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Shawn Lane: Live South Main Cafe Blacksburg 1991
2012-05-26 03:20:00
The big guy forever missed Shawn Lane Live South Main Cafe Blacksburg Va A clip from the complete video. 1991. Shawn Lane Live! Unseen footage!
Free Cafe Escapes k-cup coffee samples -EXPIRED
2012-05-15 19:56:00
Tunjangan Rp 1,5 Juta per Tahun Agar Anak SD Tak Nyanyi di Cafe Dangdut
2012-04-25 14:23:00
Agar tak nyanyi di cafe dangdut, orang tua S diberi tunjangan Rp 1,5 juta untuk 1 tahun. Uang itu diberikan sebagai dana stimulan, agar S benar-benar fokus menuntaskan sekolah SD-nya.
Di Ujung Jakarta, Anak SD Mesti Kerja di Cafe Dangdut untuk Sesuap Nasi
2012-04-25 13:44:00
Kisah pilu terjadi di ujung Jakarta. Seorang anak SD mesti bekerja di cafe dangdut untuk sesuap nasi. Adalah S (15), remaja dari keluarga tidak mampu yang masih duduk di kelas VI SD di kawasan Koja, Jakarta Utara.
Dragon Lord Cafe on Fraser St, Vancouver
2012-04-14 16:00:00
We met up with Rey when Ben got back from Beijing in January. Ben wanted to pass a Chinese culinary book to Rey. It was a beautiful sunny winter day with the snow capped mountain in view.
Gin?s Kitchen & Cafe on Granville Avenue in Richmond
2012-04-07 16:00:00
I came across another restaurant promotion in the Richmond Review recently. Since I have not eaten in the fairly new restaurant in Richmond, the coupon just gives me the excuse to visit it.
Up to 30% Off Cafe Altura Coffee
2012-04-02 09:00:00
Save on organic whole bean and ground coffee.Expires Apr 24, 2012
Swiss Cafe on a Rainy Day ? Interlaken, Switzerland ? Daily Photo
2012-04-01 18:21:00
Not every day is a good day for sitting at a sidewalk cafe, but even a rainy day can be a good day for a picture of one. Related posts: Sidewalk Cafe ... Related posts:Sidewalk Cafe – Wuerzburg, Germany – Daily PhotoSpiez Castle on Lake Thun – Interlaken, Switzerland – Daily PhotoGerman Cafe – Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany – Daily Photo
Pria Mabuk Bacok 3 Pilot WNA di Cafe di Karawaci karena Tersinggung
2012-03-19 07:27:00
Tiga pilot berkewarganegaraan asing dikeroyok oleh sekelompok pria asal Ambon di Cafe Chise Tamansari, Lipo Karawaci, Tangerang. Ketiganya dibacok lantaran masalah sepele.
3 Pilot WNA Dibacok Pria Mabuk di Cafe Chise Karawaci
2012-03-19 06:38:00
3 WNA dikeroyok oleh pria yang diduga tengah mabuk di Cafe Chise Tamansari, Lipo Karawaci, Tangerang. Ketiga pria yang berprofesi sebagai pilot ini mengalami luka bacok di sekujur tubuhnya.
'March Madness' Happy Hour At Society Cafe in Encore At Wynn Las Vegas
2012-03-08 21:28:00
Just in time for college basketball?s ?March Madness,? Society Cafť in Encore at Wynn Las Vegas introduces its new ?Happy Hour? menu on Monday, March 12. Chix Wings at Society Cafe in Encore at Wynn Las Vegas Available Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 p.m. in the bar and lounge area, Kim Canteenwalla, Society Cafť Encore?s ...
Cafe Van Kleef Friday Night Bar action in Oakland #Oakland
2012-03-03 09:40:00
Cafe Van Kleef Friday Night Bar action in Oakland #Oakland
Breakfast at Alleluia Cafe, Richmond
2012-02-29 16:00:00
Jeannie, Liz and I met up for breakfast to catch up with one another. They are my ex and current†neighbours. Jeannie suggested †to meet up at Alleluia Cafe, a Hong Kong style cafe. Jeannie wanted to introduce Chinese style breakfast to Liz who is a Hungarian. The breakfast menu came with a drink. Liz had the honey lemon tea while Jeannie had the hot milk tea and I had the hot Hong Kong style coffee. I had heard that the refill of drink is free here but have never ask for a refill. One cup is enough for me.
Free Power Panini Thin at The Corner Bakery Cafe
2012-01-24 16:36:00 Free Stuff Times . C om feed should only be re‚d in feed readers, on the ©FreŤtuff Times ©e mail list, or the © FST Google Gadget. Any other| use| is |©opyright infringement and should be reported.©©©
Free Cafe Escapes Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-Cup packs
2012-01-12 17:18:00
Free 12-count box of Cafe Escapes Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-Cup packs
2012-01-10 23:28:00 -the form is working slow and this one will go fast §??Thžs ?Free? Stuff • ©?Times?? . C om feed should only be read in feed readers, on the ©Freestuff Times ©email list, or the FST Google Gadget. © Any other use is copy ? right infringement and should be reported.© ©•
Free Corner Combo at Corner Bakery Cafe
2012-01-03 16:37:00 -the first 10,000 who take the pledge get it. -locator
Viennese Cafe Icon Hawelka dead at 100 (AP)
2011-12-29 22:11:00
AP - Andy Warhol stopped by for a cup of his coffee. So did princes, paupers, playwrights, poets and untold thousands for whom a visit to Vienna was unthinkable without a cup of steaming brew served by the bow-tied little man with the perpetual dancing smile.
Richie Kotzen: Unplugged, Hard Rock Cafe 2011
2011-12-19 00:26:00
Travelodge Edinburgh Learmonth Offers Free Wifi in Bar Cafe
2011-12-09 09:39:00
I stayed for one night at the Travelodge Edinburgh Learmonth in early December 2011 on a complimentary basis. I’ve stayed at this hotel in the past and reviewed the hotel in June 2009. The Travelodge UK budget hotel chain have improved their service to guests by offering free WiFi in their Bar Cafes.† This is ...Travelodge Edinburgh Learmonth Offers Free Wifi in Bar Cafe Tips on the best places to visit in Europe. Copyrighted content published on Europe a la Carte.
Istvan Alapi: SalgůtarjŠn,Cafe Frei 2011
2011-11-27 00:45:00
Istvan Alapi - Farewell, Last Train Home (Pat Metheny ) SalgůtarjŠn, 11.25.2011.Cafť Frei. Istvan Alapi - James ( Pat Metheny ) 11.25.2011.SalgůtarjŠn,Cafe Frei
MIT Slinks Into a Cafe, Orders a Side of Photonic Chips on Silicon
2011-11-25 20:22:00
From Engadget: Whiz-kids the world over have been making significant progress on the development of photonic chips -- devices that "use light beams instead of electrons to carry out their computational tasks." But now, MIT has taken the next major leap, filling in "a crucial piece of the
Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Featuring Bravo?s Top Chef
2011-11-23 22:27:00
In the past there are days when I was just so busy at home with Kaila, blogging, and housework that I didn’t have time to make lunch for myself. And since I preferred not to eat PB&J sandwiches, mac & cheese, or chicken nuggets I sometimes went without. However, ever since I found Healthy Choice ...
Free Cafe Escapes k-cup coffee sample
2011-11-22 00:00:00 •This FreŤ? Stuff ?TžmŤs . ©om feed should only be read in feed readers, on the ••©Freestuff Timesemail list, or the ??FST Google Gadget.?©? Any other use is copyright infringe ? ment and should be reported.?© ©•??
Big IT Company takes Children's Cafe to Court in Germany
2011-10-29 16:54:00
Trademark Law Apple 's sees the "Apple" logo of CaféKind in Bonn, Germany as an "eyesore" Logo from Apfelkind Logo from Apple The Logo from the attacked Chinese Noodle manufacturer Apple The IT group Apple takes action against a Bonn café, which has an apple in its logo. The fact tha
Thankful Thursday ~ A Perfect Day
2011-10-27 07:31:00
“I give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with my whole heart, and I will glorify your name forever.” ~ Psalm 86:12 (ESV) This week, we are meeting at my friend Lynn’s website “Spiritually Unequal Marriage“. This will be the last time my dear friend Lynn is hosting the event. It saddens my heart, ...
49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe on W4th Ave, Vancouver
2011-10-12 16:00:00
With the kids back to school, Polly and I resumed our ladies meet. Polly suggested 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe from a Chinese magazine that she came across. 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe is located on 2152 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver. Polly likes this trendy neighbourhood.
Mother Indias Cafe
2011-06-20 13:37:00
I have not been to the Indian restaurant placed in your top ten list so I will have to try it but at the moment in my opinion Mother India's Cafe is the
Cafe Dulce - Little Tokyo
2011-06-10 07:01:00
It's been a couple months since this place opened. Good pastries but little pricey. I've been here 3-4 times already, and I noticed that price has gone up. It was already overpriced, and now even more. menuSugar Brioche $3.75Dulce meringue (Rose) $0.50Green tea donuts with custard $1.75 ($2.50 now)Taro bun $2.50Rating (food): 4 / 5Rating (service): 3.8 / 5Repeat: YesCafe Dulce134 Japanese Village Plz. Bldg ELos Angeles, CA 90012(213) 346-9910Mon-Sun 9 am - 10 pm
Cafe Mak - Koreatown
2011-05-30 03:25:00
Little cute cafe, just around the corner from Wilshire/Vermont metro station. Open late and really nice ladies bathroom.Coffee drinks are $5-$6menuSweet potato cake $4.95It's good, but I don't think it's worth paying $5. If I wanna eat sweet potato cake, I just gonna go to New York Bakery.Flavored hazelnut Caf'e latte $5.50Mak Coffee $4.95Rating (food): 3.5 / 5Rating (service): 3.5 / 5Repeat: Yes Cafe Mak612 Shatto PlLos Angeles, CA 90005(213) 252-9898
Bosco bakery cafe - Koreatown
2011-04-22 08:37:00
About a month ago, Bosco bakery opened inside Koreatown Plaza. Freshly baked pastries everyday with some free samples. They have good varieties of pastries, cakes, chocolate, sandwiches, ice pops, coffee drinks and shaved ice. Also there is a sitting area.I tried tiramisu cake at Kickboxing class (because I took a class on Randy Kim's birthday), and it was very good.chocolateSalad bread $2.50The bun was a little too greasy, because it's deep fried, but it tastes good.French Toast $1Yummy french toastChestnut tart $4I think this is croissant with sweet potato inside $2, flaky and delicious. One of my favorite.Melon spinach castella with butter cream $4drink menustrawberry lemonade $3.75, Iced green tea $3, vanilla and coffee ice popsIce pops are very good. You can see real vanilla beans in vanilla ice pop.One of the signature drink here. They use real strawberries. Yum.Rating (food): 4.2 / 5Rating (service): 4.3 / 5Repeat: YesBosco bakery cafe (koreatown plaza)928 S Western AveLos...
Yuen-Yuen Cafe: Ba Wan and Other Taiwanese Food
2011-01-19 16:32:00
In the past couple of months we had quite a bit of attention put on Hong Kong Style Cafes, Malaysian Cuisine and Filipino Cuisine. I think I had neglected Chinese Cuisine somewhat but I think it will pick up again next month when I set my focus on getting the 8GTCC project going again. But there is one cuisine I am not very familiar with and it is the Taiwanese cuisine. This is despite that we had 41 dine out posts categorized under the Taiwanese keyword. Quite a lot isn?t it? My curiosity was piqued last weekend when Suanne blogged about a dish she learned from the Richmond Community Kitchen called Ba Wan (link here). I had never heard of that dish before ? not even after blogging on 41 Taiwanese restaurant. What caught me by surprised is the reactions from readers on that post. We often get dozens of comments for restaurant posts but recipe posts doesn?t draw nearly as many comments. On a very good day, it will draw about 5 comments but the post on Ba Wan drew 20 comments. So I...
Breville Milk Cafe Perfectly Froths Your Cappuccino
2011-01-15 07:57:00
If you are a coffee lover there is nothing quite like waking up with a hot cup of your favorite brew or kicking back with friends while enjoying a specialty java drink. † The allure of coffee seems to be partly about the drink itself and partly about the experience.† The Breville Milk Cafe reportedly heats and whips milk to just the right consistency for your beverage of choice.
Penang Delight Cafe: "Got-got-got. Everything Also Got."
2011-01-11 09:01:00
Suanne and I don?t normally return to the ?crime scene?. Once we write about a restaurant, we hardly go back for a second visit. There are simply too many other restaurants out there for us to visit and write about. What more, all you readers out there has this insatiable appetite for more new posts on restaurants. But this time I am gonna make an exception. We re-visited Penang Delight with Ron and Nancy again to try dishes we missed the first time we were here. You see, we were very ?mm-gum-yuen? from our previous visit (see post here). We were there on the first day of business and the restaurant was completely overwhelmed with the reception they had. Almost everything we wanted to order on their menu, they ran out of it. Assam Laksa ?> sorry! Pan Mee ?> sorry! Penang Char Koay Teow ?> sorry! Bah Kut Teh ?> sorry! Loh Mein ?> sorry! So yeah, our heart is so ?mm-song? already. You know the feeling right? It is like unrequited love. Something like that. Oh ...
BT Cafe: More Than Likeable
2011-01-10 15:00:00
Many of us likes to root for the underdog. I am one of those. When LotusRapper left a comment last month about BT Cafe, he was describing how this little known restaurant is new, small, the prices are cheap, the food is solid and is run by a young couple. Then JJ chimed in and said that the young couple is trying their hand at owning a small business for the first time. The husband is in the kitchen and the wife runs the front of the house. At the back of my mind, I was thinking that perhaps how this young couple put down all they had to start the business. The restaurant business is not the easiest to be in. It is risky and it involves long hours. Most restaurants even work 7 days a week. This is one restaurant that I would like to visit. For me it is not always about the food or the ambiance or the service. It is also very much about the people behind them. I want to go check them out and write about them. I want to see if there is a chance for me to give this fledging new busi...
Flancer?s Cafe: A slice of heaven in Gilbert
2011-01-06 19:49:00
Every time I go to Flancer?s Cafť a little tear of joy escapes my eye and rolls down my cheek. Last night was no different. The menu is extensive, and I always like to try something different. My goal in life is to eat every item on the menu once, and then start over again. ...Originally posted on Phoenix Real Estate Guy. If you are reading this anywhere but inside your RSS feed reader, the site you are on is guilty of stealing content.
Cafe Clem
2011-01-01 01:00:00
Cafe Clem is located at 2703 7th Street in Berkeley. It's only open on weekdays and only for breakfast and lunch.It's owned by the same people as La Note Restaurant. Check out the Cafe Clem website for more info or to download forms for catering orders.Click on images for full-size menu.
Cafe Gratitude
2011-01-01 00:00:00
Cafe Gratitude is located at 1730 Shattuck Avenue (near Virginia) in Berkeley. There are two other locations in San Francisco and the newest restaurant is in San Rafael. The phone number for all four restaurants is 415-824-4652, including the Berkeley location.This is a great vegetarian/vegan restaurant. It's also a raw food restaurant. If you're not familiar with raw food, don't let this scare you off. You probably wouldn't know the food is "raw" if someone hadn't told you. Everything is really delicious (my favorite is the lasagna). Even my meat-eating friends like this place.It's a little pricey for a lunch location, but if you take into consideration all the work that goes into making something raw and so tasty, then you realize it's not so expensive. And you know that what you're eating doesn't only taste good, but is good for you.You have to be willing to share your table with strangers (although this doesn't always happen) and usually very cheery servers that will a...
Cafe Intermezzo
2010-12-31 23:00:00
Cafe Intermezzo (aka Intermezzo) is located at 2442 Telegraph Avenue (near Haste Street). The phone number is 510-849-4592. It's in the "student ghetto" portion of Telegraph, just a few blocks from U.C. Berkeley.The Intermezzo menu shown here (click to enlarge) is deceptively simple. This is THE spot for delicious and humongous salads. The homemade honey-whole wheat bread that accompanies the salads and is used for sandwiches is also delicious. The salads (except for the "Tossed Green") are hard to finish and can often serve two people.At lunch and dinner time, there is always a line out the door to place your order. It looks a bit intimidating, but don't pass it by. It will only take about 10-15 minutes until you get to the front of the line and they make your salad or sandwich on the spot. You can also phone in your order and pick it up at the register, but don't try to phone in your order from the end of the line; it'll take them the same amount of time to get to your order a...
Homemade Cafe
2010-12-31 18:30:00
Homemade Cafe is located on the corner of Sacramento and Dwight in Berkeley, California. The exact address is 2454 Sacramento Street. The phone number is 510-845-1940.Restaurant hours are Monday - Friday from 7:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.This is a great breakfast place. They serve traditional American breakfasts in huge portions (typical American-sized portions!). I often refer to this place as a "greasy spoon," but only in the most loving way. When close friends come to visit from out of town, they'll often ask me to take them to "that little breakfast place on some corner." This is not a place to impress your friends and colleagues with ambiance, but with the yummy food. (If you wanna impress your friends with a delicious breakfast and a bit more ambiance, head over to La Note on Shattuck.)You may have to share a larger table with strangers and you'll have to get your own coffee and water refills, but it's worth it. For extra entertain...
Julie's Healthy Cafe
2010-12-31 17:00:00
Julie's Healthy Cafe is located at 2562 Bancroft in Berkeley. The phone number is 510-486-8322.This is more of a student eatery located across the street from U.C. Berkeley. They have an eclectic menu of burgers, sandwiches, stir fries, and burritos. Breakfast is served all day.Click on the images for a full-sized menu.Julie's is open seven days a week and accepts all major credit cards.
Weird Themed Cafe in Japan : Vampire Cafe
2010-10-29 06:18:00
The Vampire Cafe is a weird gothic themed restaurant in the Ginza district of Tokyo, Japan where the waitresses dress up in dark French maid outfits and the waiters wear tuxedos as if coming out of a Dracula horror movie. On the menu everything from pasta to steak has been renamed to some vampire-like title, ...
Andy Dick Flashes Cafe Customers (Photo)
2010-10-27 07:57:00
Andy Dick‘s stint in ‘Celebrity Rehab’ doesn’t seem to have done him much good. The actor was up to his old tricks in Hollywood yesterday when he allegedly flashed patrons of the Cafe Audrey coffee house in a drunken stupor. He didn’t notice? Sources told Radar that Dick was sitting with a group of friends ...
Stephen Roman wrote a new blog post: Atkins Ready To Drink Shake, Cafe Cara
2010-08-05 14:02:00
Stephen Roman wrote a new blog post: Atkins Ready To Drink Shake, Cafe Caramel, 11-Ounce Aseptic Containers Pack of 8-Retail ----! Sale Only $12.19! Atkins Ready To Drink Shake, Cafe Caramel, 11-Ounce Aseptic Containers Pack of 8 Product: Atkins Ready To Drink Shake, Cafe Caramel, 11-Ounce Aseptic Containers Pack of 8-Retail ----! Sale Only $12.19! List Price: ---- Amazon Price: $12.19 Click Here To See Amazon Sale Price Add to cart to see low price@ Availability: In Stock Usually ships in 24 Hours Free Shipping Available Compare Prices ... Comments: 0
herencia cafe
2010-07-21 17:41:00
It is impossible to miss Herencia Cafe in Paoay, Ilocos Norte. For one, it is the only restaurant right across the Church of San Agustin (or more popularly known as the Paoay Church), which is one of the four Baroque Philippine Churches identified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Because this edible landmark has given Ilocos the Pinakbet Pizza and many other fusion recipes, it has also become an Ilocano establishment synonymous with good food. You can ask anyone from or who has been to Ilocos, and the restaurant would almost always be suggested as an important destination. This became our first stopover in Day 2 of Project Windmills. We were supposed to head first for Batac after Vigan. But since we took extra time in shopping for pasalubongs at Calle Crisologo, we arrived at the highway intersection an hour behind our schedule. The Marcos Mausoleum closes during lunchtime that is why our itinerary was adjusted accordingly. The Bagnet (deep fried pork belly cuts) coul...
Caribbean Cuisine - Mango Cafe on Isla Mujeres
2010-07-07 15:00:00
"This time, we really should try that place." I remarked to Rob as we puttered by in our rented golf cart "It looks super cute." I've lost count of how many times, I've made that same comment in the almost two years since Mango Cafe opened its doors mid-island on the Caribbean side of Isla Mujeres. The restaurant is just down the road from our favorite hotel, Casa IxChel, yet somehow we have never managed a visit. Breakfast on the island, in the opinion of our children, must be at either Jax, where they can entertain themselves with "the ring game", or Manana, where they like to peruse the selection of used books for sale. In strict compliance with their wishes, thus far, we have never varied from this routine. On this latest trip, however, we were blissfully unfettered by the demands of our children and free to dine where we pleased, so we decided to stop in for a late breakfast.  Mango Cafe is in a pretty building occupying a corner in th...
Ideacts Ventures Into Cyber Cafe Security Space
2010-05-06 14:31:00
We have already told you about Ideacts, a cyber cafe advertising company in India which is showing impressive growth through their flagship product, Clinck Рa desktop application generally used in cybercafés which is designed to create a new media platform for the users. Clinck boasts of more than 3% Click through Rate(CTR)  across brand campaigns and more than 21 thousand desktop installations. In an initiative aimed at ensuring cyber cafe security management, Thiruvananthapuram city police and Ideacts Innovations have joined hands to manage Cyber Cafe users / usage using their product, Clinck. According to Mr Ch. Nagaraju, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Law and Order), Thiruvananthapuram, most cyber cafes maintain cafe visitor data in physical registers which is downright inefficient when it comes to retrieval of information and mostly fails. This is where Clinck Cyber Cafe manager comes to play. The Clinck Cyber Cafe Manager requests the cafe visitors for regi...
By: WATblog
A4 File Folder - Japanese San-X Character Rilakkuma Cafe Kawaii
2010-03-31 10:16:00
Get it here - USD 3.50 Posted via email from mwendas's posterous
By: Mwendas
Cafe Medina on Beatty Street, Vancouver
2009-12-15 19:00:00
Life is good -- especially not having to work on Fridays. So, after the boys went to school, Suanne and I went to have a real nice breakfast. I just love those unhurried mornings. It is unhurried because it felt like a bonus day off and I had nothing specifically I need to do. The Medina Cafe is located just next door to the Belgian restaurant, Chambar (our previous reviews here and here). The address is 556 Beatty Street and is just outside from the Stadium Skytrain Station. Look at the stacks of food by the window (above). That is what Medina Cafe is known for ... Belgian Waffles.
Introductory Guide to Cafe World Game on Facebook
2009-10-12 23:29:00
The rise of social media gaming is not quite anymore. After the stupendous popularity of Farmville on FaceBook, its café World’s turn now, and Zynga has don’t it yet again. Thanks to Facebook advertising and cross marketing on other popular games on Facebook including Farmville, Café World has moved from 0 to 10 million users ...
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