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Revolutionary Girl Utena Anime, Volume 3, Disk 4 (English)
2012-05-27 18:11:00
At last, the conclusion to the "Apocalypse Arc" of Revolutionary Girl Utena. There will be spoilers in today's post. Please do not read past this if you have not yet watched it, or do not wish to know any details. *** These final three episodes live in my mind as masterworks anime. And now, more than ten years later, I watched them again, fearing that I had made more of them in my memory than they were in reality. I hadn't. The climactic moment for me has always been and will always be the quiet conversation over tea and cookies, when Anthy says that she's poisoned the cookies...and Utena keeps eating, then admits that she too has poisoned the tea...and Anthy takes another sip. Out of context, this moment probably doesn't seem like much, but for me it is *the* moment of the series. Everything is understood between these two, everything is forgiven, even the betrayals to come. Akio is revealed for what he truly is...nothing at all. The revolution of the world ...
Revolutionary Girl Utena Anime, Volume 3, Disk 3 (English)
2012-05-25 23:36:00
The"Apocalypse Arc" of Revolutionary Girl Utena is going to spend the rest of the anime blowing us up like a balloon and piercing us with pins, just to watch us go "pop!" I don't know what to say about this arc other than I wholly wiped it from my memory the first time around and am not at all pleased at having to remember any of it this time. And not to spoil anything, but we learn three things during this arc and not one of them makes us any happier. The shadow girls tell us what we've been guessing for a while, that the true story lay somewhere deep in our subsconscious where all fairytales live - and we're reminded yet again that the story started with something like a fairy tale. The beginning, which seemed innocent in the beginning takes on a much, much darker meaning now and there is nowhere on the screen to look that does not bring us pain. I'm reminded of the hatred shown to Akio when fans saw this series the first time. It's a fair bet to say that he remains the mo...
Revolutionary Girl Utena Anime, Volume 3, Disk 2 (English)
2012-05-11 00:20:00
This is where the "Apocalypse Arc" of Revolutionary Girl Utena starts to get rough. First, we have to watch Juri being run roughshod over; offered every single possible outcome except the two in which she can be happy. Then there's Akio's seduction of Utena which, no matter how you slice it, is repulsive. And last, while there had been a distinct hint of incest about Akio and Anthy since the beginning of this arc, in this disk it is made plain, not so much to shock us (speaking for myself, there is little else Akio can do to make himself more repulsive than he already is) but to shock Nanami. Which leads us to one of the most amazing things in the entirety of this series...when Nanami calls Utena dense. Think about it. Nanami has been presented to us, from the very beginning, as naive, selfish and quite dense. For her to stare at Utena in disbelief and scream "Are you dense?" is a pretty amazing moment. In three words, Nanami says, "I'm not perceptive and I just came to thi...
Astronomers Discover a Rare Stellar Disk of Quartz Dust
2012-05-06 16:26:00
From - latest science and technology news stories: A research team of Japanese astronomers led by Dr. Hideaki Fujiwara (Subaru Telescope) has discovered a main-sequence star that is surrounded by a rare disk of quartz dust. Collisions of planetesimals, building blocks for planet
Orioles OF Reimold out with bulging disk in neck (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-05-01 23:56:00
NEW YORK (AP) Nolan Reimold will miss the final two games of the Baltimore Orioles’ series against the New York Yankees because of a bulging disk in his back.
Revolutionary Girl Utena Anime, Volume 3, Disk 1 (English)
2012-04-28 00:01:00
The difference in tone between the first disk of the third box set, the "Apocalypse Arc" and first disk of the "Student Council Arc" of Revolutionary Girl Utena is so profound, the gap so enormous, that I'm having trouble finding words to express my thoughts on it. The Student Council themselves are different. They have faced their darkest thoughts and are no longer terrified by them. It almost comes as a surprise to them that still they have weak spots to be be exploited. And yet, there they are, on the dueling ground, for reasons that they themselves don't really understand, fighting. The End of the World shows himself to us, and in many ways, he is aptly named. Akio, the Morning Star, Lucifer, the fallen angel...the End of the World, in the sense of a border or a boundary outside which is...what? There are significant changes in the dynamic between the characters. Everything is fraught with sexual energy, even relationships we desperately wish were not. (How many of us grit ...
Magic Knight Rayearth Anime Second Season, Disk 4 (English)
2012-04-15 22:15:00
I pride myself in watching anime without expectation and my ability to clearly, concisely separate my delusions and desires from what is actually happening on the screen. We all choose to interpret what we see differently, but sometimes the information we're give is clearer than others. Sometimes the holes are so huge, it's impossible for me to ignore them, regardless of what I want to be happening. Which brings us, in an oblique way, to Magic Knight Rayearth, Volume 4 of the Second Season Complete Box Set. In this volume Nova put a full-on passive-aggressive seduction of Hikaru because, as she says, she loves Hikaru. Well, okay, but a second earlier she told Hikaru that the reason she hated her was because Hikaru hates herself. So, having been given that piece of information, we have to conclude then that Hikaru also wants herself in a sexual way. Or, we can presume that Nova is making it up (and being inconsistent about it) or - and this is my best guess - no one told CLAMP ...
Magic Knight Rayearth Anime Second Season, Disk 3 (English)
2012-04-09 20:00:00
For those of you looking at the actual disks of the Second season set of Magic Knight Rayearth, this review is of the Disk labeled 7, as the disk numbering continued from the first season straight through the second. Finally, at last, I encountered Nova and subsequently stare at many of you now with some concern that you see her as a "Yuri" character, and not just simply as insane. ^_^;; But first, I should point out that the plot is now so deeply flawed and diluted that it was hard slogging through every episode of this disk, so Nova wasn't the real problem. If you recall, the plot as it was set up is that, now Pillar-less, Cephiro is in danger of being invaded by three other countries. Eagle of Autozam is the least annoying and in these episodes he also appears to be dying of tuberculosis so that his story is extra tragic. Hikaru suddenly develops a raging crush on Lantis out of nowhere and Umi is likewise assigned a pairing - we already knew about Fuu and Ferio from...
Mac File Recovery ? Undelete With Disk Drill PRO
2012-04-04 11:44:00
While I’ve been reviewing a lot of MAC software lately, I’ve been reminded by Cleverfiles about a must-have utility for any computer, data recovery software. I already had some great undelete software for my Windows box, but I was leaving my Mac at risk. Over the weekend, I downloaded Disk Drill PRO for a review ... Related posts:Undelete Files With MediaRECOVER General Files Provides Advanced File Searching How To Recover A Mac Hard Drive After A Crash Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.
Toshiba HDD2L03 Hard Disk for Macbook Pro
2012-03-31 22:42:00
Last month I changed my corrupted Macbook Pro Hard Disk. I just like to tell our readers who owns a Macbook Pro that Toshiba HDD2L03 Hard Disk for Macbook Pro will work on your Macbook. I am now using the hard disk for about 1 month it seems there is still no problem with it. Here ...
Moment of Inertia of Disk
2012-03-28 10:59:00
What is the moment of inertia of 0.4 Kg and 0.105 Metre radius of solid wooden disk, if thicknes of disk is 20 mm? Please give me procedure also to findout moment of inertia of disk.
Magic Knight Rayearth Anime Second Season, Disk 2 (English)
2012-03-15 23:02:00
For some reason, the Second season set of Magic Knight Rayearth is numbered as if it is the continuation of the first season, so the the individual disks are numbered 5,6 and 7. So this review is of the Disk labeled 6, just so you don't get confused. On Disk 6, Hikaru, Umi and Fuu set off to defeat the enemies that crowd Cephiro now that their Pillar is gone. Accompanying Hikaru is Lantis, Zagato's younger brother. The three girls battle another giant robot in space and we meet our honorable foe - Eagle of Autozam. He tells us of the tragedy his planet faces if he doesn't get the resources of Cephiro. More interestingly, we learn that he and Lantis were friends. The girls run into multiple minions of Debonair-sama, our newest evil sorceress; among them is Halcyone, Zagato's former minion. And, we meet Nova, the evil-twin-like character, whose power echoes Hikaru's and whose one desire is to kill Hikaru - because, she says, she loves her. There are two really excellent thing...
David Gilmour: win seven disk Pink Floyd box set Immersion Edition
2012-02-24 23:59:00
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Magic Knight Rayearth Anime Second Season, Disk 1 (English)
2012-02-23 23:55:00
Hikaru, Umi and Fuu have put their past adventures behind them and are struggling to move on. Of them, the one that struggles the most is Hikaru, who is deeply concerned about the well-being of the inhabitants of Cefiro now that those adventures have left them without a Pillar for support. When the three are suddenly called back to Cefiro, they realize that the Pillar, Princess Emeraude, was the only thing protecting that country from invasion. And, indeed, it seems that there are other countries on their way to invade right now! Thus begins the complete collection of Magic Knight Rayearth, Second Season. Of course, Hikaru, Umi and Fuu once again don the armor of the Magic Knights in order to protect the land they love. To their shock, they learn that the Princess left a younger brother and that High Priest Zagato had a brother. The reveal of the Prince's identity radically changes the story of one of them. But I'm going to be honest here. I don't care about any of these peopl...
Hard Disk Problem
2012-02-21 15:47:00
my hard disk is having a error after booting and going to restart. error is for hardware or bios setupd. what can i do.
Make a Bootable USB Kaspersky Rescue Disk
2012-02-19 04:18:00
Creating a Bootable USB Kaspersky Rescue Disk from Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 ISO is relatively simple, thanks to "Kaspersky USB ...
Koihime Musou ~ Otome Tairan Anime, Disk 1 (English)
2012-02-04 00:14:00
For the first few minutes, all the way through the opening of Koihime Musou ~ Otome Tairan, you almost think it's going to be a pretty good story, with the characters actually getting a chance to be strong without being rendered into a pile of service but, almost immediately that stops. From that point on, any actual cool is tempered by tons of skanky (and frequently incredibly stupid) service. NOT like I was expecting anything else. I find it hard to believe that there are actual people out there who thought the first episode where Ryuubi eats spoiled bamboo shoots and everyone in her group (including the woman who has actually given birth) thinks she's pregnant is...funny? Really? Really?!? I weep at the thought. Sometimes, stuck in the middle of this lame-ass series, there's something worth watching. And for once, some Yuri that doesn't make one roll one's eyes. On Disk One, we get the (relatively speaking) entertaining story of what happens when Ryoumo gets glasses and g...
How to resize a fixed size disk in VirtualBox
2012-01-13 09:55:00
The solution is simple .. you can’t But here is a hack … we clone it to a dynamic size disk and then resize that disk Elegant .. right? vboxmanage clonehd WinVista_x32.20gb.vdi vista_32b_30g.vdi 0%…10%…20%…30-%…40%…50%…60%-…70%…80%…90%&-#8230;100% Clone hard disk created in format ‘VDI’. UUID: 01874324-6e16-4b77-a9e7-0b19959-45f22 vboxmanage modifyhd vista_32b_30g.vdi –resize 30000 0%…10%…20%…30-%…40%…50%…60%-…70%…80%…90%&-#8230;100% Now, you just remove the old ...
Revolutionary Girl Utena Anime Box Set - Volume 2, Disk 2 (English)
2012-01-12 22:20:00
Revolutionary Girl Utena, Volume 2, Disk 3 provides a whole lot of food for thought, doesn't it? So, first of all, let look at the final of the puppet duelists for the Black Rose, Nanami's henchchick,Keiko. Like Wakaba, Keiko's story hurts. It hurts, because she's not one of the beautiful people and not one of the chosen. She's a real person, with big gaping flaws, but we can't quite hate her, or dismiss her, as we might Tsuwabuki, precisely because, like Wakaba, her dreams are so mundane. Anyone might wish for a moment alone with their idol. It's a dream that is dull as dirt. As a result, when Nanami is horrible to Keiko, we feel it. When Yuuko and Aiko are horrible to her, it's especially unforgivable. And, at last, we reach the core of the Black Rose story, and the illusions with which Mikage has wrapped himself. The story, however one looks at it, is at best, creepy and self-serving. At worst, it's possible the single most depressing illusion in the entirety of the se...
Anna Beck Designs "Gili" Mini Rose Quartz Disk Earrings
2011-12-21 09:00:00
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Revolutionary Girl Utena Anime Box Set - Volume 2, Disk 2 (English)
2011-12-13 23:02:00
Revolutionary Girl Utena, Volume 2, Disk 2. This is where it gets really good. Up to this point, the Black Rose arc has seemed superficially similar to the first arc. Kanae's rage against Anthy seems overreacting, but we really don't know much about Kanae or Anthy, and hey, we're all creeped out by the portrayal of psychoanalysis in the form of Mikage's Freudian elevator. And Kozue...we've written her off multiple times already. She's not jealous of Anthy, just of her brother. Bro-con, ho hum. But. Now. Shiori is here. Shiori, who sought to hurt Juri, to tarnish her shine, because she was too perfect, too shining. Oh yeah, fandom loves to hate Shiori. But look at it from her side for a moment. Haven't we all had a friend who is popular, talented, attractive and haven't we all wanted, just once, to be better than them in something? Remember this particular moment of jealousy and pain. It will be back. In the meantime, we suffer as Juri tortures herself over feelings ...
Anna Beck Designs "Bali" 18k Gold-Plated Disk Pendant Necklace
2011-12-11 09:00:00
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Revolutionary Girl Utena Anime Box Set - Volume 2, Disk 1 (English)
2011-11-29 22:45:00
The first episode of the first disk of Revolutionary Girl Utena, Volume 2, or what is commonly referred to as the Black Rose Arc, is that staple of long-running anime, the clip episode. Clip episodes became so common around the turn of the century, that in some infamous series, clip episodes were practically more common than actual story episodes. In this case, the clip episode is welcome. Not only does it highlight each duel from the Student Council Arc, (which gives us a chance to relive the duels and their wonderful background music) but it provides an apparently objective perspective of each duel, allowing us to understand the motivation behind the duel, behind any discussion of the End of the World, a World Egg or Revolutionizing the World or other important-sounding nonsense. The story of Nemuro Hall and the Mikage Seminar is set up, and we are quite suddenly dropped into a new, even more obscure arc than the last. Where the Student Council fights to possess Anthy, these new...
Shin Koihime Muso The Complete Collection Anime, Disk 2 (English)
2011-11-16 21:38:00
Is it worse when Disk 2 of Shin Koihime Muso digresses into an entire episode of Bachou needing to go to the bathroom or attempts to actually deal with Ryuubi's ragtag army of heroes defeating the Yellow Turban revolt...with a sing-off? Honestly, I don't know. Ratings: Art - 6 Story - 6 Characters - Everytime I watch this series, the statue of Guan Yu we have here, his eyes get all cold and menacing...shudder. Yuri - Sousou and her various adoring henchicks Loser FanBoy - I've started to think differently about this series. I want to believe that there are remarkably few people who find this all sexy, and more who simply find it amusing. Overall - 2, except for bits here and there that get up as high as 5. The important thing is, that Shin Koihime Musou ~ Otome Tairan is actually better, at least in my memory.
Yuri Anime: Shin Koihime Muso (English), Disk 1
2011-11-04 20:37:00
In 1951, photographer Ruth Orkin had an idea for a photograph. When she met student Jinx Allen, she knew she had found her model. The resulting photograph "American Girl in Italy" is now iconic. (For the full story of this photo, read An Image of Innocence Abroad from Smithsonian Magazine.) Take a look at this photo. Click it to see it as large as you can. Note the look on the woman's face. Does it look pained, concerned? Scared? Now look at the men around her. Note them staring openly at her, with what they probably think is admiration. Women readers - how does this picture make you feel? Men, how about you? The feeling I get upon viewing this picture is the same feeling I feel when I watch Shin Koihime Muso. It makes me cringe. There is Yuri in Shin Koihime Musou. Sousou only takes women to bed, she's got the hots for Kanu. Kakuka lusts after Sousou. But that doesn't change the fact that there are people out there getting turned on by the excruciating ...
Floods Cause Hard Disk Shortage
2011-11-02 13:30:00
From BBC News - Technology: Thailand's floods are causing a slump in hard disk production and higher prices, according to IHS iSuppli. Read the whole article
Hologram Disk Spinners 4 Pack (Toy) newly tagged "gadget"
2011-10-27 18:20:00
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Amazing Circle Rotating Illusion
2011-10-24 17:56:00
This is similar to the rotating disk illusion, when you give a first glance you will find all the four set of are , in fact no is rotating. There are 4 set of ball when you concentrate any one circle it will stop but other three won'tTags: Circle, Rotating, Disk, Concentrate
Taisho Baseball Girls Anime, Disk 2 (English)
2011-01-12 01:43:00
Taisho Baseball Girls is a story about girls playing baseball. Not just "playing baseball," playing hardball with the boys - and forcing them to take them seriously because they can play the game. This a great anime that makes me smile for any number of reasons. I smiled with admiration at the effort they put in to training in a sport they've come to live and love. I smiled gently when Koume thought she was going to be a movie star, I smiled with nostalgia when they had a pillow fight and I smiled like a wolf when Akiko pitched a mean sinker. I've spoken to a lot of folks recently about the Nanoha franchise and most of us feel that it's a fantastic series wrapped in a layer of pandering. The Nanoha series is, in a nutshell, about a bunch of girls working *really* hard to become the very best at what they do, not holding anything back and indeed becoming some of the best in the world. In Taisho Baseball Girls, the girls will not be among the best, but they still are shown workin...
Taisho Baseball Girls Anime, Disk One (English)
2010-12-31 16:26:00
"If you're amused by our lack of experience, that's one thing and I can't do anything about that, but if it's that fact that we're women that amuses you, that I will not sit still for!" If you have ever wanted Japanese women to speak up for themselves, then you really must watch Taisho Baseball Girls. The plot is a simple one. In the beginning of the 20th century, Japan was embracing Western culture with some fervor. Western clothes, sports, vehicles, cuisine took on more than just a new and exotic flavor - they became emblematic of Japan's appearance on the international stage. A young woman, totally dissed by her fiancÚe', and not at all pleased with his antiquated notion of what a woman's role was supposed to be, decides to fight him on his own turf - the baseball diamond. Akiko decides that she will form and field a baseball team of...shock!...girls! combat this grotesque display of sexism. And, slowly, piece by piece, she does. In this, she is joined by her frie...
Nick Gentry?s Floppy Disk Art
2010-10-27 06:35:00
British artist Nick Gentry’s paintings give long-forgotten floppy disks a new lease on life. They’re still storage media, just in a much more literal sense. At some point recently, you’ve probably uncovered an old box of videos, cassettes, and floppies in the basement and thought to yourself, “what am I supposed to do with these?” It ...
Shattered Angels Anime, Disk 2 (English)
2010-09-28 22:49:00
Disk 2 picks up the story in a state of complete chaos. Everything the Ayanokojis are attempting to do is falling apart. Their Angels are disobeying them because of crises brought on by personal feelings and Kyoshiro, the most idealistic of them, is falling in love with Kuu. For viewers, this means a lot of bouncing around between the Ayanokojis and lots of pointless fights and screaming. And sort-of love scenes. And talking. God, do they all talk. Everything comes to a kind of climax when the missing Ayanokoji, Kazuya, returns, with his own Angel (voiced by Ogata Megumi, using her UFO Princess Valkyrie Val voice.) Everything Kyoshiro believed in is crushed under Kazuya's heel in a scene I love with all my heart. I absolutely, genuinely believe that the scene that makes me love this series best is the moment Kyoshiro greets his long-lost, thought-to-be-dead brother Kazuya once again...and has his head pounded into the ground for his efforts. Kazuya turns out to indeed be as craz...
Shattered Angels Anime, Disk 1 (English)
2010-09-27 22:22:00
On Disk 1 of Shattered Angels, we are introduced to the aptly named Kuu (? means "empty" in Japanese, among other things,) an average highschool girl in a not-at-all average world, in which there are many schools and students, but no apparent teachers. Kuu has a childhood dream of a prince with red hair taking her away, so when a red-haired "prince" by the name of Ayanokoji Kyoshiro arrives she, like the other female students in the school, is thrilled. But when she mets him for the first time, the "Prince" rips Kuu's shirt open, *then* asks her to come with him. Sensibly, she runs away crying. (I commented to Bruce at this point, "I think he got that the wrong way 'round.") And then all hell breaks lose as giant robot arms and legs fight in and around the school, reducing it to rubble and forcing Kuu and Kyoshiro to run away from....? Ultimately, Kuu and we learn of the existence of "Absolute Angels," creatures that look like girls, but actually contain within them tremend...
Steve Vai: Where The Wild Things Are - Double Disk Delight!
2010-07-24 08:46:00
Where The Wild Things Are limited edition double vinyl features the Grammy nominated audio performance from the Where The Wild Things Are RIAA Certified Gold DVD and Blu-ray. Side 1 1. Paint Me Your Face2. Now We Run3. Oooo4. All About Eve Side 21. Building The Church2. Tender Surrender3. Angel Food Side 3 1.Fire Wall 2. Freak Show Excess Side 41. Gary 7 2.Treasure Island 3.Die to Live 4.Taurus Bulba The double LP was specifically mixed and mastered through analog equipment to a 96kHz / 24 bit digital format, the highest resolution audio experience of all the Live In Minneapolis: Where The Wild Things Are releases, and is printed on two 180 gram audiophile virgin vinyl colored LPs in a stunning full-color gatefold jacket. The first 777 copies sold will be autographed and numbered by Steve and will include a limited edition t-shirt, guitar pick, vinyl dusting cloth and Naked Pass, which will allow you to download four live Naked Tracks from the Live In Minneapolis: Where T...
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2010-01-27 10:54:00
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Free Data Recovery Software ? Disk Digger
2010-01-27 06:54:00
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WinUtilities Disk Defrag - Faster Hard Disk Defragment on Windows
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News: Gibson Disk Tiger
2009-12-09 23:37:00
Gibson Guitar Launches Gibson?s New Dusk Tiger, the Most Astounding Innovation in the History of the Guitar: You have a rare wealth of creative potential lurking deep within, but until now no guitar has had the power to fully tap into it. Enter the Dusk Tiger, simply the most astounding innovation in the history of the guitar. In the wake of Gibson?s groundbreaking Dark Fire, the new Dusk Tiger... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Super Cool Recycled Floppy Disk Notebooks
2009-09-04 02:20:00
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LP Rotor Disk Assembly
2009-08-02 22:12:00
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GParted ? Free Partition Manager ? Create, Reorganize, Delete Disk Partitio
2009-07-30 16:30:00
GParted (GNOME Partition Editor) is a free partition manager based on Linux, but it can also be used on Windows OS. It can be used to create, reorganize and delete the hard disk partitions. This freeware is  available in three forms:a binary that can be compiled on any Linux distro, a Live CD which can ... Related posts:Mount & UnMount Windows Partitions In Linux using Shell Script [ How to ]How to Hide One or More Partition / Drives of your Computer Hard DiskLinux Live Gamers Distro – Boot & Play Free High End FPS, RTS, RPG 3D GamesConvert Hard Drive Partition from FAT to NTFS for more BenefitsHow to Create Your Own Linux DistributionHow to Hide Hard Drive Partitions
Maxtor basic Jade disk
2009-07-23 20:27:00
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Microsoft Office Updates Disk icon
2009-07-22 01:18:00
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Get Rid of Low Disk Space Warning Message
2009-06-29 09:05:00
You get a lot of annoyances in Windows XP. One common irritant is the low disk space warning that comes popping up repeatedly when a partition is low on free space. After the first time, this warning contains no fresh information,and is only an annoyance. You?ll need to spend less than a minute in the ... Related posts:How to Change Thumbnail Size and QualityHow to Hide One or More Partition / Drives of your Computer Hard DiskHow To Get Rid Of The Notification :“Unread Email Messages”How to Disable Right-Clicking or Context Menu Anywhere on the DesktopHow to Remove Icons From The System TrayHide the Themes, Screensaver, Appearance and Settings and Prevent changing the Desktop wallpaper
Smith Corona Utility Disk
2009-06-24 21:08:00
Hi I have a utilities disk which I have often used to download files from my old SMith Corona 3500? WP to windows computers. The title is not as you all describe being called SCONVERT. My problem is that all worked well both on my original windows 9
How to Hide One or More Partition / Drives of your Computer Hard Disk
2009-06-20 08:55:00
Previously we discussed a way to Hide hard drive partitions using Command prompt. Now we are discussing about hiding more than two ways to hide hard drive letters that appear in My Computer: via the Registry Editor and via the Group Policy Editor. These methods will hide the partition and will not show them in ... Related posts:How to prevent access to Drives from My ComputerHow to Fix “This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator” ErrorHow to Hide Hard Drive PartitionsDefragment Drives Easily from Right Click – Context MenuHide your folders without actually hiding them!!Remove the Internet Options tabs for Security, Connections and Advanced
External Hard Disk Not Working Properly
2009-06-10 08:01:00
i have an external hard disk of 120 GB when i connect to my laptop it work properly,but when iused on my desktop pc i face some problems, LED of External hard blinking fastly,a noice come from HD,and not showing in my PC HD partion
Presario x1000 Disk Read Error Occurred
2009-06-03 03:34:00
Ok I am in a really bad predicament here. I got a used Compaq Presario x1000 laptop that was full of spyware so I decided to do a fresh windows install with vista (ugh). After doing the first step, the computer restarted and an error said "A Disk Read Error Occurred". Now I read about ways to fix
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