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Bravo for British Telecom!
2008-08-28 18:29:00
Yesterday British Telecom announced that British cities and towns can keep the Phone Booths (see picture, courtesy of Le Devoir of Montreal) that are so prevalent. These nostalgic and beautiful boxes, together with the London double decker buses, bring to my mind everything that is beautiful and g
British Telecom is Satan
2008-05-25 15:55:00
I'm sorry for the lack of posts recently but I have been done up the bum by BT. I have been witing for the stunts with a C to set up my new landline and internet connection for almost 6 weeks now. I even had to have the "Are you a robot or human? " question with the Customer Service team. Apparently, computers rule their lives and they cannot go against it. Sounds like a bit of Space Odyssey 2008 to me. HAL has returned to fuck with all us puny humans' lives. FUCK BT and all that they stand for............Get raedy for a barrage of posts after the 29th MAy....I've been gagging.
By: ESPV Blog
British Telecom unleashed BT ToGO service
2008-05-12 07:37:00
This is a fun twist, instead of a mobile provider adding home phone service to its roster, British Telecom, a UK wireline provider is adding wireless service called Broadband Anywhere with a couple handsets called BT ToGO. The two handsets on offer are HTC’s S710 and the S620 offering WiFi access when available and wireless ...
Xbox 360 teamed up with British Telecom
2008-01-12 21:24:00
Microsoft teamed up with British Telecom to deliver TV, music and movies-on-demand via the HD-ready ‘BT Vision’ service, which is coming to Xbox 360 very soon.How cool is that? Cooler than you think - seriously!For those of you not yet clued in, BT Vision is a groundbreaking service which allows BT customers to watch, pause, rewind and record any of the 60+ Freeview television and digital radio channels.Better still it also grants users instant access to a library comprising thousands of hours of premium on-demand content and numerous subscription channels. We’re talking hit TV shows, top music videos, blockbuster movies, sporting events (such as near-live Premiership football) and the like. Regular BT Vision customers need to install a special set-top box to get all this, but you can have it all at your fingertips using your brilliant 360.Of course, with BT Vision running on the Xbox 360 there are other advantages too, such as voice chat, sending and receiving instant text me...
British Telecom to launch 360's IPTV - SendMeRSS
2008-01-07 16:18:00
British Telecom to launch 360's IPTVFiled under: NewsDuring their CES keynote, Microsoft took stage and also announced that British Telecom will be the first company to launch the Xbox 360 IPTV service in the UK. British Telecom is the largest telecommunication company in the UK and will eventually allow customers to purchase Xbox 360 consoles for IPTV service. No release date was announced for the program to be up and running, but if history is any indicator of future events then we should see 360 IPTV up and running by around ... 2010. We kid, we kid! Read | Permalink | Email this | Comments Link - Comments - Dustin Burg - Mon, 07 Jan 2008 15:15:00 GMT - Feed (2 subs) british-telecom ces iptv Sent using Visit here to unsubscribe from Xbox 360 Fanboy. Recommended Feeds/Actions Subscribe Dateline video
British Telecom Fuckup
2007-08-22 13:35:00
From handheld devices that enable flexible working to global networking and outsourcing solutions, our products and services can satisfy your organisation’s needs completely.– from website, today No, you can’t. For the second time in just about as many weeks, BT have manged to cut off Germany (and god knows what other countries) from my employer’s site in Luxembourg. Maybe all of Luxembourg, I don’t know. It’s not like there are severed cables or anything like that involved, it’s just that the routing loops around and around and around… Great job, BT!
By: un|we|sen
Fon hooked up with British Telecom
2007-02-02 23:24:02
When it comes to British Telecoms, you know it’s going to be something big. The telecoms company closed a deal with the Spanish WiFi network Fon to allow BT users to share their broadband access and BT Fusion users (the WiFi/GSM dual-mode service) to make VoIP phone calls via Fon members’ hotspots. With this partnership, Fon is gaining more grandeur and authority as a WiFi network. The deal will grant Fon the access to up to 100,000 customers, reports Reuters. A rather small user base compared to the other big deal the company made in France with Neuf-Cegetel, the second biggest ISP in France with over 1.2 million broadband users.
By: 21talks
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