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GOP blasts lavish million-dollar judicial conference in Hawaii
2012-05-21 22:09:00
In a scolding letter, two Republican senators blasted the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for holding a lavish tax-payer funded judicial conference scheduled for this August in Maui, Hawaii, that ?reads more like a vacation than a business trip.? ?We are concerned that using the...
To Hood Or Not To Hood, That's The $100 Billion Dollar Question?
2012-05-12 14:58:00
With Facebook heading into it's historic IPO this week, and valuations some have estimated as high as $100 billion, one's hard pressed to figure out how fashion (or lack thereof) figures into the equation. Even the NY Times' editorial gave ink to the question, "Who could have thought a hoodie could mean so much?" Of course, we're talking about the "Zuck" and his signature apparel.
Can The Dollar Fall Enough To Save The Day?
2012-05-11 16:33:00
Once again, the U.S. Dollar Index (DX-M2) is declining lower after the opening bell rings at the New York Stock Exchange. This happens very often when the major stock indexes are breaking lower. You see, when the dollar declines everything in the stock and commodity markets will inflate and trade higher. Just the opposite will happen when the U.S. Dollar Index rallies, the stock markets will decline and deflate lower.
Foo Fighters' 'Million-Dollar Demos' Leak
2012-05-10 07:08:00
A pair of songs from band's contentious One by One sessions make the rounds.By James Montgomery Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and Nate Mendel Photo: Peter Wafzig/ Getty Images In the nearly two-decade career of the , there was no period quite as contentious as the sessions that (eventually) led to their 2002 album One by One. Weary from a two-year world tour, and being pulled apart by various intra-band dramas (including drummer Taylor Hawkins' drug overdose), the Foos were on the brink of calling it quits, and attempts to record the album certainly didn't help matters any. The bandmembers were unhappy with songs recorded at Grohl's Virginia studio and Conway Studios in Los Angeles, battling each other and their desires to call it a day, and they scrapped the songs before taking a break (Hawkins would subsequently refer to the scrapped tunes as the "million-dollar demos"). Eventually, recharged by a performance at Coachella, they decided to try to make the album again, and...
2012-05-01 19:37:00
It may not seem like much happened yesterday, but a very important event occurred. Yesterday the dollar index breached 78.65. The reason that is significant is because 78.65 marked the intraday low of the prior daily cycle. A penetration of that level indicates that the current daily cycle has now topped in a left translated manner and a new pattern of lower lows and lower highs has begun. Any time a daily cycle tops in a left translated manner it almost always indicates that the intermediate cycle has also topped. In this case it would indicate that the intermediate dollar cycle topped on week two and … [visit site to read . . . → Read More: THE INFLATION TRADE IS ON: BERNANKE HAS BROKEN THE DOLLAR RALLY
Free Oxydol laundry detergent at Dollar General
2012-04-18 18:14:00
Dollar General has Oxydol 10 load bottles for $1 right now, use this $1 off print coupon to get it free
They called two dollar whiskey ?long life? and one dollar whiskey ?early gr
2012-04-18 07:00:00
Excerpt from ‘Cumberland, Maryland Through the Eyes of Herman J. Miller,’ (1978) During the 1920?s and early 1930?s, so many arrests and convictions were made by dry agents that the Allegany County Jail could not hold all of the prisoners, so some were housed in the Garrett County Jail at Oakland, Maryland. One bootlegger on ... You Might Also Like: Sipping free whiskey and acting like they’re in hog heaven
China to widen yuan trading band against dollar
2012-04-14 05:44:00
China's central bank said it would widen the yuan's trading band against the dollar following international pressure to allow its tightly controlled currency to appreciate.
Special Feature: Instagram Now Belongs To The Billion Dollar Club. Did Face
2012-04-11 11:25:00
Facebook buying Instagram out for $1 billion is the biggest acquisition in the Tech world this year. What was surprising was not the fact that Facebook bought the company but rather the fact that it bought the app for a billion dollars. The amount of money shelled out by Zuckerberg led to some intense online discussions, tweets and articles. Was shelling out this kind of money for a photo sharing app justified? Co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom started working on Instagram (which came out of an app called Burbn) primarily to leverage the ‘location’ buzz that was going with services like Foursquare. After noticing that more and more people were using the app not to check in but to upload photos of their daily lives.  Systrom thought of launching Instagram exclusively for iOS in October 2010. The Instagram app gained lot of popularity over the last two years. With Instagram releasing for Android last week, Android and iPhone have nearly settled into full featured competing mobile...
By: WATblog
US Core Durable Goods Orders Helps Dollar Recover
2012-03-29 09:13:00
Source: ForexYard US Core Durable Goods Orders Helps Dollar Recover The USD was able to stage a recovery during yesterday's trading session following two economic indicators showing an increase in US production last month. Yesterday's Core Durable Goods Orders figure, considered a leading indicator of production in the US, came in at 1.6%, well above last month's -3.0%. Following the news, the dollar moved up against several of its main currency rivals, including the yen and euro. Turning to today, traders will want to pay attention to the weekly US Unemployment Claims figure. A positive result could help the dollar extend its recent bullish trend. Economic News USD – Unemployment Claims May Help Dollar Extend Gains After . . . → Read More: US Core Durable Goods Orders Helps Dollar Recover
Why the U.S. dollar may be in a sweet spot ? a place it hasn?t been for a l
2012-03-28 15:15:00
Everyone is rightfully excited over the potential for a strong rebound in the U.S. economy. And there is nothing short of the potential of global recession at stake should U.S. growth sputter. What is the key risk to U.S. growth going forward? A Balance Sheet Recession You may not be familiar with the term “balance sheet recession.” The reason is because we haven’t seen one in the U.S. since the 1930s Great Depression. So what qualifies as a balance sheet recession, how is it triggered, and why is it so dangerous? In a balance sheet recession individuals and businesses are more concerned about paying down existing debt than taking on new loans. That increases the . . . → Read More: Why the U.S. dollar may be in a sweet spot ? a place it hasn?t been for a long time
Bernanke Speech Sends Dollar Tumbling
2012-03-27 16:00:00
Source: ForexYard Bernanke Speech Sends Dollar Tumbling A speech by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke yesterday resulted in the US dollar tumbling throughout the European trading session. The speech, which hinted that the Fed may initiate another round of quantitative easing in the near future, turned the USD bearish against both the euro and Swiss franc. Turning to today, traders will want to pay attention to the US CB Consumer Confidence report, scheduled to be released at 14:00 GMT. A positive figure may help the dollar recoup some of yesterday's losses. Economic News USD – US Consumer Confidence Set to Impact Dollar Signs that the Fed may initiate a new round of quantitative easing sent the dollar tumbling against . . . → Read More: Bernanke Speech Sends Dollar Tumbling
2012-03-25 04:36:00
In response to a bursting real estate and credit bubble in 2007 Bernanke’s solution was to crank up the printing press and flood the world with dollar bills. Unfortunately it didn’t solve our problems, it only made them worse. The real estate and credit bubbles stayed busted, but that liquidity had to land somewhere. In 2008 it went straight into the energy and agricultural markets spiking the price of crude, gasoline and food. This in turn collapsed a fragile global economy that was already reeling from the real estate implosion. The end result was the exact opposite of what Benjamin intended. Instead of halting the real estate collapse he just magnified the severity of the recession. Unfortunately Bernanke has . . . → Read More: CAN BERNANKE BREAK THE DOLLAR RALLY?
Pattern Master Wins Million-Dollar Mathematics Prize
2012-03-22 13:43:00
From New Scientist - Online News: Endre Szemerédi has won the Abel prize - he proved that surprisingly ordered patterns can arise from seemingly random actionsImagine I present you with a line of cards labelled 1 through to n, where n is some incredibly large number. I ask you to remove a
Free Glade Oil Warmer Units at Dollar General Stores
2012-03-21 23:32:00
Dollar General stores have Glade Oil Warmer Units on sale for $1. Use this $1 off Glade PlugIns Scented Oil warmer print coupon(enter zip 77477 and click household if you don’t see it), to make it them free.
How Global Rebalancing Could Send the Dollar Soaring!
2012-03-19 20:33:00
Back in November, I laid out the case for a multi-year bull market in the U.S. dollar. At the time I shared several reasons, and most of them seem to be playing out. One of the key factors was my belief that interest rates in the U.S. would be hiked by the Fed before any hikes came about in Europe or Japan. This is important because interest rate support is a powerful driver for a currency. Interestingly it is not the Federal Reserve that may be the driver of higher interest rates here, supporting the U.S. dollar. Instead it’s the breakdown in the Chinese growth model and their desperate need to refocus on their own consumer for . . . → Read More: How Global Rebalancing Could Send the Dollar Soaring!
Fed Outlook Gives Dollar Additional Boost
2012-03-15 08:05:00
Source: ForexYard Fed Outlook Gives Dollar Additional Boost A positive economic outlook from the US Federal Reserve earlier this week, helped boost the dollar against its main currency rivals throughout yesterday's trading session. The news helped boost the USD/JPY to a fresh 11-month high, while the EUR/USD dropped as low as 1.3029 during the morning session. Today, traders will want to pay attention to a batch of US data, which includes this week's Unemployment Claims figure. Any positive US news could help boost the dollar further. Economic News USD – US News Set to Impact Markets Today The USD was able to extend its bullish trend yesterday, as positive US news continues to boost investor confidence in the . . . → Read More: Fed Outlook Gives Dollar Additional Boost
Retail Sales Figure Leads to Dollar Gains
2012-03-14 07:52:00
Source: ForexYard Retail Sales Figure Leads to Dollar Gains Investors took positive US retail and core retail sales figures, both released yesterday, as further evidence of growth in the world's biggest economy. As a result, the USD/JPY shot up to 82.83 during the afternoon session, a fresh 11-month high for the pair. Today, a speech from Fed Chairman Bernanke is likely to be the highlight of the trading day. While no major announcements are expected during the speech, any hint that US interest rates could go up earlier than expected may help the dollar extend its recent bullish trend. Economic News USD – Bernanke Speech Set to Generate Volatility The US dollar saw another bullish day yesterday, . . . → Read More: Retail Sales Figure Leads to Dollar Gains
2012-03-08 18:05:00
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Trillion-Dollar Stealth Fighter Cleared for Flight Training
2012-02-29 19:50:00
From Wired Top Stories: The Air Force's F-35A Joint Strike Fighter is finally cleared to begin introductory flights. It's a big step forward for the stealthy, trillion-dollar JSF program, which is slated to replace almost all of the Pentagon's tactical jets over the next 30 years but has
Dollar Retreats from 9-Month High vs. Yen
2012-02-28 13:58:00
Source: ForexYard Dollar Retreats from 9-Month High vs. Yen The US dollar capped off its recent bullish trend against the Japanese yen yesterday after reaching a 9-month high at 81.65. Analysts noted that as long as US interest rates remain at their current levels, the USD/JPY may not be able to break the psychologically significant 82.00 level. Today, traders will want to pay attention to a batch of US data, including the Core Durable Goods Orders and CB Consumer Confidence. Positive results may help the dollar recoup some of yesterday's losses. Economic News USD – US Indicators Forecasted to Generate Volatility Today The USD saw a mixed trading session yesterday, as an increase in risk aversion led to . . . → Read More: Dollar Retreats from 9-Month High vs. Yen
Dollar Retreats from 9-Month vs. Yen
2012-02-28 08:34:00
Source: ForexYard Dollar Retreats from 9-Month vs. Yen The US dollar capped off its recent bullish trend against the Japanese yen yesterday after reaching a 9-month high at 81.65. Analysts noted that as long as US interest rates remain at their current levels, the USD/JPY may not be able to break the psychologically significant 82.00 level. Today, traders will want to pay attention to a batch of US data, including the Core Durable Goods Orders and CB Consumer Confidence. Positive results may help the dollar recoup some of yesterday's losses. Economic News USD – US Indicators Forecasted to Generate Volatility Today The USD saw a mixed trading session yesterday, as an increase in risk aversion led to gains . . . → Read More: Dollar Retreats from 9-Month vs. Yen
Take a Look at this Famous Value Investor?s Multi-Billion Dollar Portfolio
2012-02-22 19:00:00
I don't know about you, but in the first two weeks of February there is always this nagging feeling in my head that I am forgetting something. Do you get that? Then, inevitably, my wife will hand me a red envelope and it will dawn on me that once again, I have totally forgotten Valentine's Day. On Wall Street, anyone worth listening to has a secretary to take care of the spouse on Valentine's Day. What they are worried about is getting their SEC filings completed. Certain big holders of stocks — Warren Buffett, T Boone Pickens, Carl Icahn, Wilbur Ross — have to let the feds know what they're sitting on. It can be a gold . . . → Read More: Take a Look at this Famous Value Investor’s Multi-Billion Dollar Portfolio
Book Feature :: Maxwell Sackheim?s Billion Dollar Marketing: Concepts and A
2012-02-20 23:37:00
Maxwell Sackheim’s Billion Dollar Marketing: Concepts and Applications by Maxwell Sackheim Maxwell Sackheim (1890-1982) was one of the first advisers of the National Mail Order Association. His work is still very much in use today. He pioneered the “Book of the Month Club”, the negative option technique and “till forbid” continuity billing programs. A great ...
The Multi-Billion Dollar Water Services Industry
2012-02-14 15:58:00
There is a multi-billion dollar water industry forming before investors’ eyes in the oil patch. It’s a huge opportunity for some great capital gains — but changing regulations, and a very attentive mainstream audience questioning business practises which have been in effect for decades, will will make it choppy water for investors. “In 2008 there were 25 billion barrels of water handled (by the oil and gas industry) in the US—even at 60 cents a barrel it’s a multibillion dollar business,” says Jonathan Hoopes, President of GreenHunter Energy Inc. (GRH-AMEX). “With the big growth in unconventional since then, it’s likely another 5-6 billion barrels.” GreenHunter is a pure play on the fast growing water market in . . . → Read More: The Multi-Billion Dollar Water Services Industry
Permai Group Pernah Kirim Paket Kado Uang Ribuan Dollar ke DPR
2012-02-08 10:46:00
Permai Group, perusahaan milik Nazaruddin pernah mengirimkan paket kado berisi ratus ribuan dollar. Ini merupakan fakta baru setelah terungkap adanya kiriman ke Angelina Sondakh dan I Wayan Koster.
'Eye of the Phoenix--Secrets of the Dollar Bill' (film)
2012-02-04 17:26:00
For years I've planned a SO'W column on America's Great Seal, both sides, with their Egyptian/Freemason symbols. A phoenix rising from the ashes--from a fire of its own making uncomfortably reminds me of the attacks of 9/11 and the US government's misdirected response which has turned our nation into a bird of quite a different feather than that of the majestic eagle we've been led to appreciate as our American symbol.And yet an eagle's excellent eyesight as it soars high above is perfectly echoed by invasive spy satellites overhead, circa 2012.For your consideration, here's a full length film on just such topics; the views expressed are the film's own and this blogger may or may not agree with them:Today a direct Pluto @ 8Cap30 arose at 5:08 am est with Fixed Star Altair (the eagle) 5:05 am est; keywords for Altair: boldness and determination. Some of spying Pluto's keywords: power, control, subversion, transformation, death, rebirth. Death and rebirth like...a phoenix.T...
Do Tax & Regulatory Policies Pose a Threat to the Dollar?
2012-02-02 15:57:00
Which political party will do a better job at preserving the purchasing power of the U.S. Dollar? A common tenet amongst Treasury Secretaries, irrespective of their political affiliation, has been a claim that the U.S. pursues a strong dollar policy. To find out, let’s look at what type of tax and regulatory policies foster a strong dollar.                                         Supply and demand determine the value of anything tradable, including a currency. Noteworthy with regard to the value of a currency is a country’s current account deficit, which can be thought of as the amount foreigners need to buy in a . . . → Read More: Do Tax & Regulatory Policies Pose a Threat to the Dollar?
The Legend of Granny Dollar, part 2 of 2
2012-01-31 06:00:00
(continued from yesterday…) When the Union forces first reached Atlanta, Callahan sent his daughter word not to go in for more goods, but to stay home with the children. From 30 miles away the loud roar of cannon could be clearly heard. She declared in 1928 that she would never forget the battle sound. Callahan ... You Might Also Like:The legend of Granny Dollar, part 1 of 2
The legend of Granny Dollar, part 1 of 2
2012-01-30 06:00:00
She said she was 101 at the time of the interview in the January 28, 1928 issue of the Progressive Farmer, but she remembered the early days of childhood well. There is no doubt that Nancy Emmaline Callahan Dollar, who came to be known as “Granny Dollar,” was what is known as a character. This ... You Might Also Like:The Legend of Granny Dollar, part 2 of 2
2012-01-26 17:26:00
It has been my theory that this year we would see one of the worst performances by the stock market since 2008. However that has always been dependent on Bernanke not being able to break the dollar’s rally out of its three year cycle low. As of this morning the dollar has printed a failed daily cycle. More often than not a failed daily cycle is an indication that an intermediate degree decline has begun. I have begged and pleaded with people not too short the stock market over the last several weeks. For one it’s very hard to make money on the short side for the simple reason that markets move down differently than they move . . . → Read More: BROKEN DOLLAR
Got a "Million Dollar" Idea?
2012-01-24 15:58:00
While some inventors do strike it rich, commercializing an idea is a long, complex process that requires time, money, and patience. Are you a do-it-yourselfer with a garage full of interesting contraptions or a notebook filled with sketches for the latest and greatest idea? Are you considering a pat
$150 million dollar fraud……..for kickbacks to referring physi
2012-01-10 22:59:00
  January 9, 2012 – The U.S. government has filed a $150 million complaint against a Michigan imaging company, charging it with allegedly violating federal Medicare rules requiring physician supervision of diagnostic tests, and with paying kickbacks to physicians for referrals. AuntMinnieMobile is sponsored in part byGE. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Michigan filed the complaint on January 6 against Universal Imaging of Ypsilanti, MI, and its current and former owners, Phillip J. Young and Mark Lauhoff. The complaint charges them with multiple violations of the federal False Claims Act, and alleges that they generated more than 90% of their business by paying kickbacks to physicians. Qui tam whistleblower The case originated in a complaint filed by radiologist Dr. Richard Chesbrough and his wife Kim Chesbrough, who formerly worked at Universal and who filed a qui tam whistleblower suit under the False Claims Act. In 2005, Chesbrough...
China PMI Survey Buoys Risk Sentiment, Boosts Australian Dollar Higher
2012-01-03 10:05:00
Source: Advanced Currency Markets | G10 Advancers and Decliners vs USD EUR 0.52 GBP 0.50 JPY -0.20 CHF -0.28 With Asian markets returning to normality after the holidays (albeit with Japan still out), risk appetite has started strongly. Most risk currencies and Asian equity indices are trading higher this morning, buoyed in part by the strong Chinese non-manufacturing PMI released this morning. The survey increased to 56.0 in December, up from 49.7 in November ? and follows an unexpectedly strong… Read More …
Asia Screeches ? Dollar Zooms
2011-12-19 19:45:00
I find it interesting how complacent many investors still are regarding Asia, China in particular. But I guess if one vests so much time and effort to wave a convincing story, it’s difficult to be objective. However, a slowdown in Asia is certain. In fact, if you look at the chart below, you can see that one has already begun across emerging markets. And soon it could turn into an all-out run thanks to falling dollar-liquidity, the euro-zone banking crisis, and the Chinese housing bubble. There are two key points that could help explain why I say Asia is bound to take a gigantic header; both are tightly linked catalysts for hot money running from . . . → Read More: Asia Screeches ? Dollar Zooms
Simpan Uang Palsu Dollar AS, Rumah WN Inggris di Depok Digerebek
2011-12-16 14:14:00
Rumah mewah bercat putih di perbatasan Depok dan Bekasi itu digeruduk polisi. Ditengarai pemilik rumah itu menyimpan berpeti-peti uang palsu dollar AS.
Trillion-Dollar Jet Has Thirteen Expensive New Flaws
2011-12-14 15:28:00
From Gizmodo: The most expensive weapons program in U.S. history is about to get a lot pricier. Read the whole article
PPATK: Ada Jutaan Dollar Masuk RI Tanpa Kontrol, Diduga Untuk Suap
2011-12-14 13:03:00
PPATK kembali mengeluarkan data mencengangkan. Kali ini, ada laporan uang tunai yang masuk ke Indonesia dalam jumlah besar. Diduga, uang itu untuk transaksi suap. Wah!
Chanel Iman is the girl with the million dollar bottle at DKNY?s ?Golden De
2011-12-11 07:35:00
Supermodel in the making Chanel Iman has been quite the busy bee lately. After completing yet another successful run in this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, she jetted off to Jamaica to celebrate her 21st birthday, then made a quick return back to the States to launch DKNY’s ‘Golden Delicious’ million dollar fragrance bottle. A ...
Monetary Collusion Masking A Vulnerable Aussie Dollar
2011-12-06 16:23:00
This week global central banks announced a coordinated effort to inject liquidity into credit markets. From Reuters: “The central banks of the United States, euro zone, Japan, Canada, Britain and Switzerland announced on Wednesday coordinated global action to provide liquidity to the financial system, lowering the price on existing dollar swaps.” As frequently as these monetary powers must work together in world-saving plans, this is only the third instance of this particular type of announced collusion. The first was in December 2007. The second was in September 2008. Here is what happened then: Not exactly the market reaction we’ve come to know from the more popular (and admittedly larger) quantitative easing measures implemented by the Federal . . . → Read More: Monetary Collusion Masking A Vulnerable Aussie Dollar
Ayah Gayus Tambunan Mengaku Titipkan Uang Jutaan Dollar ke Anaknya
2011-12-05 16:40:00
Ayah kandung Gayus Tambunan, Amir Syarifuddin malam ini menjadi saksi yang meringankan untuk anaknya di Pengadilan Tipikor. Amir mengaku menitipkan uang jutaan dollar ke Gayus.
Celebrating 5 Years of Million Dollar Journey!
2011-12-05 13:30:00
Yes, you read right, it?s already been five years since Million Dollar Journey kicked off! It all started in early Dec 2006, just over three years after graduating from University and in the process of turning around our personal finance situation towards building wealth. It still baffles me how much this site has grown over the ...
5 (Billion-Dollar) Businesses You Can Get for Free
2011-11-22 02:00:00
Everyone likes to get something for nothing. Whether it's a hot breakfast with your hotel room, a car wash with an oil change or an order of fries with a hamburger, it's always satisfying to feel like you're on the receiving end of a good deal. A little something to sweeten the pot makes us feel good about spending a few bucks. So let me ask you: How'd you like to get your hands on a billion-dollar business for absolutely nothing? Zilch. Nada. Nichts. Don't worry. No strings attached. No salesman will visit your home. How's this possible? It's not hard: All you need is a brokerage account. The secret to finding these companies . . . → Read More: 5 (Billion-Dollar) Businesses You Can Get for Free
Nine Reasons Why the U.S. Dollar May Have Bottomed
2011-11-21 18:05:00
It’s always difficult to pinpoint where we are in terms of a trend, whether it’s in stocks, bonds, or other assets. Long-term trends in the currency markets have ranged from six to ten years, measured by the various bull and bear markets in the dollar since the inception of the free-floating currency market back in 1971. Here’s the pattern as measured by the U.S. Dollar Index: •   1971-1978: Seven-year bear market (President Nixon closes the gold window) •   1978-1985: Six-year bull market (Fed Chairman Volcker squeezes inflation) •   1985-1992: Seven-year bear market (triggered by the Plaza Accord) •   1992-2001: Ten-year bull market (tech boom and money flow to U.S. assets) •   . . . → Read More: Nine Reasons Why the U.S. Dollar May Have Bottomed
From the Million Dollar SEO Copywriter ? How to Audit a Website
2011-10-30 23:31:00
Wһаt ԁοеѕ a web site submission serv ice company аחԁ seo copywriting comapny ԁο fοr уουr affair? Sometimes copywriting οח tһе web needs tο bе optimized аחԁ include fаחtаѕt -10с highly significant keywords. Seo copywriting offers fаחtаѕt -10с selling content аחԁ web site copy. Tһе content іѕ optimized fοr better ranking аחԁ better conversion οf ...
Occupy Wall Street: A Threat to the Dollar?
2011-10-27 19:15:00
On its face, suggesting that the Occupy Wall Street movement may threaten the U.S. dollar may appear like a tall order. However, simply dismissing Occupy Wall Street as a fad may be a big mistake, just as it is a mistake to dismiss the Tea Party movement. Regardless of your political stance, and with no offense intended to supporters of either group, we believe they may be two sides of the same coin – quite literally. To determine where policy makers and with it, the U.S. dollar, may be heading, it is important to understand that the driving forces behind both movements have common roots.                           . . . → Read More: Occupy Wall Street: A Threat to the Dollar?
Aussie Dollar in a Copper Cauldron!
2011-10-24 20:05:00
I keep thinking that any day now the Australian dollar will take a dirt nap. It took one back in mid-2008, falling a stunning 39 percent in just three months in the midst of the credit crunch. This shows just how vulnerable the Aussie can be to a growth accident that slams the world economy; it is the premiere risk currency among the major dollar currency pairs. Global growth is fading fast again, and copper seems to be highlighting that story. It could be lights out for the Aussie again if that’s the case. As you can see in the chart below, the copper futures weekly uptrend line is broken, and the primary trend is down. The . . . → Read More: Aussie Dollar in a Copper Cauldron!
Functionally Bankrupt
2011-10-10 23:14:00
Nation?s second wealthiest city: Functionally bankrupt, cutting staff, canceling projects, raising fees... Then comes the ?Greek scenario? - skyrocketing heroin use, HIV infections? coming to a city near you?
Rare Earths: What Next?
2011-09-29 22:40:00
The end of the rare-earths boom? Not exactly... Byron King on how the landscape is shifting and why your strategy should too. Plus... Record low mortgage rates, but can they apply the paddles to the housing market? A key number to watch...
Earnings: Titan International, Actuant, Family Dollar, McCormick, AMD
2011-09-29 03:23:00
  Inline Guidance Titan International Raises Guidance to be Closer to EstimatesWednesday, September 28, 2011  6:25:00 PM ET   View:   Complete Article | Historical- Guidance Titan International Inc. (TWI) said it now expects 2011 revenue of approximately $1.40 billion. The company's previous guidance was revenue of $1.20 billion to $1.35 billion and the current consensus revenue estimate is revenue of $1.45 billion for the year ending December 31, 2011. Actuant Sees First Quarter Revenue Below EstimatesWednesday, September 28, 2011  7:30:01 AM ET   View:   Complete Article | Historical- Guidance Actuant Corp. (ATU) said it expects first quarter earnings of $0.40 to $0.45 per share on revenue of $365.0 million to $375.0 million. The current consensus earnings estimate is $0.44 per share on revenue of $387.9 million for the quarter ending November 30, 2011. The company also said it expects 2012 earnings ...
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