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Carrot Cake with Creamy Lime Frosting
2012-05-21 15:48:00
Carrot Cake Ingredients: 3 eggs, 275 grams sugar, 175 grams selfraising flour, 1 sachet vanilla sugar, 1 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon cardamom, 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger, salt, 150 ml sunflower oil, 450 grams grated carrot, Preheat the oven to … Continue reading →
Tax the Rich Before "They Eat Cake"
2012-05-10 15:22:00
'If a man is proud of his wealth, he should not be praised until it is known how he employs it." Socrates It feels a little like someone is playing his fiddle while the world burns but then hope springs eternal. A voice plays those strings of truth. Hope sang that "disorganized but passionate" roar of the 99%, in last years Occupy Protests, and finally some of the 1% seems to get it. Perhaps we continue to reap a logical public discourse on the hard truth of inequality. Really? Yeah right, I think so. Maybe some of it is just lip service and the usual shite about those guilty liberal rich cutting cheques if they don`t like what they see? But now along comes this rich guy who puts it just right and I hope anybody out there who notices this will take time to digest his diatribe. I might become a Stephen King fanboy after this. Stephen King: Tax Me, for F@%&’s Sake! Apr 30, 2012 4:45 AM EDT The iconic writer scolds the superrich (including himself—and Mitt R...
Japanese-style fruit & cream sponge cake
2012-05-08 22:16:00
Lack of sleep, lack of time, lack of company with other human adults. My life has been rather lacking in a number of ways over the past few months. Mind, this is completely self-inflicted – I knew that getting a puppy would be tough and time-consuming work. I just wish I remembered how *much* hard ...
5 Ways to Cut Your Budget Before You Cut Your Cake
2012-05-05 23:11:00
5 Ways to Cut Your Budget Before You Cut Your Cake is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money!So you want a luxurious, elegant wedding on a Budweiser budget? Don?t worry; it is easier than you think! There are several ways that you can plan the wedding of your dreams without getting a second job or going into debt. The main way you will save money on your wedding is if you prioritize. ...Get a free mortgage quote!
I Made My First (Red Velvet) Wedding Cake
2012-04-26 03:19:00
When my cousin Jerry and his (then) fiance Mary asked if I would make their wedding cake, I was kind of in deep shock. I love them and was elated to have the opportunity to be part of their wedding in a special way. Still, the thought that kept whirling around my brain was, “Why ...
Rum Cake Recipe
2012-04-25 15:26:00
Moist Rich Rum Cake Company is coming! Now there?s a reason to make dessert. A box yellow cake fancied up creates a cake rich in flavor and pretty as a picture! Back in the storage closet I have a Bundt pan that I save for special occasions? or just when I can THINK of some way to use it. This is perfection. Cake serves 12 Cake ingredients: 1 c chopped or walnuts 1 (18 ½ oz.) yellow cake mix 1 (3 ¾ oz.) package Jell-O vanilla instant pudding & pie filling 4 eggs ½ c cold water ½ c vegetable oil ½ c rum Glaze ingredients: 1 stick butter ¼ c water ½ c dark rum 1 c sugar Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Grease and flour 10? tube pan or a 12 c Bundt pan. Sprinkle nuts over the bottom of pan. Mix all cake ingredients together, and pour batter over the nuts. Bake 1 hour. Cool. Slide a knife down side to ease the cake out, then invert onto a serving plate. Prick top in several places (so that the glaze, when applied, goes down into cake). Drizzle and smoot...
Baking with Julia: Lemon Loaf Cake
2012-04-20 20:07:00
Hier geht's zum Beitrag in deutscher Sprache (click) Norman Love calls this a fooler and he is right. The sponge for the Lemon Loaf cake from Baking with Julia: Sift, Knead, Flute, Flour, And Savor... is made in 5 minutes and tastes great. I kept it simple and enjoyed it just plain. My co-workers also liked it. Instead of heavy cream I used so called "coffee cream" with 10% fat For the recipe visit the sites of our hosts Truc of Treats and Michelle of The Beauty of Life or buy the book. For more Lemon Loaf cakes look here. Pages: 1 2
This piece of royal cake could set you back thousands
2012-04-20 19:58:00
Most bakeries wouldn't dare to sell a year-old slice of wedding cake, let alone sell it for hundreds of dollars. But when that piece of cake is from a royal wedding, all bets are off. PFC Auctions, a boutique auction house in ? Continue reading ?
Cake art gets Kony?d - Social media facilitates another political misunders
2012-04-20 02:12:00
Recently the Swedish Minister of Culture, Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth, was presented a cake at an event that many have decried as racist – understandably when one takes a first glance at the thing. The story and ensuing outrage has gone viral, with accusations of racism flying faster than homophobic comments from Rick Santorum. The whole ...
Apple Cake
2012-04-13 16:00:00
Minoo served an Apple Cake as dessert for the South Arm Community Kitchen. You can substitute carrot for the apple in this recipe. Zucchini also works well with this recipe and you can substitute the walnuts with chocolate chips for the zucchini cake.
Free 3 oz Entenmann?s Crumb Cake at Quick Chek
2012-04-09 16:11:00
Coupon link(expires 4/16) -locator
2012-03-30 18:01:00
Graphic designer, Nicole Martinez, lets her love for Hip-Hop and desserts take her work to sweet depths with Cake Rules Everything Around Me a series based on sugar, flour, and Hip-Hop celebs. There's Mousse Def (Mos Def), Big Pundcake (Big Pun), Wu-Tang Flan, just to name a few. So clever!
Black Bottom Banana Cake Squares
2012-03-22 15:00:00
Michelle shared a banana cake recipe for dessert at the South Arm Seniors Kitchen. In fact, we had two desserts for this kitchen. We enjoyed the double desserts from Michelle's cravings for sweets during her last leg of pregnancies. The recipe is inspired by Stella's contributions of frozen bananas from her freezer. Michelle told us that the best way to freeze unused ripen banana is as it is. Do not store them in ziplock bag or they'll become soggy.
Giant Sandwich Cookie 3D Cake Pans
2012-03-12 00:29:00
With The Giant Cookie Pans you can make big cakes that look like an oreo cookie. Your family will enjoy eating these cakes. Great for Birthdays, Holidays and other special occasions.
18% Off Silver Sparkle High Heel Cake Server
2012-03-02 09:00:00
List Price: $9.99Deal Price: $9.99When the shoe fits, buy one in every color! Fall head over heels for this unique stainless steel Cake Server, from the original manufacturer Wild Eye Designs. This is the only high heel cake server featuring the removable magnetic heel. Add some fun and conversation to your next get together with this funky cake server! Fantastic for hostess gifts, thank you gifts and great for the wedding parties as well. Color: Silver Size: 8 1/2" longExpires Mar 10, 2012
Orange Vanilla Semolina Cake
2012-02-29 11:17:00
I hope you are in a party mood today. I am! And I have cake. It?s a special week for me as this space here - my blog - just turned 6. If we were to talk blog years that would be something like ? 60. Back in February 2006 I had the ingenious idea of starting a blog. Not really knowing what I was... [Read the rest of this post on my website]
21% Off Wild Eye Designs High Heel Cake Server Sweet & Sassy
2012-02-24 09:00:00
List Price: $13.49Deal Price: $13.49Wild Eye Designs HEEL-207 Wild Eye Designs High Heel Cake Server Sweet & Sassy.Expires Mar 3, 2012
21% Off Wild Eye Designs High Heel Cake Server Leopard
2012-02-24 09:00:00
List Price: $13.49Deal Price: $13.49Wild Eye Designs HEEL-205 Wild Eye Designs High Heel Cake Server Leopard.Expires Mar 3, 2012
Sour Cream Maple Banana Cake
2012-01-25 10:29:00
So what?s with bananas? I mean, is it on anyone?s list of favorite fruit? I?ve often wondered about this every time I walk past them stacked up in all their yellow glory in the supermarkets. They seem to sit there, waiting eagerly for shoppers to stop and pick up a bunch. On rare occasions do I see... [Read the rest of this post on my website]
Steamed Mussels & A Buttermilk Frangipane Cake
2012-01-05 12:15:00
I hope that everyone had a great holiday break and celebrated the New Year as they wished. Quietly or with lots of fireworks and revelers. I don't know about you but even if I don't make resolutions...
Victoria Sandwich or Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe - A Guest Post by Rosa @ R
2012-01-02 11:00:00
Victoria Sandwich or Victoria Sponge Cake It?s been just few months since I began participating in Susan?s Black and White Wednesday, a culinary food photography event where we are encouraged to look at food and anything related to food in monochrome colours. Sometime I failed and sometimes I succeeded in capturing the vibrant and colourful food look good in just two colours. But I found one amazing food blogger who not just takes beautiful photographs in monochrome but wows you every time by bringing them to life. Every single photograph in her blog has some stories to tell without the need of any words! Her photograph makes me go weak at the knees, lifts my spirit, and also makes me happy every time! I am talking about gorgeous lady Rosa who writes at Rosa?s Yummy Yums from one of the most beautiful countries, Switzerland. I am honoured to have her here today, on Monsoon Spice kitchen, sharing her beautiful photographs and fond memories with you all? Please welcome Rosa today and ...
Free Suet Cake for birds at Valu Home Centers
2012-01-01 18:16:00
Coupon link -they’re located in Upstate NY and PA ?¤This Frėč Stuff Tģmes . C om feed should only be reād in feed readers, on the Frėėstuff Timesėmail list, or the ©FST Google Gadget. Any other use is ©opyright infri ngėment and should be reportėd.©
Gingerbread Snacking Cake
2011-12-31 16:00:00
For dessert, Michelle prepared a recipe from Martha Stewart for the South Arm Seniors Kitchen. This cake has the elements of gingerbread which fits the season well. This Gingerbread Snacking Cake freezes well. You can serve this cake with a dollop of whipped cream or ice-cream for a treat. The aroma of molasses filled the kitchen while the cake is baking. This cake is light and fluffy.
Cake Balls with your morning coffee!
2011-12-31 15:57:00
Holiday baking is over and done...  and with about 18 or 19 items made this year, I have some leftovers.  Some are going in my freezer to be brought back out in about a month when we aren't all tired of baked goods, but here are some cyber Red Velvet Cake Balls for you!My kids are all over the country this morning.  My husband off to work soon and me?  Well, I'm still deciding.I have a ton of dishes to do, cleaning to be done and putting away the rest of the Christmas decorations.  However I'm also trying to talk myself into finishing some of the daughter's bedroom;  I want to buy and finish some wood molding to paint and put up in her room.  I also have about 6 paint color samples taped up on my bedroom wall that I need to decide on, and a master bathroom and two closets (his and hers)  that are just begging to be finished unpacking and organized and deep cleaned.  All of which were put on hold to prepare for Christmas, but now that ...
It's Cookie and Cake Ball Day
2011-12-19 19:52:00
 I'm trapped in the kitchen surrounded by confectioner's sugar, vanilla, mixers, decorator's bags, frosting tips and sprinkles! If I survive this sugar laden land I'll check in later... with coffeeeeeeeeee!Updated:  I survived.  The snowflake cookies are all decorated and the cake balls are complete.  I survived the sugarland kitchen but admittedly, not in the mood for coffee talk tonight.  Good night y'all.
Caramel Pear (Upside Down) Cake ? A Guest Post by Nisha @ Look Who's Cookin
2011-12-15 11:00:00
Caramel Pear (Upside Down) Cake When I was absent from blogosphere for almost a year, I missed out reading my favourite blogs and chatting with my lovely blog friends. When I came back I found that there were many new food blogs, more than I had on my google reader! Among the lot, I found some really unique and interesting food blogs with beautiful narration and well presented food. One such blog was Look Who?s Cooking Too by gorgeous Nisha. I found her blog by accident but falling in love with her blog was no accident! Nisha shares wonderful recipes from her home and abroad, and the goodies she whips up in her London kitchen is something that will leave you drooling over your keyboard! It?s my joy to bring Nisha to Monsoon Spice kitchen. You can keep in touch with Nisha by become her friend on Facebook. Full story, recipe & more images »
64% Off 14" Round Cake Plateau with 18" Base
2011-12-15 09:00:00
List Price: $260.99Deal Price: $94.30You Save: $166.69 (64%)14" Round Cake Plateau w/18" Base Showcase your decadent party dessert centerpiece on this elegant cake plateau from Elegance Silver. Made out of silver-plated stainless steel, this decorative piece can hold a 14" round cake for any special occasion. Has an 18" base and intricately-crafted feet and borders.Expires Dec 30, 2011
62% Off 18" Silver Plated Square Cake Plateau with Design
2011-12-15 09:00:00
List Price: $249.99Deal Price: $94.30You Save: $155.69 (62%)18" SILVER PLATED SQUARE CAKE PLATEAU WITH DESIGN This 18" square cake plateau with an embossed floral design is a truly elegant way of displaying your party centerpiece. Made of fine silver-plated material and features intricate metal work, this is a great way to serve your best desserts.Expires Dec 30, 2011
65% Off Twig Cake Server Set
2011-12-15 09:00:00
List Price: $100.99Deal Price: $35.49You Save: $65.50 (65%)Twig Cake Server SetExpires Dec 30, 2011
60% Off 18" Silver Plated Round Cake Plateau with Design
2011-12-15 09:00:00
List Price: $220.99Deal Price: $87.30You Save: $133.69 (61%)18" SILVER PLATED ROUND CAKE PLATEAU WITH DESIGN Serve your most delectable cakes in this fine 18" silver-plated round cake plateau! Done with a delicate and sophisticated embossed floral design, this makes an ideal wedding cake plate and a great housewarming gift.Expires Dec 23, 2011
61% Off Terra Footed Cake Dome
2011-12-15 09:00:00
List Price: $103.98Deal Price: $40.39You Save: $63.59 (61%)Simple in shape, timeless by design. The Terra Cake Dome Set is great for presenting in formal settings, special occasions and family gatherings. The glass cover helps preserve food while adding style and class.Expires Dec 30, 2011
Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox: You can have your cake and eat it!
2011-12-11 23:17:00
Happy Birthday to Nita Strauss!!! Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox - Cake shredding mode Sunset Strip Rockerz at the Troubadour 12/11/11 (Hollywood, CA) The Röckerz are BACK FOR THE ATTACK~!! (Or, is it BACK FOR MORE!?!)... Join them for a night of 80s-era hard rock and metal mayhem. They're paying tribute to the greatest bands of the 80s Sunset Strip scene and beyond... GnR, Mötley, Def Lepp, Maiden, Ozzy, QuietRiot... well over an hour of fist-pumping, ball-breaking material. And the Troubadour is the perfect venue for the party. The lineup on December 11th will be rounded out by a special guest on bass: Courtney Cox of THE IRON MAIDENS!! As always, Linda McDonald and Kirsten Rosenberg (Drums and Vox, respectively... also of THE IRON MAIDENS) will hammer out the tunes with Sev Reed on guitar. So pull out the spandex, order a box of aquanet and slip into those leather pants. It's gonna be one hell of a night~!! Tickets available at http://sunsetstriprockerz.event-brit Nita...
Trinidad Black Cake (recipe)
2011-12-05 15:40:00
Gluten-free Trinidad Black Cake (instructions for gluten-free, traditional, and halaal follow below) Like sorrel, Black Cake in Trinidad is a Christmas institution. Made predominantly of alcohol drenched prunes, currants and raisins, variations abound (and I love taste testing when we make the visiting rounds). Still, the best black cake is always the recipe that one ...
The Secret Garden Tea in Kerrisdale, Vancouver
2011-11-22 16:00:00
Polly and I met again for our sweet treats. We went to the Secret Garden Tea in Kerrisdale, Vancouver. The Secret Garden Tea Company is a family-owned business run by sisters-in-law Kathy and Erin Wyder. It was established in 1995, inspired by Kathy's grandmother, Gammy Bentail.
Fudgy Chocolate Cake ?Brownies? (recipe)
2011-11-22 15:44:00
I adore brownies, and I definitely don’t make them often enough. Although there are now dozens of variations on the brownie theme (even blondies), for emotional satisfaction I still find that nothing surpasses the simple all-chocolatey goodness of the original. This simple recipe from Everyday With Rachael Ray has stood the test of the time ...
City Blends Coffee in Mission
2011-10-26 16:00:00
Complete Disclosure: We knew the owner of this cafe and some of the food and drink are complimentary. But most of them were paid.
Bake Pops Little Cake Lollipops on a Stick
2011-10-23 18:35:00
Bake Pops are little cakes on a stick. They are fun to make and decorate. More then just yummy goodies but also a fun activity to do with your kids. Bakepops are great for special occasions like Birthdays, Holidays, sleep overs and more. Kids love creating their own special tasty bake pop treat. They are quick and easy to make and you can use just about any kind of cake mix. Delicious bite sized cakes on a stick.
Bake Pops Little Cake Lollipops on a Stick
2011-10-23 18:35:00
Bake Pops are little cakes on a stick. They are fun to make and decorate. Shop for The As Seen On TV Item Bake Pops. More then just yummy goodies but also a fun activity to do with your kids. Bakepops are great for special occasions like Birthdays, Holidays, sleep overs and more. Kids love creating their own special tasty bake pop treat. They are quick and easy to make and you can use just about any kind of cake mix. Delicious bite sized cakes on a stick.
Chocolate Ovalmaltine Daim Cake
2011-10-04 22:58:00
Growing up, my pre-teens and teenage years were very much influenced by both the American and British cultures. Having been in and out of the States and American elementary schools around the world, I was rather unprepared for what awaited me at a private British high school. It was like the clash... [Read the rest of this post on my website]
God as a Piece of Heavenly Cake
2011-09-25 00:43:00
Religious debates will go on for all eternity and it is as rare as a blue moon that religious authorities come to a consensus or see eye to eye. In fact, more commonly there will be splits and rifts within a religious body. Whether it is Buddhism with its small and large spinning wheels and vehicles or the debate over the legitimacy and authority of the Pope and the use of confessional booths or even delicate and controversial questions concerning the Holy Book, disagreements abound and little consensus is reached. Religion seen globally and historically is filled with instances of conflicts and quarrels. But why? If we look at the main world religions, they have actually more in common than they would dare to admit. Indeed Christianity, Islam, Judaism believe in a God that has very similar characteristics, while in Hinduism there may be many gods but they are, when all is said and done, manifestations of a unifying divine spirit. As to Buddhism, they may have a slightly different d...
Portland Part 1 & Honey Walnut Cake With Riesling Sabayon
2011-09-20 07:16:00
A couple weeks ago I boarded a plane heading toward Portland, Oregon. I had no idea of what was ahead of me. I had no expectations either. I have learned that beside the ones I put on myself or my...
Classic Chocolate Cake
2011-08-16 09:03:00
to read the other original articles like this, click here Classic Chocolate CakeIngredients: 4 oz Semi-Sweet Chocolate 1/2 cups Water 1 cup Butter 2 cups Sugar 4 lg Eggs, separated 1 teaspoons Vanilla 2 cups Unsifted flour 1 teaspoons Baking soda 1 cup Buttermilk or strong cold coffee 1/2 teaspoons Salt Method: In heavy saucepan on low heat, melt broken chocolate with water; set aside. Cream butter with sugar until light and Read full more at Life Style
Sticky Toffee Apple Cake
2011-06-29 07:17:00
  Weekends and it?s time to let go a little. My weekdays are lost in a whirlwind of rushing between to dos, chores and tasks. Although I take the time to visit my ?islands? throughout the day, I realize it?s hard to really relax the mind entirely. I am constantly checking and re-checking... [Read the rest of this post on my website]
Patriots wedding cake kicks ass!!
2011-06-04 02:04:00
For any hardcore football fan, a themed cake in your teams colors is awesome. Having a topper with the logo subtly included as your new wife drags you away from the game is a super kick ass kind of awesome!! This and other sports related toppers for cakes are available at At $55, its ...
Chilcacahuatl Cake - a Flourless Dark Chocolate and Ancho Chile Cake with a
2011-03-31 23:03:00
Today's recipe has become one of my flagship deserts - a deep, dark, rich chile and cocoa experience. The delicate addition of finely ground, carefully selected ancho and New Mexico chiles to this sinfully flourless chocolate cake creates a culinary tryst of surpising complexity and history. I have named the cake for a very old Aztec drink served almost exclusively to royalty. Sophie and Michael Coe, note the drink in thier book The True History of Chocolate: "Universally popular throughout Mesoamerica was the addition to the drink of chile, dried and ground to a powder. The Molina vocabulary [the first Nahuatl-Spanish dictionary] calls the drink chilcacahuatl." You will love this cake if you take care in creating it.
How To Make Orange Cake Recipe
2011-01-16 04:09:00
This delicious Orange Cake recipe is rich and full of flavors. Perfect snack or afternoon treat! Serve this Orange Cake with a dollop of whipped cream and a cup of relaxing tea.You will need: 5 1ā„2 oz brown sugar 6 egg yolks 1 tbsp vanilla essence 9 fl oz orange juice zest of 1 orange 5 fl oz vegetable oil 12 oz self rising flour 6 egg whites 5 oz sugar 5 fl oz orange juice 2
Carrot Cake Macarons With Cream Cheese Frosting Filling
2010-12-28 18:37:00
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by friends and family or just chilling. We loved being able to share the day with a few different groups of people, plopping from one dinner to another and a glass of Champagne to a glass of wine, surrounded by the warmth of a good fire and a few good hugs. Bill and I don't exchange presents as we'd rather book tickets to a play or the symphony, things we wouldn't just "get up and do" during the year. From the feedback I received over the last few days, it looks like everyone found their happiness in all the treats Santa brought. I like to vary things up from one year to the next but there are a few items that will always be on the list. Chocolate truffles, sugar cookies and macarons. This year, I went a tad bit mad scientist and made Carrot Cake Macarons. Carrot Cake is one of those desserts that would make a Frenchie raise an eyebrow (or two) on the first try but one I quickly came to love. We don't usually mix vegetables an...
Guglielmo Malusardi, Fabrizio Leo: Milan, the home of cake!
2010-12-24 15:37:00
Christmas Milan style... I can vouch for Milan being the king of the cake, here's a sample of the cakes I took at Milan's guitar day 6! The Cakes of Milan: a piece of class! Guglielmo Malusard: Here we come! Mr Malusardi himself & "Mr Malusardi" author, the magnificient Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo, celebrating AxeMas in a real Milan way..Ready to shred:) an amazing piece of Panettone, with mascarpone cream (courtesy by Gloria's gold hands) Fabrizio Leo, Guglielmo Malusardi, Panatone cake
Gluten Free Strawberry Jelly Roll Cake - Share Our Strength Contribution
2010-12-14 15:58:00
As a child, I can't say that I ever knew hunger. I got hungry for sure. But I never knew the deep feeling of being hungry and knowing I would not be able to satisfy my growling stomach. My parents did not always have it easy and I can see there were times when budgets and expenses were calculated to the penny but one thing my brothers and myself never questioned to have or not was food. If times were a bit strained, we, as children, never knew it. I just noticed we ate more eggs throughout the week and lots more soups. I never put two and two together because I never had to. There was always food in my plate. Some children don't have this chance. Some children go hungry on a daily basis. My parents knew that. They made sure we did too and very early on in our lives made sure we knew the purpose of charity. We did it silently. Charity is an act that comes from inside of you. It does not need to be advertised or require praises. Just do. We know what it's like to hit hard times and...
Gluten Free Candy Filled Chocolate Cake Doughnuts
2010-10-29 02:58:00
Despite seeing it on the store shelves since late August, I resisted getting candy for Halloween until yesterday. For once, that's kind of how my stubborn mind works. The more commercial a holiday gets, the longer I'll resist buying into it, and it was not until B. gave me a friendly hint that maybe we should stock up for trick or treaters, that I finally started seeing the displays at the store. However, I had a better reason for waiting to be closer to Halloween: Lara's Candy Filled Doughnuts. Oh yes.If I make cookies, they disappear as if a tornado went through the kitchen. If I get Halloween candy a week before the due date, I keep finding little gold and silver wrappers in his pockets for seven days straight. The man cannot be left alone with food. I count my blessings that he can't cook but knows how to eat. I also love when he gets involved and excited about baking something even if I know I'll be the one at the stove. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing people get e...
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