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Food For Thought ? Stories About Rediscovering Our Connection to Food
2012-05-25 16:00:00
Minoo asked me to share a free event coming up on the 31st May 2012. from 6:30PM to 8:00PM in the performance hall, 7700 Minoru Gate. The event is organised by the Richmond Food Security Society and the Richmond Public Library. It's a night of food storytelling featuring a diverse panel of distinguished foodies. There's a growing interest in what we eat, where it comes from and how to grow your own food.
Finding Your Rhythm as a Mom: Mom Connection
2012-05-10 19:52:00
I remember sitting in a room full of friends and acquaintances.We were going around the room giving prayer praises & requests.  My request was fairly simple.  "My husband just found out he is deploying to Iraq.  Pray for him.  Pray for us." That group of women was a room full of moms.  They were an important part of my community: my rhythm.  I was a mom of two boys, aged two and four.  I knew these ladies through MOPS, Mothers of Preschoolers.  They were there for me as I geered up for hub's deployment, for the year he was gone and then rejoiced with me when he returned.  They were a piece of my connection with sanity. Connections.  They are so important in motherhood.  Amidst the craziness of sports-schedules, deployments, homework, TDYs/ TADs, simply fitting in baby's nap time some days, PCSing, drama, life.  We, as military wives and moms, need to be connected.  We ne...
Temperature Sensors In Parallel Connection
2012-05-08 16:28:00
Dear Forum members, I have 2 nos. parallel connected battery banks with a NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistor sensor attached to each battery bank. I need your expert advice if I can connect both these thermistors in parallel and take 1 input to the temperature compensated regulator (
Film Connection Los Angeles Areas
2012-05-04 16:43:00
You can find programs offered in expensive film schools that never lead to any actual job prospects that are why you will find there’s real alternative option to this case- Film Connection Los Angeles locations. The film sector is much … Continue reading →
Double star stator connection of hydrogenerators.
2012-04-26 09:34:00
hi. Can anybody tell me where are double stator connection used? Are they for much higher capacity hydrogenerators? I have read that for 210 MW turbogenerators uses double star connection. Regards, sks
Rating Of Wire And Type Of Connection
2012-04-25 11:32:00
hai engineers, i have used 7.5kw motor, for that i have connected a 4core 2.5sqmm cable in delta connection.... is this way is right or wrong....?
How to Solve No Internet Connection Message on Google Android Market/Play
2012-04-23 22:33:00
One of the most annoying things happened to me yesterday on my Samsung Galaxy S smartphone: I’ve got a “no connection” error in the Google Marketplace and a few other Android apps I tried to run and check the Internet connectivity. It was really annoying, as some apps, including the browsed did work. Changing wireless routers didn’t work either, for some reason. So it was clear to me the problem lied with some settings related to Android. Searching all over the web for my problem didn’t seem to find a reasonable explanation. That’s when I’ve noticed the time and date ...Original article - How to Solve No Internet Connection Message on Google Android Market/Play
French Connection "Rebel Rebel" Rhodium Graduated Heart Pendant Necklace
2012-04-10 09:00:00
List Price: $35.00Deal Price: $13.39You Save: $21.61 (62%)Offer expires April 15, 2012.Expires Apr 16, 2012
Zyxel ZyWALL USG 20W ? Redundant internet connection
2012-04-05 03:14:00
Hey ! I have managed to configure my both redundant Internet connection and  also load balanced Internet connection.Bellow you see a small schema of how my network looks I added a switch on the WAN port of the Zyxwall and connected both … Continue reading →
Time for fiber internet connection
2012-04-05 03:14:00
Hi All, So tomorrow i will get fiber internet connection installed at home, the question is,  do i need it ??? If you see my current usage i dont use very much do i ? Looking at the current bandwith … Continue reading →
Earth Connection
2012-03-29 19:20:00
I want to install a 220V cooling fan in a 380V welding machine.The supply to the machine has no neutral provision. Is it okay to connect one phase and earth to supply the fan? The main power supply transformer's neutral is also earthed.
The Blogging Mix: Key Elements To A Successful Blog! (Content, Connection A
2012-03-23 11:34:00
Everyone who starts blogging would like to become successful. Success can be achieved and interpreted in different ways. Most bloggers are inclined to measure success by the number of traffic or visits generated by their blogs while some bloggers claim themselves successful when they effectively monetize their blogs. However you define and measure success in ...
Green World Connection (Fashion) shared their photo on Twitter
2012-03-22 12:39:00
Green World Connection (Fashion) shared their photo on TwitterGWC-BA-009
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2012-03-22 12:38:00
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Inter-Connection Of System And Grid Earthing
2012-03-07 16:11:00
I would like to know why the neutral point of the transformer is not connected to the grid and so that we will have one common earthing in the system for all the transformer neutral and grid electrically connected .
C T Connection
2012-03-06 07:55:00
We have a Star Delta power trf. What is connection of That CT 1.Star -Star 2. Star-Delta 3.Delta-Star 4.Delta-Delta Why ?
Turkish connection ? Part 2
2012-02-24 12:17:00
El último mensaje del proceso con los timadores turcos es tan bueno que he creído merecía otro post, aunque fuera para colgar la foto de la cara con la que me quedé…después de ver que se lo toman tan en serio que han creído que debo proteger la marca en mas actividades, aumentando la factura ...
How 2-Wire, 3-Wire & 4-Wire Connection Done in Control System?
2012-02-24 10:03:00
Hi to all How 2-wire, 3-wire & 4-wire connection done in control system? Awaiting for your reply Thanx in advance
Reliance Wireline Broadband Connection
2012-02-20 11:52:00
Among many Internet Service Providers in India like BSNL, Airtel and others, Reliance is surely one of the good companies with its features and tariff plans. There are many plans are available by RCOM for both home and business users. This is the short review of the Reliance Wireline broadband service with the Unlimited Usage ...
Make your ADSL connection more reliable!
2012-02-11 13:52:00
A while ago on Wireless Waffle, I commented on the daily loss of service that was occuring on my home broadband (ADSL) connection. It seems that this struck a chord with a number of people and remains one of the most commented-on articles on the site.The question is, 'can anything be done to fix this problem'? The answer seems to be, that for a few pounds (a few and a bit Euros, or a few and a half Dollars) you can easily make a device which will provide additional filtering on your ADSL line and help with the problem of interference on the line. This solution is not a 100% guarantee of an improvement but does help and has resulted in an enormous (almost complete) reduction in drop-outs and, to boot, an increase in connection speed on the Wireless Waffle line!The increase in broadband connection speed is perhaps an odd outcome but this is a result of a more stable connection on the line. This is why... The equipment at the exchange sets a target 'signal to noise (...
Connection Between DSL Modem and Switch
2012-02-03 12:36:00
I want to setup a wireless LAN through WIFI . The WIFI device will further connect to a switch. the switch will further connect to a DSL modem. The PCs will then connect to the internet through this WIFI to switch to MODEM configuration. Now I want to know what should be the type of connection betwe
2012-02-03 07:07:00
Dear All, Please let me take suggestions from you all for designing a branch connection.Now i am in stage of preparing branch selection table from ground zero level.Please provide me sufficient details for completing my task. Best Regards, Suman Padakandla.
How to Decide Branch Connection Fittings
2012-01-31 08:18:00
On what basis branch fittings decided for a run pipe?im just a beginner.for eg:for a 10" header line we take 8" RT(Reduced Tee) for 8" we will decide RT?is there any calculations to decide branch fittings.Please provide info if any. Regards, Suman Padakandla.
Neutral Connection In Generator Paralleling
2012-01-18 23:15:00
Hello I am planning to connect the neutral of the entire three synchronized cat 608 kva similar generator set on the common ground bus bar (the ground will also be connected to the bus bar) without any neutral- grounding contactor (this is because I am using 3 pole contactors for the main synchroni
Quality Communication with Your Spouse Offers a Deeper Emotional Connection
2012-01-03 17:26:00
Quality Communication with Your Spouse Offers a Deeper Emotional Connection Many couples run their marriage like a business. They discuss the bills, the kids, and the day to day operations of the house. They may struggle to keep things in check or they may operate like a well-oiled machine. Either way, they may like quality communication with one another. How often do you and your ...
Nos. of NGR Connection to Power Plant
2011-12-27 07:31:00
I have question about the Nos. of Neutral ground resistor connected to Ground mesh in power plant. For example if there are 4 x 6MW Gas turbines connected to 11KV bus & each have seprate NGR of 100 A , cont rating , with common Grid mesh for all , is all NGR can connect to ground mesh or only 1
WLAN Optimizer: Optimize your Wireless Connection
2011-12-25 13:00:00
Today's internet connection has seen tremendous changes as compared to 5 years ago. Finding wireless connection while on the go was almost scarce back then but today the wireless connection is almost everywhere. When you travel and you have business …
Parellel Port To USB Connection
2011-12-04 18:43:00
I have an old Canon Bubble jet printer BJC 1000sp which works on parallel port I have boughta Parallel to USB Adaptor (BAFO make ) with a driver cd.However when i conne ct the message displayed is USB device not recognised. Please help as to how I can make it work. Regards Venu
Branch Connection Reinforced Pad Calculation
2011-12-03 17:36:00
Hi, I am fairly new with this calculation. This is 18 x 18 at 45° wye lateral. Dh = 18 in, Th= 0.562 in Db = 18 in, Db = 0.562 in Design pressure 550 psi, corrosion = 0.1, Design Temp = 160° F Material = A106-B, Allowable = 19,000 psi. Calculated Result for Design thickness of the pad. th =
Cisco, Telia to Activate 'world's fastest internet connection&apo
2011-11-24 19:17:00
From Engadget: If the Swedes can dry a load of laundry on a 40Gbps internet connection, just imagine what they could do with 120Gbps. Melt polar caps? Solve the debt crisis? Dry three loads of laundry? The possibilities may be limitless, but we'll all find out soon enough, because Cisco
Top Connection 11.50-4 ACME Box
2011-11-23 05:26:00
Hai All, I'm new here.. could somebody help me to understand what it is: 1. Top Connection 11.50-4 ACME Box 2. Bottom connection 11.50-4 ACME PIN COLLAR Your kind cooperation is highly appreciated. thank you.
Inter Card Connection Diagram
2011-11-11 22:22:00
Hi CR4 Engineers, I have a complete set of PCBs for a WSM 250A, 380V Inverter welding machine. My problem is I haven't got a schematic or inter-card connection drawing to show me which wire goes where. Is there anybody out there who has or can schetch one for me. Please assist.
Sneha-Prasanna Shock Wedding & My Losing Connection with Tamilnadu
2011-11-09 21:26:00
Though i have rarely seen Tamil movies in the last 5 years, I am used to tout my Tamil gossip knowledge as my connection with Tamilnadu & especially with Kollywood. So I was shocked to read about  the upcoming marriage (or) affair of Tamil movie stars - Prasanna and Sneha. It seems that I did not know the rumor that every Chennaite knew. It made me realize that I am becoming a part-Delhite now and losing my touch with Tamilnadu slowly. Sad but true. :( Anyway my wishes to Prasanna & Sneha for a happy marriage. And hope this does not end up as another famous celebrity divorce - after a few more years.
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Flange thickness for bolted connection with metal to metal contact
2011-11-01 17:59:00
I am trying to calculate the minimum thickness required for a bonnet on a 2" (150#, 300# and 600#) Globe valve. The bonnet is bolted to the globe body and there is an o-ring for sealing. I am trying to use Section VIII Div. 1 UG 34 with k type connection, but not sure about the "d" to be used. Is it
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Voip-Pal.Com Inc Revives Indian Connection; Will It Popularize Their Offeri
2011-10-12 10:11:00
Voip-Pal.Com Inc, a US based company, is all set to revive sales channel in India in order to globally strengthen Voip-Pal’s services and products. VOIP, Inc. provides voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) products and services in the United States. It offers proprietary transactional billing platform customized to the points and air mile business, as well as anti-virus applications for smart phones. Products include magicJack, a VoIP solution that provides free local and long distance calling, international calling, voice mail, and call waiting, as well as three way calling, portable contact list & others . Over four years ago, on August 14 2008, Voip-Pal had announced its Joint Venture (JV) Licensing Agreement with two website domains and, but, development of these sites was put on hold by Voip-Pal until its VoIP software was fully developed and tested. The more relevant reason could be VOIP was not legal in India back the...
By: WATblog
Jason Becker: the lick library connection
2011-08-23 00:51:00
From Lick Library: Thanks to the guys over at Lick Library for their support. Andy James and Guthrie Govan to play Jason Becker Festival in Amsterdam Thu, 11 Aug 2011 On Sunday 13th November, guitarists from around the world will be performing and appearing at the "Jason Becker Festival" in Amsterdam. Jason Becker's "Not Dead Yet" benefit event will see also LickLibrary contributor's Andy James and Guthrie Govan join the huge list of artists joining the cause. Also signed up to join the event is Guitar Idol winner Daniele Gottardo. To find out about Jason Becker and his incredible journey, at Like and support the Jason Becker Festival Facebook Page here. Further information and tickets for the event can be found at Not Dead Yet site Face Book Page Book Tickets
Career Connection Timeline From The Hub Of LinkedIn Developers
2011-05-31 07:10:00
Grapevine has it that developers at LinkedIn went on a Hackday and have created a ‘career connection timeline’ feature. Have you ever wondered where is your career path traversing to? LinkedIn solves that now. Now you can view your career path with your own connections. This LinkedIn connection timeline is a great boon to let you know where you stand with your connections. LinkedIn has used the social graph technique to draw a career road map for you. This will exhibit to the world all that you have achieved so far and in short will be your online resume summing up all your professional accomplishments. The timeline comes in form of an interesting graphic with a three dimensional time component. So now you will know what others are concluding when they put on their thinking cap. Your long wished employers could now see your detailed history and see with whom you worked earlier. So even if you are running short of recommendations, do not hit your head on the wall anymor...
By: WATblog
Thorbjorn Englund: Lion Music Japan Benefit - Failed Connection
2011-05-30 13:38:00
Winterlong have just unveiled a web video for their contribution "Failed Connection" to the upcoming album "Embrace The Sun - The Lion Music Japan Benefit Project" which sees release on 17th June 2011. Winterlong - Failed Connection (Lion Music Japan Benefit) This new track is the first offering since 2005 from the metal act led by guitarist/vocalist Thorbjorn Englund with the tracks line-up completed by drummer Gerald Kloos and guest vocalist Stella Tormanoff. "Embrace The Sun - The Lion Music Japan Benefit Project" features 28 brand new tracks spread over 2 CD's from some of the best Lion Music acts and some special guests. Dedicated to the victims of the Tsunami and Earthquake that struck Japan in March 2011, all artists and composers as well the record label and publishing company are donating their profits from the material included to the Japan Red Cross in hope of a better world. Full information and pre-ordering of "Embrace The Sun" can be found at: http://www.lionm...
Facebook On Mobile Without GPRS Connection, Yes Really!
2011-05-17 14:21:00
You are in some very remote place. There are no cyber cafes around. You can’t even access net on your mobile, because it doesn’t have GPRS connection. But, you are dying to check your Facebook account. You wish there was some magic which would let you do so. Well, someone has responded to your wish. U2opia, a Singapore-based software applications developer, has developed a technology which allows users to access Facebook without GPRS connection. The technology works on any handset. The technology is called Unstructured Supplementary Data (USSD). This technology is used by telecom service providers to give service alerts after say a user makes a call or uses GPRS service. It is also used to provide menu based services to users. U2opia has tied up with India’s leading telecom service provider Airtel to offer these services. Airtel users can dial *325# or *fbk# on non-qwerty mobile phones to access facebook on their mobile. Users are allowed to update their status th...
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AAFP Connection
2011-01-12 19:01:00
There have been a few stated excuses why physicians are hesitant to utilize social media services for things like peer to peer communication and for discussion of clinical cases. The statements that are made are they physicians are concerned about issues of security and privacy. Don't get me wrong, I completely agree with these statements. It's just that organizations, especially physician membership organizations, have been trying to come up with the answer of how to build a site by which physicians can feel "safe" to discuss these type of issues. My professional organization, the American Academy of Family Physicians, announced on their Facebook page yesterday that they are introducing a platform on their website that is "safe" and "secure" to encourage family physician members increased communication. The name of this service is "AAFP Connection," and I give a brief review of this service in the video above. Visually, the interface is nice. There is no doubt that one of the ...
Secure Your WiFi Connection..Or Else..
2010-12-13 13:45:00
WiFi security has been one of the most understated problems in recent times. Most users cant tell you what kind of encryption their WiFi routers are using. Worse, many don’t even know if their routers are secured or not. Leaving it to guys who setup your connection – many of them referring to manuals that implement an “ancient” form of protection – if at all. The reason this has come to light again in India, is tragic. Minutes after the blast at the Temple in Varanasi on 7th December, the police received an email from the Indian Mujahideen. Our ever-capable cyber sleuths traced to email to wireless router to a residence in Navi Mumbai. But the problem was – it was an unsecured WiFi connection. Anyone could have connected to it and sent the mail. Following hours of questioning the residents were released. Safe at home? This is just part of the problem. It’s not everyday that a nefarious terror group will want to take advantage of your network...
By: WATblog
SocialSpark Connection People
2010-05-28 16:58:00
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2010-04-30 06:00:00
Tahun 2010 ini adalah tahun di mana Departemen Penyembahan menjadi pusat terbesar kegiatan gereja kita. Departemen ini memperjuangkan pulihnya hubungan utama kita dengan Tuhan sebagai cara untuk mengatasi berbagai masalah yang kita hadapi. Apakah itu masalah keluarga, sakit penyakit, kebuntuan ekonomi, dsb., semua perbaikan tersebut diawali dengan ‘benarnya hubungan kita dengan Dia.” Kita menyerahkan diri kita ...Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
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