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Free National Association for Gun Rights Pistol & Bell stickers
2012-05-21 01:21:00
http://www.nationalgunrights.or-g/getstickers/ -click the link, close the window, then click the link again to get the form
Malawi Association in UK’s Midlands elects new executive
2012-05-12 00:12:00
Members of a non political grouping of Malawians living in and around midlands in England  - Malawi Association Midlands (MAM)  -during a general assembly elected in office new leadership. Malawian nationals elected Manchester based s olicitor at Crown & Law Solicitors, Boniface Chimpango as the chairperson, Pastor Rose Nkhwazi was voted as the vice chairlady taking over from Selemani Chitulu and Arthur Mvula respectively. Chitulu and Mvula did not contest. The event which was held at the Youth Club in Nottingham was attended by Malawians from across England. In an interview with Nyasa Timesafter his election into the association’s hierarchy top spot, Chimpango called upon Malawians in the region to strongly collaborate with the new executive committee, which he said would enable them to fully achieve the association’s objectives. Mahata: Sectretary of the Malawi Association He pledged  work “ diligently with undivided commitment.” Chimpango said  he would lo...
Minubus association to issue IDs for drivers, conductors
2012-05-11 11:38:00
Minibus Owners Association of Malawi (Moam) says it will soon start issuing identification cards both for minibus drivers and conductors as a way of enhancing sanity among them. Moam will also be producing reflector jackets to replace the uniform which was abandoned three years ago. The reflector jackets will be having Moam’s logo with visible inscription “Driver or Conductor”. “We want to comply with the Road Traffic Act, hence the idea of reflector jackets and IDs. Most drivers did not like the previous uniform, the material was no good,” Moam General Secretary Coxley Kamange told Nyasa Times. “We should have started way back but were put off by unvailability of forex,” he said. Kamange noted that previously it was difficult for passengers to know the real driver as the uniform could be exchanged between the driver and the conductor. “Drivers and conductors will be having IDs and passengers will be allowed to see the IDs,” said Kam...
Vatican orders crackdown on US nun association
2012-04-19 04:09:00
The Vatican orthodoxy watchdog announced Wednesday a full-scale overhaul of the largest umbrella group for nuns in the United States, accusing the group of taking positions that undermine Roman Catholic teaching on the priesthood and homosexuality while promoting "certain radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith."
Cleartrip Adds Facility In Association With Meru Cabs & EasyCabs
2012-04-05 12:23:00
Online Travel portal Cleartrip has added a facility in association with dial-a-cab companies Meru Cabs & EasyCabs. In an attempt to make the lives of customers a little easier, Cleartrip added an additional menu that lets users choose a taxi-service for pick-up & drop from airports. Currently, this service is valid only for Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Looks like does have a scope here. How does it work? Once a Cleartrip user has booked an airline ticket, an option to book a cab will be presented. Once the cab is booked, a confirmation message is delivered to the user. Interestingly, Cleartrip is not charging anything for this service. While travel companies may choose to spend heavily on advertisement, Cleartrip are focusing on small gestures. Early on, Cleartrip did face some legal troubles, but they seem to have vanished. Such innovative approaches should ensure that customers prefer the portal for a long-term usage. Lets see how other compan...
By: WATblog
Bharti Infratel’s Initiative To Go Green With GSM Association Will Pr
2012-03-29 11:22:00
In a move bound to have lasting repercussions, Bharti Infratel, along with GSM Association will develop and promote green technologies. Bharti Infratel who owns 33,000 of India’s estimated 400,000 towers, will promote energy efficient cell phone equipment for telecom tower infrastructure in the country. To begin with Bharti Infratel will convert 1,000 towers into green sites that will effectively reduce greenhouse gas carbon emissions by 11,000 Tones. How will it happen? Well, most of the  towers will run on multiple sources of renewable energy resources. Around 1350 of these sites are already running on solar hybrid. Meaning, during day time, the towers will source energy from the solar cells & during night, they will work on energy efficient engines that use a combination of fuels including wind & other bio-fuel. Such combination fuels not only saves our environment, but can lead to increased cell-phone coverage to areas where regular supply of fuel is not viable. ...
By: WATblog
The Grammy Association Has Failed Whitney ? And Clive Davis Let It Happen
2012-02-12 22:15:00
Rarely does the general public get to see Hollywood Babylon at work. That is unless you happen to be on a social media platform just as L.A. cannibalism is taking place in realtime. I first saw the shocking news of Whitney Houston‘s death from a @TMZ tweet. Surprisingly, others were posting it a full 3-4 (Read More...)
How Mental Association Can Assist You Improve Memory
2012-02-10 21:44:00
Boosting your memory capacity can have lots of benefits in daily life, especially on the job or in class. Surprisingly, it is possible to improve your brain's capability to remember things. Once you... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Sugar Is NOT Sugar ? Say Researchers ? Corn Refiners Association Likely Hav
2012-01-27 22:13:00
We have all seen the TV ad?s sponsored by the Corn Refiners Association (CRA) explaining in loving and simple family terms that there is no difference between natural Cane Sugar and the Franken sugar derived from putting corn through an entirely chemical and un-natural process to produce High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). Health and nutrition experts, ...
2012-01-06 23:32:00
You know it's a bad time in American Working History when The NFL Players Association releashes a statement about the upcoming SUPERBOWL and Indiana's Right To Work Laws. Dave Zirin who knows where the rubber meets the road of Sports, Politics, and The Socio-Economics of the American games, whatever game it is that Americans love to watch and watch other people play has a lot to say about this subject. On February 5, the Super Bowl will be staged in Indianapolis, Indiana. Given the anti-union, so called “right-to-work” legislative push in the Indiana statehouse, there are demonstrations and even occupations planned around the Big Game. More on this soon, but the big news of the day is that the NFL Players Association, coming off their own bitter labor battle with NFL owners, put out a terrific statement against the legislation. Social responsibility and sports: so lovely when they go together. As Americans we love to root and cheer cheer cheer for the hometeam...
Oakland Police Association Tells Occupy Oakland To Leave, Mayor Blasted On
2011-11-11 23:05:00
In an amusing blog post (and for its pure hubris), The Oakland Police Association has stated in a new blog that it’s time for Occupy Oakland to go. Frankly, releasing this blog post was one of the dumbest actions any Oakland public organization outside the Mayor could have made. It just shows how little respect (Read More...)
Free 6 month American Numismatic Association membership
2011-10-30 09:12:00 -it?s about coin collecting t-his Free tuff Time . m feed should only be read in feed readers, on the Freestuff Timesemail list, or the? FST Google Gdget?. Any other use is cop ? yright in ? fringement and should be reported.?
American Bar Association on Legal Services Outsourcing.
2011-08-09 01:15:00
According to The American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Formal Opinion 08-451 August 5, 2008 – Lawyer’s Obligations When Outsourcing Legal and Nonlegal Support Services, lawyers should check several items when outsouring work. Our legal support services are actually a good match for the factors they stress. As a Delaware corporation, ...
OCEAN Design Research Association
2011-06-18 15:59:00
"OCEAN was originally founded by Michael Ulrich Hensel, Ulrich Knigs, Tom Verebes and Bostjan Vuga as a think-tank for experimental design in architecture in 1994 in London. In 1995 the group expanded into a network with groups in Cologne, Helsinki, London, Ljubljana and Oslo. In 1998 the Cologne, Helsinki and Oslo groups fused and operated under the name OCEAN NORTH until 2006. During the same year the revision of the network and its expansion began. In result OCEAN was renamed and restructured as a design research association registered in Norway in 2008 under the founding chairman Prof. Michael Ulrich Hensel and the founding secretary Prof. Dr. Birger Ragnvald Sevaldson." to find out more... Related links:-
A Positive Association found between Autism Prevalence and Childhood Vaccin
2011-05-30 05:35:00
A Positive Association found between Autism Prevalence and Childhood Vaccination uptake across the U.S. PopulationJournal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A: Current IssuesVolume 74, Issue 14, 2011, Pages 903 - 916Author: Gayle DeLongaDOI: 10.1080/15287394.2011.573736Pee-r Review IntegrityOnline Sample Online Sample subscribe SubscribeAbstractThe reason for the rapid rise of autism in the United States that began in the 1990s is a mystery. Although individuals probably have a genetic predisposition to develop autism, researchers suspect that one or more environmental triggers are also needed. One of those triggers might be the battery of vaccinations that young children receive. Using regression analysis and controlling for family income and ethnicity, the relationship between the proportion of children who received the recommended vaccines by age 2 years and the prevalence of autism (AUT) or speech or language impairment (SLI) in each U.S. state from 2001 and 2007 ...
SuccessMaker Honored as 2011 Software & Information Industry Association CO
2011-04-21 06:37:00
New York, NY (PRWEB) April 20, 2011 SuccessMaker, Pearson’s personalized digital learning program for elementary and middle school learners, is a finalist in the prestigious 2011 Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) CODiE Awards. With strong correlation to the new Common Core State Standards, SuccessMaker offers students adaptive paths for building mastery of essential reading ...
National Bloggers Association: Reactions
2011-03-06 15:20:00
Tweet I’ve received a copy of a so-called manifesto that was being drafted by the framers of an organization that wishes to call itself the National Blogging Association. I’ve publicly responded to the parties who were trying to form this group via Twitter and my answer has always been an emphatic NO. Many people have ...
By: Atheista
Police and Army Rapists Rarely Punished, Says Kavita Krishnan (Of AIPWA)
2011-01-11 00:48:00
Kavita Krishna, Secretary, All India Progressive Women?s Association, is one of those social justice reformers in India to whom I have at various times referred. Sathya Sai Baba forever preaches truth. right conduct and non-violence but here is an Indian woman who, among other terribly beleagered social justice advocates in India, risk life and limb. Like many other social reformers in India, she has pointed out: "Rape in police custody is very common in India, and in such cases, inevitably there is a huge cover-up and rarely at all has any police or army official ever been brought to trial in such cases". For many decades, visitors to Puttaparthi have seen Sathya Sai Baba surrounded by police and armed forces personnel all the way up to the top brass. His influence, then, in "cleaning up", to use his phrase, his "own backyard" before transforming the world has some severe limitations. These days, he is surrounded by Israeli-trained security personnel. The social justice a...
Stress and Heart Disease: Is There an Association?
2010-12-28 20:52:00
By Dr.Kristie Leong Image Credit: Stanwhit607 ?Relax or you?re going to have a heart attack?. If you?re high-strung with a type A personality, those words may have been directed at you. But is it really true? Can stress cause heart disease or a heart attack, or is this just an old wives? tale?... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tim Scott 60 Plus Association Endorsement from Pat Boone VIDEO
2010-10-26 00:41:00
Tim Scott is a small business owner and public servant who is the Republican nominee for Congress in South Carolina?s First District.Tim was born in North Charleston, and grew up in poverty with a single mother who worked 16 hour days to keep him and his brother in school. He also benefited from a mentor, a Chick-fil-A operator, who took him under his wing and guided him when he was at a very impressionable age. Both his mother and his mentor instilled in him conservative, traditional, and religious values which guide him to this day. Tim is a 1988 graduate of Charleston Southern University, earning a B.S. in Political Science.By VoteTimScott1 All Rights Reserved.In 1995, Tim was elected to Charleston County Council, becoming the first black Republican elected to county-wide office in South Carolina since Reconstruction. He served on the Council for 13 years, becoming Chairman in 2007. In 2008, Tim Scott was elected to the SC House of Representatives, again becoming the first black ...
Dempo elected as new president of Goa Football Association
2010-10-24 19:40:00
Chairman of Dempo Group of companies, Shrinivas Dempo, was today elected as new president of Goa Football Association (GFA) for a four-year term from 2010 to 2014. In a closely-contested GFA elections held here, Dempo polled 85 votes, while his nearest rival Peter Vaz, who heads Sporting Clube de Goa, got 75. He defeated his competitor ...
By: Goa Blog
Republican Governors Association uses Ted Strickland?s own words to measure
2010-10-22 02:00:00
The Republican Governors Association announced today it has released a new television advertisement that uses Ted Strickland?s own words to measure his failures. When he campaigned for governor in 2006 Ted Strickland promised to turn around Ohio to save and create jobs. Since 2006, Ohio has lost nearly 400,000 jobs.?Ted Strickland is turning Ohio around and around and around, in circles,? said RGA spokesman Chris Schrimpf. ?For the four years of Ted Strickland?s administration Ohio has been spinning its wheels while the state has been losing hundreds of thousands of jobs. Four years ago Strickland said things can?t continue the way they are. He?s right. Strickland?s time is up.?The ad can be viewed at where visitors can also download the Official ?Time?s Up, Ted Countdown Clock? that they can install on their own website or blog.Text transcript of the ad is below.?Our Turnaround Ohio Plan has two aims. First of all, we?re going to keep the jobs we have by investin...
Congratulations to my Executive Women's Golf Association (EWGA) friends!
2010-08-20 15:17:00
CONGRATULATIONS DORAL COMPETITIVELEAGUE CHAMPIONS!Annie Brillantes& Terri Munch GOOD LUCK THS WEEKEND to our EWGA SEMI FINALISTS at Villa Roma  GO GET 'EM Ladies!    First Flight  Kelly Hnatt Sherri Wilson  Second FlightWendy Kellogg Sonia Hallenbeck Third Flight Becke Buffalo Stephanie McCoy Fourth FlightCamille Boxhill Ramona Perez Scramble Linda Boyer Barbara Spinelli Ann Marie Brillantes Susan O'Dowd      &-nbsp;    &n-bsp;  *******************************-************ Posted via email from stacysolomon's posterous
Did You Hear, There's An International Listening Association?
2010-08-12 23:00:00
They’re a quiet group. I was surprised to learn from that: People listen at 125–200 words per minute, but think at 1,000–3,000 per minute.Most of us are distracted, preoccupied, or forgetful 75% of the time we should be listening.Immediately after we listen to someone, we only recall about 50% of what they said.Long-term, we only remember 20% of what we hear.The solution? Deep listening. Deep listening is focusing intently on what the other person is saying — no interrupting, criticizing, judgment, or verbal responses like, gulp, offering advice. It’s pure listening, letting go of any beliefs you might have about the talker or their situation. No “What should I say?” It's pure being-there. And the other person will notice the difference, just as you will. It sounds almost impossible to do (most of us have trained ourselves to do otherwise) but practicing deep listening is actually quite enlightening, even fun. I felt like I was 4...
Ingres User Association (UK) Summer Conference 2010
2010-05-27 09:00:00
This year's Ingres User Association Conference will take place on 8th June 2010 at the Holiday Inn, Coram Street, London WC1N 1HT. For details/registration see You can Subscribe via RSS -->
Celebrating the 35 Years of Association
2010-04-21 11:29:00
It was on April 17, 1975 when young boys who have been selected to join the Pakistan Military Academy came to Kakul (Abbotabad). Thirty five years is a long time and a lot has happened during these...
NDTV’s New Brand Association With Consim Info
2010-02-02 12:41:00
After, NDTV Convergence has now join hands with Consim Group and launched a property portal – In last few months NDTV has made association with many players to serve the information online. Tieups By NDTV Convergence • Tieup with The City Guide for city based search service • Tieup with Indiamart & HP to serve SME segment of the market • Partnership with Giftstoindia24×7 to offer online gifting solution • NDTV online education portal • Association with quickr for classifieds • Association with Zapak for online gaming Portal Review • Homepage is replica of, except NDTV & indiaproperty collaborated header & footer • More visibility of Indiaproperty through banners, newsletters etc… • (Wanted to know) How they will share ad revenue Our Review I’m unable to find out anything new on this portal. NDTV is just making associations with various online companies to serve the customers. But how man...
By: WATblog
Gujarat Goverment In Association With Gujaratilexicon – Together They
2009-10-29 07:19:00
Now-a-days the in style argument about newspapers shutting down due to the entrance of another useful medium seems to be catching fire with news flickering from different corners of the world. But I think there’s nothing that online media has to do with the newspapers when it comes to psychological satisfaction of reciting a physical source of information. Secondly, one medium cannot suppress another, so the contention is totally hypothetical. I personally don’t think I’ll ever stop reading a newspaper. Agreed that e-newspapers are very helpful to read an article for the second time at your workplace when you’re not carrying your paper, but this wouldn’t conflict someone’s personal choice. Momma always questions me of what I read in a newspapers after watching the TV news before going to bed, and to be honest I never have the answer. Well, as King Odysseus once said that women have ways of complicating things, I wouldn’t disagree without bei...
By: WATblog
Death By Association
2009-10-17 08:32:00
One of the most alluring, elusive, and ultimately frustrating aspects of religion is the notion human beings are able to “effect” an intent upon the order of the universe by sheer will and determination. Many people believe, if they pray and are steadfast in their conviction, the Almighty will work His magic toward the ...Show Your Support. Please Visit the Site and Our Sponsors!
Materials for My 9/24/09 University of Illinois Alumni Association Seminar
2009-09-17 22:18:00
Except for my PowerPoint, all documents are PDF formatted My Power Point (20 slides) My seminar handout (13 pages) American Red Cross Reference & Background Check Disclosure Form Kier Property Management Housing Background Check Forms Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta Background Investigation Consent Form Northrop Grumman Disclosure Form Background Release Form Kreuzberger AssociatesARC RBC Konop v Hawaiian Airlines Inc, 302 F3d 868, 9th ...
SharkStrike CEO Jason Gorham To Present at Technology Association of Georgi
2009-09-11 01:57:00
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   SharkStrike CEO Jason Gorham To Present at Technology Association of Georgia Recruiting Event   ATLANTA ? Jason Gorham CEO of Sharkstrike, the leading provider of passive candidate strategy, will be a keynote speaker at the Technology Association of Georgia Recruiting event held Sept  15, 2009.   Gorham will be co-presenting with Matt Matrone on search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) for recruitment. ?I am glad to contribute. The recruiting market continues to grow at an exponential pace and the use of online tools like ours, are leading the way for a company to find the best possible candidates faster and cheaper than conventional methods? said Gorham. ?I look forward to sharing industry trends, pitfalls and some of the successes we have seen in recruiting as it relates to SEM and SEO.?   Candidates are not likely to search on a companies name to find a job as if this was the case they would just g...
Mavis T. Thompson, President National Bar Association, feted at Salon 53
2009-09-07 19:04:00
Tanner, my 5-year-old-upstairs-neighbor, spotted me as I left of Freida Wheaton’s latest Salon 53 soiree. JGR: “I’m going to a party!” and swirled to show off my coral silk dress. Tanner: “What kind of party is it?” JGR: “The kind where you enjoy good hugs, good talk, and good food.” And, wiggling my fingers, off I went. Freida ...
Ford Designs Another Custom Mustang for Experimental Aircraft Association?s
2009-07-26 05:10:00
Last year Ford revealed a custom built one-off Mustang known as the AV8R. It was specially built as part of a fundraising campaign for the Experimental Aircraft Association's Youth Program and was unveiled at the 2008 Gathering of the Eagles. This year Ford has once again brought out a custom designed Mustang and is aiming to beat last year's benchmark of $500,000.
iconic association
2009-07-11 17:16:00
Fri 10: Criticism of Michael Jackson is unlikely to ever end. Innocence is viewed through subjective lens at the best of times. That aside, his changing physiognomy will forever signal that he was on a different wavelength to the rest of us. But the key issue is surely ?the rest of us?. Or rather his ...
National Motorists Association ranks states most hostile to drivers
2009-05-22 20:46:00
From Autoblog: For as long as there has been traffic enforcement, drivers from different states have gathered to compare notes on whose police and legal systems are the most oppressive and toughest to deal with. While most such conversations rarely progress beyond the anecdotal,
Group Calls for Probe of American Psychological Association?s Role in Tortu
2009-05-08 17:19:00
The group Physicians for Human Rights is calling for an independent investigation of the role of the American Psychological Association in the US torture of foreign prisoners. The APA has come under wide scrutiny for allowing psychologists to oversee abusive and coercive interrogations of prisoners at Guantnamo and secret CIA black sites. Physician for Human ...
Mr. Helmy Met with the President of HK Direct Selling Association
2009-04-23 19:00:00
The Education Director of TIENS Asia-Pacific Region cum the President of the Indonesian Direct Selling Association, Mr. Helmy, met with the President of the Hong Kong Direct Selling Association cum the President of Nu Skin HK and Macau office, Ms. Angela Lau.During the meeting on 2 Mar, Mr. Helmy was treated hospitably by Ms. Lau, who revealed had met Mr. Helmy several times in the past during the meetings of World Direct Selling Association. And this time in HK, she just felt like meeting with an old friend.In the meeting, they discussed and shared with each other environment of direct selling markets of Hong Kong , Indonesia, and other Southeast Asian regions. They shared their hopes on working together in contributing to the overall direct markets. By discussing in all aspects, i.e. bonus system, product quality and ethic of distributors, both parties believed that with joint efforts, scale of the direct selling industries could be further developed and improved, which would in l...
2009-04-04 12:25:00
by Alan CatlinNo one thought itcould happen herenot at ColumbineNot the HokiesNot the Binghamton folksEspecially not the receptioniststhe ladies taken down by loneshooter intent on taking outthe unarmed, defenseless,unsuspecting, victims of premeditatedmass murder: one dead already in her area,the other critically wounded calling 911 to say I've been shot.feigning death thereafteras the shooting continued in no exitclassrooms seventeen more would fallrear exit blocked, hostages takenin this place of aide:"Were here to help you"serving the defenseless, the poor,the confused, the lostImmigration issues handledCommunity outreach arrangedBasic services providedWe're here to preventthe killers from taking overCommunity Center Closed untilfurther notice Funeral arrangements and death noticeswill be announced once all the details are knownAlan Catlin's latest chapbook is a long poem, Thou Shalt Not Kill, an updating of Rexroth's seminal poem of the same name. Whereas Rexro...
American Kennel Club and Cat Fanciers' Association Debut 'Meet The Breeds'
2009-03-30 16:46:00
The American Kennel Club (AKC), in conjunction with the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), is pleased to announce that "Meet the Breeds?" will take place on Saturday and Sunday, October 17th and 18th, 2009 at New York City's Javits Convention Center. Sponsored by PetPartners, Inc. a leading pet healthcare provider, Meet the Breeds is a showcase of over 160 AKC registered dog breeds and 41 CFA registered cat breeds and will be the first stand-alone event of its kind in the world. AKC Meet the Breeds has been held at every AKC/Eukanuba National Championship show since its inception in 2001, drawing thousands of spectators to the colorful and creatively decorated booths showcasing each AKC registered breed. The booths, created by each breed's national club, are individually decorated to depict the breed's country of origin, historical purpose or function, and attributes as a family pet. Responsible breeders and their dogs, puppies, cats and kittens will interact with the public...
Obama?s Continued Association with Anti-Gay Pastors
2009-03-27 06:53:00
In a rather detailed report on the “five religious leaders who are advising President Barack Obama,” bostonboomer on the website The Confluence, a 2008 Weblog Award Finalist for Best Liberal blog, finds four of them to hold varying degrees of animosity toward gay people. The five men who have been chosen to attend to the President?s ...
Kristen Bell Up The Temperature of Alzheimer?s Association?s 17th Annual
2009-03-05 13:55:00
Kristen Bell made an appearance at the Alzheimer?s Association?s 17th Annual ?A Night At Sardi?s? in Beverly Hills, wearing a gorgeous strapless multi-colored layered dress that definitely upped the temperature in the room.The event was in honor of the producers of Fox Sports and the TV show ?Friday Night Lights?.Other than Kristen, other celebrity supporters of the charity include Jason Alexander, Kristen Bell, Vanessa Williams, Dick Van Dyke, Michelle Pfeiffer, Michael Chiklis and William Shatner, most of whom were also present that evening.Kristen Bell - Gorgeous at Alzheimer's Association's 17th Annual
National Association of Realtors? Twitter Strategy
2009-02-17 03:50:00
The National Association of Realtors is one of the most, if not the most, powerful associations in the real estate industry.The people at NAR are often helpful, very pleasant, and professional in their approach. They take their jobs seriously; and that is why I am puzzled. The NAR’s mission is to support Realtors, educate the masses, ...
Join the National Off Road Association (NORA) and Save Some Big Bucks
2009-02-14 18:00:00
The National Off-Road Association (NORA) announced its annual membership drive last month. Along with the usual association benefits, you’ll have access to some killer deals like the ones below: $100 off Goodyear Tires Over $400 off a Superwinch EPi 9.0 20% off all Black Diamond lift kits 15% off all purchases at Rubicon Express 15% ...
Does Former Head Of National Association Of Evangelicals, Disgraced Pastor
2009-01-25 04:25:00
REPORT: Former God And Jesus Leader And Former New Life Church Pastor’s “Sexual Indescretions” Were Much More Plentiful And With More People Involved Than Previously Disclosed Have you been wondering what had ever happened to “The Tedster” since the last reports from... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
California Nurses Association: Single-Payer Reform Would Be Major Stimulus
2009-01-16 16:54:00
Establishing a national single-payer style healthcare reform system would provide a major stimulus for the U.S. economy by creating 2.6 million new jobs, and infusing $317 billion in new business and public revenues, with another $100 billion in wages into the U.S. economy, according to the findings of a groundbreaking study released today. It may ...
The United States Gun Owners Association
2009-01-11 02:46:00
addthis_url = ''; addthis_title = 'The+United+States+Gun+Owners+A-ssociation'; addthis_pub = '';
The United States Gun Owners Association
2009-01-04 19:15:00
Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to The United States Gun Owners Association! This new forum is for ALL American Gun Owners and supporters of the 2nd Amendment! I have set up a lot more *boards* to cover a much broader spectrum of the American gun owners world, we cover 2nd Amendment news, police and military ...
Join the Texas Gun Owners Association
2008-12-26 20:44:00
Texas Gun Owners Association - Home And you don?t have to be a Texan to join, we accept ALL that are staunch supporters of the 2nd Amendment and gun freedom! addthis_url = ''; addthis_title = 'Join+the+Texas+Gun+Owners+Asso-ciation'; addthis_pub = '';
Texas Gun Owners Association
2008-12-20 23:43:00
Please visit us and register for a free account. We are a friendly bunch and we have a great discussion forum: Texas Gun Owners Association - Home and we don’t bite. Honest!! And it’s NOT just for Texans! All gun lovers and supporters of the 2nd Amendment are welcome! An association of Texas gun owners united to ...
Texas Gun Owners Association
2008-12-13 20:27:00
Texas Gun Owners Association The Texas Gun Owners Association is now OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Texas Gun Owners Association - Home We are an association of Texas gun owners united to preserve our rights under the 2nd Amendment of the constitution of the United States of America and to promote the *carry* laws that we believe to be ...
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