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SYTYCD Mary Murphy Sued For Being A Cocaine-Fueled Nymphomaniac
2012-05-22 02:43:00
?So You Think You Can Dance? loud judge, Mary Murphy, is being sued by her former manager Michael Sanchez, who claims she is a desperate, drug-abusing, ungrateful nymphomaniac. SYTYCD Judge Mary Murphy Beats Thyroid Cancer Sanchez was Mary?s manager from 2006 to 2010, when he was fired over a money dispute. In the lawsuit, he ...
May 16, 1988: Nicotine Declared as Addictive as Heroin, Cocaine
2012-05-16 14:36:00
From Wired Top Stories: Surgeon General C. Everett Koop takes a bite out of big tobacco with his condemnation of nicotine's addictive properties. Read the whole article
Anorexic or Cocaine Diet ? you make the call
2012-02-27 19:25:00
… comments anyone? (Wow, it’s been over a year since I last posted here.) Let the legbombing begin:
Belisario admits positive cocaine test (AP)
2012-02-22 18:33:00
Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Ronald Belisario says a positive test for cocaine was the reason he remained in Venezuela and didn’t play in the majors last season. Belisario said Wednesday that he only tried cocaine once, but doesn’t remember when he used it or tested positive. The Venezuelan right-hander also said he entered a drug ...
Infrared Detector Unmasks Cocaine Addicts
2012-01-11 15:40:00
From - latest science and technology news stories: A research group at ETH Zurich is currently developing an infrared measuring technique to enable the detection of cocaine and its metabolites in saliva. The initial steps towards a portable measuring device have been successf
2011-11-03 13:43:00
Syd The Kid (vocals) and Matt Martian (production) are The Internet, the latest sub-group from the rambunctious Odd Future crew. Here's the video for their latest single, "Cocaine." The group just announced their debut album, Purple Naked Ladies, slated for release late 2011. We're listening!
Cocaine Pills For Businesswomen
2010-07-03 22:30:00
I added the thing at the end because it was too random not to include.
What is Crack Cocaine?
2010-02-16 13:00:00
Crack cocaine is a very deadly substance and can destroy you or your loved one's life. Do not wait until it is too late to get help.
Cocaine - Biggest Threat To Happiness
2010-02-16 13:00:00
Often times when an addict is approached with enrolling in a drug rehab they refuse, they deny they have a problem, they run away. It's very hard for a person who is addicted to drugs to imagine their life without the drugs.
Cocaine and Crack Cocaine
2009-11-20 13:00:00
The war on drugs and the legalization issues that follow it only produce changes of who makes a profit from drug abuse and the sale of the substances of abuse. It is only by understanding the true nature of our current drug epidemic that we might proceed with an effective remedy for the masses currently suffering.
Cocaine Addiction - The Money Tells The Tale
2009-08-18 14:00:00
The magnitude of the cocaine addiction problem currently facing our nation must be even more massive and far reaching than is usually thought for this amount of our money to be 'touching' cocaine during its relatively short lifespan of circulation.
Drug Rehab And Cocaine Addiction
2009-08-11 14:00:00
With cocaine, the addiction can become so strong that an individual becomes literally willing to give up everything else in life for his or her addiction. Families, possessions, careers, faith, self respect, dignity, their freedom and in many cases, their life, it's no wonder that cocaine is the greatest threat to this nation since those who become addicted are very devout customers and they constantly need more and more, regardless of the price to be paid.
Autopsy: Cocaine in Billy Mays? body
2009-08-07 23:33:00
Autopsy: Cocaine in Billy Mays’ body TAMPA, Fla. – An autopsy shows that cocaine use contributed to the heart disease that suddenly killed boisterous TV pitchman Billy Mays in June, officials announced Friday. The 50-year bearded TV personality died of a heart attack in his sleep after going to bed at his Tampa condo the night ...
Drug Addiction - History of Cocaine
2009-08-07 14:00:00
The one key point to make here is that it is the war on addiction, and not the war on drugs that we must strive to handle. The war on drugs and the legalization issues that follow it only produce changes of who makes a profit from drug abuse and the sale of the substances of abuse. It is only by understanding the true nature of our current drug epidemic that we might proceed with an effective remedy for the masses currently suffering.
Red Bull Tainted With Cocaine!
2009-05-26 19:37:00
The energy drink that ?Gives you Wiiings,” Red Bull, is being pulled from shelves in six states in Germany after it was discovered it contains a trace amount of cocaine, which is so small that it doesn?t pose a health risk. According to local reports, the cocaine comes from a process of de-cocainized extract of coca ...
Audrina Patridge Cocaine, Drug Addict
2009-05-17 09:30:00
I took one look at Audrina and thought 'eating disorder!' Then I took one look at Justin Bobby and thought, 'they do drugs, before, after and during sex.'And to think, even while Ceiling Eyes is on drugs she's still way boring? As Lily Allen said, some people really are bad at taking drugs. Romi claimed she regularly supplied Audrina with cocaine, saying, "not only do I carry the drugs for Audrina but I also frequently sell it to her for free stash."Romi elaborated on the beach house and the 4th of July 2008 party being filmed for the The Hills and how she was forced to go back and forth between that house and the DKNY house to ferry drugs back and forth to the reality show star.As of December 2008, another source reports that according to Romi, she is now supplying Audrina with Hydrocodone and Oxycontin as well.
Lily Allen Hates Religion & Cocaine Isn?t So Bad!!
2009-01-08 19:36:00
Troublemaker British singer/songwriter Lily Allen is a really confused girl. The best she could do was just shut up and try to control herself in public. In an interview with The Sun, Lily confesses she grew up around sin, a contradiction to her Catholic upbringing. ?I don?t like Christianity much. I was brought up in a ...
Texas DPS Trooper Arrested with Suitcases of Cocaine
2008-11-25 12:02:00
BROWNSVILLE, Texas - A state trooper has been charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine after police said they saw him accept two suitcases full of the drug in a parking lot. The U.S. Attorney’s office said in a statement that Department of Public Safety Trooper Jesus Rafael Larrazolo, 35, made his first appearance ...
Trafficking in Disruption: Supporters of Vancouver?s Cocaine and Heroin Inj
2008-10-24 22:50:00
I have an insight. The block party Insite supporters held yesterday afternoon was an attempt to embarrass Canada?s freshly re-elected Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Insite supporters — particularly executives and staff at the PHS Community Services Services Society which operates Insite — do not want Harper to shut down this space where junkies in Vancouver ...
Gary Busey Snorted Cocaine Off His Dog
2008-10-22 18:33:00
Actor Gary Busey hit a low in his drug addiction days when he found himself snorting cocaine off his dog. The Big Wednesday star, who claims he has been sober for 13 years, couldn’t help himself when his pet pooch rolled in a supply of the drug. He tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood, “I went in ...
Amy Winehouse Blends Cotton Candy with Cocaine
2008-10-13 21:50:00
I’m not entirely shocked by this because it’s Amy Winehouse and I’ve heard of cocaine been taking with all sorts, including coffee, ice cream etc. Anyway, the News of the World reports that the troubled singer has a new way to take her favorite food, by mixing it with cotton candy. Apparently Amy bought a ...
Crack Cocaine
2008-09-28 14:00:00
Are you losing a loved one to drugs or alcohol? Addiction can be overcome.
In Bruges (2008) R 107min
2008-09-24 07:20:00
In Bruges (2008) In Bruges is Martin McDonagh’s (2006 Oscar winner for script for ”Six Shooter”) directorial debut, starring Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Fiennes. The plot: At Christmas time two Irish hit men are hiding after they did a job that didn’t go as planned - they are sent by their employer Harry to Bruges, Belgium, to lie low. There they ...
Instapundit Link: Like Cocaine?
2008-09-12 23:09:00
Last week, my blogging nephew scored his first Instapundit link. Today, he blogs that such links are “like cocaine.” He has decided to “enter rehab” by taking some time off from blogging until he clears his “head of this addiction.” Blogging? An addiction? Hmmmmmm. . . . . The blogosphere will be poorer ...
Photo of the Day: Lindsay Lohan Has a Booger
2008-09-12 00:58:00
Lindsay Lohan made an appearance on Wednesday night at a benefit for ?Stand Up For a Cure? in New York City. At this very moment, Lindsay is being ridiculed — suggesting that she’s been photographed with cocaine up her nose. Clearly, it’s just a booger. source: SAY IT AIN?T SO!! [faded youth] Copyright © 2008 Gone ...
Alice Dellal Cocaine Party Scandal Photos
2008-09-10 00:36:00
She has been dubbed by the fashion world as the new Kate Moss - but now Alice Dellal is facing a storm of questions after pictures emerged of her with what appears to be cocaine a party. Model Alice is seen lying on the floor with the white powder lined up on the back of a ...
Indictment of "Junior" Gotti Includes Conspiracy Charges Tied to Cocaine Tr
2008-08-05 19:51:00
John A. "Junior" Gotti has been indicted on conspiracy charges in Florida, linking him to large-scale cocaine trafficking and the slayings of three New York men in the late 1980s and early 1990s,...
Effects of Cocaine
2008-07-24 14:00:00
Are you losing a loved one to drug or alcohol addiction?
Crack Cocaine Addiction
2008-07-01 14:00:00
Are you losing a loved one to drug or alcohol addiction?
2008-06-04 20:35:00
Rapper Lil Wayne says the reason why he quit doing coke is because it was giving him zits and messing up his complexion. WTF? We didn't know Lil Wayne was a pretty boy.  Weezy really needs some help and an intervention. He was arrested on drugs and weapons charges. Remember Wayne also has a problem kicking that pesky syrup addiction?  Bossip claims a source told  them the rapper may have checked into rehab. Weezy's new album Tha Carter III drops on June 10th.  Tha Carter III album has already been leaked by pissed off mixtape DJ's after Lil Wayne told them off. We expect the album to sell alot of units and we really like the Lollipop Remix with Kanye West and Young Jeezy.  Get better Weezy!  Rapper Lil Wayne has given up taking cocaine, because the drug ruins his complexion. The Lollipop hit-maker insists he now sticks to marijuana, after experiments with the white powder threatened to ruin his good looks. Wayne tells Blender magazin...
Mexico And The Cocaine Madness
2008-06-04 09:02:00
The American public and its political leaders continue discusing the war in Iraq and the need to resolve that conflict. Even as Bush, and McCain and Obama and Clinton devote enormous time and energy to wars in the Middle East and in Afghanistan, another war is raging on the borders of the United States. ...
Tatum O'Neil Researches Crack Cocaine - Hands On! | Laughing Gaz
2008-06-04 02:33:00
Tatum O'neil, Oscar winning actress has taken her acting to a whole new level. Arrested this morning and charged with purchasing cocaine and crack by detectives from Manhattan South Narcotics team. Tatum O'neil is alleged to have attempted to squirm out of the arrest by claiming that she was just researching the part of a junki16 Zoom(s)
Steve-O Pleads Guilty to Cocaine Charge
2008-06-03 23:06:00
The Jackass star avoids jail if he finishes a drug rehab program More: continued here
Drug traffickers craft cocaine Jesus
2008-06-03 04:06:00
United States customs officials have seized a statue of Jesus Christ made from plaster mixed with cocaine - the latest sophisticated attempt to smuggle drugs from Mexico. Sniffer dogs at the border crossing in Laredo, Texas, alerted officials to the smell of narcotics in the 3 kilogram statue, which was in the trunk of a car being driven by a Mexican woman into the United States last week. “The statue tested positive for cocaine,” Nancy Herrera, an official at the US Attorney’s Office Southern District of Texas said.
By: Attuworld
Tatum O?Neal Crack Cocaine Arrest?
2008-06-02 18:06:00
The New York Post is reporting actress Tatum O’Neal was arrested and “charged early today with criminal possession of a controlled substance,” which they are reporting as cocaine and crack. The situation occurred very close to her apartment building, The Forward, located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Tatum O’Neal Crack Cocaine Arrest? The Post’s ...
Tatum O?Neal Busted for Buying ?Crack and Cocaine?
2008-06-02 18:06:00
The Oscar winner is released on bail after being arrested near her N.Y.C. home More: continued here
Tatum O?Neal Arrested Buying Cocaine
2008-06-02 07:10:00
Tatum O’Neal, who has spoken and written about her years-long battle with addiction, was busted last night just blocks from her Lower East Side luxury apartment - charged with buying cocaine and crack. Sources told The Post the 44-year-old actress - who became the youngest-ever to snag an Oscar, at age 10, for her role in ...
Cocaine Jesus
2008-05-31 22:20:00
Federal agents last week arrested a Mexican national for allegedly paying a woman to smuggle into the U.S. a statue that was made of a dried cocaine paste. The carefully painted religious icon weighed about six pounds and would have had a street value of about $30,000. The statue was confiscated at a Texas border crossing after a drug-sniffing dog alerted to it during an inspection of a vehicle driven by a Mexican woman. The woman later told agents that she was paid $80 by a man who wanted the statue delivered to him at a Laredo bus station.RC Edrington
McClellan?s Book: Bush Cocaine Tale
2008-05-30 16:00:00
By- Suzie-Q @ 7:00 AM MST From:  Politico McClellan cocaine tale challenged By MIKE ALLEN | 5/29/08 6:15 PM EST ...
By: Suzie-Q
Cocaine Cowboys II trailer
2008-05-28 18:00:00
Check out the new trailer for the Cocaine Cowboys sequal dropping straight to DVD July 29th. Do It!
Gary Dourdan Pleads Guilty to Possession of Cocaine, Ecstasy
2008-05-28 16:05:00
His third charge – heroin – was dismissed and he must complete a drug program More: continued here
Rethink the Fight against Cocaine
2008-05-26 21:40:00
International Crisis Group When Plan Colombia (the multibillion dollar US assistance program targeted at curbing drug smuggling and supporting Colombia against armed guerrillas) started, coca was cultivated in 12 of Colombia's 34 provinces. Today it is grown in 23 of those provinces. In 2006, after five years of Plan Colombia, four years of the regional Andean Counterdrug Initiative, and after spending $5.5 billion, some 1,000 metric tons of cocaine were produced between Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. That's about the same amount that was produced in 2002 when President Álvaro Uribe took office. The head of the White House Office of Narcotics and Drug Control Program, John Walters, admitted at a press conference in Haiti recently that last year that cocaine production had risen to 1,400 metric tons in 2007 – a whopping 40 percent hike. Not surprisingly, his staff is scrambling to rephrase that. Washington is focusing on the mos...
Sia - The Girl You Lost To Cocaine Music Video
2008-05-22 17:52:00
Sia Furler is out with the video to her new single The Girl You Lost To Cocaine from the Australian pop singers t..
Top 10 Signs of Cocaine Addiction
2008-05-15 16:00:00
Cocaine is a highly addictive drug of choice for many jet-setters and entertainers because it enables them to party all night long. Many students get hooked on cocaine or ?coke? because it?s a stimulant and allows them to stay up and cram for finals or write a term paper for days on end. Think you can?t ...
Foto: Cocaine monsters vormen koppel?
2008-05-14 21:24:00
Amy Whinehouse leeft niet van eten en drinken, maar eerder van cocaïne, wellicht snuift ze zoveel dat ze het zelfs direct weer uitpoept als ze naar de WC gaat. Whinehouse heeft er misschien genoeg van gehad weer alleen te moeten snuiven. Ze werd al kussend met drugsverslaafde Pete Doherty op de foto gezet, een monsterlijke foto iniedergeval.
Cocaine case dropped against Broncos DT Thomas
2008-05-12 13:45:00
Cocaine case dropped against Broncos DT Thomas
2008-05-12 03:38:00
Remember the 18 month old toddler who was forced to smoke marijuana? Well, there's more to this story because marijuana and cocaine were found in the baby's system. WTF? This...
Cocaine case dropped against Broncos DT Thomas
2008-05-10 23:45:00
The Florida state attorney’s office has dropped its case against starting Denver Broncos defensive tackle Marcus Thomas. Read More: Bill Williamson
Cocaine charge dropped against Broncos? Thomas
2008-05-10 15:13:00
The Florida state attorney’s office has dropped its case against starting Denver Broncos defensive tackle Marcus Thomas. Read More: Bill Williamson
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