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Mississippi Drivers Beware - Phony Officer Might Be Out Killing Drivers
2012-05-15 21:37:00
As if the people don?t have enough to worry about, now CNN is reporting that there could possibly be someone out there posing as a police officer pulling drivers over on Mississippi Highways and then shooting them dead. There have been two known cases just this month where drivers were found in their cars dead on ...
Beware The Long Tail ? Science News
2012-05-05 11:32:00
… Occasionally crashes are so large that they are outliers even from the power law distribution, says Didier Sornette of ETH Zurich. Their specialness makes them predictable, says Sornette, who calls the standout events “dragon-kings.” Sornette and his colleagues argue …Read more »
Travel Tip: Beware of Pickpockets
2012-05-02 19:52:00
How to avoid pickpockets? 1. Beware of police impersonations, never agree to show your wallet to strangers. 2. Don’t carry lots of shopping bags around -your telling theives you have money. Ask to have items delivered to your hotel or lock up in your car trunk out of sight. 3. Stash cash & id’s in ...Travel Lady Cruises, always providing you with TLC!Travel Tip: Beware of Pickpockets
Beware of defensive stock advice
2012-04-25 18:16:00
Before you rush out to buy stocks like McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Kraft Foods, Proctor & Gamble, or dividend paying utilities like Duke Energy, be aware of the actual history during market downturns With the U.S. economic recovery stumbling again, the eurozone debt crisis back in the headlines, and ‘Sell in May and Go Away’ on the minds of many investors, Wall Street is beginning to put out advice on … [visit site to read . . . → Read More: Beware of defensive stock advice
Beware the Taxmageddon
2012-04-05 18:36:00
From The Morning Bell Beware the Taxmageddon Brace yourself. In a mere 271 days, you and your fellow Americans will be hit with a tax hike the likes of which this country has never seen. The Washington Post aptly called … Continue reading →
2012-04-04 08:51:00
BEWARE par Bibine J'ai des actions dans les panneaux Australiens... ^^ Si vous êtes sages demain, j'en remet un... :)Fin des votes 02/05/12 08:51commentaire : 7-
NFL Owners Beware of the Combine Warrior
2012-03-04 19:34:00
By Anthony Carillo Running a 4.3 second 40 yard dash in shorts is great, but how often does it translate to a great player in the NFL? The answer is rarely. The NFL combine is a great place for players to showcase their talents running, jumping, and show how strong they are, but NFL teams (Read More...)
Beware of Ghost Brokers
2012-02-19 03:05:00
The insurance industry is thoroughly regulated, with numerous checks and balances. In the United Kingdom, however, scammers are able to pose as insurance brokers?or ?Ghost Brokers??offering significantly cheaper insurance than legitimate insurance firms. The Telegraphreports, ?The multi-million pound scam is operated by fraudsters who target drivers who are economising and looking for cheapermotor insurancedeals. These motorists ...
Beware Of Counterfeit Tablets, Warns Security Vendor
2012-01-11 18:22:00
From Crave: gorgeous gadgets and other crushworthy stuff. - CNET: Buyers looking for the latest hot tablet should be careful where and how they do their shopping. Read the whole article
yer Beware: Scam Alert for Apple iPhone Owners in Auckland Central (con, do
2012-01-07 14:03:00
Scam Alert: $2 Shop “iPhone Repair Centre”. My mates had been charge $50 by dodgy “specialist” to unlock Apple iPhone stucked to 4.1; the slick-talking crook took the $50 and tell owner there is no solution! Watch out for these crooks in Auckland Central. Ask for trade references, check only with authorized Vodafone dealership on ...
Beware! Laser Hair Removal During Pregnancy
2011-12-31 16:52:00
Laser Hair Removal For Pregnant Women Is laser hair removal safe during pregnancy? One of the most common aesthetic procedures women dois laser hair removal. Doing laser hair removal at home is safe when done according to the laser hair removal safety guidelines. There are times when the laser hair removal is not recommended, one ...
#Mubaraktrial :Beware the wrath of 2012 if Mubarak is not back in power !!
2011-12-28 22:33:00
And so after two months we are back with a new episode of the long Mubarak and co. trial. Despite some Egyptians have lost hope in this trial and consider it as charade and other Egyptians are just unconcerned with it because they got their own lives , I am from that team of Egyptians who follow it because they are finding it important from historically perspective despite my logic doubts that we may reach to a real just verdict in this case. I also find it amusing thanks to the unusual theatrical performance of Mubarak?s supporters ,the defendants? lawyers ,some of the plaintiffs and of course Mubarak , his sons and Habib El Adly. Starting with Mubarak and his iconic appearance !! Mubarak , the sick old man !! Sadly enough Mubarak and the rest of the defendants do not  wear handcuffs unlike the wounded defendants arrested at the last clashes in Tahrir square. In nutshell the judge has adjourned the killing of the protesters  case to January 2nd,2012 insh Allah....
Doing Drugs? Beware of This Fingerprinting Device
2011-11-11 15:31:00
From CNET News: Handheld fingerprint drug testing tech being developed in the U.K. debuts in prototype form. Full production could begin next year. Read the whole article
Buyer Beware: Consumers must check return policy before buying online or in
2011-11-09 23:27:00
Yesterday, on one of my favorite consumer websites, the, the site ran the follow up to an interesting article called ?Sprint Won?t Take Back My Unwanted iPhone 4S? with an article called ?Update: Sprint Is Still Giving Me The iPhone Run Around? where a Sprint customer learns the hard way that they need to check the return policy before buying in this case an iPhone.You see, a Sprint customer bought the new iPhone 4S online at, but decided that he didn?t want the phone anymore and tried to return the phone to only find out that he was outside of the 14-day return policy and this is where thing got interesting.According to the article: ?I was planning on returning it Thursday (10/27), but ended up staying late unexpectedly at the hospital where I work as a doctor in the ICU.Then, I called Sprint on Friday (10/28), and was told everything was fine, but that I would need to go to a Sprint store to return it. Then, I went to an official Sprint store at 7PM...
OpEdNews ? Article: ?Occupy? Participants Beware: Agents Provocateur Like T
2011-10-10 02:53:00
Via – Green Party It’s become clear that besides pepper-spray wielding police there is another threat to the ‘Occupy’ movement– agents provocateur. An agent provocateur admitted perpetrating actions at the protest at the National Air and Space museum.Show original Tags: air and space, pepper spray, air and space museum, air space museum <BR/>
Beware a ?Vicious Cycle?
2011-09-30 23:13:00
Double Dip underway: credible source warns "Vicious cycle" will increase joblessness AND deficit spending... awesome. Plus: Michael Pento cites two reasons for gold?s smackdown from $1900... dingbat reporter comes up with her own...
Beware This ?Tax Haven?
2011-09-20 22:10:00
Canada, tax haven? The strange logic of the IRS. Plus... More bizarre consequences of a previous Obama ?jobs bill,? the threat they pose to your wealth, and the best way to safeguard it.
Beware the False Claims Act
2011-06-06 20:35:00
By: Edward T. DeLisle Pursuant to the Contract Disputes Act of 1978 (CDA), every claim on a federal construction project that is in excess of $100,000 must be certified. The reasoning behind this policy is simple: the government wants to discourage the submission of questionable and/or inflated claims. As such, for each claim in excess of the threshold amount, a contractor must append the following language to its claim: I certify that the claim is made in good faith; that the supporting data are accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief; that the amount requested accurately reflects the contract adjustment for which the Contractor believes the Government is liable; and that I am duly authorized to certify the claim on behalf of the Contractor. If a contractor submits a claim that it has reason to believe runs afoul of this affirmation, it is subject to a variety of penalties. Those set forth in the False Claims Act (FCA) are the most daunting and represent tho...
Contractors Should Beware of FAPIIS
2011-05-19 16:50:00
By: Michael H. Payne The Duncan Hunter National Defense Authorization Act of 2009 (Public Law 110-417) was enacted on October 14, 2008. Section 872 of the Act required the development and maintenance of an information system that contains specific information on the integrity and performance of covered Federal agency contractors and grantees. The Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (“FAPIIS”) was developed to address these requirements. FAPIIS is a distinct application that is accessed through the Past Performance Information System (PPIRS) and is available to federal acquisition professionals for their use in award and responsibility determinations. FAPIIS provides users access to integrity and performance information from the FAPIIS reporting module in the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS), proceedings information from the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database, and suspension/disbarment information from t...
Beware High Margins
2011-04-05 22:31:00
Corporate America crowing about fat profit margins: Chris Mayer on why they may soon be eating crow. Plus... a chart that shows stocks may be overpriced by 45%
Beware the Wealth Effect
2011-03-28 23:36:00
Fed's "wealth effect" gives precious metals a smackdown: Dan Amoss on what the Fed really is likely to do next, and what you should expect. Plus... Six reasons natural gas is still a good bet... and 11 ways to play it.
Beware Chinese Electronics: Part 1
2011-03-24 04:21:00
Last September when I was in China, I needed a harddrive to store all the photos I was taking, plus I wanted to see what the electronics markets in Zhongguancun looked like. Zhongguancun can be pretty overwhelming, but it is … Continue reading →
Andy James: beware of fake web site!
2011-02-22 17:35:00
Beware of Fake Sites: Hi there ? I just want to make everyone aware that the content you see on a site with the domain name ? ? is completely FAKE ? we are trying to get the site closed down but until we manage that I want you to realise that whoever is posting information on that site has absolutley no authority to do so ? We suspect it is being used by scammers. The only official web site is and facebook fanpage
News: beware the copyright troll visiting you.
2011-02-12 12:31:00
A discussion about cover versions posted on petrucci forum and another reason to follow my top ten tips for posting youtube videos 9. Tonight I'm going to be a famous guitar player syndrome Try to avoid too many guitar covers, particularly if the covers are from a single player. e.g. avoid all Malmsteen covers or all Vai covers or all Satriani covers... People will just think you are a clone and not original! If you do post them... they have to be good! Question: I posted a guitar cover of Ich Tu Dir Weh by Rammstein. They have blocked it on 'copyright grounds'. Answer: Guys, here's the deal. In the United States, service providers?youtube included (see Tur v. Youtube, 2007 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 50254, for example)?can claim safe harbor from claims for contributory infringement if they satisfy the requirements of 17 USC 512. I could cite a bunch of code and caselaw at you, but the essential point is that we have to provide copyright owners with a means to request infringing materia...
Beware of Deficiency Judgments After a Short Sale or Foreclosure
2010-12-31 06:00:00
Nary a day goes by when I don't receive an email or phone call asking me whether a lender will file a deficiency judgment after a foreclosure or ...Read Full Post
Beware of ‘Idiots’ On The Road –
2010-10-28 12:07:00
If I could count the number of times I’ve hurled unmentionable expletives at people on the road I out of numbers! These people – lets call them ‘Idiots’ – are everywhere. And one very noble website – is trying to save us from these..Idiots. Maybe ’save’ is too optimistic, warn maybe slightly more apt. The website was launched on 4th October, 2010 and has had received close to 1 Lakh visits in under a month. 3/4th of which were through referral sites. The site lists the various kinds of “Idiots” you can encounter on the road here. It also allows you to share your stories about encounters with some idiots. Per chance you had a camera at hand when you did – there’s and Idiot Gallery to shame them, easier said than done of course. There are around 40 videos and 36 images as of now. A far cry from the actual number out there. What’s Good! The website is nice looking but more i...
By: WATblog
Credit Debt Elimination ? Beware of These 3 SCAMS
2010-09-17 08:03:00
We all see ads in newspapers, on television, radio and online. Sometimes we also have flyers in the mail. Some of us even received calls from telemarketers services.Many credit debt elimination of these companies are legitimate, and actually eliminate your debt much faster if you want to try it yourself. Legitimate debt elimination credit company ... Further information to read:Debt Elimination Scams — A Growing Problem for Consumers Consumers seeking debt assistance dealing with a variety of debt of the company, services, programs, books, books and websites. How... Debt Elimination Programs – Are They the Best Way to Become Debt Free? Debt elimination programs are readily available for those who are looking for help, that promise to leave you debt free.... Credit Card Debt Elimination Program – Any Cons? Every responsible person should seek both sides of financial options prior to testing. There are many benefits that go with...
Beware the User
2010-04-11 19:56:00
Warning. You may not want to read this. There may be harsh words, you don't want polluting your ears.This comes out of my own recent experience that I felt compelled to share with my brethren. This is about a man who seemingly desires the Lord, seemingly reads the Bible, spends lots of time conferencing with the pastor as though seeking personal advice and yet....he is not.I have said for years, that it seems we have among us some who are not quite altogether human at all. This recent experience has me pondering those thoughts again.This is one of those posts I can't take to my site at Calvary Corner blog,  on that site, I want to minister to the lost not pollute and confuse. On this blog, I expect there are Christians reading and so I will write about things that takes discernment to understand and learn.This involves a son in law. You don't know my family so I feel I can tell the story without bringing harm to any one particular person. We all belong to the LordI'm a...
Beware of Scareware!
2010-03-15 14:42:00
Security firm McAfee warns against what it dubs as ?the most costly scam of 2010? ? anti-virus scareware, according to an article by PC World?s Carrie-Ann Skinner. The business is reportedly making cyber-criminals collectively richer by $300 million, based on information provided by McAfee. So how do you get conned into the scareware scam? It will ...
Beware of Ransomware
2010-01-30 21:52:00
Spam is always annoying and makes us waste time cleaning out email boxes.  Unfortunately, there seems to be a rise in the use of a malicious extortion scheme as of late.  According to MSNBC, a more aggressive ransomware has emerged, literally seizing a person's PC until they pay to get use of it back.  See a video about how it works below...Rogueware with new Ransomware Technology? from Panda Security on Vimeo.Most of these schemes ask for payments in the range of $50 - $89 for a fake "protection" program, and has been deemed as criminal by authorities.The Terminator's take...keep your eyes open, and don't fall for an extortion scheme!  Keep your computer protected and never follow a link you don't trust!
Karl Bourdin: KB... Beware this man is sick
2009-12-24 18:31:00
Beware this man is sick In the best sense of the term course For lovers of Gratt 'and the jamming of the rope hard it is rather an example Born in Paris in 1971, he began the guitar at the age of 14, after a few lessons, he began playing in various Parisian groups and recorded several demos At the same time his first projects take shape Instrumental "Fact & Fiction" in 1996 (whose titles are... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Beware Of The Doghouse ($100 JCPenny Giveaway)
2009-12-18 23:58:00
My husband has never been a very good gift giver. He loves to shop for himself but he just never knows what to get for other people. Because of this, over the years I’ve learned that if I want to receive something that I’ll actually keep then I need to just tell him my wish ...
Beware Online Gamers; Spammers Are After YOU.
2009-09-18 07:52:00
Let me raise some questions first. –> Do you know what is a Spam ? –> Why do spammers exist in the virtual world in abundance ? The most correct answers to the above two questions are - Spam is basically the abuse of any electronic messaging system by sending unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. The most simple and economically feasible reason of spammers existing and doing quite good in today’s virtual world is because advertisers face no operating costs beyond the purview of their mailing lists, and it is indeed a difficult task to hold senders responsible for their mass mailing activities. For sure, you and me, both are fed-up with the plethora of personal spams we receive day in and day out, but the fact of the matter is that our inbox no longer interests many spammers across the globe. Now, spammers have found a new and innovative way to attract attention, by targeting Online Gamers. With the extensive usage and popularity of Massively Multiplay...
By: WATblog
Beware - Do not own the stocks i am eyeing
2009-09-16 15:54:00
Tonight I present something that has been missing from this blog for a long time - GrowMoney QuickPicks. Please pay special attention to these stocks because these are the stocks i am eyeing. At this stage, you do not want to hold the same stocks that i am in because i am not at the best of my luck. Thus good luck to you if your stocks is one of the following.... haha GrowMoney QuickPicksAusgrpBakerTechCDLHTr-ustF&NChina SkyEpureJiuTianLiHengOther than F&N, the rest are pennies. I think the play is still in the pennies. The fact that the bluies are not running is still a warning to me. My strategy is to long just one of them.... this first win is what i need to know that i am on the right track. China pennies are particularly cute because of their National holiday is coming and also upon seeing HSI breaking key resistance. Having said that, isn't it wierd? With FTSE and HSI breaking into new highs... Nikkei and Dow still ai mai ai mai.... Bluechips really is lacklust...
New Technologies: Beware of Hype
2009-09-06 15:12:00
New, energy efficient technologies are slowly making their way into materials handling practices. Fuel cell-powered lift trucks are highlighted in one article in this issue, and we've seen lots of press for light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a durable, efficient light source for use at the loading dock
Goog Cash4U - Beware of Money Making Scams!
2009-09-03 05:10:00
Goog Cash4U which is also and comes up in browsers as "" when typed in, is among the latest in potential money making scams. Making money from home is something everyone wants to do, and when they see the attractive advertisements online that make it look so easy, they're immediately lured in. According to GoogCash4U, you too can make money online by simply signing up with them and following their simple advice. You can be your own boss and work on a laptop while you sip drinks on the beach... But beware!Scams run rampant when it comes to online moneymaking ventures, and this one does not look much different. The Goog Cash 4 U site makes claims that you can make up to $250 to $943 a day online just by using search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. We all wish it were that simple, but it takes a lot of hard work to make money online. Don't be fooled so easily! Don't be fooled by their claims of being on major cable stations either, unle...
Donors and Would-be Donors Beware (Sathya Sai Central Trust Example)
2009-08-30 01:34:00
As the years pass, more evidence emerges of the very non-divine manner in which Sathya Sai Baba and his financial wing collect vast funds - particularly from wealthy donors. As with scams the world over, there are methods of 'spotting' - in this case, by ashram staff of visitors most likely to donate large sums. The admixture of 'miracles' - such as Sai Baba's 'materializing' of expensive rings or pendants etc., for the wealthy - is central to setting up of these traps. This operation involves the participation of the registration office, as well as Sathya Sai Baba's close servitors, many of them wealthy or those who have given away their wealth to him. Criminals and police forces often refer to this type of spotting as finding the 'mark' or victim to be set up. Donors and Would-be Donors Beware There are two classes of individual, and in some cases institutions, who have every reason to be looking at these issues. First, those who have already been donors to Sathya Sa...
Beware the 'friendly' dolphin, warns professor
2009-07-30 06:22:00
Moko may be inquisitive and friendly, but interacting with dolphins is risky, says AUT Professor Mark Orams. Photo / Ingrid VisserA university professor has joined the chorus of warnings about the... Extensive site includes news of various topics like Marine animals,Marine biology, sharks,Whales,sea mammals,endangered species,birds,turtles,penguine,-seal,planktons,Fish,coral reef,coastal environment and more
miranda holston wrote a new blog post: SEO Bingers Beware
2009-07-24 04:28:00
miranda holston wrote a new blog post: SEO Bingers Beware Microsoft’s Bing experienced early growth and a short spike of success. This could lead many SEO and SEM companies to reallocate their marketing budgets to the new search engine, in hopes of cashing in on this “sound of found.” But moderate to heavy investment in SEO specifically for Bing may not be the best long-term ...
Bank Owned Buyers Beware! Watch P&S Agreements from Banks
2009-05-21 01:50:00
Clause: Transfer taxes/Tax Stamps - Regardless of local custom or practice, the purchaser shall pay and all real estate transfer taxes due as a result of the conveyance of this property. Another agent informed us that her and her buyer had missed the clause above when the lending bank selling a foreclosed property countered with thier purchase ...
Beware of Most Dangerous Tax Amendment For Charitable Society !
2009-05-18 08:59:00
One of my clients is a charitable society having more than twelve various activities like schools, charitable clinics, naturopathy centres, creches, old age homes, pension for widows, library, Masala Centre where various spices are prepared by poor ladies. Spices prepared by these ladies are sold over the counter which results in some income to the society. Besides sometimes a hall in building of the society is also given on rent to some commercial organisation for sale purposes.Pl confirm whether in light of the latest amendments in the Income tax Act, the activities like sale of spices and rent receipt will be liable for taxation ? Mahesh Kumar, New Delhi.Before , I answer your specific question, it is important to clarify the position of taxation of charitable entities post Finance Act 2008 , because the govt has brought in an amendment which has far reaching consequences on the charitable entities of the country.The income of an entity whose object is charitable are allowed exe...
Beware of Misleading Auto Insurance Quotes When Shopping For New Insurance
2009-05-18 02:39:00
Be on the lookout for unscrupulous insurance agents who will give you wrong and misleading car insurance quotes when you are shopping insurance. Here is how they do it. When they quote your insurance, they will give you every discount under the sun even if you don't qualify for them. When you get your policy and it has been underwritten by the insurance company, the quote will be adjusted to your actual driving record and any legitimate discounts you qualify for. Many times the actual policy will double in price from what you were quoted. In some situations you might be stuck with the higher rate if your former company won't re-instate your old policy. The key to not getting duped by one of these crooked agents is fairly simple. When you are getting quotes, make sure you get something in writing. You should also ask if what you are receiving is the actual premium that you will pay, or just a quote. When you examine the quote be sure check what discounts have been provided in t...
CDC Issues New Warning For America: Beware The Banana Hammock
2009-05-06 16:15:00
(Atlanta, GA) Move over Swine Flu, there’s a new menace that’s threatening to churn the public’s stomach. It's called the Banana Hammock Virus or BHV. “The Banana Hammock Virus can be defined as the nausea, night sweats and other flu-like symptoms that accompany the sight of a man’s banana that has been irresponsibly squeezed into a very small hammock,” says Dr. John Harris, deputy director for the CDC. "These physical manifestations of the term TMI (Too Much Information), are poised to wreak havoc this spring and summer.”
P. C. Ocampo wrote a new blog post: 1035: Beware of Excitement
2009-05-04 12:57:00
P. C. Ocampo wrote a new blog post: 1035: Beware of Excitement First day of the two-day General Plan of Action forming for the new student leaders. And as expected, the challenges keep piling up with each new activity surpassed. I had the chance to see two types of attitudes of people delegated with work today. The first one, despite having been requested already to perform a task, doesn’t move ... By 'peacee0'
How to Handle Post-Divorce Tweeting: Beware Of the Bitter Twitters
2009-04-29 12:30:00
by Deb Mecklinger Use the following tips to maintain grace, save face and keep your divorce out of cyberspace. When it comes to divorce, DO NOT use Twitter to: 1)Break News: Don?t break your story with a Tweet. Instead, speak. 2)Spread News: Be discreet and keep your story in house. This is not the time to build an ...
Beware Of Cheap Excursions
2009-04-17 23:48:00
In this economy everyone is trying to save a dollar or two but safety must be your first concern when traveling. Although you may find excursions cheaper through local sources compared to what you may get through the cruise line or resort, beware that you may end up stranded. Or worse yet - taken advantage of…you ...Travel Lady Cruises, always providing you with TLC!
Massage Video Nightmare Beware
2009-03-20 13:05:00
Because this massage video may have you laughing so hard your boss might hear you. Have you had a massage lately? Happy Friday Spring is Here! Happy Birthday Mom (Linda Yip). Wow, it has been 4 months since I have posted anything here on Think Diagonal. I took some time away due to some personal as well as some business reasons. I just want to thank everyone for all the emails that I continue to receive on my blog posts, while I was away. I am so happy that my experiences and insights as a massage therapist/massage business owner has helped some of you. Our Massage business, Roman Paradigm Massage has been going through some good changes as well as some bad changes, and I will be sure to share some of them with you in upcoming blog posts. Think Diagonal A Massage and Marketing Blog for small business owners will continue to blog about massage related material but now it will also talk about internet marketing strategies that massage therapists can implement in their own practice...
Bonnie ?Prince? Billy - Beware
2009-03-17 20:16:00
Bonnie “Prince” Billy may be the most influential artist working today whom you’ve never heard of. Will Oldham, the quiet, bearded man hiding behind the public persona, has put out countless albums and EPs since the early ’90s, collaborated with hundreds of artists, and his fans have included Johnny Cash, PJ Harvey, Bjork and R. ...
Russia Orders Early Warning Radar: Intruders Beware
2009-03-11 18:00:00
The Russian military claims it has commissioned a new early-warning radarthat via monitoring will protect its southern flank from potential missile threats. Read on for more details and if you are approaching Russia from the south, beware.
Beware of These Books:
2009-03-10 22:59:00
I received this in an email today, and am passing it on, with the hopes that it will receive the greatest amount of exposure this way. I will also be posting it to my Facebook page, I hope and pray that each of you believers will do the same. Be blessed! Book to be aware of is called: Conversations with God and Conversations with God for Teens by Neale D. Walsch. Please read the forwarded message. This was sent to me, I found it very interesting. Deception can not work if the one deceiving has no credence with the one being deceiving. This is why the Devil unfortunately uses those with fame to deceive many. Beware of this book- Oprah is pushing it! If you have children or grandchildren, work with children at church, or you have neighborhood children whose parents you know, please take note of the information below and pass it along to others. Schools are making this book available to children through the Scholastic Book Club. The name of the book is Conversations...
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