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Joe Bonamassa: Driving Towards The Daylight mini review
2012-05-23 02:55:00
Joe Bonamassa album ?Driving Towards The Daylight? This review is mini in the sense that I never have enough time to do great work justice that it deserves. So I'll cut to the chase with this mini review. I often feel I'm spread thin, but I know that Joe Bonamassa must be working 10 times harder than me. He's a productive workaholic and he just never seems to stop, popping up in Black Country Communion, his own live shows and work with other artists spicing up their music as a hired gun. So it?s no surprise that Joe is already on to another release, the new ?Driving Towards The Daylight?, a follow up to the critically acclaimed and Truth In shredding favourite ?Dust Bowl?. I said the review was what do we get with this release? Well perhaps it will help if I explain that Bonamassa was born and raised in New York. His parents owned and ran a guitar shop. He is a fourth-generation musician; with a great-grandfather and grandfather who both played trumpet, and a father ...
Joe Bonamassa: Driving Towards The Daylight Official
2012-05-22 23:50:00
Get your FREE Download of Joe Bonamassa's new single "Driving Towards The Daylight" off his new studio album. Follow Joe: Twitter: @jbonamassa #jbonamassa #DTTD Facebook: This is the Official EPK for his new studio album "Driving Towards The Daylight" Guitar Superstar Joe Bonamassa worked with Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford on New Solo Album "Driving Towards The Daylight" - releasing May 22 Bonamassa also stars in a reality Web TV series "Driving Towards The Daylight" which will premiere 10 episodes featuring never-before-seen interviews and behind the scenes footage of Joe in the studio Joe Bonamassa Driving Towards The Daylight Official EPK
Joe Bonamassa: Driving Towards The Daylight UK release details
2012-05-15 20:45:00
Joe Bonamassa?s new studio album ?Driving Towards The Daylight?- will be released in the UK on Monday 21st May by Prov-ogueRecords. Produced by Kevin Shirley, ?Driving Towards The Daylight?- highlights Bonamassa-?s signature style of blues, roots, and rock & roll. The album includes the Bonamassa-penned originals Dislocated Boy, the title track Driving Towards The Daylight, Heavenly Soul, andSomewhere Trouble Don?t Go. Other tracks include Joe?s versions of Tom Waits? New Coat Of Paint, B-ill Withers? Lonely Town Lonely Street, and Bernie Marsden?s A Place In My Heart. On the album closer, Australian rock singer Jimmy Barnes sings lead vocals on his 1987 hit Too Much Ain't Enough Love. Read the full album press release
Joe Bonamassa: Driving Towards The Daylight #6
2012-05-12 15:04:00
Get your FREE Download of Joe Bonamassa's single of his new album "Driving Towards The Daylight" Joe:Twitter: @jbonamassa #jbonamassa #DTTDFacebook: Superstar Joe Bonamassa works with Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford on New Solo Album "Driving Towards The Daylight" - releasing May 22Bonamassa stars in a reality Web TV series "Countdown to Daylight" which premiered 10 episodes beginning April 3rd featuring never-before-seen interviews and behind the scenes footage of Joe in the studio "Driving Towards The Daylight" starring Joe Bonamassa Episode 6 #DTTD
Joe Bonamassa: "Driving Towards The Daylight"
2012-05-02 22:33:00
Free MP3 Driving Towards The Daylight Get your FREE Download of Joe Bonamassa's new single "Driving Towards The Daylight" off his new studio album. Follow Joe: Twitter: @jbonamassa #jbonamassa #DTTD Facebook: This is the Official Music Video for the hit single "Driving Towards The Daylight" from his new studio album of the same name. Guitar Superstar Joe Bonamassa worked with Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford on New Solo Album "Driving Towards The Daylight" - releasing May 22 Pre-order your copy now at Bonamassa also stars in a reality Web TV series "Driving Towards The Daylight" which will premiere 10 episodes featuring never-before-seen interviews and behind the scenes footage of Joe in the studio Subscribe to Joe Bonamassa's Official Youtube Channel Here Joe Bonamassa "Driving Towards The Daylight" Official Music...
Joe Bonamassa: Driving Towards The Daylight
2012-04-28 11:31:00
"Driving Towards The Daylight" starring Joe Bonamassa Episode 5 #DTTD
Joe Bonamassa: Driving Towards The Daylight #4
2012-04-19 22:03:00
"Driving Towards The Daylight" starring Joe Bonamassa Episode 4 #DTTD
Daylight Saving Time 2009
2012-04-05 08:29:00
Daylight Saving Time - Don't Forget to Set Your Clocks Back One Hour Saturday Night! Standard Time begins each year at 2 a.m. on the first Sunday of November. In 2009, that puts us at Sunday, Nov
Joe Bonamassa: "Countdown to Daylight"
2012-04-03 00:59:00
"Countdown to Daylight" starring Joe Bonamassa Episode 1 #DTTD
TV Ratings: Wednesday March 14, 2012 (Daylight Saving Time Continues to Be
2012-03-15 17:11:00
VS. = Indicates how show performed versus their previous NEW airing. Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions Time Network Show Rating 18-49 VS. 8PM FOX American Idol 17.87 5.3/15 CBS Survivor: One World 10.31 2.9/9 ABC The Middle 6.99 2.1/7 NBC Whitney 4.01 1.4/5 CW One Tree Hill 1.50 0.7/2 8:30PM ABC Suburgatory 6.30 2.1/6 NBC Are You There, Chelsea 2.90 1.0/3 9PM FOX American Idol 17.87 5.3/15 CBS Criminal Minds 11.33 2.8/7 ABC Modern Family 10.52 4.4/12 NBC Law & Order: SVU (R) 2.52 0.7/2 CW America’s Next Top Model 1.04 0.5/1 9:30PM ABC Happy Endings 5.51 2.4/6 10PM CBS CSI 11.51 2.7/8 ABC Revenge for Real 4.45 1.2/3 NBC Rock Center with Brian Williams 2.60 0.6/2
TV Ratings: Tuesday March 13, 2012 (Daylight Saving Decline Continues)
2012-03-14 16:55:00
VS. = Indicates how show performed versus their previous NEW airing. Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions Time Network Show Rating 18-49 VS. 8PM CBS NCIS (R) 12.70 2.1/7 NBC The Biggest Loser 5.93 1.9/5 ABC Last Man Standing (R) 5.42 1.3/4 FOX Raising Hope 4.28 1.8/6 CW 90210 1.21 0.6/2 8:30PM ABC Cougar Town 4.41 1.4/4 FOX I Hate My Teenage Daughter 3.51 1.3/4 9PM CBS NCIS: Los Angeles (R) 11.29 1.9/5 NBC The Biggest Loser 5.93 1.9/5 FOX New Girl 5.66 2.7/8 ABC The River 4.12 1.3/4 CW Ringer 1.10 0.4/1 9:30PM FOX Breaking In 3.46 1.5/4 10PM ABC Body of Proof 7.28 1.4/4 CBS Unforgettable (R) 7.26 1.3/4 NBC Fashion Star 4.48 1.6/4
TV Ratings: Sunday March 11, 2012 (Daylight Savings Time No Friend To Netwo
2012-03-12 17:03:00
VS. = Indicates how show performed versus their previous NEW airing. Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions Time Network Show Rating 18-49 VS. 8PM CBS The Amazing Race 9.70 2.8/8 ABC Once Upon a Time 9.12 2.8/8 NBC Harry’s Law 8.87 1.1/3 FOX The Simpsons 4.96 2.3/7 8:30PM FOX Bob’s Burgers 4.03 1.9/5 9PM CBS The Good Wife 9.81 1.7/4 ABC Desperate Housewives 8.29 1.7/4 NBC Celebrity Apprentice 6.41 2.0/5 FOX Family Guy 5.82 2.8/7 9:30PM FOX American Dad 4.63 2.2/5 10PM CBS CSI: Miami 10.54 2.1/5 ABC GCB 7.25 2.3/6 NBC Celebrity Apprentice 6.41 2.0/5
Daylight Savings Time: Spring Forward
2012-03-11 18:20:00
Ok, if you have a digital clock set for this daylight savings time day, and set your alarm clock, chances are you’re pissed off. The time clock was moved one full hour forward this morning, robbing you of that extra sleep time your body got used to. Wake up. Now if you’re keeping score, Daylight (Read More...)
Marco Sfogli,Arno Menses: Soul Secret - Closer To Daylight new CD promo
2011-11-08 01:09:00
Soul Secret new album "Closer To Daylight" available on November 21, 2011 Closer To Daylight is the second studio album by italian progressive metal band Soul Secret. It is the band?s first recording with their brand new lineup, featuring Claudio Casaburi on bass and Fabio Manda on vocals. Recorded at Musa Musa and at Soul Secret Studios during 2010, it was mixed and mastered by Markus Teske and the artwork was entirely created by Alexandra V Bach. It features guest stars like Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie) in ?River?s Edge? and Arno Menses (Subsignal, ex Sieges Even) in ?Aftermath?, a 16+ minutes trip between heaviness, melody and pure progressive elements. Every element found in their debut album, Flowing Portraits, has been brought to a higher level! Soul Secret are Luca Di Gennaro - Keyboards and Programming Claudio Casaburi - Bass Fabio Manda - Vocals Antonio Mocerino - Drums and Percussions Antonio Vittozzi - Guitars Tracklist: 1)Checkmate 2)River?s Ed...
Daylight Savings Time 2011 Is Today? In The UK
2011-10-30 20:11:00
The number one Google Trend search term is “daylight savings time 2011″ and for the second consecutive day. The only explanation for this is many think today is the day that clocks are to be set back – as in “spring forward, fall back” – when it’s Sunday, November 6th that’s the day – in (Read More...)
Daylight Savings 2011: Will You Be Ready?
2011-10-29 22:20:00
Ok, folks, here comes that one day sure to screw up your life for at least 24 hours, if not the entire week: Daylight Savings Time 2011. That’s the day, Sunday, November 6, 2011, when you have to set your clocks forward – not backward – one hour. (Remember, that’s one week from now.) That (Read More...)
Daylight Back to Back Burglaries In Same Town
2011-09-29 16:00:00
Most people think that burglaries happen at night, in the dark when burglars can creep undetected. But the reality is most burglaries happen during the day when you are at work. Burglars work too, in the day, 9-5, like you. This is why a home security alarm is so important. In Warwick Rhode Island police are ...
Enjoy June's daylight
2010-07-04 20:24:00
According to Tieraona Low Dog, director of the Fellowship at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine "people feel better when they get more sunlight." Or at least that is what Sunset Magazine reports.Here is Arizona we probably get more sun than most though personally whether it makes one fell better year round, especially in June, is up for bets. Although I am not a native, I have lived in southern Arizona since 1994 and believe have acclimatised sufficiently by now to write effectively on this subject. You see in June it is not the sun Arizonians worry about it is the temperature. When it is over one hundred degrees day after day, when you wake at 4am to go for a morning jog and it's already 88 degrees outside it does irk a little. Writing about how Arizonians appreciate the sun is probably better done in February. We tend to do everything before 6am or after 6pm and stay indoors appreciating air conditioning June through August as least. Just sitting here typing this with th...
By: bollocks
“3 Rs for a joke sms is daylight robbery” – On Increasing
2009-09-03 12:50:00
The first panel discussion at the IAMAI conference on Mobile content and services was on Mobile Technology, the questions the panel tried to answer were: *  Will Technology be the driving factor for content and services in Future? * What would be the future technology to boost the data services? * How the technology could be used for efficiency in access of Services? Language is a barrier for VAS adoption: Starting the session Chirag Jain,VP  Marketing,Webaroo said the key proponents in the whole Mobile VAS system comprised are User and Content, he pointed out that language is one barrier mobile companies have to overcome for a wider VAS adoption in India. Llater in a Q&A session he said that VAS services should be implemented for ease of access to the user and he pointed out that during the ideation of SMSGupshup, Webaroo (its parent comapny) did a test run of their idea at PanIIT, where in they gave fairly complex commands to the delegates to find their friends through sm...
By: WATblog
Press Specs: Ram Stroke and Daylight
2009-04-16 14:49:00
What is the difference between "Stroke of ram & Daylight" For Example Daylight is 600mm where as Stroke of ram is 300mm.
Daylight Savings Time Argument
2009-03-05 16:45:00
Some thoughts on "Daylight Savings Time" You know that wierd thing that many of us have to do to set our clocks forward (or backwards) Spring Ahead - Fall Back Why do we do this - it doesn't really "save" time, so why do we call it that?Read More...
Alternatives to Daylight Saving Time?
2008-10-24 16:23:00
From Slashdot: Daylight saving time almost upon us. The arguments about its possible benefits and drawbacks come up twice every year. Does it save energy or lives? Possibly, but it does definitely cause a great deal of inconvenience. My question is this: what do you think would be
Daylight Savings Introduced in Pakistan: Is This A Good Idea?
2008-06-01 00:17:00
Adil Najam As of the stroke of midnight Saturday-Sunday (May 31-June 1, 2008) Pakistan officially advanced its clocks by one hour. This “daylight savings” move is a bid to conserve energy in a increasingly energy strapped economy in conditions where everyone agrees that the energy situation is going to get worse well before it gets any ...
TD-SCDMA Surfaces into Commercial Daylight
2008-05-29 00:00:00
?Though China?s government has yet to issue its 3G licenses and telecom restructuring is still ongoing, TD-SCDMA is now live,? reports ABI Research analyst Hwai Lin Khor. ?After many years of research and development, and many trials conducted by China Mobile, the 3G service has made a ?soft? launch in ...
Have You Ever Looked At Your Aquarium In Natural Daylight?
2008-05-17 23:27:00
My aquarium is lit by metal halides therefore the light provided is quite bright. I use 14K lighting as well as supplemental actinics. (...)SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Have You Ever Looked At Your Aquarium In Natural Daylight?", url: "" });
Have You Ever Looked At Your Aquarium In Natural Daylight?
2008-05-17 23:27:00
My aquarium is lit by metal halides therefore the light provided is quite bright. I use 14K lighting as well as supplemental actinics. (...)SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Have You Ever Looked At Your Aquarium In Natural Daylight?", url: "" });
Daylight Projection Clock
2008-05-13 21:33:00
Who likes to tell time when you can project time in a very sci-fi way! Check out this uber cool Daylight Projection Clock from Oregon Scientific, which makes the inner geek in me very happy. Features * Clock, alarm, calendar and indoor temperature display * Projection image can be rotates 180 degrees * 2 minute crescendo alarm with 8 ...
Daylight saving time
2008-05-08 13:51:00
In Hong Kong, there is no daylight saving time, so we never need to worry about it. After I came to US, I started to change my clock twice per year. It’s almost 6 years now and I’m used to it. However, I’m not going to change my clock this year, since Indiana is one ...
Daniel Rybakken?s Daylight Comes Sideways Animated LED Ambient Wall Light [
2008-05-01 14:30:00
It?s been a while since we featured any form of lighting here on TFTS but the moment we came across this fascinating concept from Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken, known simply as ?Daylight Comes Sideways?, which uses a series of dimmable LEDs to not only create false daylight (an artificial window if you will) but that also ads artificial shadows allowing for animated details, such as a cloud passing by or a tree swaying in the wind, we just knew we had to feature it here.
Philip K. Dick - The Owl in Daylight
2008-04-30 17:43:00
Quelques infos sur ce qu'aurait pu ?tre le dernier roman de Philip K. Dick.
Narrow Daylight (Diana Krall cover)
2008-04-30 10:46:00 addthis_url = 'http%3A%2F%2Fwww.realeuphoria.-com%2F%3Fp%3D1844'; addthis_title = 'Narrow+Daylight+%28Diana+Krall-+cover%29'; addthis_pub = '';
The Other Side of Daylight
2008-04-28 08:14:00
It is 2pm here in Malaysia and I have been awake more than 20 hours already. I actually planned to go to bed early last night but then hubby needed to go to the office and he wondered if I wanted to accompany him. Being the good wife I am, I said ok and so that was where we were till this morning around 9am. After hubby's partner arrive, we had breakfast then proceeded home to catch some zzz.Then at around 11am, we got a call from my MIL saying that one of my SIL was admitted to the hospital. Seeing how we were still fresh after the breakfast and the morning shower, we thought, ok let's go visit SIL and see how she is. We could also go and collect the luxury watches that my FIL wanted us to pick up for him.So guess where I am right now??I am again at the office!! Lolzz!!...We are going for lunch soon and I figure if I get tired in a short while, I'll just sleep in my room here.Cheerio...
Controlling Daylight at Strobist.
2008-04-23 20:43:00
“I shot in the middle of the afternoon to use this portrait as an example of how to light an outdoor portrait with a couple of small flashes on a sunny day.” “Being able to create a speedlight-lit photo like this any day, rain or shine, is a pretty straightforward process, if you take it one ...
Moon out in daylight
2008-04-16 04:12:00
xxl0stnflax3 posted a photo:
Daylight Saving
2008-04-06 08:20:00
Oh no, it's 6.15pm and it's DARK. Bethany and Michael are playing Lego and I am trying to figure out what I should do. Normally I would have a few more hours to potter around in the garden or for us all to go for a walk as a family....but oh no, god damn you daylight saving hours, the lights are on and the curtains are closed. However this year NZ experienced their first year of extended hours with us enjoying an extra 3 weeks longer in the sunshine evenings. Considering here in NZ we have the same amount of daylight saving months it still feels like it's a million times longer than it ever was in the UK. We have really had summer here since early November and it's been magical. The weather has changed so dramatically though over the last few days really coming into perfect line with the new hours. Outside now it's now pouring with rain (despite it still being 16 degrees) and it's the perfect staying inside, listening to soft music and lighting candles type scenario - that rea...
Internet Sharks - Domain Registration or Daylight Robbery
2008-04-06 00:00:00
A couple of years back I took advantage of an introductory offer on a TLD domain name. I can't remember the exact deal, but at the time it was something like £2 for a 2 year registration. At the time, that was cheaper than my current registrar which worked out at about £1.99 per year, so £2 for 2 years wasn't to be scoffed at (especially when you are registering 50 or so's a month). The first of them is nearing renewal and so the 60 day renewal warning turned up in my inbox, and as I expected they increased their renewal price to £9.99 a year.  I'd already started the transfer to my current registrar so it wasn't a problem. As I said, I was expecting the hike, and I only registered with them to take advantage of saving a packet. What I didn't expect was an email from Nominet. Nominet is the Internet Registry for ALL .uk TLD's. How Domain Registration Works The next part is to give you a basic understanding of how domain name re...
2008-03-31 01:22:00
The following day we had our quick breakfast of burger (Y3.00) from Trust-Mart, a department store and supermarket that offer a wide assortment of general merchandise and a full-line supermarket. our breakfast :) Trust-Mart Then we zipped over again to Zhongshan Road for a leisurely walk. And... * Please click the title or the blog site to read the rest of the entry and see photos ...
Daylight Projection Clock
2008-03-27 22:43:00
Daylight Projection Clock This natty projection clock actually varies the intensity of the light it emits according to the time of day - so if it’s lighter in the room, its display actually gets brighter. But it’s the snooze function that’s our real favourite; its in-built infra-red motion sensor means you just need to wave at ... SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title: "Daylight Projection Clock", url: "" } );
TunesDay: daylight kissing night
2008-03-25 18:34:00
My old friend Adam Marsland has just released Daylight Kissing Night: Adam Marsland’s Greatest Hits, a greatest hits collection that draws from the best of both his solo and Cockeyed Ghost efforts, and boy howdy, am I jacked. If you don’t already know Adam’s music, let’s go ahead and get the triangulation out of the way. He’s kinda like a modern-day cross between Elton John, Brian Wilson, KISS and Todd Rundgren, with a dash of Elvis Costello, Raspberries, Big Star and Foo Fighters sprinkled in for good measure. And now, for my favorite Adam Marsland moment. A few years back he was playing a solo show at a little place up in the Denver Highlands neighborhood. For his first set he played mostly his own tunes, and when he came back out for the second set he announced that we were going to play Stump the Band. People began shouting out songs, and one after another Adam nailed them. I decided to have a little fun, as I’m wont to do after a couple of fi...
Daylight Savings…oops
2008-03-11 15:02:00
I’ve changed (Manually) to daylight savings on the server.  I had thought it was automatic. My error. Technorati Tags: oops
By: BitsBlog
Daylight Savings Time Info
2008-03-10 23:01:00
This is off topic but some of the misinformation I hear about Daylight Savings Time (DST) irritates me so I’m going to try to correct some of the more common misinformation. I’ve seen it stated that DST was started to help farmers. If you know any farmers then you know that is illogical since they generally ...
Birds in the News 121 -- Daylight Savings Edition [Living the Scientific Li
2008-03-10 22:17:00
tags: Birds in the News, BirdNews, ornithology, birds, avian, newsletter Populations of the Southern cassowary, Casuarius casuarius, around Mission Beach in North Queensland, Australia, are still suffering from the effects of Cyclone Larry two years
Why do we have Daylight Saving Time?
2008-03-10 18:54:00
The main purpose of Daylight Saving Time (called "Summer Time" in many places in the world) is to make better use of daylight. We change our clocks during the summer months to move an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening.OS9USERDoes anyone know what time it is ? :)
railing against the daylight (where's my savings?)
2008-03-10 16:27:00
The time change isn't agreeing with me. No 'I' statements here; it's all the clock's fault.I'll own Friday's late night with the kids, post-hockey game that threw their tender bodies into chaos. They slept in Saturday, just in time for the springing forward and further sleeping in on Sunday.See the pattern? Even my Human Alarm Clock is struggling; Greg is lugging himself out of bed around 4:30 or 5 which by my calculations means he is working in the middle of the night now.And paying $3.67 to fill the tank before he drives all over our little corner of the world.(I feel a case of the Mondays coming on.)My trusty CBS News Sunday Morning reassured me that our family needs more sleep and I'm on board, epecially for Greg's sake, if I could figure out how to pull it off. How do you manage, dear readers?
Take THAT Daylight Savings Time!
2008-03-10 16:10:00
After deciding enough is enough, a man goes to extreme measures to finally get the best of Daylight Savings Time.
Daylight Savings...
2008-03-10 06:28:00
The only place where 3 AM follows 1:59 AM is Daylight Savings (DS) - a concept followed by US, parts of Europe and Australia. The logic behind DST is that people use natural light to a greater extent and hence power consumption is reduced.But this concept never impressed me till date not just because it is so unnatural but also because of the fact that thousands of person hours are being wasted across the globe to maintain software and correct any defects due to this sudden 'drift' in time. IT companies don't mind getting paid for monitoring their client's software and the impacts if any due to DST changes, but why should such a huge amount of time and money be wasted on a crap concept?!I accept that humans can control their lifestyle and their social practices but meddling with nature and conventions is not even close to impressive. If you prefer using a lot of natural light, wake up an hour early and come to office by 7 instead of 8. Why does it need moving the hour hand back ...
Google Trends: Daylight Saving Time Top Search
2008-03-10 01:34:00
Google Trends is another cool gadget from It allows you to view latest search trends and from my testing this Google Trends. I found out that the top most searched keyword as of Today is daylight saving time. Maybe because US starts its daylight saving time this March and many of them don't know the real time. As far as I know DST or daylight saving time was imposed by many countries including US and the Philippines to conserve energy and I as far as I can remember, in the Philippines we use DST during energy crisis sometime on summer during Aquino or Ramos regime. I can't really remember anymore. Well, through this gadget bloggers and "link baiters" will have at least a target keyword to optimize for their page to increase it's traffic. As for me, I accidentally got 3000+ readers because of the "removing autorun.inf virus [1]" topic and 2000+ readers because of YahLover virus [2]. I did not use it, i just feel that I like to post this topics and ...
Daylight savings yet again steals my sleep
2008-03-09 22:21:00
People who know me may or may not have heard me give my little rant on springing forward or falling back with our clocks. I will save everyone's ears from hearing the whole thing but the point of it is, DST has really no purpose and should be done away with. The popular reasoning for it lately has been to save on energy but a recent study done by a professor of environmental economics at U.C. Santa Barbara has said it might actually cost us more when we reset our clocks... Sorry it is just one of those things that make me tick. :pIt is also slightly irritating because since we had concerts until late last night and also had some friends spend the night we did not get to bed exactly early if you know what I mean. :D That extra hour comes in handy....Nevertheless, I fought off Sleepy Rufus in time to get ready and arrive on time at church where we sang a song that I love, "There Is A Higher Throne"There is a higher throne Than all this world has known Where faithful ones from every t...
Skipping Daylight Savings
2008-03-09 17:45:00
Since others around the country have taken the time to tell their local readers to change their clocks for daylight savings, I thought I’d take a moment to remind everyone here in Phoenix to leave them be and enjoy the year-round life in Mountain Standard Time (also known as Time Zone 7 on Microsoft products.) Technorati ...
Daylight Saving Time: Turn Your Clocks Forward Today!
2008-03-09 09:05:00
For some reason, Daylight Savings Time seems to have advanced by a month and begins today, March 9, 2008. So make sure all your clocks are advanced by 1 hour or you might be late for work or an important appointment tomorrow. One of the great things about modern technology is its ability to implant clocks ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Daylight Saving Time: Turn Your Clocks Forward Today!", url: "" });
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