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New Adult Film Starring Chyna to be a Wrestling Parody
2012-01-07 01:39:00
Former WWE star Chyna was on TribLIVE Radio in Pittsburgh where she revealed she finished shooting an adult film called "Ring Queen" that is produced by Vivid Video. The film is a parody of wrestling that features a wrestling ring, titantron and many WWE talents parodied including Stephanie McMahon. Chyna said she believes the film will be released in March. She is currently promoting her new film "Backdoor To Chyna" which is also a Vivid Video production. Chyna is also listed as a porn star escort on source: My how we have fallen...
By: KLQ Blog
2009-02-20 07:40:00
This is some sexy-exy shit.The Icon A5 will revolutionize air travel. The designers hope to make flying as easy as driving a car. This personal aircraft is the necessary toy for those who need to supplement their recreational vehicle arsenal. The Icon A5 is amphibious, has fold-away wings making surface shuttling, storage, and terrain accessibility all the more practical. It seats two. It?ll run you an estimated $139,000. First deliveries are expected in 2010.
Madonna - Erotica (Part Four)
2008-06-10 05:47:00
Stone's 12" DubReturn To The Jungle MixDens54 Horny G DrumapellaStone's Deep Temptation MixSp!n's Bedrooms & Hallways MixDownload (ZShare)Wanted List
Madonna - Erotica (Part Three)
2008-06-07 06:43:00
Bass Hit DubRobin Hancock EditRemixManiac's S&M MixIdaho's Maxi Pleasure MixLove Technician / XTC MixNic Mercy's Dominatrix Club MixDownload (ZShare)Wanted List
Madonna - Erotica (Part Two)
2008-06-03 05:23:00
Leroy's DubDita's Dub IInstrumentalDominatrix MixKenlou's Promo MixHouse InstrumentalSex Book Special MixMasters At Work DubDJ Tim's A Band Of Gold Moah MixDownloadWanted List
Madonna - Erotica
2008-05-31 04:07:00
Erotic DemoKenlou's B-Boy MixDens54 Horny G MixWilliam Orbit 12" MixA!O's Thrilling Dance MixR*a's Supersexy Hard MixMadonna's In My Jeep MixDownloadWanted List
UK: Criminalizing Child Erotica in Cartoons and Sketches. A Step Too Far?
2008-05-29 21:26:00
Yesterday, the UK’s ‘Ministry of Justice’ (do they also have Ministries of Truth, Peace, Love and Plenty?) announced plans to implement new legislation, criminalizing possession of cartoons, drawings and sketches of child erotica. This announcement follows a ‘public consultation’ last June. The full Report, published yesterday, is available in .pdf format from: In summary: A majority ...
Penthouse, Playboy Map Out New Ways to Stay Profitable
2008-05-13 02:22:00
Old-school adult brands are branching out into vanilla markets to make money and attract mainstream traffic and coverage.One of the brands in question is Penthouse, whose acquisition of social-networking company Various Inc. last December has expanded the company's tent to cover religious couples and caught the interest of
By: KLQ Blog
Lo scarto dalla norma o della imprevedibilità erotica
2008-05-12 13:57:00
Di Trippi Venerdì sera sono andata a ballare in un posto in cui non ero mai stata prima, il Picasso di Vergiate, vicino a Sestri Calende (dove c’è un altrro locale molto bello e famoso, La Marna). Occasione: il compleanno di una ex compagna di corso del Signore delle tempeste. Il locale e la musica, bellissimi, ...
What Is The Difference Between Erotica And Porn
2008-05-07 07:00:00
Not a great deal when you look at the purpose behind both. That is, to stimulate and excite the viewer or reader. However, erotica is a slightly more grey area and many erotic stories are allowed to be widely publicised whereas pornographic material is often frowned upon. Erotica comes with a story line often written with ...
'D.C . Madam' reported dead in Florida
2008-05-01 20:31:00
Florida authorities confirmed that Deborah Jeane Palfrey, convicted of running a high-end prostitution ring in Washington, is dead in a suspected suicide, NBC News reported. The body of the 52-year-old woman was found in a shed near her mother's mobile home Thursday morning in Tarpon Springs, about 20 miles northwest of Tampa. Police said in a statement that she left a suicide note, but they did not disclose its contents or how she killed herself...More?source: msnbc.msn.comSuicide? This sounds suspicious to me. Maybe she was murdered or went into the witness protection program...
By: KLQ Blog
Dallas Cowboys? Terrell Owens Pictured on Bang Bros.
2008-04-25 02:47:00
A photo of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens that was posted on entertainment blog on Monday has created a rash of blog postings. Owens, who is known for his outspokenness, was pictured walking in the background of a Bang Bros. shoot that apparently took place on Miami?s South Beach...More?source:
By: KLQ Blog
Muslim Fundamentalist Erotica
2008-04-16 23:20:00
From the corner. If you're single and happen to be in a swinging part of an Arab state, some of the words here can be very useful. ...when we meet the black-eyed virgin with her black hair and white face – praised be He who created night and day. What hair! What a chest! What a mouth! What cheeks! What a figure! What breasts! What thighs! What legs! What whiteness! What softness! Without any creams – no Nivea, no vaseline. No nothing! … how soft will a black-eyed virgin be, when she comes to you so tall and with her beautiful face, her black hair and white face - praised be He who created night and day. … There is no god but Allah. He told us that if you entered one of the palaces, you would find ten black-eyed virgins sprawled on musk cushions. … When they see you, they will get up and run to you. Lucky is the one who gets to put her thumb in your hand. When they get hold of you, they will push you onto your back, on the musk cushions. They will pus...
Webcam Erotica Gratis
2008-04-15 15:48:00
Es evidente que los dias en las discotecas con el cigarrillo en la boca y la típica pregunta, ¿Estudias o trabajas?, se han acabado. Ya no se liga ni en el trabajo, ni en los clubs, ni en los bares, ni en las cafeterías, ni en las bibliotecas, ni en las universidades.. Ahora quien corta el bacalao es Internet y si quieres encontrar una pareja para hablar, salir de fiesta o simplemente follar, este es tu sitio. Si quieres entrar para conocerme clic aqui
Cina ce de taina in varianta erotica
2008-04-12 19:05:00
Un scandal de mari proportii a izbucnita in Austria datorita expunerii in muzeul Catedralei Romano-Catolice, a Cinei cea de taina in varianta erotica. In urma expunerii, reactiile vehemente din partera bisericii, criticile, mesajele furioase si miile de telefoane au determinat pe organizatorii sa inchida expozitia. Creatorul acestei versiuni a Cinei este artistul Alfred Hrdlicka, ...
Swingers Claim Obama Campaign Link
2008-04-11 02:45:00
Swinger lifestyle magazine and social community is reporting on a link between a sex scandal and the rise of presidential hopeful Barack Obama...More?source:
By: KLQ Blog
[Erotik- Literatur- und- Videos] Bülow - Foto Erotica
2008-04-11 00:00:00
Bülow - Foto Erotica 9, 95 Euroincl. 7 % UST Art. Nr. : 3937939067 Lieferzeit: 3- 4 Tage Fotograf: Heinz von BülowBroschur mit 80 SeitenFormat: 22, 8 x 29, 4 cm1. Auflage 09. 2005Gewicht: 0, 52 kgDr. Heinz von Bülow, Jahrgang 1949, ...
By: BlogNews Receives Multiple Noms for Bondage Awards
2008-04-09 02:07:00
Online fetish content producer has been nominated in multiple categories for the first annual Bondage Awards. The online awards honor outstanding work in all areas of the professional BDSM world...More?source:
By: KLQ Blog
Madonna - Erotica @ Confessions Tour
2008-03-30 07:36:00
MadonnaErotica @ Confessions TourSource: DVDResolution: 320 x 180Links:- Zshare- BandongoSorry I Had Problems With My Computer.
International Love Scenes: Erotica, Romance, and Other Objects of Desire Ex
2008-03-11 20:14:00
The Rhonda Schaller Studio is a gallery, mentoring space and working artist studio. We exhibit contemporary painting and sculpture, video and collage by internationally recognized artists as well as rising painters and sculptors. You can visit us in Chelsea, NYC; peruse selected inventory online, and contact us for personalized service. The exhibition, Love Scenes will ...
Sunset Thomas to Present Championship Belt at Vegas Bout
2008-03-07 01:49:00 contract performer Sunset Thomas will present the Championship Belt at a women's championship boxing match Friday...More?source:
By: KLQ Blog to Sponsor S.F. Fetish Ball
2008-02-21 03:26:00
Fetish-oriented social networking site announced today that it has signed on as a sponsor of the 7th Annual San Francisco Fetish Ball, which will run from March 6-8 at various venues in San Francisco...More?source:
By: KLQ Blog
I like: freedom, art, music, gigs, erotica and sex in Bradford. If some of
2008-02-18 16:57:00
Karina is looking for hot date or couples to let her watch having sex, either at home/hotel/car/anywhere. She doesn?t mind touching or being touched, oral etc; or just looking for a shag. Name : Karina Sign : Leo Hair (colour) : Black Eyes : Black Appearance : Black panther Attractive feature : Ass and legs Personality : Easy going Musical taste : Reggae Favourite ...
Tha Players Ball Celebrates 10 Years
2008-02-12 03:36:00
After the 6th Annual XBIZ Awards wrapped, honoring the best and brightest in the adult entertainment community, it was time for the players to play.D-Money?s official after-party was the place to see and be seen as Lil Jon brought some dirty south bump-and-grind to up the party quotient.source:
By: KLQ Blog
WWE Diva Candice Michelle nude clips from Hotel Erotica
2008-01-31 15:46:00
WWE Diva Candice Michelle nude clips from Hotel Erotica. She is so smoking hot!!! I have to start watching this WWE stuff! Download Part 1 | Download Part 2 Visit site for more fresh celebrity photos, candids, photoshoots, gossip, rumors, paparazzi pictures, entertainment news
Shelly Martinez' Porn Flick
2008-01-31 01:50:00
The AVN (Adult Video News) Media Network is reporting that TNA Knockout Shelly "Salinas" Martinez (Ariel in ECW), will be appearing in a porn flick that will be released on 2/11. It's called The Notorious Jewel De'Nyle & Shelly Martinez, starring both ladies
By: KLQ Blog
Offended by virtual sex? Get $35
2008-01-30 04:19:00
If you bought a copy of "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" and didn't like the idea of pixilated video-game characters having sex on your television, you've got some cash coming.The game's maker, Rockstar Games, part of Take-Two Interactive Software, has agreed to offer as much as $35 to buyers who can show a receipt. Lesser amounts are available for those with less definitive proof of purchase...More?source:
By: KLQ Blog
Prostitutes Look To Score At Super Bowl
2008-01-30 03:23:00
Football players aren't the only professionals who will be looking to score in Phoenix this week.Police are getting for ready for the oldest profession in the Super Bowl's host city.Arizona authorities have stepped up patrols, promising to sweep out so-called circuit girls and their pimps before next Sunday's Super Bowl...More?source:
By: KLQ Blog
San Francisco Fetish Ball Starts Gearing Up
2008-01-29 03:17:00
The 7th Annual San Francisco Fetish Ball is getting set to get kinky from March 6-8 for a full schedule of special events and activities."I get goose bumps just thinking about the outstanding talent we have lined up for this year,? this year?s Ball hostess Paige White said. ?Never before has this caliber of artists, designers and performers come together for such an event. The previous six years were just a warm up for what we have in store for you."...More?source:
By: KLQ Blog
Web Review: Karnautrahl
2008-01-21 22:03:00
Karnautrahl is a mechaphile. Mechaphiles love machinery. Engines, exhaust pipes, valves, gears, cogs…they even love the taste of axle grease. In fact, everything right down to the nuts and bolts that hold their dream machines in place. However, mechaphiles demonstrate their love of machinery in a slightly different way from the ...
Writing from a different angle
2008-01-14 01:12:00
Click the above to see the full size page.Below is the chapter, the Not-a-sex-scene I refer to above. this is the third to last draft of the thing, so it's not perfect (by a long shot) but it doesn give a fun example of how I went about writing a sex scene obliquely. This is all part of my book, "How to disappear" I hope you enjoy it....TomXCHAPTER Twenty-oneShe?d walked casually in through the back door while I was in the shower and now Tammy was sitting on my sofa and pulling a bong.Didn?t I tell you to leave? I ask, my face a mask of dismissal. Tammy tells me how she didn?t have anywhere else to go, and then adds, You?ve got heaps of weed, why wouldn?t you give me a cone before?We can often grasp at the straw that broke the camels back and say, ?This is important, this is significant, this straw broke my camels back,? and we neglect to think on the thousands of straws that we laid on before.The mass of straws I?d lifted from Tammy?s back broke the final gates open. The sobbing w...
2008-01-07 00:00:00
By: Resimler
2008-01-07 00:00:00
By: Resimler DVD Rentals
2007-12-28 06:04:00
Who we areGreenCine is the #1 online shop and source for film addicts. Boasting one of the largest libraries of independent, international and documentary films in the world, GreenCine offers more than 80,000 titles over 250 genres for download, rent or sale. With a diverse and ever-expanding community of members, GreenCine is the #1 destination for film discovery, debate and information.Use Coupon Code 10DayFreeTrial at For Free DVD Rentals By Mail.
Erotica: Halloween 2007 Bash
2007-12-11 16:43:00
Unbelievable Japan, that's what I always thought when the Japanese comes up with a weird kind of way of fashion, technology, or sex. During the Halloween event called EROTICA HALLOWEEN 2007 BASH! presented by CYBERJAPAN and YELLOW, there's a lot of weird cosplay happens in this event. Via: CyberJapan read more
Erotica: Halloween 2007 Bash
2007-12-11 16:43:00
Unbelievable Japan, that's what I always thought when the Japanese comes up with a weird kind of way of fashion, technology, or sex. During the Halloween event called EROTICA HALLOWEEN 2007 BASH! presented by CYBERJAPAN and YELLOW, there's a lot of weird cosplay happens in this event. Via: CyberJapan read more
Erotica at the Bibliothèque nationale de France
2007-12-05 20:39:00
From AFP: An eye-popping array of rutting satyrs, tumescent aristocrats and lusty 18th-century shepherdesses went on display in Paris on Tuesday, as France’s National Library lifted the veil on its collection of long-censored erotica.For the first time since it was catalogued in the 1830s, the library’s special pornographic section ? officially entitled ‘Enfer‘ (Hell) ? has ...
Erotica 2007, London
2007-11-26 10:38:00
Popped along with the delightful Puss yesterday mainly to see Dita von Teese, who was headlining, perform. I'm rather a newcomer to Burlesque but she embodied everything I imagined a traditional... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Dita Von Teese Strips At Erotica 2007
2007-11-25 20:00:00
Dita Von Teese, who is Marilyn Manson’s ex, gets down at sexy London show.
Dita Von Teese Performance @ Erotica 2007 London (11/23)
2007-11-24 18:28:00
This had to be an amazing performance. Dita is so sexy!
By: CelebsNow
Dita Von Teese onstage on Erotica 2007 in London
2007-11-24 14:30:00
Dita Von Teese onstage on Erotica 2007 in London. Visit site for more fresh celebrity photos, candids, photoshoots, gossip, rumors, paparazzi pictures, entertainment news
Dita Von Teese Performs at Erotica 2007
2007-11-24 02:11:00
The undisputed Queen of Burlesque Dita Von Teese, who looked amazing as always, performed on stage at the Erotica 2007 event in London earlier today. Her act included a mouthwatering striptease where she took a shower in a cage while wearing little more than a thong and pasties. Hotness! Dita Von Teese
Sexy Erotica. Sexy Girl with Attitude
2007-11-17 07:33:00
.flickr-photo {border:solid 2px #000000;}.flickr-yourcomment {}.flickr-frame {text-align:left;padding:3px;}.-flickr-caption {font-size:0.8em;margin-top:0px-;} 102, originally uploaded by urbanphotographer2007. Sexy Erotica. Sexy Girl with Attitude. Sexy pose, sexy picture. Canadian girl. Sexy young girl and sexy body. Read the entire original post via
Cradle Of Filth - Scorched Earth Erotica
2007-11-13 11:32:00
There is a funny story in Scotsman.Com. A man called Daniel Moore (45) sold the T-shirt which reads “Jesus is a cunt” and features a pornographic picture. Moore did not know that the client was an undercover policeman. Just minutes later there was 10 policemen in his shop arresting Moore. He was charged with selling ...
Pro Wrestling: Wholesome Family Entertainment or Homosexual Erotica?
2007-10-23 04:46:00
Some of you may have read the title of this entry and dismissed it as just another sensationalized wrestling basher trying to get a cheap laugh, the freaks out there might even be expecting a sexually tantalizing expose you can use in your nightly bed time relaxation rituals. In earnest my goal is to simply pose the question, begin a dialogue or two, and maybe just maybe, help move us all a bit
Abby Winters : Real Life Erotica
2007-10-15 01:15:00 is ranked among the planet’s top 10,000 sites according to Alexa traffic rankings. The site uses all-female shooting crews. Models are in the 18 to 24 age range - everyday people, not hard core porn actors. The photography is well above the usual porn standard. In most instances photos have a resolution of 1460/970 pixels. The models are often filmed in their own homes, with natural lighting and an absence of silly props.Abby Winters is revolutionary by porn standards because it avoids the phony set-ups that are so common on porn sites. It encourages the models to be themselves and explore their sexuality naturally. If a model is reluctant to reveal too much on a first shooting, she is allowed to work within her comfort level. In later shoots some models get the courage to go a little further. The photographers respect the sensitivities of the models and work within their limits.The website doesn’t play to a ‘beauty standard’. In addition to profiling models ...
Madonna. Fotos de Erotica Sex. Las imagenes jamás vistas y las mas buscadas
2007-09-21 10:26:00
Madonna. Fotos de Erotica. Las imagenes jamás vistas y las mas buscadas ¿Se acuerdan del libro Sex de Madonna? Salió en octubre 1992 y provocó un escándalo que la diva pop supo aprovechar para publicitar su disco Erotica y de paso, ganar más dinero. Las fotos fueron tomadas por el conocido Steven Maisel y el diseño ...
By: teimagino
Shadow Puppet Erotica Video
2007-09-03 11:29:00
This guy is great doing shadow puppetry with his hands. His hands look like two people making out and even doing things that moves things into the PG 13 category (if not NC 17). This Shadow Puppet video was shot at party. The people at the party had a very positive reaction and it seems that shadow puppetry makes a cool party gag. Shadow Puppet Erotica - Watch more amazing videos here
Jenna Jameson at Erotica L.A. (Photos and Video)
2007-06-26 00:00:00
Photo of Jenna Jameson Friday at Erotica LA. Porn star Jenna Jameson hosted Erotic LA this past weekend along with Dave Navarro. The event was a three day affair and was expected to have crowds well over 40,000. It’s basically the largest event of its kind, offering exhibits and shows throughout the whole weekend. ...
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