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Smiling And Crying Face Optical Illusion
2012-04-08 20:49:00
Be calm and see the picture and let us know what you do find? a smiling face or a crying faceTags: Upside Down, Funny, Face, Crying, Smiling
Crying Uncle
2009-08-03 00:14:00
I recently spotted an IF game on the Artsy Games Incubator website called My Uncle George, written by Filipe Salgado (download page here; web version here). It’s a one-room piece written using Inform 7, which casts the player as 17-year-old Matt, trying to kill some time before school, having a “criminally awkward” breakfast chat with ...
Stephon Marbury Webcast Crying Video
2009-07-28 20:25:00
NBA fans have long known that talented, yet troubled, point guard Stephon Marbury has not always been the most sane baller during his career. Over the weekend he did a live webcast feed for 24-hours straight on UStream and JustinTV. During the webcast Starbury did several eccentric things, one being dipping his finger in petroleum ...
Don?t Shed A Tear: Opt For Crying Eyeball Jewelry Instead
2009-06-13 12:00:00
Who knew tears could become the new trend in fashion accessories? While it may make an unusual fashion statement, a new trend in jewelry might make you cry based on its unusual location.
Damir Puh: the crying machine
2009-04-01 00:17:00
News: 31-03-2009: The Crying Machine (Naked Tracks Cover) - Damir Puh This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Robotic Cradle Rocks Crying Babies Back to Sleep
2009-03-21 17:35:00
If this cradle's rockin', don't bother walkin'... and rock it will, until your baby's sound asleep once more. The Suima automatic cradle features a sound sensor that detects crying sounds and then swings into action - literally.
Dancing On Ice: Fainting, Falling & Crying In the Race To The Final
2009-03-21 17:12:00
The three remaining contestants on ITV’s Dancing On Ice have had a rough week as they practice for the show’s final this Sunday night. The Sun reports that Ray Quinn fainted whilst practising his wire routine and needed oxygen before he could continue. “He was in a bad way on the high wire as he suffers ...
Antony & The Johnsons - The Crying Light
2009-03-08 02:06:00
Antony Hegarty pulls heart strings with melodies and vibrato on his new album, The Crying Light. His voice and mournful lyrics seem to fit the season, taking listeners through funeral processions and dark winter days. His lyrics begin setting a scene of loss, love and longing. The Crying Light is accompanied with acoustic guitars, violins ...
Foxes crying foul in the henhouse! Atheists? cunning ploys to silence debat
2009-02-05 17:38:00 says,'Recent news articles have featured claims that famous evolutionary naturalist Sir David Attenborough, apparently receives hate mail from alleged creationists telling him to ?burn in hell? for not crediting God in his presentations.1 One wonders why a man held in such high regard would think that this is worthy of a news announcement.At CMI, we regularly receive such mail, and often more ?colourful? than that?but so what? However, even the fundamentalist Darwinian evolutionist Richard Dawkins thought this was worthy of a mention on his own site.2 But why?Those of us closely involved in the origins debate realize that ?crying foul? is an oft-used tactic by the biblioskeptics to try and marginalize, in particular, the creationists. Understandably, the immediate reaction the average person (both Christians and non-Christian) has to such statements is revulsion. Evolutionists like Attenborough and Dawkins know that most Christians (me included) would b...
The crying light
2009-01-22 15:31:00
Yesterday I bought this incredible new album by Antony and the Johnsons. And I don't have words fot the the album cover... Wow!
A Voice Crying in the Wilderness
2009-01-03 07:21:00
-By John Armor The end of the year is traditionally a time of appraising the last year, and estimating what the next will bring. I?ll skip my personal history and my estimates for my family. Instead, the subject is what I have done for almost 40 years, now. I?ve spent those years primarily in research, ...
X Factor: Why Is Dannii Minogue Crying?
2008-11-22 21:24:00
As I watch Rachel Hylton perform Rule The World on X Factor tonight, the camera keeps cutting across to shots of Dannii Minogue weeping. Before Rachel came on stage, Dannii couldn?t introduce her because she was so upset and I?m not really sure why? Louis Walsh did have a bit of a go at her about stealing ...
Britney Spears Is Crying
2008-10-28 12:57:00
Anyone, crying is never a good look...Britney Spears Crying
Note to Hank Steinbrenner: ?There?s no crying in baseball? (Yahoo! Sports)
2008-08-17 15:55:00
Whether he realized it or not, when Hank Steinbrenner cited injuries as a reason for raising the white flag on… Read the full story.
ll Mare: I?m Crying by Ji Young Seon
2008-08-12 18:56:00
From the movie Il Mare - ?I?m Crying? sung by Ji Young Seon. Enjoy (requires Quicktime) addthis_url = ''; addthis_title = 'll+Mare%3A+I%E2%80%99m+Crying+-by+Ji+Young+Seon'; addthis_pub = '';
Sarah Larson Not Crying Over Break-up
2008-06-14 13:10:00
Rumors have been flying lately with the recent break-up of George Clooney and Sarah Larson. The break-up came as quite a shock to everyone and fuel was added to the fire this past week when it was rumored that Clooney gave her the boot after she got a boob job. Turns out that the boob ...
Goa Crying
2008-06-09 08:59:00
Goa has not yet reached the nadir of degradation. But, there is a scare that decadence could soon change the face of Goa on a whole. With towns being choked with concrete, the infrastructure here is failing to keep pace with the rapid growth. This phenomenon was prominently captured by Rajan P Parrikar in telling ...
Oh, For Crying Out Loud!
2008-06-02 06:21:00
This is what drives me insane. Every time I mess with code, something goes drastically wrong. What next? Some disaster in my personal life? I’ll try to fix the hullabaloo going on at the bottom of this blog. Meanwhile, enjoy this dreamy picture of our sweet Jordan (and Cowboy Duncan).
Still Crying Dept: Seat ALL Delegates Clinton Lawyer Demands
2008-05-31 00:46:00
A day before the Democratic National Committee's Rules and Bylaws Committee is set to determine how to seat the delegations of Florida and Michigan, the Clinton campaign's chief lawyer Lyn Utrecht said the committee is compelled to seat both delegations fully and NOT award Barack Obama ANY delegates from Michigan. What? What!! read more | digg story [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Crying my eyes out and feeling helpless
2008-05-25 06:56:00
I just got off of the phone from talking to P. briefly: he is en route to the hospital with what is likely a bleeding ulcer. I couldn't control myself...the tears flowed freely.I love him and I'm petrified.Please wish him well, will you?
This Is Why We Sucked: Car and Driver Does a Bunch of Crying About Skyline
2008-05-16 00:00:00
By Jen Dunnaway Editor Tony Swan of Car and Driver, who ran the Nissan GT-R in this year's One Lap of America, has apparently gotten a lot of static about finishing "only" 11th in the overall standings and feels understandably...
2008-05-15 18:48:00
I love babies and I love my children….but there is somethng about a babies cry that I just can not stand. It doesn’t matter if it is in the middle of the night or in the day…I can not stand that sound and I know people that like that newborn and infant cry…I hate ...
Lindsay Ronson Crying
2008-05-12 18:58:00
Lindsay Lohan crying over Samatha Ronson? One magazine claims today that Lindsay Lohan was crying over her man-looking female dj friend Samatha Ronson this weekend.Claims Page Six: “They had a full-blown fight. Evan Ross, Diana’s son, and Lauren Conrad comforted her while Lindsay kept wiping her tears.” Wow, Lauren Conrad to the rescue! That actually is a ...
They Called LeBron A Crybaby, But DC's Crying Now
2008-05-06 13:36:00
The Washington Wizards, out of Washington, D.C., were dishing out fouls left, right and center in their playoff run against the Cleveland Cavaliers - specifically, against Cavs' star player LeBron James. Some of the fouls were called; other fouls were completely ignored. When LeBron finally complained about getting struck by the hard fouls, Wizards' center Brendan Haywood called LeBron a crybaby. Shortly thereafter, Papa John's Pizza printed t-shirts with the number 23 (LeBron's number), that said CRYBABY.
There's No Crying in Basketball
2008-05-05 06:00:00
So, this video apparently comes from some CBS news report, but I'm not sure exactly when it aired.  Still, I think it's pretty interesting in light of the battlefield that Title IX and athletics in general have become.  Apparently, it has become common at many colleges to have a practice squad made up of guys to help the women's basketball team practice. To be honest, this didn't really surprise me at all.  I never played basketball, but I did play a lot of tennis, where it wasn't at all unusual to practice with someone of the opposite sex.  I (and really most female tennis players of any ability level) wasn't really likely to beat an equally ranked male tennis player in an actual match, but it was good practice to hit with the guys, as they helped you to learn to play with someone with a certain amount of power and quickness--what's more, since men and women don't play each other, you wouldn't be practicing with a potential opponent, so the ...
What to do about crying children?
2008-05-04 13:49:00
I have a 6-month lease, which is going to expire in July. We have a problem with our neighbor's children making too much noise. They just had a newborn, so it cries 6-7 times per night. Every time the baby cries, it's so loud that we wake up. Our upstairs neighbors are also disturbing at night. We have to work in the morning, and can't go on listening to this each night. Between the two of them, we aren't getting any sleep.Is there anything our landlord can do to stop the disruptions? We know he carries other properties - is it unreasonable to request to be moved early due to the noise? Since we haven't damaged the apartment in any way, is it unreasonable to request that our deposit be transferred to a new property? I feel that if he is powerless to do anything about the noise, or refuses to confront them, he should let us out of the lease early and transfer the deposit to another unit.We have considered turning them into the police for unnecessary noise violations, bu...
No Use Crying Over…
2008-04-30 22:24:00
Yes, can I please spill my milk?  Good thing she’s near a washing machine. Picture uploaded by broadwayj
Il ?baby sumo crying contest?
2008-04-29 15:23:00
Si è svolta domenica a Tokio al tempio Sensoji l’ annuale gara di sumo-pianto per i neonati. Il baby crying contest sumo consiste nel porgere l’ uno davanti all’ altro due bebè nati nell’ anno solare precedente (in questo caso nel 2007): chi dei due piange per primo vince. Se i due bimbi scoppiassero a ...
Crying Baby Sumo!
2008-04-29 14:44:00
An annual “crying sumo” contest for babies, in which pairs of infants are brought together to see who can cry the first or the loudest, was held at Tokyo’s Sensoji Temple on Sunday. In crying sumo the babies are held up by amateur sumo wrestlers in a ring, and the baby who cries first is the ...
The Crying Hormone
2008-04-28 15:50:00
Yes, I do believe there is such a thing. I have experienced it. This crying hormone rears its head during pregnancy. This current pregnancy is no exception and it seems to be in abundance. Anything and everything makes me cry these days.I get sick...I cryI am tired... I cryThe house is a mess... I cryI have no energy to clean...I cryThe children cry...I doesn't even have to be my child.Hubby has to be at the hospital overnight for work...I cryI have a conflict in the schedule...I cryThe thought of my dental appointment that I still need to schedule...I cryI watch Princess Diaries...I cry...there is nothing, absolutely nothing in that movie to cry about!I went to church yesterday, hubby was gone, after dropping the little one off I realized I was a bag short. The bag I carry my Bible in was left at home on the table...I cried! I was telling a friend at church about it and started tearing up. Her hubby was looking at me like I had completely lost it and said, "It is a...
How to Calm a Crying Baby
2008-04-24 22:10:00
When your baby was still in your tummy, you had all sorts of wonderful images in your thoughts. You imagined cradling him in your arms, hugging him warmly, and kissing his little cute nose. Little did you know that a part of all this wonderful things is the dreaded reality that babies cry and they ...
The Queen kept crying `Faster! Faster!', from Through the Looking-Glass And
2008-04-14 12:19:00
Alice never could quite make out, in thinking it over afterwards, how it was that they began: all she remembers is, that they were running hand in hand, and the Queen went so fast that it was all she could do to keep up with her: and still the Queen kept crying “Faster! Faster!” but Alice felt she could not go faster, thought she had not breath left to say so. (p. 41)(read more...)
I Can't Imagine Why Anybody Would Want To Stop Crying...
2008-04-12 01:00:00
Life has so many wonderful experiences to offer. Like sleep. Or ingestion and evacuation. But I find life offers few opportunities more rewarding than screaming like a maniac until your voice cracks with the strain, so that the entire universe can share in your distress. That's what life is all about, right? The sheer exhilarating thrill of nonstop crying at the top of your lungs. It's such an important part of why we are here?why would anybody ever want to do anything else? Don't get me wrong?I like squirming, drooling, and sporadically attempting to focus on colors and shapes as much as the next guy. But of all the various activities one can choose to pursue in life, crying is tops as far as I'm concerned. In my opinion, I find nothing is more fulfilling than a good steady holler. It takes no experience to begin, and within moments, all one's needs are instantly met! It's my favorite part of the day. Heck, I'm crying right now! I suppose some people might enjoy wasting thei...
There?s No Crying On American Idol
2008-04-03 20:45:00
Oh wait, yes there is. And a lot of it! Luckily, the tears last night were tears of joy for Kristy Lee Cook, who survived another week in the bottom three. Actually, after Brooke White was saved by Ryan Seacrest (Out), KLC was left in the bottom two with Ramiele Malubay, also known as American ...
Crying Man
2008-03-30 08:52:00
Hindi ako nahihiya na sabihin sa lahat ng tao na iyakin ako. Yes, I would cry every now and then and just before I slept last night, I cried.Lately, I've been making a lot of wrong decisions. And right now, I'm still suffering from the consequences of those stupid decisions. I have not been studying well this semester. My grades are really bad. An my only hope is that one subject which is not really related to my course. Even with my course, I'm having second thoughts on whether I should continue or not. And even with my alma mater, the school that every student would want to enter, I'm thinking of leaving it.It may be another stupid decision but I want to escape from the pains it has caused me. Oo, naghahanap ako ng isang mabilisang pagtakas sa mga problema na kinakaharap ko ngayon. I know that there is no short cut way to success. Everything has to be done step by step. There is no such thing as instant prosperity and good life. But at this point in my life, I would rather cho...
How to Stop Your Crying Baby?
2008-03-21 10:00:00
How to Stop Your Crying Baby?Do you have a problem to stop your crying baby?it happen in many new parents, they do not know how to soothe their baby when the baby cannot stop to cry. Baby crying for many reasons, we as a parent must be patient with our baby, because we do not know exactly why our baby cry and why they won't stop crying. Your baby could cry because of they got colic problem, feel hungry or thirsty, fell not comfort with their body, or they have begin teething, and they feel a painfull teething. So your baby cry because a lot of reasons, just don't panic when you found your baby do not stop crying. If you realize that your baby cannot stop crying because of teething problem. here is one of the top baby care video which will show you step by step how to stop your crying baby because of teething problem. Watch the video and see how the expert did in the video to stop crying baby."Learn how to use teething pain relievers like orajel & acetaminophen to soothe a crying b...
Sophie Monk isn?t crying over her bust-up with her ex-fiancé, Good Charlott
2008-03-20 19:58:00
The Aussie actress hosted a party the other night during Los Angeles fashion week for Bobi clothing, looking hot in a skintight black dress. ?She wasn?t sobbing in the corner,? said our spy, who spotted Monk at the Whiskey Blue LA. ?She was out there dancing and partying and having a blast.? Meanwhile, Madden has ...
Crying Kid Tattoo Desing
2008-03-19 12:41:00
Crying Kid Tattoo Desing © GunnarGet other tattoo design here
Why is the mother of this child crying after seeing her kid in the dragon c
2008-03-19 10:08:00
It is her child’s play. She made his dragon costume, she worked hard on it too. Now watch this wardrobe malfunction. You’ll see why his mother has probably started to cry. I bet everybody else is laughing.
Crying out to God
2008-03-18 11:01:00
Photo by Matt George
Mischa Barton naked and crying in ?Closing the Ring?
2008-03-17 20:35:00
[NSFW] Mischa Barton has bared all in her latest film Closing The Ring.
Loss Crying Club
2008-03-17 00:05:00
Una moda stupenda che arriva dal Giappone, dove la terapia del pianto è utilizzata dagli uomini d'affari per superare lo stress da superlavoro... sono sbarcati in Europa i Crying Club, che organizzano ovviamente i Crying Parties... Facile immaginare cosa succede...Ecco un servizio sul Loss Crying Club di LondraClicca sull'immagine
HOSE: listed companies crying on capital increase plans
2008-03-11 07:47:00
The listed companies at the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE) which have the chartered capital of less than VND80bil have been pushed into dilemma as they must raise the capital to VND80bil in this year. Under the regulations stipulated in the Decree 14 guiding the implementation of the Securities Law, listed... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
boys and crying
2008-03-07 13:48:00
When I hear my husband say ‘Your a big boy, big boys don’t cry’ it makes me want to slap him silly. I get that his dad told him that and his dad’s dad told him that. I get that men see their 16 year old boys crying in a therapist chair and cringing. I don’t want our son to be a ‘crier’ either…but come on. My kids are 3 and 2. Toddlers cry. Kids cry. Mama cries. It’s life. When he’s 13-14 you can tell him big boys don’t cry. For now let’s let them work it out themselves. I’m sure it will. This mornings episode started last night…while I was at the gym Randy left Woodrow in underwear overnight and put him in bed. Thinking…why not. Well….we woke up at 5am with loads of laundry to do and a very upset little boy. He was upset his pillow was wet and that we would have to put it in the washer. It was like someone was stabbing him in the back. How dare I wash his sheets, his comforter and his...
Mario 'Crying Out For You' On Location Video
2008-02-26 09:31:00
Mario is featured in a Pepsi Smash On Location Performance of 'Crying Out For Me' from the streets of New York City. Watch it below the fold.
Mario 'Crying Out For You' On Location Video
2008-02-26 00:00:00
Mario is featured in a Pepsi Smash On Location Performance of 'Crying Out For Me' from the streets of New York City. Watch it below the fold.
Lozada - Crying Babies
2008-02-21 07:43:00
Lozada - Crying Babies wiretap? fake? i dunno watchatink? [ This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more! ]
Heidi Montag Is Crying Again!
2008-02-19 13:16:00
I saw these pictures and I'm wondering if this is a joke. Heidi Montag is quite upset and she has a cd in her hand. I always cry standing up with such an awesome outfit on and my makeup and hair done! Last week, she spoke out about all the negative things said about her and her horrible video. Popular: 3 hours 29 minutes ago source: (
The Crying, Laughing Baby
2008-02-18 18:01:00
An actor in the making. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "The Crying, Laughing Baby", url: "" });
No use crying over spilt milk
2008-02-13 10:55:00
It has been an interesting week for me so far, I was feeding my daughter Eve and with no warning she managed to throw up her milk all across my keyboard, there was no saving it so I had to do some research for a new one, I wanted something that was ergonomic after last year when I changed ...
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