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15 Cool and Creative Ways To Reuse Ladders.
2012-05-31 14:42:00
If you have been looking for interesting and clever ways to reuse an old ladder, we are sure you will like these "Cool and Creative Ways To Reuse Ladders".Ladder Display: Fix a ladder on the wall above the couch to create a cool display. Ladder Bookshelf: It's a clever book storage solution; create a bookshelf using old ladders. Ladder Magazine and Book Holder: Ladder Photo Shelf: Ladder Organizer: Addition of simple planks to the row of steps extends to form longer shelves and gives it a complete makeover. Ladder Racks: Turn old ladders into racks. Ladder Shelf: Here a wooden painter's ladder is attached to the wall to create a cool shelf. Ladder Plant Stand: Turn a step ladder into a cool plant stand. Ladder Gallery: How about turning an old ladder into a classy art gallery? Ladder Lanterns Holder: How about using a ladder to hold lanterns to create a perfect evening setting in the backyard or patio? Ladder Shoe Storage: Create a unique shoe storage solution using a vintage ladd...
LL Cool J Talks NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Teases His Character’s Future, and Dis
2012-05-31 14:37:00
Before star LL COOL J took the stage of Toronto’s historic Elgin Theatre to thank Canadian ad buyers for supporting NCIS: LOS ANGELES during Wednesday afternoon’s Shaw Media Upfront, he took to the press room to face the nation [of television critics]. So just what did he have to say about his character’s future, unexpected transition from music to acting and his dream CBS crossover? See for yourself, after the jump. NCIS: LOS ANGELES airs Tuesdays at 9PM on CBS (Global TV in Canada). Catch up on past episodes you may have missed for free online at
15 Creative Tablecloths and Cool Tablecloth Designs.
2012-05-30 15:43:00
Now decorate your table with these 'Creative Tablecloths and Cool Tablecloth Designs' from all over the world.Doodle Tablecloth: This cool cotton tablecloth looks just like a sheet of graph paper and comes with 8 fabric markers for you to create place mats or for working out homework. Embroidered Tablecloth: Creative embroidery design merges the plate and the cloth in this tablecloth. Take Your Time Tablecloth: This tablecloth is covered with 300 riddles, both the questions and the answers; and can be read from both ends of the table. Do it Yourself Tablecloth by Monkey Business: This cool 'Do it yourself Tablecloth' comes with four permanent marker pens that lets you create your own unique collage. Table Cloth by Rasner and Sharfstein: Tablecloth by designer Talya Rasner and Racheli C Sharfstein leaves no ambiguity about where to place your dishes. DIY Chalkboard Tablecloth: To make this chalk tablecloth two-pieces of 7 1/2 feet long each of Ikea paperroll were covered with cha...
20 Beautiful and Cool Business Cards
2012-05-30 07:45:00
You are reading : 20 Beautiful and Cool Business CardsIn the design industry, the image you project both online and offline is critical, so, among your website you really need some great looking offline promotional methods. And one of the best ways to do this is through business cards. These really say a lot about you as a designer, besides letting the potential client ...By CrazyLeaf Design BlogCrazyLeaf on Facebook | CrazyLeaf on Twitter | CrazyLeaf on Flickr | CrazyLeaf on StumbleUpon Get new design resources every hour on Design Freebies
15 Cool Laptop Cases, Sleeves and Bags - Part 5.
2012-05-29 15:02:00
Cool collection of 'Laptop Cases, Sleeves and Bags' from all over the world.JumpFromPaper's Laptop Bag: Actually it's a shoulder bag but it has enough room for a laptop; what makes it interesting is that it appears to be two dimensional. T-shirt Laptop Sleeve: HelloRewind turns your favorite old t-shirt into a laptop case for you. Generator Laptop Bag: It comes from Voltaic Systems, this 'Generator' is designed to recharge your laptop with stored solar energy. Coffee Bag Laptop Sleeve: Turn a bunch of empty coffee bags into cool laptop sleeves. Floppydisks Laptop Bag: If you have some old floppydisks in your draw, then making this laptop bag would be a cool reuse. Cassette Tape Tote Bag: Though this bag isn't meant for a laptop, but it looks cool to carry a notebook around. XPocket MacBook Sleeve: This cool Macbook sleeve is a perfect combination of wool and leather. Denim Laptop Sleeve: Creation of designer Adrian Jankowiak, this laptop sleeve is made from used denim tha...
Bub Zulu: Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic competition - cool ideas
2012-05-29 01:33:00
Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing track #2
15 Cool Products and Functional Gadgets for Photographers.
2012-05-28 16:18:00
If you are interested in photography, here is something for you; a collection of cool, useful and functional products and gadgets designed for photographers.Gigtube Wireless Viewfinder: Fix Gigtube transmitter on the camera's hotshoe, and you can see what your camera is seeing on a 3.5" screen up to 100 meters away. If has video recording, multiple camera shutter control, and multiple shootingmodes. It also includes a built-in camera and playback for DSLRs without liveview. Monsterpod: It sticks to over 1,000 things, and holds any camera up to 20oz. Level Camera Cube: It can be attached to any standard hotshoe; simply point the camera at your subject and align the bubbles to take perfect level photos every time. Unleashed GPS: It has a completely wireless geotagging solution and can be used with all modern Bluetooth GPS receivers. When you take numerous photographs in multiple locations, it can be difficult to remember where a particular photo has come from. This small and compact...
15 Creative Drawer Knobs and Cool Drawer Pulls.
2012-05-25 15:05:00
Transform dressers, desks, drawers and cabinets with cool drawer pulls and creative knobs.Square and Round Wooden Knobs: These cool knobs are available in square and round versions, and comes with cute googly eyes. Timepiece and Chronograph Knobs: These Roman numeral watch face knobs and stopwatch knobs are sure to look great on any dresser drawer or punctual cabinet. Dottie Knobs: These cool painted knobs have a steel base. Secret Key Handle: This vintage-style pull provides easy access to your drawers. Jute Rope Knot Knob: This handcrafted knot knob made of jute twine measures 1 1/2" in diameter and is sure to make your furniture one of a kind. Customized Cabinet Knobs: If you don't want to opt for expensive knobs, then you can create beautiful customized knobs at home. Just follow the instructions of how to turn wooden knobs into cool looking ceramic ones. Vintage Ball Knobs: These beautiful vintage ball knobs comes with ornate trim plates. Classic Beach Glass Knobs: Greyish Lak...
15 Creative and Cool Reuse of Corks.
2012-05-24 16:09:00
If you have been thinking of what to do with all the old corks, we have for you some really interesting, cool and functional reuses of corks.Cork Trivet and Coaster Set: Its simple yet elegant, to make these cork trivets and coasters, just follow the simple instructions. More ideas: 1 and 2. Cork Bath Mat: This cork bathmat looks stylish, simple and has a natural look with good comfort. Cork Trivet: Ciclus, a Spanish design company made this aluminum tray that needs to be filled with corks to create a trivet. More ideas: 1 and 2. Cork Plant Marker: All you need is corks and bamboo skewers to make this cool plant marker. Canap Knives Cork Handles: Make handles out of old corks for canap knives. Corkers: These cool creations come in 6 designs. Cork Penny Tiles: Using old corks, designer Jelinek Cork designed these cork floor tiles. The corks are cut into circular shapes and are sticked on a special paper to mosaic patterns. Corks in a Vase: Never knew corks in a vase will look so cu...
15 Creative Skateboards and Cool Skateboard Designs.
2012-05-22 16:09:00
Collection of 'Creative Skateboards and Cool Skateboard Designs' from all over the world.Flowboard Skateboard: This flowboard design takes skateboarding to the next level. It comes with 7 wheels each on the front and rear. Log Skateboard by Oliver Schulze: Wireless Electric Skateboards: These boards are powered by a 24V or 36V electric motor and are controlled with a handheld wireless controller. Foldable Skateboard: Jin-Seok Hwan designed this unusual foldable skateboard deck concept. Transparent Skateboard: Cool glass skateboard by D Carbone. Carbon Fiber Longboard: This longboard designed by Louis Bradier is made of carbon fiber, and it tries to bring ski technology to the skateboard. Carved Skateboards: These hand carved boards are the creation of designers Owen Gildersleeve and Forsyth. Light Skateboard: Cool illuminated skateboard comes with inbuilt lights. Pumgo Skateboard: Shifting of rider's weight back-and-forth generates the deck's seesaw movement to propel the board...
LL Cool J, Taio Cruz, Cee Lo Green & Stevie Wonder At Hard Rock Hotel
2012-05-21 23:17:00
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas treated music lovers to another weekend of wild, raucous, and exhilarating performances at Beachlife, The Joint, and Vanity Nightclub. The weekend kicked off with Billboard?s Battle of the Bands on Friday, May 18 inside The Joint, hosted by Grammy award winner Taio Cruz where Long Island, NY pop-punk ...
10 Creative and Cool Teacup Inspired Designs and Products - Part 2.
2012-05-19 15:58:00
Collection of 'Creative and Cool Teacup Inspired Designs and Products' from all over the world.The Cup: Designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati, this unique sink design is inspired by a simple coffee cup. Teacup Napkin Ring: This teacup napkin rings comes in pastel colors with mini polka dots and little gold handles. Pouring Light Lamp: Designed by Yeongwoo Kim, it creates an amazing flow of light out of a teacup. Teacup Candles: These teacup candles look beautiful dcor; making them is quite easy too. Teacup Lights: It's made from reused fine porcelain, teacups and cup plates. Teacup Bracelets: These cool vintage-inspired teacup bracelets are handmade. Teacup Cake Topper: Teacup Servers: These 3-tiered cupcake stand / tea stand looks fashionable yet functional. Teacups Lamp: It looks really cute. Teacup Clock: You too can make this awesome clock using teacups.Don't miss to check out "Creative and Cool Teacup Inspired Designs and Products - Part: 1| 2."More Interesting Posts:1...
15 Creative Ring Holders and Cool Jewelry Dish Designs.
2012-05-18 16:04:00
Store your rings in these 'Creative Ring Holders and Cool Jewelry Dish Designs' that are functional and beautiful.Ringling Chrome Jewelry Dish: Store your rings and other small essentials in an attractive way in this cool jewelry dish. Jewelry Tray by Masashi Hanayama: Designed by Japanese designer Masashi Hanayama, its inspired by the beautiful yet ephemeral shaped structures created when a drop of milk splashes into a larger amount of liquid. Giraffe Ring Holder: This cute chrome ring holder comes in the shape of a giraffe. Bunny Ring Holder: These adorable figurines made of ceramic comes with extra long ears to hold your rings. Kaktus Ring Holder: Ring Holder by Alan Wisniewski: Alan Wisniewski designed this cool mini ring stand with chrome plating. Icelet Ring Holder: Cool mini ring stand with chrome plating designed by Quan. Tub Ring Holder: Designed by J Yatscoff, this mini ring stand with chrome plating is perfect for holding your rings. Umbrella Ring Holder: Another cool ...
15 Creative and Cool Brass Knuckles Inspired Products.
2012-05-17 15:19:00
Collection of 'Creative and Cool Brass Knuckles Inspired Products' from all over the world.Brass Knuckle Umbrella: The Umbuster umbrella is by designer Sruli Rech and it comes with a knuckle handle.Spaghetti Measuring Device: A cool spaghetti measuring tool that looks like brass knuckles; it has measuring holes for kids, grownups and dinner portions. Growing Brass Knuckle Jewelry: This collection of the hand jewelry is designed for those in metropolitan cities and is an effort to attract nature towards them.Brass Knuckle Soap: This all natural glycerin brass knuckles inspired soap is designed to add a bit of playful version to your soap dish.Brass Knuckles Scissors: Brass Knuckle Cup: Brass Knuckle Comb: A gadget for fashionable women that combines function and elegance in to one.Brass Knuckle Handbag:Brass Knuckle Brush: A brush for the toughest cleaning job by Ken Goldman. Brass Knuckle Corkscrew: An awesome corkscrew that looks like brass knuckles. Brass Knuckle Metal Art Chai...
Common Ways to Heat and Cool a Mobile Home
2012-05-17 11:00:00
Mobile homes and manufactured homes utilizes many of the same features and mechanical systems when it comes to heating and cooling a home’s interior. Below is a list of the most popular heating and cooling systems used in many mobile homes today. Split-Unit Central Air Conditioning: Around the time I was ten years old, my ...This Article is Copyright © 2004-2012 BiggerPockets, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Common Ways to Heat and Cool a Mobile Home
15 Creative Scissors and Cool Scissor Designs - Part 2.
2012-05-16 14:59:00
Collection of 'Creative Scissors and Cool Scissor Designs' from all over the world.Magnetic Scissors: This awesome tool's head has power-magnets in their internal seam that uses the repel action for easy snipping. And at the flick of a button you can change the polarity to keep the blades secured in place. Freecutter: Its a combination of cutter and scissor; in this clever tool the cutter blade pulls back into one of the scissor blades. Smart Sizzors: It's a multi-functional scissors that can open bottle caps, cuts variety of stuff (meat, cords, fabric, and many more) and opens nuts too. Scalable Scissors: These scalable scissors can be pulled back, can extend and contract to cut almost any size. Pen Scissors: It has a compact design that looks like a pen that allows easy storage. Lay-Flat Slice Scissors: These lay-flat scissors are friendly to both lefties and righties. Scissor Tape: This cool scissors keeps the taperoll around for quick gift wrapping. Decorative Craft Scissor...
15 Cool Chopsticks and Creative Chopstick Designs - Part 2.
2012-05-15 15:46:00
Why opt for regular chopsticks when you have a collection of 'Cool Chopsticks and Creative Chopstick Designs' to choose from?Re-paper Chopsticks: Made from paper quality, these D-I-Y pack of paper sticks are easy to assemble and use. Reused Baseball Bats Chopsticks: These chopsticks are made from broken bats used during play. Each pair of these chopsticks features the team names, color and logo on them. Chopsticks from Art.Lebedev: These chopsticks are made of birch wood and hand-painted by Russian masters of traditional arts. Pocky Chopsticks: These chopsticks come in strawberry and chocolate flavors. Pods Chopsticks: These cute chopsticks are designed like the plug or small pods the pilots use to board their awesome robots. Apart from this you can even remove the small door to show a miniaturized version of your favorite EVA pilot. Anime Themed Chopsticks: These cute chopsticks are designed based on an anime aired in 1983. Bullettrain Chopsticks: These chopsticks are based...
How Do I Use Battery Power to Electrically Cool an Ice Pack Gel?
2012-05-13 00:35:00
Hello all, I just had a quick question. I am trying to create a prototype for a new invention that involves electrically cooling an ice pack or a substance similar to that affect, utilizing battery power. First, is this possible? I am in no way technically saavy in this regard and all my searches o
15 Creative Coin Banks and Cool Coin Bank Designs - Part: 3.
2012-05-12 13:47:00
Collect money in style with these unusual and creative coin banks.Money Tree Coin Bank: As your money collects the money tree will grow taller.Accumulator Bank: The accumulator bank lets you see how much you've collected instantly, with handy examples of comparative amounts.ATM Bank: It's a mini ATM cash machine to collect cash and it comes with a card with PIN so you can withdraw your money anytime you want.His/Her Money Bank: This unusual bank comes with a unique feature; if one tries to put coin in his money bank, it will still drop down to her money bank.Ceramic Money Bank: Its made of ceramic and comes with chrome finish; it looks more of a decorative object for any room.Dog Bank: This cool bank resembles a balloon dog.Babushka Set Coin Bank: This set consists of four coin banks that resemble the famous Matriyoshkas.I'L Cativo & I'L Buono Coin Banks:Toilet Bank: Drop your coins down the bowl, push the handle down and watch your money go down with a whooshing sound. And when...
Bass Fishing in Virginia - Some Cool Stuff!
2012-05-11 17:42:00
Cruising the web looking at bass fishing as I often do, this web page on Virginia's Department of Game and Inland Fisheries caught my eye.  They actually have taken the time to rank their best largemouth bass fisheries by region in their state.  What a great tool for both residents and tourists of Virginia.I wish Minnesota and some of my neighboring states would put lists like this together for largemouth and smallmouth bass.  Although somewhat interesting, Kerr Reservoir was #81 on Bassmasters' Top 100 lakes in the country, but was only ranked 10th in the South Region by it's own state's fisheries teams.  Smith Mountain Lake was is #63, at least that is second in the South Region.  The Potomac River is #31 on Bassmaster list, unranked by state, probably because it is largely a border water with Maryland.Among other cool things that Virginia has is a Virginia boating safety course.  The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries is gradually ...
15 Creative And Cool Mustache Inspired Products - Part 2.
2012-05-11 15:58:00
Collection of 'Creative And Cool Mustache Inspired Products' from all over the world. Moustache Lightbulbs: These cool moustache light bulbs designed by Katrin Greiling adds a touch of humor to your home decor. More?.. Mustache Hangers: These mustache hangers look cute. More?.. Jumbo Mustache Magnets: This cool magnetic mustache is perfect for decorating up your car, fridge or file cabinets. More?.. Mustache Necklace: These mustaches are handmade and come with a shiny finish. More?.. Mustache Light Switch Cover: This cool decorative light switch and outlet cover comes with a mustache print on it. More?.. Mustache Cup Cozy: This cool mustache cozy is handmade from cotton. More?.. Mustache Wall Decal: These cool decals can be applied to walls, glass, metal, plastic, or wood. Mustache Necklace Holder: This cool mustache necklace holder is made of black wood with black holders. More?.. Mustache Ring: A cool frosted looking transparent ring that comes with a mustache. More?.. Mustache...
15 Creative Towels and Cool Towel Designs.
2012-05-10 17:10:00
Collection of 'Creative Towels and Cool Towel Designs' from all over the world.Surfmonk Beach Blankets: These multipurpose blankets can be used as a towel and worn as a robe. Pittsburgh Steelers Beach Towel: Place this soft towel on the sand to keep you cool; it will keep you dry and comfortable all day long. Oven Towel: This oven towel is full of useful information; it includes: numeric conversions and more. The Kilt Towel: This towel is made to look like a kilt. Unique Towel: This unique towel is printed on one side. Tweet Towel: It's a tea towel that comes with a personal miniature message embroidered onto it. Marked Towels: Each of these towels have a defined marking on them. True Clean Towel: This 'Top - Bottom' towel is supposed to give you confidence; when you step out of the shower and knowing that you are drying your freshly cleaned face with a section of the towel that has not been used to dry 'other' places. Eye Test Chart Tea Towel: With this cotton tea towel you ...
15 Creative Bookmarks and Cool Bookmark Designs - Part 3.
2012-05-09 14:33:00
If you had enough of those regular flat rectangular bookmarks, then we are sure you will like these creative bookmarks and cool bookmark designs from around the globe.Corner Bookmark: To make this cool corner bookmark with kusudama flower dangle, just follow the step-by-step tutorial for a little paper folding fun. Albatros Bookmarks: It's a new kind of bookmark that follows your reading. With this bookmark you need not remember the page number, each time you turn one, it inserts itself at the right place.Silver Fork Bookmark: It's a beautiful bookmark made from a silver fork. Bunny Bookmarks: These look cute and are real simple to make; all you need are envelopes. Fabric Bookmarks: Just follow the instructions to make your own fabric bookmarks. Paper Clip and Fabric Bookmarks: These are cool; to make these you need paper clips and fabric; just make a bowtie on the paper clip using fabric. Owl Bookmark: To make these you'll need wool felt and embroidery floss; just follow the de...
Trailer: A Little Bit Zombie looks a lot cool
2012-05-09 01:39:00
Tom Hodge of The Dude Designs is a freakin’ genius! He did the poster artwork and design for The Innkeepers, Hobo with a Shotgun and Cell Count. His talent is on display again for the horror comedy A Little Bit Zombie, a film that has been playing festival circuits to solid reviews. Infected by a virus, a mild mannered HR manager attempts to fulfill his overwhelming desire for brains, all while trying to keep it together so as not to incur the wrath of his bridezilla-to-be. Source: A Little Bit Zombie
15 Creative and Cool Reuse of Tablecloths.
2012-05-07 15:42:00
Here we have a collection of creative reuses of tablecloths and cool uses of tablecloths from all over the world.Tablecloth Skirt: A vintage tablecloth is turned into a stylish new skirt. Tablecloth Jacket: Made from vintage cotton 'Wilendur' tablecloth from the 40's-50's, bright primary colors adorn this gorgeous jacket. Tablecloth Shirt: A beautiful linen tablecloth that's in your family for generations just cant be thrown out; so what do you do? How about turning it into a top? Tablecloth Throw Pillow: Made from a vintage cotton tablecloth and with a piece of matching blue and white plaid Laura Ashley fabric. Tablecloth Laptop Sleeve: This laptop sleeve is made from a vintage cotton tablecloth from the 50's. Tablecloth Scarf: The fabric of this scarf comes from a dainty lace tablecloth that's combined and transformed into this beautiful scarf. Tablecloth Coasters: These wonderful coasters made from vintage tablecloth coasters are 4.25" x 4.25". Tablecloth Potholders: These...
Joe Pinnavaia: Cool Legato lesson May 2012
2012-05-07 00:37:00
In this example I use a hybrid picking technique along with some legato. It's the kind of guitar lick that needs a little bit of a "jump start" and I have been practicing it for just a little while. Take your time with this and for the pdf file please go to: and click on the link under the video. You can also join my mailing list for special offers on lessons and FREE playing tips and ebooks. The first time you sign up you will get a link to a FREE ebook on Technique Builders. Also check out my Guitar Sherpa Room "The Fusion Funhouse" over at for even more video lessons and interactive instruction. Direct link is Legato - May Lick of the Month 2012
15 Creative Backpacks and Cool Backpack Designs - Part 2.
2012-05-01 15:14:00
Collection of creative backpacks and cool backpack designs from all over the world.Quicksmart Backpack Stroller: It's a light and compact stroller perfect for travel and can be comfortably kept in a backpack. Backpack Umbrella: This backpack umbrella is perfect for those activities that require both hands; the umbrella is attached to the backpack's built-in, adjustable support stick. SEIL Backpack: This backpack by designer Lee Myung Su is specially designed for bicycle riders, it comes with a wireless controller that shows directions and signals on the back of the backpack. Spiderman Backpack: This Marvel's Spiderman plush backpack stands 33 inches tall and comes with adjustable straps to suit most backs. Brick Backpack: Each of the little "brick" is an individual zippered storage space with plenty of storage. 4-in-1 Gardening Backpack: This backpack is a compact gardening tools concept that holds 2 types of shovels, a hoe, and a broom for cleaning purpose. iPod Backpack: ...
VP contenders help Romney fill cool gap
2012-04-30 00:55:00
Who needs to be cool when all your friends are? Welcome to the tryout stage of the Veepstakes race. Monday brings Mitt Romney to New Hampshire ? alongside Sen. Kelly Ayotte, who follows the close-to-Romney footsteps of other VP contenders Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Paul Ryan.
Vernon Neilly: Guitar Power cool new competition
2012-04-29 01:32:00
Email: Website: Boosweet Records the independently owned and operated label based in California since 1999, recently created history in the country of Argentina with its ?Guitar Power? guitar competition. The ?Guitar Power? program is the brainchild of award winning guitarist/producer/actor and label CEO Vernon Neilly, and Marcelo Roascio who is a partner with Laura Goldar in Todo Guitarra Y Bajo Magazine, the major guitar/bass publication in the Argentine market. Vernon has traveled the world not only as a solo artist, but in the past has worked with legendary artists in the entertainment business. ?Guitar Power? was held in the city of Buenos Aires and was sponsored by Boosweet Records, Todo Guitarra Y Bajo Magazine, Seymour Duncan, Xotic Effects,Morley Pedals, Giannini Strings, Tecniforte Cables, Antitodo Guitar Straps, and Guitar Global LLC. 10 finalists were selected to perform live before judges at the historic Bauen Theater in Bu...
15 Creative MP3 Players and Cool MP3 Player Designs - Part 2.
2012-04-28 15:48:00
Collection of creative and unusual MP3 player designs from all over the world.Swatch Infinity MP3 Player Watch: Sleek wristwatch from Swatch comes with a built-in mp3 player, video player/recorder and a photo album.Walletex Wallet MP3 Player: Wallet-MP3 is a credit card sized USBdrive-based MP3 player from Walletex. Chameleon MP3 Player: The MP3 player is worn on the hand while the speakers are attached to the wearer's clothing.Beforme MP3 Player: "Beforme" is a beautiful combination of the stethoscope and MP3 player for future moms.Infinito MP3 Player: Designed by Franco Marino Cagnina, this MP3 player can be held comfortably and its large display allows it to be viewed even in bright light.Tripod MP3 Player: This tripod MP3 player can be transformed into a movie player by pulling the two halves apart.Swiss Armyknife with a built-in MP3 Player: Apart from the other usual instruments, this little gizmo comes with an MP3 player. The player also has an FM radio, and a voice recorder....
Space Travel Coming to an Airport Near You? Maybe, if Skylon Keeps its Cool
2012-04-28 14:12:00
From Engadget: Want to get from New York to Perth in under 4 hours, or maybe just head to outer space on a lark? Reaction Engines' "Skylon" mach 5 spaceplane might be your chariot -- or not. Its scheme of ingesting oxygen from the atmosphere instead of stowing it like a 50-year old moder
Obama: better to be cool than accomplished?
2012-04-27 06:18:00
Yesterday, Ann Althouse, reminding us that his predecessor gave up golf when he was chief executive, wondered as the president’s latest effort to appear cool: Does a slow jam with Jimmy Fallon send the wrong message? Or do we not think about the mom whose son may have recently died anymore? (Obama has noCindy Sheehan ...
Campaigning for the ?cool? vote
2012-04-26 22:02:00
The Bottom Line President Barack Obama may be hipper than Mitt Romney but will it make a difference on election day? That's the question we are tackling today on The Bottom Line. Here's why we're doing it. It was that Obama slow-jam on Jimmy Fallon. It's buzzing around everywhere. It got boffo ratings, went viral ...
Karl Rove-linked group slams ?cool? Obama in ad
2012-04-26 20:37:00
President Barack Obama wears shades, sings Al Green, dances with Ellen DeGeneres, quaffs a Guinness, calls hip-hop megastar Kanye West a "jackass," and "slow jams the news" with Jimmy Fallon in the latest political ad from American Crossroads, the Karl Rove-linked super PAC. The ad uses Obama's rock-star status against him, painting the "cool" president ...
Think GPS is Cool? IPS Will Blow Your Mind
2012-04-25 15:43:00
From ExtremeTech: For all of their awesome applications - from portable navigation devices, to self-driving cars, to cruise missile targeting - the American Global Positioning System and its Russian cohort GLONASS have two fundamental flaws: They don't work indoors, and they only really
15 Creative and Cool Bottle Openers - Part 6.
2012-04-25 14:56:00
Open your favorite beverage in style with these coolest bottle openers.Brass Bottle Opener: Japanese designer Masanori designed these functional and beautiful brass bottle openers.Roadpopper: It's designed to fasten discreetly to the rails on the underside of the saddle of a bike.Double-Gated Bottle Opener: It's a double sided bottle opener that lets you open the bottles fast and it clips to your keyring, jacket, pants or backpack.Watch Bottle Opener: It's a timepiece that features a buckle on its strap that doubles as a bottle opener.Bottle Key: This cool blank key bottle opener blends in with the other keys on your keyring.Butterfly Can Openers: This colorful can opener sets a new standard with its fresh and colorful design.'Spin To See Who Pays' Bottle Opener: Spin this cool bottle opener to see who buys the next round. 'Open' Bottle Opener: It's a cool stainless steel bottle opener that says what it means.Wallet With Bottle Opener:Hammer Bottle Opener: Made in solid meta...
9 Cool iPhoneography Apps
2012-04-25 11:17:00
Ever since I got my iPhone, I shoot more photos with it than with my digital camera. There are two reasons for that. First, I carry my iPhone with me everywhere. Second, I use some fantastic iPhone photography apps which make shooting quick, easy, and, above all else, loads of fun. I use these cool ...
Jeff Loomis: cool tour photos posted by Shawn Evans
2012-04-23 22:41:00
A Very Cool Story From The Dump
2012-04-23 22:07:00
The following is a post from my friend Marc Tindall who works in Honduras and does ministry in the dump. This is little Marco, he is now almost 2 years old. We took him to the doctor today because his mom, my friend Johana, has tried for about a month toget him feeling better and ...
Valedictorian facing deportation cool to Rubio's DREAM Act redo
2012-04-23 17:58:00
As he starts to preview what his alternative to the DREAM Act will look like, Sen. Marco Rubio often mentions the story of Daniela Pelaez, an 18-year-old valedictorian and aspiring molecular biologist who faces deportation because she is undocumented, as an example for why such...
3 Cool Things I Found For The iPhone At #PMEA12
2012-04-21 03:21:00
As any of you that know me know… I love the usefulness and efficiency of my iPhone…. I even develop ...
15 Cool Fridge Magnets and Creative Fridge Magnet Designs - Part 5.
2012-04-20 14:53:00
Why have regular fridge magnets when you can have these? Mini Cork Planters: Mini cork planter when combined with magnets looks great on your fridge. Scrabble Tile Magnets: Reuse old scrabble tiles to transform them into cool fridge magnets.Button Magnets: Make your own cute little button magnets and it only takes 5 minutes to make. Mid Century Clock Magnets: A cool and creative reuse for bottle covers, turn them into mid century modern clock magnets.Magnetic Geography Map: These smart magnetic geography maps consists of rivers and lakes of the continental United States; each piece is a state that comes with a small magnet glued to its back.Books Magnets: A creative and functional reuse for old books; use them to make these cool fridge magnets. Birds Magnets Fridge Set: You get 18 individual epoxy magnets that measure 7/8" x 7/8".Social Talk Magnets: Add modern personality to your home and work refrigerators with these cool social talk magnets. ZOOM on your paycheck, DISLIKE that...
Vinci Bluesky: The French Guitar Contest 2012 - cool solo
2012-04-19 23:35:00
Hi , this is my entry for this beautiful guitar contest so full of good entries and amazing guitarist , it's a deep pleasure to be a part of it . Many thanks to Kenny Serane and to all the people who organized this .I recorded my impro with my Ibanez AT 300 . Thanks for watching , hope you like it . All the subscribers to my channel are welcome French Guitar Contest - Vinci Bluesky - Ibanez AT
15 Cool Photo Frames and Creative Picture Frames - Part 2.
2012-04-19 15:02:00
Display your pictures in style with this collection of creative photo frames and cool picture frames from around the globe. Comicstrip Photo Frames: Each of these frames come with a selection of speech bubble stickers; just keep some cool pictures and some humor to create a personalized comic page for you and your friends to enjoy.Sunglasses Photo Frames: These sunglasses photo frames are a pair of over sized sunglasses that has place for two small photographs and would be a cool addition to any room in your household. Stickr Frames: Stick your photos to the wall using these clever and cool "Stickr" frames.Frame Tele: It's a concept that combines a photoframe and a phone that displays photographs continuously on the screen.3D Photo Frames: These photo frames are created using 3D printing technology and are printed layer by layer from a digital file into a real product. Mosaic Frames: With these frames you can arrange or rearrange your MiniCards to make the perfect arrangement: p...
15 Creative Fruit Bowls and Cool Fruit Holder Designs - Part 3.
2012-04-17 17:48:00
Store your favorite fruits in style with these 'Creative Fruit Bowls and Cool Fruit Holder Designs'. Squirrel Fruit and Nuts Bowl: This fruit bowl is an attractive method for storing, fruits and nuts; its made from solid oak and is based on the turned block from which wooden toys are usually made.Wire Fruit Bowl: A contemporary shape chrome plated wire basket for your fruits.Rollercoaster Fruit Tray: Designed by Janne Kyttanen, it can hold up to 9 oranges, but then you will not see its beauty.Ceramic Bird Bowl: This bird bowl is made from stoneware with a beautiful matte jade glaze.Art Fruit: It's a fruit bowl that can be used both as a display and keeps the fruit and vegetables fresh longer.Bikechain Bowl: Made from old used bikechain, and it measures 10 in diameter.Ceramic Fruit Bowls by Siri Brekke: Made from white ceramic but the holding space is colored to match the accompanying fruit (apple or pear). Eurostarburst Fruit Bowl: The unique designed satin nickel posts form a b...
15 Creative Pencil Sharpeners and Cool Pencil Sharpener Designs - Part 2.
2012-04-14 15:54:00
Now sharpen your pencils with these creative and unusual pencil sharpeners. Origami Pencil Sharpener: This "origami sharpener" is literally 'folded' out of a single sheet of stainless steel.V8 Engine Pencil Sharpener: This V8 engine shaped sharpener, creates authentic V8 engine sound every time you sharpen the pencil and it makes a stalling sound when the tray is full.Reuse Pencil Sharpener: What makes this one to stand out is its cool feature that reuses the pencil shaving and turns them into an eraser. Vintage Camera Pencil Sharpener: Pencil sharpener shaped as a vintage camera.Power Drill Pencil Sharpener: A cool electric drill powered pencil sharpener; perfect for carpenters, builders, or architects.Tank Pencil Sharpener: It's made from ceramic.Twinkle Light: It combines pencil sharpener and human powered wind-up light. One needs to sharpen the pencil or rotate the handle to power it up.Hedgehog Pencil Sharpener: It can sharpen seven pencils at a time.Sharpener Ring: A cool t...
Integrate Cool Applications with
2012-04-12 21:00:00
We are happy to announce our new REST Application Programming Interface (API) that lets developers explore, interact, and create great new content with the vast community of sites on the network and, in the near future, Jetpack-enabled sites. The API gives developers access to posts and comments, as well as the ability to Follow, Like, or Reblog content for users. Other features from, like the daily handpicked content on Freshly Pressed, are also available through the API. An excellent example of an application that uses the new API is the Windows 8 app, available now. Our goal with the new API is to simplify the experience of using and adding to the data available on To do this, we now use the OAuth2 protocol to authenticate requests for data. To retrieve public data, you can make unauthenticated requests. To perform actions, such as making new posts or comments, you would need to make authenticated requests. When the API re...
Nele Paelinck | School Is Cool
2012-04-11 08:15:00
..le groupe anversois School Is Cool (vainqueur du Humo’s Rock Rally 2010) à la Caserne Fonck à Liège le 11 février 2012Une organisation Les Ardentes Club - School is Cool sera présent aux Ardentes le 5 juillet 2012•School Is Cool - Belgian indie pop band• School Is Cool - The World Is Gonna End Tonight
15 Creative Bathroom Scales and Cool Bathroom Scale Designs - Part 2.
2012-04-06 15:51:00
Collection of 'Creative Bathroom Scales and Cool Bathroom Scale Designs' from all over the globe for you to keep a watch on your weight.Scale Scale: It's a concept from designer Rene Lee that takes an interesting take on the regular bathroom scales. It can change the size as needed, and uses footprints to identify the person stepping onto the scale. Further to this, it adjusts the display accordingly to the direction of the person stepping on it. Measure Me Bathroom Scale: This cool bathroom scale tells you your shoe size along with your weight.Bodybalance Comfort F5: It measures body values at the push of a button and comes with portable, easy to use wireless display.Tanita HS-302 Solar Digital Scale: It comes with a wider platform, large digital display and features clean, simple lines and its white design blends with a variety of bathroom dcors.Omron Full Body Composition Monitor and Scale: It measures 7 fitness indicators and has a comprehensive understanding of your body...
15 Creative Beanbags and Cool Bean Bag Chair Designs - Part 3.
2012-04-05 12:53:00
These creative beanbags beautifully combines creativity and functionality and comes from Woouf design studio in Barcelona. These bean bags look like replicas of a large keyboard, speaker, retro camera, vintage suitcase and fast food. Birdhouse Bean Bag: Suitcase Bean Bag: This comes from the suitcase series of bean bags. Retro Camera Bean Bag:Keyboard Bean Bag: Keyboards are for playing, but this one is an exception instead you can sit on it. Speakers Bean Bag: This cool speakers beanbag is part of music series of bean bags. French Fries Bean Bag: A life-size French fries bean bag that you can sit on; its a part of fast food series of bean bags. Burger Bean Bag:Icecream Bean Bag:Boombox Bean Bag: It's called the Wooufbox and is part of the music series. Xylophone Bean Bag: This comes from the kids series of bean bags. Cupcake Bean Bag: You don't eat this cupcake, but rather sit on it. Comic Set Bean Bag: Comics are intended to be read, but this set isn't the usual one. This cool...
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