Hide your folders without actually hiding them!!How to Customize and Make Your Own Icons that can be Resized in Windows VistaDisplay Thumbnail Preview of Programs in Taskbar of Windows XPHow to Remove the arrows from Shortcut iconsRepairing Icons for Links and Html Files in Internet Explorer 8How to Hide One or More Partition / Drives of your Computer Hard Disk
A New Guide for New Hampshire Area Information, Businesses and Interests
2009-07-04 00:29:00
A New Guide for New Hampshire Area Information, Businesses and Interests Portsmouth, NH – Soul Oyster Web Studios has created a new website area guide for New Hampshire and all its regions including the Seacoast region, White Mountains, Great North Woods, Lakes Region, Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee, Merrimack Valley and Monadnock. Area Guide New Hampshire ( is a new local directory for businesses, events, travel, restaurants, shopping, hotels, news, sites to see and things to do across the state of New Hampshire. The site features a categorized directory of website listings related to and businesses located in New Hampshire and the immediate area. The extensive category list is designed for residents of or travelers to New Hampshire, whether it’s on vacation, visiting just for the day or for NH residents to find a local neighborhood businesses and information. Browse the directory not only to find local shopping, business links and points of int...
Converting Volume into Area
2009-07-03 18:47:00
Hi , Im Maria... I would like to know if somebody can help me with this. Im working with some pollutant calculations, but i have my concentrations in volume units (ppm,ppb,ug/m3) and the software im working with aks me for area units... I know i cant change volume units into area unit
2009-06-29 08:32:00
COMPANY DESCRIPTION An International Tile Manufacture is seeking for a suitable candidate in: Area Manager ? Jakarta and Surrounding Requirements: To be based in Jakarta University graduate or equivalent Minimum 3 years experience in management position in Building Material Have good relationship with Ceramic Tiles Dealer Able to write and speak English effectively Ability to communicate in Mandarin and Hokkian / Teochew ...
Accelerometer Cable Cross-Section Area
2009-06-25 12:12:00
Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the cross-sectional area of accelerometer cables. Does anyone know the average cable cross-section area of single-axis and tri-axis accelerometers? I need to know these values to roughly calculate the size of the hole I will have to open to a side
Wind Swept Area of Lenz Turbine
2009-06-03 16:27:00
i have created a lenz turbine i am still making the generator but i wanted to know how much wind swept area i have so i know what to expect for out put you can see some of the 3-d models here please no comments on how the web site is not finish
Pit Start Self Service Garage Offers Full Auto Shop to London Area
2009-05-11 22:54:00
One of the most common reasons people are unable to work on their own vehicles is a lack of space. While the problem can manifest itself in several ways (too much stuff in the garage, live in an apartment, and so on) the heart of the issue is still a lack of available space. Pit Start may provide a new solution to this problem, at least for the people living in or around London.
Liquid nitrogen tank storage area guideline
2009-05-04 02:11:00
Dear all, Normally, Liquid nitrogen tank storage area is covered with fence where entry provision is from single side only. I was interested in knowing that wheather this is as per any general guideline i.e. can there be two side entry for Liquid nitrogen storage tank area fence. Is there
Bay Area Home?s reduced by over $114,000
2009-04-19 19:52:00
Spring is upon us and we have done some Spring Cleaning with our sellers and have made some Buyers Deals for April, be sure to check each one of these homes for the savings they offer. 883 Cypress Trail Dr, Tarpon Springs NOW: $598,000 - 1433 Orange St. Clearwater Fl NOW: $148,000 2930 Mayfair Ct. Clearwater NOW: ...
Comments Area Enhanced
2009-03-28 17:37:00
I’ve managed to get a WYSIWYG editor to the comments area. Tiny MCE is nice if it works, but for some reason I’ve  never figured out, it doesn’t get along with this theme. So I found another way to get a visual editor in place. Let me know what you think. No tags for this post. Related posts No related posts.
By: BitsBlog
Darkcloud wrote a new blog post: Upper Macatawa Natural Area
2009-03-26 16:01:00
Darkcloud wrote a new blog post: Upper Macatawa Natural Area
Federal-B-Area, Karachi
2009-03-26 04:19:00
Owais MughalThis is the fourth part of our series on best planned neighborhoods of Pakistan. We have so far covered Eight bazaars of Faisalabad, North Nazimabad, Karachi and Model Town, Lahore in this series. Today we are going back to Karachi and will give you an introduction of Federal-B-Area which is definitely among the best planned localities of Pakistan.Brief HistoryThe town planning of Federal-B-Area dates back to 1950s when Karachi was still the capital of Pakistan and many new neighborhoods were getting built up to house the employees of the Federal Governemnt. The present day neighborhoods of North Nazimabad, Federal Capital (FC) Area and Federal-B-Area were all part of this vision to give Karachi a well planned capital city infrastructure. While North Nazimabad was laid out by Italian town planners, I am unable to research who did the planning for Federal-B-Area. Reader?s help is sought here.Federal-B-Area, Mansoora and Gulberg TownOver the years Federal-B-Area has change...
How to calculate optimum thickness and coverage area?
2009-03-07 08:00:00
Hello, i wanna ask is there any specific or rough ideas on how to calculate for the optimum thickness and coverage area for a given fluid for coating onto a surface, with a given viscosity?
cross sectional area of m.s. angle, channel, round rods
2009-03-06 13:48:00
how to calculate cross sectional area of m.s. angle, m.s. channel, steel rebars??
Home Values Drop in San Francisco Area
2009-02-10 13:16:00
Home values dropped in 24 of 25 U.S Metropolitan areas in November from a year earlier as the recession and tighter lending procedure records more number of foreclosures. San Francisco had the highest number with the average price per square foot falling to 36.8 percent as reported by New York- based Radar Logic Inc. Phoenix was ...
Bay Area Affiliate Managers - Save the Date February 19th
2009-01-30 22:00:00
If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, and you’re looking for some networking and a discussion of what’s going on in the industry, come join the Bay Area Affiliate Managers Coalition. The BAAMC is basically just a group of affiliate managers in the area that get together to discuss current industry events with the ...
Nuts and Bolts - Minimum Bearing Area
2009-01-28 12:59:00
If nut dimension is greater than the dimension of flange face then will load be distributed evenly on the face of flange or is there any method to calculate minimum bearing area of nut (How we decide the nut dia & thickness by calculation if any)
Radiant Heat Snow Removal: Relevance To Large-Area and Civic Applications
2009-01-24 19:08:00
Time for a closer look at removing snow from city streets and sidewalks, highways, parking lots and airports using radiant heat; a technology not generally in current utilization, although some cities are experimenting with its application now. Is the available technology approaching the mo
Chicago Area College Fighting Over Adopting Student?s Bill of Rights
2009-01-23 14:06:00
-By Warner Todd Huston In the midst of the Obama coronation in Washington this week, school board member Sheila Patterson of the Jackson Public School System in Jackson, Michigan told teachers in her district that if they don’t show Barack Obama’s inauguration in the class room they should just “go home.” Patterson further told teachers that ...
Gray area between Instrument and mechanical maintenace
2009-01-21 06:01:00
i would like to know the gray area between instrument and mechinal scope for maintenace
2009-01-16 00:50:00
Next time someone tries disturbing your piece of mind, get one of these rugs and send your message across! Retailing for 47,250 YEN, the DESIGNATED RELAXING AREA RUG makes quite a statement and may just help you achieve nirvana. Brought to you by: BED Online Magazine - The Bed Blog - We are crazy about ...
Hazard Area Classification
2009-01-15 11:01:00
I will appeciate if somebody can advice about the following: Which is the minimum distance from where the Hazardous area can be classified as non hazardous? What do you think about fluorescent lighting installed in a Chemical plant handling mainly Hydrogen, CO and Natural Gas? I
Waterbury Area Restaurants Reviewed in NY Times
2009-01-12 02:07:00
Big Time NY Times Wanders Into the Backwoods To See What the Woodchucks Are Eating These DaysMark Bittman, a writer for the Dining section of the NY Times Dining, must spend a good amount of time around the Waterbury VT area - he certainly knows the restaurants here, a couple of them off the beaten path for most visitors and even some locals. As his December 28, 2008 review shows, he is very impressed with Hen of the Wood restaurant, a very fine restaurant that was opened by a pair of chefs here in Waterbury about four years ago if memory serves. One of the chef's mother stayed with us while the two young men were working to get their new place prepared for opening so we got an early insight into what kind of place they were aiming to establish in a highly competitive market. As you can see by the newspaper's headline reference to "Backwoods" Vermont, many people come here expecting to be nearly on the edge of civilization, lucky to have a decent diner and maybe a couple of good ...
Ventilation -Haz area classfn
2009-01-08 13:07:00
For Haz Area clsffn on what basis we decide whether the area is adequately /inadequately vented Regards Jose
Greater Seattle Area: One of the Top 10 Foreclosures Affected Areas
2008-12-30 13:43:00
The greater Seattle real estate area is counted among the top 10 foreclosure hit areas of the nation. It is the ninth position holder in its volume of troubled and distressed commercial properties. Nearly 85 properties have been marked as troubled properties in the area of Seattle. Six of the properties have been identified as ...
Area classification
2008-12-29 06:46:00
Dear, All What does IS means and Exd what is the different of IS and Exd Regard's
Ice fishing: Hot in Wausau area, Lake of the Woods, Minn. - Wisconsin State
2008-12-28 12:12:00
Ice fishing: Hot in Wausau area, Lake of the Woods, Minn.Wisconsin State Journal, WI -Dec 26, 2008Schweik also reported local anglers have been getting into some catfish and white bass while targeting the crappies. "They are hitting in the deeper water … More: continued here © The Pro Fisher Guy for Pro Bass Fishing Strategies, Tips, Info ...
AREA REPORT: Anglers finding success catching bass, northern pike - La Cros
2008-12-28 11:12:00
AREA REPORT: Anglers finding success catching bass, northern pikeLa Crosse Tribune, WI -Dec 26, 2008Christnovich said tip-up fishing is the best he has witnessed in more than four years. ?The fish are hungry because of the lack of gizzard shad in the water … More: continued here © The Pro Fisher Guy for Pro Bass Fishing Strategies, ...
10mm x 10mm active area PIN photodiode 500nm
2008-12-18 07:15:00
Hello For my research I am looking for 10mm x 10mm active area PIN photodiode peak sensitivity near 500nm and price under $5 in minimum 1000 lots for environmental sensing radiation detectors. If you know the source then kindly let me have details. Hamamatsu S3590-19 or S3590-18 are having simi
design of a 132/20kv air insulated substation in a small area
2008-12-14 12:22:00
I want to give an arrangment for a132/20 kv substation in a small this area we can't use GIS(gas insulated switchgear),and substation shall be air insulated,but we can give an indoor solution in a multi floor builiding.Is there any one to help me?
An area I actually know about!
2008-12-04 05:15:00
Because of my career-- the law career, not the blogging "career," I know that one of the biggest challenges facing some litigants is not the need to get evidence, or the odds of convincing a jury -- it's finding a way to pay for a lawsuit. Lawsuits can cost $10,000, $20,000, even $50,000 or more depending on the case, and some lawsuits can't be handled on a contingent fee basis -- you'll have to pay as you go.That's where's online lawsuit funding comes in. They can help people who have a pending lawsuit pay for that suit -- lawsuits ranging from child custody to products liability to medication cases to construction disputes. They may even be able to arrange it so that you don't have to pay them back unless you win. Lawyers need money to do their job, and you need a lawyer to get your case handled properly. So get the funding from, and give yourself a chance to win.
Clear the Area
2008-11-26 21:27:00
About a week ago I went to the mall with my daughter Maria and Bianca. Both of them were so hyper active and could not hold still while inside the mall. I can’t manage both pushing Bianca in the stroller and Maria in a grocery cart, so I usually put them together in the cart ...
Listings Available in Loch Alpine Area of Ann Arbor, Michigan
2008-11-19 12:42:00
Loch Alpine has 8 current listings available and 14 sold homes this year so far.  For further details and upcoming homes, call us a (734) 669-0337. Loch Alpine Active Homes XPROP - Multi-Row View Loch Alpine Sold Homes RES - Complete Plus Average sold price was $300,757.10  Average days on market was 69.7 which is under average market time. 4266 Glen Eden Court  has 2 videos below and virtual tour if we can brag on this home      Click here to Search the MLS for all listings! Below, find 3 related Loch Alpine videos on youtube. We have participated in selling and bringing buyers to many of these homes.  We have moved over 89 families this year.  Many of our Ann Arbor Real Estate sellers and buyers would love to tell you about us. _______________________________-_______________________________-_______________________________-_____________ Related Links Loch Alpine Community Amenities | Clic...
Vapor Liquid Disengagement Area in Boiler
2008-11-13 17:53:00
How one can calculate the disengagement area above the water level for steam in steam generator (Boiler)?
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