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2011-12-21 00:56:00
To promote their new G-9300 Mudman, G-Schock has released "The Descent," a rugged tag-along with free-ride mountain bikers Cameron Zink and Kyle Straidt. The pro riders take advantage of the watch's solar power and compass features as they whip down through the Utah desert terrain.
Drinking water and Thar women
2010-10-15 07:26:00
By Jalal HB Thar Desert, the 9th largest subtropical desert of the world, is spread over an area of some 200,000 square kilometres between India and Pakistan. On the Indian side it is called the...
Picture of the Day: Green versus Desert
2009-09-22 08:33:00
China is creating a 4,500 km (2,800 mi) long forest belt to control sandstorms pushing forward the sands of the Gobi desert. (More)More Pictures of the Day on The Road.Picture courtesy Biopact
Giovanni Bellini and St Francis in the Desert
2009-09-20 13:26:00
Giovanni Bellini (c. 1430 - 1516) St. Francis in the Desert, 1480 Oil and tempera on poplar panel 49 in. x 55 7/8 in. (124.46 cm x 141.92 cm) Henry Clay Frick Bequest The Frick Collection, New York The theme of seclusion is more common in paintings that depict the retirement of saints During the early Renaissance, the cult of saints became "more intense and passionate" than ever throughout Europe Giovanni Bellini is an important figure in the early representation of the hermit saints in solitude Bellini's portrayals of St. Francis and St. Jerome were among the first examples of the subject, in which the theme of solitude is created through a physical division from the external world The painting`s true subject is somewhat elusive. It used to be known as ?St Francis in Ecstasy?. Now it is called ?St Francis in the Desert? St. Francis of Assisi (1181/82?1226), founder of the Franciscan order, is believed to have received the stigmata ? the wounds of Christ's Crucifixion ? ...
Climate change: 20% of China is now desert.
2009-09-19 10:54:00
Sean Gallagher is a photojournalist living in China. With the support of Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting to highlight the impact of desertification in China.Almost 20% of China's land is now desert, affecting 400 million people. In Western China over one million acres of fertile land turn into desert. Per year. Last year they suffered a peak drought.Climate change, wind and water erosion, industrialization, agriculture, untimely policy changes, you name it.China's desertification is not only a problem for the Chinese. It impacts the world as a whole. I am not talking about what 1,000,000 acres of desert mean to the world's climate, alone: the more fertile land turns into sand, the more China is looking for agriculture land abroad, competing with European biofuel companies and Arab countries trying to secure their food production too. And money buys land in Africa. Easily. Even if this means they need to reduce their own food production.Video courtesy Sean Gallagher. Discover...
Rally To End Cross Country Trip To Save The Veterans Mojave Desert Memorial
2009-09-17 06:31:00
There will be a rally held September 17, 2009 to end a cross country trip that was made to save the Veterans Mojave Desert Memorial. If you are not familiar with the story let me brief you. The memorial was...
From Ghadames Desert, Libya
2009-09-05 07:58:00
Tuaregs women of nomadic tribes take pictures with their mobile phones of hot air balloons flying over the desert of Ghadames, western Libya, on September 3, 2009 as part of celebrations marking the 40th anniversary of Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi's regime. Libya is marking the 40th anniversary of the bloodless coup that brought Kadhafi to power on September 1, 1969, with celebrations attended by African, Arab and Latin American leaders but largely ignored by the West. AFP PHOTO/AMMAR ABD RABBO (Photo credit should read AMMAR ABD RABBO/AFP/Getty Images #)
Desert Road
2009-08-20 19:57:00
Desert RoadRangipo Desert is a barren desert-like environment in New Zealand, located in the Ruapehu District on the North Island Volcanic Plateau; to the east of the three active peaks of Mount Tongariro, Mount Ngauruhoe, and Mount Ruapehu, and to the west of the Kaimanawa Range. The desert is bisected by only one road, a section of State Highway 1 known as the Desert Road.
Desert Road
2009-08-20 19:57:00
Desert RoadRangipo Desert is a barren desert-like environment in New Zealand, located in the Ruapehu District on the North Island Volcanic Plateau; to the east of the three active peaks of Mount Tongariro, Mount Ngauruhoe, and Mount Ruapehu, and to the west of the Kaimanawa Range. The desert is bisected by only one road, a section of State Highway 1 known as the Desert Road.
Habanero Cream Puff Puts Desert Heat In Your Dessert Treat
2009-08-16 18:11:00
The Habanero Cream Puff snack from Japan's Kyoto Habanero combines rich sweet custard cream with searing hot habanero pepper pastry - it's a match made in Hell!
Palm Desert,CA,92260,US,Price:$779000
2009-07-15 05:32:00
Residential > Other > Resale Homes by Agent/Broker
Photoshop tutorial - Desert girl
2009-07-12 10:32:00
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desert. dp.
2009-07-07 10:35:00
Egypt! The days have been packed with sand, pyramids, camels named Lufthansa, and some hard time at the pool. Oh, and there’s a NikeWomen store in the building next door. Who knew that Africa in July would be such a success? My only complaint: no bacon. Yeah yeah, Muslim country.. they don’t know what they’re missing. ...
By: dpnation
Grace Through the Desert
2009-05-12 17:42:00
Blog of the Day Awards for Tuesday May 12, 2009A Blog of the Day Award goes to Grace Through the DesertTechnorati TagsBlog Award Blog Awards winner Bloggers Blogs Awards Blogging Bloggies Weblogs Weblog Award of the day Award web online nominations Internet Blog of the Day Awards Blog of the Day Award Blog of the Day BOTDA winners Weblog Award Weblog Awards blogspot famous famous blogs famous weblogs Be sure to submit your nominations early.Thank youToday's BOTDA are presented by Quotes
Desert Cowboy
2009-03-21 02:04:00
I ran into this guy while cruising along desert tracks looking for the ghost town of Giles, Utah.
Darkcloud wrote a new blog post: Rock in the desert
2009-03-20 17:32:00
Darkcloud wrote a new blog post: Rock in the desert It is 11:12 AM Friday morning in the flow of existence. I am down in the basement where it is dark and save. The Lord is my Rock. I just got back from walking Rudy at Van Raalte Farm. It is a very cold morning here by Lake Michigan, but the sun is shining. It is ...
Harvest Desert Solar Power Farms?
2009-03-13 13:44:00
Is Arizona's Sonoran Desert about to be transformed into a futuristic solar panel farm? If the Western Governor's Association has its way, massive solar power plants, power lines, and 300 ft metal towers will soon grace the sun-baked landscape. In fact, if the Western Governors are able to get their
Dilly in the Desert
2009-03-07 05:11:00
If you haven't realized yet, I am a big fan of the Team Dilly. To make it even better I had this sent to me by Bink, so I probably could have posted this without even watching it. This is just a bit of the story, Read more by clicking the title of the story.
Music Mondays: ?Desert Song? by Brooke Fraser
2009-02-23 15:37:00
Music Monday posts highlight the music which touched my heart on Sunday. I pray the message of these songs will help us all to live in the spirit of Worship all week long. Two Sundays ago I heard this song for the first time.  It followed a heartfelt, God-centered, prayer by a man whose wife only ...
Desert Warbler and Gloger?s Rule
2009-01-22 09:03:00
The bird of the month for me was seeing a Desert Warbler, Sylvia nana, with it being the only the eighth recorded bird of its species in Cyprus to date, as I’ve been told. Quite cool, as it simply wanted to hide in the desert shrubs of the area in which it had been hanging ...
hydro-electric in sahara desert
2009-01-17 11:24:00
System setup; 1. subterranean pipeline from mediterranean coast(or any other location) to the middle of the desert. horinzontal drilling technology is already a mature technology, good enough to suck other people's oil, so it should be good enough for this! 2. let's say we dig a pit big en
can we use cotton in desert cooler for obtaining cooling
2009-01-01 16:26:00
sir, i am final year student and i want to enquire about on "how to operate desert cooler without a water pump". sir can we use cotton to suck water and circulate it within cooler chamber to produce cooling effect. sir, if you have any idea regarding this please mail me the details as soon as
Living Desert
2008-12-05 22:49:00
Great Sand Dunes National Monument, CO. The scene, lighting had a very melancholic atmosphere, the Holga was best camera to interpret the feeling of the landscape.
Dogs chasing my car in the desert
2008-12-03 21:58:00
"The desert is not empty. However, it is vacant enough to bestow a certain weight to whatever is present. This is an extraordinary place, the unobstructed view to the horizon, the quality of the light, and that smell after it rains. Add this to a heightened awareness of your own presence and the desert can take on an existential quality.And it?s quiet. Once, having climbed to the top of a very large hill to photograph, I was startled by the sound of the wind moving under the wings of a bird as it flew by. Hundreds of feet below and half a mile away a dog spotted me and started barking like it had just caught me climbing the back fence. No one sneaks up on a dog in the desert. A dog can hear your car coming for several miles and will see you coming almost as far away. By the time you arrive he has developed a level of anticipation." continue readingThis is the start of the book preface 'Dogs chasing my car in the desert' by John Divola which caught my eye. Love it!
Desert Center
2008-11-15 15:10:00
It was summer of 1992, I believe, when I tagged along with Groundwork on one of their first trips out of state -- Fourth of July weekend shows in San Diego and somewhere in Orange County. The trip was pretty star-crossed from the start. At the Che Cafe show that started it off, I blew pretty much all my disposable cash on Man Is The Bastard and Ebullition records, ensuring that by the end of the trip I'd be sneaking food out of garbage cans. Cops showed up at show's end because people were setting off fireworks. We'd been led to believe -- either through youthful naïvete or false promises -- that we'd have a place to stay in San Diego, but that didn't happen and we ended up sneaking all six of us (the four Groundwork guys, me, and fellow roadie Jerid -- who would end up becoming their bassist and then second guitarist later) into a motel room. At the Orange County show, no one knew Groundwork's songs at all -- they only had the split 7" and an Italian-released ep out at the ti...
Murder in the Desert - Judge declares second mistrial [BREAKING]
2008-11-04 22:58:00
Despite overwhelming evidence pointing to the guilt of Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Corbet in the murder of Francisco Javier Dominguez Rivera, U.S. District Judge David C. Bury declared a mistrial at 1345 today. More on this breaking story as it becomes available. The prosecution has not indicated whether it will try a third time. In the ...
Murder in the Desert - Nicholas Corbett Trial - Daily Snapshot
2008-11-04 01:09:00
DAY 9 (11/03) UPDATE - The Jury has recessed for the day. 13 hours total time in deliberations. The jury got the case at about 1430 on November 30. Deliberations began for about two hours, adjourned, resumed on Friday and adjourned once again until this morning. the jurors sent a note to Judge David Bury with two requests. They ...
Murder in the Desert - Corbett case goes to the Jury
2008-11-01 08:00:00
The fate of a U.S. Border Patrol agent Nicholas Corbett charged with murdering Javier Dominguez Rivera is now in the hands of the jury. U.S. District Judge David C. Bury handed over the case to a 12-person jury about 2:30 p.m. Thursday, after they sat through a morning of closing arguments that demonstrated contrasting accounts of ...
In the Desert
2008-10-14 17:10:00
The historic Derawar Fort, enormous and impressive structure in the heart of Cholistan desert, is rapidly crumbling and if the immediate preventative measures are not taken, the edifice will be destroyed and the historians, researchers and sightseers deprived of the view of the legacy of the bygone era. Like so many other historic sites in the country, Derawar Fort is yet another sign of old times we are poised to loose forever due to the apathy of those who are responsible for its upkeep and preservation.Before it disappears, once again, I was on my way to Cholistan: the place that is crucible of one of the world's oldest civilization, where some of the past secrets are hidden, where history is still active.Derawar is the oldest fort and the only perennial water-hole in the area. But a visit to the Fort is painful for those locals or foreigners who value the heritage and other signs of past eras. They are disappointed with its fate and neglect of its wonders. Neither is it being m...
Desert Island #2
2008-09-27 12:44:00
island -gel pen drawing by issy
transformer cooling in desert area
2008-09-10 11:48:00
which type of Transformer cooling is used in desert area. for power transformer
Turning the Desert Green in Qatar
2008-09-09 14:32:00
The Supreme Qatar Desert Development Council (SQDDC) has released its plans for the development of the desert, according to a report in the Qatar Times today. The SQDDC plans call for a greening of the desert which will, in time, return the desert to a much more hospitable environment. Qatar, like much of the Middle East, was once thought to have been a much greener place than it is now, and recent finds of hunting tools designed to kill animals such as aurochs and elephants have lent weight to this theory.The development of the desert, said Dr Lotfi Al Baloushi, head of the SQDDC, will also involve the building of a new urban area, which will be called Desert City. Virtual images have been released by SQDDC of what the Qatar desert will look like by 2010 - including one where a larger than life Qatari strides across grass with the giant sand dunes at Messaieed (now covered in a verdant green) in the distance. However, one United Nations desert scientist who we contacted, Icelander...
Desert Greenhouse
2008-09-07 10:56:00
The Sea Water GreenhouseQatar is considering introducing the innovative sea water greenhouse into its deserts: a desert greenhouse which utilizes sea and sun to provide a green alternative to desert farming. The Sea Water Greenhouse utilises, as is suggested by the name, sea water to cool greenhouses. In contrast to traditional desalination projects, which are both energy heavy and consume fossil fuels, the Desert Greenhouse uses the sun to distil the sea water. More sea water is used to cool the Greenhouse, resulting in a temperature 15 degrees lower than outside the Greenhouse. Meanwhile, a specially constructed roof allows light to pass though while removing much of the heat. The resulting rather steamy athmosphere - the greenhouse operates at around 90 % humidity has proved an excellent environment for growing plants. In the case of Qatar, solar power will be used to pump the water from the sea. This could have huge benefits for Qatar. In addition to the obvious benefits of incr...
Share this article: - Desert Valley Times
2008-08-24 11:08:00
Share this article:Desert Valley Times, UT -Aug 22, 2008MINERSVILLE RESERVOIR: Smallmouth bass fishing is good to excellent. Work the rocky shorelines with curly-tail jigs or lures that imitate crayfish and chubs … More: continued here © The Pro Fisher Guy for Pro Bass Fishing Strategies, Tips, Info and Secrets, 2008. | Permalink | No comment Add ...
Perfume of the Desert | a Sufi Story
2008-08-11 09:04:00
1. The Fragrance of NothingnessAndrew Harvey in his book, Perfume of the Desert describe a sufi story from memory. It goes like this: A group of wild young Bedouins were riding in the desert with their chief, who was a religious man as well as a great leader. They came in the course of their wanderings to a vast ruined palace.The young men rode through the deserted rooms, breaking off bits of the plaster and bricks to smell what had gone into their making. One cried out, "In this clay are mixed the oils of rose and orange-blossom." Another exclaimed, "In this dirt I smell Jasmine! How beautiful!"The chief stood apart and said nothing. Towards the end when the young men finished smelling various fragrance in the clay of the ruined place, turned to the chief and ask, "And what is your favorite perfume?"He smiled and leaned as far as he could out of one of the palace windows into the empty desert wind. He reached out his hands and cupped them. Then he held out his cupped hands to the y...
Inayati-Maimuni Tariqat of Sufi Hasidim | The Desert Fellowship of the Mess
2008-08-04 06:38:00
The Sufi is an Israelite, especially in his study and mastery of the different names of God. The miraculous powers of Moses can also be found in the lives of the Sufis both past and present. In fact the Sufi is the master of the Hebrew mysticism; the divine voice heard by Moses on Mount Sinai in the past is audible to many a Sufi today.- Hazrat Inayat Khan.THE INAYATI-MAIMUNI TARIQAT is an inter-spiritual fellowship of seekers committed to a rigorous path of spiritual development based upon both Sufi and Hasidic principles and practices. In this tariqat or "order," the Sufi lineage of Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882-1927), the first Sufi master to bring Sufism into the West, has been joined to the Hasidic lineage of Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer, the Ba'al Shem Tov (1698-1760), founder of the influential 18th Century Hasidic movement. It is not the first time that these two mystical paths associated with Islam and Judaism have been brought together; in true spirit the original Egyptian Sufi-Ha...
How much of Earth?s land surface is covered by desert?
2008-07-15 22:23:00
Almost a third of Earth’s land surface is occupied by desert. Not all of this desert is dead though. So don’t think that a third of Earth’s surface is just dunes of sand with no life or vegetation.
Futura Labs F2T Logo Cap (Woodland, Black, & Tri Desert)
2008-06-06 18:19:00
Purist and other Futura Labs retailers has received these new F2T Logo Caps.  It comes in three colors Woodland Camo, Tri Desert Camo and Black.  There is Futura 2000 on the left side along with a FL tag on the right.  Its a nice change of pace from all the Fitteds that have been dropping ...
HNIs desert sinking stocks, hitch to realty PMS
2008-06-06 08:21:00
Trashing the age-old belief that a fall in equities would result in flattening real estate prices, high net worth investors (HNI) are pushing wealth advisers for more exposure to realty assets. The coming months are expected to witness the launch of real estate portfolio management services (PMS) by wealth managers. Though the product is discreetly marketed ...
Meridian Luxury Suites - Las Vegas's "Oasis in the Desert"
2008-06-04 23:11:00
The Meridian Luxury Suites in Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the city's best kept secrets. Just one block off the strip, walking distance from "Restaurant Row", the monorail and only eight minutes from the airport - you couldn't find a better location. The secret here is the all-suite accomodations! Each room comes fully-furnished and decked out with the latest hi-tech electronics and plush bedding! Challenge your friends to a game of racquetball, squash, tennis or simply enjoy the serenity of the lush gardens and tranquil pool. Don't know your way around Vegas? Don't fret - the helpful concierge will guide you in the right direction. The Meridian Luxury Suites Las Vegas is located at 250 East Flamingo Road. Listen in as journeyPod chats with the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Eric Lynn. Enjoy native Nevada podsafe artist Andrew Ryan and his hit "Heaven is ours tonight".
2008-06-04 11:00:00
To see more pictures, leave comments and rate- go to
Camel in Desert - jokes 2
2008-06-03 23:21:00
Camel in Desert There was a guy riding through the desert on his camel. He had been travelling so long that he felt the need to have sex. Obviously there were no women in the desert so the man turned to his camel. He tried to position himself to have sex with his camel but the camel ran away. The man ran to catch up to the camel and got back on and started to ride again. Soon he was feeling the urge to have sex again so once again he turned to his camel. The camel refused by running away. So he caught up to it again and got on it again. Finally after riding the camel through the whole desert the man came to a road. There was a broken down car with three big chested beautiful blondes sitting in it. He went up to them and asked the women if they needed any help. The hottest girl said , "If you fix our car we will do anything you want." The man luckily knew a thing or two about cars and fixed it in a flash. When he finished are three girls asked, "How could we ever repa...
Desert Island
2008-06-01 20:42:00
desert island~felt tip drawing by Issy
Desert Golfing
2008-05-25 11:02:00
I've always wanted to play a desert golf course, a little hard here in Canada especially in the Ottawa area where there are no deserts to speak of, Las Vegas however is smack dab in a desert. It would be my first choice of places to play some golf and some gambling. A course like Badlands Golf Club would definitely be near the top of the list. Just check the website for the course some of the flyovers for the holes are amazing. Now I just have to find a Las Vegas travel deal and playing some golf in Vegas could be a reality.
Desert photo shoot with speedlights video.
2008-05-25 00:18:00 via strobist
Hockey as a Desert Rose in Sin City
2008-05-24 06:21:00
(c) OnFrozenBlog - - I was dreading my business trip to Las Vegas this past week. For starters, Monday’s temperature there was a hockey unfriendly 108 degrees. And please, spare me the “It’s a dry heat” defense. Pizza ovens harbor little humidity, and I don’t want to reside in those either. Mercifully, ...
Hockey as a Desert Rose in Sin City
2008-05-24 06:21:00
(c) OnFrozenBlog - - I was dreading my business trip to Las Vegas this past week. For starters, Monday’s temperature there was a hockey unfriendly 108 degrees. And please, spare me the “It’s a dry heat” defense. Pizza ovens harbor little humidity, and I don’t want to reside in those either. Mercifully, ...
Palm Desert, CA - Bighorn $3200000 Best Buy - 3200000
2008-05-24 00:00:00
Priced $109 per square foot less than average sold price per square foot at Bighorn Golf Club. Casual contemporary designed for entertaining with open flowing floor plan from indoors to outdoors. Private center courtyard with pebbletec pool and spa. Offered furnished per inventory....
Desert Hills, AZ - One of a Kind Contemporary Home in Desert Hills - 647900
2008-05-24 00:00:00
2008-05-23 08:14:00
 Kiya is a sorrel with chrome Arabian, carrying the old bloodlines with a desert racing background. She's a pretty, petite girl foaled in July of last year. She will probably not get much over 14hh, as is common with the old desert bred Arabs. Slow to grow, but super smart, these horses are a joy to work with. They are known for their endurance. If you like endurance riding, check this girl out. She might be your key to a long and happy relationship! Kiya is UTD on all her shots and worming, and has a negative 2008 Coggins.
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