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Old Phuket Town Getting a Face Lift
2012-05-24 14:36:00
One of the things that everyone notices here in Phuket, and just about everywhere in Thailand - overhead cables. There are power cables, phone cables, internet cables, all kinds of cables and sometimes it looks terrible. After living here for so long, I have developed a blind spot for cables, but when you come to an area with no wires hanging over the street, it's very noticeable! It looks so clean and tidy. And there are very few wire/cable-free places in Phuket. Putting all cables underground is expensive and with continual upgrades in technology, can lead to endless digging with cables being replaced. In the old heart of Phuket Town - which blog readers may know is my favourite part of Phuket - a couple of streets were cleared of cables already a couple of years ago. (above) Thalang Road, photo taken December 2012 during the Phuket Street Show (above) Soi Romanee, a narrow lane connecting Thalang Road with Dibuk Road Only these 2 streets had been done, but plans were in p...
Small Companies Face Bigger Threats From Hackers
2012-05-23 08:19:00
The rapid penetration of high speed Internet has surely helped India explore opportunities well beyond the traditional routes. However, this growth has not been supported by security know-how. Hence smaller & medium companies (SMB) are increasingly falling prey to online malicious activities. Source:   According to leading online security firm Symantec, Indian companies either do not posses adequate knowledge for self-protection or build only minimal security cover. How do the attacks work? Hackers routinely employ the much preferred,  Social media route to spread the viruses. When an unsuspecting employee clicks on a infected link, a malware download is triggered. If the companies’ defenses are not strong or updated, this infection then find its way to other computers on the network. Interestingly, hackers prefer poorly defended data stack of government and large private sector organizations. Once the malware wriggles in, it usually escalates its pri...
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Over 55 and jobless, Americans face tough hunt
2012-05-15 15:23:00
Jean Coyle, 67, has a new kind of ministry. The former professor had just begun a career as a Presbyterian minister in Virginia when the economic downturn forced her church to let her go in 2007.
JPMorgan's Dimon to face calls to split top roles
2012-05-15 11:52:00
Jamie Dimon faces growing calls to give up the chairmanship of JPMorgan Chase & Co when shareholders of the bank convene on Tuesday, days after it revealed losses of billions of dollars in trades.
FACE OF FASHION posted a blog post
2012-05-13 17:05:00
Bryce Harper in Nationals lineup with swollen face (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-05-12 22:28:00
CINCINNATI (AP) Right fielder Bryce Harper was in the Washington Nationals’ lineup Saturday night, a day after he needed 10 stitches to close a wound above his left eye that was the result of an angry outburst.
How To Save Face In China. The Book.
2012-05-11 19:45:00
Unless you have a perfect mastery of Chinese language, symbolism, and social nuances (and who even has that of their own country, anyway?), consider picking up a copy of Anne-Laure Monfret’s Saving Face in China, a practical book aimed at aiding you in making a decent impression on your Chinese business contacts. Monfret is a French management and HR specialist who spent eight years in China. Her book addresses the trickiest areas of Chinese culture through thoughtful explanations and first-hand stories.  As she illustrates, it takes a whole lot more than common courtesy to navigate Chinese business meals, deals, and conflicts, all of which are fraught with complex hierarchies and expectations.  Alternating between big-picture concepts (e.g., western versus Chinese notions of “efficiency”) and concrete do’s and don’ts (do give a nice bottle of cognac as a gift, but never, ever give a clock), the book is a crash course in avoiding major social gaffes. Monfret concedes (an...
Echoes of ?67 ? Israel unites as war looms
2012-05-11 07:25:00
Why did the high-flying Netanyahu call off elections he was sure to win? Because for Israelis today, it is May ’67. The dread is not quite as acute: The mood is not despair, just foreboding. Time is running out, but …Read more »
Apple Said To Be Working On Face Unlock System Similar To That Of Google, B
2012-05-10 22:03:00
We all remember the demonstration of Google’s Face Unlock system, an interesting idea that was later revealed to be not all that great when it was discovered that, in some cases, it could be beaten with the simple expedient of holding a photo up to the screen and allowing it ...
The Face-to-Face Manifesto: Back to the Future
2012-05-09 18:00:00
?It is undeniable that Facebook, the king of the social media hill, has accumulated a huge number of users who spend growing amounts of time on the site. Its growth and ability to attract a loyal and highly networked audience is to be admired. For brands, however, it is far from the Holy Grail of marketing. Facebook and other online social networks represent merely one channel out of many that marketers can tap to spark a powerful word of mouth wave. And when looked at in the context of the  ?total social ? opportunity, it is but one very small part of the overall picture and needs to be seen as such. And true to Naisbitt?s  ?high tech, high touch ? megatrend, the fact is that online social networking is no substitute for the power and impact of face-to-face communications. Real world conversations?most of which take place face-to-face?are still the dominant mode of communication, and they are the most trusted and persuasive.?
Milwaukee mayor to face Walker in recall
2012-05-09 04:16:00
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett won the Democratic primary in Wisconsin on Tuesday and will go head-to-head with embattled Republican Gov. Scott Walker in the rare recall election on June 5.
The ?Rubio Doctrine?: Sen. Marco Rubio Gets Serious About Russia
2012-05-07 19:17:00
Rubio argues that the U.S. must recognize that Russian interests are diametrically opposed to our own and that Russia will not act for the global common good. Rubio calls Russia “increasingly belligerent” despite four years of “reset” by the Obama …Read more »
Hidden Face In The Forest Illusion
2012-05-04 11:55:00
Illusions are always tricky, sometimes it will make you think how it can be possible and sometime Illusions will make you feel dizzy but sometime it make you confuse too. Lets check this one for example : find the hidden face in this forest, its quite hard but not impossible.Tags: Hidden Object, Face, Hidden Face, Forest
Chinese dissident wants 'face-to-face' meeting with Clinton
2012-05-03 22:58:00
Chen Guangcheng told Congress today that he wants to meet with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton face-to-face and he requested to have his ?freedom of travel guaranteed? as he looks to leave China with his family and come to the United States. ?I want to...
African-Americans face roadblocks to HIV therapy, untreated depression make
2012-05-02 18:33:00
African-Americans with HIV are much less likely to adhere to drug therapy than others with the disease, according to a University of Michigan study. Moreover, untreated depression may greatly hinder adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART) for all low-income, HIV-infected patients, regardless of race. The study is the first known to indicate a true racial disparity in antiretroviral therapy adherence, says Rajesh Balkrishnan, associate professor at the University of Michigan School of Public Health and the College of Pharmacy. Less than 30 percent of African-American HIV patients in the one-year study sustained optimal adherence to ART, compared to 40 percent of other HIV patients. ?Our results show an alarming disparity in the quality of pharmaceutical care provided to African-American Medicaid enrollees with HIV,? Balkrishnan said. ?These enrollees have much lower adherence rates to ARTs and a 10 percent higher incidence of depression.?
Upside Down Match Box Illusion
2012-05-02 16:20:00
Rightside-up and upside-down faces are among the most popular optical illustrations in history. A collection of upside down art adorned match boxes during the late 19th and early 20th century. These images were cleverly drawn so as to be viewable right side up or upside down. Noses become forehead creases, mustaches become sweet little curls on a girl's head...Tags: Upside Down, Drawing, Faces, Nose, Mustaches
Ebay Gears Up To Face Rising Local Competition
2012-04-30 08:46:00
After seven years in India, EBay Inc.’s local arm will increase its investment. Ebay has been offering merchandise across multiple sales partners & distributors. With the growing threat from local players, it has now made a strategic decision to jack-up their spending on technology & promotional activities. has always taken a more conservative & cautious approach of doing business. All the while smaller firms made mega-budget advertisements. However, was never out of the market or sit along the sidelines confirms Muralikrishnan B, Country Manager, “Most of the new business models are just waiting to implode. We have chosen the cautious route, unlike a lot of Indian businesses who are blindly investing money without having an eye on sustainability or profitability”. Given the fact that Ebay possesses the worlds most preferred payment system Paypal, gives it a stronger edge. However, with local banks too matching the security aspect, it mig...
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Murdochs face tough week over scandal
2012-04-29 11:24:00
LONDON (Reuters) - Rupert Murdoch's tetchy and uncompromising appearance at a British inquiry into phone hacking could come back to haunt him this week when politicians give their verdict on the scandal at his defunct News of the World newspaper. Three days of grilling at the Leveson judicial press inquiry last week extracted few new facts from Rupert and his son James as the 81-year-old casually threw out insults at politicians and described himself as a victim of a corporate cover-up. ...
Pakistani Christians, Hindu continue to face forced conversions to islam
2012-04-28 23:49:00
But remember, islam is a religion of peace, and there is no compulsion in religion. As long as you’re muslim, support the pedophile Muhamhead, and slay the infidels wherever you find them. After Hindus, Pakistani Christians forced into conversion Amir Mir in Islamabad Victims of forced conversions are often girls from poor backgrounds who are ...
Medicaid's youngest face dental crisis
2012-04-25 00:05:00
With more than 16 million low-income U.S. children on Medicaid not receiving dental care -- or even a routine exam -- in 2009, according to the Pew Center on the States, dentists and ERs say they are treating very young patients with teeth blackened from decay and bacteria and multiple cavities.
Trucker will face anti-gun charges in Mexico
2012-04-24 23:35:00
Since I wasn’t getting too many facts, other than the *human interest* side of the story from Bogan’s mother, I decided to take a look at the El Paso Times and see what they had to offer. Well, here it … Continue reading →
'Beautiful Bulldog' contest winner gives good face
2012-04-24 04:13:00
Tyson, a beloved English bulldog, doesn't bite ears like his namesake, boxer Mike Tyson, but he does share a title ? champion.
High school hackers face expulsion over attendance system breach
2012-04-23 23:22:00
A group of teens at a high school in Berkeley, Calif. charged fellow students between $2 and $20 to remove records of tardiness and unexcused absences from their permanent records.
Ariz. to face off with Feds at Supreme Court over immigration law
2012-04-23 22:30:00
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed the country's toughest illegal-immigration bill into law two years ago, setting off a long legal battle with the Obama administration and inspiring half a dozen states to emulate Arizona and pass similar laws.
COURSERA ? changing the face of education globally
2012-04-23 10:07:00
Just this morning I read an article from yesterdays paper about Coursera – a new free online and interactive education system initiated by two American professors, Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller from Stanford University in San Francisco. We offer high quality courses from the top universities, for free to everyone. We currently host courses from Princeton University, Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, and University of Pennsylvania. We are changing the face of education globally, and we invite you to join us. While it seems almost to good to be true, it isn’t! Together the two have set out on a mission to transform and “revitalize” the world of university education and make it available to everyone who wants to join. When you join one of our classes, you’ll also join a global community of thousands of students learning alongside you. We know that your life is busy, and that you have many commitments o...
Create Rage Faced Photos on Android with Rage Face Photo
2012-04-22 18:51:00
After learning how toinsert the rage faces (trollface memes or internet memes) to your text message, today we are going to have some fun snapping photos on your Android device, and then, guess what, we are going to put rage faces over the photos. Sounds cool? Yes, definitely cool when you can replace the face...
Uganda Kony-hunting soldiers face jungle threats
2012-04-21 19:19:00
For Ugandan soldiers tasked with catching Joseph Kony, the real threat is not the elusive Central Africa warlord and his brutal gang. Encounters with the Lord's Resistance Army rebels are so rare that Kony hunters worry more about the threats of the jungle: Armed poachers, wild beasts, honey bees, and even a fly that torments their ears.
Tepid Romney endorsement bracket comes down to a face-off
2012-04-20 22:01:00
Several hours after endorsing Mitt Romney for president recently, outgoing Indiana governor Mitch Daniels told the Indianapolis Star he disapproved of Romney's "slash-and-burn"-style of campaigning and said the former governor needed to make his campaign more constructive. "You have to campaign to govern, not just to win," he said. So many politicians have offered Romney ...
Mace in the Face
2012-04-20 04:44:00
A photo of the mace police use - heavy duty stuff!The Boy Child called me from college today.He was maced in the face.It's alright though.  Remember, he is going to school for Police Science and the macing is a requirement in the Defensive Tactics course.Ouch.He said he expected it to be terrible...  and it was much, much worse than he expected.
Clues in missing boy who was 1st face on milk carton
2012-04-19 16:59:00
The New York boy vanished while walking to the bus stop 33 years ago.
Imogen Thomas New Face of Slimsticks
2012-04-18 19:05:00
Big Brother star and former Miss Wales Imogen Thomas is the new celebrity spokesperson for weight-loss aid brand Slimsticks. The 29-year-old TV personality has been using Slimsticks and has already dropped a dress size (from size 12 to 10). The sizzling Welsh newsmaker has long confessed to having problems keeping her weight under control. Thomas said: My problem is ...
Darrell Issa Face the Nation 04/15/12 VIDEO
2012-04-16 00:12:00
Rep. Darrell Issa, chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, On CBS News' "Face the Nation," with Bob Schieffer 04/15/12 FULL VIDEO Secret Service may need "soul-searching"TEXT and VIDEO CREDIT: CBS News' "Face the Nation"
Tulsa shooting suspects face murder, hate crime charges
2012-04-14 01:03:00
Two men accused of going on a shooting spree that terrorized Tulsa's predominantly black north side face murder and hate crime charges, prosecutors said Friday in an announcement praised by community leaders who had called for swift action by authorities.
Japanese Robot Rings Redefine the Face Palm
2012-04-11 18:43:00
A bizarre set of robotic rings developed by Japanese researchers puts the concept of wearable robots in ? actually, ?on? ? the palm of your hand. Consisting of spherical, movable, electrically-powered eyes and mouth, the rings could someday enhance communication through non-verbal means.
Special Feature: Instagram Now Belongs To The Billion Dollar Club. Did Face
2012-04-11 11:25:00
Facebook buying Instagram out for $1 billion is the biggest acquisition in the Tech world this year. What was surprising was not the fact that Facebook bought the company but rather the fact that it bought the app for a billion dollars. The amount of money shelled out by Zuckerberg led to some intense online discussions, tweets and articles. Was shelling out this kind of money for a photo sharing app justified? Co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom started working on Instagram (which came out of an app called Burbn) primarily to leverage the ‘location’ buzz that was going with services like Foursquare. After noticing that more and more people were using the app not to check in but to upload photos of their daily lives.  Systrom thought of launching Instagram exclusively for iOS in October 2010. The Instagram app gained lot of popularity over the last two years. With Instagram releasing for Android last week, Android and iPhone have nearly settled into full featured competing mobile...
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Obama: Voters face starkest contrast since 1964 race
2012-04-11 01:37:00
President Obama saidtoday that voters in the 2012 election face the starkest contrast in candidates seen since the 1964 race between Lyndon Johnson and Barry Goldwater.
Free Baby Spa Face Cream & Body Lotion sample -EXPIRED
2012-04-10 04:32:00;app_data=dlt -first 6000
Free Sachet of Sebamed Luquid Face & Body Wash
2012-04-09 22:11:00
High Face to Earth and Neutral to Earth Voltage from Generator
2012-04-09 10:00:00
Hi I have a small Generator set for my home. The gerator is working fine. The problem am facing is my APC 500VA UPS is not working with the electricity supply from the generator. The genrator make is Honda. Model is EBK 1200. On checking the reason it is found that the face to earth voltage and nut
Smiling And Crying Face Optical Illusion
2012-04-08 20:49:00
Be calm and see the picture and let us know what you do find? a smiling face or a crying faceTags: Upside Down, Funny, Face, Crying, Smiling
John Derbyshire Is The Face Of Modern Racism
2012-04-07 22:38:00
The National Review Columnist penned a vile, racist variation of “The Talk” – the conversation Black parents have with their kids about how to deal with on-the-street racism that leads to descriptions of “walking while black” or “driving while black,” and is generally done by someone white to someone black in America – the most (Read More...)
John Derbyshire Is The Face Of Modern Racism
2012-04-07 22:38:00
UPDATE: John Derbyshire Fired By National Review. The National Review Columnist penned a vile, racist variation of “The Talk” – the conversation Black parents have with their kids about how to deal with on-the-street racism that leads to descriptions of “walking while black” or “driving while black,” and is generally done by someone white to (Read More...)
2012-04-05 17:57:00
Before the 2012 New York International Auto Show kicks off this weekend Repblica received an exclusive invite to preview the 2013 Ford Fusion--a fresh improvement on the motor company's best-selling midsize car. Some of the highlights include it being the first non-hybrid mid sedan available with Auto Start-Stop (engine efficiency), intuitive road-reading technology for better driving, a newly redesigned face and grill and a V6 engine with fuel efficiency of 22 MPG in the city and 33MPG on the highway. Fans and drivers can check out more of the Fusion story here and stay tuned for footage of our exclusive coverage of the event on the way!
Jump Games’ Border Wars: Face Off Hits 1 Million Downloads. Releases
2012-04-05 11:12:00
Jump Games has announced that their game Border Wars: Face off has crossed 1 million downloads on the Nokia OVS stores. The game was launched in October 2011 and was available across all mobile services like Vodafone, Docomo, Reliance, Idea etc. The game is a patriotic twist to the classic Parachute game concept. The game is very popular among the Indian youth due to the patriotic angle that the game provides. In February, Jump Games decided to serve ads on the game and release it on Nokia’s platform. This gave a boost to the downloads and heavy user requests for newer weapons and game features. Considering the popular demand Jump Games decided to release a sequel. They launched it yesterday and the new game is called Border Wars: LOC and adds new weapons and features which are supposed to make the game more engaging and fun. Here is a screenshot from the game. Speaking about this particular launch of the game, Mr. Chaitanya Prabhu, Business Head India, Jump Games says “We hav...
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FC Barcelona to face Chelsea as expected in Champions League Semi-Final
2012-04-05 07:24:00
When the draw was made last month in Lyon, everyone expected a Barca vs Chelsea match up in the semi-final. Now with both the teams winning their respective Quarter Final ties, that expectation has turned into reality. In normal circumstances players try to underplay past issues, results and other facts into the build up to one of the most important matches of the season. But it looks like the wounds of that dramatic night at Stamford Bridge which was turned on it's head by a Iniesta screamer is yet to be healed for many Chelsea players. I have always maintained that we were pretty lucky to have not conceded atleast two penalties that night. I have heard many of fellow cules arguing that Henry should have had a penalty in the first leg. There is some merit in the argument but as the saying goes "Two wrongs don't make a right", that argument can only be used for the sense of arguing. Chelsea were hard done by refereeing decisions that night and it is normal that their fans and play...
Top 5 Erogenous Zones On Her Face
2012-03-31 23:00:00
Foreplay has a vital role in getting a woman primed for sex. Here are some foreplay tips to help you MASTER the erogenous zones on her face and head.Related Posts Your Man’s Top 3 Secret Erogenous Zones REVEALED! Getting To Know Your Girl’s Erogenous Zones The Best Erogenous Zones Below The Belt Top Erogenous Zones For Men And Women Oral Sex: Female Erogenous Zones 101
2013 Fisker Nina Shows Its Face In Captured Photos
2012-03-30 06:51:00
The New York International Auto Show begins next week. One of the highlights will likely be the Fisker Nina. The Nina is Fisker’s low-cost project, which has been the focus of the company’s developmental efforts. While the Karma is produced by Valmet in Finland, the Nina is slated to be built in Wilmington, Delaware at - A Car Blog for Auto Enthusiasts
US Full Face Transplant 'Success'
2012-03-28 14:45:00
From BBC News - Science & Environment: US doctors have carried out what they say is the most extensive face transplant ever performed, by giving a man a new jaw, teeth and tongue. Read the whole article
Life Well Lived – Framing Your Face
2012-03-26 23:03:00
As part of BlogHer’s Life Well Lived series, I was asked :What are your favorite tips and tricks for framing and showing off your beautiful face? This is a hard one for me, because I don’t pay too much attention to my appearance beyond some basics. What do I have to work with? I have glasses. I have curly hair. I have a weird round face. I’m not too keen on makeup. I’m a wash and go kind of girl. Because I’m totally squicked out by anything to do with eyes (such as contacts or laser surgery), I’m stuck with the glasses. So I always make sure I have frames I love. Love doesn’t have to equal expensive. I currently have rectangular black frames, which I love, and they were only $20. For my hair, it’s curly and a lot of it. When I say curly, I mean full-on spiral curls. If I were to brush it out dry (which I never-ever-ever do), I have a serious, 70′s worthy afro. When it rains it just gets… Bigger. A lot bigger. Shorter is NO...
Sathya Sai Baba Failed To Face India?s Endemic Corruption. Or Support Key A
2012-03-22 11:47:00
Like most days, yesterday, I worked on a song (See lyrics below). It reminded me – quite beside the immediate purpose of the piece, incidentally – how profoundly Sathya Sai Baba and his officials were utterly bound up, beside their own day-by-day autocratic practices, with some of the most corrupt and suppressive agencies in India. ...
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