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2012-03-02 13:23:00
"Hay personas que te están tocando los cojones a diario. Irrumpen en tu vida, te sacan una foto mala y desaparecen. Se asoman desde lo alto de los edificios y te hacen sentir insignificante. Hacen comentarios desagradables desde los laterales ...
Russian artists VOINA detained, harassed - Russian police pose as German jo
2011-10-19 04:01:00
MOSCOW — Yesterday, members of the Russian artist collective VOINA were arrested without charges by Russian police posing as German television journalists.  Natalia Sokol and her two-year old son were detained overnight at a Moscow police station and later released.  The same night, plainclothes agents tried to break into VOINA member Leonid Nikolayev’s apartment and ...
2010-10-19 17:05:00
International street-artist and enigma, Banksy, just made headlines again. This time, the mysterious icon collaborated with television animated series, The Simpsons, to direct his own version of the show's popular and ever-changing intro. According to sources, Banksy mailed in the storyboards, and the creative team carried out what was "allowed" to air. The result is an animated critique of pop culture's shameful underbelly. Fully approved or not, the Banksified version of the Simpsons intro definitely raises a few eyebrows!
Banksy?s Simpsons opening: a failed cultural critique?
2010-10-18 05:55:00
Like pretty much everyone on Twitter Sunday night, I was excited that Banksy had done an intro for The Simpsons. Given that the show has for the last few years struggled to regain any sense of current cultural legitimacy, involving Banksy ? the noted British graffiti artist ? seemed like a legitimately cool idea, even ...
2010-10-01 17:18:00
The founder's of NYC's Wooster Collective, Marc and Sara Schiller garnered the help of international art vagrant, Banksy, to complete the introduction of their new book, Trespass: A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art. The release covers illicit art from a large spectrum of creators. We're talking everything from 1970's L.A. gang tags, to obscure pieces by the late John Lennon, to modern-day artists like Os Gemeos, Shepard Fairey, and Krink. The book also dedicates a good portion to unpublished works by pioneer photographers and artists like Keith Haring, Martha Cooper, and Jean-Michael Basquiat.
BANKSY - o graffiteiro
2009-07-23 19:38:00
há grafittes que nos marcam e que marcam a diferença...fazer um graffit não é assinar uma parede com rabiscos coloridos que pretendem remeter para pseudo gangs de bairro da lata, graffiteiro (se esta palavra existe...) é um artista em grande escala que sabe desenhar e pintar on-line center> Escreva! You Are From Venus You love all forms of beauty. You love dressing up and anything luxurious. A social butterfly, you're incredibly popular and a great host. You're known for your fairness and affection. And as a frind to all. Careful though! You're desire to please may make you too willing to conform. Be yourself. Focus on what matters to you. You'll be all the more popular for it. What Planet Are You From?
Shot Dead in the Head's Banksy Publicity Stunt
2009-01-26 18:48:00
Shot Dead in the Head is a purveyor of mainly English joke shirts, poking fun at pop culture and the sort of folks who pass as celebrities over there (I'm somewhat kidding. Somewhat). So you can imagine that they're probably having a bit of a hard time competing in such a crowded market, where sites like Snorg and Busted sell similar products at lower prices.And so they've decided to print some of Banksy's iconic work on t-shirts and sell them. It's really a brilliant plan in some ways. They've recognized that anything involved with Banksy is sure to bring publicity. And since his work isn't sold, there's a huge market for it. Best of all, since he is a mysterious figure, he's incredibly unlikely to sue for his share of the merchandise profits.To me, therein lies the problem. It's incredibly unfair to the artist to sell his work without his permission. And Shot Dead in the Head has decided on their own what the royalties are, rather than entering into negotiation to determ...
Banksy Art and Graffiti: The Ultimate Guide
2008-09-07 15:42:00
The internet has long been abuzz with Banksy, the world’s most infamous street artist. But what is the big deal about Banksy, where can you find his work and what has he said about his art to set the world to talking about it? This thoroughly researched in-depth eight-part guide will walk you through the entire world of Banksy, from his stencil and graffiti work to prints, interviews, quotes, forums and other resources. Skim the overviews and click the links for more information. 1) Introduction: Who is Banksy? In a world where the face of a politician, actor or artist is generally as widely recognized as their influence and work Banksy has struggled for years to maintain the mystery of his identity. He has created work around the world with messages ranging from subversive to downright silly but little is known for sure about his background - though much has been speculated and many have claimed to have figured out who he really is. 2) Banksy Graffiti, Stencils and Drawings: Wh...
Banksy?s Fragile Silence on the move for £500,000
2008-06-01 15:14:00
Banksy’s latest work to go on sale is likely to move quickly - it’s on the side of a lorry trailer. Fragile Silence is likely to sell for £500,000. Owners Maeve Neal and Nathan Welland have known Banksy for 12 years .Banksy completed the work before the Glastonbury festival in 1998 .The couple sell tents ...
Banksy not pursued by graffiti police
2008-05-27 13:06:00
Bristol is the first city in the country to get a police team dedicated to eradicating graffiti and dealing with the so-called “artists”. However Bristol’s most famous tagger Banksy seems to be exempt from prosecution Undercover officers are working round the clock to bring to book “taggers” The fact that officials are not removing art by ...
Banksy transforma un túnel en oasis de arte
2008-05-21 01:21:00
Banksy organizó a comienzos de mes una inmensa muestra de esténciles en un túnel ferroviario de Londres, de la línea Eurostar (Estación Waterloo) bajo el título “The Cans Festival – A Street Party of Stencil Art”. Estados Unidos, Noruega, Holanda y Argentina fueron los países representados en una exposición donde no hubo que cargar ...
Banksy on your Xbox 360
2008-05-20 12:04:00
Either underground graffiti artist/vandal Banksy is selling out by accepting the Microsoft pound (Point), or Microsoft is selling out by trying to buy itself a bit of urban cool by associating itself with the shy ladder-carrier. Somebody, somewhere, is selling out. You, however, now have the option of splashing out your MS Points to buy ...
Banksy exhibition a success
2008-05-17 11:02:00
London’s top attractions were outperformed by a distinctly down-at-heel venue. A temporary exhibition in an unlovely London tunnel described by one art critic, Shirley Dent, as ?Piss Alley?. During the Bank Holiday weekend, 9,500 people a day descended on Leake Street, near Waterloo Station, to see the Cans Festival, the subculture blockbuster of graffiti art organised ...
Banksy CCTV Graffiti
2008-05-16 01:43:00
Banksy Street Art Found at londonshots
Banksy Hosts The Cans Festival
2008-05-06 22:53:00
This bank holiday weekend in London saw one of the world's most famous street artists (and least likely corporate collaborators) host his own spray party thanks to help from Eurostar. Recent years have seen the worlds of mega-business and street art colliding with unprecedented frequency. Such collaborations more often than not have predictably disastrous results (Kellog's streetwear anyone?) but sometimes they yield happy consequences. A prime example of how to do it right was the 2006 11 Spring Street project in New York, which saw several stories of prime real estate in Soho covered in graffiti by street artists from all over the world. Opened up to the public for one weekend before the developers moved in, the project was a bang-up success drawing crowds numbering in the thousands. Banksy took on the idea by inviting artists to join him in London for The Cans Festival stencil party, this time not in a building but in a tunnel once used by taxis before the Eurostar terminal ...
New Banksy exhibition
2008-05-06 13:00:00
Graffiti artist Banksy has found a new way to present his work - an abandoned Eurostar tunnel at Waterloo station. The reclusive painter converted a half-mile stretch of the tunnel in Leake Street, Waterloo, into a gallery for his and 29 other artists’ works. Among the images on display at the Cans Festival are recreations of ...
Is Banksy in Sydney?
2008-05-05 01:43:00
Walking through a back lane in Stanmore the other day and saw this very familiar stencil (see pics). It is none other than a very well known graffiti stencil from (quite possibly) the most famous graffiti artis in the world: Banksy - from Bristol in London. It’s not the first time Banksy has come to Sydney ...
Tunnel becomes Banksy art exhibit
2008-05-03 23:13:00
The BBC wrote today: A disused road tunnel in south London has been turned into a giant exhibition space by graffiti artist Banksy. Murals in the Bristol artist’s famous stencil style appear with work by 29 other artists in a half-mile stretch of the tunnel in Leake Street, Waterloo. Images of Madonna kissing Britney Spears and a hoodie appear alongside installations of crashed cars. People can add their own stencil work to the tunnel walls in a three-day exhibition, opening on Saturday. Reclusive artist Banksy kept the tunnel’s location secret until Friday morning. ‘Filth pit’ He said the exhibition, known as the Cans Festival, aimed to “transform a dark forgotten filth pit” into “an oasis of beautiful art”. “I’ve always felt anyone with a paint can should have as much say in how our cities look as architects and ad men,” Banksy said. The installations will be removed after the event but Banksy said he hoped the ...
Banksy alegra el Eurotúnel
2008-05-03 06:09:00
El enigmático Banksy convoca a grafiteros de todo el mundo para realizar una exposición en el túnel que une el Reino Unido con el continente Un lúgrube túnel ferroviario de la línea Eurostar, los trenes que unen Londres con el continente, se convertirán en una de las atracciones artísticas de la capital británica gracias a una exposición de grafiteros de todo el mundo organizada por el misterioso Banksy. El grafitero británico, cuyas obras alcanzan últimamente elevados precios en las subastas de Londres o Nueva York, ha reunido a cuarenta cultivadores del arte urbano para convertir un oscuro túnel del sur de la capital británica en una singular exposición.El propio Banksy ha contribu...
Banksy Art Show At Schoeni Gallery
2008-04-29 11:57:00
ESPV's and UKAdapta's super good friend Nicole Schoeni of the famous Schoeni Gallery is helping to host the Banksy show in HKG with a few extra days to view the art at her gallery. The Banksy exhibition will be a continuation of the Love Art show, which took place at the Hong Kong Arts Centre from 23-28 April, highlighting Banksy's rare and previously unseen in Hong Kong originals. The showing at Schoeni Art Gallery will then be enhanced by additional unique examples of his work, such as his famous policemen with iconic smiley faces of the acid house music, rats with drills, monkeys carrying written messages and weapons of mass destruction.All artworks exhibited at the Banksy exhibition are secondary market originals and prints.Vernissage: 6:30pm - 8:30pm, 29 April 2008 (Thats tonight, so get on down there!)Exhibition: 30 April - 13 May 2008Venue: Main Gallery 21-31 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong KongFor more info, visit the Schoeni Gallery's website HERE.
By: ESPV Blog
El olvido, Benjamin Franklin... y Banksy
2008-04-23 22:23:00
Si no quieres perderte en el olvido tan pronto como estés muerto y corrompido, escribe cosas dignas de leerse, o haz cosas dignas de escribirse.Benjamin FranklinNo creais que voy a hablar sobre los blogs, aunque la vigencia de algunos post dan que pensar sobre lo que realmente perduran las palabras en la red. El caso es que esta frase me hizo un eco de que las palabras de determinados artistas como Banksy han dejado una marca tal, que cuando se le atribuye una pintada, esta es elevada a la categoria de noticia: Banksy critica al Gran Hermano.Cuando estuve en Berlin, me sorprendió la gran cantidad de graffitis, y que muchos iban más allá del mensaje o simple vandalismo a tratar de ser obras de arte expuestas en un museo de caracter gratuito. Buceando en la red veo que otras ciudades como Londres o Sao Paulo deben de estar repletas, y unos cuantos grupos en Flickr reflejan dicha realidad, como el grupo London graffiti, del que he extraído la siguiente imagen.Un simple cambio de mental...
Cameras Can?t Catch Banksy?s ?One Nation Under CCTV?
2008-04-15 21:29:00
Over the weekend, three stories of scaffolding and a huge sheet of polythene were removed from a Central London wall to reveal world famous street artist Banksy’s latest message: ?One Nation Under CCTV.?  It is a reference to the police?s extensive public video camera surveillance of the UK, was painted on Saturday night in ...
Banksy strikes again ...
2008-04-15 13:27:00
Once again, graffiti artist Banksy has aesthetically liberated a patch of cement in downtown London. According to the Sydney Herald, Banksy created the image (of a child on a ladder and the message) on a post office wall in downtown London after constructing three stories of scaffolding and hiding the process with plastic tarps. The whole event was a captured on closed circuit television (CCTV), but Banksy was not.
How We Live with Art - Banksy video
2008-03-19 09:57:00
This is an interesting video of how people interact with a work of art. It shows the mix of appreciation of the art itself aestetically, of its whimsy and fun, of its serious message and and a ‘trying it on for size’ - identification with the art. Banksy This fine art video shows graffiti artist Banksy’s ...
the art world's number one star-banksy
2008-03-15 16:47:00
Has Banksy taken over from the  "Master of Light" Thomas Kinkade , as the number one artist in the world? Interesting film showing 1 hour in the life of one of his pieces.(Via Wooster Collective).Posted by Ed Cotton
Meet Banksy - video
2008-03-09 09:36:00
Bristol graffiti artist Banksy to me is an interesting artist of our time: with heart & humor, fast and efficient, and largely anonymous. Here is an absolutely excellent informative video on Banksy with something as close to an interview with this graffiti artist as you’ll ever get. Wanna know who Banksy is, how is thinks, what ...
Tras las huellas de Banksy
2008-03-02 21:46:00
En el país acaban de publicar un fantástico reportaje sobre Banksy, copio y pego… ANTONIO JIMÉNEZ BARCA - Bristol - 02/03/2008 Tras las huellas de Banksy El grafitero más famoso del mundo sigue siendo anónimo Hace dos semanas, en una subasta londinense, alguien pagó más de 300.000 euros por el mural de un grafitero en el que unos monos ...
Banksy @ Redchurch St
2008-02-19 21:42:00
BanksyRedchurch Street, East London, E2
Banksy in Los Angeles?
2008-02-15 10:41:00
These pictures were taken over on the corner of La Brea Ave and Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles.  Stencil work looks like Banksy’s work, but with his growing popularity, it wouldn’t be too suprising if it wasn’t really him.  If this work is in deed the work of Banksy, look for the wall to be ...
Documental de Banksy
2008-02-07 12:50:00
Os dejo con un documental de 9 minutos de Banksy. Compártelo
video of the street artist Banksy in action
2008-02-04 09:25:00
Taken: 25 January 2008 + Banksy , the world’s best ever
By: yatzer
Banksy on the auction block ? what does this mean for street art?
2008-01-28 05:53:00
When the eBay auction for Banksy?s latest mural closed, the winning bid was a whopping £208,100 (approx. $400,000). The wall in question, located on Portobello Road in West London, belonged to Luti Fagbenle. He was quoted as having said that he couldn?t ?really justify owning a piece of art worth as much as it is,? so he sold it. The price did not include the removal of the piece, or the replacement of a graffiti-free wall. This event falls only weeks before the world?s first ever Urban Art auction at Bonhams Fine Art Auctioneers on February 5th. I?ve been mulling over the coming together of these two events, and can?t help but see 2008 as a pivotal and defining year for street art. Only I?m not sure if I should be excited or concerned. The underlying beauty of street art is its organic and transient properties. Works live and die at the hand of other artists, or the authorities who fail to see its inherent worth. But when inherent worth becomes associated with monetary worth, the...
Beyond Banksy: artists are finding practical paths to change
2008-01-23 23:10:00
In a piece for the New Statesman, veteran political artist Peter Kennard believes we are living through "an exciting time for political art"?and I'm definitely not one to disagree. While Banksy continues to grab the headlines, Kennard argues he's just the poster boy for a increasingly influential movement of artists whose political commitments are communicated on canvas, in clay, and in the case of Santa's Ghetto, on 425 miles of concrete wall that imprisons Palestinians in their own land. Sticking up a poster or painting the Separation Wall in the West Bank might sound inconsequential, but these are highly practical ways to help, in contrast to the intellectual interventions prevalent in much contemporary art. They contribute to a town and a people that are having their lifeblood strangled out of them. In this context, it is important that the work communicates directly to the Palestinian people. While there has been a move to take on contemporary issues in a direct way in the...
275.000 euros por un mural de Banksy
2008-01-20 16:26:00
LONDRES.- Un mural del misterioso Banksy, conocido por sus originales grafiti en las calles de Londres, se ha adjudicado por 208.100 libras (casi 275.000 euros) en una puja por Internet, en la que hubo hasta 69 ofertas. La obra, que puso a la venta un empresario británico del sector audiovisual, está pintada en la pared de ...
Mysterious graffiti artwork by Banksy
2008-01-20 11:58:00
Click on the pictures for full size artwork (Source: Banksy)
2008-01-19 17:58:00
 via: Banksy
2008-01-17 14:28:00
Warwick Road pavement,W14
Banksy wall could fetch £200,000
2008-01-14 22:49:00
A businessman is hoping to make over £200,000 by selling a wall which was painted on by graffiti artist Banksy. The Banksy artwork was painted in daylight behind a screen  The graffiti, on the side of a media production firm’s base on west London’s Portobello Road, shows a painter finishing off the word “Banksy”. Company owner Luti Fagbenle covered it with plastic and put the wall on an internet auction site. “I wanted to keep it, but maintaining it against the weather became a full time job,” he said. Scaffolding appeared one Sunday morning in September outside Mr Fagbenle post-production editing company, while the Portobello market was open. The “engineers” refused to say what it was for. A few hours later the scaffolding was removed, revealing Banksy’s work. Banksy painted on and around the Israeli security wall last year The reclusive artist has refused to comment on the sale, but a repres...
banksy art
2008-01-14 03:01:00
Free Banksy Art - Featured on BuzzFeed - Free Banksy Art: UK guerilla grafitti artist is offering huge high-res images you can print for free on his website …12 New Banksy Art Prints for ?FREE. … ……
Banksy Says It All For Me
2008-01-02 18:34:00
This picture by Banksy certainly makes you think. Study it and you will see what I mean. Yes we need news and disasters and wars need to be reported but how invasive is it? The jury is out on this one. Related Entries: ‘Warhol vs Banksy’ exhibition features Kate Moss imageKate Moss, artists’ museThe Greatest Britons 2007 Love Swag! Tags: me, - Cool Stuff
How the profit of Banksy was finally recognised
2007-12-31 13:19:00
In the name of Christian forgiveness, Bethlehem residents are resurrecting a piece of graffiti by the British street artist Banksy after a misunderstanding left his artwork covered in white paint. Banksy’s Bethlehem graffiti was meant to promote tourism but Palestinian residents had difficulty with the satirical images. Just before Christmas a small group of incensed locals painted over a Banksy image of a soldier asking a donkey for identification papers in the belief that it compared Palestinians to donkeys. Word soon spread that Banksy had intended to convey the plight of the Palestinians in Bethlehem, whose city is encircled by the separation barrier and Israeli military checkpoints – and that the image could be worth thousands of pounds. Residents are now trying to restore it by using paint removers and scrapers to peel back the white paint and reveal the original piece. “We are working to bring back the art in the Christmas spirit of forgiveness and turning the other ch...
Banksy Does New York: Exhibition Review
2007-12-27 00:12:00
For any avid Banksy fan the art was nothing new, mostly prints we?ve seen before but only on a computer screen or book. The most rewarding part was being able to see these pieces on a larger scale, inches away from your eyes. … ……
Banksy - ?Stop and Search?
2007-12-19 09:01:00
Banksy fans will be bummed that they miss his latest print called, ?Stop and Search?  It was a limited edition of Edition 500, signed by the man himself.  The print is an ironic comment on the paranoid nature of our security-minded times.  It?s got a man in uniform, latex & Dorothy herself all in one ...
Banksy ?Stop and Search?
2007-12-18 22:15:00
Banksy fans will be bummed that they miss his latest print called, “Stop and Search”  It was a limited edition of Edition 500, signed by the man himself.  The print is an ironic comment on the paranoid nature of our security-minded times.  It’s got a man in uniform, latex & Dorothy herself all in one ...
London Gay Bar to Host Auction by Banksy
2007-12-07 19:12:00
Banksy probably wouldn’t attend the Source: HistoryEgypt Today - Established in 1983, the museum was officially open to the public in 1991 and japanese prints houses thousands of paintings, sculpture, … ……
J. Vorsthammer: de Banksy van Brussel?
2007-12-04 17:14:00
Brussel zou zijn eigen Banksy hebben: meet J. Vorsthammer, guerrilla artist. Veel van zijn realisaties lijken me zwaar gephotoshopped. Een greep uit zijn werk: Breaking into three houses in the area of Brussels, leaving the date of the burglary on the wall or ceiling of the bedroom. Nothing was damaged or stolen during the burglary. (Waar ...
Bethlehem banks on Banksy to boost tourism
2007-12-04 00:55:00
In a creative bid to boost Bethlehem's sagging economy, Banksy has brought his seasonal "Santa's Ghetto" exhibition to this Palestinian town that has seen few tourists in recent years. The infamous stencil artist joined several others in creating over a dozen works on the concrete wall surrounding the town, turning a hated symbol of Israeli occupation into an massive open air art gallery. Another dozen or so works are on display in a former chicken shop in Manger Square. In more peaceful years more than 100,000 tourists would pour into Bethlehem during the holidays. Last year the town saw a mere tenth of the traffic. Having visited Bethlehem in December a few years back I can personally attest to the recent drought of visitors. With over 70 percent of the workforce depending on tourism, signs of a wounded economy are everywhere. ?You wouldn?t worry about Christmas becoming too commercial in Bethlehem ? they couldn?t afford it. There?s more festive lights in the window of your ...
Neues von Banksy
2007-12-02 23:42:00  
Banksy Opening
2007-12-02 15:00:00
"Whilst others spray their names, Banksy paints pictures, pictures that have made Banksy a household name. He is the most controversial and downright interesting graffiti artist at large in the UK today and the chances are that you have already heard of, or seen some of his work, smiled and moved on. Variously described as a "guerrilla artist", an "art terrorist" or - by those of a more prosaic turn of phrase - as a "prankster" Banksy is someone for whom celebrity is anathema. So much so that he has never let the world know his real name - and he has never even posed for a photograph." Today is the opening in Chelsea, and it will run through December 29th. Read More...Digg this | Email to a friend | Reddit
By: FreeNYC
Banksy: a Guerrilla Artist - Banksy The Graffiti Artist Video - Art Videos
2007-12-01 06:37:00
Banksy: a Guerrilla Artist - Banksy The Graffiti Artist Video - Art Videos - BanksyArtists when they create, hope for a reaction. Banksy, a graffiti artist has certainly sparked a reaction. Many are drawn to his compelling, powerful images, while others fear that his work will lead to a flurry of destructive graffiti as his work becomes more famous.Recently he opened a show in Los Angeles and it features parodies of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton as well as other bold, compelling images that are fraught with emotion and powerful in their delivery.Here is a look at some of Banksy's works of art. Banksy may be the most-relevant artist of our time. He is intriguing in his anonymity and is certainly talented and thought-provoking. The question is are his methods beyond acceptable channels for self-expression. Is society paying the price for his fame - albeit his anonymous status.I'll let you decide.
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