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2012-05-02 17:12:00
Here's a crafty lesson in skateboard cinematography courtesy of Tony Hawk's RIDE YouTube Channel. Filmer Josh Martinez breaks down how to effectively use the dolly shot to spice up any skate video or montage. He also shows us how he built his highly-efficient DIY dolly utilizing only a few hardware store essentials and some skateboard wheels. Proof, yet again, that skaters aren't just a bunch of know-nothing slackers!
Family Dog Cloned, Thanks To Dolly Patents
2009-01-29 14:53:00
From Slashdot: BioArts International announced today that they have delivered the world's first commercially cloned dog, a 10-week old Labrador named Lancey, to Florida residents Edgar and Nina Otto. According to the press release issued by the company, 'BioArts International is a
Celebrity Baby Names - Dolly Rebecca Rose & Charlie Tamara Tulip
2009-01-06 01:22:00
Actors Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell welcomed twin girls on December 28th. The girls' names are Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip. Their first names are in honor of Dolly Parton and Jerry's brother Charlie. Their second names come from mom and mom's sister Tamara. I'm not sure if the flower ...
Rebecca Romijn Welcomes Twin Girls: Dolly Rebecca & Charlie Tamara
2009-01-05 19:16:00
Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O?Connell welcomed twin girls, Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tuli, on December 28th, according to Knocked Up Celebs. Howard Stern was the first to announce the birth of the babies on his Monday Sirius morning show. ?They had twin girls, Dolly and Charlie,” Stern said. ?Rebecca likes Dolly Parton, so they named ...
Dolly upgraded to hurricane, set to hit Texas coast
2008-07-23 05:57:00
Hello Dolly! McALLEN, Texas (AP) - Dolly spun into a hurricane Tuesday, heading toward the U.S.-Mexico border and the heavily populated Rio Grande Valley, where officials feared heavy rains could cause massive flooding and levee breaks. Dolly was upgraded from a tropical storm Tuesday afternoon with sustained winds near 75 mph, and some strengthening of the ...
Dead Head Dolly
2008-06-23 17:25:00
Ive been making some cute little dolls, i had some really nice glass Taxidermy eyes, foxes eyes, very pretty amber colours, so i used those. There are others with pins in their heads, just lovely. Share This
"Kopya koyun Dolly " merak? ödül getirdi
2008-06-09 00:00:00
Etiketler: AIDS, Parkinson,Alzheimer ,ABD,Çin,moleküler biyoloji ,genetik mühendisli?i , DNA , TÜB?TAK  , Noksonlar?n?n Alel Genler     Osmaniye Anadolu Lisesi ikinci s?n?f?nda ö?renim gören ?brahim Ku?çu, ?skoçya'da klonlanarak dünyaya getirilen ilk koyun ''Dolly'' ile ilgili ara?t?rmalar?ndan esinlenerek haz?rlad??? ''DNA Kök Hücre'' projesi, TÜB?TAK taraf?ndan ''2008 Y?l?n?n Genç Biyolo?u'' olarak ödüllendirilmesini sa?lad?. Ku?çu (16), AA muhabirine yapt??? aç?klamada, babas?n?n 1995 y?l?nda Londra Büyükelçili?inde polis memuru olarak görev yapt???n?, orada do?du?unu ve ald??? ?ngilizce e?itimin ya?am?n?n tüm alan?nda yararl? oldu?unu söyledi. ?skoçya'n?n Roslin Enstitüsünde klonlanan ilk memeli "Dolly" adl? koyunun dünyaya gelmesiyle genetik mühendisli?inde önemli geli?melerin ya?and???n?, genlerin laboratuvar ko?ullar?nda biçimlendirilmesinin ilgisini çekti?ini belirten Ku?çu, ?öyle devam etti: "Geçen y?l Adana'da gerçekle?tirilen '15'inci Ulus...
Anna Suit Dolly Girl Perfume Gift Set
2008-06-03 09:18:00
I just love this totally cool gift set by Anna Sui Dolly Girl. I bought it as a gift (for me.. who better to buy nice things for?!), and I thought it was great value for money. I've seen Anna Sui body lotion for $35 a tube and this whole set was only $75. I'm loving the Anna Sui Dolly Girl scent as well. It's really subtle and pleasant to wear. I find a lot of perfumes way too much and this is the first one I have ever bought that I genuinely can wear anytime. When I use all of the products together, I smell gorgeous. Honestly, I was walking around sniffing myself for hours the first time I used them (great look!!!)
Louis Armstrong: Hello Dolly
2008-06-01 13:05:00
There is just something about Louis Armstrong. Yes, he had a very unique voice. He played the trumpet as well, or better, than anyone but there was something more. He was a showman. Even in this very poor quality video, his showmanship shines through. Enjoy. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Louis Armstrong: Hello Dolly", url: "http://www.whereistheoutrage.n-et/wordpress/2008/06/01/louis-a-rmstrong-hello-dolly/" });
Touring - Earth Wind & Fire, George Clinton & P-Funk, Dolly Parton, more
2008-06-01 05:31:00
Earth, Wind & Fire06/06 - 07/08 - Las Vegas, NV - Las Vegas Hilton 06/10/08 - Temecula, CA - Pechanga Resort & Casino 06/13 - 14/08 - Reno, NV - Silver Legacy Resort Casino 06/15/08 - Stockton, CA - Bob Hope Theatre 06/17/08 - Santa Rosa, CA - Wells Fargo Center For The Arts 06/19/08 - Santa Ynez, CA - Chumash Casino 06/20/08 - Del Mar, CA - Del Mar Fairgrounds 06/22/08 - Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theatre 06/24/08 - Livermore, CA - The Concerts At Wente Vineyards 06/26/08 - Jacksonville, OR - Britt Festivals 06/27/08 - Ridgefield, WA - The Amphitheater At Clark County 06/28/08 - Woodinville, WA - Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery07/06/08 - Milwaukee, WI - Summerfest Grounds 07/09/08 - Grand Prairie, TX - Nokia Theatre At Grand Prairie 07/11/08 - San Antonio, TX - Majestic Theatre 07/12/08 - Houston, TX - Verizon Wireless Theater 07/14/08 - Atlanta, GA - Chastain Park Amphitheatre 07/16/08 - Vienna, VA - Filene Center At Wolf Trap 07/19/08 - Memphis, TN - Botanical ...
The Dolly Perfumery
2008-05-24 06:19:00
I guess it's just that time of year, isn't it? The time when bloggers feel the need to excuse themselves from posting duties for some time, whether it be days or weeks...sometimes months. Hiatus, is the word I believe. I don't like this word. It brings negative connotations as far as I'm concerned. I prefer vacation - that way, everybody benefits (or at least, the refreshing name means everybody thinks they benefit). Now, this isn't just a vocabulary lesson, there is a purpose for me bringing all this up. Exams are in two weeks (so is my birthday! Yay!) and hardcore studying is required, in order for me to pass - immunity from 'exam-ruining anxiety' has never come naturally to me, see. But by no means am I taking a hiatus or even a vacation. I'm just putting it out there that posts will be irregular. There will be a few, I hope, during these next few weeks because, like all bloggers, I just love blogging. Lol. But there must be a line drawn when it comes to schoolwork, I'm ...
Howard Stern Responds To Dolly; Says Bring It On
2008-05-23 17:20:00
Howard Stern’s response to the allegations that Dolly Parton is contemplating a lawsuit: “I can’t even imagine someone thinking they have an actionable case, but bring it on.” Last month I called attention to the story behind Marty Robbins‘ epic western ballad “El Paso,” where the hero’s love for a woman named Felina becomes his downfall. ...
Afternoon Update - Motorhead, Dolly Parton, Phil Collins, more
2008-05-23 01:07:00
A documentary on Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister is scheduled for release next year. Lemmy will not only include footage and an interview with Kilmister, but also his bandmates and others like Mick Jones, Alice Cooper and Slash.The film is being produced and directed by Greg Oliver and Wes Orshoski using HD Video and 16-mm film. Oliver said of Kilmister, "Shooting Lemmy is like filming dangerous wildlife. He never does what you expect him to do, and he never does anything you want him to do. A lot of the coolest shots are shots we had to wait for four or five shows to go by before we could get them."Howard Stern has thrown down the gauntlet to Dolly Parton in her threatened lawsuit. Parton was upset by a Stern radio bit where he edited together words from Dolly's reading of her latest book to make it sound like she was making crude and racist statements.When asked about the lawsuit, Stern said, "I can't even imagine someone thinking they have an actionable case, but bring ...
Howard Stern Pisses Off (and On) Dolly Parton
2008-05-15 19:11:00
Howard Stern ruined any chance of ever copping a feel on Dolly Parton after he spliced segments of her new audio book and made it sound as though she were hurling disgusting racial slurs - and other, well, pretty f*cked up stuff! [Head over to Defamer to listen to the audio.] Stern edited Parton’s voice to make ...
Good Golly, Miss Dolly
2008-05-15 17:27:00
Anatomically correct silicone doll Dolly Parton is pissed at Howard Stern. "I have never been so shocked, hurt and humiliated in all my life. I cannot believe what Howard Stern has done to me. In a blue million years, I would never have such vulgar things come out of my mouth. They have done editing or some sort of trickery to make this horrible, horrible thing." David Hinckley NYDN I divine an Al Sharpton anti-Stern protest demanding the foul jock's head... Stern has crossed the line big time.What Stern did was put together a string of unrelated words from her audio book... The tamest: "When I was a teenager I raped Minnie Pearl's dead body." And Don Imus got done in by "nappy-headed hos?"
Dolly Parton Hurt By Howard Stern?s Tasteless Manipulation
2008-05-15 17:23:00
Last week Howard Stern manipulated and re-edited sound clips from Dolly Parton quotes “to make it appear the singer was making racist and sexually explicit remarks about Kenny Rogers, Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Carson and others.” Kristin Whittlesey says it wasn’t mildly upsetting either, it was so filthy and nasty that it can’t even be paraphrased. ...
2008-05-15 15:01:00
Dolly Parton Country music superstar Dolly Parton is pissed off at shock Sirius shock jock Howard Stern after he broadcast what he claimed was a segment from her online audio book on his radio show.The clearly-doctored audio manipulated her speaking voice to create racist and sexually vulgar comments, which Stern played to his listeners ...
Shock Jock Stern Shocks Dolly Parton, Will She Shock Back?
2008-05-15 02:46:00
Shock Jock Howard Stern, a man of few morals and the charm wit and repartee of a rattlesnake bite, has struck again. In a satellite broadcast on XM Radio on May 6th Stern aired what he would call a comedy segment. Taking Dolly’s voice, and some interesting editing it appeared that Dolly was discussing other celebrities  ...
Dolly Parton Outraged by Howard Stern Segment
2008-05-15 01:03:00
Dolly Parton is none too happy with the Howard Stern Show. Last week, the show played edited recordings from Parton's audio books made to sound as if the singer was making racist and sexually graphic comments.In a statement, Parton said "I have never been so shocked, hurt and humiliated in all my life. I cannot believe what Howard Stern has done to me. In a blue million years, I would never have such vulgar things come out of my mouth. They have done editing or some sort of trickery to make this horrible, horrible thing. Please accept my apology for them and certainly know I had nothing to do with this." "If there was ever going to be a lawsuit, it's going to be over this. Just wanted you to know that I am completely devastated by this."
Dolly Parton Presale Code: Seattle
2008-05-08 17:47:00
The Dolly Parton presale code has just been become available. This presale password is your key to getting premium tickets. Our site has been serving ticket brokers and concert fans for years now and we are a proven source for accurate codes. Make sure to tell your friends about presale411 when you get great Dolly Parton tickets.Dolly PartonWaMu Theater, Seattle WAFri, Aug 8, 2008 08:00 PMInternet Presale:Start:Thu, 05/08/08 10:00 AM PDTEnd:Fri, 05/09/08 10:00 PM PDTPresale Code: KMPSGrab Presale Tickets at TicketmasterLooking for a password that isn't listed here? Check out
Dolly Parton in Seattle - presale code
2008-05-08 15:16:00
The Dolly Parton presale password has been posted: this means that you can buy Dolly Parton tickets before the public! The special free pre-sale password for Dolly Partons concert in Seattle unlocks tickets EARLY. This is your chance to see Dolly Parton perform Here are the Dolly Parton concert details:Dolly PartonWaMu Theater , Seattle, WAFri, Aug 8, 2008 08:00 PMInternet Presale InfoFAN CLUB PRESALE:Start:Wed, 05/08/08 10:00 AM PDTEnd:Fri, 05/09/08 10:00 PM PDTAEG PRESALE:Start:Thu, 05/08/08 10:00 AM PDTEnd:Fri, 05/09/08 10:00 PM PDTVENUE/RADIO PRESALE:Start:Thu, 05/08/08 10:00 AM PDTEnd:Fri, 05/09/08 10:00 PM PDTDolly Parton fanclub presale code: Click here to see the Dolly Parton presale code. If there are no tickets for Dolly Parton you can still get access through StubHub.This content was originally posted at
Dolly Parton:?Someone told me I should run for president. I said, don?t you
2008-05-03 20:50:00
Love your home, love your country.But it masks her more subversive message: Nothing is as it seems. Between the songs and her nonstop patter ? she is an assassin of dead air ? the show was a seminar on the peril of accepting received wisdom, whether the subject was drag queens, the rural poor, working stiffs, politicians, Pentecostalists, young media stars or bosomy women. She granted pretty much everybody a complex interior life, and the power of independent thought.
Dolly Parton in Berkeley - presale password
2008-05-01 18:45:00
The free Dolly Parton presale password has just been posted. During this presale you can buy Dolly Parton tickets before anyone else!. The free pre-sale passcode for Dolly Partons show in Berkeley unlocks tickets for a limited time. This is your chance to see Dolly Parton perform Here are the Dolly Parton show details:Dolly PartonGreek Theatre-U.C. Berkeley , Berkeley, CATue, Aug 5, 2008 08:00 PMWolf Radio Presale:Start:Thu, 05/01/08 10:00 AM PDTEnd:Fri, 05/02/08 10:00 PM PDTTHE DOLLY PARTON PRESALE CODE: CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CODE WISEGUY'S TIP: When buying tickets at Ticketmaster, remember that Best Available is not always the best choice... you may find that "the best" is out of your price range or not what you expected. We recommend choosing a price level or an area of the venue to narrow your search.This content was originally posted at
Little dolly
2008-04-22 01:13:00
While we were eating dinner at my dad and stepmum’s house last night, Baby A decided that she wanted to lie down in the doll’s crib. But as soon as she climbed in there, she didn’t like it and wanted to get out…lol You may also be interested in reading: Licking the bowl SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Little dolly", url: "" });
Dolly?s Coat of Many Projects
2008-04-18 23:04:00
You’d think someone would have thought about launching a line of Dolly Parton makeup a long time ago. But apparently not. Until now. ”I want my own cosmetics… More: continued here
Anna Sui Dolly Girl Lil? Starlet, Miss Sixty Summer Collection 2008 ~ new f
2008-04-11 20:42:00
Anna Sui has launched her yearly limited edition of Dolly Girl, Dolly Girl Lil' Starlet: Be a lil' starlet with this gorgeous fragrance from Anna Sui. Top notes of marine accord, pink grapefruit, lemon and mandarin; middle notes of Madonna lily, pear and peony; bottom notes of sandalwood, amber and musk. Anna Sui Dolly Girl Lil' Starlet is available in 50 ml Eau de Toilette. (via debenhams) See also: Dolly Girl on the Beach, Dolly Girl Bonjour L'Amour. Miss Sixty will launch their summer limited edition, Miss Sixty Summer Collection 2008, next month. Miss Sixty Summer Collection is a "carefree and merry" variation on 2005's Miss Sixty fragrance, and includes notes of raspberry, passion fruit, lemon, jasmine, lily of the valley, guava, musk, cedar and praline. Miss Sixty Summer Collection 2008 will be available in 30 ml Eau de Toilette. (via
Dolly Parton Helps Release An Eagle Back Into The Wild
2008-04-11 19:42:00
Wearing 4-inch heels and decked in designer buckskins, entertainer Dolly Parton helped re-introduce a bald eagle into the wild yesterday. The eagle was blown from its nest several weeks ago in Florida and was subsequently rescued by the American Eagle Foundation. The organization has its headquarters within the Dollywood theme park which includes a 1.5-million-cubic-foot ...
By: Ecorazzi
Dolly Parton Helps Eagle Return to Wild
2008-04-11 11:08:00
Dolly Parton visited the woods overlooking Douglas Lake near the Great Smoky Mountains in designer buckskins and 4-inch heels. But she knew she wasn?t the star of this show. It was a young American bald eagle. The eagle was blown from its nest several weeks ago in Florida. On Thursday, it was returned to the wild ...
Afternoon Update - Elton John, Dolly Parton, Bob Marley, more
2008-04-10 22:02:00
Elton John's benefit concert for the campaign of Senator Hillary Clinton raised $2.5 million.John added his verbal support for Clinton. "I've always been a Hillary supporter. There is no one more qualified to lead America."I'm amazed by the misogynistic attitudes of some of the people in this country and I say to hell with them. I love you Hillary, I'll be there for you."Dolly Parton participated in the release of a young bald eagle into the Great Smokey Mountains on Thursday. The eagle was a rescue from Florida, where it had been blown from its nest.Cedella Booker, the mother of the late Bob Marley, passed away in Miami on Tuesday at the age of 81. Booker was not only a singer with two albums to her credit, but also an author of two books on her son's life.David Byrne joined Paul Simon last night at Simon's Under African Skies concert. The show was part of a month-long series at the Brooklyn Academy of Music saluting various aspects of the singer's career. Last nights...
Holly Dolly - Dolly Song (Ieva's Polka)
2008-04-06 00:00:00
I herd ;) it once, now you lot can suffer
David Archuleta Sings Dolly Parton
2008-04-03 06:30:00
The American Idol contestants sang Dolly Parton on last night’s performance night. David Archuleta and Carly Smithson’s performances are the best for the night. Ramiele Malubay performance is still... A certified Ortigas blogger...Writing is life!
Dolly Parton Singing ?Jesus And Gravity? on ?Idol?
2008-04-03 04:58:00
Dolly Parton’s inspirational American Idol performance of “Jesus And Gravity” from her new album Backwoods Barbie.
American Idol - April 1 Dolly Parton Night
2008-04-02 04:52:00
On tonight’s American Idol, Dolly Parton mentors the Top 9, and they are also doing covers from the Dolly Parton songbook. Brooke White opens the show with “Jolene”. I love her, but really, it’s becoming the same over and over again. I need something new from her, but then again, who knows, she might win. David Cook, ... [ This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more! ]
American Idol - April 1 Dolly Parton Night
2008-04-02 04:18:00
On tonight's American Idol, Dolly Parton mentors the Top 9, and they are also doing covers from the Dolly Parton songbook.Brooke White opens the show with "Jolene". I love her, but really, it's becoming the same over and over again. I need something new from her, but then again, who knows, she might win.David Cook, after dominating the past weeks with his performances and controversies, did a cover of "Little Sparrow". Tonight, he acknowledged the songwriters that he borrowed his arrangements from, including Doxology's rendition of "Eleanor Rigby". Something different about him tonight... Shocks! He got rid of the "over-comb". I like the new hair.Ramiele Malubay, who totally sucked the past couple of weeks, did "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind". She actually sounded a lot better this week, but I wasn't too sure about the performance, if you listened carefully, you would hear her being unsure of some of the lyrics. I'm worried about tomorrow for her.Jason Castro sang "Travellin' Thru...
‘American Idol’ Dolly Parton Night Review
2008-04-02 03:25:00
Tonight was Dolly Parton night on American Idol. As a fan of Dolly, tonight was very exciting to see her and Idol together. Dolly mentored the contestants and helped them to come up arrangements on her all-time classic songs. If you are not familiar with Dolly then pick up her latest album “Backwoods Barbie” or a greatest hits compilation and enjoy. For the record Dolly Parton is 62 years-old. And if you haven’t been to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee then you should some time. Tonight: Syesha Mercado, David Archuleta, Michael Johns In The Middle: Brooke White, David Cook, Jason Castro Danger Zone: Ramiele Malubay, Carly Smithson, Kristy Lee Cook Brooke White - “Jolene” - She did a decent job. Dolly’s version is impeccable. Brooke more than likely did enough to return next week. She is adorable except when she wrinkles her face awaiting the judge’s results. She looks a good bit older than 24. Grade B- David Cook - “Little S...
Kristy Lee Cook To Channel The Dolly (Parton)
2008-04-01 22:45:00
Although you may think our support of Kristy Lee Cook is some kind of lame April Fools joke, the joke is on you, because Kristy Lee Cook is the best thing to happen to this season of American Idol. Tonight the TastyBooze sponsored KLC will join the rest of the cast in singing Dolly Parton songs. ...
American Idol Spoiler for 4/1 - Dolly Parton Night
2008-04-01 01:38:00
Tomorrow night is “Dolly Parton Night” on American Idol. Dolly Parton will mentor the contestants and they will each perform one of her 600 + songs. has posted this spoiler list for tomorrow night. I have no idea how true this spoiler is so take it with a grain of salt. American ...
Dolly Parton To Take Her Hits To American Idol Tomorrow Night
2008-03-31 16:59:00
Dolly Parton will be the first of four superstar guest mentors on American Idol this year. Her stint as mentor begins tomorrow night when contestants will choose from her catalog for their performances, but don’t expect her to be too critical. “Even the bad (singers) are just as sincere as the good ones,” Parton said. ...
American Idol April 1 2008 Theme Will be Dolly Parton Week
2008-03-27 19:29:00
American Idol April 1 2008 Theme Will be Dolly Parton Week No American it’s not an April Fools Day Joke, But it will be Dolly Parton songs that will be served up by the American Idol Final 9 on 4-1-08 On Tuesday, April 1 (8:00-9:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), the Top 9 finalists (Brooke White, Carly Smithson, ...
Huge Hooters Hold Down Dolly Parton's Tour
2008-03-27 04:52:00
Long famous for her super-sized hooters, big wigs, smile and voice, Dolly Parton quipped when receiving a songwriters award last year that she's been known for two things throughout her career. "I'm talking about my music and my lyrics."Parton, 62, announced Monday that she would postpone her upcoming North American tour after doctors told her to take it easy for six to eight weeks to rest her sore back. "Hey, you try wagging these puppies around a while and see if you don't have back problems," the sassy singer-songwriter said in a statement. The tour, was to begin on February 28 in Minneapolis, two days after the release of her first album of mainstream country music in 17 years titled "Backwoods Barbie". Dolly now plans to start the tour in April.Parton has been enjoying a renewed popularity since releasing the first of a trio of bluegrass-tinged albums in 1999. Dolly delved back into her musical roots in bluegrass after finding she was no long...
The final 9 American Idols will perform Dolly Parton
2008-03-27 00:00:00
(photos © Fox) Next week is all about Dolly Parton on American Idol. The final 9 American Idols will be performing her songs and I am already dreading how bad it is going to be. It is not that her songs are bad, I just fear their performances will be. But I be a little more ...
Dolly Parton Presale Code: Binghamton
2008-03-21 09:45:00
The Dolly Parton presale code has just been become available. This presale password is your key to getting premium tickets. Our site has been serving ticket brokers and concert fans for years now and we are a proven source for accurate codes. Make sure to tell your friends about presale411 when you get great Dolly Parton tickets.Dolly PartonBroome County Arena, Binghamton, NYSat, Apr 26, 2008 08:00 PMRadio Presale:Start:Fri, 03/21/08 12:00 PM EDTEnd:Fri, 03/21/08 10:00 PM EDTPresale Code: barbieGrab Presale Tickets at TicketmasterLooking for a password that isn't listed here? Check out
Mariah Carey American Idol! Mentor Dolly Parton, Neil Diamond, Andrew Lloyd
2008-03-20 23:42:00
LALATE ON TELEVISION Mariah Carey, Neil Diamond, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Dolly Parton American Idol Our girl Mariah will appear next week on “American Idol”, as announced last night by Ryan Seacrest.In a new press release from FOX obtained by LALATE NEWS, Fox explains “[o]n last night’s results show, Ryan Seacrest announced that Mariah Carey, Dolly Parton, Neil Diamond and ...
First topless day this year in the Dolly!
2008-03-14 18:27:00
DSCF5087 Originally uploaded by Travelling TailsThis is before we got stuck on hill!
Dolly Parton: 'Jesus & Gravity' [New Single!]
2008-03-12 08:49:00
Dolly Parton is back with her second single from her new album 'Backwoods Barbie'. The album is her first mainstream country album in almost a decade, and it's one of her best albums in my opinion. The second single is titled 'Jesus & Gravity' and it's one of the best songs on the album. Definitely a must-have song, so download it! [LINK #1] Dolly Parton- 'Jesus & Gravity' [LINK #2] Dolly Parton- 'Jesus & Gravity'
Dolly Planning Musical Tribute to Porter Wagoner
2008-03-10 16:54:00
Hazel Smith says Dolly Parton is planning a musical tribute to Porter Wagoner. Parton will dress her band in the Wagonmaster attire and put Don Warden back behind the steel guitar, where he played for Wagoner from 1953 to 1974. The Village Voice’s review of Alan Jackson’s Good Time wins the award for most over-written review ...
Retro Music in the Morning: Dolly Parton - ?Here You Come Again?
2008-03-09 14:29:00
There's no better way than starting off your day with some vintage Dolly Parton.
Short Takes - Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston, Dolly Parton, more
2008-03-07 08:14:00
Bruce Springsteen is helping raise money for the restoration of the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, NJ. The theater was built in 1926 for movies and vaudeville. A benefit will be held on May 7.Clive Davis has said that four songs are in the can and four more will be recorded this month for Whitney Houston's first album of new material in six years. "We're on track for a holiday release," Davis said. "We're not going to compromise who she is to fit into today's hip-hop radio market. The public wants Whitney material." Dolly Parton says she is going to pile on the pounds to prove she doesn't have any eating disorder. "People are telling me I'm too skinny now, so I'm going to gain 10 or 12 pounds. They worry about me, but I'm healthy."He gets an E for Effort. Before dropping out of the race, former presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee spotted Mick Jagger at a Miami, Florida cafe and asked him to come to his rally. Jagger obliged and played a couple of songs for the crowd. ...
Touring - Roger Waters, Dolly Parton, Ray Davies, more
2008-02-28 21:28:00
Roger Waters (update from February 7)4/27 - Indio, CA - Coachella Valley Music Festival4/30 - Denver, CO - Pepsi Center Arena5/2 - Dallas, TX - Center5/4 - Woodlands, TX - Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion5/11 - Landgraaf, Netherlands - Megaland5/13 - Odense V., Denmark - Fionia Park5/15 - Liverpool, UK - Echo Arena5/18 - London, UK - O2 ArenaDolly Parton (update from February 14)4/22 - Pittsburgh, PA - Benedum Center4/23 - Hershey, PA - Hershey Center4/25 - Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun Arena4/28 - Fairfax, VA - Patriot Center4/29 - Atlanta, GA - Fox Theatre5/1 - New York, NY - Radio City Music Hall5/3 - Atlantic City, NJ - Borgata5/5 - Boston, MA - Opera House5/7 - Minneapolis, MN - Northrup Auditorium5/8 & 9 - Chicago, IL - Chicago Theatre5/11 - Dallas, TX - Nokia Theatre6/13 - Stockholm, Sweden - Stockholm Stadion6/14 - Malmo, Sweden - Malmo Stadion6/15 - Viborg, Denmark - Viborg Stadium6/17 - Kristianstad, Sweden - Arena Sor6/19 - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Aho...
Suelen Rosa, Garota Diet Dolly
2008-02-23 20:46:00
Suelen Rosa, una mas de las Garotas Diet Dolly...
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