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Nick Cave - Jack The Ripper
2009-09-06 07:59:00
Nick Cave Jack The Ripper There She Goes, My Beautiful World (Live) Pubblicato da kinglear | Commenti (1) Tag: canzoni, video, cantanti, goth, gotico, cantautori, songwriters, youtube, troubadours      &-nbsp;    &n-bsp;    &nb-sp;    &nbs-p;     -;     -     &-nbsp;    &n-bsp;    &nb-sp;    &nbs-p;     -;   
Pura Goa Lawah - The Bat Cave Temple
2009-06-24 11:07:00
Pura Goa Lawah, the Bat Cave Temple, is located along the coast of southeastern Bali, The Bat Cave Temple indeed lives up to its name, Lawah is Bat in Balinese language, for three ? tier structure stand at the entrance to a large cave. The cave is inhabited by thousand of flying bat that hang ...
Paris' Own Bears Cave: a Project by Paul Coudamy
2009-06-12 05:48:00
Didn't think you would find a bear's cave smack dab in the urban landscape of the second arrondissement of Paris, France, did you? Well, Paul Coudamy, French architect, has re-envisioned the urban jungle to include the wild of the forest with the Bears Cave, a revamped office space for his client, an internet company called Bearstech.
Cave Creek,AZ,85331,US,Price:$549000
2009-06-09 07:32:00
Residential > Single Family Homes > Resale Homes by Agent/Broker
ESCALA Starts to Buzz - Media Coverage & Wine Cave Table
2009-02-05 23:33:00
In addition to our photos we took at ESCALA just last week, a lot of other media has surfaced recently as well. If you’re following the progress of ESCALA closely, then you may have already seen the “In the News” email that was just sent out. Probably the most interesting was the Daily Journal of Commerce ...
Lady Of The Cave
2009-01-08 03:06:00
י"ב טבת תשס"טGrael 13A few days ago I had a vision of seeing from deep inside a pitch black cave and looking out toward the entrance. There was a large megalithic-like stone shaped like a mortar's pestle which blocked the entrance and came clear into the back center of the cave, from where I was seeing.I saw several people on the outside of the cave trying to move the covering pestle stone away from the entrance to gain access to the cave. They had budged the covering pestle stone a very slight bit over to one side - so I could seem them against the little crack of light that had filtered in at the entrance. I think they thought the stone was only situated at the entrance, but they were wrong. The stone was set deep into the cave, clear back to the center, to me.At first I was just curious as to what they were doing, but then I got perturbed and thought-slammed the stone back into place and shut them back out.Get back, I thought as the stone again wholly blocked my cave's...
I?m A Celebrity: David Van Day WON?T Sleep In The Cave!
2008-11-21 13:11:00
With two new celebrities in the I’m A Celebrity camp, the stars were forced to discuss sleeping arrangements. Brian read some instructions. ?You?ll find a new sleeping area for two celebrities outside camp. The exact location of the Cave. It?s up to you to decide who stays there.? The Group had a ...
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, 2001
2008-11-01 07:42:00
Agora que Nick Cave j passoudos quarenta (e a ns, Rui,pouco nos falta), nem vale a penareparar na dana irrequieta do violinoou dos actorzinhos de merdaque vieram substituir os punks,os skins, outras modas igualmente tristes.Vinte anos depois - como tu gostasde sublinhar -, no sabemos j o que fazer morte, a este intil sobejo de vida quedeixmos de mostrar aos porteiros da noiteou do inferno, coisas de que podemosenfim sorrir. Mas as lgrimas, deh vinte anos, talvez fossem preferveis.- Manuel de Freitas
Chris Lee Exits Cave, Discovers Fiscal Meltdown and Bailout
2008-10-06 04:11:00
Very convenient of Mr. Lee not to say a single. solitary. word. about the fiscal meltdown and bailout 1.0 or 2.0 until after the passage of the latter. And spare me the trite observations about him being a "frontrunner" who doesn't need to opine or expound on issues facing ...
kim. cave.
2008-10-02 05:31:00
Basking in the glory of my grass-roots accomplishment: Hell HAS frozen over! How quickly the Kimberdoodle caved. Now what do we do with all those inappropriate pictures we posted on her ‘get kim on facebook’ group? QOTD: “See, I forgot about all these people who hate me.” - Kim, on joining Facebook Also, a little disturbed that Skybil ...
By: dpnation
School in a Cave.......very Strange
2008-09-15 19:02:00
MY HUB PRIYANKA CHOPRA TOO HOTYOUSAYTOO JOURNAL Do comment whether you like such posts and what i need to improvize on this blog...waiting for your comments people!! -- If you like this post, then... Visit for more....
About the Cave of Wonders
2008-08-10 17:29:00
This is where I am supposed tell you about my auspicious beginnings, and why this blog is such a great place to drop by, and why you too should fall sway to my ever-increasing plans for world dominance.BUT!!!What I shall do is far more insidious. I am going to leave you wondering if I was really just kidding up there in that previous paragraph or not. You will lie awake at night wondering. Not about starving children in Africa, but instead you'll be pondering about the cave... and its devious occupant... "Who is he, and what the hell is he up to?"So, feel free to ponder to your heart's content. I won't stop you. In fact, I encourage it.Ponder until you have no choice but to enter the cave and become one of its followers.MUHAHAAHAA!**** PROPERTY OF HERSHEY DESAI DO NOT STEAL OR MODIFY WITHOUT PERMISSION ****
Cave Junction,OR,97504,US,Price:$389000
2008-06-24 22:00:00
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South Lake Tahoe Real Estate Update: Cave Rock (NV)
2008-06-07 21:25:00
Cave Rock Update - Stateline, NV area of South Lake Tahoe. We’ve just updated Cave Rock, a Stateline, NV neighborhood in South Lake Tahoe. Please note “Cave Rock, NV” found in our left sidebar.  All current Cave Rock listings, plus statistical market trends, here. All current Cave rock escrow , plus statistics, here. All 2008 Cave Rock home sales, plus statistics, here. Also included are all Cave Rock sales for 2007, 2006, and 2005. (click “read the rest of this entry” below) Technorati Tags: South Lake Tahoe Real Estate, Stateline, NV Real Estate, South Lake Tahoe Real Estate Statistics, Search South Lake Tahoe Listings, Cave Rock Statistics   About Cave Rock  : (For more about Cave Rock) (Number homes: about 190) Located on mountainside overlooking the lake, Cave Rock and Lakeridge offer both breathtaking lake, mountain and forest views. Homes range from market entry and mid-market to some of the most stunning view property esta...
Meteora, Agios Georgios Mandelas?s cave
2008-06-06 10:02:00
The Meteora is one of the largest and most important complex of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Kalambaka, Greece and is second only to Mount Athos. The monasteries are built on natural sandstone rock pillars, at the northwestern edge of the Plain of Thessaly near the Peneios river and Pindus Mountains, in central Greece. The Metora ...
Cave Creek, AZ - Buy or Lease Luxury in Cave Creek - 785000 or Lease $2500/
2008-06-05 00:00:00
What a Beautiful Home Inside and Out. This Custom Home Has Everything One Could Imagine. The Home Sits On One Of The Best 1-Acre Lots In Sierra Vista With Beautiful 180 Degree Panoramic Mountain Views. The Interior Of The Home Features A Great Split Master Floorplan With A Seperate Casita Chef`s Kitchen With Stainless Appliances Cherry Cabinets Granite Counters And Dramatic Tall Ceiling Hieghts. The Exterior Of The Home Features Huge Front Pavered Courtyard With Fountain And Firepit A Paver...
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Dig, Lazarus, Dig"
2008-06-03 17:54:00
???? 7 ??? ?????, ???? ?? ??????? ??????, ?????? ??? ???????? ?? ???? ??????????? ??? ?????? ??? ??????????.
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! (2008)
2008-05-31 05:15:00
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! (2008)1 Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! (4:11)2 Today's Lesson (4:41)3 Moonland (3:53)4 Night Of The Lotus Eaters (4:53)5 Albert Goes West (3:32)6 We Call Upon The Author (5:11)7 Hold On To Yourself (5:50)8 Lie Down Here (& Be My Girl) (4:57)9 Jesus Of The Moon (3:22)10 Midnight Man (5:06)11 More News From Nowhere (7:58) Cave & The Bad Seeds - Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
Evening Update - Elvis Costello, Nick Cave, Patti Smith, more
2008-05-30 08:31:00
Elvis Costello played a surprise/secret show last night (May 28) at Los Angeles' El Ray Theatre after he was done with his opening show for the Police. Amazingly, when he asked the crowd who was seeing him for the second time today, a few people clapped, meaning that they left the Police to see Costello. The 27-song marathon set lasted well into the night and ended with the singing of Happy Birthday to Jonathan Rice, who joined Costello on stage along with drummer Pete Thomas and daughter Tennessee Thomas.Nick Cave has told the town where he grew up, Victoria, Australia, that he wants to build a statue in their town, but it's not any old statue. It's a semi-nude statue of Nick himself on horseback.Cave is looking to raise the $50,000 needed to put up the statue as he didn't feel he could ask the town to foot the bill.A documentary on Patti Smith's life from 1996 to 2007 will see a U.S. release in the latter part of the year. Dream of Life, directed by Steven Sebring, will be...
Goa Gajah, The Elephant Cave
2008-05-30 02:16:00
Located in a short distance of former princedom Bedulu or Beda-Hulu, this unique ancient and mysterious site is fantastically carved into the rock-face which possibly date around 11th century. The origins of the name Goa Gajah are uncertain. Some claim that the name comes from the world 'Lwa Gajah' recorded in ancient Javanese writings saying the cave was the home of an important Buddhist priest
Galilee cave reveals secrets of hunter-gatherers
2008-05-27 14:33:00
A wealth of new information about the way of life of early man in the eastern Mediterranean, long before the invention of the wheel, is likely to be uncovered after the startling discovery of a cave inhabited by hunter-gatherers between 20,000 and 40,000 years ago.Workers constructing a sewage line through a forest in northern Israel stumbled across a large cave containing stalactites and strewn with discarded fragments of prehistoric tools and the burnt bones of animals which have long been extinct in the region, including red deer, fallow deer, buffalo and even bears.While examination of the remains is at a preliminary stage, experts have hailed the discovery – at an undisclosed location in western Galilee – as the most important of its kind in the southern Levant for up to half a century. Dr Ofer Marder, the head of the prehistory branch of the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), and an archaeologist colleague were lowered 30m down into the darkness by rope. He described the ...
Tech My Bitch @ X-Cave Galati --- 30.05
2008-05-26 15:19:00
Hope government doesn?t cave to property interests
2008-05-25 14:57:00
Reported in the Tribune, the builders want the government to give people money to buy houses. Obviously this is daftness of the higher order. Have people not copped on that the last thing people need to do is buy another house, especially one where people are expected to burn expenses petrol to get to work. ...
The Cave in the Side of the Hill
2008-05-24 15:11:00
The Cave in the Side of the Hill, originally uploaded by AshMont.
Lost Update - Old Man In The Cave
2008-05-23 03:53:00
Lost Update Season IV 05/22/2008 As promised, the Grassy Knoll Institute is ready to explain the mysterious Jacob, the old man that lives in the cabin. The same man that Ben takes orders from. The same old man that seems to have powers beyond our comprehension. The answer to this mysterious entity can only be found in ...
Cave School In Chine
2008-05-18 10:22:00
  CAVE SCHOOL IN CHINA       education
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Presale Code: Chicago
2008-05-16 17:15:00
The Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds presale code has just been become available. This presale password is your key to getting premium tickets. Our site has been serving ticket brokers and concert fans for years now and we are a proven source for accurate codes. Make sure to tell your friends about presale411 when you get great Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds tickets.Nick Cave & the Bad SeedsRiviera Theatre,Chicago? ILSun, Sep 28, 2008 08:00 PMInternet Presale:Start:Fri, 05/16/08 10:00 AM CDTEnd:Fri, 05/16/08 10:00 PM CDT Presale Code: moonlandGrab Presale Tickets at TicketmasterLooking for a password that isn't listed here? Check out
Last doomsday cult members leave cave in Russia after authorities find 2 ro
2008-05-16 11:40:00
The nine were the last of a group of 35 men, women and children that had dug into a hillside near the Volga region town of Penza in November and threatened to blow themselves up with gas canisters if authorities tried to remove them. [video]
The First Free Online Games Cave
2008-05-16 00:00:00
Posted on 14/05/2008the first free online games caveIn order to find the most fun and addictive flash games, there are many places to browse. The most useful sites have flash games, categorize them, organize them, and allow each user to casts his vote
Video: Tokyo Police Club - "In A Cave" + remaining dates
2008-05-13 16:20:00
After releasing the video for "Tesselate" earlier on, the Canadian "saviors of rock" (ugh, we hate that whole thing like mad) in Tokyo Police Club have put out this latest clip for "In A Cave". What do you all think...
A rudimentary CAVE based system - JDome
2008-05-12 18:49:00
I really like this concept as an immersive CAVE based system …. Edusim on a concaved screen would make it that much more immersive ! I think these could really boost a kids learning experience !
Tiger Cave
2008-05-09 17:00:00
.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }.flickr-yourcomment { }.flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; }.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } Tiger Cave, originally uploaded by TRPhoto. Tiger Cave at San Miguel Village, Toledo District, BelizeCopyright 2008 Tony Rath PhotographyBelize Stock ImagesBelize Information
Scull Cave
2008-05-09 14:37:00
Talk about a weird place for kids to hang out. A little morbid but no doubt Scull Cave will be a hit with some of the more imaginative kids out there.! Dungeons and Dragons anyone? Via Swissmiss BED Home, BED Kids, Bedroom, cave, Kids
Nick Cave - Heineken Music Hall
2008-05-09 01:09:00
I just got back from Amsterdam! It was my first time seeing him and was easily one of the best concerts I have ever seen. He played almost the whole new album. - Dig, Lazarus, Dig! - Today's Lesson - Night Of The Lotus Eaters - We Call Upon The Author - Lie Down Here (& Be My Girl) - Jesus Of The Moon - Midnight Man - More News From NowhereI would have liked to here Albert Goes West instead of a couple of those songs but oh well...He also played. - Deanna - Tupelo - Papa Won't Leve You Henry - The Ship Song ...
Elf power - in a cave
2008-05-08 23:24:00
Elf Power - In a CaveNuevo disco de estos caballeros
By: Musiteka
Reclusive Penza sect members dig out well in underground cave
2008-05-08 10:42:00
Sect members still staying in the cave have not signaled any date of their possible coming out.
El disconflicto: "Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!" (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)
2008-05-07 15:12:00
Unas vacaciones merecidas a su lado oscuro, unos Bad Seeds soleados. Un disco perfecto de rock and roll. Desde ?Murder Ballads? de 1996, Nick Cave no haba hecho un disco redondo de principio a fin, aunque s que hubo muchas grandes canciones. Pero su sonido sombro y su voz de sepulturero sumido en una depresin a priori vitalicia, pesaba ms que sus ganas de hacer rock elctrico. ?Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!? tiene tensin, crepitar de guitarras y rganos evanglicos que nos conducen a la comunin total con nuestro predicador en ?Today?s Lesson?. Un estado de nimo ms prximo a las bodas y a los bautizos, un adis a los funerales. x Simn ZicoNo basta el prestigio, no basta su inconfundible voz, no basta su pasado. Para elaborar el rock and roll rampln, zafio y faciln de buena parte de ?Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!? hay grupos a patadas que lo hacen mejor, o por lo menos que se dejan la piel en el intento, algo que ya no hace Nick Cave, con o sin Bad Seeds. El otrora gran artista de culto (...
Tiger Cave
2008-05-05 17:00:00
.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }.flickr-yourcomment { }.flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; }.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } Tiger Cave, originally uploaded by TRPhoto. HDR of Tiger Cave, San Miguel,Toledo, BelizeCopyright 2008 Tony Rath PhotographyBelize Stock ImagesBelize Information
Russian doomsday sect members safe after ?cave-in?
2008-05-01 16:43:00
A police source later said that the 'cave-in' had in fact not put the sect members in any danger, saying that "nothing catastrophic has occurred - rescue workers are clearing the entrance of fallen clumps of earth."
Touring - Stevie Wonder, George Thorogood, Allman Brothers, Nick Cave
2008-04-30 07:37:00
Stevie Wonder5/2 - New Orleans - LA Fairgrounds Racetrack6/18 – Wantagh, NY - Jones Beach6/26 - Milwaukee, WI - Marcus Amphitheater6/28 - Chicago, IL - Grant ParkGeorge Thorogood & the Destroyers5/13 - Victoria, BC - Save On Foods Memorial Center5/14 & 15 - Coquitlam, BC - Red Robinson Theatre5/16 - Kamloops, BC - Interior Savings Center5/18 - Calgary, AB - Jack Singer Auditorium5/19 - Edmonton, AB - Winspear Centre for Music5/21 - Saskatoon, SK - Prairieland Exhibition Center5/22 - Regina, SK - Casino Regina Show Lounge5/23 - Winnipeg, MT - MTS Centre5/24 & 25 - Thunderbay, ON - Community Center Auditorium5/28 - Kitchener, ON - Centre in the Square5/29 - Hamilton, ON - Copps Coliseum5/30 - Toronto, ON - Massey Hall5/31 - St. Adele, QB - Bourbon St. North6/1 - Kingston, ON - Sport & Entertainment Center6/3 - Quebec City, QB - LE Capitole de Quebec6/5 - Summerside, PEI - Credit Union Place6/6 - Halifax, NS - Forum Arena6/7 - Moncton, NB - Coliseum Complex6/9 - Veron...
2008-04-26 09:30:00
Hands Cave and Pinturas River amazing display of cave art 9.300 years old in the heart of southern Patagonia...
Cave Creek, AZ - Tatum Ranch - 1AC - Newer Custom - $900000 - $900000
2008-04-25 00:00:00
A true custom home in a great location on 1 Acre in a cul-de-sac with paved roads and N/S Exposure. NO HOA yet city water & services. 5 minutes to Loop 101/Desert Ridge. Open floorplan features large eat-in island kitchen w/ granite slab tops & full backsplash Cherry cabinets & walk-in pantry. 18 inch Travertine throughout high ceilings beautiful 8 knotty Alder Doors. 4BR Split floorplan + den + bonus room great for craft/exercise/whatever. Fully landscaped & fenced w/ BBQ & area ready fo...
Poll: When Will Chad Johnson Cave In To The Bengals?
2008-04-23 10:41:00
I won’t rehash the entire story because by now we already know whats going on. Chad says he won’t report to the Bengals at all this season, and coach Marvin Lewis has decided to call his bluff and say “prove it”. So my question for you guys is simple, how long will Chad Johnson wait before ...
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds release 'iTunes Live From London' EP
2008-04-22 06:01:00
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have released an exclusive "Live Session" EP through iTunes, recorded at the legendary Air studios on 2nd March as part of iTunes' "Live From London" series. The session...
South Lake Tahoe Real Estate Update: Cave Rock Neighborhood
2008-04-19 19:19:00
Cave Rock Update - Stateline, NV area of South Lake Tahoe. We’ve just updated Cave Rock, a Stateline, NV neighborhood in South Lake Tahoe. Please note “Cave Rock, NV” found in our left sidebar.  This link will take you to all current Cave Rock listings, current escrow and all 2008 sales. Also included are all Cave Rock sales for 2007, 2006, and 2005. (click “read the rest of this entry” below) Technorati Tags: South Lake Tahoe Real Estate, Stateline, NV Real Estate, South Lake Tahoe Real Estate Statistics, Search South Lake Tahoe Listings, Cave Rock Statistics   About Cave Rock  : (For more about Cave Rock) (Number homes: about 190) Located on mountainside overlooking the lake, Cave Rock and Lakeridge offer both breathtaking lake, mountain and forest views. Homes range from market entry and mid-market to some of the most stunning view property estates on the Lake. We offer this information as a public service. It is the most compl...
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!
2008-04-11 14:16:00
Nick Cave (a.k.a the coolest contemporary mustache in music industry) and the Bad Seeds want you to dig! The Grinderman is probably gone as you hear no more riot punk pussy blues because you’re now Lazarus! This album is one of this 50 year old man’s best works, as well as one of the firmest performances by The Bad Seeds. Despite the loss of a member Blixa Bargeld (guitarist/piano player) the band has now a new member, multi-instrumentalist Warren Ellis who has a duet soundtrack album (Proposition OST) with Nick Cave as well. Ellis seems to be a deep breath of fresh air as Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds never have sounded better than this. Nick Cave is accomplishing more and more milestones in his career by writing film scores (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford), acting, doing side-projects (Grinderman) and now a fantastic new record for his rock fans. If Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus was an English album, Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!! is a full American work ...
Russia: Two members of an apocalyptic sect probably died in cave
2008-04-09 10:10:00
A member of the cult has stated that two women died while the group was in the cave: one of cancer, the other during a fast.
Cave Sect Leader Hospitalized With Head Wounds
2008-04-08 14:00:00
A leader of a doomsday sect who had inspired his followers to hide in a cave for five months as they waited for the end of the world has been hospitalized with serious head wounds, Penza government officials said today. Self-styled prophet Pyotr Kuznetsov is described as being in serious condition in a hospital in the town of Bekovo, some 500 kilometres (310 miles) southeast of Moscow. Eleven of Kuznetsov's followers are still occupying the cave nearby. Although the government representative and the hospital declined to say what caused his injuries, he had been undergoing court-ordered psychiatric treatment. Penza Deputy Governor Oleg Melnichenko had stated earlier in televised comments that Kuznetsov was hospitalized with a self-inflicted open head wound. Melnichenko further added that Kuznetsov had laid his head on a tree stump and hit himself repeatedly on the head with a piece of wood. This contradicts an eariler statement that had been made alleging that cult members had b...
Bee Cave, TX - ADV:Homestead Bee Cave Open House Tour - 449000++
2008-04-03 00:00:00
5103 High Canyon Pass MLS#6338721 $449000 w/4BR/3B/3Gar/2Ac.............- 5005 Great Divide MLS#4413559 $499000 w/4BR/3.5B/2LR/2Gar/2Ac........-... 5520 Great Divide MLS#1858816 $619000 w/4BR/3LR/2Gar/Pool/2.6Ac/Pool.-..
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