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Homebuilder Confidence Moves To 5-Year High
2012-05-16 14:45:00
After a brief dip in April, the National Association of Homebuilders reports that the Housing Market Index rose 5 points in May to 29.
3 Winning Ways to Increase Your Confidence
2012-05-10 20:15:00
When you have confidence, you are well on your way to achieving your goals. You may not succeed right away, but you won’t be easily stopped by every temporary setback. That’s why confidence is one of the most important qualities you need in business. As you read on we will be offering a few valuable ...
Kerio Connect from GetSync?d ? Sync Up with Confidence
2012-04-26 03:20:00
If you are like the vast majority of the people working in the 21st century that don?t only work at their desk, you need to be able to sync up email, contacts, and calendars from anywhere and you need something that recognizes a variety of platforms. You also need something secure, scalable, and reliable! Here ...
Homebuilder Confidence Slips 3 Points In April
2012-04-17 14:45:00
For the first time in 3 months, homebuilder confidence has slipped.
OZ Consumer Confidence Improves
2012-04-11 11:56:00
Source: Advanced Currency Markets | G10 Advancers and Decliners vs USD GBP 0.40 EUR 0.37 CHF 0.36 JPY -0.13 FX risk appetite was slightly firmer in the Asian session, with thin volumes and marginal news flow. In a subdued session, Asia?s regional indices were lower, with the Nikkei down -0.83%, the Hang Sang -1.23%, and Shanghais falling -0.06%. The USD bid tone seen yesterday faded as bargain seekers stepped in and Australian consumer confidence improved. EURUSD rallied to 1.3116 from 1.3067, while… Read More …
Will 'pink slime' labels restore shoppers' confidence?
2012-04-05 01:46:00
Some beef processors plan on labeling beef containing the meat product commonly known as "pink slime" in hope that such a designator will help restore consumer confidence.
Even before awards, Verlander had confidence (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-03-21 00:02:00
Justin Verlander hardly needed to win the American League Most Valuable Player and Cy Young Awards to boost his confidence. “I am the same as I’ve always been,” he said. “I have never been shy on confidence no matter what. I need my confidence and that’s part of my ability to pitch.” Verlander allowed two ...
Chris Christie?s Confidence
2012-02-24 00:18:00
In a post yesterday on Commentary Contentions, Alana Goodman succinctly summarized why conservatives love Chris Christie: So what is it about Christie that makes him so likable, even when he?s taking shots at the opposition? And what exactly does he have that the presidential candidates are lacking? Obviously there?s his confidence, the sense that he ...
Homebuilder Confidence Returns To Pre-Recession Levels
2012-02-16 14:45:00
For the sixth straight month, the National Association of Homebuilders reports that homebuilder confidence is on the rise. The Housing Market Index climbed four points to 29 in February, the index's highest reading since May 2007.
Moodys & Greek Headlines Damage Investor Confidence
2012-02-16 09:57:00
Source: Advanced Currency Markets | G10 Advancers and Decliners vs USD JPY -0.05 GBP -0.11 CHF -0.42 EUR -0.43 Risk appetite remains under pressure as the optimism around a near term solution to the European crisis now feels distant and credit ratings agency warning highlights linger effects of the European crisis. Moody’s cautioned it might cut the credit ratings of 121 financial institutions (114 European), further indication the impact of the euro zone debt crisis is damaging the global financial… Read More …
With Retail Sales And Consumer Confidence Rising, Home Prices Are Expected
2012-02-15 14:45:00
If you have plans to buy a home in 2012, the best time to buy may be now. Today's mortgage rates are low and so are the home prices -- a combination that's unlikely to last.
Obama Approval Ratings Rise Tracks Increasing Consumer Confidence
2012-02-10 23:29:00
Huff Post- First Posted: 02/10/2012 4:35 pm Updated: 02/10/2012 4:57 pm By- Max Blumenthal WASHINGTON — On Thursday, the Gallup Daily tracking poll marked a symbolic milestone. For the first time in more than a month and only the third time since last July, Gallup reported an approval rating for President Barack Obama (49 percent) ...
By: Suzie-Q
On Beauty, Personality and the Influence of Confidence
2011-12-31 03:40:00
Although I fully subscribe to the idea of beauty being in the eyes of the beholder, there are still cases where beauty cannot be seen, no matter how hard you look, and how permissive and easygoing the beholder may be. There are people who are simply not beautiful, not by any classical or modern standards. Of course, the question may arise what exactly is beauty, and we might get into a discussion of geometrical proportions, including symmetry, shapes and sizes. And many may cry out how beauty is relative and subjective, and I fully agree with you, but notwithstanding all that, we do, more often than not, agree on what is deemed beautiful and by exclusion what is not. So what if you happen to score low on the beauty level? So what if you are not certified to be among the sexiest men and women alive? Exactly, don't despair. You still have a go at beauty because there is still the matter of personality. Personality is another shady area though. The main problem of personality is that ...
ECB Lending Operation Fails To Instil Lasting Confidence
2011-12-22 09:45:00
Source: Advanced Currency Markets | G10 Advancers and Decliners vs USD JPY 0.14 CHF 0.02 EUR 0.01 GBP -0.07 Risk appetite remains on a precarious footing today, with Asian equity markets broadly lower; the Nikkei is down -0.8%, Hang Seng -0.4% and Shanghai Composite -0.2%.Yesterday?s highly anticipated ECB lending operation failed to install much long-lasting confidence in the European outlook; in spite of a much larger than expected uptake of almost EUR490bn, the euro sold off aggressively in the… Read More …
Save over 65% on Confidence Men's Power Hybrid Club Sets
2011-12-15 09:00:00
List Price: $300.00Deal Price: $99.99You Save: $200.01 (67%)The Confidence Power men's hybrid club set includes everything you need to hit the links. The set comes with a 3-wood, a 24-degree hybrid wood, four irons, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and a putter.Expires Dec 29, 2011
Online Sales Skyrockets: Boosts The Confidence Of E- Commerce Ventures
2011-12-12 09:42:00
E-commerce has been the biggest thing to hit India. As per IAMAI data, the segment is expected to grow by 47% to Rs. 46,520 crore by end of this month. Offline retailers have noticed this growth and the potential of e-commerce and have started venturing into the digital space. Foremost among them is Future Bazaar, a predominantly offline retail brand which has now started upping its game to include online retail as well. The Future Group has sales of nearly Rs.30 crore daily in their offline channels. According to the company, Future Bazaar can easily reach sales of 1 crore per day by March 2012. Speaking about the targets, Kashyap Deorah, President, Future Group said, “The main focus will be to switch offline shoppers to online portal, Footfall is the core asset of any retail business. If we get even three per cent of the footfall that we get in our stores to shop online, the job is done.” Deorah says that the portal, already handles 15000 orders  a day whic...
By: WATblog
Greece?s Brinkmanship With Troika Undermines Market Confidence
2011-11-03 09:47:00
Source: Advanced Currency Markets | G10 Advancers and Decliners vs USD CHF 0.40 JPY -0.06 GBP -0.34 EUR -0.59 Markets remain in a wary state of risk aversion today as Greece?s brinkmanship with the troika rattles the confidence of global investors and policymakers alike. PM Papandreou?s intention to hold a referendum on the latest austerity demands is seen by many as a ploy to renegotiate better terms on the latest Eurozone rescue package, a strategy that is both daring and incredibly risky given the… Read More …
Gil Cates led with wit, charm and confidence (AP)
2011-11-02 06:19:00
AP - Anytime veteran Oscar producer Gilbert "Gil" Cates booked another superstar for the big show, he banged a giant golden gong outside his office.
Home Ownership Confidence Shifting Among Younger People
2011-10-28 07:00:00
An October paper prepared by economists at the Boston Federal Reserve Bank measures the confidence level of consumers in today's housing market. The paper asked a series of questions and grouped the answers according to age, ZIP, income, gender, among other factors. Not surprisingly, the paper showed that older consumers have more confidence in the market and would consider buying another home. It is the younger generation that has doubts. Us older geezers, we've had to listen to our parents and grandparents lament about the Great Depression. My mother never shut up about it. Whenever something awful happened, she'd draw a comparison to the Great Depression. She still saved pieces of aluminum foil and had a hard time throwing anything out. I wonder if today's kids are growing up with the same impression? More Articles by Elizabeth Weintraub: Home Selling Among Foreclosures and Short Sales Tips for Buying Distressed Homes How Foreclosure Sales Affect Values Technorati tag: hom...
Foreigners Losing Confidence in Holding US Treasury and Agency Debt
2011-10-27 16:42:00
By Bud Conrad, Casey Research Foreign central banks buy US Treasury and Agency debt through accounts at the Federal Reserve, where it is held in custody. Without these central banks buying our debt, the US federal government would have to find a new source of funds or the result could be higher interest rates. Looking at the data on a monthly basis (and then multiplied by 12 to give the annual rate), here is the dramatic picture of how foreign central-bank purchases of our debt have shifted, from buying $500 billion to selling off $1 trillion. At this rate of selling over several months, interest rates would go higher – if other things were equal. Of course, things are . . . → Read More: Foreigners Losing Confidence in Holding US Treasury and Agency Debt
US Consumer Confidence Shrinking
2011-10-26 09:48:00
Source: ForexYard US Consumer Confidence Shrinking Data on confidence yesterday also signaled a mild downtick in outlook from the previous month. The news has had some impact on the forex market, though it could magnify through longer-term analyses on US financial markets should increases in investment and spending increase over the coming months. Economic News USD – Dollar Trading Bullish as Pessimism Dominates Trading The US dollar (USD) was seen trading mildly bullish Tuesday as investors weighed the impact of recent consumer confidence and investment reports from the American economy. A sudden wave of risk appetite last week seemed to have pushed down on the USD, but pessimism emerging early this week held back some of those losses. . . . → Read More: US Consumer Confidence Shrinking
CB Consumer Confidence Report on Tap Today
2011-10-25 10:11:00
Source: ForexYard CB Consumer Confidence Report on Tap Today Data on American consumer confidence from Conference Board, Inc., (CB) today may indicate mild optimism that could drive the greenback lower in the short-term. Recent news has done little to alter the current direction of the forex market, though news could hold values steady should they come in near forecasts. Economic News USD – US Dollar Moves Higher ahead of EU Summit The US dollar (USD) was seen trading mildly bullish early Tuesday morning as investors seemed somewhat more pessimistic about growth in the American economy and weary of major financial moves ahead of the EU Summit this week. Sentiment does not seem to be as stable as many . . . → Read More: CB Consumer Confidence Report on Tap Today
Homebuilder Confidence Rises on Surging Sales Volume, Foot Traffic
2011-10-19 14:45:00
Homebuilder confidence is rebounding sharply.
Gaining Confidence by playing the right Golf Courses for you
2011-07-19 17:29:00
Whether you are a beginner golfer or a single-digit handicapper, playing the right golf courses for your game (and from the correct tee box) can truly inspire confidence. The reverse is also true; playing too difficult a golf course for your level of play can become a four-hour struggle, dampening your spirits and taking your game two steps in reverse. Of course, it isn't just the golf course that inspires confidence, the space between your ears determines the final outcome.   Although is still in beta, this resource offers comparisons on everything from flight schools to golf courses. The golf course portion of this work in progress ranks public and private courses, offers USGA course rating as well as weekend greens fees.   I received this note from Woody Robinson regarding and, since it so prominently added Golf for Beginners into the mix, I have posted it for your review. This is not a hype for the website; it's always interesting ...
2011-07-19 15:03:00
Add a little confidence to all you do…it lasts a long time and goes a long way with little effort. The more you travel the world, the more you learn and then achieve more confidence. Travel Lady Cruises, always providing you with TLC!Inspirations:ConfidenceTrav-el Lady Cruises, always providing you with TLC!Inspirations:Confidence
Housing Starts and Builder Confidence Rise Boosting Housing Sentiment
2010-10-25 21:29:00
Volatility turned to positive news this week in Housing Starts and Builder Confidence. Also covered are updates on interest rates and mortgage applications. Lastly we’ll review the upcoming news for this week as the housing market turns towards October. Housing Starts Notch 3rd Month of GainsThe Commerce Department announced housing starts rose 0.3% during the month of September, the 3rd straight increase. The increase annualized would be 610,000 units. August was revised higher than previously reported to 608,000 from 598,000. Single-family homes rose 4.4% to 452,000, the highest level since May. Meanwhile, multi-family starts dropped 9.7% to a 158,000 annualized rate. They had previously risen by nearly 40% in August and July. The improvements we’re seeing in the housing market are welcome. Seeing health particularly in the single-family sector is encouraging. The 4.4% increase beat many analysts estimates. Important to note though is that building permits ros...
Housing Starts Jump In September, Buoyed By Homebuilder Confidence
2010-10-20 14:49:00
According to the Commerce Department, the number of single-family Housing Starts increased to 452,000 units in September, a 19,000 improvement over August.
As Buyer Foot Traffic Rises, So Does Homebuilder Confidence
2010-10-19 14:50:00
According to the NAHB, October's HMI reading of 16 is its highest value in 5 months. The uptick hints that the market for newly-built homes may rebound more quickly that this summer's weak new homes sales figures would otherwise suggest.
The GTL? Sunday Column ? ?America Has Confidence In Its Private Parts? By C
2010-07-26 02:45:00
GTL? Sunday Columnist: Author And “Ever-So-SLIGHTLY-Right-O-f-Center” Gun Toting Liberal? Sunday Columnist And Author Christopher L. Doster Employs His Usual Humor, Satire, And Tongue-In-Cheek Style To Attack ObamaCare, Nancy Pelosi, The Democrats And President Obama’s Political... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
Build Confidence With A Package Of Successes
2010-02-07 17:00:00
This is a guest post by Armen Shirvanian. To get into a state of feeling winning confidence, you need to form a foundation of successes for that confidence to lean on. A person who feels hesitation or weakness to implement a plan, or to ask for something, would be smart in building up a package ...
We expanded during the recession. Now we have the confidence to help steer
2010-02-03 14:45:00
Now the world looks to be coming through the recession, we at altFusion are looking to strengthen our brand to become one of the leading developers of new technologies. We want to be at the forefront of building new and innovative online and offline systems.The sign that we expanded (doubled in size) as a company right in the middle of the recession shows that our customers must like what we do and think we are value for money.Now we have a good regular base of design houses and IT companies that call upon us for our knowledge and skill set, we want to utilise that cushion, and dictate some of the future of Information Technology.We have a multitude of top secret good ideas and we are used to hearing others say they have the next "Facebook" of the X industry, and would we like a share in their possible profits once they are rich by developing it for free? Well we have the next "altFusion" of the software industry, and when we get our revenue to a level where we can fund a couple of ...
FlyYouFools ratings ? fallacy, confidence, or something else?
2009-12-21 12:14:00
A lot of the readers of this blog are not from India, but if you are and/or if you follow the Indian comic scene, then you would have heard of Saad Akhtar, the artist behind the web comic Fly, You Fools!. Now, I check out his comics from time to time, and some of them ...
HUL Spices Up The Skin Care Market: Launches Vaseline Confidence Challenge
2009-09-19 06:28:00
The Rs. 3,465 crore Skin care market in India is seeing some action now. HUL, which has a basket of  brands like Fair & Lovely, Ponds, Vaseline and Lakme, owns about 47.8% of the market is now targeting the online population of India to promote its brands .Recently the company announced the launch of “Confidence challenge” ( for its age old brand Vaseline (launched in 1870). The company has partnered with for this new initiative. The contest is: User register themselves at vaselinebodyvibe.zapak They select their body vibe based on 4 different categories and upload a full length picture. 4 participants are selected from each category. The participants are sent Vaseline healthy white lotion and are supposed to upload there pic every week showing the effect of Vaseline lotion. Finally winner is picked up from the each category and gets different prizes based on category . Category Prize 1 Style Icon A Grooming Ses...
By: WATblog
2009-09-12 16:55:00
This summer has seen a surge in homes sales in Collier County and it certainly bodes well for the upcoming season as well.The Naples Area Board of Realtors (N.A.B.O.R.) has released its statistical report for the month of August and the figures are very encouraging. Total home and condo sales rose by 40% compared to the same period last year and pending sales are up by 47%, which shows that overall consumer confidence is building. Single family home sales rose by 86%, a stunning figure, whi...
How to Help a Battered German Shepherd Dog Regain Confidence
2009-06-26 17:26:00
Helping a Battered German Shepherd Dog gain ConfidenceMy Experiment with Rani Rani was a German Shepherd Dog whom I had purchased from an owner who used to torture her. Rani (3 years old female) hailed from a good bloodline, as her pigmentation and structure said, but did not have the essential mental trait of a pure bred German Shepherd. She was a bit too difficult to be handled. Shy was shy and sometimes too aggressive to human. She used to bark continuously when kept alone, while couldn?t tolerate other dogs when kept together. She was highly unpredictable. This was due to the fact that she had lost trust in human beings, which is too common in most abused dogs.Most German Shepherd Dogs that have been abused often becomes too difficult to be handled. Read out an article: How to Deal with Difficult Dogs. Remember, once they have lost trust in you, you cannot treat them in the way you treat other pets. And that had what exactly happened to Rani. She even couldn?t stand other dogs ...
Confidence as Important as IQ in Exam Success
2009-05-26 15:58:00
From New Scientist - Online News: A new study of thousands of twins suggests that intellectual confidence is genetically inherited, and independent from actual intelligence. Moreover, these genetic differences predict grades in school, says Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, a psychologis
Hey, Democrats, Stop Trashing The Tea PartiesShow Some Confidence in Your B
2009-05-02 23:38:00
Commenting on a link Glenn Reynolds provided to an Examiner post requesting that the President and Speaker Pelosi apologize for smearing the Tea Party movement, his reader Marc Greendorfer offered: I can?t recall a single instance during his eight years where President Bush derided American citizens who took to the streets to protest his administration. In ...
More encouraging news....consumer confidence improves!!!
2009-04-28 22:49:00
Do I sound like a broken record or what?  The market appears to be bottoming out.
No Wonder President Faces ?Confidence Gap? on Spending
2009-04-20 22:00:00
When President Barack Obama ordered his Cabinet to find ways to cut spending by $100 million (as point of reference*, that’s about .01% of his “stimulus”), he told reporters, “We also have a deficit ? a confidence gap ? when it comes to the American people. . . . And we’ve got to earn their ...
How to Study with Focus, Confidence and Purpose
2009-04-12 22:19:00
In my previous article, Why Are You Still Trying, I mentioned that I failed to get into Dental School a couple of times since graduating University in ‘06. In ‘08 I finished my Masters degree, and I’m currently on the waiting list for NYU Dental School. Whether I’ll get accepted or rejected for this coming cycle ...
Facialplastics wrote a new blog post: The 10 Gifts of Confidence: Give Your
2009-02-23 19:52:00
Facialplastics wrote a new blog post: The 10 Gifts of Confidence: Give Yourself the Gift of a Brand New You My work as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon puts me in touch with hundreds of people every week who all have one thing in common: they all want more confidence. Whether they’re simply looking to recapture the confidence they had in youth by taking advantage of one of my many anti-aging remedies or wanting to ...
Defending Capitalism with Confidence & Humor
2009-02-08 20:21:00
We need to become more like Milton Friedman in the clip below, defending capitalism coolly with confidence and humor. And not giving in to the assumptions of our intellectual adversaries. (H/t Instapundit).
Republicans Need Confidence in Our Leaders & Ideas
2009-01-15 00:00:00
In the wee hours of the morning, Glenn linked a post penned er, pixeled by Peter Kirsanow which gets at two of the primary problems preventing Republicans and conservatives from making their case to the American people. Kirsanow, in turns, links Jay Nordlinger’s column on the success of the left-of-center media lites in defining prominent Republicans ...
Adults Building Self Confidence
2009-01-02 07:45:00
If you?re a parent, you would have read about 1,001 articles and about a few dozen books on how important it is for kids today have confidence. Confidence says everything. When kids have confidence, they will learn better, they dare to go for things they believe in and they dare to make mistakes and learn ...
By: BizBlog
Jennifer Lopez Looks Confidence At The Women's Conference
2008-10-23 15:03:00
Jennifer Lopez says that when it came to becoming happy and fulfilled in a relationship, she was a late bloomer."I have been in a few challenging ones," Lopez, 39, said Wednesday at The Women's Conference in Long Beach, Calif. "I have been in relationships that can make you doubt who you are and what you are capable of, and doubt what you deserve. It took me a bit little longer to get it right."The actress, who didn't single out any of her exes, has been married twice and famously dated Sean "Diddy" Combs and Ben Affleck before quietly marrying Marc Anthony, 40, with whom she had twins.Raising children, she told the conference being attended by 14,000 women and hosted by California First Lady Maria Shriver, "can make you more aware and more loving, and make you aware there's nothing they don't deserve. Your eyes open. Your heart opens."Jennifer Lopez @ The Women's Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach [Source]
Asian Session: Markets Confidence Grows
2008-10-21 22:50:00
The Usd was slightly weaker in the Asian session, after a strong rally yesterday. EurUsd, in choppy trading, jumped between 1.3300 and 1.3360, while UsdJpy rose in early trading to 102.16, before slipping down to 101.43 (carry trades followed a…
AVA Sends Message of Confidence
2008-10-11 02:48:00
AVA’s Marketing Manager sent an uplifting email today even though the much anticipated project had failed to give many interested buyers details on when and how they can make a reservation earlier this year. However, the economy of course has made it difficult for any new development to make any promises, and we’re excited to ...
Lose Fats - Gain Confidence When You Lose Weight
2008-10-09 02:04:00
Lose Fats - Gain Confidence When You Lose Weight was written by Chris Chew from"How do I lose 5 kg or 30 kg?""How do I gain some muscles and tone up sexily?"It is simple. Yes, you heard it right, it is simple. All it requires is your commitment and discipline on your part. Do I hear you say "Yes" to that? If so, here goes.NUTRITION ? Physiologically, you have to burn 7000 calories to lose 1 kg or 2.2 pounds. You can lose those weight through a combination of decreasing caloric intake to a healthy level and expending calories through physical fitness activities.For example, let's say you currently take in 2,000 calories a day. If you decrease that by 300 (half plate of chicken rice) and added 200 calories worth of exercises a day (25 minute jog), you would be at a 500 caloric deficit. So, eating 300 less calories a day and expending 200 calories a day through physical fitness activities will result in a net of half kg lost per week. This can be done too by eating...
Fonzworth Bentley - Advance Your Swagger: How to Use Manners, Confidence an
2008-08-30 07:41:00
From The Oprah & Friends Radio Show with Gayle King, 19 August 2008 Advance Your Swagger: How to Use Manners, Confidence and Style to Get Ahead by Fonzworth Bentley ?My manners were the first ingredient that set me apart from my peers,? notes the suave and stylish Fonzworth Bentley, Sean ?Diddy? Combs?s former personal assistant and a ...
How to Build Your Confidence about Money
2008-08-19 07:41:00
Dean and I have spent the last three business days presenting our Transition: An Opportunity to Renew Your Possibilities workshop to Experience Unlimited Groups in Oakland, Fremont and Marin County, California, where we talked about the obstacles people face when considering change. I find that regardless of geographic location, education level or occupational background, there ...
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