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Nick Kellie: get great guitar tones on your computer
2012-05-18 22:22:00
skip to 7:00 for the playing demo Here are the links How to get a great guitar tone with your computer Here is a brief demonstration and lesson on the Locrian mode. Enjoy! Here are some examples of The Locrian mode used in songs: Debussy and Bjork Locrian Mode
Nvidia Aims For Fastest Computer
2012-05-16 14:18:00
From BBC News - Technology: Nvidia unveils a new GPU which it says should help the the US overtake Japan to claim the world's fastest supercomputer. Read the whole article
Jason Becker: thanks to all those who donated for new computer!
2012-05-14 23:49:00
Jason Becker's "Not Dead Yet" Festival Amsterdam (November 2011)For the people that did donate for Jason Becker's new computer. he just got his new computer and says thanks you! He can get back to making new music! Jason also has a number of other goodies for sale Jason Becker Movie: Perpetual BurnI'd love to see you guys try to play 'Altitudes' on one of these bad boys! Online Guitar Oriented Cds, Dvds, Tshirts and Miniatures Storewww.guitareuroshop.comIMPO-RTANT: $5.00 of each sale will go directly to Jason who is suffering from ALS (commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease).
Nintendo Cancelling 3D TV Video Service In Japan [Japanese Nintendo 3DS No
2012-05-12 08:05:00
Mobile TV (D-TV) is a bit more popular in Japan and South Korea here, and to promote the 3D craze via their Nintendo 3DS gaming handheld, Nintendo had been running their own 3D video service through Japanese Nintendo 3DS. However, what may be a portend of bad sales, Nintendo has ...
EA Not Shutting Down Official Battlefield 3 Servers [Disappearing DICE Serv
2012-05-12 07:41:00
If you?ve played Battlefield 3 lately, you may have noticed a lack of official servers from the folks at EA and DICE. Oh sure, there are thousands of servers being run by other people, but the DICE/EA official ranked servers are disappearing. Despite some fears that Battlefield 3 was waning ...
Angry Birds Successor to be Called Amazing Alex [After 1 Billion Angry Bird
2012-05-12 06:31:00
Rovio has apparently learned from those Angry Birds that placing all one?s eggs in the same basket is not always a good business strategy, not that the Angry Birds series is in any danger of losing popularity with the crowds yet. But the game maker is finally ready to launch ...
GameStop Phasing Out PSP In 25% Of Stores [GameStop To Begin Phasing Out PS
2012-05-12 04:52:00
Now that the PS Vita is on the scene, the hope is that gamers will upgrade from their PSPs. The now-outdated handheld is becoming less of a priority at retailers, with GameStop announcing today that it will cease selling PSP games at 25% of stores. Before you begin saying that ...
Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Taking Place Next Week For Pre-Purchasers [ArenaNe
2012-05-12 03:38:00
If you didn’t get enough time with Guild Wars 2 during the first beta weekend that took place back at the end of April, then you’ll be pleased to know that ArenaNet has invited all who have pre-purchased the title to participate in a stress test next week. Hit the ...
GameStop To Begin Buying & Selling Used MacBooks? [Leaked Image Suggests Th
2012-05-12 02:56:00
Lately we’ve been seeing massive US retailer GameStop begin to branch out from selling only games and consoles. Used games and gaming hardware are still a huge part of GameStop’s business of course, but with the boom in smartphones and tablets, GameStop has decided it was time to get in ...
Blizzard & Valve Settle Dispute Over DOTA Trademark [Blizzard DOTA To Be Re
2012-05-12 01:40:00
Blizzard and Valve have settled their legal dispute over Valve’s use of the DOTA trademark, which is definitely good news for gamers who were worried that a lengthy legal battle would make the wait for these two games even longer. After all, neither Valve nor Blizzard are known for getting ...
Capcom Hoping Resident Evil 6 Will Ship 7 Million Copies [Capcom Hoping Tha
2012-05-12 00:54:00
Fiscal year 2012 is going to a big one, Capcom is hoping. In the company’s latest financial briefing, it outlined plans for four million sellers throughout the year, putting the spotlight on Resident Evil 6 in a big way: Capcom is counting on Resident Evil 6 shipments to top 7 ...
Ubisoft Releases First Assassin?s Creed 3 Gameplay Trailer [First Assassin'
2012-05-11 05:47:00
After being jerked around by Ubisoft for nearly three months, the company has finally given us some meaty Assassin’s Creed 3 media to sink our teeth into. Sure, we’ve read about, seen pretty screenshots, and even watched a trailer or two, but today we received the first gameplay trailer for ...
Worldwide PS Vita Sales Close In On 2 Million [Worldwide PS Vita Sales Stil
2012-05-11 01:53:00
Ever since the Vita’s slow start in Japan, it seems that everyone wants to know how the PS Vita is selling. Unfortunately, Sony has remained largely silent on PS Vita sales, leading many to believe that the PS Vita isn’t selling as well as Sony (or its investors) would like. ...
Rockstar Handing Out Free Copies Of Midnight Club 2 Via Steam [Rockstar Giv
2012-05-11 01:30:00
You like free games, right? Of course you do. Everyone loves getting games for free, unless those games happen to nag you to spend money in their in-game stores after you download and install them. Luckily for you, we’ve found a game that’s completely free, doesn’t suck, and won’t require ...
Minecraft Launch Breaks Sales Records On Xbox Live Arcade [Minecraft Xbox 3
2012-05-11 00:31:00
After months and months of hearing about how awesome it was going to be, Minecraft finally launched on Xbox Live Arcade yesterday. Surprise! It turns out Minecraft is still very, very popular. Microsoft said today that Minecraft has broken launch day sales records for Xbox Live Arcade, dethroning Trails: Evolution, ...
Kid Icarus: Uprising Director Says There Probably Won?t Be A Sequel [Kid Ic
2012-05-10 22:59:00
The gaming industry has always been pretty sequel happy, and these days it seems even moreso. Developers, publishers, and consumers alike are always on the lookout for the next big franchise; developers and publishers so they stand a chance at making a ton of money, and consumers so they can ...
Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Release Date Revealed [Tony Hawk Himself Reveals Wh
2012-05-10 22:44:00
It?s been a while since we talked about anything related to the Tony Hawk franchise here at TFTS, so it makes sense that this time we would be talking about a remake of the first Tony Hawk game. Awhile back, Activision announced Tony Hawk?s Pro Skater HD, a remake of ...
Hitman: Absolution Release Date Announced For This Fall [Square Enix Provid
2012-05-10 22:27:00
Are you ready to sneak around, shoot people and then change into their clothes? Great! If you also want to play Hitman: Absolution, publisher Square Enix announced a release date for that game very quietly this morning alongside the pre-order bonuses from various retailors. As expected, you can expect this ...
Steam Gift Cards To Show Up In GameStop? [Leaked Pictures Reveal That Valve
2012-05-10 22:09:00
If you?re a PC gamer, then you may be addicted to Valve?s Steam service and may have actually spent way too much money on the online digital distribution service. Now, it looks like Valve and GameStop are teaming up to bring you something that folks have been asking after for ...
Roccat Plans Big Unveiling Of Hardware At Upcoming E3 [Roccat Planning A Bi
2012-05-10 21:12:00
We got in a tip from our friends out at the Max Borges Agency, letting us know that Roccat is planning a serious charm offensive, scheduling some big unveiling schemes in mind for both the embattled king of all gaming conventions–E3–and- the somewhat lesser known but still very impressive Computex ...
Wolfenstein 3D Available For Free From id Software [To Celebrate The 20th A
2012-05-10 04:52:00
It?s almost hard to believe, but Wolfenstein 3D, the orginial first-person-shooter, is 20 years old today. The folks at id Software probably are better known for making Doom a few years later, but Wolfenstein 3D pioneered the first person genre. Now, to celebrate, id Software and their new owners at ...
Suing Author Responds To Hate From Assassin?s Creed Fans [Author Who Claims
2012-05-10 04:17:00
A few weeks ago, we told you about the inventor and novelist who was suing Ubisoft, claiming that the company stole ideas from his book to form the basis of the plot for the Assassin?s Creed games. Gamers didn?t take too kindly to that lawsuit, and responded negatively on Amazon ...
Angry Birds Hits 1 Billion Downloads [Angry Birds Series Passes 1 Billion D
2012-05-10 01:23:00
You can try all you like to ignore them, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re everywhere these days. Angry Birds have invaded our phones, tablets, and browsers, and even though some think that Rovio is making a terrible mistake by seemingly putting all of its eggs in one ...
Rumor: Irrational Games Adding Multiplayer To BioShock Infinite [New Job Li
2012-05-10 00:51:00
Earlier today, we were told that BioShock Infinite had been hit with a delay. In announcing the delay, Irrational’s Ken Levine was light on the details, saying only that the studio realized the need for “specific tweaks and improvements” that will make BioShock Infinite even more “extraordinary.” Naturally, we have ...
Call Of Duty Elite Has 10 Million Users, 2 Million Paying Subscribers [Call
2012-05-10 00:21:00
Even though Call of Duty Elite – Activision’s stat tracking service for Modern Warfare 3 (and eventually Black Ops 2) – got off to a rocky start, it looks like the publisher has turned it into a success. Activision posted its financial results for the end of the first quarter ...
Rumor: Dead Space 3 Will Apparently Feature Co-Op [Dead Space 3 Rumored To
2012-05-09 23:45:00
Yesterday, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello told investors that we will see a new Dead Space game by the end of the current fiscal year. It seems pretty likely that he was talking about Dead Space 3 there, so a lot of people are assuming that Dead Space 3 has ...
Wedbush Reckons GTA V Will Take BioShock Infinite?s Old October Release Slo
2012-05-09 23:03:00
As sad as the delay of BioShock Infinite is, there may be a silver lining to this very dark and unwanted cloud. Wedbush Securities thinks that BioShock Infinite’s delay opens the door to an October release for Grand Theft Auto V, and that’s news we know a lot of disgruntled ...
BioShock Infinite Pushed Back To 2013 [Irrational Games & Take-Two Delay Bi
2012-05-09 22:36:00
Why is it that the coolest looking games always seem to be delayed the most? The world may never know. While we work to figure out why this happens, yet another fabulous game has fallen victim to the infamous delay, and it isn’t a pretty sight. BioShock Infinite will no ...
Xbox Live Boosts Streaming Capability In Multiple Countries [Xbox Live Gold
2012-05-09 18:34:00
Microsoft’s aspirations of turning the Xbox 360 into a full home entertainment platform may have been dealt some setbacks in recent months, but one thing’s for sure: they’re not going to just accept their slump and walk away. Oh no. Especially for the sake of the users who aren’t in ...
Save Over 65% on GOgroove SonaWAVE O2 USB Powered Computer Speakers with Du
2012-05-07 09:00:00
List Price: $79.99Deal Price: $24.99You Save: $55.00 (69%)The GOgroove SonaWAVE O2 2.0-channel speakers deliver rich SonusMAX sound with enhanced bass. The dual side-firing passive woofers deliver deep bass while the front-loaded 2-inch speaker drivers pump out rich, full-range audio you can feel as well as hear.Expires May 14, 2012
Prevent Autorun-Related Malware Infection on Your Computer with BitDefender
2012-05-04 18:53:00
One of the easiest ways to get your computer infected by malware (or malicious software) is through the USB flash drive. Thanks to the easily-exploited autorun feature, the malware can modify the AUTORUN.INF file without fuss in the USB drive and instruct your computer to automatically launch (or spread) the malware once you insert the...
Saddle Leather Computer Mouse for Skin to Skin Luxury
2012-05-03 06:00:00
Desktop computer users tired of caressing a bland, boring, cold plastic mouse all day can click up to some luxury thanks to Japanese specialty retailer Atelier Wazakura. The so-called Kawanezumi (Leather Mouse) features our favorite handy peripheral swathed in soft, supple Saddle Leather. Giddyup!
Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)
2012-05-01 23:55:00
I am designing an actuator mechanism for an electrical switch. The parts are made of metal and plastic and move together to activate the switch. I need to visualise, in 3D, the various parts and how they will all come together and, if possible, see a dynamic model on a computer screen of the mecha
Quantum Simulator Can Outperform a Universe-Sized Computer
2012-04-29 00:56:00
From DVICE: We always knew that one day, quantum computers would be powerful enough to blow traditional processors out of the water. A new quantum simulator from the University of Sydney has, and we're quoting here, "the potential to perform calculations that would require a supercompute
How To Protect Your iPhone And Computer Online
2012-04-25 15:00:00
It happens to the best of us.  You’re cruising along on the Internet when, out of nowhere, you’re suddenly at the mercy of a nasty virus or malware.  Sometimes you’re not even aware right away, leaving your data vulnerable to people you really don’t want having it.  While it may be a growing concern, there ... Related posts:How To Protect Your Reputation Online Jailbreak And Unlock Your IOS4 iPhone Without A Computer Download And Install IOS 5 Early Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.
Computer Screen Flashes When Playing Games
2012-04-25 00:52:00
I am running Avast as anti-Virus, also Zonealrm, and Advance system care but turned off Advance System care. I am running XP. Can any one help me figure out whst causes the screen to flash during game play. It just flickers every few seconds and a time or two it kicked me out of the game to desk to
Check out our Best Deals on Computer Accessories from AmazonBasics
2012-04-20 09:00:00
Shop our best deals on high-quality computer accessories and cables from AmazonBasicsExpires May 5, 2012
Norwegian killer used computer wargames to plan attack
2012-04-19 14:06:00
Norwegian anti-Islamic fanatic Anders Behring Breivik said he spent "lots of time" playing Modern Warfare, a first-person shooting game, and also took an entire year off to play World of Warcraft.
Bridge-It Engineering Computer Game
2012-04-18 19:31:00
I'm not sure how many folks here are into computer games, but I came across this and thought I'd pass it along, as it might interest someone! The game is called "Bridge-It", and it involves engineering bridges and testing them. I haven't tried it yet; thi
Computadora para ciclismo en el iPhone con Cyclemeter GPS Bike Computer for
2012-04-17 23:00:00
Todos los amantes del ciclismo o aficionados desean estar a la vanguardia en lo que dicho deporte se trata, algunos se inician en este deporte por un tiempo determinado y luego lo abandonan, mientras que otros se lo toman enserio y entrenan con mayor frecuencia, demandando accesorios como pulsómetro, velocímetro, entre otros. Si eres ciclista ...Artículos Relacionados ¿Practicas ciclismo? ¿Tienes un iPhone? ¡Combínalos! Programas para Optimizar la Computadora 5 Programas para llamar de Computadora a Computadora
Computadora para ciclismo en el iPhone con Cyclemeter GPS Bike Computer for
2012-04-17 23:00:00
Todos los amantes del ciclismo o aficionados desean estar a la vanguardia en lo que dicho deporte se trata, algunos se inician en este deporte por un tiempo determinado y luego lo abandonan, mientras que otros se lo toman enserio y entrenan con mayor frecuencia, demandando accesorios como pulsómetro, velocímetro, entre otros. Si eres ciclista ...Artículos Relacionados ¿Practicas ciclismo? ¿Tienes un iPhone? ¡Combínalos! Programas para Optimizar la Computadora 5 Programas para llamar de Computadora a Computadora
Mechanical Laser-Cut Gear Fractal Computer
2012-04-15 23:06:00
From Boing Boing: Brent Thome, a computer scientist in San Francisco, is building a mechanical computer out of beautiful, laser-cut gears that will compute and draw fractals. He's documenting as he goes in a fascinating blog, in which he also recounts his adventures with kinetic wooden s
Icon Watch Design Echoes Early Computer Graphics
2012-04-14 22:35:00
With the Icon Watch the time's always eight... eight-bit, that is. This ultra-minimalist, battery powered wristwatch was inspired by a computer icon and as such, is a true sign of the times.
Snap, Snap: Scientists create a basic, crab-powered computer
2012-04-13 18:30:00
We're prepared for all sorts of nightmare scenarios of the end of modern society, from hordes of marauding zombies to a Terminator-like robot apocalypse. But mankind's downfall may instead be caused by trillions of crabs, lashing out at humanity because they've been ? Continue reading ?
$55 off the Bose Wireless Computer Speaker
2012-04-11 09:00:00
$55 off the Bose Wireless Computer SpeakerExpires Apr 29, 2012
BioWare Will Change The Ending Of Mass Effect 3 [EA & BioWare Announce Free
2012-04-05 17:58:00
If you played Mass Effect 3, or even if you follow any website that covers video game news (like ours), then you surely know that Mass Effect 3 has an extremely controversial ending that a lot of folks didn?t like. Its abruptness and lack of closure are specifically cited for ...
Genius SP-i250G Makes Its Debut, Offers Big Sound In A Small Package [Gamer
2012-04-05 15:24:00
Our friends out at Genius passed a tip our way about their new line of portable speakers. The Genius SP-i250G seeks to do its best to pack big sound into a tiny package, and judging from the looks of–not to mention the specs on–these, it’s looking like they ought to ...
Computer Absolutely free Victoria Secret Coupons, At this moment At your
2012-04-05 10:03:00
Trimming and making use of deals regarding toiletries is a fantastic way of getting low-priced and even totally free groceries. Your Weekend newspaper advertising and marketing positions remains the most primarily employed proceedure by designers to be able to disperse lower price deals in promoting their goods and the majority men and women nevertheless receive ...
Notebook File encryption Safeguards in your Computer system From inside
2012-04-05 08:47:00
Home Writer Jobs AvailableMobile computer security is evolving the info within your mobile computer unreadable signal. is carried out in making the info easil&-#121; readable once again. Think of tragedy which- could- occur in losing mobile computer devoid of security. secret files, electronic mails, tasks, funds, work are all on the line once your mobile computer enters into … Continue readingGetting Paid To Write
Halo Infinity Domain Name Registrations Unearthed [Microsoft Registers Mult
2012-04-05 05:44:00
Even though Bungie has left the Halo series behind, it’s pretty obvious that the franchise will continue for years to come. It is Microsoft’s biggest game franchise after all, and it would be quite foolish to think that Microsoft isn’t going to ride the Halo train for as long as ...
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