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Lather, Rinse, and Repeat ? By Mark Steyn ? The Corner ? National Review On
2012-03-25 11:39:00
The killer of French schoolchildren and soldiers turns out to be a man called Mohammed Merah. The story can now proceed according to time-honored tradition: Stage One: The strange compulsion to assure us that the killer is a “right wing …Read more »
Muris Varajic,Emir Hot: The Extremist (cover by Joe Satriani)
2010-12-29 02:10:00
Muris Varajic and Emir Hot - The Extremist (cover by Joe Satriani)
North West Muslim extremist jihadist bombers caused by Global Warming
2009-04-25 14:12:00
Lord Patel was listening to BBC World Nws and an item was broadcast "Obesity elps cause Global warming" - apparently if fat bastards ate les hamburgers, there would be less beef catle, less farting cows, less Co2 etc, QEDIn a blinding Flash the obvious corollary formed in the air , became real and evident.1, When did you see a North West brownskinned, bearded exremist jihadist bomber wear
Wow, Apparently I?m A ?Right Wing Extremist? According To The Department Of
2009-04-15 05:17:00
I’m Anti-Illegal Immigration, Pro 2nd Amendment, My Parents Are Participating In The Mobile, Alabama “Tea Party” Tomorrow, I’m A Disabled Operation Iraqi Freedom Combat Veteran And I’m A Liberal, Yet I Qualify As A Potential “Right Wing Extremist” -Slash-... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
Ohio Opens Election Precinct in Islamic Center that Hosted Extremist?s Visi
2008-10-05 11:42:00
-By Warner Todd Huston The Board of Election for Franklin County, Ohio opened the first election precinct in an Islamic Center in the state this year during the primaries and will do so again during the upcoming general election. Yet, this same Islamic center sponsored an appearance of an avowed supporter of the terrorist group Hamas ...
New BBC TV Series Has ?Extremist? Christian Beheading ?Moderate? Muslim
2008-07-16 18:48:00
-By Warner Todd Huston Last week, the BBC aired a new TV series titled “Bonekickers” touted as a “groundbreaking” show where “history comes alive,” and a series that is “Based in fact.” The premier episode, though features an odd thing if “fact” is the aim of the Beeb’s new TV series: a Christian beheading a Muslim. ...
Son of extremist Muslim preacher Abu Hamza is arrested for ?helping in burg
2008-05-29 01:24:00
Islam continues its export of thugs into the United Kingdom. The son of hate preacher Abu Hamza has been arrested over a suspected burglary attempt. Mustafa Kamel, 18 - one of hook-handed extremist Hamza’s seven children - was one of two youths arrested after a man caught someone breaking into his home. ...
Extremists Have Infiltrated Germany?s Left Party, Authorities Warn
2008-05-14 14:39:00
Germany’s domestic intelligence agency has warned of “extremist structures” within the Left Party. A new report lists a number of left-wing extremist factions within the party, including the Communist Platform, the Marxist Forum and a pro-Cuba group. more… Letter from Berlin: Germany’s Social Democrats and their Far Left Migraine Letter from Berlin: Demagogues, Communists, and Germany’s New ...
Report of Underage Sex Abuse Prompts Criminal Investigation Into Extremist
2008-05-02 16:56:00
Travesser, who also goes by the name Wayne Bent, broke from the Seven Day Adventist church in 1987 to form his Lord of Our Righteousness Church. On the group's Web site, Travesser, 66, describes being annointed the messiah by God in 2000, shortly after moving to the New Mexico property in the state's northeastern corner.
Part III: Some CAIR Officials Convicted of Crimes, More Tied to Extremist G
2008-03-26 15:41:00
The questionable associations and actions by many of its leaders cast serious doubt on CAIR's claims of moderation and restraint. Some have committed criminal acts themselves; others have ties to organizations with connections to Islamic extremism. The third installment in our series on the Council on American-Islamic Relations details many of those instances of legal trouble or ties to radical groups. Part III of our series on CAIR can be found here , click here for the summary. Part II is here:...(read more)
Joe Satriani--The Extremist Backing Tracks
2008-03-22 03:58:00
*Friends (drop D) / Friends *The Extremist *War *Cryin' *Summer Song *Why *Motorcycle Driver *New Blues [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my blog for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Islam- Do-it-Yourself Kit How to brand someone as 'extremist' ?
2008-03-16 20:37:00
Recently the Kuffar leaders have used another psychological weapon against Muslims by inventing and widely promoting specific labels for us to stick upon ourselves. Those labels help them to fight the Ummah by dividing it into sections, encouraging, supporting, financing and giving free publicity to one section favorable to their ideology and agenda. On the other hand they wish to freeze the assets of the other section, suppress them, demonize and silence them and give them no publicity in media or news except misinformation. Those two labels are 'Conservative Extremist ' and ' Progressive Moderate' . These labels have no basis in Islam and should never be used nor encouraged by Muslims.But, it has eventually taken space in our minds, literature and social interactions. We daily see people labeling themselves and each other with those labels totally unaware of the magnitude of harm they are causing to the Ummah and Islam. I wish to show how people show their love for Islam w...
Top Islamic extremist recruiter is jailed
2008-03-08 18:36:00
Mohammed Hamid, 50, of east London, organised secret training camps, one of which was attended by the four failed suicide bombers of 21 July 2005.
McCain Latest Politician to Face Questions of Responding to Extremist Suppo
2008-03-02 01:55:00
So far in this election cycle we’ve had three cases of politicians who have been faced with deciding how to react to the support of extremists. Ron Paul, Barack Obama, and now John McCain have faced this challenge, with only Obama responding properly. Ron Paul refused to separate his campaign from extremist support, initially promoting a ...
Muslim extremist jailed for recruiting army of terror
2008-02-26 15:49:00
A Muslim who recruited Islamic extremists and trained five of the July 21 failed bombers has today been convicted after a major trial.
Jailed Islamic extremist faces US extradition
2008-02-08 10:45:00
Abu Hamza and his supporters used threats and violence to take over a mosque in Finsbury Park, north London, which they turned into an academy for jihadi terrorism. He is serving a seven-year sentence in Britain for inciting hatred, but the government wants him sent to the US before his jail term is completed.
Extremist Response Squad?
2008-01-17 00:45:00
This was a post on our messageboards talking about the frequent characterization of the RRS as "extremists", "fanatics", or "militant." I found it to be a clearly elucidated argument for the reasons why we are none of the aforementioned and am reposting it here, with his permission, of course.     Tarpan wrote:  It?s not very uncommon for the Rational Response Squad to be accused by both theist and atheists alike of being equal to extremist or fundamentalist theist groups.  Their aggressive and vocal nature draws a reaction and a number of people feel this is positive, while others feel that it is negative.  I would like to take a moment to seriously consider if this is an appropriate correlation. Extremist or Fundamentalist groups are credited with taking their religious devotion to a level that would involve killing people as well as sacrificing themselves for their cause.  Killing innocent people, bombing schools, market places, hospitals, as well a...
Australian government continues to fund schools run by extremist cult
2008-01-14 03:12:00
Australia: The shadowy Exclusive Brethren [video] religious sect has been guaranteed another $10 million in taxpayer funding for its school campuses, despite being branded an ?extremist cult? which ?breaks up families? by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd before the election.
Many Libertarians Shocked By Exposure of Paul?s Relationship To Extremist R
2008-01-09 06:56:00
Over the last few months as revelations about Ron Paul’s ties to racist and neo-Nazi groups have been been reported some libertarians have become critical of Paul while others found excuses for his inexcusable behavior. The recent revelation that Paul does not accept evolution as established science had disillusioned many rational people who were had ...
Extremist Petition Against Anti-Extremists On
2008-01-07 23:07:00
Caving-in, to a cultural jihad. That's how Jerry Gordon described it in his opening commentary for an article written by Joseph Shahda. Shahda's article, "A Million Muslim Petition to Intimidate PalTalk anti-Islam chat room" unveils how extremists are being granted the opportunity to silence those who don't agree with them. The article is hosted on ACTforAmerica's website.A couple weeks ago, I posted an article also written by Shahda, in which he originally exposed those same extremist forums on one of the largest voice-chat hosts, Forums that support Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups such as Hizballah and Hamas. Forums that, according to Shahda, "spread terrorist propaganda, violent terrorist materials, recruit people for Jihad, teach them how to conduct terrorist acts, teach them to hate anyone who disagree with their 7th century sharia, and conduct live interviews with Al Qaeda terrorists."Apparently, is also hosting (for now,) a forum that is again...
On Benazir Bhuto?s Assassination
2007-12-29 13:25:00
The news of Benazir Bhutto’s murder first came to me through a text message from my philosophy student friend Dada on the same evening of the Pakistani opposition leader’s assassination in Rawalpindi. I jestingly replied to him the next day that he shouldn’t worry about it. After all, wasn’t this the same Bhutto who said ?I ...
Germany: Dismay over Release of Extremist Attackers
2007-12-08 01:07:00
The trial of four neo-Nazis charged with attacking a group of actors took an unexpected turn on Wednesday, when a district court in Germany released them from custody on the basis of insufficient evidence.
Islamic extremist: Lyrical terrorist sentenced over extremist poetry
2007-12-06 12:11:00
Samina Malik, a Muslim extremist who wrote poems entitled How To Behead and The Living Martyrs, was given a suspended jail sentence after having been convicted under new terrorism legislation.
Pakistan?s Sharif Says He?s No Extremist
2007-12-02 04:31:00
Soon after he returned from eight years in exile, Nawaz Sharif reminded his followers that he was the prime minister who made Pakistan a nuclear power.
You Might Be A Left-Wing Extremist Brainwashing Victim If?
2007-11-21 16:49:00
The Saloon posted this little gem… You believe that the U. S. Constitution prohibits the open recognition of God by our federal (or any state) government, and the exhibition of religious symbols on public grounds. Or you believe that Al Gore won the 2000 presidential election. Or you believe that most television and print news outlets in this country are politically neutral. Or you believe that outlawing private gun ownership will reduce crime. Or you believe that the U. S. Constitution is a “living, breathing” document, and that Supreme Court Justices have the right to redefine its text in order to make it compatible with what they interpret to be the current moral standards of society. Or you believe that Charles Darwin’s macro-evolution theory is a proven fact. Or you believe that the U. S. should be a signatory to the Kyoto Treaty. Or you believe that Michael Moore is patriotic. Or you believe that requiring children to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in ...
Libertarians Questioning Paul?s Connection To Extremist Right
2007-11-20 22:37:00
While Paul supporters see him as a threat to the status quo, I’ve seen his campaign as more of a threat to libertarian ideas. Confusing Paul’s social conservativism with libertarianism reinforces the view that libertarians are just Republicans who have tried marijuana. Unfortunately, while I would hope that libertarians might have some influence on the ...
The Man Behind the Iron Mask
2007-11-09 00:13:00
I’m terrified if he finds me. I’m scared of what he will do. And he is out there posing a threat to other women like me. He roams freely, the law on his side because there wasn’t enough evidence of his abuse towards me. And now he is angry that I went to the police, he ...
NYTimes: Extremist NARAL Leader Labeled a ?Women?s Leader?
2007-11-07 00:00:00
-By Warner Todd Huston The folks at The New York Times are experts at obfuscation, aren't they? Here is a perfect example of the soft selling we get from the leftist editorial board of the Times, a great demonstration of their underhanded practice of creating labels out of thin air that ...
NYTimes: Extremist NARAL Leader Labeled a ?Women?s Leader?
2007-11-06 20:03:00
The folks at The New York Times are experts at obfuscation, aren’t they? Here is a perfect example of the soft selling we get from the leftist editorial board of the Times, a great demonstration of their underhanded practice of creating labels out of thin air that sound sooooo much nicer than would a label ...
Muslim Extremist
2007-10-31 04:59:00
Please watch this video of an ex-muslim woman, it is the absolute truth about muslim extremist and one I wish they would all absorb. I believe these extremist call for struggles when there aren't any. You can't force people to believe in your God or religion and kill them if they don't. The Koran is an archaic book made in a time when some of those things were relevant. If the entire ancient world believed in the same ideals as these extremist, they wouldn't even have a book to write in as the world would've been too busy fighting each other over senseless things to accomplish any great works and contribute to mankind in a positive way. Please watch...
If I Were an Islamic Extremist Voter: Go Dems!
2007-10-30 17:37:00
Let’s assume for a moment that I am either a devout follower of Osama Bin Laden, or that I am one of the ruling elite in Iran. And let’s also assume that I have the right to vote for the President of the United States as well as for members of the U.S. congress. ...
Paul Challenged to Return Donation From Extremist Backer
2007-10-26 06:39:00
Whenever Ron Paul is found to be receiving support from racist or neo-Nazi groups, his cultists (and there really is no better term for them) rush to his defense. They spam any blog which exposes Paul with bogus claims that the criticism represents mere “guilt by association” and often claim that Paul was unaware of ...
Fundraiser Crowd to Kucinich: ?Can we really negotiate with extremist Musli
2007-10-21 19:06:00
Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich said the future of the world is at stake with ?global warring and global warming,? and described what he intends to do about both at a fundraiser yesterday in Encinitas. ?It's time that we reject war as an instrument of policy,? he said, drawing cheers and applause from the diverse crowd. In the lush backyard of University of California San Diego biology professor Milton Saier Jr.'s home, Kucinich talked about ending ?the occupation in Iraq,? at one point pulling a pocket-size U.S. Constitution from his beige microfiber coat and saying it ?is being torn apart page by page by the Bush administration.? Kucinich said that if elected, he will seek to prosecute those ?who took us to war based on lies.? The country needs a leader who can ?talk with people who might want to harm us,? he said. The first question from the crowd was, ?Can we really negotiate with extremist Muslims?? Kucinich said it's not easy, but ?you have to en...
Maldives clears out extremist mosque
2007-10-09 13:24:00
The Maldives government has moved to tackle the rising threat of Islamist radicalism as 300 troops surrounded and then cleared an illegal mosque that had been accused of fomenting extremism on the paradise islands.
Extremist threatens to bomb girls' school
2007-09-20 20:40:00
A religious extremist in have threatened to bomb a girls' school in Taxila in Pakistan's Pubjab province, if the teachers and students do not wear veils. The principal of the local government high school received a letter from an unidentified man who threatened to bomb the school if the female students and teachers did not wear veils.After receiving the threat, the school administration immediately told the police and they put the school on high alert and deployed armed policemen at the school gate. Security personnel in plainclothes have also been deployed at the school.Some of the girls at the schools, aged between nine and 10 were seen wearing veils. “Yes we have received a threatening letter from a religious fanatic and we are scared,” Shakeela, acting principal of the school told the Pakistani daily Dawn. She said the school management did not keep the threat secret and told the students about it. We have told the students that nothing will happen if they wear a veil, she...
Will Europe never learn from its past?
2007-09-17 17:13:00
When the Europeans first came to the US continent, they stereo typed the natives as either being the “Noble Savage” - in order to justify trading with them - and then as “the Savage barbarian”, almost demonic, in order to justify slaughtering them. They did the same when they colonized most of the world. It came ...
Abraham, prophet of schitzophrenia
2007-09-04 22:37:00
God asked a father to slit the throat of his own son. Never mind that he stopped them, the fact that he asked such a horrible thing to begin with is effing disturbing. What kind of a god demands fealty/loyalty like that? A very petty one. It’s like you asked your special someone to slit ...
Who Is the Extremist Here?
2007-08-29 10:02:00
A quote from the VRT (Dutch-language Belgian public television), 28 August 2007 Udo Ulfkotte [the organizer of the banned anti-Islamization demo in Brussels next Sept. 11] (in German): I do not understand why I have to defend myself. When one million people take to the streets in Turkey no-one says: These people are extremists who protest against the Islamization of Turkey. No-one would dream of saying a thing like that. But if the same thing happens here, in the heart of Europe, they say: These people are extremists. Can you explain this to me? VRT journalist: But you do know that Hugo Coveliers [Ulfkotte’s lawyer] is a little bit of a collaborator of the far-right [Vlaams Belang]… Hugo Coveliers (in Dutch): I find it totally inappropriate of you to say that not just I, but also the Vlaams Belang are far-right… It all depends where you position yourself in politics. If you, as most VRT journalists do, are a left-winger, then people who are centrists are to the right of you. B...
A REAL American speaks
2007-08-27 17:21:00
Frederik Vorhees relates his opinion pre and post 9/11. I loved his post! He explains his background: I love the United States. As an 80?s and 90?s kid growing up in America I was blessed with a number of luxuries, including perhaps the best education system of any country in the world. My American education taught me ...
A lunatic extremist fringe
2007-08-26 21:36:00
Fanatics have a habit of undermining their own cause: just look at animal liberationists, and how their gruesome antics diverted attention from worthwhile campaigns aimed at factory farming. A lunatic fringe now threatens to sabotage the global warming debate in the same way. In the US, the think-tank ...
Australian labor leader: Exclusive Brethren extremist cult
2007-08-22 07:39:00
Federal Labor leader Kevin Rudd has labelled the Exclusive Brethren an extremist cult and called on Prime Minister John Howard to reveal what was discussed when he met its senior members recently.
Turkey bans!
2007-08-20 22:24:00
Holy shit and here I thought they were on their way to liberalism!!! The ban is because of the sway a particular sect of Muslims hold over the government: the Harun Yahya nipple suckers. Here’s the whole story: “the attorneys of the cult leader Adnan Oktar aka Harun Yahya, a 51 year old former interior design student known ...
Pakistan?s birthday overshadowed by extremist violence
2007-08-14 03:22:00
Pakistanis are set to celebrate 60 years of independence today against a backdrop of Islamist bombings that have shaken General Pervez Musharraf’s government. Four civilians were killed by a roadside bomb yesterday in the volatile North West Frontier province, while security forces clashed with Islamic militants close to the Afghan border after their checkpoints were attacked. Since ...
Extremist Christians threat to world peace
2007-08-03 02:36:00
Zionist Christians… that’s scary shit.
Christian & Islamic terrorism
2007-07-11 23:54:00
The similarities between Christian and Islamic terrorism are stunning! Take for example the ultra right wing Christian nuts who call themselves Branch Davidians! Recall 1993? That’s the year of the first World Trade Center bombing by Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda, right? But I bet most of the viewers will remember David Koresh’s terrorism because… well… ...
Muslim extremist guilty of inciting murder at cartoon protest
2007-07-05 19:28:00
A 'man' who called for British troops to be brought back from Iraq in body bags at a demonstration against cartoons said to be offensive to Islam was today found guilty of inciting murder.
Indonesia holds extremist leader
2007-06-13 06:10:00
Police in Indonesia say they have arrested the alleged leader of Jemaah Islamiyah, the extremist Islamic group blamed for the 2002 Bali bombings.
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An interview with an Imaam
2007-06-08 19:43:00
The following is an interview with an anonymous Imaam who is runs a public 1-1877 number for Islam. That is, you call in and ask questions about Islam and he will answer to the best of his knowledge. Trust me when I say that I would love to give out that number so that everyone can ...
Islam, Muslims & the World - a brief, paradigmatic analysis
2007-05-29 19:38:00
This article discusses the paradigmatic relationship and interaction between Muslims, Islam and the “external” world. The analysis elaborates a social theory which explains the Muslim mindset, both political and religious (though the two may be blurred in many aspects of the Islamic life) and their current and potential relationship with the rest of the world. Specifically, ...
Penn and Teller: Bullshit! - Creationism
2007-05-21 17:52:00
Like the description says: “Penn and Teller expose the bullshit that is creationism.” I recommend that you click the video and watch it full screen. It’s about 26 minutes or so. It applies very VERY well to Muslims who make the EXACT same crap argument. If there’s any video that targets Christianity but applies to ...
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