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(MF) DOOM colabora com Oh No em ?3 Dollars?
2012-05-28 16:00:00
O primeiro single a ser escolhido do próximo álbum “Ohnomite” de Oh No é “3 Dollars”, precisamente a faixa onde conta com a colaboração de (MF) DOOM – nome SEMPRE em maiúsculas – e que foi lançado numa edição especial em vinil de 7″ com o selo de qualidade da Stones Throw Records. Quem puder deitar as mãos a esta precisidade nem deve sequer pensar duas vezes, apesar de “3 Dollars” ser uma pista com “apenas” 1 minuto e 28 segundos de duração, tempo mais do que sufuciente para DOOM demonstrar (se é que era preciso) porque é considerado por ...
The Tablet of Doom, or Riptide
2012-05-03 16:30:00
Benchmarking computer performance has always been a complex mix of science and art. Coming up with a representative workload reflecting single and multiple users, turning compilers fairly, and really evaluating a mix of processor, memory, and I/O performance across architectures is tough. T
The Rich Could Lose Half Their Wealth in Downturn, Says Faber ? The Wealth
2012-04-04 12:50:00
Economist Marc Faber is often gloomy and almost always contrarian.  Yet his latest prediction on the world’s wealthy may be among his most frightening yet. In an interview on CNBC and in his latest “Gloom, Boom & Doom Report,” Faber …Read more »
Real Estate Investing is About More Than The ?Doom & Gloom? of the Media He
2012-01-18 20:15:00
Surprisingly Gloomy Headlines Betray the Real Story I’ve always heard that negative news stories, whether on TV or in the paper, always sell better than the happy go lucky story.  That trend seems to be true recently as I have noticed nothing but negative news stories on the state of the real estate industry.  I ...This Article is Copyright © 2004-2011 BiggerPockets, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Real Estate Investing is About More Than The ‘Doom & Gloom’ of the Media Headlines
Ignore Doom-Mongers & Naysayers! Have Dreams, Set Goals & Take Action?
2012-01-04 10:46:00
Yesterday I made some changes in the way I run my business. They’re not significant changes in many ways but in others they will make positive differences for my clients, my prospects and my readers. Hopefully, HUGE ones! There will be more tips, more strategies, more inspirational stories and more ways for you to read, ... Related posts:What Are Your Goals And Dreams For 2011 Take Stock, Take Charge & Take Action! Why People Don’t Set Goals When They Know That They Should
Three Biblical Signs of Impending Doom on America
2011-12-30 00:22:00
Find out why the US is in pretty serious trouble according to the Bible. It gives us some signs that appear to be close at hand. These signs indicate the approach of doom. In interpreting Bible prophecy one must think about the possibility of multiple futures or scenarios. This happens because often the prophecies are ...
Jonathan Reichert: Minor 7 Arpeggios of Doom
2011-12-07 00:45:00
Jonathan Reichert - Minor 7 Arpeggios of Doom
Doom News - Trouble Ahead
2011-11-10 01:19:00
Hurricane Force Winds Pound Alaska Alaska Coast Hit By Major Storm International Energy Agency Bombshell Warning: We?re Headed Toward 11°F Global Warming Jump in emissions exceeds “worst case scenario” I disagree that we still have time to try and fix this. This is proving to be more and more true all of the time.
Thom & Jonny vs DOOM
2011-11-06 17:33:00
Num ano vintage para a música em que temos sido privilegiados com algumas memoráveis colaborações entre artistas – Burial & Massive Attack, James Blake & Bon Iver, entre outras – surgiu, entretanto, uma outra que tem tanto de improvável como de… Formidável. A Thom Yorke e Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead), que compuseram a parte instrumental, juntou-se o mastodôntico DOOM (ex-MF DOOM), MC que criou as rimas afiadas e adequadas para que, assim, surgisse esta faixa, (curiosamente) intitulada “Retarded Fren”. E não se deixem enganar pelo título pois estamos perante mais uma autêntica pérola resultante de um verdadeiro encontro de titãs. Notável. A ouvir ...
China. Smells Like 2008, Gloom And Doom Edition.
2011-10-27 18:28:00
I know nobody wants to hear this and I know this is going to cause me to get hate mail from those whose livelihoods are tied in to China's continuing to boom, but I am seeing all sorts of bad news on the horizon with respect to China's economy. A client meeting yesterday was the last straw. The client I met with is very sophisticated, very large, and, most importantly, very experienced. The client is a very large commodity seller who sells massive amounts to China. This company typically sells its product to Chinese private companies that use letters of credit. Prior to 2008, this client's Chinese customers pretty much always paid. Then in 2008, they started contesting the letters of credit and seeking lower prices than that to which they had agreed. Soon after that, they started rejecting the shipments entirely. My client told me that in the last 3-4 weeks, nearly all of his non SOE (State Owned Entity) Chinese clients have contested the letters of credit and have sought lower p...
No Doom and Gloom Here
2011-07-27 23:55:00
Will you be running a marathon at age 100?... this and other unlikely highlights from session one of our four-day Symposium. Emerging markets, before they emerge: Doug Clayton on four ?frontier markets? to watch... Frank Holmes with some staggering growth statistics from the world's largest... ?Expect volatility,? says Rick Rule, with a unsettling admission... what to do when resource markets get frothy... "Buy AAPL, bitch? -- Barry Ritholtz on a sign of froth in the market... trumped up or no... Readers weigh in on Social Security sham... wonder ?whatever happened to failing banks??... chime in on the film... and more!
Prophet of Doom
2011-07-08 23:41:00
Ominous warning of "intensified social conflicts" - Who's saying it, why it matters, and what you should do about it. Plus... Fuel for conflict: Unemployment. Right on cue, Labor Department delivers horrible numbers far below the "expert" consensus.
Fuzzed out, Sludged out Doom
2010-10-26 19:30:00
Were you disappointed with the direction that Electric Wizard took after they released Dopethrone, the album that some consider their finest moment, and perhaps the finest moment in the history of stoner doom? Do you wish they'd gone even farther into sludge and space rock territories with their new lineup? Cough Richmond Virginia's seem to have the answer to your blackened prayers, as their sophomore album and Relapse Records debut may not be Dopethrone Part II, but it may just be the next best thing. These five lumbering tracks of fuzzed out, sludged out doom may worship at the altar of the mighty Electric Wizard, but they also manage to bring enough of their own s t y l e to the table by the end so as not to be blatantly derivative. The production job of Sanford Parker naturally helps them establish their own sonic identity, as although the tones are still harsh and abrasive, there's a natural warmness to the sound that's in direct opposition to the treble heavy fuzz of Dop...
Crack of Doom: from Vacantville to Squatterville?
2010-10-25 18:15:00
San Diego area CRE appraiser Jeremy has an intriguing op-ed in the NC Times: Dubious land sales and unrecorded easements among “parcel owners” [in the desert of Bernalillo County NM] have created a Bizarro world in which nobody really knows who owns what, if anything. Residents —- mostly immigrants from Mexico of questionable U.S. residency ...
Martin Goulding: Sweep Arpeggio Lick of Doom
2010-09-24 18:35:00
Sweep Arpeggio Lick of Doom - Guitar Techniques
Vuvuzela Doom
2010-07-01 12:50:00
Si cuando jugaba al Doom hubiera tenido una vuvuzela para matar a los enemigos seguro que me lo habría terminado
Crack of Doom: Xmas Tree meet CRE
2009-12-14 08:01:00
Fairfield Residential LLC, one of the nation’s largest apartment owners and developers, filed for bankruptcy on Sunday, the latest casualty of the turmoil engulfing the U.S. real-estate market. - WSJ1 Versus versus Doom. In this corner (without hat, with cold ears) Doom’s very old John M & friends under Marie’s direction playing it straight … The challenger, from ...
Reseñas de clásicos: DOOM para Sega 32X
2009-12-11 03:13:00
Volvamos a ver reseñas de juegos clásicos que marcaron una etapa en nuestras vidas de video-jugadores. En este caso vamos a ver la reseña del juego DOOM – un clásico de los FPS – para Sega 32X. Otra reseña realizada por Classic Game Room, sitio que entra excelente reseñas.
Baseball Defies Predictions of Doom [Art Spander]
2009-10-30 20:26:00
Art Spander of Real Clear Sports: The game died years ago. Isn't that what we were told? Baseball was the echo of another time, men in baggy flannel standing around while the world sped past.It didn't work on television, trying to cram that huge expanse onto a small screen. And kids who weren't playing video games supposedly were playing soccer, on baseball fields.But here are the Yankees and Phillies going at it in this World Series in October 2009 as they did in the World Series in October 1950, and Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Howard are being given space in the sports pages equal that of Brett Favre journeying back to Green Bay.Sure it's because of the Yankees, the most famous sporting franchise in North America, a team of wealth, pinstripes and history. The Yanks cannot be ignored. Nor, with this World Series, can baseball.They had a 13.8 overnight Nielsen rating for Game 1, NFL type numbers, and presumably the figures will be about the same for Game 2, when the Yankees, ha...
Sam Bell: Crazy Guitar Lick Shed of Doom... part 1!
2009-10-26 17:18:00
The Crazy World of Sam Bell!! Flushed with success after the Wood shedding... some crazy licks! Reece Fullwood says: dude you are? damn crazy Sam Bell says:Welcome to the first installment of Sams guitar lick shed. There are two licks in this video, one of them being a legato diminished tapping thing and the other being a pentatonic tapping legato thing. I hope you enjoy them, and if you want... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Crack of Doom: Bernanke’s Secret Weapon — Canada
2009-09-14 14:30:00
1:36:22 I think the idea was to facilitate industry consolidation. … Charlie’s not here, but an interesting factoid is, Chairman Bernanke’s 2nd most cited paper on the Great Depression is actually one that compares the business cycle in the United States and Canada in the 1930s. And the contraction activity was much more gradual [in Canada]. The reason? Canada didn’t have bank failures, because Canada had a consolidated banking system. - AEI1 Resident Fellow Vincent Reinhart, Oct 2, 2008 So this is a bit of shameless self-promotion for Doom’s new transcript of 2 hours worth of battle chatter at the American Enterprise Institute a couple of weeks after Lehman’s collapse a year ago tomorrow. Meanwhile the Mothership is patting itself on the back because Canada hasn’t lost any banks so far this time either, … … but of course that had everything to do with the C$32 billion subsidy the banks got when retail and institutional inves...
Guthrie Govan, Dave Kilminster: 73 notes of doom
2009-08-11 18:35:00
Guthrie Govan, Dave Kilminster, jam! Short but sweet posted on Dave Kilminsters web site: This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Sinking Sox Get 86'd in Fens, Impending Doom Lurking on the Horizon
2009-07-31 12:37:00
The good ship Red Sox seems to be sinking quick. (SawxBlog Illustration) If the Red Sox needed their baseball life to take on a clamorous quality in order to make a drastic move before the trade deadline passed, then their...
Goons of Doom - The Story Of Dead Barbie and Ghost
2009-05-27 22:31:00
Fronted by Australian pro-surfer, musician, artist and film-maker Ozzie Wright a.k.a. ?Fang Fite Ozzie Wrong, The Wizard of Death?, the Goons of Doom are a group of friends that formed their band in 2003 while playing the ?part? of a band the indie cult surf movie classic Doped Youth. Within ...
Collins? Troika of Doom
2009-05-21 09:41:00
Kevin Hardwick vs. Michele Iannello Lynne Dixon vs. Bob Reynolds. Wouldn't it follow that another media person would need to be recruited to challenge the last "obstructionist" who is allegedly thwarting Collins' "reform agenda"? Chesley McNeil for Comptroller!
¿Quién gana? ¿Darth Sidious o el Dr. Doom?
2009-05-16 13:53:00
¡Hola! ¡¡He vuelto!! Espero que podáis perdonarme por este parón frikil? (cállate maldito bastardo y déjate de disculpas)?oh ¡es el Amo del calabozo del reverso tenebroso! parece que se avecina una entrada de tipo ?conversación entre el lado amable y lado oscuro de la personalidad?, pues nada entonces, vamos a ello (te vas cagar, te voy a dar bien el coñazo)?..aains, que paciencia.Bueno pues como sabéis hemos tenido unas semanas de retraso en nuestros posts debido a diversos problemas técnicos con el ordenador, se me había jodido el disco duro y claro me ha tocado (??¡¡¡MENTIRA!!! Pero serás cabronazo, si te has estado tocando los cojones durante dos semanas, estás viciado al Killzone2 de la plei3 y ni has encendido el ordenador, que funciona perfectamente)?ejem, glup, sigamos con la entrada.Para compensaros por esta espera y veáis que este blog es un claro ejemplo de democracia online os traigo un combate que habéis solicitado en masa. Propuesta surgida si no me equivoco de Freakma...
More Detroit Doom
2009-04-05 19:26:00
Yet another article on Detroit, or rather Michigan: Leaving Michigan Behind: Eight-year population exodus staggers state Please read the article first before you read my words of disagreement. I don’t agree with the notion that the State is “losing” anything. Or that the State even has a right to anything. The lost revenue was never ...
Year-end foreclosures in California signals impending doom
2009-01-21 12:19:00
A report from the ForeclosureRadar, a Discovery Bay company, showed that about a quarter-million California houses faced foreclosure in 2008, which was even greater than the properties foreclosed in 2007. The company further mentioned that December saw the issuance of a large number of default notices, replicating once again a situation during summer last year. This ...
John Romita Jr was behind the scene of Dr. Doom sobbing in ASM's 9-11 issue
2009-01-21 09:32:00
Comics Should Be Good tells that, while J. Michael Straczynski was the writer of Amazing Spider-Man's 9-11 "tribute", one of the most embarrassingly bad side-stories concocted by Marvel several years ago, John Romita Jr. was the one who thought up the scene of Dr. Doom crying over the disaster. I did hear several years ago that JRjr had claimed credit for that dreadful idea, but assumed at the
Becomingkate commented on the blog post Notice of impending doom.
2009-01-18 22:00:00
Becomingkate commented on the blog post Notice of impending doom. I think that Blogspot will be the winner with me, as well.
Doug commented on the blog post Notice of impending doom.
2009-01-18 04:52:00
Doug commented on the blog post Notice of impending doom. Just don't follow it here, Lou ;-)
Doom en la pantalla usando la ?no oficial? salida de TV del iPhone
2008-12-16 12:00:00
El desarrollador para iPhone Steven Troughton realizó otra prueba de lo que correspondería a la no informada aún funcionalidad de Salida de TV que incluye el teléfono de Apple. Para esta tarea, conectó su iPhone a un clásico monitor monocromático Apple II corriendo el Super-Hiper-Mega? buen juego Doom y el resultado fue más que positivo, ...
The sole bright spot in a gloom and doom economy
2008-11-21 02:04:00
The IAB published Q3,2008 Internet Advertising Revenue numbers today. There has been an 11% growth over the same quarter last year. The third quarterly revenues this year have touched $5.9 B. Indeed, online advertising continues to shine in a gloomy economy.Three observations -1. In the difficult economy that is likely to extend beyond 2009, online advertising should see heavy gains2. A lot of advertisers who stayed away from internet advertising more because they could not fathom the importance or did not have adequate knowledge or just did not care would now be forced to include internet advertising in their advertising mix3. The ONLY advertising option for a small business(quite literally) for these difficult times would be internet advertising- Udayan Bose
White Writers Doom Beyonce?s ?I Am?Sasha Fierce?
2008-11-14 18:28:00
Beyonce’s new album I Am…Sasha Fierce. has received extremely mixed reviews from critics.  Backseat Cuddler music critic DJ Sidekick reviewed the album and one of the key things he pointed out was that the all the songs were written by white songwriters (with the exception of Babyface).  In his opinion this pushed the album more ...
Dagorlad (Bel) - Herald of Doom (2008)
2008-10-16 00:18:00
Country: Belgium Genre: Black/Gothic/Atmospheric Metal Label: N/A Filesize: 84.2 MB Tracklist: 01. Intro 03:20 02. Herald of Doom 03:55 03. Imptacar 03:52 04. Silver Cross Brotherhood 04:48 05. Dwarves 05:23 06. Dragons 04:21 07. Elves 05:16 08. An Army of Skeletons 05:25 ...
Echoes of Doom Sounds
2008-10-15 03:37:00
The latest Major Patch for World of Warcraft - Patch 3.0.2: “Echoes of Doom” is now live in all the hundreds of commercial servers in WoW-NA, WoW-EU, WoW-KR, WoW-CN, WoW-TW. For more information about the new features, changes, and what to expect, simply read: Doom is Upon Us. [ This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more! ]
Second String Pitchers Doom Red Sox, Who Are Officially The AL Wild Card Te
2008-09-27 11:20:00
Well, it had to happen sooner or later, but it happened Friday night at Fenway Park. The New York Yankees demolished the Boston Red Sox by a score of 19-8. David Pauley, starting in place of Daisuke Matsuzaka because of a pesky rain delay, was ineffective, and the bullpen, summoned in the third inning, continued his bumbling and stumbling. The less said about this one, the better. Because of that rain, though, Daisuke Matsuzaka will start in this afternoon's contest in place of Josh Beckett, who will make an abbreviated go at it on Sunday. But there was real bad news that was much worse than a lopsided meaningless game against the out-of-it Yankees. Mike Lowell reagravated his hip injury with a third inning swing and is a definite maybe from here on out. Here's what he and his manager had to say..."I would defer to we'll see what time says," Lowell said. "By no means do I think I'm owed a roster spot just because I've played here. If I'm not going to do anything that can help ...
Wrong Expectations Can Doom Both Buyers And Sellers
2008-09-26 05:29:00
Successful sales function of facts, not emotions Here’s a new thought for you. Our residential market is trying to correct itself, but we keep getting in the way. “We” includes buyers, sellers, agents, lenders and any other stakeholder that has the propensity to allow emotions to enter their decision-making process. As I ...
Hanni Kohl - Doom 2 - EP - 2007
2008-09-26 01:26:00
Hanni Kohl - Doom 2 - EP - 2007Download: RapidsharePais: Lünen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, AlemaniaGenero: Nintendocore / Death MetalMy Space:
Missed Opportunities Doom Red Sox In 4-2 Loss
2008-08-31 23:13:00
The Boston Red Sox left 11 runners on base failing to captalize early on Gavin Floyd as the Chicago White Sox went on to win 4-2 in front of 37,391 at Fenway Park on a gorgeous day for baseball. With the Tampa Bay Rays about to win for the 5th straight time, the Red Sox will ...
China's Economy: The Gloom And Doom Version
2008-08-13 18:55:00
As regular readers well know, I am not a big fan of predictions regarding China or its economy. Their overall accuracy is too low. But I am linking over to one now, entitled, "Chinese and Starbucks Late Stage Growth Obesity," for two reasons. First, I know the author, Vitaliy Katsenelson, and he is one smart dude. Second, it does a nice job of analyzing the situation. But while I agree with much of the analysis (though I sure as hell would not describe Singapore as a lower cost country than China!), I aggressively take absolutely no position on the conclusion: China's economy is going to fall and fall hard. It does make for interesting reading.
Doom News
2008-08-13 06:37:00
While not “back to your regular scheduled deprogramming”, there is a LOT of doom news on the horizon (or on your doorstep, depending on where you live). Artic Ice Melt Will Set New Records Related (another global warming issue): Shelfish Invade Atlantic Prepare for 4C Climate Temperature Rise Whether you know it or not, if this happens, prepare for ...
Wolfenstein y ? un nuevo Doom
2008-08-05 18:27:00
Tras el mediocre resultado cosechado por Doom (no llegó ni a cubrir gastos), suponía que id Software habría escarmentado lo suficiente como para no volver a probar con una nueva traslación …. pero, como siempre, estaba equivocado (suelo pecar de ingenuo ;-)). Es más, lejos de amilanarse, Todd Hollenshead, CEO de la empresa, anda comentando no ...
Wolfenstein y ? un nuevo Doom
2008-08-05 18:27:00
Tras el mediocre resultado cosechado por Doom (no llegó ni a cubrir gastos), suponía que id Software habría escarmentado lo suficiente como para no volver a probar con una nueva traslación …. pero, como siempre, estaba equivocado (suelo pecar de ingenuo ;-)). Es más, lejos de amilanarse, Todd Hollenshead, CEO de la empresa, anda comentando no ...
More Bank Failures And Other Doom
2008-07-26 17:40:00
1st National Bank of Nevada and First Heritage Bank, operating in Nevada, Arizona and California, were closed Friday by federal regulators. The ‘plan’ looks like to announce these closures on Fridays. Wonder which bank is next? Wait till Friday… >Banks Brace For More Pain Not something Advil is going to help with… Not related, but interesting, ...
Crack of Doom: Feeling Poorer?
2008-06-09 09:03:00
It’s Monday, and if your wallet seems thinner to you these days, there’s a reason: The net worth of Americans fell $US1.7 trillion in the first quarter - the biggest drop since 2002; the amount of equity people have in their homes fell to 46.2%, the lowest level on record (and house prices are still falling); ...
The Retroactive Review: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
2008-06-06 04:18:00
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Fortune and glory, kid. With ?Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,? Steven Spielberg made an unyielding, uncontrollable, action adventure flick that never slows down for a second. It isn?t a simple retread of ?Raiders of the Lost Ark,? and that?s what makes it so appealing. 1935. Shanghai. The ...
Make your own Robot Drones of Doom
2008-06-06 00:00:00
Using basic materials like wood, plastic, resin and metal you can build your own collection of robot drones. These 3 drones are based on a 1972 film, Silent Running, and are definately a great addition to any home or apartment. Definite babe magnets.
Doom Deliveries: Mountain Dew Limited-Edition DEWmocracy Flavors
2008-06-04 23:49:00
In this new feature, the Geeks of Doom will talk about some cool stuff that randomly shows up in the mail, with this first entry about a pack of cans of Mountain Dew's new limited-edition flavors.
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