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Allan Holdsworth: Where is Jack Bruce these days?
2012-05-26 03:24:00
Where is Jack Bruce these days... I don't know... You don't know where Jack is?... He moves around a lot.. Allan Holdsworth appears a news channel and improvises a piece for them. Excuse the fact that the video is out of sync. Allan Holdsworth - KUSI News Appearance
Novo vídeo e EP conceptual de Gabriel Bruce
2012-05-24 18:00:00
O inventivo crooner e cantautor Gabriel Bruce acaba de lançar um EP conceptual dividido em duas partes com o título “Dark Lights Shine Loud/A Brief And Selfish Lover” e de onde foi escolhido o seu novo single e tema-título (parcial) “Dark Lights Shine Loud” para o qual foi também agora revelado um óptimo vídeo oficial, realizado por Ferry, que nós temos aqui disponível para assistirem. Para além do vídeo, também está disponível para escuta integral o referido “Dark Lights Shine Loud/A Brief And Selfish Lover EP” que é composto por cinco canções que deverão integrar o alinhamento do seu álbum ...
Nori Bucci, Bruce Brucato: Bucci Brucato guitar duo dates
2012-05-21 23:02:00
Nori BucciBUCCI BRUCATO GUITAR DUO- - -SHOPPE ON MAIN, friday, May 25th at 6pm, 2714 Main street, Newfane, NY, 716-778-5273.-LEWIS ARTique, Sunday, June 3rd at 2pm, 8505 Packard road, Niagara Falls, NY, 716-990-1959
What Lies Ahead for Junior E&Ps: Bruce Edgelow
2012-05-15 22:00:00
The Energy Report: Bruce, what major changes do you see under way for junior explorers and producers (E&Ps)? Bruce Edgelow: Juniors have begun to transition from drilling moderately priced individual vertical wells to drilling much more capital-intensive resource plays. For example, in 2000 the cost to drill and complete one well in Pembina was ~$330,000. By 2010, the cost had ballooned to ~$2.75 million (M) due to horizontal drilling and more complex completion techniques. This trend is expected to continue as resource plays become increasingly dominant and as larger budgets, bigger … [visit site to read . . . → Read More: What Lies Ahead for Junior E&Ps: Bruce Edgelow
Bruce Willis Shows Off Baby Mabel Ray On Twitter (PHOTO)
2012-05-13 14:52:00
Happy Mother?s Day! Badass daddy Bruce Willis was caught cuddling his baby girl, Mabel Ray who was born on April?s Fool Day, in a picture posted by his wife Emma Heming-Willis on Twitter. How cute is this? If this image of Bruce and baby Mabel doesn?t melt your heart, you simply don?t have one. The ...
Tommy Denander,Bruce Gaitsch: Bobby Kimball - Hold The Line Musikmesse 2012
2012-05-11 19:01:00
Bobby Kimball and ?The legendary Jam-of-the Year" GEWA band played "Hold the Line" on Musik Messe in Frankfurt Germany April 2012. With Tommy Denander - guitar, Bruce Gaitsch - guitar, Chuck Plaisance - vocals, Curt Bisquera - drums, Jekko S. - bass & vocals, Jon Hammond - Sk1 Hammond organ, Jimmy Kresic - piano & keys, Pitti Hecht - percussion, Gerd "Elwood" Essl - keys & menagement Bobby Kimball "Jam of the Year" 2012 - Hold the Line
Tommy Denander,Bruce Gaitsch: Jon Hammond captures Legendary Jam at Musikme
2012-05-11 18:58:00
2012 Frankfurt Musikmesse backstage at the big Agora Stage just seconds before going on the bandstand in concert with Tommy Denander's Allstar band, with footage from the concert of Hendrix tribute playing Little Wing with these great musicians: "The legendary Jam-of-the Year Band" with Bobby Kimball (TOTO), Tommy Denander (guitar player, e.g. for Michael Jackson), Bruce Gaitsch (guitar player, e.g. for Richard Marx), Chuck Plaisance vocals, Curt Bisquera (drummer, e.g. for Tina Turner) und Jekko S. Jon Hammond at the Sk1 Hammond organ, Zlatko Jimmy Kresic keys, Pi TTi Hecht percussion * Special thanks Wolfgang Luecke Frankfurt Messe, GEWA Music, Ralf J. Richter aka Jackson and Team for incredible stage support and Ralph Heinrich for the fantastic board mix, dankeschoen! sincerely, Jon Hammond Legendary Jam Of The Year Band Little Wing Hendrix Tribute Musikmesse
Bruce has three-run homer, lifts Reds over Brewers (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-05-08 05:49:00
MILWAUKEE (AP) Jay Bruce hit a three-run home run and Bronson Arroyo pitched solidly into the seventh inning, leading the Cincinnati Reds to a 6-1 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers on Monday night.
Bruce McQuain Kicks Robert Reich’s Sorry Butt
2012-05-07 20:04:00
A very stupid,  dishonest and short man wrote: Francois Hollande’s victory doesn’t and shouldn’t mean a movement toward socialism in Europe or elsewhere. Socialism isn’t the answer to the basic problem haunting all rich nations. The answer is to reform capitalism. The world’s productivity revolution is outpacing the political will of rich societies to fairly distribute its benefits. The result is widening inequality coupled with slow growth and stubbornly high unemployment. So say Robert Reich.    No  one who believes and understands a market economy, would babble about the [state directed] distribution of benefits.   Bruce McQuain takes the short one to the woodshed, from Questions and Observations: And, apparently, the top 1% a) bury the money in cans in the back yard and b) don’t pay 37% of all income taxes collected (the top 5% pay 59%).  That’s just not sufficient anymore to keep the bottom 50%, who essentially pay no income taxes, in the lifestyle to whic...
By: BitsBlog
Bruce, Cueto lead Reds to 6-0 win over Astros (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-04-29 01:47:00
CINCINNATI (AP) Jay Bruce homered for the third consecutive game and drove in four runs to back Johnny Cueto’s solid effort as the Cincinnati Reds beat the Houston Astros, 6-0 on Saturday.
Nori Bucci, Bruce Brucato: Bucci Brucato Guitar Duo announce a live date
2012-04-22 16:43:00
Nori Bucci Nori Bucci Bucci Brucato Guitar Duo ~ May 25th, 6 - 8pm at the 'Shoppe On Main', 2714 Main street, Newfane, NY 14108   Full post Nori Bucci: Gamalon complete show Great band from buffalo - Full
Book Review: ?Men In The Making? by Bruce Machart
2012-04-20 18:06:00
In an age where if you are a male and you tell a woman—not your wife/girlfriend/mistress–- that she looks nice you open yourself up to a charge of sexual harassment, in an age where you are called sexist or worst if you hold open a door for a lady, etc. comes this collection MEN IN ...
Live: Bruce Springsteen Takes Care Of His Own At The Izod Center
2012-04-04 15:30:00
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Izod Center Tuesday, April 3 Better than: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in any of the 49 other states. At 11:06 p.m., seated in the press box at th
Karmel Graham is now friends with bruce lee and fashion designer
2012-03-25 19:33:00
Karmel Graham is now friends with bruce lee and fashion designer
Sam Smith replied to bruce lee's discussion 'Retro canvas bags is
2012-03-22 06:54:00
Sam Smith replied to bruce lee's discussion 'Retro canvas bags is a ideal valentine gift'
Bruce Kulick: Rockeyez Interview
2012-03-13 00:02:00
Bruce Kulick formerly of KISS and now with GRAND FUNK RAILROAD talks about his time with MEAT LOAF, MICHEAL BOLTON, THE GOOD RATS plus is impression of Mark St. John, Davy Jones and Ronnie Montrose. Bruce talks about a new solo release and his impression on the Eric Carr CD (Unfinished Business). (AUDIO) Rockeyez Interview w/Bruce Kulick 3-4-12
Gabriel Bruce, um nome a manter debaixo d?olho
2012-02-26 22:18:00
O britânico Gabriel Bruce é um crooner de voz grave e lúgubre que somente com um single editado pela independente Off Modern Records nos conquistou por completo à primeira audição. Tudo aconteceu no final do ano passado enquanto assistíamos ao vídeo oficial para a sua belíssima canção “Sleep Paralysis”, que de imediato nos levou a considerá-lo como um dos artistas cujo potencial poderia granjear-lhe notoriedade em 2012 e, na verdade, ele parece disposto a dar-nos razão. Isto porque este ano Gabriel Bruce já gravou e ofereceu gratuitamente no dia de São Valentim uma inspirada versão de “Cupid” de Sam Cooke ...
Lilli Bruce and Anita Kulkarni are now friends
2012-02-21 06:20:00
Lilli Bruce and Anita Kulkarni are now friends
Blog post by Lilli Bruce
2012-02-17 05:20:00
Blog post by Lilli BruceFlowers leave some of their fragrance in the hand that bestows themFlowers leave some of their fragrance in the hand that bestows them. Yes, the warm petals touching our hand make us have the feel of the warm hug cuddling us. Every morning with the sun rise, they start their day blooming themselves with his rays. The lovely sun flowers wait for his arrival and make their day happy the moment he sets in. Just like a woman waiting for her man, they open up the moment he starts looking at them. Every morning just walking by these pretty flowers will make you get fresh breathe and a hope of relaxation and stress relief.Gifting you loved one on their birthday with a bunch of flowers which they love will add more in to the love making and make you bond stronger day by day. Giving your little sweet heart a small flower, will make them to love you more. World of flowers is always an imagination for everyone. Whether it is a dream or a reality, all of us love to be gi...
Bruce Springsteen - Thunder Road
2012-02-16 22:25:00
Call me old fashioned or whatever you like! I still find older songs better than today's music....
Blog post by bruce lee
2012-02-16 06:22:00
Blog post by bruce leePreviews in Furla retro handbagsFurla is famous leather goods brand known for its traditional Italian craftsmanship, has been carrying out the purpose of the creation of a simple fashion, this fall and winter furla leather bags designer with retro and full of feminine lines to reflect the style of 1950s fashion. Geometry and Huan Lai color, soft texture and simple lines complement each other, so that the past and the modern time and space to meet, swept the city to chase the ladies of the high quality and fashion design, filling the charm of their self-confidence.FURLA2012 series of leather bags, canvas bags, and led all the guests to travel through time, feeling the retro style of 1950s fashion, distribute female nature, self-confidence with the retro leather handbags, canvas messenger bags. The event is a public fashion-loving red star celebrities attended the support, including Lynn, should be adopted children, Annie Liu and Janis Chan and the first to bring...
Gary Moore,Jack Bruce,Gary Husband: Cream classics, never seen this before!
2012-02-13 18:01:00
Gary Moore Guitar Vocals Jack Bruce Bass Vocals Gary Husband Drums Gary Moore Jack Bruce Gary Husband Performing Cream Classics In The Studio
Ruggero Robin: Bruce Gaitsch fretless original
2012-02-13 01:40:00
A first idea of a song for a CD project of two great guitarists and friends Ruggero Robin on guitar and fretless and Bruce Gaitsch on acoustic guitar. The name of the song is "Go For It" This is a demonstration of the working demo of the song. The song is not over. "Go For It" Ruggero Robin Bruce Gaitsch
Bruce Bouillet: burning FGN Guitars NAMM 2012
2012-02-11 14:04:00
NAMM 2012_FGN Guitars_Bruce Bouillet(Part1) NAMM 2012_FGN Guitars_Bruce Bouillet(Part2)
Uli Jon Roth,Tony MacAlpine,Bruce Kulick,Warren DeMartini:NAMM JAM at the K
2012-02-05 00:41:00
From the NAMM JAM at the Key Club in Hollywood 2012. Uli Jon Roth,Tony MacAlpine,Bruce Kulick,Warren DeMartini,Bjorn Englen Part 1 Video:D.Slaney/Kris Claerhout Editing: D.Slaney NAMM JAM-Uli Roth-DeMartini-MacAlpine,Englen-,Kulick
Eng Robert Bruce
2012-01-25 18:07:00
We are at sea just now (trawling) one hundred miles from nearest port we have a cat 3512b main engine the left bank exshaust temp is 150degrees higher than right bank at working load . any suggestions why this is happening ? ive checked all sensonors rebooted ecm.....
Tony MacAlpine,Nili Brosh,Bruce Kulick,Marq Torian: Key Club Goin Down
2012-01-23 01:41:00
Tony MacAlpine,Bruce Kulick,Marq Torian @ the Key Club Goin Down Tony MacAlpine live@ Key Club 1st song Tony MacAlpine live@Key Club 3rd song
Coal Miner Shane Bruce ?Hallelujah? American Idol Audition (VIDEO)
2012-01-20 15:38:00
19 year-old Shane Bruce, who is a proud coal miner/singer, delivered a nervous and disappointing rendition of ?Hallelujah? by Leonard Cohen during the American Idol Season 11 auditions in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Thursday (January 19)- watch video below. What? Did Shane really think ?Hallelujah? is a song from the movie Shrek? Really? At the end ...
Audio: Bruce McCormack's lectures on election
2011-12-24 17:09:00
Thanks to Jason for noting that Bruce McCormack's recent Kantzer Lectures are now available in audio: The God Who Graciously Elects: 2011 Kantzer Lectures 1. Is the Reformation Over? Reflections on the Place of the Doctrine of God in Evangelical Theology Today 2. From the One God to the Trinity: The Creation of the Orthodox Understanding of God 3. The Great Reversal: From the Economy of God to the Trinity in Modern Theology 4. The God Who Reveals Himself: The Mystery of the Trinity in the New Testament 5. Which Christology?  Refining the Economic Basis of the Christian Doctrine of God 6. The Processions Contain the Missions: Reconstructing the Doctrine of an Immanent Trinity 7. The Being of God as Gift and Grace: On Freedom and Necessity, Aseity and the Divine 'Attributes'
Bruce Nussbaum talks about his new book
2011-12-21 14:27:00
Bruce Nussbaum, author and Professor of Innovation and Design at Parsons, talked about his new book at the Designboost ? Design Beyond Design event which took place at Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. In this video you will see Bruce Nussbaum talk about his thinking around the book, among other things new ways to frame design contexts and the importance of talking about failure. The event was a collaboration between Designboost, Cooper-Hewitt as the location host, Material ConneXion, the Consulate General of Sweden in New York, and Prime PR.
danish khan, Anna, Bruce Bennett and 6 more joined Fashion Industry Network
2011-12-19 18:54:00
danish khan, Anna, Bruce Bennett and 6 more joined Fashion Industry Network
Merry Christmas! Bruce Willis Is A Very Generous Tipper
2011-12-18 22:49:00
Oh! Oh! Oh! Demi Moore?s ex-husband, Bruce Willis, must be awfully happy because he dropped massive tips to whoever helped him pick up a Christmas tree at the A1 Christmas Trees and Lights in Los Angeles, California this past week. According to TMZ, Bruce bought a 10-foot tree for $175, but left more than $100 ...
Free Bookplate for A Dog?s Purpose by by W. Bruce Cameron
2011-12-09 16:06:00 email: Tell us your name, mailing address and how many bookplates you need This Freè? Stuff ?Tìmès . ©om feed should only be read in feed readers, on the ¥¥©Freestuff Timesemail list, or the ??FST Google Gadget.?©? Any other use is copyright infringe ? ment and should be reported.?© ©¥??
Paul Gilbert,Bruce Bouillet: Racer X Private Party 1987
2011-12-03 00:18:00
Paul Gilbert,Bruce Bouillet: Racer X Private Party 1987
Paul Gilbert,Bruce Bouillet: Racer X - Omni 1988
2011-12-03 00:14:00
Paul Gilbert,Bruce Bouillet: Racer X - Omni 1988
2011-11-24 20:51:00
Presenting the photography of Bruce Davidson--a 35mm pioneer that sought to capture the underground soul of the New York City subway system of yesteryear. Raw, rugged, candid, and colorful, are just a few of the ways to describe this nostalgic body of work. Davidson's hardcover re-release of Subway ($49.95 USD) features these shots and more:
Uli Jon Roth, Richie Kotzen, Tony MacAlpine, Bruce Kulick: NAMM show announ
2011-11-01 21:58:00
NAMM Jam 2012 featuring sets by Uli Jon Roth, Richie Kotzen, Tony MacAlpine & Bruce Kulick Sat, January 21, 2012 Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 7:45 pm $18 adv; $23 day of show
Bruce Willis? Wife Emma Heming Is Pregnant
2011-10-26 16:39:00
Bruce Willis is going to be a daddy AGAIN! Demi Moore?s ex-husband and his wife, Emma Heming, are reportedly pregnant with their first child together. The two couldn?t be happier and more excited about the news of an upcoming addition to the Willis? family. Bruce Willis & Wife Emma Heming Kinky ?Mr. & Mrs. Willis? ...
Joe Bonamassa, Jack Bruce: Gary Moore Tribute
2011-09-20 00:40:00
Joe Bonamassa, Jack Bruce- Gary Moore Tribute- Midnight Blues
Bruce Forman: Without a Song
2011-09-09 00:48:00
Bruce Forman "Without a Song"
Bruce Bouillet, Toshi Iseda, Jeff Kollm?an, Atma Anur: Intense Guitar and B
2011-08-30 00:22:00
Bruce Bouillet, Toshi Iseda, Jeff Kollm?an, Atma Anur are just some of the people lined up to produce Facebooke: Blog:  The cover of the first issue featuring Mark Tremonti due soon.
Eric Johnson,Bruce Bouillet,Brett Garsed: The Sound Magazine Volume 10
2011-08-19 01:15:00
Texas axe god Eric Johnson, ex-Racer X's Bruce Bouillet, Aussie virtuoso Brett Garsed, Megadeth's Dave Ellefson, flamenco and jazz master Russ Hewitt, and more extreme content in Volume 10
Jack Bruce, Joe Bonamassa: Royal Festival Hall 2011
2011-06-06 21:37:00
Jack Bruce, Joe Bonamassa: Royal Festival Hall 2011
First look at Bruce Willis in LOOPER
2011-05-14 04:59:00
The very first shot of Bruce Willis from the upcoming sci-fi thriller Looper starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and coming from director Rian Johnson. The film takes place in the future when time-travel is possible but highly illegal. Gordon-Levitt plays a hitman who kills hooded and bound victims that are sent back in time from 30 years ...
Bruce Bowser: Strawberry Cinders - clever video
2011-04-18 01:17:00
This hard rock instrumental guitar song will be on my (Bruce Bowser) upcoming rock instrumental album called Electrical Problems. Check out my store at where Out Of Breath is available. CRANK it !! Strawberry Cinders (rock instrumental)
Grey Bruce County Film, Web, Marketing to Education
2011-04-04 13:00:00
Some of you know GEMINI Films originated in Grey & Bruce County offering both Melissa’s and my film, internet and teaching skills background.  We met working on a Disney kids Tv show called Jo-Jo’s Circus (which is supposedly a modern follow up to Micky Mouse).  When we left the fold of Cuppa Coffee Animation studios ...
Web Hosting Solutions for Grey & Bruce County
2011-03-30 00:17:00
As of April 1st, 2011 GEMINI Films is no longer offering Website Hosting services to the Grey and Bruce County area.   And sorry to say this isn’t an April fools joke which is early.   We have decided to close down this offering as website hosting deserves a full time investment to protect you and your ...
Bruce Kulick: John Carobi unplugged European dates
2011-03-16 20:20:00
Bruce Kulick,John Carobi acoustic shows - dubbed Unplugged & United 2011 - in Italy, and one in Poland, in April April 5 - Busto Arsizio, Italy - Code Club 6 - Padova, Italy - Arci Grindhouse 7 - Brunico, Italy - UFO 8 - Pisa, Italy - Borderline 9 - Parma, Italy - Bandit 10 - Palermo, Italy - I Candelai 12 - Wroclaw, Poland - Studio 54
Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet: Troubadour Last Show 1989
2011-01-31 22:59:00
I was so gutted when I heard Paul had quit Racer X. I had been told that they were planning a tour of the UK with Cacophony. I still live in hope that Racer X will do a tour... mean time videos like this remind me of what I missed... READ! this is scarified from the 1989 troubadour show. Bruce rips on guitar on this one. there's only Bruce, John, Jeff and Scott. this is the last concert they did. jeff threw his mic up and got it caught on a cable at the beginning of the video. and there's a picture of Bruce at the end of the video which was taken during this particular show. thanks to JJ.Gray for the picture. he's the current owner of that orange epiphone. Racer X - Scarified 1989 Troubadour Last Show Racer X - Motor Man 1989 Troubadour Last Show
Ruggero Robin,Bruce Gaitsch: demo from new CD project - breathless fretles
2011-01-09 15:20:00
These guys are great, I hope to capture some more video of Ruggero Robin at this years Musikmesse. Here Ruggero plays some breathless fretless! A first idea of a song for a CD project of two great guitarists and friends Ruggero Robin on guitar and fretless and Bruce Gaitsch on acoustic guitar. The name of the song is "Go For It"This is a demonstration of the working demo of the song. The song is not over. "Go For It" Ruggero Robin Bruce Gaitsch
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