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What happens at the 2012 PGA Golf Merchandise Show?
2012-02-01 15:02:00
You've probably heard about the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show on Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else on the internet where golf is being spoken and wondered what it was all about and so, as I read this press release, I immediately thought that golf fans would be interested in what happens at the biggest trade-only event of the year. It's a huge party of sorts thrown by the PGA of America. Here is a peek into the first day of the 2012 PGA Golf Merchandise Show...enjoy! **********   Fun, optimism part of strong opening day for 59th PGA Merchandise Show What if you threw a party and everybody came? You'd have something like the first day of the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show, where all of golf's biggest companies turned out in full force to show their latest products to thousands of PGA Professionals and golf shop merchandisers at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., Jan. 26 - 28. More than 1,000 companies welcomed thousands of PGA P...
Happy Labor Day: CPAs buck employment trends
2009-09-07 15:00:00
It's Labor Day, but I'm not going to give you a hard time if you don't feel like celebrating. The Department of Labor released its latest employment figures recently, and they aren't good. As of Sept. 4, 2009, the unemployment...
Angora Buck Goat ? Rocky
2009-08-21 20:34:00
Rocky "Check out how cute a goat can be!" 2009-07-13 Here’s what Melanie Furlotte says about Rocky: "Rocky is a best mans goat. ~Smile~ He is a ball of fun. He travels everwhere in the car with us and is quite the attention getter. If he doesn’t have people near him, he makes noise till he is known. ...
Artie Lange Terrorizes Joe Buck on ?Joe Buck Live?
2009-06-16 16:56:00
Raunchy comedian Artie Lange was just that Monday night on the debut episode of ‘Joe Buck Live,’ the new HBO Sports show hosted by sports announcer Joe Buck.  Lange was brash, rude, and coarse with Buck, but that is who Artie Lange is as a celebrity. When Buck joked that his favorite Web site was, ...
Joe Buck Artie Lange [VIDEOS]
2009-06-16 16:15:00
Joe Buck had Artie Lange on the premiere of HBO’s new show, Joe Buck Live. Lange was his usual self, admitting to homophobia, saying Jessica Simpson is fat and looks like Chris Farley, and...
How about Buck Coats?
2009-06-11 18:39:00
How about Buck Coats? We’re up north anyways, let’s try a Coats on. Yeah!!! Awful joke aside, why the hell not? Dellucci is a bum, 35 years old, carrying a slow bat with no upside, the Jays seem to have no interest in Harper, Snider is still struggling, Cooper is struggling, so on and so forth. I’m a ...
SALE: Steve Madden "Buck" Suede Boots 41% Off
2009-03-06 18:30:00
Steve Madden "Buck" Boots$94.99 (was $159.95-- save 41%!)Available at: overstock.comEver since Pearl, our Stiletto Jungle Music Editor, fell head over heels for Fiorentini + Baker's buckle strap boots I've noticed similar styles popping up everywhere. The rugged buckles provide visual interest, while the adjustable nature of the boot makes it super comfortable and customizable. I love the whole
Frank Gambale: in this era of note crunch, more sweep for your buck
2009-01-13 23:58:00
News: 13-01-2009: Great solo, and it really shows off Gambale's sweeping skill. Looking for videos or to build your chops, check out Frank's online store Frank Gambale playing the Over and Out solo with VI. This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Peggy: Obama Passes the Buck on Important Issues
2008-10-24 08:44:00
In her column today, Peggy Noonan displays some of that feminine wisdom which once made me love her.  She doesn’t think the race is over and acknowledges the media bias:  “The press knows who the press is for, and it isn’t generally the one to the right.“ She faults McCain for not understanding that challenge: What has ...
Currency expert: Bullish on the buck
2008-09-17 07:00:00
“We see several bullish factors behind a rising U.S. dollar,” says global currency expert Jack Crooks ( In World Currency Alert (, he reviews PowerShares DB U.S. Dollar Bullish ( (NYSE: UUP ("We are increasingly seeing global capital draining from the global economy. The developed world provides the capital for the rest of the world. I like to think of it as the center to the periphery.“For example, credit is created in the most efficient and deepest capital markets is used to fund investment to markets outward on the periphery — those markets that don’t have their own domestic capital markets ready and available to do the job."Therefore, when money starts to move out of the periphery and back to the center, the dominant receiver of this fl...
Big Buck Bunny
2008-06-15 22:01:00
Big Buck Bunny, es un corto innovador creado bajo la supervisión de Sun Microsystems para demostrar las bondades de Blender, un software de código abierto que permite realizar películas en 3D. Aunque Blender se escape de mi uso cotidiano, si que es destacable que un software gratuito permita realizar animaciones de esta calidad. Esperemos que el proyecto siga adelante porque me ha resultado bastante entretenido como corto de animación. Otro experimento anterior con el mismo programa fue Elefant's dream.Enlace a este video en YouTube:ás información:Big Buck Bunny (Web oficial)Blender (Web oficial)Big Buck Bunny (Ficheros de producción)Apricot (Blog sobre el desarrollo del juego)En la blogosfera:'Big Buck Bunny', disponible ya online... en Blog de cineFicheros del BigBuckBunny... en PixelameVídeos, vídeos, vídeos... (XXXVI)... En Freak's cityBig Buck Bunny... en NoticiasFrikis
James Karl Buck Finds A Practical Use For Twitter
2008-06-06 11:50:00
James Karl Buck an American student was detained by officials in Egypt. He managed to be able to twitter the word " arrested " to friends and was released. His Egyptian translator not so lucky. He is still in jail and now Buck is mounting a technology campaign to help get him out. Mohammed Maree has told his lawyers that he 17 Zoom(s)
ICICI Venture, CVCI Take Haircut In Perlecan? Can Piramal Buck The Trend?
2008-06-06 08:38:00
Mumbai based Piramal Life Sciences Ltd, a newly formed company for drug research, is planning to divest 9-10 per cent of its stake to private equity players. Some of the funds in the2 Vote(s)
Big Buck Bunny
2008-06-05 08:56:00
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Big Buck Bunny
2008-06-05 05:45:00
A great animation! It does not get much better than this. I liked the ending, you have to watch to the very end to know what I am talking about.Big Buck Bunny tells the story of a giant rabbit with a heart bigger than himself. When one sunny day three rodents rudely harass him, something snaps... and the rabbit ain't no bunny anymore! In the typical cartoon tradition he prepares the nasty rodents a comical revenge.You can find out more at the official website.Tags: animation, youtube, video, video of the day, videorambler© The Video Rambler. Permission is granted to use this feed for personal use only. You are not allowed to scrap or republish this content on another website without the owners permission.
Big Buck Bunny, genial corto de animación
2008-06-04 20:17:00
Big Buck Bunny es un corto de animación. No está hecha ni por Disney Pixar ni por Dreamworks, pero eso no quiere decir que no rebose calidad por los cuatro costados. Además, podemos destacar la excelente finalidad del corto, que demuestra la calidad y la potencia que puede ofrecer el software libre, puesto que se ha ...
Big Buck Bunny
2008-06-03 17:02:00
Big Buck Bunny es cortometraje de 10 minutos de duración que es impulsado por el proyecto Blender para mostrar al mundo que esta herramienta abierta tiene poder para competir entre los grandes. En este caso este proyecto fue realizado por siete personas que trabajaron desde Octubre de 2007 hasta Abril de este año. Yo la verdad que ...
Fort Wayne Bank Foreclosures, the Best Bang For Your Buck
2008-06-02 12:11:00
Choosing to invest in Fort Wayne Bank Foreclosures can be a very lucrative opportunity; especially if you follow a few rules that most homeowners would be looking for. The idea, of course, is that you will pay as little as possible for your property and then turn around and make a profit from your purchase in Fort Wayne. Foreclosure homes usually sell for considerably less than those homes on the general market. Because of this the opportunity is there to make a good profit with your Fort Wayne bank foreclosures.
Big Buck Bunny
2008-06-02 10:04:00
Nach Elephants Dream (2005/2006 - realisiert von Orange Open Movie Project) bringt nun die Blender Foundation einen weiteren Open Source Animationsfilm in die Läden. Big Buck Bunny gibts auf DVD, oder als freien Download.
Big Buck Bunny movie files released
2008-06-02 00:05:00
The Blender Institute have finally released Big Buck Bunny, the second animated short created with Blender. The film is the first project by the Blender foundation to be created by the Blender Institute, a division of the foundation set up specifically to facilitate the creation of open content films and games. The film was funded by ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Big Buck Bunny movie files released", url: ""- });
Ailing O.C. builder gets half-billion-buck bailout
2008-05-27 15:58:00
Standard Pacific of Irvine, the ailing builder, said this morning it found a financial savior in a complex deal that would apparently ease the company’s cash crunch. The magic potion is a complicated arrangement with investor MatlinPatterson that sees $530 million in fresh capital boosting Standard Pacific. MatlinPatterson, founded by former Wall Street traders of distressed debt, invests in troubled companies. Among its well-known bets was aiding what’s now known as the MCI communications company out of bankruptcy. If nothing else, MatlinPatterson must see long-term value in homebuilding. MatlinPatterson’s deal with Standard Pacific will need approval of the builder’s stockholders, who’ve seen their shares loses 90% of their value in the real estate downturn. Once the news came out, Standard Pacific’s stock soared. Traders bid up Standard Pacific’s bonds, too. Standard Pacific got into a financial pickle by, among other things, losing $216 ...
Unbridled Buck Calm level headed Thoroughbred 17hh
2008-05-21 02:31:00
 Bugs is the calmest Thoroughbred I have ever seen or owned! He willing will get on the bit and has a wonderful, ground covering stride. Could do dressage, hunters, or eventing. He was very easy to train jumping, and is very bold to the hunter fences. Has jumped 3' spread and is now schooling 2'6. Bugs is 17hh and a 6 year old Thoroughbred gelding. He has no vices at all and is a mild keeper, like most TB. He hasn't been showed yet but has one coming soon. Price may increase with more training and shows! Pedigree on E-mail me at for more info and pictures of these amazing guy!!! Bugs went to his first show on 11-10-07. He competed over fences and on the flat. He was perfect, you could have never told he was a race horse. He came home with a blue over fences a fourth on the flat and a fifth on the flat. Bugs does very well on and off the farm
L.A.-area million-buck home prices off 3.7%
2008-05-20 21:04:00
Prices for luxury homes in Orange County and elsewhere in California continue to hold up better than the broader market, according to a new study and anecdotal evidence from real estate brokers. The First Republic Prestige Home Index showed prices for homes valued at $1 million or more fell 3.7 percent in the Los Angeles area in the first quarter of 2008, compared to a year earlier. That compares with a 20.5 percent drop for the median home price in Orange County in April compared with a year earlier, according to DataQuick. In Orange County, prices for inland luxury properties have fallen, while homes in beach communities have retained their value, said First Republic Bank, which publishes the Prestige Home Index. While the luxury market isn’t immune to the fluctuations that beset lower-priced homes, it hasn’t been affected to the same degree by the downturn of the past year, said broker Victoria Lee of HOM Group in Newport Beach. People who own homes in the coastal luxury mark...
John Buck (C-KC)
2008-05-20 19:20:00
Buck joined the Royals Monday after the birth of twin sons, but was not in Monday's lineup. Buck is in somewhat of a platoon with Miguel Olivo who has been the more consistent hitter behind the plate for the Royals. Buck has more power potential and will still see his share of at-bats.
Royals catcher Buck rejoins team
2008-05-20 03:10:00
The Kansas City Royals reinstated catcher John Buck from the bereavement list and optioned catcher Matt Tupman to Triple-A Omaha. Buck missed the weekend series in Florida to be with his wife, who had complications in her pregnancy. She gave birth to twin sons Cooper and Brody on Thursday, about 12 weeks early; the team said ...
Royals catcher Buck rejoins team (AP)
2008-05-20 02:44:00
The Kansas City Royals reinstated catcher John Buck from the bereavement list and optioned catcher Matt Tupman to Triple-A Omaha. Buck missed the weekend series in Florida to be with his wife, who had complications in her pregnancy. She gave birth to twin sons Cooper and Brody on Thursday, about 12 weeks early; the team ...
Royals? Buck stays home after birth of twins
2008-05-17 01:13:00
Kansas City Royals catcher John Buck was granted three days of bereavement leave because of health concerns for his wife, Brooke, after she gave birth to twins. Cooper and Brody were born 12 weeks prematurely Thursday evening, and Buck did not accompany the Royals to Miami for their weekend series against the Florida Marlins. The Royals recalled ...
Royals? Buck stays home after birth of twins (AP)
2008-05-17 01:09:00
Kansas City Royals catcher John Buck was granted three days of bereavement leave because of health concerns for his wife, Brooke, after she gave birth to twins. Cooper and Brody were born 12 weeks prematurely Thursday evening, and Buck did not accompany the Royals to Miami for their weekend series against the Florida Marlins. Read the ...
Hot Shots Golf New Characters for a buck: New patch needs downloading
2008-05-14 13:35:00
Do you love Hot Shots Golf? Well if you do you will be happy to know that there are new characters and that they are available for only a buck yes that is a dollar (well in fact it is only 99 cents. There are two characters one of them is Alex skill level will ...
Young Buck XM Radio Interview (05.09.08)
2008-05-10 21:07:00
Young Buck XM Radio Interview (Buck talks about G-Unit, The Game, Snoop & more!)
Miller y Buck Rogers
2008-05-10 01:09:00
Francamente, tras el truño que me temo que será The Spirit (y al teaser trailer me remito), no sé si alegrarme o no de que Frank Miller tenga un nuevo proyecto con el que continuar su carrera como director (y no, no será una adaptación de su novela gráfica Hard Boiled por mucho que le ...
Miller y Buck Rogers
2008-05-10 01:09:00
Francamente, tras el truño que me temo que será The Spirit (y al teaser trailer me remito), no sé si alegrarme o no de que Frank Miller tenga un nuevo proyecto con el que continuar su carrera como director (y no, no será una adaptación de su novela gráfica Hard Boiled por mucho que le ...
Buck Rogers In The 21st Century
2008-05-10 00:21:00
Buck Rogers In The 21st Century Sci-fi icon to hit the big screenSource: Variety It?s all very much in the rumour stages but we can?t help but get a little bit excited about the prospect of a big-screen adaptation of that most time travelling-est of astronauts, Buck Rogers.Who he? You may be asking (and if you are, you?re making us feel old so thanks for that), Buck Rogers is the star of countless comic strips, radio shows, movie serials and a rather great 80s TV series. Created in 1928 by a fella called Philip Nowlan, Buck is a test pilot who falls into a coma, only to awaken in the 25th century and get involved in manner of alien encounters and outer space-related shenanigans. Holding a special place in our hearts due to the regular appearance of a midget robot called Twiki who just said his name over and over again in a strangely endearing way and the laconically magnificent Gil Gerard in the title role (a sort of proto Nathan Fillion), th...
Give it up for Buck O?Neil
2008-05-09 00:09:00
Blogger over on Sporting News has started a petition to get Buck O’Neil into the Hall of Fame. Go here and follow the prompts to sign your name.
Young Buck - I'm Out Here
2008-05-08 20:01:00
Young Buck - I'm Out Here Bonus: Billy Danze (M.O.P) Feat. Preacher - I'ma Killya (off Billy Danze's upcoming album "Behind Gatez" coming soon!)
1&1 Internet Offers Servers for a Buck
2008-05-05 08:24:00
Virtual Private Server II & Business Server II at 3 months free, $1 setup - 1&1 offers SharePoint 3.0 - .info discount $0.99 first year
2008-05-03 10:46:00
1. (00:01:55) Young Buck - Buck The Law Produced By Dj Unexpected For Lxg Music Group 2. (00:04:07) Young Buck - All Eyez On Me Fuck The Police 3. (00:05:18) Young Buck - I Got Money Ft... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Gays Vs. Asians on You Tube! NIGAHIGA & BUCK PART TWO
2008-05-03 10:05:00
http://buckhollywood.comIt was so funny the response the first video got so of course we had to do it again! Thank you again to my friend Ryan Higa who is such a good sport! It is my pleasure to write/collab with him! Please subscribe to his videos- he is so funny! TUNED FOR A SING ...
Time To Make A Fast Buck?
2008-05-01 22:00:00
By Aditya Rao read moreRead More... 2 Vote(s)
Truck And SUV Sales Show Drivers Want More Bang For Gas Buck
2008-05-01 20:40:00
Posted By:Phil LeBeauAt long last the gas price surge has hit a point where truck and SUV sales are hurting. How bad is it? Look at the awful April numbers for truck sales.     Read More Topics:Alternative Energy | Energy | Economy (Global) | Asia | Automobile IndustrySectors:Oil and Gas | Automobiles and PartsCompanies:Toyota Motor Corporation | General Motors Corp | Ford Motor CompanyMEDIA:PHOTO |   VIDEOPermalink
Time To Make A Fast Buck?
2008-04-30 19:33:00
By Aditya Rao read more
Buck?s doubles lifts Royals (AP)
2008-04-26 05:05:00
John Buck doubled twice and drove in a pair of runs, helping the Kansas City Royals rally for an 8-4 victory Friday night over the Toronto Blue Jays and snap a seven-game losing streak. Buck’s double in a six-run eighth inning scored pinch-runner Esteban German with the go-ahead run. Buck also doubled home Ross Gload ...
MTV News Raw: G-Unit Explain Young Buck Situation
2008-04-25 07:39:00
MTV News Raw: G-Unit Explain Young Buck Situation 50 Cent, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks talk about their dismissed member, plus their future plans that don't involve music. Related Artists G-Unit 50 Cent Lloyd Banks Tony Yayo Young Buck
Latest Hip-Hop: Young Buck, Jadakiss, Nas, Ice Cube and More
2008-04-23 03:10:00
Nas - Be A Nigger Too (Album pushed back to July 1st)Young Buck - My Interview Fabolous Ft. Red Cafè, Freck Billionaire & Paul Cain - Jack MoveIce Cube - It Takes a NationJadakiss - From Now Till ThenJadakiss - What Goes Up
2008-04-22 12:46:00
megaupload [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
YOUNG BUCK - My Interview (Curtis Response)
2008-04-21 19:49:00
? YOUNG BUCK - My Interview (Curtis Response) ?Here is Young Buck?s response to 50 Cent?s allegations of his drug use and why he was kicked out of G-Unit in a track called ?My Interview?:?Damn right I?m sipping syrup, flipping birds to get what I deserve,? Buck raps in the opening verse. ?And I hear the same things that you heard/ That ?50 kicked him out? or ?Buck sniffs coke and he flips out?/ It?s too late, the whole world know what I be about/ Sh?, I do make mistakes like any other man/ Sh?, I recoup off an album, quicker than you can ? Am I loyal? Dr. Dre can answer that for ya.?For more info on Youngbuck and Cashville Records peep his myspace page.
HOA and Condo Associations Passing The Buck To Residents
2008-04-20 21:37:00
Many home owner and condo associations are running into issues collecting money due to people not being able to afford (or not wanting to pay) their monthly dues. Some home owners just turned in the keys, moved and can't even be found. So what are the home owner and condo associations doing as result of the lost revenue? They have to either lower expenses or replace the missing revenue. This could mean a cut in services or raising dues. Basically, they're passing the buck to the residents who are paying their dues every month like they're supposed to. So has anyone experienced any of the following because their HOA is having issues collecting dues? Cut services Raised dues Forced residents to do maintenance on their own Association went bankrupt -Danilo
Young Buck A Drug Addict? 50 Cent Says So...
2008-04-20 17:35:00
With Young Buck being recently ousted from G-Unit, a war of words seems to be ensuing, with 50 Cent leading the charge. In a recent interview with MTV, Fif alluded to Young Buck having a drug problem. "Buck's probably high right now," he said, mentioning that he heard that Buck had used cocaine and the now infamous ?syrup.? 50 went on to further elaborate, all but calling the Tennessee MC an addict. "He doesn't even get high anymore ? he just maintains his [high]. You have to get sober to be high," 50 said. "When they say, 'Party like a rock star,' he goes beyond what they are talking about. Multiple, different shit." The two remaining members of G-Unit?Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks?also weighed in on Buck?s departure, revealing that the agreement to kick Buck out of the group was unanimous. "We feel the same way," Banks said. "If 50 gets resistance, we get the same resistance." Tony Yayo had more to say, and seemed to stop short of saying that Buck?who had been speaking out a...
Young Buck - My Interview
2008-04-20 12:06:00
A new track by Young Buck surfaced on the net. This one is titled My Interview and you can hear some shots at 50. Check it HERE Bonus: Slim (of 112) Ft. Yung Joc - So Fly Ne-Yo - Closer (Soulblazer Remix) Cory Gunz Ft. Tyga - Here You Go Nakim - I Get It In (Prod. ...
Young Buck Responds To 50 Cent?s Drug Allegations
2008-04-20 09:19:00
Young Buck - My InterviewYoung Buck has responded to 50 Cent’s allegations that drug problems (including cocaine and syrup) and inconsistent behavior were among the reasons why he was kicked out of G-Unit.The former G-Unit soldier opens up about some of the recent issues in his new song, “My Interview.”He raps in the opening verse, ...
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