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2009-04-04 15:18:00
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Exclusive Interview: SMALLVILLE Star Cassidy Freeman
2008-10-30 15:47:00
By: Melissa Girimonte If there’s one thing I enjoy, it’s a good villain, and this fall, SMALLVILLE fans were introduced to a spectacular new bad girl – Tess Mercer. This red haired beauty is Lex Luthor’s successor, acting CEO of LuthorCorp, and in control of Luthor’s estate since his disappearance. Stepping in for Luthor is quite the feat, but Tess Mercer seems to be holding her own so far this season, proving to be ruthless and calculating like her mentor. I had the chance to chat with Cassidy Freeman, the woman responsible for bringing Tess Mercer to life each week on SMALLVILLE. After discussing the fall foliage in Vancouver (which Freeman admits she’s enjoying, having moved there from LA), we discussed her character’s development so far, her fantastic displays of physical prowess, and how she pictures Tess’ future. What’s it like being the new person on such a well-established TV program? Cassidy Freeman: It’s pretty awesome. People are always asking...
Leona Lewis - Nowhere Left To Go (Featuring Cassidy)
2008-09-18 05:40:00
Leona Lewis - Nowhere Left To Go (Featuring Cassidy)Leona Lewis' crossover to the US has been nothing but success for the UK native. Her debut album has already sold over 1 million copies here in the states and 2nd single "Better In Time" has already cracked the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100. So what's next for Leona... she is getting ready to re-release her debut album in the UK on November 17th!! The set will feature the US bonus tracks aswell as "Run" and new track "Nowhere Left To Go". It's a midtempo R&B track featuring rapper Cassidy. Deff check it out, Enjoy!!DL:Leona Lewis - Nowhere Left To Go (Feat. Cassidy)DL Link 2:HERE(WHAT DID YOU THINK?? THANKS ARE APPRECIATED)
Cassidy - Lost It All
2008-06-06 00:03:00
Not sure what the story is behind this one but keep blessing us with more music.Cassidy - Lost It All
cortney cassidy-yates.
2008-06-05 05:05:00
cortney cassidy-yates busys herself w/ such materials and activities as: paper, painting on wood, taking pictures, carving linoleum, transfers with gel medium and solvents, collage layers, sewing with needles, and use of the pen tool, a lot. "the pen tool",...
New Music:
2008-05-29 22:40:00
Rick Ross ft Pharrell ?Get Down? Common feat Pharrell - Invisible SummerTank - Personal AssistantRock City - No Air (Jordan Sparks Cover)Tpain feat Cassie - Runaway Love (Mary J & Luda Cover)Cassidy - A Milli (Freestyle)
Touring - Dionne Warwick, David Cassidy, Ricky Skaggs
2008-05-19 00:19:00
Dionne Warwick5/19 - Green Bay, WI - Oneida Casino 5/24 - Berlin, Germany - Rosenball 5/26 - Brussels, Belgium - Energy Globe 6/14 - San Diego, CA - Embarcadero Marina Park 6/21 - Atlanta, GA - Philips Arena (with Chaka Khan) 7/11 - Bloomfield, NJ - Brookdale Park 7/12 - Lyndhurst, NJ - City Park 7/19 - Schenectady, NY - Proctor's Theatre 7/26 - Ligano Beach, Italy - TBA 7/28 - Civitanova Marche, Italy - TBA 7/30 - Naples, Italy - TBA 8/01 - Bari, Italy - TBA 8/03 - Capri, Italy - Certosa 8/05-07 - Porto Cervo, Italy - TBA8/08 - Palermo, Italy - Teatro Della Verdura 8/09 - Taormina, Italy - Teatro Greco 9/20-21 - Maricopa, AZ - Harrah's Phoenix Ak-Chin Casino9/26-27 - Windsor, ON - Caesars Windsor10/17 - Wyckoff, NJ - Carl Pfeifer P.A.C. @ YMCA 11/08 - Chichester, UK - Festival Theatre 11/09 - Norwich, UK - Theatre Royal Norwich 11/10 - Hull, UK - Hull City Hall 11/12 - Peterborough, UK - The Broadway 11/13 - Bournemouth, UK - Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre 11/...
Cassidy has been dropped from J Records?
2008-05-16 22:12:00
Cassidy has been unceremoniously dropped from J Records. I don?t know. Just delivering the rumor.
New Music: Cassidy and Busta Rhymes
2008-04-30 23:40:00
Cassidy "C'mon Baby"Cassidy "All in the Hood"Busta Rhymes "Clean"
Cassidy - A Milli Freestyle
2008-04-18 01:42:00
Was his version better than Lil Waynes? I don't think so, but if he had made it longer then maybe yes.Cassidy - A Milli Freestyle
David Cassidy at the Apollo Manchester
2008-04-14 17:43:00
David Cassidy - This Could Be The (3) Night Tour - On Saturday 15 November 2008 at the Apollo Manchester. Tickets are on sale now from Ticketmaster. And don?t forget, avoid the touts, buy your concert tickets at face value !
Cassidy - Umma True G
2008-04-12 18:08:00
Cassidy is truly a true G!Cassidy - Umma True G
Oh, my Mommie loved David Cassidy when she was you...
2008-04-12 14:45:00
Oh, my Mommie loved David Cassidy when she was young!
Cassidy - Umma Tru G
2008-04-12 01:47:00
  Cassidy Umma Tru G over Rocko’s Umma Do Me Download / Stream Umma Tru G Cassidy - Umma Tru G ShareThis
All things in their place
2008-04-01 01:39:00
Each and every thing in its turn. You do not have to know what genre of story you are writing to write - story is not so mechanical as this. This subdivision is easy enough once the piece is done.To concern yourself with favoring an element of the story is to take away from the story.In each and every word you needn?t concentrate on effect; by concentrating on telling the story honestly and you will achieve effect in the words you use.A story is a symphony, of high notes and low notes, but each and every one in its place; leave off artifical emphasis.Our whole lives we are leaves carried along in the stream of story, our writing is just one more aspect of our lives; let it flow, don?t fight and struggle for effect.
Bikini babe Natalie Cassidy hits the beach
2008-03-12 01:47:00
If there is any doubt left that Natalie Cassidy's weight loss was not all that it seems, these pictures of the slimmed down star on the beach in Portugal will put paid to that. The former EastEnders... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Cassidy Speaks To Hot 97 Bout The Fight Between Fat Joe & Papoose In Hi
2008-03-08 15:19:00
Cassidy interview with Miss Jones. Courtesy of Hot 97kamran aliev
Saturdays Favorite Movie Moment: Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
2008-03-08 13:04:00
This is one of my favorite scenes from the movie classic Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, starring Paul Newman, Robert Redford, and Katherine Ross. Butch (Newman's character)takes Etta (Katherine Ross) for a ride on a bicycle for the first time- while the tune Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head by Burt Bacharach is playing in the background. I hope you like it, this movie clip puts me in a great mood every time I see it...I would rather go on a bike ride like this than wined and dined in the finest restaurant, especially with Paul Newman. Have a terrific Saturday, but look out for raindrops- Well.. that was a corny fragmented sentence wasn't it? Oh well...watching this scene shook me up~ :)) Cheers and happy Saturday~TEXT Posted by Ann Clemmons
Cassidy Interview with Miss Jones Hot 97
2008-03-07 21:34:00
Cassidy discusses the Papoose and Fat Joe case.Cassidy Interview with Miss Jones
Shaun Cassidy - Hey Deanie
2008-03-02 07:06:00
My husband and I are sitting here pecking away on our computers while listening to the oldies music channel on cable when this song comes on. My husband was most impressed that I could sing the chorus without hesitation. Heck yeah, I can sing it. I was an obsessed fangirl in training ...
Finding the fascination in a pie.
2008-02-25 02:20:00
Click on the image to the right to see the full size page. Took a very swift lesson in the mundane last night. We?d just seen a show, and were on our way to another. Why not, it?s a Sunday night, and we?re professionals. We stopped off at the North Adelaide bakery for a quick bite to eat, a pie, a sausage roll, something to fill the space that was chewing up my stomach. Beside us stood a group of Tourists, and one girl was saying to another, ?They don?t have pies with meat in them back home, I mean you can get apple pies and that, but I?ve never had a pie with meat in it,? It made me wonder what an experience this would be, how strange it would seem, and how lucky she was, to be old enough to appreciate the flavors, to taste a pie for the first time. It made me think on what I was eating, and how it tasted, to blank my mind of all my preconceptions and taste the food. I guess this is one of the blessings of being a writer- your life can become more vivid if you apply those too...
Spend some time with David Cassidy on Valentine’s Day!
2008-02-14 00:00:00
David Cassidy says I Think I Love You to his fans by holding an online album release party on Valentine's Day at 5p CST! On February 26th David Cassidy is updating his music with his new CD Dance Party Remix and all I have to say it is a really trippy. As in I felt ...
C?mon, Get Happy! David Cassidy to Appear on Oprah Tomorrow
2008-02-11 20:49:00
Tomorrow?s Oprah show (you can tell by now that I?m an Oprahloony) is going to feature former teenage heartthrob David Cassidy as well as the kids from The Cosby Show. David will be singing. Adult women will lose it. As the tagline for the Oprah site says, ?Watch a room full of grown women lose their minds!? C?mon, get happy? Yeah...too late for that. Go positively ape sh*t more like it! So, is this the ?were you in love with a star from the past? show that she put the call out on a couple of months ago? David never did it for me, but his brother Shaun was my first real celebrity crush?at the ripe old age of 5. I still remember receiving a toy Shaun Cassidy guitar for my 6th birthday, watching The Hardy Boys every day after school, and the television special he did one evening when he sang ?They Do Run-Run.? Maybe David will give us an update on what his brother is up to these days. Check your local listings and tune in to see if Bill Cosby ever made nice with Lisa Bonet.You can vie...
By: Go Retro
Fergie In Revolver Los Angeles Cassidy Dress
2008-02-11 09:00:00
Recently engaged Fergie looked red hot in her Revolver Los Angeles Cassidy Dress while traveling through LAX Airport. With such a complete look, what does the starlet wear under her her knee high boots? White ankle socks.Get Fergie's dress at Big Drop NYC. Other celebrity fans include Christina Aguilera, Hayden Panettiere, Gabrielle Union and Audrina Patridge. Related Posts:Hayden Panettiere Pulls A RevolverCelebrities In Revolver
FREESTYLES: Cassidy Vs. Freeway(Smack DVD)
2008-02-09 12:32:00
kamran aliev
Eve And Cassidy LPs Haven't Been Scrapped, Swizz Beatz Promises; Steve-O St
2008-02-04 14:03:00
Eve and Cassidy's albums haven't been scrapped, Swizz Beatz promises. Plus: Steve-O stunts as a rapper and more, in Mixtape Monday.
DJ Thoro & Big Mike Present : Cassidy Ft. Larseny - Put Ya L In The Sky
2008-01-17 15:19:00
Release Notes: Cassidy is back with his Larsiny Family for 2008, puttin’ an L in the sky for Philly and the whole Full Surface movement. CASSIDY gets back on his grizzly and throws more bars at you than Hershey, even though they from Pistolvania too. This is that official street joint from the LARSINY crew, including ...
Natalie Cassidy: Body On Top
2008-01-16 23:07:00
Natalie Cassidy played the role of miserable Sonia Jackson on Eastenders for almost 15 years, but now the actress has put out a fitness DVD. The 24-year-old has lost two and a half stones and dropped four dress sizes since leaving the soap almost a year ago.Her fitness DVD has not only topped the charts - beating fitness DVDs released by celebs including Davina McCall and Danielle Lloyd (yes, she really has released one, awful!) - but it is also one of the most popular fitness DVDs ever. Well done Natalie!
By: Goss UK
More on modalities
2008-01-15 22:25:00
Click on the above image to see the full size page.Before I chat about the photo, what does today's post mean for the practice of writing a character? nothing, it's just another thing to bear in mind. writing is an ongoing development. when you were learning to write you had to remember the shapes of letters, then you could remember the shapes of letters, but had to remember to capitalise words and use full stops- slowly,. you make all the things part of your memory, part of your body. just think about it as you're writing about a character, and then let it slow into your work.Too much focus on this sort of detail produces stilted writing.I love these photos. I brought a real cheap little digital camera, it's a Kodak C513, AU$98, bargain! I have it with me all the time as I walk about there are so many great photos waiting to be taken (and they inspire me to write)I took a shot of this homemade sticker- it's outside Jive in Hindley Street, Adelaide, and originally read " In the...
Living On The Wedge
2008-01-10 16:04:00
The new wedges out for late Winter and early Spring are certainly anything but dull. Adorned with everything from rhinestones, bows, buttons & buckles these hotties are what’s “In” for Spring. I especially love the attention getting florals in sweet mix of hues ranging from hot pink florals, red & black florals, to a ...
Katie Melua & Eva Cassidy 'What A Wonderful World' Video
2007-12-29 00:00:00
Katie Melua and Eva Cassidy are out with the video to their Red Cross charity duet 'What A Wonderful World', a remake of the Louis Armstrong classic. Watch it below the fold.
Sterling Simms f/ Cassidy - Stuck In Traffic
2007-12-21 14:00:00
Listen/DL~~ Sterling Simms f/ Cassidy - Stuck In Traffic ~~*Voici un nouvel artiste qui a trs gros potentiel pour devenir une star du R&B, il s'agit de Sterling Simms!! Il appartient au groupe Def Jam et fait parti de la production Knightwritahz... Le voici en coute avec son nouveau titre "Stuck In Traffic" en featuring avec Cassidy!! Trs bon son qui fera parti de son premier album (sortie pour 2008)... Voici son Space ;)*(Credits: Kevipod)*
Who Will Be Christmas Number One: Eva Cassidy & Katie Melua, Leon Jackson o
2007-12-18 15:11:00
It is said that X Factor winner Leon Jackson is almost certain to take the Christmas number one title this weekend but could Eva Cassidy & Katie Melua keep the number one position one more week. A spokesperson for the Official Charts Company cited “data reporting issues” as the reason for Leons omission but confirmed that ...
Cassidy Performs 'My Drink N My 2 Step'
2007-12-11 00:00:00
Pepsi Smash is featuring an exclusive performance by Cassidy, with the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania rapper performing an altered version of his 'B.A.R.S. The Barry Adrian Reese Story' lead single 'My Drink N My 2 Step', featuring the line, "My Pepsi an
Omarion & Bow Wow f/ Cassidy & Soulja Boy - Girlfriend [Official Remix]
2007-12-09 11:54:00
Listen/DL~~ Girlfriend [Official Remix] ~~*Voici le remix officiel du trs bon titre de Omarion & Bow Wow intitul "Girlfriend"!! Pour interprter ce remix, le duo s'entoure des services de Cassidy et Soulja Boy!!! Super remix qui a t produit par Swizz Beatz ;)* What do you think about this official remix?
David Cassidy needs to lay off the plastic surgery
2007-11-29 00:00:00
Wireimage I can't put my finger on what type of procedure David Cassidy has gotten one too many of…botox, chemical peels or good old-fashioned plastic surgery, but he needs to stop. He looks like an aging rocker trying to recapture his youth but is too old to be that teen idol he was 40 years ago/ ...
Fabolous? 30th Birthday Party at AZZA
2007-11-23 20:04:00
Fabolous had another party to celebrate his 30th birthday at AZZA Restaurant and Lounge in New York City on Tuesday. Angie Martinez, Danity Kane, Cassidy, Lil Mo, The Retro Kids and Angel aka Lola Luv were among attendance. Angel aka Lola Luv, Angie Martinez, Aubrey ODay, Cassidy, D. Woods, Danity Kane, Dawn Richards, fabolous, Lil Mo
Cassidy details the fatal shooting:
2007-11-16 20:54:00
video of cassidy explaining the 2005 shootingwatch video
Lux Cassidy - Black Top/Denim Skirt on Blue Fantasies
2007-11-14 05:32:00
Read the entire original post via
Sexy Lux Cassidy
2007-11-13 22:26:00
Sexy Lux Cassidy Original Title : Lux Cassidy 01 Originally Uploaded by : Metal Bug Please visiting Bikini Palace and get the Information around sexy Up-date bikini style
Cassidy - "BARS"
2007-11-09 20:13:00
If anyone wants it, you can get it at Nation of Hip Hop
Cassidy say's Jay Z's new album is mediocre?
2007-11-09 16:17:00
Cassidy spends half the interview Angie Martinez talking about Jay-Z?s album, I think that confidence he has is now border lining cockiness. I have both these guys albums sitting by my laptop right now and Cassidy?s B.A.R.S is a well put together album but it?s no American Gangster. My Drink and Two Step is about 300 hundred spins away from being played out and there isn?t anymore radio friendly singles on that album apart from ?Damn I Miss The Game? which I will be posting tomorrow. Blue Magic slowly grew on most people and Roc Boys is taking off in a major way plus the video is crazy, other joints on Jay?s album like ?Success? and ?Fallen? could be considered Classics.Watch: Cassidy Interview With Angie Martinez
Cassidy Talks 'B.A.R.S.' With CNN
2007-11-08 00:00:00
Cassidy visited with to promote his new album 'B.A.R.S. The Barry Adrian Reese Story'. The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania rapper talked about his car crash, his jail stint, the album's first single 'My Drink N My 2 Step' - which he insists isn't
CASSIDY?S B.A.R.S. OUT NOW! Watch Behind The Scenes Episodes
2007-11-06 18:07:00
His hot new album is bagin out my speakers as we speak… go swizzy…
Jay-Z's November Reign? Mogul Takes On Chris Brown, Cassidy, Angels &am
2007-11-06 14:00:00
Jay-Z tries to reclaim his throne but will have to conquer Chris Brown, Cassidy, Angels & Airwaves and more, in New Releases.
Cassidy: B.A.R.S.: The Barry Adrian Reese Story
2007-11-06 04:10:00
Cassidy: B.A.R.S. The Barry Adrian Reese StoryPhiladelphia rapper Cassidy returns with his third album The Barry Adrian Reese. This is follow up to his gold sophomore effort, I'm a Hustler. The album sees Cassidy reunite with "I'm a Hustler" producer Swizz Beatz for the lead single from B.A.R.S. "My Drink n My 2 Step. It also contains production from Neo Da Matrix, Hi-Tek, and Kanye West and collaborations with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Eve, Angie Stone, and John Legend.After a getting off murder charges in 2005 and surviving a near deadly car accident in 2006, is it any wonder that Cassidy's first album since those two events futures a more mature Cassidy. His lyrics discuss religion, being misunderstood, and understanding he is blessed.Obviously anyone who has heard the lead single know that the album isn't all serious. It does contain some club bangers to satisfy those "I'm a Hustler" fans. Tracks like "Where My Niggas At?", "Cash Rulez", and "I Get My Paper" all have that...
Cassidy - B.A.R.S. [ALBUM]
2007-11-05 17:25:00
01. Intro (B.A.R.S. Vs Da Hustla) 06:2002. My Drink & My 2 Step (feat. Swizz Beatz) 03:1303. Where My Niggas At 04:5204. Will Never Tell (Uh Uh) 04:3905. I Pray (feat. Shizlansky) 04:5606. Innocent 04:1207. Cash Rulez (feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony & Eve) 03:5408. Leanin' On The Lord (feat. Angie Stone) 05:0709. Damn I Miss The Game 03:2410. Done 4 Me 03:2911. I Get My Paper (feat. Swizz Beatz) 04:4112. Take A Trip (feat. Mashonda) 03:3313. Celebrate (feat. John Legend) 03:5714. All By Myself 05:02DOWNLOAD
Cassidy B.A.R.S. Battle Part 1
2007-11-03 00:00:00
Part one of a behind the scenes look at Cassidy's Rap Battle on MTV's 'Sucka Free' has been posted online, where the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania rapper talked about the concept. And we get an introduction from the three finalists, Rocky out of Detroit
Cassidy re-lives A fatal night:
2007-11-02 19:48:00
Cassidy recently spoke with extensively with MTV News about the shooting that left his former friend dead and landed him in prison for 8 months."Since the minivan was parked, there was no way to get past it," Cassidy said, standing in the alley, replaying the whole scenario. "You had to back up or turn around to get out. The dudes went through it … boom, hit my house. I don’t really wanna get into details, but at the end of the day, there were like 90 shells [lying all over]. My truck had holes in it, a bunch of driveways, windows, people’s homes got shot up. Then there was also a bag found right here by the truck, a plastic bag found with a bunch of shells in it. The cases were the same shells that were fired. Eventually they got a warrant for the house I was living in, and they found an SK clip and a lot of bullets…
Cassidy - B.A.R.S.
2007-11-02 11:35:00
Tracks:01. Intro (B.A.R.S. Vs Da Hustla) 06:2002. My Drink & My 2 Step (feat. Swizz Beatz) 03:13 03. Where My Niggas At 04:5204. Will Never Tell (Uh Uh) 04:39 05. I Pray (feat. Shizlansky) 04:5606. Innocent 04:12 07. Cash Rulez (feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony & Eve) 03:5408. Leanin' On The Lord (feat. Angie Stone) 05:0709. Damn I Miss The Game 03:24 10. Done 4 Me 03:29 11. I Get My Paper (feat. Swizz Beatz) 04:4112. Take A Trip (feat. Mashonda) 03:3313. Celebrate (feat. John Legend) 03:57 14. All By Myself 05:02
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