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San Diego editor who helped win Pulitzer dies (AP)
2009-08-11 18:43:00
AP - Fred Kinne, a veteran editor who helped a San Diego newspaper win the Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of a 1978 plane crash, has died. He was 93.
San Diego will seek lifting of seal removal order
2009-07-25 08:10:00
The city of San Diego said Tuesday it will go to court to ask a state judge to lift an order requiring the immediate removal of a colony of federally protected harbor seals from a La Jolla cove.The... Extensive site includes news of various topics like Marine animals,Marine biology, sharks,Whales,sea mammals,endangered species,birds,turtles,penguine,-seal,planktons,Fish,coral reef,coastal environment and more
Tickets for the 2009 Christian Music Awards in San Diego on Sale Now
2009-06-11 19:46:00 is the site to order Tickets for the 2009 Christian Music Awards!!!!
2009-05-27 07:56:00
24 NERO - DIEGO CUGIA "Il vero gioco inizia quando hai perso l'ultima speranza." Scopri il perché cliccando su: Pubblicato da kinglear | Commenti Tags: segnalazioni, cultura, libri, letteratura, editoria, autori, narrativa, comunicati stampa, narrativa italiana, primo piano, scrittori, novità in libreria, libri novità      &-nbsp;    &n-bsp;    &nb-sp;    &nbs-p;     -;     -     &-nbsp;    &n-bsp;    &nb-sp;    &nbs-p;     -;   
Founding UC San Diego chancellor Herbert York dies (AP)
2009-05-22 02:27:00
AP - Herbert York, founding chancellor of the University of California, San Diego, and a world-renowned physicist who worked on the development of the atomic bomb, has died of leukemia. He was 87.
Red Footed Tortoises - Dora and Diego
2009-05-21 02:24:00
Dora and Diego "Massive eaters, massive cute!" 2009-05-03 Here’s what Lily says about Dora and Diego: "These are pictures of my cute Dora and Diego. I’ve been taking care of them since last Christmas. Diego is bigger in size and moves fast compared to Dora. Both are massive eaters and need their food at the same time everyday ...
2009 Christian Music Awards in San Diego Ca Aug 22 2009
2009-05-19 19:42:00
"Courtesy of Ken McCoy Entertainment and/or affiliates."
San Diego - California Surf
2009-05-19 10:26:00
Great surfer Pat Millin, slipping comfortably into something beautiful on a shiny San Diego dawn. ? Photo: Todd Glaser While most young surfers are focused on competing and qualifying for the WCT, it is a refreshing change of pace to see someone stoked to go out and explore the unknown, traveling off ...
In a pinch, I will accept Florida or San Diego as a substitute for Hawaii.
2009-05-18 13:35:00
It's no secret that I try to use my blogs as a way to promote my writing, and myself, and in doing so get myself rich and move to Hawaii, where I could spend my time writing on my deck while I look out at the ocean and maybe also at a volcano (but not an active one.)So I'm always on the lookout for things that can help me do a better blog, or promote it better, and when I find those things, I like to share them with you. Like the latest thing that I've found to help make a better site: the webhosting reviews and information at found my webhost-- blogger -- entirely by accident. I had decided to write a blog, and "Blogger" was the only site that I knew of that allowed me to do that. (This was back in 2005, before the "internet" really caught on.) It's worked out okay, but that's by chance, and who wants to leave it to chance when we're talking about making money and/or moving to Hawaii? Not me, and not takes that element of cha...
Crab Catcher - La Jolla , San Diego
2009-05-07 07:59:00
Crab Catcher in La Jolla, San Diego, back in 2008. We kinda had a hard time getting inside the restaurant. It was hard for us to find. Inside the restaurant was very dark and moody.Since this was almost a year ago, I hardly remember, but I don't think it was that great. Food was OK, but not amazing or wanna go back many times. Crab cake and bisque were just OK, I had better ones before in many other places. I wish the surf & turf had more sauce (not butter). But food seems to be fresh. On the menu, they describe each seafood and where they caught it on each day.Also the food arrived slow. breadFire Shrimp $14Serrano seared prawns, Thai basil potatoCrab Bisque $10Roasted bell pepper-shrimp brothCrab Cake Royal $14Lump meat crab cake, sweet onion charred tomato relish, whole grain mustard remoulade.Crab Catcher Surf & Turf Mix Grill Plate $45 (market price)sorbet $6I think it was passion fruitRating (food): 3.5 / 5Rating (service): 4 / 5Repeat: Maybe
Post extra: Diego Souza
2009-04-23 13:48:00
Como o Diego já passou por Portugal, creio que seja interessante citar o atual momento dele aqui no Brasil.No ano passado, eu fui um dos maiores críticos de seu futebol e de seu estilo de jogo. Agora, no entanto, dou razão ao amigo leitor "Karlos" e creio que o camisa 7 seja fundamental ao Palmeiras hoje. Extraído do site Gazeta Esportiva.netDiego Souza: "Ser comparado ao Edmundo é de outro mundo"Marcelo Belpiede - São Paulo (SP) O torcedor do Palmeiras está empolgado com o comprometimento do meio-campista Diego Souza. Em campo, o jogador procura vibrar em toda disputa de bola, em todo tipo de lance. Assim, já é visto como um símbolo de raça no Parque Antártica.O temperamento explosivo fez Diego Souza até passar dos limites na semifinal do Campeonato Paulista contra o Santos. Transtornado, ele perdeu a cabeça e aplicou uma rasteira no zagueiro Domingos após ser expulso de campo. A repercussão do lance foi imediata: os palmeirenses já compararam o jogador a Edmundo, ídolo do clube co...
El ?club? de los nuevos tiranos. Por Diego Martínez
2009-04-18 00:17:00
Pero por mucho que los Chávez, Correas, Evos y compañía se esfuercen por darle semblante legal a sus desafueros, lo que el caso de Fujimori demuestra es que tarde o temprano ese pueblo con el que los neotiranos pretenden legitimarse abre los ojos y termina por cobrarles su traición. Y están irredimiblemente condenados a terminar ...
San Diego Zoo
2009-04-09 07:00:00
Home to over four thousand animals, the San Diego Zoo is located in Balboa Park in San Diego, California. This large zoo sits on one hundred acres of land and contains more than eight hundred different species. But this zoo specializes in more than just unique animals, it also comprises of
Diego Mizrahi: the time is the limit
2009-03-12 01:27:00
News: 11-03-2009: Diego Mizrahi played his new theme, which is outside pampalucha, "Stratosphere" This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Carlos Quentin of the White Sox Honored as One of the San Diego Hall of Cha
2009-02-17 22:19:00
Their careers with the Chicago White Sox separated by some 40 years, Floyd Robinson and Carlos Quentin met for the first time during a sports luncheon in their hometown on Thursday.Quentin was...
Don Diego de la Vega
2009-02-16 21:45:00
Quando il carnevale arrivava mia madre recuperava il mio costume da Zorro e quella da fatina di mia sorella, una bella lavata e stirata ed erano pronti per la festa.
2009-02-11 04:49:00
Carlos Beceiro y Diego Galaz actuando en:Museo Etnográfico el CaserónPablo García-RayoPlaza de la Constitución s/n28701 San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid)Tfno.: 916 258 852Más información en: Escribenos a:mo...
Foreclosures Increase in December in San-Diego
2009-01-29 12:39:00
The house defaults in San Diego increased by 121 percent in December over November dampening the hopes of the housing industry. According to MDA Data Quick research firm, there were about 3,052 notices of default last month, ending a lull in foreclosure activity that began in the month of September. The notices mark the start ...
Westy wrote a new blog post: More San Diego impressions....
2009-01-24 17:00:00
Westy wrote a new blog post: More San Diego impressions.... Now that all the hype of journalspace returning in a somewhat acceptible form (we hope), I can now post some more pictures.On every trip here to California I try to go to Balboa Park on a Sunday afternoon. I learned all my folk dancing up there and besides, it's a beautiful park, made in a ...
NFL San Diego Chargers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 2008 Week 16
2008-12-22 22:10:00
San Diego Chargers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 2008 Week 16 Highlights. Chargers blow out Bucs 41 to 24, placing the bolts in position to win the AFC West with a victory over the Denver Broncos next week.
San Diego Indie Fest
2008-12-13 11:06:00
I want to offer a few thoughts on this wonderful gathering, though I do have a confession to make. When I started to think about some of the indie music festivals and concerts across the country, it was easy to believe that a ?happening? city such as San Diego had a festival that had been ...
San Diego
2008-12-06 20:57:00
San Diego County Witness a Decline in Foreclosures
2008-12-02 13:32:00
San Diego County has witnessed a decline in its rate of home foreclosures in the month of October. There has been a decline of nearly 37 percent from what it was in September. According to the real estate experts, it won?t be right to comment that this decline means that the crisis in the housing ...
San Diego,CA,92130,US,Price:$1195000
2008-11-19 00:35:00
Residential > Condo/Townhouse > Resale Homes by Agent/Broker
María del Pilar Pérez no podrá ser interrogada hoy por asesinato de Diego S
2008-11-07 16:00:00
María del Pilar Pérez no podrá ser interrogada hoy por asesinato de Diego Schmidt-Hebbel, ya que deberá permanecer en reposo tras ser internada en el Hospital del Salvador cuando tomaba una sobredosis de tranquilizantes para quitarse la vida mientras era arrestada.
Asesino de Diego Schmidt-Hebbel Nehus pide perdón a la familia
2008-11-05 14:00:00
Asesino de Diego Schmidt-Hebbel Nehus pide perdón a la familia. José Ruz Rodríguez de 44 años dijo: Pido perdón, pido perdón… Pido dos perdones: “Le pido perdón a mi mujer y le pido perdón a la familia por este homicidio por que yo no iba a hacer esto“. A veces es demasiado tarde.
PDI detuvo a sospechoso por asesinato de Diego Schmidt-Hebbel Nehus en Prov
2008-11-05 07:00:00
PDI detuvo a sospechoso por asesinato de Diego Schmidt-Hebbel Nehus en Providencia. Este será sometido a un interrogatorio por su responsabilidad en la muerte del joven de 25 años que murió ayer por la mañana al intentar defender a su polola de un supuesto robo en su casa.
Diego Godoy: conquistador
2008-11-03 20:51:00
News: 03-11-2008: Jam with my keyboardist friend Miguel Garcia to the backing track: Sunny (Greg Howe) JAM Fusion - Miguel Garcia & Diego Godoy Background: Diego Godoy is just 15 years old. He started to play the guitar at the age of 7 years old, playing classical guitar until he was 12. He then played electric guitar. His current rig includes... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Diego Armando Maradona es acusado de deber U$45 millones al fisco italiano
2008-10-21 17:00:00
Diego Armando Maradona es acusado de deber U$45 millones al fisco italiano de su época de jugador en el Nápoles italiano de fines de los 80´s a comienzo de los 90´s. La mayoría de este dinero corresponde a intereses ya que la deuda se arrastra desde 1991.
Diego Maradona To Coach Argentina Team In World Cup 2010
2008-10-18 06:01:00 - Argentina Legend Soccerstar Diego Armando Maradona reported to coach Argentina national team for World Cup 2010 after the resignation Alfio Basile following Argentina’s 1-0 defeat to Chile Wednesday in Santiago in the South American qualifiers for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. “I would really like to be the national team coach. I ...
San Diego Padres vs. Washington Nationals, Sep. 21st, 2008
2008-10-13 02:11:00
San Diego Padres vs. Washington Nationals, Sep. 21st, 2008
San Diego Foreclosed Homes: 9 Percent Increase within One Month
2008-08-28 14:33:00
San Diego County has been reported with a sharp 9 percent increase in foreclosed homes in July from what it was in June. About 2,004 homes have received a foreclosure filing in July. Besides, there has been a massive 213 percent increase in the foreclosure filing as compared to 2007. This has hardly hit the ...
Diego Cugia / Jack Folla è tornato, FUOCO E FIAMME
2008-08-10 13:35:00
Diego Cugia / Jack Folla è tornato Dal 2 agosto su L'Unità ogni martedì, giovedì e sabato L'ex detenuto di Alcatraz è vivo e guarda il mondo Fuoco e Fiamme Spargi la voce il ritorno di Jack Folla Pubblicato da kinglear | Commenti (2) Tags: segnalazioni, cultura, letteratura, spettacoli, fiction, giornalismo, autori, primo piano, notizie dalla rete, in libreria, prima pagina, libertà, società, giornalisti, scrittori, edicola, ultime notizie, per un mondo migliore, società e politica, in edicola, notizieflash, libertà di informazione, last news, copia e diffondi      &-nbsp;    &n-bsp;    &nb-sp;    &nbs-p;     -;     -    
Sufi Master Muhammad Said al-Jamal's visit to San Diego | invitation into t
2008-08-08 21:42:00
. a Sufi event, a calling to all souls to the Heart of Sufism .1.Sufi Master of Shaykh Muhammad Said al-Jamal, affectionately known as Sidi to his seven million students around world, will be present in San Diego this coming September 12 to September 15 at Del Mar.The event will be a full three-day immersion in Sufi teachings featuring sufi guide from Jerusalem and several teachers and assistants from the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism.Organized by Sufi Center San Diego, the event will include:. Sufi Night Vigil (Khalwa) of prayer, meditation and remembrance practice guided by Sidi,. Walking on the sufi path through stations of the heart. Opportunity to initiation or hand taking into the sufi path by the Guide. Teachings from the depth of sufi wisdom and discourses by Sidi and other sufi teachers.Possible themes and topics: Stations of the Way, Sufism, Ego: Nafs, Voices, Pictures, Layers of the Heart, Mirrors & Triggers."Walking through the Stations of the Heart" beg...
Comic-Con 2008, San Diego - Part 2
2008-07-30 23:32:00
More pics from Comic-ConYu-Gi-OhCute, but it must be really hotAstro Boy
Comic-Con 2008, San Diego - Part 1
2008-07-29 09:14:00
Some pics from Comic-Con in 2008. It was crowded. We had to drive around 1 hour to just find parking. Every single parking lot was full. At Comic-Con, I wanted to buy some limited-edition toys only available at Comic-Con, but there were long lines, so I gave up. But I got my Hello Kitty that I believe is only available in Japan. Also we went to panels and, again, always long lines, long walking. I can't believe some people go for 3 days. There were these "bike taxi", he took us from our parking area to the convention. $5 per person. From our parking, it was about a 10 minute ride. Coming in 2009First-ever flying EnterpriseAbout $800, the one on the leftIn the sky: "Seek the Six"
San Diego Paper: ?Migrant? Deaths at Border Grows, Report Lacks Perspective
2008-07-18 13:50:00
-By Warner Todd Huston The San Diego Union-Tribune published a story last week that typifies the lack of perspective and a refusal to give a more full account of the facts in the illegal immigration debate common from too many media outlets. The Union-Trib was all worried that “22 migrants have died in S.D. sector” but ...
En Colombia los héroes sí existen. Artículo de Diego Martínez Lloreda
2008-07-05 07:53:00
Opinión de hoy: La gran moraleja que queda tras la liberación de Íngrid Betancourt y de sus quince compañeros de cautiverio es que Colombia es un país de héroes. Del excelente Artículo de Diego Martínez Lloreda para su columna Hechos y desechos en diario El País de Cali. A continuación Hechos y desechos. Los ...
San Diego 2 vs. L.A. Dodgers 7* (Major League Baseball)
2008-06-11 01:06:00
Major League Baseball San Diego 2L.A. Dodgers 7 More: continued here
Go, Diego, Go Live The Great Jaguar Rescue presales in Seattle - code poste
2008-06-10 15:49:00
The Go, Diego, Go Live The Great Jaguar Rescue presale password is here: During this special promotion you can buy Go, Diego, Go Live The Great Jaguar Rescue tickets BEFORE the public. The free presale code for Go, Diego, Go Live The Great Jaguar Rescues show in Seattle only works for a limited time. This could be your best chance to get your tickets to see Go, Diego, Go Live The Great Jaguar Rescue. Here are the Go, Diego, Go Live The Great Jaguar Rescue show details:Go, Diego, Go Live! the Great Jaguar RescueWaMu Theater, Seattle, WAFri, Jul 11, 2008 10:30 AMFAMILY FOUR PACK:Start:Tue, 06/10/08 12:00 PM PDTEnd:Wed, 07/09/08 10:00 PM PDTInternet Presale InfoINTERNET PRESALES:Start:Wed, 05/21/08 10:00 AM PDTEnd:Fri, 05/30/08 11:00 AM PDTTHE GO, DIEGO, GO LIVE THE GREAT JAGUAR RESCUE PRESALE CODE: CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CODE If there are no tickets for Go, Diego, Go Live The Great Jaguar Rescue you can still get access through StubHub.
In San Diego, buy one home, get one free
2008-06-10 08:16:00
One of these “row homes” gets thrown in if you buy one of Michael Crews Development’s estates. As though Southern California’s fine weather and beaches weren’t attractive enough, a San Diego developer desperate to clear inventory is offering potential home buyers a buy-one-get-one-free scheme. (more…) [Bookmark It] ...
After sweep in San Diego, Omar may wield his machette
2008-06-09 16:16:00
That machete Omar Minaya had smuggled to Colorado might get some use if this persists much longer. Two weeks after the Wilpons hauled Willie Randolph into a meeting to explain himself, the Mets again return home two games under .500, and again coming off a trip that included being swept in four games. Only now, the division leader is the Phillies, not the Marlins. And the 7½-game deficit is the New York Mets' largest in the NL East since 2005. The trip was eeily similar to their previous journey away from Shea, where they went 1-6 in Atlanta and Colorado. After a four-game sweep at Turner Field, Minaya joined the team in Denver, and Randolph - in a bit of gallow's humor - joked that the GM had brought along a machette to cut him loose. Randolph wasn't joking Sunday."I don't know what to say," Randolph said. "I'm not usually at a loss for words, but what do you say? We finally score some runs. And Billy, who has been pitching lights out all year, gives it up. We have to f...
La Jolla, San Diego, California
2008-06-09 07:42:00
La Jolla is a wealthy seaside resort community of up to 42,808 residents within the city of San Diego, California. Population figures are imprecise because La Jolla’s borders are indistinct. Generally the community’s border starts at Pacific Beach to the south and extends along the Pacific Ocean shore north to include Torrey Pines State Reserve ending at Del Mar, California. Along the way La Jolla encompasses neighborhoods like Bird Rock, Windansea, the La Jolla commercial “village”, La Jolla Shores, La Jolla Farms, Torrey Pines, Mount Soledad and La Jolla Village (including La Jolla Village Square). Interstate 5 forms La Jolla’s man-made border to the east, with the exception of some University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and commercial property east of I-5 and north of La Jolla Village Drive, which are also considered in the wider definition to be part of La Jolla. Interesting for travel guides. GPS tourist coordinates: 32° 50′ 24″ N, 117° 1...
San Diego Padres Team Report (PA SportsTicker)
2008-06-07 09:52:00
The Padres matched their longest winning streak of the season with a third consecutive victory, 2-1, over the New York Mets on Friday. All three wins have come by that same score, the first time in franchise history the club has won three consecutive 2-1 games. The stretch marks the second time San Diego has ...
Gas Prices Soar in San Diego
2008-06-07 00:00:00
Gas Prices in San Diego are Out of Control The American Automobile Association (AAA) reported that the average price of regular gasoline in San Diego is $4.41, that's 25 cents in just one week.
Diego Velázquez y Google
2008-06-06 18:28:00
Google quiere celebrar que tal día como hoy del año 1599, nacio en Sevilla (España) Diego Velázquez, pintor de reconocido renombre mundial.Por eso hoy, en todo el mundo, Google abre su buscador con su logotipo entrecruzado con las figuras humanas del cuadro de Las Meninas.Google | Las Meninas imagen y Las Meninas texto
Who?s Diego Velázquez? And what?s up with Google ?special edition? logos?
2008-06-06 12:16:00
To date, there have been 185 “special edition” Google logos, which can be seen here. I, like many people, use Google to perform internet searches almost daily. I missed a lot of other trivial logos shown previously. So here’s my chance to comment on this one before it’s too late! In case you were wondering, Diego Velázquez ...
2-For-1 Houses In San Diego
2008-06-06 04:06:00
I found this interesting article on Reuters about a savvy developer who is offering "Buy One Get One Free" on row houses in the San Diego area. With the purchase of a $1.6 M luxury home in the upscale city of Escondido in northern San Diego County, you can get a $400k row house for free! Great marketing and a gutsy way to improve your sales figures. The townhouse aren't too shabby either- with four bedrooms, four baths, six car garages and swimming pools they aren't exactly sheds. "We are targeting a niche market of investors who are interested in the opportunity to buy a new home for themselves and get a free rental property or second home for family members," developer Michael Crews Read More Click Here
2008 San Diego County Fair
2008-06-06 00:00:00
San Diego County Fair Runs June 14-July 6, 2008 Alright, we admit it. San Diego has a thing for its County Fair. It is a huge event that attracts thousands of San Diegans, Southern Californians, a
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