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[Gedankensplitter] Tierbaby versus Menschenbaby
2008-01-28 00:00:00
Wer gewinnt? Haushoch das Tierbaby! Die Gelegenheit war gut. Anscheinend hatte die Eisbauml;renmutter ihr Baby etwas rabiat behandelt. Sofort hatte man es ihr weggenommen und pauml;ppelt es auf. Entgegen der Zusicherung, dass Flocke...
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Aktivis Medan Refleksikan Perjalanan Politik Soeharto
2008-01-27 21:26:00
Medan - Belasan aktivis yang tergabung dalam Generasi Baru Sumatera Utara (GBSU), pada Minggu malam menggelar acara renungan dan merefleksi perjalanan mantan Presiden Soeharto saat memimpin Indonesia. Renungan dan refleksi ini digelar di Monumen Lapangan Merdeka Medan, Sumatera Utara, mulai pukul 20.00 WIB. Presiden Direktur GBSU Dicky Zulkarnaen mengatakan, proses hukum dunia terhadap mantan Presiden Soeharto ...
Aktivis Medan Refleksikan Perjalanan Politik Soeharto
2008-01-27 21:26:00
Medan - Belasan aktivis yang tergabung dalam Generasi Baru Sumatera Utara (GBSU), pada Minggu malam menggelar acara renungan dan merefleksi perjalanan mantan Presiden Soeharto saat memimpin Indonesia. Renungan dan refleksi ini digelar di Monumen Lapangan Merdeka Medan, Sumatera Utara, mulai pukul 20.00 WIB. Presiden Direktur GBSU Dicky Zulkarnaen mengatakan, proses hukum dunia terhadap mantan Presiden Soeharto ...
Knight Vadisi Moradon (edana)
2008-01-27 20:36:00
1.Bir gn Ready2Die4Me (polat) s4h1n91 (memati) mrvadis (abdulhey) modecafenet (gll) moradonda gezerlerken moradonun reconlar? onlar? durdurur:Recon:Ad?n NE?READY2d?E4me: READY2d?E4meRecon:Moradon'a niye geldin?Ready2Die4Me :itin Ticareti Buralarda Ucuzmu? itin Al?p SatmakRecon:Yat Yere Arama Yapcazorda i?te dv? ba?lar Ready2Die4Me KEYF?NE BAKAR mrvadis modecafenet s4h1n91 onlar?n i?ini bitiir 2.Ready2Die4Me ,S4h1n91 Modecafenet ,Mrvadis Restoranda ElMoradlar?n Diplomat?yla konu?ma yaparlar:Diplomat:Biz Buraya Bar??? Sa?lamak ?in Geldik.Bunu Sa?layanda Kral?n Clan Asistidir.Ready2Die4Me :Benim Senin Gibi Bir Clan Asistim Yok.Diplomat: Bas Bas Sen Benim Townumu Bas Bende Senin Townunu Bas?y?mReady2Die4Me :Tamam Sen isteD?plomat:Dur Dur DUR anla?abirizReady2Die4Me ZAMAN kES Sesini Ve Tak ?u+2 STR BASILI TAKIYI BUNU ELLER?MLE YAZDIM YORUM PLS
MessageDance - New Social Messaging Service
2008-01-27 18:42:00
MessageDance this developed for public messaging service and specially for you. From your any email account(yahoo/gmail/aol/live),- simply first sing up for an account and then use messagedance’s email id and though the use of messagedance you can change or updates your profile or current status and exchange with your friends. And your message will be ...
[Gedankensplitter] Blog Kurzgeschichten
2008-01-27 00:00:00
Ich begruuml;#223;e meine Co- Autorin #187;Rosaga#171;, die im Blog Kurzgeschichten mit schreiben wird. Eine Geschichte hat sie schon eingestellt. Guten Tag und viel Freude bei Blog. de...
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Miley Cyrus Personal Pics Leakedand#8230; Again
2008-01-26 07:30:00
Miley Cyrus continues to find herself in the headlines, most recently for her troubles with a charitable ticket giveaway. The Hannah Montana star recently spoke out about the notorious 6-year-old girl from Texas who won “Best Of Both Worlds” concert tickets last month after fabricating a story about her father dying in...
[Gedankensplitter] Rebell
2008-01-26 00:00:00
Heutzutage ist man schon ein Rebell, wenn man in einem #246;ffentlichen Gebauml;ude raucht. Was ist das fuuml;r eine Zeit? 89 ist er geworden, der Schmidt. Die Stasi hauml;tte ihre helle Freude an einen Herrn Keiser von einer Nicht...
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[Gedankensplitter] Was werden die Hessen wauml;hlen?
2008-01-26 00:00:00
Da bin ich aber gespannt, ob Koch fuuml;r die Hessen wauml;hlbar ist, ein Mann der schlichtweg rassistisch ist. Ich halte zwar von den anderen auch nicht sehr viel, aber wenn schwarz- gelb an die Macht kauml;me, wauml;re den Deutsc...
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[Des Kaffeetrinkers Gedanken] Auuuuuua. . .
2008-01-26 00:00:00
Ich liege hier auf dem Sofa und kann mich kaum ramp;#252;hren. Ich hab Ramp;#252;cken. Kamp;#246;rnerkissen auf dem selben. Nachher gehe ich mal in die Badewanne und dann klebe ich mit ein Wamp;#228;rmepflaster auf den Ramp;#252;cke...
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[Des Kaffeetrinkers Gedanken] Moins. . .
2008-01-26 00:00:00
. . . und ein schamp;#246;nes Wochenende Euch allen. Also, so langsam macht es mich wirklich Wamp;#220;TEND. . . das Wetter. Seit Tagen nix als Regen und Sturm. Die kurzen sonnigen Momente lassen sich an einer Hand abzamp;#228;...
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Impedance Earthing with Generators.
2008-01-25 12:25:00
Would like to know the reasons for providing inductor (reactance) in Neutral Earthing path of a Generators. Specifically 1MVA to 20MVA a fixed inductor is observed but with higher rating, even an earthing transformer usage is seen which provides variable values of impedances. Is the only reas
Loredana vs. Madonna
2008-01-24 18:22:00
As you may know I'm a fan of Madonna's music and since pop music in Romania is kind of poor, the only singer that reminds me of Madonna is Loredana.Loredana's debut was in 1988 with her famous song "Buna seara iubito" ("Good evening my love"), a love song. Her style from then varied a lot. Just like Madonna's.The song became special especially 'cause of the politic context Romania was going. The big revolution, many people lost loved ones.One of her recent songs (2006) is "Departare" ("Far away") which is an awesome song 'cause it combines traditional gipsy music with pop-dance. Coincidence or not, Madonna used Gogo Bordel (the gipsy band) in her concert at Live Earth, combing the song "La isla bonita" with gipsy lyrics.The video that you are about to see depicks the gipsy life style, a gipsy wedding. The video was filmed during the period when Romania was in the crysis of the avian flu, that's why you will see chickens (or that's what I think :P ) . But you will find more a...
cable resistance and impedance
2008-01-23 22:59:00
Hey guys I am learning a new stuff on cable, could some one help me that if I know the resistance and reactance of a cable for positive, negative and zero sequence: let us say resistance 2 ohm/km and reactance 1 ohm per km, then could we convert linearly that resistance per m = 2/1000 =0.002 and rea
Paduan Suara SMUN 1 Medan di Galeri Tondi
2008-01-23 02:25:00
Siswa SMU Negeri 1 Medan akan tampil pada pameran bulanan Tondi yang Februari nanti menampilkan karya-karya Grace Siregar, seniman perempuan Batak didikan Belanda sekaligus pemilik Tondi.
Yeni Suzuki Sedan SX-4 Trkiye?de
2008-01-21 00:00:00
Sedan ve hatchback olarak pazara sunulan SX-4, 28.350 YTL?den ba?layan fiyat? ile sat??a sunuluyor. Suzuki, ilk sedan?? SX-4? Trkiye pazar?na sunarak geni?leyen rn yelpazesi ile pazar pay?n? artt?rmay? hedefliyor. Ad?n?, sportif sr? (Sport), her tr do?a ve yol ko?uluna uygunluk (X-over) ve drt mevsimin birle?iminden alan SX-4?n tasar?m?nda nl ?talyan tasar?mc? Giugiaro?nun imzas? bulunuyor. SX-4, Trkiye ...
VE Wagon no-go in US, G8 sedan almost there
2008-01-18 07:34:00
It seems General Motors may have jumped the gun when it confirmed the VE Sportwagon would be exported to the US under the Pontiac namesake. General Motors Vice Chairman of Global Product Development Bob Lutz has revealed that a combination of high cost to modify the Sportwagon for the US market and lack of demand led ...
Percentage Ompedance
2008-01-16 14:09:00
a transformer of capacity 40 MVA , transformer ratio (127 KV/11 KV) and the name plate percentage impedance 14.5% , now the transformer will operate at 71.5 KV at primary side instead of rated value (127KV). so, what will be the new percentage impedance?
BMW Announces Pricing for All-New BMW M3 Coupe and Sedan at 2008 NAIAS
2008-01-15 18:48:00
During its press conference today at the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, BMW announced the pricing for the highly anticipated 2008 BMW M3 Coupe and 2008 BMW M3 Sedan. When the vehicles go on sale in March, the Coupe will be priced at $57,275 and the Sedan at $54,575. Sharing the high-revving 414-horsepower V8 and balanced chassis designed to be "faster than its engine," this March, BMW M GmbH will offer the most powerful, best performing series production M3s to the North American market. The all-new 2008 M3 Coupe and M3 Sedan-the fourth generation of compact sport vehicles which set the standard in minimizing any compromises between race-inspired performance and luxury and convenience-feature the first V8 in a series-production BMW M3. They also feature driver-adjustable settings for crucial dynamic controls encompassing engine response, steering, damping and stability (with an available steering-wheel-mounted "MDrive" button to store the preferences) and a ...
Ford Verve Sedan Concept gets updated for 2008 Detroit Auto Show
2008-01-15 09:57:00
Ford have made a few changes to their Ford Verve Sedan Concept, this updated version has been unveiled at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show. The changes that have been made include a newly designed front fascia with a much larger upper grille, also the taillamps have been made more conservative than the original concept, although ...
Toyota Venza: new crossover sedan introduced at Detroit Auto Show
2008-01-15 09:38:00
No matter what stand you visit at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show most of the automakers will be showing of some exiting new vehicles, and Toyota is just one of them with their new Venza. This vehicle is a crossover sedan and will be sold only to the North American market, starting in 2009. Toyota ...
Toyota Venza , Crossover Sedan
2008-01-15 06:38:00
Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc., unveiled the all-new 2009 Venza crossover sedan at the 2008 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Venza will raise the crossover vehicle to new levels by combining a unique blend of sedan refinement and s...
BMW prices M3 coupe, sedan
2008-01-15 03:50:00
BMW prices M3 coupe, sedan BMW at the Detroit auto show announced U.S. pricing for its M3 Coupe and M3 Sedan models, starting at $56,500 and $53,800, respectively. Compared to the previous-generation M3 Coupe, the new two-door is around $8,000 more expensive. Of course, it packs a whole lot more punch, too. Since the previous M3 lineup didn't include a sedan, we can't make a comparison to past models. However, the $53,800 price tag considerably undercuts the $66,900 Audi RS4 sedan, its main rival. The same 4.0-liter V8 powers both cars, delivering 420 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque at 3,900 rpm. A number of options are available for both the sedan and coupe. A premium package, priced at $1900, offers power folding mirrors, universal garage opener, digital compass mirror, BMW Assist, Novillo Leather interior and choice of three optional interior trims. The technology package includes EDC, M Drive, Comfort Access, and a navigation system — all for $3250...
Chrysler ecoVoyager Concept: minivan meets sedan?
2008-01-14 08:53:00
Chrysler ecoVoyager Concept: minivan meets sedan? Chrysler has unveiled its ecoVoyager Concept, which has room for just four, but features a design with some minivan-like characteristics, including the seating position and individual bucket seats. While it's unclear if the ecoVoyager provides some clues to the future of the Voyager minivan, it has a short front end and hatch-like rear that hint to a van connection. Like Chrysler's other concepts on display at the Detroit auto show this week, the ecoVoyager is built around some high-tech powertrain technology. The electric motor develops 200 kilowatts (268 horsepower) and has a range of 40 miles on battery power alone. The ecoVoyager takes advantage of a range extender — in this case, a small hydrogen fuel cell — to extend the vehicle range for occasional long trips. With this technology, the Chrysler ecoVoyager?s total range is greater than 300 miles, while no emissions.
Gedanken zum Tag
2008-01-12 17:00:00
Wenn man die Weltbevoelkerung auf ein 100 Seelen zaehlendes Dorf reduzieren koennte und dabei die Proportionen aller auf der Erde lebenden Voelker beibehalten wuerde, waere dieses Dorf... In our Blog you find interesting stuff from mostly english but also german sources about the Secret film, the Science of Getting Rich Seminar (SGR Club), the Law of Attraction, Self Healing and Personal Growth, lots of free stuff and much more...
Lexus announced its super sedan 2008 Lexus IS F to start at $56,000
2008-01-12 13:40:00
Lexus announced today that its super sedan, the IS F, will hit the market with a base price of $56,000. In exchange for your money, Lexus will give you an IS sedan stuffed with a 5.0L V8 producing 416 horsepower and 371 lb.-ft. of torque at 5,200 rpm, with which you could reach 60 mph ...
2008 Honda Civic Mugen Si Sedan Road Tests
2008-01-11 17:23:00
BY MARK GILLIES All the bells, but no more whistle. Mugen, which means ?without limits,?is Honda?s tuner of choice and has been since 1973. Although Hondas with Mugen goodies have been sold in the homeland for a quarter-century, the 2008 Civic Si sedan is the first such vehicle officially exported to the U.S. Basically, it?s an Si with ...
Chrysler Nissan Versa sedan
2008-01-11 10:27:00
Taken from Chrysler Nissan Versa sedan on ZerCustoms Nissan announced that it reached an agreement with Chrysler LLC to supply Chrysler with a new Nissan Versa sedan based car for limited distribution in South America. The ' Chrysler Nissan Versa sedan ' will be supplied to Chrysler on an Original Equipment Ma... Complete text here: Chrysler Nissan Versa sedan More Nissan news on ZerCustoms
[Des Kaffeetrinkers Gedanken] Ich werde. . .
2008-01-11 00:00:00
. . . meine Erkamp;#228;ltung einfach nicht los. Kein Wunder bei diesem Wetter. Tags mild mit 10 Grad und abends um die null Grad. ICH WILL SOMMER! Ich sehne mich nach Sonne, Wamp;#228;rme und Meer. . . Ich wamp;#252;nsche Euc...
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Impedance transformation
2008-01-09 22:34:00
Standing waves at the resonant frequency points of an open- or short-circuited transmission line produce unusual effects. When the signal frequency is such that exactly 1/2 wave or some multiple thereof matches the line's length, the source ?sees? the load impedance as it is. The following pair of illustrations shows an open-circuited line operating at 1/2 (Figure below) and 1 wavelength (Figure below) frequencies: Source sees open, same as end of half wavelength line. Source sees open, same as end of full wavelength (2x half wavelength line). In either case, the line has voltage antinodes at both ends, and current nodes at both ends. That is to say, there is maximum voltage and minimum current at either end of the line, which corresponds to the condition of an open circuit. The fact that this condition exists at both ends of the line tells us that the line faithfully reproduces its terminating impedance at the source end, so that the source ...
Characteristic impedance
2008-01-09 22:31:00
Suppose, though, that we had a set of parallel wires of infinite length, with no lamp at the end. What would happen when we close the switch? Being that there is no longer a load at the end of the wires, this circuit is open. Would there be no current at all? (Figure ) Driving an infinite transmission line. Despite being able to avoid wire resistance through the use of superconductors in this ?thought experiment,? we cannot eliminate capacitance along the wires' lengths. Any pair of conductors separated by an insulating medium creates capacitance between those conductors: (Figure ) Equivalent circuit showing stray capacitance between conductors. Voltage applied between two conductors creates an electric field between those conductors. Energy is stored in this electric field, and this storage of energy results in an opposition to change in voltage. The reaction of a capacitance against changes in voltage is described by the equation i = C(de/dt), whic...
Video: Hyundai Genesis Sedan
2008-01-09 13:27:00
Here’s a short video of the recently introduced Hyundai Genesis Sedan, presented by the guys from WorldCarFans. Enjoy!
Hyundai Genesis Sedan unveiled ahead of Detroit
2008-01-08 18:37:00
With just a week before the Detroit auto show opens up, Hyundai USA decided to officially introduce the Hyundai Genesis Sedan. Based on Hyundai’s latest rear wheel drive platform and with prices starting at $30,000, the Genesis will be the producer’s new flagship. The Genesis will come with three engine choices. There will be two V6 ...
Edana Adream En Iyi Clanlar We Charlar
2008-01-08 16:28:00
clanlar1.KARSIYAKA2.NoHumanNoCr-y3.RsT4.LaCosaNosTRa5.ObSeSsioN-charlar1.Exelannss2.B5555555553-.agae4.KANTUTAR5.Xplosive (byle bi?ey)bnce byle
Ketua DPRD Medan Cuci Tangan, Kembalikan Rp 200 Juta ke KPK
2008-01-08 15:20:00
Jakarta - Takut terseret dalam kasus dugaan korupsi yang menyeret Walikota dan Wakil Walikota Medan, Abdillah dan Ramli Lubis, Ketua DPRD Medan Syahdansyah Putra buru-buru 'cuci tangan'. Dia pun mendatangi KPK untuk mengembalikan Rp 200 juta pemberian kedua tersangka korupsi APBD Kota Medan periode 2002-2006 itu. “Yang bersangkutan mengembalikan uang kepada penyidik KPK sebesar Rp 200 juta,” ...
Sizce Edanadaki En Iyi Char ?
2008-01-08 14:59:00
bence en iyi AZAD sizceee ID:AZAD IRC:HUMAN JOB:WAR?OR LWL:80
Ketua DPRD Medan Cuci Tangan, Kembalikan Rp 200 Juta ke KPK
2008-01-08 14:10:00
Jakarta - Takut terseret dalam kasus dugaan korupsi yang menyeret Walikota dan Wakil Walikota Medan, Abdillah dan Ramli Lubis, Ketua DPRD Medan Syahdansyah Putra buru-buru 'cuci tangan'. Dia pun mendatangi KPK untuk mengembalikan Rp 200 juta pemberian kedua tersangka korupsi APBD Kota Medan periode 2002-2006 itu. “Yang bersangkutan mengembalikan uang kepada penyidik KPK sebesar Rp 200 juta,” kata juru bicara KPK, Johan Budi SP saat dihubungi wartawan, Selasa (8/1/2008). Sebelumnya, KPK juga menerima pengembalian uang dari Ketua DPRD Sumatera Utara Abdul Wahab Dalimunthe sebesar Rp 100 juta, dan dari anggota DPRD Sumut Yulisar Parlagutan Lubis sebesar Rp 300 juta. Akibat perbuatan yang disangkakan kepada Abdillah dan Ramli dalam penyalahgunaan APBD tersebut, negara diduga mengalami kerugian sebesar Rp 1,727 miliar. Selain korupsi APBD, Abdillah juga diduga terlibat dalam korupsi pengadaan mobil pemadam kebakaran. Abdillah dan Ramli saat ini sudah mendekam dalam ...
Porsche Hybrid Panamera Sport Sedan
2008-01-08 03:19:00
The Porsche GT Panamera Sports Sedan will not only enter the sports sedan market but will also be offering with hybrid version. The new hybrid version will share components with the Cayenne hybrid announced last year.The new developed full parallel hybrid system will equipped with a battery unit positioned in the luggage compartment, and the power electronics and hybrid module between the engine and transmission comprising and additional clutch and the electric motor.Depending on driving conditions, the driver will be able to choose among a number of different modes ranging from all-electric to all gasoline drive. Fuel consumption is expected to be reduced by around 30 percent, while still providing the same motivation you'd expect from a Porsche. The new Porsche is expected to go on sale in 2009 with the introduction of the gasoline engines first then followed by the hybrid model.Press ReleaseHybrid Drive on the Porsche PanameraStuttgart. Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, w...
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Hussien Fahmy and Swedan wedding photos صور حفل زفاف الفنان
2008-01-07 13:30:00
يبدو أن الفنان حسين فهمي قرر أن يودع عام 2007 بزواجه من الفنانة لقاء سويدان، حيث احتفل بزواجهما مساء الجمعة، ليكونا اخر الفنانين الذين احتفلوا بزفافهم هذا العام. ومن المقرر أن يقضيا شهر العسل في القاهرة، استعدادا لبدء مسرحية "زكي في الوزارة" في الاسبوع الأول من يناير علي المسرح القومي، على أن يطيرا إلى احدى العواصم الاوروبية خلال شهر فبراير القادم. هذا وقد أقيم الحفل الذي استمر حتي الساعات الأولي من صباح السبت، في المطعم الذي يمتلكه حسين فهمي على نيل القاهرة وهو نفس المكان الذي احتفل فيه شقيقه الفنان مصطفي فهمي بزفافه من الفنانة رانيا فريد شو...
Penahanan Walikota Medan Dinilai Bermotif Politik
2008-01-06 19:11:00
Medan - Penahanan Walikota Medan Abdillah dinilai sarat dengan kepentingan. DPW PAN Sumut menilai KPK bertindak karena tekanan politik. Wakil Ketua DPW PAN Sumut Muslim Simbolon menyatakan dugaan tekanan politik dilihat dari jangka waktu penetapan Abdillah sebagai tersangka hingga penahanannya di Polda Metro Jaya. Abdillah ditetapkan sebagai tersangka sejak Juli 2007 dalam kasus pembelian mobil pemadam kebakaran. ...
[Des Kaffeetrinkers Gedanken] Abgeschmuuml;ckt
2008-01-06 00:00:00
Weihnachtsdeko in Kartons verstaut, Kartons auf dem Dachboden deponiert. Weihnachtsbaum vom Balkon geworfen. Sieht jetzt alles ein bisschen kahl aus, muamp;#223; man sich erst wieder daran gewamp;#246;hnen. Aber das namp;#228;chste ...
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[Gedankensplitter] Was ist los mit uns?
2008-01-06 00:00:00
Keine Nachrichtensendung ohne Bilder von pruuml;gelnden Jugendlichen. Als Hauptort der Pruuml;geleien ist in den Medien die U- Bahn auserkoren worden. Statistiken sprechen dagegen eine andere Sprache, aber das interessiert zur Zeit ke...
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[Des Kaffeetrinkers Gedanken] Eine Schande. . .
2008-01-05 00:00:00
Drei Unbekannte fallen amp;#252;ber kamp;#246;rperbehinderten Mann her Skrupelloser amp;#220;berfall auf 41- jamp;#228;hrigen Spendensammler in der Innenstadt / 100 Euro Beute / Polizei sucht Zeugen Minden (mt/ ani). Skrupelloser g...
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Reefmaster Underwater Digital Camera - Review Posted By : Greg Tredan
2008-01-04 05:01:00
So why in the world would you want to own a Reefmaster Underwater Digital Camera? Well, have you ever been snorkleing or scuba diving? It is such a shame that you can see such beautiful things, but yet you are not able to capture them and take them home with you. More: continued ...
BMW to unveil U.S.-spec X5 xDrive35d SUV and 335d sedan at Detroit show
2008-01-04 03:27:00
BMW to unveil U.S.-spec X5 xDrive35d SUV and 335d sedan at Detroit show BMW will official unveil its U.S.-spec diesel-powered X5 xDrive35d SUV and 335d sedan later this month at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The vehicles will use BMW's clean diesel technology — dubbed BMW Advanced Diesel with BluePerformance. Powering both the X5 xDrive35d and 335d will be BMW's 3.0L diesel inline-six — featuring Variable Twin Turbo Technology — outputting 265 hp and 425 lb-ft of torque. In 335d guise, the engine is good for a 0-62 mph sprint of just 6.2 seconds. Despite the engines high level of performance, it still returns 23/33 mpg city highway. The diesel powerplant is also clean enough to earn it 50-state certification. Both vehicles will hit U.S. BMW dealerships in late 2008.
Usai Diperiksa 3 Jam, Wakil Walikota Medan Ditahan
2008-01-04 01:10:00
Jakarta - Usai menjalani pemeriksaan selama 3 jam, pada pukul 03.00 WIB Waki Walikota Medan Ramli Lubis ditahan penyidik KPK. Ramli yang merupakan tersangka kasus penyelewengan dana APBD Medan 2002-2006 ditahan di Rutan Mabes Polri. Dengan wajah pucat pasih, pria yang mengenakan jaket merah bata ini dikawal petugas kepolisian, yang membawa senjata laras panjang , menuju mobil ...
[Gedankensplitter] Kuschelland Deutschland
2008-01-04 00:00:00
Bin ich froh, hier in Deutschland zu leben. Meine Regierung achtet auf mich, sie nimmt mich an die Hand, so dass ich artig bleibe. Sie hauml;lt ihre schuuml;tzende Hand uuml;ber mich, wie eben Eltern mit ihren Kindern. Das juuml;...
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[Gedankensplitter] Trinkt Mineralwasser oder auch nicht
2008-01-04 00:00:00
Die Mineralwasserindustrie hat jetzt das Rezept. 2007 ist der Umsatz eingebrochen, weil das Wetter im Sommer nicht so ganz toll war. Was macht man, wenn der Umsatz und der Gewinn einbricht? Na, was fauml;llt denn den Unternehmern imm...
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[Gedankensplitter] Blick nach Georgien
2008-01-04 00:00:00
So wird Fortschritt definiert. Laut unserer Medien ist Fortschritt, dass man auf soziale Sicherheit verzichtet. Das wurde kommentiert, bei einem Beitrag uuml;ber die Wahlen in Georgien. Die Georgier hauml;tten es jetzt in der Hand, ...
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