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Build A Bridge To Your Visitors With A Reader Friendly Blog
2012-06-01 06:07:00
One of the most powerful qualities you can design into your business site is ensuring it is a reader friendly blog. That quality is something your blog can have, but also remember you must give with excellent content, too. In time, your blog will develop a solid reputation in your niche, and you will be ...
"Success Strategies to Build Massive Income .... "
2009-09-23 16:38:00
Hey, take a look over on the right hand side. It's my new eBook, "Success Strategies to Build Massive Income As a Freight Broker". This might be the most important publication yet. Enjoy.
30x40 site for 10 Lacs only in Nandanavana Layout-Ready to Build
2009-09-22 14:05:00
30x40 West Facing Plot in Nandanavana • 1,200 sq. ft. lot / land "30x40" - Rs1,000,000 - Rs.10 Lacs for 30x40 Plot Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore  -  For Immediate Sale 30x40 West Facing Plot for Rs.834/Sq.ft, onlyRs.10,00,000.With 100% Tar Approach from the City, with Fresh Green Surrounding of Bannerghatta National Park.Nandanavana is located just after Sarla Birla Academy off Bannerghatta Road, promoted by Nirman Shelters with all clear titles and approvals, this place has about 4 Gated Communities adjacent to each other thus offering Safety and security to its residents, No wonder you find so many houses already built and occupied by many families who want to stay close to Nature.Nandanavana Is Located:* 3kms from Sarla Birla Academy / Natioanal Park* 6kms from Ryan International School* 6kms from Jigani Industrial Area* 8kms from Electronic City / Biocon* 15kms from IIMB / Wockhardt Hospitals* 22kms from MG RoadThe Amenities includeShopping Complex10...
Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 23412 Also Leaked
2009-09-20 22:17:00
Windows Mobile 6.5 build 23052 wasn’t all. Another build that emerged on the xda-developers forums is Windows Mobile 6.5 build 23412 that seems to have some drastic improvements to its user-interface. Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 23412 first surfaced in a cooked ROM for HTC TouchHD. It also includes some improvements in speed and stability. There is nothing ...
Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 23052 Leaked
2009-09-20 21:51:00
I’ve never been a fan of Windows Mobile OS, but the latest offering Windows Mobile 6.5 is a sure killer that you can’t miss out, and after my recent purchase of HCT Hero, I plan to get my hands on a WinMo 6.5 phone next month. Windows Mobile 6.5 build 23052 has leaked and is now ...
How To Build Attic Stair Cover | Big Energy Savings
2009-09-20 00:42:00
Attic Stair Cover Attic stair covers can reduce your heating and cooling energy consumption drastically. Installing an attic stair cover in your home can result in big energy savings. If your attic... This is a brief summary of the article. For the full article please visit Home Construction Improvement.
Carbon Nanotubes Used to Build a Near-Ideal Efficiency Solar Cell
2009-09-15 16:16:00
From Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine: Today's photovoltaic technology, while certainly promising, offers very poor efficiency because of inherent issues in its working mechanism. Using carbon nanotubes, however, Cornell University researchers now hope to lead the way to the nex
How to Build Muscle and Figure Out How Much Extra Fat You Carry Around
2009-09-13 02:40:00
Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but let?s face it ? muscle looks better fat. Fat fills in all the lines and ?cuts? that separate each distinct muscle group. It up the muscles with a thick layer of spongy insulation, obscuring the muscle below and adding a round, soft and doughy quality ...How to Build Muscle and Figure Out How Much Extra Fat You Carry Around Related Posts Build your own Intrusion Detection System I know how to live to Be 100 Years Old I’m Testing the Alli Diet Pill to Increase My Weight Loss Looking To Build Stronger Portfolio – Will It Help The
2009-09-02 14:00:00
Giving your customer a wide range of products has become a need for shopping portals so that they don’t have to go marketing their site to specific audience. With that a broader choice to old consumers needs to be provided from time to time introducing newer brands. Tie-ups make their job easier as they not only promote their own business but also enhance their product portfolio at the same time. A successful Internet business is rarely built upon one pillar. Winning e-commerce formulas are usually developed from ‘balanced’ campaigns that integrate a wide array of business. The e-commerce portal is on the verge of a similar upgrade. They are in the process of finalizing partnerships with leading technology vendors across product segments. The portal currently includes Accessories, Computer Hardware, Digital Cameras, Electronics, Gaming Products, Mobile Phones & PDAs, MP3 / MP4 / iPods, PCs & Notebooks, and much more to satisfy a digital enthusiast&r...
By: WATblog
James May to Build a Real LEGO House
2009-09-01 15:53:00
From LEGO blocks/bricks have always taught us that we can reach out and touch the limits of our imagination by building anything we wish to. So this triggered some to come out with some interesting LEGO products like sunglasses, a miniscule Tokyo, a coffee table an
Build Your Own Clothing And Accessories: 4 Funky Lego Fashions
2009-08-17 03:50:00
Lego is possibly the material that is easiest to design and build with, and it also has a fun and whimsical element to it. As a result, it's not surprising that so many designers are embracing it...just like a kid in a candy store; or rather, a kid with a bucket of Lego.
HMB 100-750mg (Eclipse) Build Muscle
2009-08-13 17:00:00
HMB 100-750mg (Eclipse) Build Muscle Sale Price $36.99 Check for availability and pricing Beta-hydroxy-metylbutyrate is produced in the body from proteins containing the amino acid Leucine. HMB’s effects on muscle metabolism were discovered and patented by scientists at Iowa State University and Vanderbilt University. HMB may increase the strengthening effects of exercise by minimizing the muscle ...
Star News Launches Channel On Youtube – Concious Effort To Build Onli
2009-08-13 06:42:00
In the age of internet revolution it all begun with file sharing and has come to a stage called sharing credibility and each others popularity for success. The same applies while talking about the so-called video sharing channel of the internet, Youtube. Star News has launched their own branded channel on youtube recently and claims a great response to the same. A look  at the youtube channel shows that  all special shows of Star News like Sansani, Saas Bahu Saazish, Khabar Filmi Hai, including clips of latest breaking news, events and happenings are being updated on the channel. They also have plans to launch other channels under MCCS which are Star majha (marathi) and Star Ananda (bengali) and its programming via the youtube platform. A Concious Effort To Building Online Viewership Star News is run by Media Content and Communications Services (MCCS) India pvt ltd which is a Joint Venture between Star India pvt Ltd and the Ananda Bazar Patrika group and just like Star India it...
By: WATblog
One Way Links – build 250 links, PR 3 + by thashrif
2009-08-10 15:23:00
I need good quality PR3 + links from relevant pages. The links has to be one way and ethical, please only bid if you can show me the list of sites you will use. Include this information with your bid. Please also include past project details... (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Link Building, SEO)
How to Build a Website A Killer Website for Little Money
2009-08-03 21:55:00
It?s been 4 years since we launched the current version of We are coming out with two new products very soon, so it only seemed fit to create a new website that was more in line with our brand, the new products and who we are today. We wanted to build a great looking ...
How to Build a Slack Tube
2009-08-02 15:28:00
Hi CR4 friends, I'm ready for criticisim for asking this, but I certainly would rather ask anytime i'm not absolutly sure about a subject so here we go. I need to build a Slack Tube in the field to measure the pressure drop accross a few aftercoolers. My plan is to use som
[Ant] Build .WAR files in Eclipse for Web Applications
2009-07-28 15:17:00
Eclipse JEE versions support Java Web Application projects, but other Eclipse versions do not. Java developers need to build WAR (web archive) files for deployments (yes, Exploded deployments are also possible). However Eclipse does not provide a direct way to create war files; developers write ant...
Can IT Help Build Smart Cities?
2009-07-23 14:36:00
From CNET Technology has the potential to help build smarter, greener cities, but whether it will is another matter. That was the take-away from a panel discussion Wednesday at Fortune's Brainstorm: Tech conference here. The need for cities that use less energy is c
Build Your Own Computer - Assembly (Part 2)
2009-07-22 17:00:00
So all your parts have arrived, hopefully in good condition and now it's time to put them all together. Well, not quite yet. The most important part of this procedure, and I can't stress this enough is to READ THE MANUALS FIRST. At the very least read the ones for the case, the CPU cooler ( cool
How-to: Build a Blu-ray / TV tuner-equipped HTPC for under $1,000
2009-07-21 21:56:00
From Engadget: Pundits may argue that the modern day HTPC has no place in the modern day living room, but we disagree. In fact, with the economy still struggling to regain its swagger, folks are staying in and finding entertainment at home more than ever. It's that truth that spurr
5 Ways Startups Can Use Social Media to Build its Public Relations
2009-07-17 19:51:00
I am not a public relations expert, and in reality I could do with a lot of lessons myself, so we are in this together. Considering how important public relations are for any business (ask the behemoths and you will know why), I am little appalled that this is a topic we cover very rarely on WATBlog (scope for improvement?). Also, it has been a while since I spoke something about entrepreneurship here, so in true social style I mashed up the two fields and here you have some social media tips for startups to build their public relations.I think an overdue follow up after to social media for public relations folks which was then very well received. However, before we get into the steps one needs to understand the premise of the post. You see there are hundreds of of startups that rise and fall at a not so alarming yet significant rate. Public relations is a very critical aspect both in the rise as well as fall of these startups. The problem is that traditional PR for startups and oth...
By: WATblog
2 Free Keyword Tools to build a Successful Website
2009-07-16 00:16:00
Ok, this is a very large topic and could span many books but I’m going to give it to you in a nutshell today. Here is the golden rule to remember: “The Internet is based on words“! Search Engines, such as Google, MSN/Bing, Yahoo, etc. all look for words to rank or gauge your website’s ...
2 Free Keyword Tools to build a Successful Website
2009-07-16 00:16:00
Ok, this is a very large topic and could span many books but I’m going to give it to you in a nutshell today. Here is the golden rule to remember: “The Internet is based on words“! Search Engines, such as Google, MSN/Bing, Yahoo, etc. all look for words to rank or gauge your website’s ...
Build Your Own Computer, Part 1
2009-07-15 15:00:00
Build Your Own Computer Part 1 : Pick Your Parts Every six years or so my home PC gets a little long in the tooth and I build another, near state-of-the-art one from scratch. First I couldn't run Win95 on a '286, t
How to build pulsed current DC power supply?
2009-07-15 05:29:00
I want to use this to find the contact resistance of the circuit breaker
The Most Powerful Strategies to Build a Successful Internet Business
2009-07-13 14:38:00
The Internet has revolutionized the marketing business. Average people like you and I are able to put together a marketable company with NO college degree or special training. You don't need a master's degree to do this, but there are some strategies to consider if you seek success.1. Do some research and find a product or service that is not only marketable but unique. Think of what you are good at or something you know about. Look for groups or forums that might need that product/service. This is called identifying your niche and is probably the one thing you need to do first when building your Internet business.2. Once you identify your niche, you have two options. You could do the affiliate marketing business model and sell other people's readymade products/services for a commission. The commissions can be as much as 75% in some cases. The other option is to develop your own original product/service and keep all the money you make. This business model is much more lucrative f...
How to Build a Homemade Generator
2009-07-09 05:59:00
He friends can any buddy tell me how to make own electric generator from household things
Automobile build units
2009-06-26 15:47:00
I have searched on line to find out how many cars and trucks GM, Ford and Chrysler build in one year but I can not find. Other question, how much is production down from last year or the year before? Are there numbers available? Thanks for the help in advance.
How Many Cars Do the Big Three Build?
2009-06-26 15:47:00
I have searched on line to find out how many cars and trucks GM, Ford and Chrysler build in one year but I can not find. Other question, how much is production down from last year or the year before? Are there numbers available? Thanks for the help in advance.
IBM and ETH Zurich unveil plan to build new kind of water-cooled supercompu
2009-06-24 10:15:00
Direct reuse of waste heat. Aims to cut energy consumption by 40% and carbon-dioxide emissions by up to 85% In an effort to achieve energy-aware computing, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, and IBM announced plans to build a first-of-a-kind water-cooled supercomputer that will directly repurpose excess heat for the university buildings. The innovative ...
ABB (ABB) Build-out in China
2009-06-24 06:00:00
Writing from Japan, Keith Fitz-Gerald says, "China is powering ahead like a gigantic steamroller." In Money Map Reporter, he looks at one company set to benefit: ABB Ltd. (NYSE: ABB)."Notably, China reported that May retail sales rose 15.2% vs. a year ago after April's 14.8% gain. "At the same time, May's industrial output rose 8.9% on top of April's 7.3% increase while Chinese investment in urban areas for assets like roads and apartments rose 40% in May versus a year ago."Many analysts continue to paint China as a country that will live and die by exports. What they fail to acknowledge is that  China's internal strength is based on governmental spending that accounts for roughly 43% - 45% of GDP."Net exports account for a mere 3.5% - 9%. Obviously there are variations on the theme by data source, but the net take away is that this hardly sounds like an economy that's going to live and die by what it sends overse...
how to build fm transmitter...?
2009-06-19 10:13:00
hi.. frndz... m planning to lunch a fm station... plz suggest the good circuit.... 5km should be coverage...
How to Build a 20 Kva Inverter
2009-06-18 15:09:00
I have tried to build an inverter of 20kva and now it seems I need help on good components to use and also a working schematic diagram
Build Your Own Tesla Coil
2009-06-15 15:50:00
From technabob: And some people think junk is just, well, junk. But to the more visionary among us, that junk could be anything. Anything. Even a Tesla coil, if you're innovative enough. This DIY Tesla coil was built entirely from items found in the garbage. The project was conc
Popular Internet Marketing Methods to Build a Successful Online Business
2009-06-14 16:08:00
There are many internet marketing methods to choose from today, but some methods are tried and true. These are the most popular strategies on the net, and have been proven to bring success to any online business.1. Sponsored Ads-Also known and pay per click, these are the ads that show up at the top or side of the normal search results. These ads may or may not be expensive. It all depends on keyword popularity and how often your ad is clicked. The important thing to remember is that sponsored advertising only gets people to your site. Your site needs to be very catching to keep their attention, otherwise you'll pay and pay and never make a dime.2. Article Marketing-Using article directories is another very popular method for advertising, although it is waning. At one time posting articles to directories ensured that your articles would be syndicated. Today it is more a means of getting yourself and your website into the search engines more quickly than your own website. And you wo...
5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Opt-In Box and Build Your Targeted List
2009-06-12 11:51:00
Large businesses like many airlines are global, yet they have a hub. Metropolitan bus companies travel over large areas of the city but they have a hub. You are in business on the worldwide web, and you too should have a hub or a home-base. Is it a static website, a blog, or a landing page? Through trial and error you can determine which would be the best for you; however, many successful internet marketers recommend starting with a blog.I have found this an effective tool in expressing my thoughts on questions that my customers ask and at the same time by reading my comments they are able to get to know, like and trust me. Other successful marketers advise that you should add a landing page to your internet tools as a means of growing your targeted list. In either case to be effective in growing your list you must have an opt-in box.1. An opt-in box is basically a web-form that you can create and customize to suit your particular purpose.2. If you have a blog, it is recommend...
Unknown Automaker Could Build The First Electric Sedan
2009-06-06 16:02:00
From: Coda Automotive unveils its new electric prototype, promising a production model by next year for $45,000. SANTA MONICA, California ? The first electric sedan you?re likely to see in showrooms could come from a company you?ve never heard of and cost more than you?re willing to pay. Coda Automotive unveiled the Coda on Wednesday and promised ...
How to Build a Miniature Door Detection System
2009-06-05 01:36:00
Hello everyone, I hope I came to the right place for this type of question. Please assume that I am completely ignorant with regards to circuits/electronics (although if you can go into further detail, that would be very helpful in the long run). I am looking to bu
News: google wave to build on social tools.. this is next generation.
2009-05-30 14:28:00
Google's plan for the next wave of social software... in html 5, demoed in anything other than IE8... LOL... NB users of this blog should know there is a bug in IE8 that I can't fix that means this blog won't load... you know what to do, safari, firefox,opera and chrome are the way to go. This is an html 5 application: ... for those interested in the new features here's a 1:20 minute video... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Nitty bitty tip of the week (or month): Save $$$s build your own computer
2009-05-22 22:33:00
Unless you are really looking for a cheap, down to earth slow computer, you should consider building your own pc. It used to be a difficult gig, but things have changed quite a lot. You have well written articles, self help videos and a huge community of builders to help you. All for free. I’ve ...
Sun To Build World's Biggest App Store Around Java
2009-05-21 15:49:00
From Slashdot: Sun Micro plans to launch an App Store that could make Apple's look smaller than a 7-Eleven by comparison, CEO Jonathan Schwartz wrote on his blog this week. Schwartz indicated the Java App Store, code-named Project Vector, will focus on PC users and estimated the si
Build Your Dynasty and Get Traffic With Keyword Research
2009-05-13 15:02:00
If you are an affiliate marketer, you know that you need to get traffic to your website. Maybe you are already a successful affiliate marketer who is has learned how to build your marketing dynasty with keyword research techniques. If you are just starting out the marketing field, the most important step you can take is to build your keyword expertise.Keyword Research is extremely important and has everything to do with the content on your website. It is involved in choosing your meta tags, density, PPC campaigns, search results on and on. Would you just love to have an easy way to learn this skill? You could find some affiliate programs that will teach it to you, or you can bite the bullet and learn to do it by trial and error. The last option will take a lot longer than you think and can also be the most frustration you will have experienced in years. Joining a teaching affiliate site may be just the best way to go.You see, as an affiliate marketer, your number one tool is your ke...
31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge!
2009-05-13 10:52:00
I recently completed the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge run by Darren Rowse, the problogger (@problogger). I took away a lot of ideas that I will use to improve this blog and other blogs that I will create in the future. What I thought of the challenge A lot of what was said in the daily challenges are great reminder. I know what I ought to do at the back of my mind but to actually put them into action requires reminding for my part. For example when I created my blog, it was an experiment. It’s coming to two years now and I still keep some blogging bad habits and the challenges helped me remind myself that I should do things differently to grow my blog. Another example, It didn’t occur to me to think of an elevator pitch until I started the challenge. I was concentrating more on the content rather than telling others about my blog. Reading the exchanges of comments during the daily challenges also gave me a chance to learn from other bloggers and real...
How to Build Nanotech Motors
2009-05-06 17:26:00
From Scientific American: Imagine that we could make cars, aircraft and submarines as small as bacteria or molecules. Microscopic robotic surgeons, injected in the body, could locate and neutralize the causes of disease--for example, the plaque inside arteries or the protein deposi
My totally un PC website build
2009-05-06 14:59:00
We live in a world where xhtml, css rules and good old web tables are a thing of the past. I decided to spend a bit of time breaking the rules and yesterday spend a few hours building an old school website using an old PC and DW 3 The funny thing is I still have ...
New Rocket Build
2009-05-01 16:51:00
i have started a new project recently and am trying to build a rocket that i designed......a 4 stage Kalmarad rocket......i was wondering if anybody had any plans for the engine and body design...because i have used virtually every plan on the internet.....any help would be greatly appreciated
Steve wrote a new blog post: Using Muscle building Additions To Build Musc
2009-04-28 11:15:00
Steve wrote a new blog post: Using Muscle building Additions To Build Muscle Mass! If you exercise ordinarily you can begin to build your strength and boost your endurance in the muscle groups employed in downhill skiing. First, we will get into the when and why you must exercise, before moving onto the 5 necessary components of ski-specific exercising. Remember the last time you studied someone easily weave ... By 'stevehnsn'
Build an AdSense Niche Blog
2009-04-24 18:53:00
You can build a money making AdSense niche blog from home, that will earn you extra money. Building an AdSense Niche Blog is easy for anybody even for the newbie. Blogs can be designed to discuss and share thoughts on any topic you would like to discuss. When you design a blog you usually want it to be about a topic or product you have a good knowledge of and can discuss many aspects of detail. Below you will find some very key steps required for building a blogStep One: You need to find yourself a Niche market. OK, What is a Niche market? A Niche market is a topic or product that is more targeted, and focuses on a very specific topic. You want to pick something that is out there, but is focused so you can get up there in search engines and build traffic to your site. What is an example of a Blog with Niche Marketing? Consider the topic of "Bird Feeders" you can get really focused here by creating a blog that discusses specific types of bird feeders like "Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders...
How Do I Build a Torque Measuring Device?
2009-04-22 18:01:00
Hello, first post here! I sure could use some guidance on a torque sensor that would go on a 3/4" round shaft (keyed). Have 5hp motor, which operates a drive on a transformer for a gap. But I would like to measure the amount of rotational torque (plot a graph, torque versus gap position on
How to build a circuit as explained below?
2009-04-21 11:05:00
Hi, This is Varadharaju basically a Mechanical Engineer. I have designed an domestic equipment, This equipment needs to be operated by an electrical/electronic usage. I have explained below in detail the concept how electrical portion should function .Please refer to it & help in building t
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