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Short Circuit Coordination Time
2012-05-15 21:25:00
Any relay coordination expert familiar with short circuit study can tell what is the minimum time lag required to ensure Short Circuit coordination and selectivie protection curves on 11KV and 440 Volts power distribution system ? basis for the selection?
VSD Altivar 61 Ground Short Circuit
2012-05-14 19:06:00
We have a Altivar 61 45kw VSD that trips on Ground short circuit, especially when we start up some other equipment (motor)... anyone have any ideas... (Motor insulation is ok). our switching frequency is 12kHz.
Use Of Support Having Different Strengths For Short Circuit Force Calculati
2012-05-09 14:23:00
Hi..I am calculating Short circuit forces for LV system busbars using IEC 865 standard. We calculate the value of force on support and then compare this with the tensile strength of the material. However throughout the busbar length i am using supports having different tensile strength values. No
Dimmer Circuit Configuration
2012-05-07 14:32:00
i have a requirement for controlling brightness of 14 lighting loads .i want to use dimmers for this. what i want to know is can we use a single dimmer to control the brightness of all 14 lighting loads? i did a quick internet search and ended up with MK Electric universal dimmer K1400 but it is use
Connecting Circuit Control Forward and Reverse
2012-05-05 19:50:00
Hi i need assistant on connecting circuit control forwad and reverse star delta
How to Reduce High Short Circuit Level on 11KV Network
2012-05-04 16:30:00
We have main intake power source from the power authority via 5 paralell 30MVA, 132/11KV transformers. How can we limit the Short Circuit level which is 850MVA to 500MVA.on our main 11KV sectionalised switchboard. What type of limiter is the best and why?
Medium Voltage Off Circuit Isolator
2012-04-18 08:32:00
I want to use a 3 phase 33 KV off circuit isolator between VCB & transformer. The isolator will have an integrated earthing switch connected to its outgoing side, so that the outgoing cable / busbar can be earthed when isolator is off. Is there any specific norm regarding knife contacts (main po
Fourth Circuit Vacates Most of Flawed Keyword Advertising Decision
2012-04-10 02:42:00
Big keyword advertising decision today: the Fourth Circuit decided Rosetta Stone v. Google. The court did the right thing. It vacated the exceedingly Google-friendly decision incorporating sloppy analysis and incorrect application of trademark law, and remanded for the Eastern District of Virginia to reconsider the case in light of proper standards. In the end, I think the result will be the same — on re-examination, Google won’t be directly or indirectly liable for counterfeiters’ purchase of Rosetta Stone’s trademark as a search engine keyword. But this time, the analysis won’t be tortured and misleading.
Carmichael gets set for the Circuit
2012-04-04 22:12:00
Tomorrow (Friday) will see Alan Carmichael take part in his first ever round of the IRC (Intercontinental Rally Challenge), when he lines up to start the Circuit of Ireland Rally. Having secured support from the Outlet Village Banbridge, Kerr?s Tyres and the Fun Factory, he will be back behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi Evolution ...
Citroen Racing Trophy Ireland Drivers Prepare for IRC Circuit of Ireland Ea
2012-04-04 19:27:00
Round two of the Citroen Racing Trophy Ireland 2012, and the crews line up as part of Ireland?s first IRC championship event, with five C2 R2 Max?s scheduled to take the Belfast City Hall start on Good Friday. Having won the opening West Cork round, Limerick?s Kevin O?Connor is starting the Circuit of Ireland for ...
Auto Reclose Circuit
2012-03-31 17:26:00
hi to everyone, can anybody explain me the priority circuit in auto reclosure
Terrameter Circuit Diagram
2012-03-26 12:02:00
Please, i'm looking for a circuit diagram of an earth resistance meter (terrameter) for a personal project. I'm hoping i can get a positive result
Motor Starter Circuit Diagram
2012-03-25 18:02:00
Thank you for shedding light on the numbering system. I am still on motor starter systems and Have the following question: In my part of the world (East Africa), the LV is 415/240 V, AC, 50 Hz (although 400/230 is being adopted). Most control circuits are at a single phase voltage of 240V. However,
Motor Starter Circuit Diagram
2012-03-24 08:01:00
ON motor starter diagrams (both DOL and star delta), there is a system of numbering such as 13, 14 for NO contacts and 21, 22 for NC contacts and 97, 98 for overload relay. What is the basis of such a numbering system? Kind regards and thanks, M. Akram Khan
Ninth Circuit Affirms False Advertising Finding Against Skydiving Marketer
2012-03-19 05:38:00
Skydive Arizona, Inc., has sold skydiving services under its SKYDIVE ARIZONA trademark since 1986. Cary Quattrocchi, Ben Butler, and others, d/b/a 1800SkyRide (“Skyride”), operate an advertising service that makes skydiving arrangements for customers and issues certificates that can be redeemed at a number of skydiving drop zones. Skydive Arizona sued Skyride in the District of Arizona for false advertising and trademark infringement. On its false advertising claim, it alleged that Skyride misled consumers wanting to skydive in Arizona by stating that Skyride owned skydiving facilities in Arizona when it did not. It also alleged that Skyride deceived consumers into believing that Skydive Arizona would accept Skyride’s skydiving certificates when it would not. Following partial summary judgment and a trial, a jury awarded Skydive Arizona $1 million in actual damages for false advertising, $2.5 million in actual damages for trademark infringement, $2,500,004 in pr...
Electronic Circuit
2012-03-18 16:42:00
design an electronic circuit for a light operated switch using transistors and photo resistors if possible
Designing an Electric Circuit
2012-03-17 14:05:00
how can i design an electric circuit which can produce 5volts dc from a 240 AC supply
Designing Pulse Oximeter Circuit
2012-03-03 00:14:00
Hi, i am designing a pulse oximeter circuit and need help with the following. 1. Filtering the signal obtained once the Bright red led hits phototransistor through fingernail there is a pulse which can be seen on an oscilloscope but how do you get rid of the noice, is a low pass filter (passive) th
Circuit Theorem
2012-02-28 08:37:00
what is exponential function,sinusoidal function,step down function etc and their graph
Need induction furnace circuit diagram
2012-02-20 11:54:00
Dear all CR4 Members I need a induction furnace circuit diagram for build a 10kw to 40kw induction furnace for malting of steel, s steel and other METALS Bast Regard Tanweer Ahmad (oily) CR4 Admin - email address removed From the CR4 Rules: Do not post phone numbers or email addresses. The C
2nd Circuit judge once up for Supreme Court dies (AP)
2012-02-19 03:27:00
AP - A federal appeals court judge in Manhattan for nearly three decades who was among final candidates President Ronald Reagan considered for the Supreme Court had died. Roger J. Miner was 77.
Timer Circuit Help!
2012-02-16 18:59:00
OK, just to let you know, I have no idea when it comes to electronics! Good, that's out of the way, then I shall begin! I want to see if I can build a simple circuit to close a contact (no voltage) and then open it, then close it, then open.......etc! I hope all you electronic guys and girls say 'O
Audio Spotlight Circuit
2012-02-11 21:47:00
ABSINTHE Welcomes World Series of Poker Circuit winner Kevin Calenzo
2012-02-10 23:30:00
The Gazillionaire and his sexy cast of performers welcomed Kevin Calenzo, the World Series of Poker Circuit winner to ABSINTHE at Caesars Palace Las Vegas on February 9, 2012. Kevin Calenzo at ABSINTHE Las Vegas Show Calenzo graciously posed for a photo with the gorgeous ladies of the Strip?s favorite show! Photo credit: Spiegelworld 2012 Bill Cody ...
Prop 8 Overturned By 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
2012-02-08 09:26:00
The best-excuse-to-peep-into-a-bedr-oom stupid law called Proposition 8, which says marriage is between a man and a woman, was declared unconstitutional Tuesday at the California 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The reason is based on a 1996 Supreme Court Decision that seems on its face remarkably difficult to attack for Prop 8 supporters. Judge Stephen Reinhardt (Read More...)
9th Circuit Rules Prop 8 Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional
2012-02-07 22:47:00
The 9th Circuit, the federal appeals court based in California, today upheld the trial court's ruling that California's Proposition 8 was unconstitutional. This referendum, narrowly passed in 2008, stripped same-sex couples of the right to marry. Here's a quick summary from the San Francisco Chronicle's website: A federal appeals court declared California's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional today, saying a state can't revoke gay rights solely because a majority of its voters disapprove of homosexuality. In a 2-1 ruling, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco said Proposition 8's limitations on access to marriage took rights away from a vulnerable minority without benefiting parents, children or the marital institution. "Proposition 8 serves no purpose, and has no effect, other than to lessen the status and human dignity of gays and lesbians in California, and to officially reclassify their relationships and families as inferior to those of opposite...
9th Circuit declares Prop 8 Unconstitutional
2012-02-07 19:08:00
Here’s the decision. Decision is by Judge Stephen Reinhardt who is “one of the most-reversed judges before the Supreme Court“. He just handed the Republicans a campaign issue.  They can make the case that unelected judges should not be resolving issues which the constitution entrusted to legislators — and the people themselves. UPDATE:  I apologize ...
Line Following Circuit
2012-02-04 09:02:00
I am a mechanical engineer and I want to build a profile cutter that will cut steel from a drawing template. I have searched the net but have not come acros a useable solution yet. Are there detectors with optics that could be focused on the line? It seems the main problem lies in detecting the li
Light Sensing Circuit
2012-02-03 00:30:00
Hello folks. I have a bit of a problem. I studied electronics over 30 years ago and have seldom used it. I am trying to build a simple circuit to turn a single LED on at dark. I have used the following circuit and it works, but the problem is the light intensity required to turn off the LED is high
Electrical Circuit Contact Points & 'Gounding' switch
2012-02-02 05:38:00
I'm an architect from Melbourne trying to find an electrical solution where the specialist have not, so apologies for this novice enquiry. 1. I am designing a door for a concert hall stage that needs to open silently. A magnetic lock at the head allows this function. We want the door release to be
Circuit Breaker Rating
2012-01-30 21:07:00
i wanna know what is the difference between iu and in. i have a circuit breaker that has the following nameplate in=63 A , iu= 160A
Filter Desin for an Inverter Circuit
2012-01-27 05:46:00
I am design a filter without any load. It gives output perfectly a sin wave. But waveform becomes distorted when i applied load. So please tell me the design procedure of filter which will be independent of load
Circuit Breaker Open/Close Time
2012-01-24 16:22:00
Is there any concern if the closing time of the CB is faster than the specified timing. spec 80 millisec. closing time 60 millisec. Thanks,
Circuit Breaker Close And Open Coil Resistance Measurement
2012-01-18 21:42:00
What do I have to use to measure the open and close coil resistance of the HV/MV circuit breaker control coils. Does regular ohm-meter do the accurate measurement (I mean because of the coil inductance?) or I have to use a ductor (micro-ohm) tester? Thank you
Short Circuit Calculation
2012-01-13 17:57:00
i want a knowlwdge about kA like 50ka what is this i m new student of electrical Engeniring
Battery Equalizer Circuit
2012-01-13 17:37:00
I remember seeing a simple circuit to equalize 6 batteries connected in series.Each battery required the circuit,and it simply by passed the battery when it reached full charge.This insured that all of the batteries in the series were equally charged. It was designed for 6ea. 6 volt golf cart batter
Regenerative Braking Circuit for 12v,200w DC Motor
2012-01-13 07:48:00
i want to develop a regenerative braking circuit for a 12v,200w dc motor. a bicycle wheel would be connected to the motor as load. regenerative would be activated when the speed of the load exceeds a reference value. pic micro controller is used for monitoring the speed. can anyone help me with circ
MV Circuit Breaker Timing Test
2012-01-10 21:41:00
Just I want to know the testing procedure of the MV circuit breaker timing test: 1. If this test could be done, while the breaker is connected to the test through the test cord. or the test cord has to be disconnected and the DC voltage supply goes through the test instrument and connected to open/
Comments on Short Circuit Calculation Needed
2012-01-09 05:37:00
Hello everyone. I am new college pass out. I got some electrical drawing and calculated the short circuit but there is variation between my calculation and the contractor calculation. Here I have attached my calculation please comment on it (Not a home work question). I want to know any other factor
Auto Mains Failure Circuit Diagram
2012-01-07 21:39:00
If any one has complete diagram of a AMF circuit Pl send or tell how the AMF will build?
Surge Protection Circuit
2012-01-04 13:35:00
As shown above we have Eddy current dynamometer, its 3 windings are in series parallel to surge protection circuit (combination of resistance and surge suppression diodes. 1) How reliable is parallel safety circuit, since under normal condition the safety circuit is open circuit. If it does not w
Noise in an AC Circuit
2012-01-03 19:10:00
I have a noise problem in a square wave signal. It is 3 to 5 volts at 45 to 50 hz current is 200ma, it also has 80ma of DC current that needs removing and it is a SMD board I have tryed LC filters but when I get the right frequency I reduce the current excessivly. HELP!!!!!!!!! Rachael
Why Single Core Cable Used in 3phase Wiring Circuit?
2012-01-02 11:18:00
Normally i found 3 Core cables are used most commonly in LT transmission system.But some time there are designs which uses 1C cables for 3Phase LT transmission system.What is the diffrerance.Is it advicable for using 1C cable in place of 3C cable?
Why Single Core Cable Used in 3phase Wiring Circuit?
2012-01-02 10:41:00
Normally i found 3 Core cables are used most commonly in LT transmission system.But some time there are designs which uses 1C cables for 3Phase LT transmission system.What is the diffrerance.Is it advicable for using 1C cable in place of 3C cable?
IEE Circuit Design-Over Engineered
2012-01-02 07:58:00
Dear All first of all I would like to wish you all a HAPPY NEW 2012 YEAR. What I would like to discuss with you all today is the over-engineered way of desinging electrical circuits as per the IEE regulations. Taking a hypothetical example for a normal single phase lighting circuit with 16 Amp MCB
Automatic Charge/Invert Circuit
2012-01-01 20:44:00
I have an invertor with a built-in charger.I have to manually switch it to "invert" when the power goes and also manually switch to "charge" when the power comes back. what external circuit can i introduce to make it invert dc to ac automatically when there is a power fail? Also how can i make it ch
DTC P0141-O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 Sensor 2)
2011-12-30 07:29:00
The above subject was the code I got out of my OBD scanner after scanning my toyota RAV4 2001. 1. Can somebody explain this? 2. How do I solve this problem? 3. How do I locate the sensor? Thank you. 'Yinka
Providing for Motor Short Circuit Forces in Its Foundation Design
2011-12-27 10:07:00
While designing a structural foundation for an electric motor, is it necessary to calculate and provide for the forces that may arise due to short circuits in motor windings? if the answer is 'yes', then where can I get the relevant information?
Circuit Protection Using Capacitor
2011-12-24 19:54:00
This link provides three ways of protecting an application against the mains voltage. Can anyone tell me what the waveform at the other side of the X Class capacitor would be? Obviously, the voltage between the two points (A-B) would depend on the c
New Load to Circuit Trips Breaker After a Period of Time
2011-12-19 19:26:00
I have just installed two ceiling fans and rerouted some lighting on my new covered patio. I wired and hung the fans then ran the wiring back to an existing junction box on the 20A circuit. After turning the breaker off, I connected everything. I flipped the breaker back on and tested the new "fixtu
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