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Pakistan President Zardari with begging bowl again: Pak needs $50 bln for i
2009-07-22 21:16:00
Pakistan President Zardari with begging bowl again: Pak needs $50 bln for institutions rebuilding Posted using ShareThis
Congress Created Dust Bowl
2009-07-04 08:00:00
As I drove north yesterday across California’s Central Valley, perhaps the most fertile region in the country, I saw these signs sprouting up everywhere. Wondered if they were referring to something reader to which Peter Hughes alerted me two weeks ago when he e-mailed me a link to Sean Hannity’s interview with comedian Paul Rodriguez.  That ...
The fruit bowl that became a set of mosaics
2009-05-24 04:16:00
I have been testing out my new camera body, a Pentax 20D, it has a remote controlled shutter release and an ?expanded? dynamic range. I figure a strongly lit ?still life? would let me test both. I also put on my long lens set it in macro and took a sequence for muti-image stitching later. The photos where beautiful but I ended up having some fun afterwards transforming the set into some wonderful mosaics.
Then, you're free if your 2-year-old drops it into the cereal bowl, 'cause
2009-04-20 22:32:00
The problem with new phones, and all these fancy new features everything has, is using them. Take your iPhone. You've got your phone contacts in your iPhone, and your Facebook and email contacts and such on the web or your laptop. Which means you have to constantly have BOTH with you at the same time.Or do you? With IDRIVE Lite's iPhone Backup you can easily share contact information by "Web Enabling" your IPhone contacts, so that you can change your contacts online, then restore them to your Iphone -- and you can also import things like your Facebook account.The service also backs up your IPhone contacts, so if you lose it or it gets broken, they're all set to go without any hassle.
Music City Bowl Upgraded to Primetime Slot on ESPN
2009-04-16 16:48:00
This year’s Music City Bowl will make its primetime national broadcast debut on ESPN, bowl officials announced Wednesday.The game will be aired on Sunday, Dec. 27 at 7:15 p.m. central time at LP...
Qdoba Mexican Grill - vegetarian taco bowl
2009-04-07 08:43:00
We recently received a $5 gift certificate for Qdoba so we got this vegetarian taco bowl. Usually it costs $4.69 but we ordered extra grilled veggies for 40 cents more. Taste was fine, it was very light.CLICK HERE for Qdoba vegetarian burrito.Crispy flour tortilla bowl filled with shredded romaine, black bean corn salsa, picante ranch dressing, (lite sour cream) and choice of salsa Rating (food): 3.7 / 5Rating (service): N/ARepeat: Yes with coupon
Steelers to Loose Super Bowl Trophies
2009-03-25 20:46:00
Yes, this was the subject of an e-mail that was forwarded to me. Not lose, but loose. It only gets worse from there.The Super Bowl XLIII Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, the only team to win six titles, will soon be loosing half of those trophies. After a meeting between NFL Commissioner Rodger Gadel (Sean's note: Rodger Gadel? Really?) and President Barack Hussain Obama, Obama decided to redistribute half of their Steeler Super Bowl victories and trophies to less fortunate teams in the league."We live everyday in the country that invented the Super Bowl." said Obama "We are not about to lose this Great American tradition in the wake of these difficult times." Obama?s plan calls for the Steelers, who are a successful NFL team, to give half of their Super Bowl trophies to teams that are not successful or have not been as successful as the Steelers. "The Detroit Loins are just as much a part of the same fiber of the NFL as the Steelers and they should, no rather will, be entitled to a...
Charity Bowl-a-Thon March 31st
2009-02-17 22:06:00
Affiliate Marketers DO give back! MarketLeverage is sponsoring a Charity Bowl-a-Thon on March 31st at 7pm in Sanford, FL.  The proceeds of the event are going to be donated to the Niemann-Pick Children’s Fund in honor of Parker and Brisan Stults, the children of a MarketLeverage publisher.  It’s being held at Airport Lanes in Sanford and ...
Ciara's Pro Bowl Performing
2009-02-09 16:11:00
Ciara during the half time show at the Pro Bowl football game at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu
Cine y Super Bowl 2009
2009-02-09 03:01:00
No sigo para nada la NFL americana pero todos los ańos me entero de la celebración de su Super Bowl por el mogollón de anuncios que los grandes estudios preparan para ser emitidos durante las pausas del partido y que posteriormente terminan apareciendo en la red. De entre los que se pudieron ver el pasado ...
Post-Super Bowl Thoughts (and a Hair Story)
2009-02-04 15:50:00
I may have received the quickest haircut in history Tuesday evening. I asked for a trim and the woman basically shaved the back of my neck and shortened my sideburns. She barely touched the rest of my hair. (Naturally, since it is Hair Cuttery, she did have enough time to try and sell me Nioxin, a thickening shampoo.) I?m not sure if I?ve reached the point where I have so little hair that all of my haircuts will only last 4 minutes or if the hairdresser was just lazy. Could I have lost that much hair since my last haircut? If so, the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl may have contributed to hair loss. Here?s a fun hypothetical question: Let?s say that instead of the final Roethlisberger-to-Holmes touchdown, Mewelde Moore had a touchdown run for the winning score. In that case, who would have been the Super Bowl MVP? If your answer is either Ben or Holmes, has there ever been a case where the offensive player won the MVP without scoring a touchdown?Inspired by my interview of...
Jennifer Hudson Lip-Synched National Anthem Super Bowl XLIII Performance Vi
2009-02-03 13:44:00
Jennifer Hudson made her first public appearance and major performance at the 2009 Super Bowl singing the National Anthem after mother, brother and 7 year-old nephew died last October. I wouldn?t say it?s natural but totally understandable for an artist to lip-synch at such a big event because you cannot fail when the whole world ...
The Super Bowl, the Karma Keys, and People who can only pronounce the lette
2009-02-03 10:19:00
I have to wonder if perhaps my day might have been better Sunday had I slept more before my double shift, but it’s too late to do anything about that now so let me just say, I am NOT working a Super Bowl Sunday ever again.  Fuck it, I’m not working a Super Bowl Weekend ... Related posts:Homecoming makes people really stupid Let me just say this.  To those of you from...That booth is made for FOUR people not FOURTEEN! As you all know, I work in an area that...People are so nice in the beginning of a busy shift…. But toward the end, they turn into evil crotch rotted... Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.
A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Super Bowl
2009-02-02 23:06:00
A few months ago, I dropped cable. It wasn't much of a sacrifice. I work nights, so I don't watch a lot of television, and generally when I feel like visual stimulation, I just watch a DVD. At the time I dropped it, I calculated that I'd spent well over $150 for about ten minutes of viewing over a few months, so it seemed like the right thing to do. I haven't missed it since.Until last night, that is, when I belatedly realized that at my location in Atlanta, you can't pick up a broadcast signal without cable -- making the Super Bowl unwatchable. I'm still too weak to spend a few hours out, even in a non-smoking location, so Mom and I decided to listen to it on the radio.Except the radio station wouldn't come in either -- I got scraps of football in the maelstrom of what sounded like a H.P. Lovecraft reading. So we followed the game through's online update. I'll admit that I kind of hoped for a blowout so that I wouldn't miss much, but by all accounts it was a corke...
Super Bowl Champions!
2009-02-02 15:07:00
Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers for winning their sixth Super Bowl Championship by defeating the Arizona Cardinals 27-23. I recommend visiting the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for full coverage of the game as well as any and all of the blogs listed in the links sections on the right for other takes on the game. While I remain amazed by the James Harrison interception and touchdown return and the Santonio Holmes winning catch, for now, I want to write about the Steelers in general as opposed to the specifics of the game. (I may write more about the specifics later today or sometime over the next few days.)I feel extremely lucky to have been born in Pittsburgh and to be a Steelers fan. I was too young to remember the first four Super Bowl titles, but learned all about the Steelers history from my dad and great uncle. Six Super Bowl championships are unprecedented and the tradition of excellence starts with the Rooney family. The Rooneys are model owners in the NFL as demo...
Super Bowl Movie Trailer Roundup
2009-02-02 14:43:00
If you’re anything like this TV Addict, odds are fairly good that one of the only reasons you tuned into last night’s “Big Game,” aside from (a) the food, (b) the post-Super Bowl episode of THE OFFICE (which embarrassingly enough we failed to get through thanks to reason “a”) and (c) Bruce Springsteen — were the movie trailers. Which is why we thought we’d defer to our good friends over at for a little more in-depth analysis than our usual: “OMG! We cannot wait for J.J. Abrams STAR TREK to beam down!” and “Please G.I. JOE, do not eviscerate all of our fondest childhood memories like TRANSFORMERS did!” Ready? STAR TREK Says the REEL Addict: As a non-Trekkie I’m certainly excited for this rebooting of this franchise to make it slightly more accessible and mainstream (and noticeably action packed), but does anyone else find that the whole “James Kirk is a loose cannon” angle been pushed so ...
Jennifer Hudson At Super Bowl XLIII Pre-Game Show
2009-02-02 12:44:00
Jennifer Hudson sings the national anthem at today's Super Bowl in Tampa. This is the first public appearance for the 2006 Oscar winner ("Dreamgirls") since her mother, Darnell Donerson, brother Jason Hudson, and nephew Julian King were murdered in their Chicago home Oct. 28. Dressed in a cropped jacket, skinny pants, a white top and gold jewelry, Hudson, 27, stepped onto a round dais at Raymond James Stadium for her pre-game performance.Hudson took a deep breath and surveyed the field before launching into her rendition of the National Anthem. She ended the song with her head tossed back and a clenched fist raised to deafening applause.Hudson's performance followed a tribute to the crew of U.S. Airways Flight 1542 and a performance of "America the Beautiful" by Faith Hill. Hudson also is slated to sing at the MusiCares Person of the Year Gala on Feb. 6 and the Grammy Awards on Feb. 8, both in Los Angeles.Jennifer Hudson Super Bowl XLIII Pre-Game Show [Source]
Top 10 Super Bowl Ads of 2009
2009-02-02 09:10:00’s ‘Top 10 Super Bowl Ads of 2009′ Coca-Cola: ‘Heist’ (Watch Video) - It is safe to say that Coca-Cola’s ‘Heist’ commercial was the most beautiful ad of the night.  A stream of outside critters and bugs, including lady bugs, grasshoppers, and bumble bees, work together to heist a tasty Coca-Cola away from a good ...
Pedigree ?Crazy Pets? Super Bowl Ad (Video)
2009-02-02 07:38:00
This ‘Crazy Pets’ Super Bowl video for Pedigree is cute but not brilliantly funny. I found it interesting due to Michael Vick. The message of the ad is to adopt a dog or help Pedigree’s Adopt a Dog program. I have a feeling NBC and the NFL gave Pedigree an ad rate discount for ...
Doritos ?Crystal Ball? Super Bowl Ad (Video)
2009-02-02 07:19:00
Doritos humorous ad featuring a supposed ‘Crystal Ball’ from the 2009 Super Bowl.
Bud Light ?Conan O?Brien? Super Bowl Ad (Video)
2009-02-02 07:15:00
Bud Light’s hilarious 2009 Super Bowl ad starring late night host Conan O’Brien. He is told by his agent that the commercial will only air in Sweden. He is none to happy to find it airing everywhere, including on the big screen at Times Square. Check it out….Conan is great in it!
Castrol ?Edge Monkey?s Super Bowl Ad (Video)
2009-02-02 07:11:00
Castro’s ‘Edge Monkey’ commercial video from the 2009 Super Bowl.
Godaddy ?Steamy Danica? Super Bowl Ad (Video)
2009-02-02 07:08:00
This ad shows three horny men around their computer. The one in the middle believes that now that he is online he can make anything happen. He then proceeds to impress his friends that he can make Danica Patrick take hot, steamy showers with other women appear on his computer monitor.
Budweiser ?Clydesdale Stick? Super Bowl Ad (Video)
2009-02-02 07:04:00
In this Super Bowl commercial for Budweiser we see a Clydesdale watch a Dalmatian fetch a stick for a farm hand. Not to be out down the Clydesdale runs off and comes back with a massive tree branch/log in his mouth.
Budweiser ?Clydesdale Circus? Super Bowl Ad (Video)
2009-02-02 07:01:00
In this Budweiser commercial from the 2009 Super Bowl a Clydesdale runs off to the Circus to rescue his gal. The two then run away off into the fields together. This commercial is made even more special with the song ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ by Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell playing in the background.
Gatorade ?Tiger? Super Bowl Commercial (Video)
2009-02-02 06:55:00
Gatorade’s 2009 Super Bowl ad for G2 staring Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, several other athletes, and the inspiring Jason McElwain.
Telaflora ?Talking Flowers? Super Bowl Ad (Video)
2009-02-02 06:51:00
One of the funniest and meanest Super Bowl ads I have seen in my lifetime from the 2009 Super Bowl. In this Telaflora ‘Talking Flowers’ commercial the boxed flowers deliver nasty verbage to the woman who received them, as her co-workers stand around astonished.
Coke?s ?Heist? Super Bowl Commercial (Video)
2009-02-02 06:42:00
Coke’s ‘Heist’ Super Bowl commercial is perhaps the most visually stunning and best directed ad from Super Bowl Sunday as you can see in the video above. In the video you will see grasshoppers, bumble bees, and lady bugs
Ed McMahon?s Cash4Gold Super Bowl Commercial (Video)
2009-02-02 06:37:00
One of the Super Bowl’s funnier commercials starring Ed McMahon and M.C. Hammer for I believe this truly might have been my favorite of the night.
Annoying Buzzing Sound Dominates Super Bowl Broadcast
2009-02-02 04:16:00
Who can tell me what was the annoying buzzing sound that dominated the entire Super Bowl Broadcast from start to finish? It sounded like one of the stadium's next door neighbors was using a hedger on...
Fast & Furious at Super Bowl XLIII
2009-02-02 03:06:00
Another variation of the Fast & Furious 4 trailer was shown during the Super Bowl. April 3, 2009 is the premier day!
Worst NBC Super Bowl Coverage Moments
2009-02-01 22:37:00
2nd runner-up - Al Roker.  Why? Winner, and Worst Man In The World - Keith Olbermann.   Hey, NBC Sports.   Keep “Mr. Dyspeptic” on your left-wing radical “news” cable channel.  Don’t ruin my football with this jackass. Worst Moment Yet-To-Come: Springsteen at halftime. Go Cardinals. -Bruce (GayPatriot)
Stupid Bowl
2009-02-01 17:55:00
Yeah, I don’t watch Throwball. I watch Football, or Soccer. But I will be taping the game because they’re going to be airing a new trailer for Star Trek. My prediction for the game? 3+ hours of sheer boredom with a 30 second bright spot.
Super Bowl Game Day Links for Steelers Fans
2009-02-01 17:36:00
Are you spending the day waiting for Super Bowl XLIII to begin? Here are some links, especially if you?re a Steelers fan, to help you pass the time until kick-off:There is an incredible list of Steelers fight songs on the Steelers in Hoboken website. I?m still a huge fan of the Polamalu Song.You can?t have a Steelers? Super Bowl without hearing Myron Cope. This site has dozens of Cope quotes.The New York Times and ESPN both have wonderful articles about the history and legacy of the Terrible Towel.Michael Wilbon wrote a nice article about Dan Rooney. I love Ryan Clark?s quote comparing Rooney to Washington owner Dan Snyder:"I'm not saying one way is better than another," Clark said, "But you're standing in line to get lunch, and you have to force him to go ahead of you. He sat at my bedside when I was sick [in the hospital]. He's a fascinating guy. He drives a Grand Prix. I can't help but compare it to Dan Snyder's driver and limousine, and the helicopter he'd land at prac...
Super Bowl XLIII Start Time
2009-02-01 16:14:00
Super Bowl XLIII starts today at 6:28 EST / 5:28 CST / 4:28 MST / 3:28 PST between the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers from Tampa Bay, Florida.  The game airs on NBC with the pre-game starting about two days ago. LINE: Pittsburgh (-4)
Tonight’s TV Addictions (Assuming You’re Not Watching the Super Bowl)
2009-02-01 15:14:00
Yes, yes, we all know the Superbowl is on. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that directly afterwards comes the supersized episode of THE OFFICE, which has been so hyped we’re almost afraid it’ll disappoint. But what else is on tonight? Seeing as the other networks have opted against airing test patterns or the Yule Log, here are a few options for you. CBS REPORTS: THE ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE (7PM CBS) Figuring “if you can’t beat them, bore them”, CBS offers up an hour long report on the — say it with me — historic journey of Barack Obama. Frankly, we’d rather see the full, unedited Sarah Palin interviews. I mean, at least then there’s be some laughs.   FORBIDDEN LOVE: POLYGAMY (7PM The Learning Channel) Can’t get enough BIG LOVE? Then this is the place to be. First, at 7, a look inside a polygamist sect (think Juniper Creek), and then, at 8 p.m., TLC presents MY HUSBAND’S THREE WIVES. That&r...
Super Bowl Party: Playboy Party At American Airlines Arena
2009-01-30 21:28:00
I'm not in Tampa, but the 2010 Super Bowl is in -- drumroll -- Miami! That's what I'm looking forward to. And besides, there's no Playboy Super Bowl Party this year. RATS! The reasons they give are well...""While we are huge fans of Super Bowl weekend and are participating in the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl event, we will not be hosting a separate party in Tampa,"But I'll bet they'll be back in Miami and Zennie62 will be there!
What Are You Wearing for the Super Bowl (and Predictions)
2009-01-30 15:15:00
I contacted some of my favorite Pittsburgh Steelers bloggers* and asked them what they are wearing for the Super Bowl. Then I realized that the question sounded a little inappropriate at best and creepy at worst, so I rephrased the question to this: Is there something that you will wear or have near you, not including a Terrible Towel which is a given, on Sunday? This question was especially geared for the superstitious folks out there like me. There was also an option to submit predictions about the game and a final score.Tecmo of PSAMP:I'm gross. I have three pairs of Steelers socks. I wore a pair for the San Diego game, then took 'em off right after we were done, knowing I'd need 'em, unwashed, again. I wore the same pair for the Baltimore game, and immediately took them off once we won. They're still not washed, but I've only worn them during game-time, and I'll do the same Sunday.This is in addition to my Hines Ward jersey and two Bettis Foundation wristbands. And my ...
Burn Notice kicks off Super Bowl shows on USA tonight
2009-01-30 03:51:00
Tonight at 10p on USA Burn Notice starts off the first of three Super Bowl themed shows! And let’s just say what a way to kick off the game. On tonight’s episode something so firey hot will happen between Fiona and Michael that will change their relationship forever. And tomorrow tune in for Monk and Psych starting ...
Cabot Cheese Super Bowl Recipes
2009-01-29 03:09:00
Cabot Coop is a group of Vermont dairy farmers that was founded in 1919. They have a very good blog with lots of helpful information including recipes.The blog just posted some Super Bowl Recipes I think you will find useful. They certainly sound delicious: Point SpreadCheese and Bean Quesadillas ("Sudden Turnovers")Habanero Cheddar and Black Bean SpreadHot as a Torch! Jalapeno PoppersBaked Jalapeno PoppersHot Broccoli-Cheddar Dip Pizza"Pig Skins "Hero SandwichesNachosThe website also features a handy online recipe box you can use to store your favorites for future reference.There is even a beer and cheese pairings page.(c) 2009 Jeff Connor Grunberg Haus Inn
Kurt Warner: Arizona Cardinals QB At Super Bowl Media Day
2009-01-29 00:09:00
.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }.flickr-yourcomment { }.flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; }.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } warner_3, originally uploaded by crgazette. This is a great pict of Arizona Cardinals QB holding court at NFL Media Day. I'm not there as I didn't plan to go to Tampa last year. Still, I miss the parties but I don't miss not being able to get into some of them and the weird behavior of some people just because they're there. Heck, I've been to six Super Bowls.
No Recession At The Tampa Super Bowl
2009-01-29 00:07:00
.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }.flickr-yourcomment { }.flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; }.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } Super Bowl, originally uploaded by Dan B Lee. And this prove it! That's a sweet car!
Super Bowl T-Shirts Boxes
2009-01-29 00:05:00
Super Bowl T-Shirts Boxes 2Originally uploaded by DesignAShirt.comJust in time for Super Bowl XLIII, shirts! But I've never seen so many and in their boxes.
Want A Great Bowl of Clam Chowder in Los Gatos? Visit Willow Street - It's
2009-01-26 01:39:00
On Friday I enjoyed a late lunch with a real estate colleague and friend of mine at Willow Street Pizza in downtown Los Gatos. The food is always good but this time I had a bowl of clam chowder and it was the best I've had in years. With New England Clam Chowder (the "white" one, as opposed to the red, Manhattan Clam Chowder), there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Sometimes the clams are gritty. Frequently the potatoes disintegrate and the whole soup becomes mushy and too thick. Perhaps most often, there's excessive cream or fat in the recipe and the chowder is unpleasantly oily. The bowl of chowder I was served on Friday, though, was a very pleasant surprise. The potatoes and other vegetables were not overcooked. The soup was very tasty and not overly heavy. And if I'm not mistaken, there were small, delicious dumplings cooked into the recipe too. The combination was unbeatable as the look, texture and taste were all fantastic. ...
Friday Deals: HDTV for the Super Bowl
2009-01-23 21:10:00
Get ready to enjoy the Super Bowl with these flat panel HDTV deals: Samsung LN46A650 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV with RED Touch of Color $1,519.99 with free shipping @ Samsung LN46A750 46-Inch 1080p DLNA LCD HDTV with RED Touch of Colorfor $1,463.33 with free shipping @ Sharp AQUOS LC-52D64U 52″ LCD TV for $1,499.99 with ...Original Post on The Sun's Financial Diary Friday Deals: HDTV for the Super Bowl
Las Vegas Comedian Hosts Hofbrauhaus Celebration Super Bowl Weekend
2009-01-21 08:57:00
Las Vegas comedian hosts Hofbrauhaus celebration Super Bowl XLIII weekend.  The Super Bowl weekend hosted by comedian Carrot Top will be named “Tapping The Keg.” A traditional keg tapping ceremony by Luxor Las Vegas hotel headliner will start the Super Bowl festivities at Hofbrauhaus at 7 pm on January 31, 2009.  A favorite restaurant for locals ... Tags: Las Vegas News, super bowl, hofbrauhaus, las vegas restaurant, carrot top, las vegas event (Comments)
The Cost of a Super Bowl Ad
2009-01-19 17:10:00
How much does it cost to get a ad during the Super Bowl?  Only $3 Million for a 30 second spot during this years (2009) Super Bowl.  NBC states that it has sold 90% of its add spots for this years program, and is estimating around 100 million viewers in the US. [From Fox News]
Ben wrote a new blog post: The Super Bowl...
2009-01-19 14:58:00
Ben wrote a new blog post: The Super Bowl... There are a lot of people today,including me,shaking their heads in wonderment right now. The Pittsburgh Steelers are in the Super Bowl for the AFC,that was expected. I won money off of them this year(yes I bet they would make it even though I am an old Oilers fan and a Texans fan and have ...
January 15, 1967 ? From Super Ball to Super Bowl
2009-01-15 06:01:00
On this day in engineering history, the Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs by a score of 35 – 10 in the first AFL-NFL World Championship Game, an American football contest which later came to be known as the Super Bowl. The game, which pitted the champion Packers of the Nati
2009-01-14 16:16:00
Jennifer Hudson will make her first public appearance since the killings of her mother, brother and nephew during sports' grandest event ? the Super Bowl.NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy confirmed Wednesday that Hudson will sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl in Tampa, Fla., on Feb. 1. E! News first reported Tuesday that Hudson would perform.Hudson hasn't made a public appearance since her 57-year-old mother, Darnell Hudson Donerson; 29-year-old brother Jason Hudson; and 7-year-old nephew Julian King were slain in Chicago in October. Her estranged brother-in-law has been charged in the killings.Hudson, who had released her self-titled debut album shortly before the killings, is also scheduled to sing at the Grammys' MusiCares event in Los Angeles a few days later. She is nominated for four awards at the Feb. 8 Grammy Awards.source
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