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Confirmed naughtiness in Big Brother Australia?
2007-05-30 15:17:00
According to, a source close to evicted housemate Hayley has confirmed those rumors that she enjoyed a night of passion in the Rewards Room of BB Australia when he won Friday Night Live and invited her to to join him. This is despite the major lack of sexual content and nudity this year on ...
Intruder Laura Nude on the Big Brother Night Cam
2007-05-24 15:13:00
Wow these new girls may not be blonde but they are already giving us more breasts than the rest of them put together. You probably know by now that Laura is one of two intruders introduced to the Big Brother Australia house a few days ago in a Day 31 special called Intruder Alert! I ...
New Intruder Daniela Tit Flash (BBAUS07)
2007-05-23 13:33:00
There are some theories being considered that Hayley’s eviction and Aleisha’s birthday celebrations were focused on a great deal more than they would normally to draw attention away from the special intruder show that wasn’t drawing the kind of popularity required. My personal theory is that BB in Australia this year is screwed on the ...
Intruders Alert in BB Aus (Laura and Daniela)
2007-05-20 13:34:00
On Tuesday (I think) there’s going to be a special intruder alert show in Big Brother Australia to introduce 2 sexy brunettes in their 20s. I’m not quite sure if that’s the change imagined by those protesting at the blondes in the golden key promotion. But with a serious lack of nudityi the absence of ...
Confused about BB Australia Voting?
2007-05-16 17:37:00
I admit to having some trouble (with my very short attention span) understanding how the voting figures for Big Brother down under add up. explain it quite well using an example from the votes during the week when Bodie and TJ were evicted. It certainly does seem a little strange that Bodie had more ...
A Double Eviction and the latest BBAUS07 Gossip
2007-05-14 16:00:00
What a week! Eviction number two and a double one at that. I wasn’t that sad to see nutcase TJ going but I reckon the house is definately going to be a bit duller without King of the Bandidos Bodie   Anyway *sniff* the fun people are voted out and all whats left is the boring ...
More Intruders? Thomas Coming Out?
2007-05-11 13:47:00
Seems the lack of nudity and the previously criticised stunts in Big Brother this year has dried up the ratings and it has been confirmed that the producers are about to pack out an already crowded house with yet more intruders. TV Tonight has apparently confirmed that Intruders will enter the house in a ’special’ ...
Emma Cornell Nude in Zoo Weekly
2007-05-08 16:57:00
Remember the scandal when Lara Bingle appeared nude in those GQ Germany pictures and the related goings-on with this reality TV babe’s body in Zoo Weekly Australia? Well that magazine is back in the headlines again with what appear to be naked photos of Big Brother 2007 housemate Emma Cornell, which I assume have been ...
The First Naked Streak by Andrew
2007-05-02 20:34:00
Grats to the men in Big Brother Aus 07 for being the first to start the nude streaking. Surprisingly it was Andrew the fire fighter who describes himself as confident and tidy. Anyways enough said about him, checkout the picture below from a video clip of his streak run following the group of housemates daring ...
More about the guys of Australian BB 2007
2007-05-01 17:15:00
Billy (also Mr. X) is Chris Bentley and apparently a former boyfriend of housemate Hayley. His presence will obviously cause some tension. He claims to be an insurance broker. Bodie Czeladka we covered in the earlier blog entry. Andrew is a firefighter from Victoria who doesn’t like messy lazy people and is currently in a ...
Let the nakedness commence in Big Brother Season 7!
2007-04-28 12:40:00
Wohoo first house “nudity” uncut and the prize goes to the Hayley Zalewski the bodybuilder champion and lawyer from Victoria who is already kissed housemate Andrew in a secret relationship. Hayley gave us our first oops boob slip while changing our of her towel. The shortly after that Kate Gladman, the enquiry officer who once ...
Bodie the Male Model (and a connection to Reigan?)
2007-04-25 23:35:00
I love the way that the moment the names of new housemates are released everyone hunts around the Internet looking for some trace of their past. Billy, Jamie, Joel, Zoran and the other guys are pretty cute in their own ways but my current favourite is the electrical designer from Western Australia, Bodie. His ’secret’ ...
TJ: Hooker or Headcase?
2007-04-25 22:40:00
TJ, born Theresa Jane is a barmaid from the Northern Territory who describes herself as unique, bizarre and complex. She does seem to be acting up like a teenager at the moment with her early crush on Thomas (which she has already admitted to him in a rather odd condescending manner), who is probably playing ...
Introducing Her Cuuteness, Aleisha
2007-04-25 13:59:00
Born 1987, Aleisha Cowcher is a hairdresser from Victoria who was raised a country girl with seven other siblings. She says she is energetic, modest and hyperactive and apparently regularly day-dreams about men. She’s not a typical ‘hot cover babe’ but there’s already a growing fan base glued the television waiting to catch her changing ...
Big Brother Australia 2007 Housemates Leaked
2007-04-20 19:15:00
It’s two days to the launch of Big Brother 2007, season 7 in Australia and an excited Australian from a fan site has released the names of this years housemates from a leak, possibly from some glitch in Three’s BB WAP web site. So here goes…their names are….Cruz, Demet, Emma, Harrison, Zoran, Hayley, Jamie, Joel, ...
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