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Freida Pinto at Doha Tribeca Film Festival
2010-11-01 08:30:00
Freida Pinto at 2010 Doha Tribeca Film Festival for miral screening    she was most beautiful in dtff function  Freida Pinto at Doha Tribeca Film Festival
RP repatriates 26 OFWs from Doha
2010-03-16 02:37:00
Twenty-six distressed overseas Filipino workers arrived in the Philippines Thursday following their repatriation from Doha in Qatar. According to a release posted on the Website of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), the OFWs arrived 3:35 p.m. aboard Qatar Airways Flight 646. The DFA said many of the workers were those under the custody of the Filipino ...
Labor chief asked to look into use of POLO office in Doha as male quarters
2009-03-04 05:09:00
Migrante International?s Middle East chapter on Tuesday asked Labor Secretary Marianito Roque to look into complaints that part of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Doha, Qatar are being used as male quarters for its staff on the same compound where female distressed OFWs are temporarily seeking refuge. John Leonard Monterona, Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator, ...
Doha Yoga and Fitness
2008-09-23 21:55:00
One of the newer websites on the Qatar net is Doha Yoga and Fitness. Run by Tammie, a a yoga coach and licensed nurse, Doha Yoga and Fitness teaches the Vinyasa style of Hatha Yoga, a system of Yoga which was introduced by Yogi Swatarama in fifteenth century India. Swatarama saw Hatha Yoga as a stage of physical preparation which would prepare the body for higher meditation.For more information about Hatha Yoga or about the courses visit Doha Yoga and Fitness.For more activities to do in Doha see our list of Qatar Clubs.Picture by: MyYogaOnlineQatar Visitor FriendsQatar JobsFind the best deal, compare prices and read what other travellers have to say about QatarTagsyoga
Doha's Industrial Area
2008-09-19 07:34:00
The Industrial Area in QatarThis is the industrial area; a drab and dreary district on the edge of Doha, where all the industry, garages and factories that might spoil the beautification of Doha has been placed. We visited it one Friday morning, a rare interval of peace in the area's hectic week. At busy times - which is most of the time - queues back up for half a kilometre along the wall, an unpleasant bullying mass of pickup trucks, tractors and giant lorries which often grind great holes into the roads. At present it is in better condition, although that will not be much consolation to the man who died after his car fell into one of the holes. For much of the year it is dusty, a dust that gets into your throat and your lungs, but on the rare occasions it rains there are floods - at such times, it is best to study the movements of the cars in front of you to avoid those holes.It's not just heavy industry which is removed from Doha. As more and more cheap accommodation has bee...
Doha Tennis Open
2008-09-15 23:01:00
The Qatar Tennis Open is being held at the Intercontinental from the 15th - 29th October - click on the brochure below for more information.Also see: Qatar TennisQatar Visitor FriendsQatar JobsFind the best deal, compare prices and read what other travellers have to say about QatarTagstennis
2008-09-15 14:29:00
Cranes reach into the sunset in this Doha evening.Qatar Visitor FriendsQatar JobsFind the best deal, compare prices and read what other travellers have to say about QatarTagscranes Doha
2008-09-13 08:37:00
Although Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world (if not the richest country in the world) not everyone can afford a luxurious place to relax, as these pictures of worker's shelters from Doha's industrial area show.Qatar Visitor FriendsQatar JobsFind the best deal, compare prices and read what other travellers have to say about QatarTagsworkers Doha shelters
Doha Restaurants: Thai Snack
2008-06-09 07:00:00
Whenever I enter Thai Snack and breathe in I feel like I have been transported back to Thailand. The aromas are exactly the same as they are in Thailand. That's not surprising, as all the staff in this busy little restaurant are Thai too. Even the neon sign looks like it could come from a Thai high street, while the trees overhead remind you of the Asian jungle.Here you can enjoy a meal outside in the slightly run-down garden by the water fountain (at least in the cooler months), eat in the restaurant or order a take away. Although the restaurant is always busy, the restaurant and its Thai staff incredibly efficient and normally your order is ready within minutes. And the food is probably the best Thai food you are likely to get in Qatar, from the spicy tang of Tom Yam seafood to the sweet but delicious Pat Thai, which you can liberally sprinkle with crushed peanuts for that authentic Thai taste.The restaurant is located at the bottom of Al Nasser Street, close Ramada signals. As y...
The smallest beach in Qatar?
2008-06-03 22:23:00
This tiny beach can be found on Doha's Corniche, by the former jetty and close to the Sheraton Hotel. Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed on the Corniche, but children always seems to enjoy a paddle and a pad in the sand.Also see:Beaches in Doha (on the forum)Qatar Beaches: Al KhorAt the beach: Qatar StyleQatar Visitor FriendsQatar JobsFind the best deal, compare prices and read what other travellers have to say about QatarTagsbeach corniche
Lowongan Kerja Hotel & Residence, City Center Doha Qatar
2008-06-03 01:25:00
Lebanon gets a President: The Doha Scorecard
2008-05-23 10:25:00
by Franklin Lamb The agreement was not ideal for either party and I hope that it will serve as a launch pad for decent relations between the majority and the opposition. We will tackle the other issues in Beirut and there is no need to fear anything". — MP Michel Aoun, Hezbollah ally and leader of the Christian Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) following this morning's Doha agreement Lebanon will have General Michel Suleiman as its new President, possibly within hours. But no later than Sunday May 25, in order to allow time for the international community to send representatives. Suleiman had appeared to be closer to the government coalition when he was first nominated but he was recently criticized as being too close to the opposition when his troops did not intervene when gun battles broke out between the warring sides this month. Some say events make the man. Others the obverse. Suleiman could be a much needed, honest, strong, independent leader that will en...
Happy Birthday to doha on 05-22-2008
2008-05-21 20:17:00
Dear Community, *Here are today's birthdays!* *doha (* was born on May 22, 1983 *(Age: 25)* Have a great birthday!
Sidi Doha Riding Boots - Revisited
2008-05-19 16:00:00
I received the Sidi Doha Riding Boots  a week or so ago and I have to say,  I Love These Riding Boots! They are well made and very comfortable.  They have excellent arch supports and the laces make it easy to fit them as snugly or loose as you like. The Velcro strap secure the laces and helps secure the top of the boots. I have been wearing them daily to work during my commute and all day long in the office. These are by far the most comfortable riding boots I've ever worn, period. I paid $169.00 US, but I hear you can get them on eBay for even less. LATER Technorati Tags: RilySi,Ride it like you stole it,Motorcycle Riding,Motorcycle Commuting,FlatLand,Florida
Qatar Airways adds in-flight call ability - and then bans it!
2008-05-12 10:07:00
Qatar Airways recently upgraded all of its planes with the very latest in mobile phone technology - only to encounter a wave of passenger protest.80% of passengers voted against the system, finding it disturbed their sleep and comfort.As a result the system was switched off - a move which drew high praise indeed from British newspaper The Times:Accordingly, the Travel section would like briefly to suspend its editorial impartiality and say what a wonderful, sensible airline Qatar is.Qatar Visitor FriendsQatar JobsFind the best deal, compare prices and read what other travellers have to say about QatarTagsQatar Doha
Sidi Doha Riding Boots
2008-05-05 16:30:00
I received the Sidi Doha Riding Boots Friday afternoon via the Big Brown Truck. They are well made and very comfortable.  I wore them to dinner and for a nice long walk afterward and my feet really like them. They have excellent arch supports and the laces make it easy to fit them as snugly or loose as you like. The Velcro strap secure the laces and helps secure the top of the boots. I've tried several brands & types of riding boots searching for the perfect set that will protect my feet & ankles while not causing then to swell. I plan to wear them daily to work during my commute and all day long.   I paid $169.00 US Sidi sends them boxed up with plenty of decals for you sticker freaks. I wore them on a nice 60 mile ride Saturday Evening and they feel great. LATER Technorati Tags: RilySi,Ride it like you stole ...
This is Qatar
2008-05-02 10:09:00
An excellent little documentary made by a visitor to Qatar:>/div>Qatar Visitor FriendsQatar JobsFind the best deal, compare prices and read what other travellers have to say about QatarTagsQatar Doha
Colour Perception
2008-04-28 14:49:00
The human brain is a strange and wonderful thing. It's ability to perceive colour is by no means straight forward.For instance, take the colour red; it has a tendency to come forward so that a red object looks comparatively closer to the viewer than it actually is. Some people have put forward the suggestion that this is because the earth's atmosphere is blue and that objects far away will have a blue cast to them as the light from them passes through more and more blue atmosphere and that this produces the psychological effect of bringing red objects closer.Sounds reasonable doesn't it. But at night, green objects look closer and red looks less 'forward'. Try seeing if you can notice this effect with traffic lights, comparing daytime to nighttime.Most people think of their eyes as the organ that sees the world around us. This is not strictly true as the real visual processing is done with our brains; if the central processing unit (CPU or microprocessor) is the computer equiva...
getting job in doha,qatar
2008-04-27 15:33:00
please lord make the ku8 int agency col me for i have applied for a cashier job in doha qatar make my way be successful & smooth for getting this job let it be before may 23,2008 is the day of my departure to the said country much greener pasture & high compensation & position ...
At the Typists in Sofatel, Doha
2008-04-23 09:20:00
Today I was down in the Sofatel area - the area around the Mercure (formerly the Sofatel). We couldn't help noticing the difference between this grimier and grottier area of town - which has been marked for demolition - which is a stark contrast to much of the newer and remodeled Doha.However, there is a reason people go this area. Not just because of the myriad of small computer shops hidden away below the basement of the Mercure - which contain products you can't find anywhere else in Doha - but also because of the humble but immensely valuable typist shop.These gentlemen not only type up your documents, they also have an encyclopedic knowledge of Qatar's beaurocracy. They are able to tell you what docyments you need - and what documents you don't need despite having been told you do need - where to go and what to do. They also keep copies of the forms for you to use for free.All for the cost of a miserly five riyals. And they refused my tip!Also see: Qatar Visas and our Doha ...
Doha agreement key to dealing with food prices, UN
2008-04-20 04:30:00
Accra (ANTARA News/Reuters) - Agreement in the Doha round ofvglobal trade negotiations is vital to finding a long-term solution to rising food prices, the head of the U.N. Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) said on Saturday. “We need to be able to move towards as early as possible a conclusion of the Doha development agenda, ...
Qatar Expeditions
2008-04-15 09:40:00
Qatar resident Fernando De Guama is planning, with the help of his Qatar Sponsors, to walk to the North Pole next year and raise the Qatar flag there. He is also planning to spend the next year training for the trip, with much of the training taking place on the Corniche. You can check out his website on the link below to keep up with the expedition and the training and to see pictures and video podcasts.Qatar Expeditions websiteQatar Visitor FriendsQatar JobsFind the best deal, compare prices and read what other travellers have to say about QatarTagsQatar Doha
La Cigale opens new outlets
2008-03-25 19:55:00
La Cigale has announced that it has opened two of more its outlets. The Ozone Spa, which is open from 9am until 9pm,, provides massage and beauty treatments and includes treatment rooms, 2 Hydrotherapy Massage Areas, 2 Steam Rooms, Sauna, Jacuzzi and Relaxation Areas. There is also an outdoor lounge called "Sky View". The lounge, which is located on the 15th floor, is open from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m.For more information on the hotel see our La Cigale page.Qatar Visitor FriendsQatar JobsFind the best deal, compare prices and read what other travellers have to say about QatarTagsQatar Doha
Churches in Saudia Arabia
2008-03-19 16:19:00
According to a news item, The Vatican is in talks with the KSA authorities for its 4 million migrant worker catholic population who have no place of worship right now The Vatican has been holding secret talks with the Saudi Arabian authorities on building churches in Muhammad’s homeland, according to one of Pope Benedict’s most senior ...
Qatar Environment
2008-03-18 09:29:00
When I first arrived in QatarI couldn?t believe how much energy was wasted. Energy on massive cars, energy on air-conditioning that was never shut off, energy on lights that blazed on all night, energy on a massive construction boom that has only become more frenetic since I arrived.And never one word about the environment.Yet despite the lack of awareness, Qatar is one of the countries that stands most to lose from global warming.The country is low lying, and the Pearl development which it is so immensely proud of is, in places, just two meters above sea-levelWhat?s more, with temperatures reaching 50 degrees in the height of the summer, the country really doesn?t need to get any hotter.The first sign of environmental awareness that I noticed was at a food festival, when the school hosting the festival had put out recycling bins. Each bin was to contain a different type of rubbish. Unfortunately, the guests didn?t notice, and the bins were filled with all kinds of different junk ? ...
Trip to Doha Zoo
2008-03-14 20:47:00
Today I had great trip to Guantanamo Bay, hey don't worry I really didnt go there, Its our local Doha Zoo :P but it felt I have been there looking at the condition of the animals there :( Poor lives. But it was a good outing rather sitting at home idle and watching stupid TV shows. read more
By: BuzzVines
Safe driving or death by landcruiser?
2008-02-29 15:35:00
Is it just me, or has driving in Qatar improved?When I first arrived in Qatar, I used to reckon on about three scary incidents per trip. Now, while there is still plenty of bad driving going on, I often have trips where there are no scary incidents at all.It is also possible that my driving has adapted to Qatar conditions. It?s certainly true that after a while here you seem to sense what cars are going to do. One handy tip that has helped me a lot is to rely on the position of cars on the road rather than their indicators to tell you whether they are going to turn or not.However, I do think that driving has improved somewhat, and it seems to be backed up with statistics, with fewer road deaths last year.When I asked Mike, a British expat who has been here for five years, he agreed with me.?One thing that has happened since the new traffic laws have been brought in is a real fall in the speed of cars,? he said.Thomas, a British man on his third visit to Qatar, also felt that the sta...
7tj Doha Cultural Festival
2008-02-25 22:49:00
The 7th Doha Cultural Festival will be starting this week on Thursday 26th February, and will be opened by the Emir at the Sheraton Hotel. The opening will feature an operetta, Qatar, Land of Love and Peace (which it actually is in comparison to some of the neighboring countries!), a parade of dhows and fireworks on the Corniche.The festival will feature a range of events, including folk shows, calligraphy, children's cinema, flamenco and a desert love exhibition (?!?)The festival has a beautifully designed website (white doves fly across the background of Doha's bay). Unfortunately, especially after considering all the effort that has obviously gone into the website, many of the links don't work, but you can find the full schedule on Visitor FriendsQatar JobsFind the best deal, compare prices and read what other travellers have to say about QatarTagsculture Doha festival
2008-02-25 02:10:00
Full name:quazi shamsuddoha age:25 gender:male Occupation:Industrialist,Engine-er
Al Dafna from the Sheraton Hotel
2008-02-24 08:45:00
Also see:Qatar Image LibraryDubai ImagesQatar Visitor FriendsQatar JobsFind the best deal, compare prices and read what other travellers have to say about QatarTagsimages Al Dafna doha
British Embassy Open for Business
2008-02-19 13:24:00
The British embassy is now open for business again in its new location in West Bay. It?s actually the first embassy to open in the new diplomatic area, which is fitting as the British were also the first to establish an diplomatic presence in Qatar.Surprisingly, given that Qatar was under the influence of the British government from the 19th century, and British policy effectively gave rise to the emergence of Qatar as an independent nation, (see the Rise of the Qatar Ruling Family) this wasn?t until 1949, when a single political agent had to work and live in the same room.The British Political Agency 1952Just as the first diplomatic presence, built at the end of the pearl fishing era and shortly after the discovery of oil in Qatar (but before its production), reflected Qatar?s relative unimportance at the time, the new embassy now reflects the growing relevance this gas-rich country has.The embassy is not only larger, but has increased facilities for businesses and conferences. Rod...
Eating Out: Breakfast at the Sandwich Cellar
2008-02-16 08:50:00
If you fancy a slap-up English breakfast for a change, you could do worse than visit the sandwich cellar on Ras Abu Aboud Road.Don't make the same mistake we made - when we first arrived we thought the place was shut, as, from the outside, it looked dark. Perhaps they need a sandwich board outside!Inside the cafe is cheerfully decorated with all sorts of odds and ends calculated to make you homesick for the England of yesteryear: a sort of greasy spoon with attitude.For breakfast we settled for the full monty: sausage, bacon, eggs, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and hot toast, all served with freshly made orange juice and a huge pot of tea.Obviously, the bacon and sausages will be made with pork substitutes, but while scoffing away with an appetite honed by months without an unhealthy British breakfast, we didn't notice.While we didn't try any of the other items (we were too full), there are a number of other dishes on the menu. These included some British stalwarts: Bangers n' Mash...
Tennis: Qatar Total Open
2008-02-12 07:41:00
The Qatar Total Open will start on February 18th, and will be held until the 24th of February at the Khalifa Tennis Complex. The competition has come a long way from when it started in 2001 with prize money of $170,000 - it is now a tier 1 event, with some of the world's top players competing for a total of $2.5 million in prize money.Qatar Visitor e-store (U.S.)Qatar Visitor E-store (U.K.)Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travellers have to say about QatarTagsQatar Doha tennis sport
Qatar Travel: An Easy Ride
2008-02-08 08:05:00
A combination of superb service from Gulf Air and the excellent Al-Maha service made one disabled traveller's trip an easy ride.This was my first visit to beautiful Qatar, to visit my daughter and her family, but I was rather apprehensive about the journey and the whole transit process! I usually travel with my able bodied husband, and as I am slightly disabled and unable to walk very far, I was worried about changing planes, finding the correct departure point at the various airports and then actually managing to deal with the visa process and with finding my luggage, (and my family), at the final destination of Doha!I need not have been concerned. From the point of checking in with the charming Gulf Air staff at Heathrow, and admiring the elegant uniform too, I was looked after so well all the way that I was amazed! I was taken to a waiting area, and then transported by wheelchair down seemingly miles of corridor and moving walkways to the boarding where I was able to walk on ...
Qatar Internet: Another Internet Cable Goes
2008-02-05 19:08:00
According to the National Terrorist Alert, yet another internet cable has been broken - this time between the Qatari island of Al Haloul and the UAE.While two and even three damaged cables could be coincidence, with a fourth going we can?t help wondering if there has been sabotage.It has certainly been a frustrating time, both for us and other internet users, despite Qtel claims to have minimised problems in Qatar.While we have been able to access our blog (obviously) we have been unable to update the website from Qatar for several days. That?s been particularly annoying, as we have two pages on the website which have a problem with code.On our QP jobs page the jobs are not showing, and on our Arab currencies pages only half of the currencies are showing. Unfortunately, until the internet is back to normal, we can?t do anything about them.Other internet users are having similar problems. One business woman, on a trip to Qatar, is having difficulty keeping up with work from home, com...
2008-02-04 10:23:00
Cormorants dry their wings at the harbor by Doha's Corniche.Qatar Visitor E-store (U.S.)Qatar Visitor E-store (U.K.)TagsQatar Doha Middle East cormorant
Lulu Hypermarket Attempts to Detain Blogger
2008-02-02 16:50:00
Life on the Spot reports that Lulu Hypermarket tried to detain Mavis, one of the two writers who maintain the blog, for writing down the prices of products at the shop. The long running Doha blog produces a yearly cost of living list, but this time Mavis was told that noting down prices was not allowed, and that she could not leave the shop. The head of security for the hypermarket was also called. The blogger was eventually released after her husband had placed a call to the police.Qatar Visitor e-store (U.S.)Qatar Visitor E-store (U.K.)Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travellers have to say about QatarTagsQatar Doha Middle East blogger
Krispy Kreme Invades Qatar
2008-02-02 12:53:00
Look at pictures of the Gulf from fifty years ago, and the vast majority of the population appear lean, fit and thin. Look around now, and you?ll soon notice that for much of the population thinness is something they can only dream of (usually during the a nap after the afternoon meal.)Now, in what is a disaster for health campaigners everywhere, (not to mention English teachers struggling to teach correct spelling to their students), Krispy Kreme are becoming the latest fast food retailer to invade this tiny Gulf country. And what is worse, not only are they recruiting more victims for the massed ranks of obesity sufferers - they are going for them young.Gulf Arabs in leaner timesIt is already well known that Krispy Cream are offering a years supply of donuts to the winner of the competition - I believe it is the first 12 people to buy from their store opening on Friday.However, not only are they dangling this bait in front of Qatar?s sugar loving population, it has also been alle...
FACTBOX - Where countries stand on scope of Doha trade meeting
2008-02-02 12:08:00
GENEVA (Reuters) - Countries are divided over the scope of a meeting of ministers to be held around Easter to kick-start the long-running Doha round of trade talks. Some of the 151 members of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) believe the meeting should be restricted to the core sectors of agriculture and industry. Others believe it should include other areas, such as the services sector or rules for dealing with unfairly priced imports. Here is how some countries stand on the issue. - Developing countries not taking part in the discussions on opening up services, including many African nations and Cuba, believe there is no need for a further text on services to be agreed at the Easter meeting. They say an outline deal on services already exists in "Annex C" of the Hong Kong ministerial declaration of 2005. Further work can be done by interested countries working bilaterally or in groups. - Some developing countries like India and China have a big interest in se...
By: B4U India
Trade negotiators argue about scope of Doha meeting
2008-02-02 12:00:00
By Jonathan Lynn GENEVA (Reuters) - Big differences are emerging on what ministers should cover when they meet in the next few weeks to discuss an outline deal to open up world trade, a meeting of trade negotiators heard on Thursday. Diplomats from 151 countries working at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) agreed that the long-running Doha round should be concluded this year, officials said. That implies a meeting of ministers around Easter to agree the headline issues like the size of tariff and subsidy cuts, to leave officials time to fill in the details by the end of 2008. A group of key ministers gave the Doha talks new impetus last week when they agreed at the World Economic Forum in Davos, against a background of concern about the global economy, to meet in March or April with a view to reaching a final trade deal that would add confidence by the end of this year. Ministers are also keen to wrap up a deal while President George W. Bush is still in the White House, as th...
By: B4U India
Wheels n' Heels
2008-01-31 16:57:00
The annual community fun day Wheels n' Heels will be held tomorrow at Sheraton Park on the Corniche from 12.00 to 5.00 in the afternoon. The event, which features a 3 kilometre walk/cycle/skate, aims to remind participants of the importance of a healthy lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating. The participants will be joined by the cyclists from the Tour of Qatar, as well as singers, TV personalities and other sports people. There will also be a number of activities such as a children's dance routine.Qatar Visitor e-store (U.S.)Qatar Visitor E-store (U.K.)Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travellers have to say about QatarTagsQatar Doha Middle East events
Al Bandar Fish Marktet
2008-01-29 08:05:00
The Al Bandar fish market is located in Souq Waqif and is, in our opinion, one of the better restaurants in the Souq. Attentive waiters wait outside the restaurant, ready to guide you either towards one of the tables in the sun or to the pleasant upstairs dining area.The menu is extensive but not overly expensive for seafood. We found the set menus provided particularly good value, with a four course meal starting at under QAR 100. Both our set menus option started with a refreshingly sharp Tom Yang Kung soup, which was followed by the most amazing "mixed appetizer", which is pictured above.I then had the Al Bandar mixed seafood: a combination of delicious tender hamour, shrimps, squid and lobster, while my wife had prawns cooked in a lemon-garlic butter sauce.If I have any criticism it is that the food could have been a little hotter - although that could have been our fault as we did dawdle over the starter. The desert could have also have been more appetizing, and the ice-cream t...
Cycling: Tour of Qatar
2008-01-26 15:46:00
The seventh Tour of Qatar starts tomorrow. The tour will take part in 6 stages. Stage one, a 6 km team time trial, will take place in Doha tomorrow.Successive stages will see a 138 kilometre race from Al Zubarah to Doha Golf Club (Monday), a 148 kilometre race from the Shahinaya camel race to the Qatar Foundation (Tuesday) a 132 kilometre race from Khalifa Stadium to the Al Khor Corniche (Wednesday), a 170 kilometre race from Al Khor Academy to Al Khor Corniche (Thursday) and 120 kilometre race from Al Wakra to Doha Corniche (Friday).For more information see the official web-site press release: Tour of Qatar.Qatar Visitor e-store (U.S.)Qatar Visitor E-store (U.K.)Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travellers have to say about QatarTagsQatar Doha Middle East cycling
Museum of the Islamic Arts, Qatar: Opening dates
2008-01-25 06:42:00
For several years Qatar has been scouring the globe for treasures, snapping up what it wanted, when it wanted, at a total cost of well over one billion dollars. This included buying the Jenkin's Venus for almost eight million dollars, the highest price ever paid at any auction for a single antiquity.As a result of this spending spree, Qatar has amassed a huge array of treasures, collecting everything from Fauberge eggs to classic cars.Ultimately, Qatar plans to house these exhibits in a series of five museums across the Corniche. The first of these, the imposing Musuem of the Islamic Arts, is now ready to be opened. A soft ?opening? is planned for 22nd March, ahead of a grand opening on November 22nd.The Islamic Museum was designed by world famous architect I. M. Pei. Pei, who also designed the Louvre in Paris, was tempted out of retirement at the age of 88 to design the Islamic museum. The result now sits on its own Island off the Corniche.Also see our website article: The Museum ...
Doha talks push ahead but sticky issues persist
2008-01-24 11:02:00
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Agriculture negotiations in the World Trade Organization's Doha round are slowly moving forward, but serious divisions remain on surge protections and goods that will be sheltered from tariff cuts, a senior U.S. trade official said on Wednesday. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said it was too soon to count on a meeting by late March of trade ministers from the WTO's 150 member nations, as some had envisioned, a step that would consolidate over six years of fractious talks and produce, at last, a close-to-final deal. While negotiations among trade bureaucrats in recent months have helped narrow differences, the official said, major obstacles remain. Those include, from the U.S. perspective, the quantity of products that each developing and developed country would be allowed to shelter from full tariff cuts, along with special surge protections for developing countries. Washington has long argued, in spite of loud protests from emerging m...
By: B4U India
Qatar Football Blog
2008-01-24 10:58:00
A blog I've been meaning to link to for a while is Football Qatar. This a team blog run by journalists, and provides extensive up-to-date coverage of both local matches and international matches affecting Qatar. The blog looks great and the writing is, of course professional - well worth checking out if you are into football.Also see: Qatar FootballQatar Visitor e-store (U.S.)Qatar Visitor E-store (U.K.)Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travellers have to say about QatarTagsQatar Doha Middle East football
Qatar Journal
2008-01-23 22:07:00
In what is a sad day for independent news in Qatar, Qatar Journal shut its doors today.One of only a handful of regularly updated independent websites in Qatar, and the only news source solely focussed on Qatar, Qatar Journal has provided daily news updates on both its website and to its subscribers' in-boxes. Since we interviewed Qatar Journal in June 2007, the site had grown in popularity. It's perhaps a mark of the respect that Qatar Journal had acquired that Nigel was the only journalist in Qatar to be invited to the 2nd Arab free press forum in Beirut.Nigel did not want to comment on why he had closed down the website, only to say that he would now have the time to work on other projects he had neglected since starting up QJ.The Qatar Journal television scheduled will be delivered this week for the final time. However, you should still be able to access old Qatar Journal stories, as Qatar Living has generously offered to archive them.Qatar Visitor e-store (U.S.)Qatar Visitor...
Russian Circus at the Hyatt Plaza
2008-01-23 20:51:00
The Hyatt Plaza, the mall with the largest shopping trolley in the world, will be hosting the International Russian Circus from Sunday 27th January until March March 15th, the Gulf Times reports today. During the week, one show will be held starting at 7.15, with two shows being held at the weekend: starting at 5.30 and 7.30. To get more information telephone 469 7322 or 469 4848.Qatar Visitor e-store (U.S.)Qatar Visitor E-store (U.K.)Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travellers have to say about QatarTagsQatar Doha Middle East circus
EU urges clear plan for Doha breakthrough
2008-01-21 13:28:00
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Trade ministers meeting this week in Switzerland should aim to come up with a clear plan for getting a breakthrough in the spring in long-delayed global trade talks, the European Union's trade chief said on Monday. "We are rapidly moving towards a moment of truth for the Doha round," EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson told reporters after meeting his U.S. counterpart Susan Schwab. "Davos will help put a clear roadmap in place," he said. Mandelson and Schwab are due to meet other trade ministers in the Swiss Alpine resort of Davos this week to discuss ways to push forward the World Trade Organisation's Doha round of negotiations for a global trade deal. The round was launched in 2001 to boost the global economy and help poor countries trade their way out of poverty. But it is now running more than two years behind schedule and risks years of further delay as the United States heads into its presidential elections, officials say...
By: B4U India
APEC Diminta Lebih Berperan dalam Negosiasi Putaran Doha
2008-01-21 11:20:00
Jakarta - Pembicaraan lanjutan putaran Doha yang merupakan agenda dari Organisasi Perdagangan Dunia (WTO) sampai sekarang mengalami jalan buntu. Menteri Perdagangan Mari Elka Pangestu selaku kordinator negara G33 meminta dukungan dari negara yang tergabung dalam forum kerjasama ekonomi negara-negara asia pasifik (APEC) agar mendorong negosiasi tersebut bisa tuntas. Hal tersebut disampaikan Mendag Mari Pangestu usai ...
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