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GAO: Recoverable Oil in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming ?About Equal to Entire Worl
2012-05-12 18:32:00
GAO: Recoverable Oil in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming ‘About Equal to Entire World?s Proven Oil Reserves Pay attention America; WE HAVE BEEN SCREWED, and I can?t think of any nicer way to say it. We?ve been screwed by Liberal politicians, tree … Continue reading →
Domino?s Goes Gluten-Free, Makes Disease-Inducing Junk Food Equal Opportuni
2012-05-07 17:30:00
Anyone who struggles with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance will tell you that, despite rumors of weight loss "perks" spurred by stars like Miley Cyrus, it can actually make life really difficult. Which is why it's great to see so many restaurants and food manufacturers taking their food sensitivities to heart?including Domino's Pizza, which is rolling out a new gluten-free crust, developed in conjunction with the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. But is making disease-inducing junk food equal opportunity really the kind of food revolution we need? I think not. More »Post from: Blisstree
Romney?s Insult To Women On Equal Pay
2012-04-24 19:13:00
CNN Opinion By Lilly Ledbetter, Special to CNN updated 7:35 AM EDT, Tue April 24, 2012 Editor’s note: Lilly Ledbetter is the co-author of “Grace and Grit: My Fight for Equal Pay and Fairness at Goodyear and Beyond” (Crown Archetype). She has campaigned and raised funds for President Barack Obama. (CNN) — It took more ...
By: Suzie-Q
?Equal Mind?, outro inédito dos Beach House
2012-04-23 14:00:00
No Record Store Day os Beach House lançaram o seu novo single “Lazuli” numa edição especial em vinil azul de 7″ que também incluía como lado-b um outro inédito intitulado “Equal Mind”. Pois bem, essa canção pode agora ser escutada em stream através do Soundcloud. “Equal Mind” não será incluida no alinhamento do próximo album “Bloom” que estará à venda a partir de 15 de Maio.
Equal Pay Day 2012
2012-04-17 15:58:00
This year, it’s also Tax Day. Did your senators and/or representative support the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009? Do they even acknowledge the wage gap? Do you live in WY where women earn 64% of what men do? … Continue reading →
DNC chair slams Wis. gov. Walker's 'Equal Pay' repeal
2012-04-08 20:39:00
The Democratic National Committee chairwoman called out Republican Gov. Scott Walker today for repealing Wisconsin?s Equal Pay Enforcement Act, a law intended to lower the cost for plaintiffs suing employers for pay discrimination. ?He tried to quietly repeal the Equal Pay Act. Women aren?t going to stand for...
India Embraces Solar Power, Says Price Will Equal Thermal Power in Five Yea
2011-12-14 16:29:00
Economic South Asian superpower India has firmly embraced solar power, advancing the target date by five years for selling solar-generated electricity at the same rate as electricity generated by fossil fuel plants, from 2022 to 2017. According to government officials, the reason for moving the date forward is plummeting tariffs in the latest solar development projects, a trend that they believe is likely to continue. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Joint Secretary Tarun Kapoor said, "The prices will come down further next year and will continue to fall. Earlier, our aim was that solar power will achieve grid-parity by 2022, but looking at the upbeat response from the industry, we have now reduced our target to 2017. . . . → Read More: India Embraces Solar Power, Says Price Will Equal Thermal Power in Five Years
Compress H2 to equal density of "Air"
2011-11-15 22:39:00
Compress H2 to equal density of "Air" What PSI would you need to compress H2, to make it have the same density of "Air" at sea level? 1 cuft of H2 = 1 cuft of "Air"
Sam Bell: when 2 + 3 don't equal 5
2011-11-10 01:26:00
"Guitar Solo Number 3" by Sam Bell Guitar Solo 2 by Sam Bell
People Are Created Equal Co. is now friends with fashion designer and Georg
2011-10-31 09:31:00
People Are Created Equal Co. is now friends with fashion designer and Georges Gomis
People Are Created Equal Co. commented on Jahleah's group 'Young
2011-10-31 09:07:00
People Are Created Equal Co. commented on Jahleah's group 'Young Fashion'
People Are Created Equal Co. commented on Jahleah's group 'Young
2011-10-31 09:06:00
People Are Created Equal Co. commented on Jahleah's group 'Young Fashion'
PREVIEW: Class Warfare; Not all movements are created equal
2011-10-25 14:12:00
Those of us dismayed by elected officials and their way of doing business are energized by Occupiers taking to the streets, in New York City, Tampa, and around the country. There is something exciting about groups of people who’ve had enough and decide to make a better world for all of us. At first, the ...
PREVIEW: Class Warfare; Not all movements are created equal
2011-10-19 14:12:00
Those of us dismayed by elected officials and their way of doing business are energized by Occupiers taking to the streets, in New York City, Tampa, and around the country. There is something exciting about groups of people who’ve had enough and decide to make a better world for all of us. At first, the ...
Not all pools are equal.
2011-04-25 16:49:00
They are easy to maintain, no need for surface cleaning or acid, also may not vote, not paintings. And others are made of various materials including fiberglass. Fiberglass pools do not rust or peel, and fungi that grow on the inside as it is on plaster or lined pools ... Further information is good for read:And others are made of various materials including fiberglass. The nice thing about fiberglass swimming pool options is that the pre-fabricated in various shapes, sizes and depths. Some of... There are several pools, the power used to clean water. These cleaners remove use of advanced technologies, dirt, dust, twigs, sand, insects, leaves and dirt from the pool can. Two... This increases the costs for the pool. There are several models of Modesto pool owners can choose for your pool. Above cost less than the depressions in...
Are All Types of Water Equal?
2011-03-30 11:05:00
Article by Gareth Edwards This week Gareth Edwards, one of the UK?s best qualified nutritionists and alkaline diet experts, discusses whether or not all types of water are equal. You might think that simply drinking plenty amounts of any type of water is healthy for you, but you will be surprised to learn in Gareth’s ...
Rydex S&P Equal Wt Energy Etf (RYE) goes positive by breaking intraday movi
2010-10-27 22:44:00
The intraday price for Rydex S&P Equal Wt Energy Etf has moved above its 200 period 30 minute moving average of 53.33. RYE is near 53 bucks now. Breaking above the moving average adds to the positive trend in the price. The price is above the trend line, which is about $52. ...
Are Females Equal in Dignity, or the 'source' of derogatory terms?
2010-09-13 14:00:00
Definition of DEROGATORY1: detracting from the character or standing of something ?often used with to, towards, or of 2: expressive of a low opinion : disparaging <derogatory remarks> Male and female were created by God as equal in dignity, value, essence and human nature, but also distinct in role whereby the male was given the responsibility of loving authority over the female, and the female was to offer willing, glad-hearted and submissive assistance to the man. - CBMW feminization of the Churchfeminization of Leadershipfeminization of malesfeminized male temperamentfeminization of the social orderfeminized male temperamentfeminization of manhoodfeminization of our homes and institutionsfeminization of church leadershipfeminization of deity  For some reason today it seems acceptable to use the female, feminization, feminist, etc as a derogatory term, and yet its pretty acceptable to also state that women are: equal in dignity, value, essence and human nature...
Allstate Insurance ? All Auto Insurance Is Not Created Equal!
2010-04-01 01:03:00
Well the first thing to do is visit all car insurance Centro Resource Center that car insurance is explained in detail. You will also visit an online and many other good sites to better, Allstate Com, understand coverage.There a lot of things that affect insurance rates. Driving record, how many tickets in the past, ...
All Mobile Marketing Companies Aren?t Created Equal
2009-12-29 07:31:00
When beginning to wade in the waters of mobile marketing, a likely first step is to choose a third-party provider to handle the leg work, one who has the technical know-how to make your campaign successful.  Unfortunately, not all mobile marketing companies are created equal. With "mobile" becoming the latest buzzword ...
Harley Davidson - Equal Point Setting
2009-06-09 21:45:00
Harley Davidson point ignition system uses a dual lobed opener, 1 wide lobe for rear cyl firing, 1 narrow lobe for front cyl firing, even tho both cylinders fire at the same time, one on compression stroke while other cyl is on waste or exhaust stroke. What are ways to see that each point gap is equ
MCCB with ELCB & RCCB are perform equal operation
2009-05-21 13:32:00
If the MCCB with ELCB & RCCB are performing equal operation, please explain...
Are All Residential Water Distillers Created Equal?
2009-04-22 16:05:00
A little background - my domestic water quality is not that great. I have already tried using activated carbon filters commonly used in households but due to the poor water quality these filters are shot in about half the time of their life expectancy. In lieu of this, I would like to start using a
Equal Percentage Control Valve Calibration
2009-03-30 17:06:00
Can anyone help me that what should i considered when doing the calibration of Equal Percentage Control Valve? As i was looking for the relevant materials in internet, i found the relative curves of flow and stem movement, but there is no details regarding the calibration. i have experience in Linea
How many Indians Equal one Chief?
2009-03-23 13:24:00
Bad economies make for tough living: at work, at home, and at play. Unemployment in the U.S. has reached levels not seen in 25-plus years. Chances are, you've already seen cutbacks and layoffs at work, or at least, the whispers are getting a lot louder. The question for the day is: Why do layoffs al
Linear and equal percent characteric of control valve
2009-02-10 03:38:00
Can someone tell me the applications of linear and equal percent characteric control valve. Is it depend on the total pressure loss of system? how to determine the total pressure loss. Thanks Nany
Equal Pay
2009-01-30 20:19:00
-By Dan Scott To hear the AP story of President Obama signing the Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act one would think a new page in civil rights has been turned. However, like all things liberal Democrats foist upon the public these days using their salesmanship it?s the details they gloss over that are particularly problematic. ...
Ampco 18 Alum Bronze equal?
2009-01-13 11:37:00
I have a customer requesting Ampco 18 bronze I know that it is a brand name, But what is it equal, Could not find on globalspec site? Is itthe same as CDA 954 ? TIA Jim C
Equal Minds Theory - Un [EP] (2009)
2009-01-11 18:52:00
Band: Equal Minds TheoryAlbum: Un [EP]Year: 2009Country: RussiaGenre: MathcoreQuality: CD-RIP 320kbpsSize: 50.8 MBTracklist:01 - Unactable (06:21)02 - Undaunted (02:36)03 - Unknown (01:46)04 - Uncertain (01:38)05 - Undefined (09:34)Downloadmathcore band from russia.Musica Sin Limites TheSceneRelease.Com
Top 10 Small Changes That Equal Weight Loss
2009-01-04 08:07:00
Top 10 Small Changes That Equal Weight Loss was written by Susan Burke from ediets.comSummah Time! The livin' is easy -- out of the kitchen and onto the beach. Everything is minimal in the summer ? less cooking, less clothes, less stress. Some things increase in the summer, too. You need to drink more water to prevent dehydration, and you need to wear more sunscreen to protect you from the rays.Are you unable to wear that sundress you bought last April, thinking that by July you'd surely have lost those extra 10 pounds? It's not too late to make those changes, the simple modifications to your daily lifestyle that equal weight loss. Hey ? you can do it! Start today!There's no "magic" in weight loss. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. There is no potion, powder or pill that produces automatic weight loss. Weight loss is a numbers game, but there is a payoff if you follow my instructions.Make small changes; they pay off big-time. Small changes made consistently pay off in pou...
Can the Economic Gloom Equal a Personal Win?
2008-11-07 18:30:00
Some commentators call the global economic crisis the lucky break which made it possible for Barack Obama to win the US elections. Gerard Baker writes for the TimesOnline: ?The financial gale that has blown through the American landscape in the past month has upended the presidential race, ripped the roof off John McCain’s Straight Talk ...
Equal Time For Tom Manion
2008-09-30 20:06:00
Here's my response to the comment left by KW Smith of the Tom Manion campaign here.As a supporter of Tom Manion, I find your comments out of line. I read the guest opinion too. First of all, it was only about education. He has another one on energy posted on his website.I cannot find his Guest Opinion on energy at the Tom Manion web site (which had good ideas, actually, that haven?t been supported by the Repugs in Congress, as I noted here).Scondly, he does describe the 21st century skills in the paragraph after the one you criticize.I don?t have the hardcopy at the moment, and I cannot find it at (no surprise). I also cannot find it at Manion?s web site (??), so I have no point of reference at the moment.Next, you say you would like to hear why Tom Manion would be better for us than Patrick Murphy. Perhaps the liberal press, like this website, are failing to notice some of Murphy's failings but I will point them out. Perhaps the liberal press are the problem, and ...
Looking for an Eng. as a equal partner
2008-09-23 06:26:00
I am looking an Eng. to help develop some parts for the auto industry's. I am in the New York area. This is not a scam, or a get rich in a week mess. I am not asking for any money, or do I what anyone to leave there jobs. This can be done from the Net, and through the phone. If this is the foru
All religions are not equal
2008-09-19 16:18:00
Christian Institute says,'Sadiq Khan MP wants new laws to force public bodies to promote equality between different religions, so that Muslims won?t be treated as ?second-class citizens?.However, there is concern that such laws may give public bodies an excuse to withdraw from any involvement with religion ? particularly the Christian faith.For example, in the news today, a college in Yorkshire has stopped using the words ?Christmas? and ?Easter? to avoid offending minority faiths.The college says it has taken the steps to comply with Ofsted?s equality rules. But it has been criticised for over-interpreting the guidelines.This scenario ? of public bodies over-interpreting equality duties ? is what some Christian groups fear.The Government has announced that it is minded to place a duty on public bodies to promote equality across various strands including sexual orientation and religion.However, it has also said that it will pay particular attention to how an equality duty may work ...
An Equal Music by Vikram Seth
2008-09-06 18:33:00
Michael, a brilliant but temperamental violinist, finds that the love of his life happens to be living in the same city he calls home: London. Julia, a pianist, his first and only love, is someone he cannot forget, though they had parted on unfavorable terms ten years ago. He clings on to her memories, from ...
Does Multilingualism Equal Separatism?
2008-08-15 14:36:00
There is a notion floating around among fetishists of the state that there can be no linguistic diversity within the nation, as it will lead to inevitable separatism. In this post, I shall disprove that with empirical data. First, we will list the states in the world, along with how many languages are spoken in that state.States with a significant separatist movement are noted with an asterisk. As you can see if you look down the list, there does not seem to be much of a link between multilingualism and separatism. There does seem to be a trend in that direction in Europe, though.Afterwards, I will discuss the nature of the separatist conflicts in these states to try to see if there is any language connection. In most cases, there is little or nothing there. I fully expect the myth of multilingualism = separatism to persist after the publication of this post, unfortunately.St Helena 1British Indian Ocean Territories 1Pitcairn Island 1Estonia ...
Barack Obama and Equal Pay for Women
2008-07-16 12:48:00
By Selwyn Duke What do you call a man who sermonizes about the evils of paying women less than men but allows that very practice in his own office? While a certain unflattering noun would leap to the minds of most, we can now apply a proper one: Barack Obama. Although the Illinois senator ...
IRQL Not Less Or Equal blue screen error
2008-07-07 04:59:00
Just when I think things are back to normal with my pc, it suddenly starts to encounter an "Error_IRQL_ Not_Less_Or_Equal" blue screen error yesterday. The dreaded blue screen appears every time I turned on my modem and it got connected to the internet. According to the message contained in the blue screen my pc has encountered a fatal error and needs to shut down to protect my pc. I rebooted my pc and the error was still there. The only way to stop the error from occuring is when I did not on the modem. I then tried all sorts of tweaks to resolve the problem but to no avail. With no more options left I decided to re-install my Windows. I'm using Windows XP Home Edition on my pc and for the re-installation I chose the upgrade installation option. And thank God that worked ! No more annoying IRQL Not Less Or Equal blue screens after that. If anyone encountered the same problem as me, just do what I did and save yourself precious time and possibly a few gray hairs as wel...
Kim, Vanessa, and Carmen equal box office gold
2008-06-04 04:50:00
The buzz is already building for what is going to be one of the greatest movies of all times.  Disaster Movie, which stars Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Minnillo, and Carmen Electra, is currently filming and is sure to be on of the top grossing spoof movies of all time.  Well not really, but to see all ...
Muslim women demand equal opportunity in islam
2008-06-03 17:50:00
It appears that muslim women are tired of not getting to participate in the jihad. This is equality for the sexes in islam. In A bizarre demand for sexual equality, Islamic women extremists are insisting that al-Qaeda gives them the right to become suicide bombers and terrorists. Many women have responded with a mixture of anger ...
Price increases do not equal tax increases
2008-06-02 18:34:00
Robert J. Samuelson of the Washington Post has a problem with the idea of a cap-and-trade system for reducing carbon emissions: since it increases the cost of energy, it’s a tax, not a “trade,” and so should be called a “cap-and-tax” system instead. I have a problem with his characterization, but not because he’s wrong about how energy costs will go up with the implementation of a a cap-and-trade system, or the straightforward carbon tax he prefers. Suddenly pricing what was previously free will absolutely increase the price of energy, no matter whether the price is determined by supposed market mechanisms or by government fiat. No, what I have a problem with is that he appears to be implying that anything that increases the price of energy is a tax. Reviewing five economic models, the Environmental Defense Fund asserts that the cuts can be achieved “without significant adverse consequences to the economy.” Fuel prices would rise, bu...
Get Busy Get Equal with ACLU
2008-06-02 16:13:00
With all the talk this year about legalizing gay marriage, a lot of people are being inspired to take action and help create change in the own state and communities. Get Busy, Get Equal is an online toolkit designed to help turn dreams of equality into reality, It's got a dynamic design and new content, including videos. The site now features a blog discussing LGBT rights and breaking news, as well as opportunities to connect to activists through the social networking sites Facebook and MySpace. There is also in-depth information on how to protect LGBT relationships, pass civil rights laws and non-discrimination policies, and make schools safe for LGBT students.  This collection of how-to guides, helpful hints, step-by-step instructions and other resources can be used right now to protect LGBT people and our rights.Get Busy, Get Equal provides the tools local activists need to reach out to their neighbors, schools, employers and elected officials and help them understand ...
?Undecided? doesn?t equal ?the middle?
2008-05-27 00:16:00
The Baby Blue Cherub mocks LA Times columnist Gregory Rodriguez for his latest paean to David Broder. I’m going to take a slightly different tack than Atrios. Here’s Rodriguez: But these days, skeptics and the uncommitted are becoming few and far between. The number of voters in the middle has become smaller and smaller, and hence there ...
Inventory and Sales Almost Equal, Is This The Bottom?
2008-05-24 14:19:00
Look at this chart from Calculated Risk carefully. If you need to see a bigger version, click on it or here. This is the scary part. It looks like we may hit a point where the inventory of homes for sale in the country will exceed the sales for the year. I wonder if that ...
Equal Treatment
2008-05-22 23:17:00
When Susan Harris divorced her husband of five and a half years lastDecember, she got the apartment, extra closet space and the covers allto herself. Over the course of the couple's marriage, Harris, 31, who makes morethan $100,000 working in ad sales in Alameda, California, brought inmore than two-thirds of the household income, while her ex-husband (whodeclined to comment for this article) worked toward becoming a credentialed teacher.Am I supposed to feel sorry for Susan Harris CNN? You really need to slap your monkey reporters around to have them report on actual NEWS. Women have been complaining about wanting equal treatment for years. Now they have it, and Susan Harris is a prime example. Enjoy the equality ladies, you wanted it. Now you know what it's been like for men for DECADES. Giving up everything you own, doling out thousands per month in alimony and child support, giving away precious possessions. It's what we guys have been dealing with for a very long time....
All HDMIs Are Not Created Equal
2008-05-20 07:00:00
Everyone knows that High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables are the latest and greatest connection for your high definition setup, but not all HDMI cables are created equal. Since HDMI was originally launched in late 2002, there have been seven different versions of the specificat
Giving Realtors a Bad Name... We're Not Created Equal
2008-05-17 23:09:00
Tampa, FL - There are many good Realtors all over the country - people who take their real estate jobs seriously and who dedicate themselves to their clients and their business. It's their livelihood and they treat it accordingly. These folks return phone calls promptly, offer accurate directions to their listed properties, have adequate (at least) pictures of their listings, and do the real work required to be successful, whether they are working with a seller or a buyer. There also are many bad Realtors out there. These folks seem to make money in spite of themselves. They make a living off the good natured, yet naive friends/clients who don't realize that their trusted agent is not very good at their job (I was being kind). There are those who have many listings, but do the absolute minimum - only posting it in the MLS and an occaisional open house - to sell a property. Others fail to return phone calls promptly (some of these might also be...
Stage Dads Just Want Equal Time.
2008-05-12 20:54:00
Shh. Don’t tell Olga, The Traveling Bra,  but some people are still burning bras… or in this case, jockstraps. Whoops. Now you can’t tell Frank, The Sedentary Jockstrap either. It seems that David Archuleta, that wholesome boy next door some predict as the final American Idol standing this year, has a Stage Dad. According to reports abounding since last ...
By: fracas
Brass Brain was the equal of 100 mathematicians, weighted a mere 2500 lbs
2008-05-12 16:10:00
From Boing Boing: Imagine the fearful gnashings of mathematicians in November, 1928 upon reading this account of the USGS's new "brass brain," which could "do the work of 100 trained mathematicians" in calculating tides: The machine weighs 2,500 pounds. It is 11 feet long, 2 fee
Suffering and joy are forever opposites and equal!
2008-05-07 11:27:00
Suffering and joy are forever opposite and equal. Man may rest for a time in the neutral condition of a well-fed half-consciousness but when the extremes of suffering and joy come to him, he is no longer half-conscious but awake and alive and glory shines round him.
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