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Palm Mar, Arona,xx,38633,ES,Price:$93900
2008-10-14 11:16:00
Residential > Other > Resale Homes by Owner
2008-05-24 06:00:00
Quinton “Rampage” Jackson highlight reel.
Fedor Emelianenko Vs. Ricardo Arona (PART 1 Of 2)
2008-05-13 06:00:00
FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME IF YOU WANT ME TO UPLOAD FIGHTS FROM ANY FIGHTER I HAVENT ALREADY UPLOADED. Fedor “The Russian Experiment” Emelianenko vs. Ricardo “The Brazilian Tiger” Arona DATE: 12/22/2000 DESCRIPTION: Such a damn close fight! Some people truely believe that Arona won this fight.
Fedor Emelianenko Vs. Ricardo Arona (PART 2 Of 2)
2008-05-13 06:00:00
FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME IF YOU WANT ME TO UPLOAD FIGHTS FROM ANY FIGHTER I HAVENT ALREADY UPLOADED. Fedor “The Russian Experiment” Emelianenko vs. Ricardo “The Brazilian Tiger” Arona DATE: 12/22/2000 DESCRIPTION: Such a damn close fight! Some people truely believe that Arona won this fight.
Mauricio "Shogun" Hua vs. Ricardo Arona (Pride FC)
2008-04-02 19:43:00
I'm glad I finally found this fight:Ricardo Arona vs. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua(Ref Cam)This fight was definitely one of the best displays of groundfighting for MMA I have ever seen. That initial gogo-to-omoplata attempt was impressive. The fight is short but sweet, just 3 minutes of non-stop action, so watch it!
Tits 2000-12-22 - Rings - Fedor Emelianenko Vs Ricardo Arona
2008-04-01 06:00:00
Tits highlights of fedor vs ricardo arona fedor is the greatest man alive!! credit to kickyourheadoff for the badass reel Tits
Ricardo Arona Vs Ninja
2008-03-22 05:00:00
Loss Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou KO (Punch) PRIDE 34 - Kamikaze 4/8/2007 1 1:59 Win Alistair Overeem Submission (Strikes) PRIDE - Final Conflict Absolute 9/10/2006 1 4:28 Loss Wanderlei Silva Decision (Split) PRIDE ... Wanderlei Silva- The Birth Of An Axe Murderer
2008-03-21 05:00:00
Follow Wanderlei Silva through his career as a young Vale Tudo fighter from Brazil.
MMA Highlight- By Phoenix
2008-01-23 21:00:00
video criado por fenix4ever do site woldfight
MMA Brutal Part -1
2008-01-21 21:00:00
Fedor Emelianenko Vs. Ricardo Arona Highlight
2008-01-21 21:00:00
more vidz
Ifonche - Arona
2008-01-15 20:47:00
Anfahrt: Auf der TF 51 fahren wir von Los Cristianos kommend Richtung Teide. In Escalona biegen wir beim Abzweig Ifonche links auf die TF 567 ab und fahren diese bis zum Ende. Gute Parkmöglichkeiten gibt es vor und in der Nähe des Restaurants Dornajo. Hat man genügend Autos, empfiehlt es sich, einen Wagen kurz oberhalb von Arona ...
Jean Jacques Machado V. Ricardo Arona Highlight
2008-01-10 21:00:00
Another technical ADCC match. This one is historical because it shows a passing of the torch.
Arona y el realismo mágico
2007-12-31 14:50:00
Un recurso literario muy conocido es el de usar micromundos imaginarios y situar arquetipos en ellos que den pie a la cosmogonía del autor. Así, existe Macondo para García Márquez, Yoknapatawpha para Faulkner y Sietesitios para Víctor Ramírez, por citar sólo algunos ejemplos. Suelen ser trasuntos de lugares reales y cercanos para el escritor: Arataca, ...
Ricardo Arona vs Jeff Monson - ADCC 2000
2007-12-28 21:04:00
Ricardo Arona vs Jeff Monson - ADCC 2000Uploaded by z3nm0nkey
Quinton Jackson Vs. Ricardo Arona
2007-12-22 21:00:00
insane slam (more…)
Bustamante vs. Makoto Official for Yarennoka; Arona Removed From Card
2007-12-20 17:31:00
Murilo Bustamante vs. Takimoto Makoto: As reported by MMA Movement last week, Murilo Bustamante vs. Takimoto Makoto has now been officially added to the Yarennoka NYE card. With this being the 7th official match-up announced, this could very well complete the fight card. This could turn out to be quite the grapping match as ...
Ricardo Arona Video Interview
2007-12-17 17:13:00
Here?s a video interview of former PRIDE star, Ricardo Arona where he talks about being ready to go, and looks to avenge some of his losses in 2008. Overall he seems like a really nice guy and his English is actually very good. Ricardo Arona (13-5-0) has not fought since April 2007 at PRIDE 34 ...
Arona Picking Machida over Sokoudjou
2007-12-03 18:43:00
From firsthand experience, Ricardo Arona can attest to the power possessed by Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou. Back in April 2007 at PRIDE 34 - Kamikaze, Arona was viciously knocked-out by Sokoudjou in just less than 2 minutes into the opening round. Despite losing to Sokoudjou, Arona is still not convinced that young Team Quest ...
Ricardo Arona Cannot Do It! Confirms That He Will Not Be Making An Appeara
2007-11-21 23:36:00
As you may know representatives from M-1 Global along with former PRIDE FC officials held a press conference today to announce its New Year?s Eve Yarennoka event. The event features a stellar lineup of former PRIDE FC fighters which include: Fedor Emelianenko, in his M-1 Global debut, Shinya Aoki, Tatsuya ?the Crusher? Kawajiri, and ...
Mortal BTT
2007-11-20 21:00:00
Montage de vidéos avec mes combattants preferé
Brazilian Killers Highlight Mma
2007-11-06 21:00:00
Brazilian killers highlight mma
Arona: ?UFC rules were made for me? - 04 Nov 2007 12:29:19am
2007-11-04 01:29:00
By Marcelo Alonso Still without a contract with a major event, the black-belt from BTT, Ricardo Arona, ensures that the rules of the biggest event of MMA in the world nowadays have been made for his kind of game. "The rules of UFC were made to me. I´ll enter the octagon to stay. Nobody will take me off. The rules, the time zone, everything is perfect for me. These rules where you can use the elbow, vaseline on the face and rounds with five minutes, have been made to me. I´m used to fight 20 minutes. In addition to the rules, is also prohibited the use of bombs, and many people are going out because of that. I never used bomb, so I am thinking that what´s happening is very funny. I´m laughing, because I never had problem with that, "said Arona. Source:
Arona Believes He?s Tailor Made for the UFC
2007-11-03 19:33:00
After the dissolution of PRIDE FC, many experts and fans believed that Light Heavyweight fighter, Ricardo Arona would follow in the footsteps of his fellow PRIDE comrades and fight in the UFC.  However it?s been months since PRIDE FC close its doors and the top ranked Arona still remains without a home. Arona recently disclosed ...
Ricardo Arona Buries Rumors of Signing With M-1
2007-10-16 05:38:00
PRIDE FC Light Heavyweight, Ricardo Arona has denied the rumor that he signed with M-1 Mix Fight Championship to fight Fedor Emelianenko. In a brief interview with Brazilian publication, Tatame, Arona admits that he heard the rumor over the internet; however, he was never approached by M-1 to begin with. As translated from ...
Ricardo Arona a M1 ?
2007-10-14 22:54:00
Según se publica en Portal do Valetudo una de las estrellas de las MMA en Brasil, Ricardo Arona ha firmado con la organización rusa M1.La información, todavía sin confirmar, que nos ofrece la publicación brasilera es la siguiente:"Ricardo Arona assina com M-1.Depois de 1 semana de negociacao em total sigilo, o lutator brasileiro Ricardo Arona anunciou a imprensa que fechou um contrato de 4 lutas com o evento russo M-1.Os adversarios por motivo de contrato nao podem ser comentados. Arona informa que a partir de agora seu pensamento e so treinar e estar focado para sua estreia em dezembro no M-1. Perguntado se essa luta de estreia seria com o russo Fedor Emilianenko, Ricardo Arona sorriu mas manteve o silencio"Fedor Emelianenko contra Ricardo Arona en un rematch del combate que tuvieron en Rings seria una excelente forma de comenzar el 2008 para la remozada M1.Enjoy MMA In the Blue Corner
2007 Barona Tribe Powwow
2007-08-31 00:00:00
37th Annual Barona Powwow Scheduled for August 31st - September 2nd, 2007 For 37 years, in the good times and the bad times, the Barona Indian Tribe has invited fancy dancers, drummers, gourd dan
Arona Threshing Floor
2007-06-28 03:58:00
?"? ????? ???"?An interesting connection between two significant words, "aron" and "threshing" which fell out of my recent Celtic tarot and Hebrew letter card readings, respectively - if I join the two words derived from the two readings together, I get Arona Threshing floor. Of the Arona Threshing floor:Maimonides writes: "The location of the Altar [in the Holy Temple] is very exactly defined... It is a commonly-held tradition that the place where David and Solomon built the Altar on the threshing floor of Arona, is the very place where Abraham built an altar and bound Isaac upon it; this is where Noah built [an altar] when he came out from the Ark; this is where Cain and Abel brought their offerings; this is where Adam the First Man offered a korban when he was created -- and it is from [the earth of] this place that he was created...."Technorati tags: Torah Talmud Torah Judaism Kabbalah jewish mysticism mysticism jewish meditation meditation shamanism kabbalah iyunit kabbalah maa...
Sokoudjou speaks about Arona
2007-04-04 22:49:00
If there are those that think Ricardo Arona will take revenge for his BTT teammate Rogério Minotouro in the fight against Rameau Sokoudjou, set for Sunday, in Japan, the same thirst for vengeance consumes the Cameroonian judoka, slayer of Minotauro’s brother at Pride 33. “He might think he's coming to avenge his teammate [Nogueira], but he doesn't know I'm coming to avenge my master, my Godfather in MMA. He thinks he's coming for revenge; I got news for him: I'm coming for a bigger revenge,”said Sokoudjou, referring to Arona’s win over Dan Henderson, the African’s mentor at Team Quest, in April, 2002. With the provocation out of the way, Sokoudjou assumed a tone of respect as he spoke of his Brazilian opponent: “He's a pretty big, strong guy. He's also a good fighter. I know he's won Abu Dhabi; he's a jiu-jitsu expert. I used to watch him on PRIDE on TV, but now I have a chance to fight him on the ring. He hasn't fought for some time, so maybe he's working on...
Arona will use ground game at Pride
2007-03-31 05:18:00
FROM TATAME:The BTT athlete, Ricardo Arona, will try the revenge at Pride 34 against the Cameroonian Thierry Sokoudjou, who won by KO his teammate Rogério Minotouro, at Pride Las Vegas. “The intention is to win and make revenge my friend Rogério, who was not very lucky, but will have another chance against Sokoudjou. I am training much more now, because as much as you prepare yourself, more close from the victory you will be” said Arona.The BJJ black belt, confess that he doesn’t know his adversary very well, but he already has a tactical for the bout. “I will be ready for the ground or the stand up game. I don’t know absolutely anything about him; I just know that he has good punches and kicks. Somebody said me that he is Judo black belt, but I don’t have this confirm. But the thing I know is that he have a basic ground game, so my objective is to put the fight to the ground and work with him on the ground”, said Arona.For the rest of the article including the entir...
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