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First Five Callers?
2012-05-30 17:41:00
Just for the record, I much prefer Google+ to Facebook. On the positive side of the ledger, Facebook has brought into distant orbit a handful of long-lost friends. That is it for the positive side of the ledger. Facebook seems … Continue reading →
Foto Bugil Mahasiswi Makassar Beredar di Facebook
2012-05-29 07:02:00
Seorang mahasiswi kampus swasta di Makassar, menjadi korban pelecehan di dunia maya. Foto bugilnya diupload seseorang di situs perkawanan Facebook.
Dipancing Polisi Lewat Facebook, Pelaku Perampokan di Depok Dibekuk
2012-05-28 16:25:00
Banyak jalan menuju Roma. Kiranya falsafah ini yang dipakai pihak kepolisian untuk membekuk pelaku perampokan IW (20).
House MD Critical Case on Facebook #CleverMD #spon
2012-05-27 02:15:00
I’m not a big fan of Facebook games but when I heard that House MD had launched their very own game app, I had to give it a try. I love the television show and all the cases they work throughout the season. However, it’s Dr. House’s sarcastic sense of humor that keeps me coming ...
Order Register shared a profile on Facebook
2012-05-26 07:45:00
Order Register shared a profile on FacebookKristi Vosbeck
Facebook Releases Camera App For iOS But Doesn’t Include Any Instagra
2012-05-25 14:45:00
Social Networking company, Facebook has just released a camera app for Apple’s iOS. Titled, ‘Facebook Camera of iOS’, the application looks & functions almost identical to Instagram. The free application makes a sincere attempt at improving the photo capabilities offered by Facebook’s primary app for iPhone and iPod touch devices. What’s special?  Just like Instagram, the photos are displayed in a single endless scrolling feed. Additionally, Facebook has enabled multi-upload of photos. Earlier users could upload single photos only. Simple image manipulation tools like crop, rotate & apply quirky filters are also built-in. Facebook had spent US$ 1 Billion in acquiring the Photo sharing startup Instagram. While many believe that Facebook overpaid, it will be quite some time before Facebook can officially incorporate the same into their eco-system. In order to circumvent the red-tape, this could be an interim solution. Why couldn’t Facebook simply wait? Well, F...
By: WATblog
Falsa aplicacin de Facebook ataca a usuarios de Android
2012-05-25 02:00:00
Uno de los ms populares proveedores de seguridad en Internet actualmente, Bitdefender, ha detectado una falsa aplicacin en Facebook, que conduce a un fraude para dispositivos Android bajo la falsa promesa de ofrecer una “verificacin del amante ideal”. En teora, la aplicacin debe tener acceso a toda la informacin de los usuarios para, supuestamente, buscar ...Artículos Relacionados Facebook y sus 750 millones de usuarios Los 10 tipos de usuarios de Facebook ms comunes #Infografa Aplicacin de la Copa Amrica Argentina 2011 para Android
Falsa aplicacin de Facebook ataca a usuarios de Android
2012-05-25 02:00:00
Uno de los ms populares proveedores de seguridad en Internet actualmente, Bitdefender, ha detectado una falsa aplicacin en Facebook, que conduce a un fraude para dispositivos Android bajo la falsa promesa de ofrecer una “verificacin del amante ideal”. En teora, la aplicacin debe tener acceso a toda la informacin de los usuarios para, supuestamente, buscar ...Artículos Relacionados Facebook y sus 750 millones de usuarios Los 10 tipos de usuarios de Facebook ms comunes #Infografa Aplicacin de la Copa Amrica Argentina 2011 para Android
Shareholders sue Facebook, NYSE comes calling
2012-05-24 08:52:00
The fallout from Facebook's messy initial public offering widened as shareholders sued the social network and its bankers while a trading firm revealed a massive loss on the shares and threatened to seek "remedies."
FaceBook FacePlants
2012-05-24 03:14:00
It was over a decade ago that Tech Bubble 1.0 burst. IPO?s were so common that it was hard to keep up with them. Everyone was launching All of these sites shared a common feature, lots of hype, but absolutely no business plan worth a lick. Even the few that did have some kind of ...
iFound you: Woman posts pictures from her stolen iPhone to Facebook
2012-05-24 00:01:00
Katy McCaffrey doesn't have her stolen iPhone back yet. But it looks like she's one step closer after an alleged thief's pictures taken with the phone began uploading to her photo stream. NPR reports that McCaffrey had her phone stolen while taking part in a Disney Cruise Line vacation. The pictures being automatically uploaded from ...
Fury over Facebook IPO grows, lawsuits mount
2012-05-23 17:40:00
So now it's day four in the life of "public Facebook" (FB), and setting aside for a moment some gyrations in the stock price, it's safe to say things are still going to pretty much suck for the social media titan?at least for the foreseeable future.
Regulators probe bank's role in Facebook IPO
2012-05-23 14:44:00
Regulators are examining whether Morgan Stanley, the investment bank that shepherded Facebook through its highly publicized stock offering last week, selectively informed clients of an analyst's negative report about the company before the stock started trading.
DH Studios Inc shared their blog post on Facebook
2012-05-23 10:04:00
DH Studios Inc shared their blog post on FacebookDH Studios Inc. puts an extrinsic touch on a New York classic. Let us re-introduce “Ciné et La Mode.”
Contest Time: Bauer-Power Needs More Facebook Friends
2012-05-23 09:00:00
It's been quite the while since I've held a contest here, and figured it was about time I did it again. I have thought about it, and I just don't feel like I have enough friends on Facebook. Well, I should say I don't feel that the blog has enough friends on Facebook. Right now we have 193 good pals that follow us, but I would like to push that number up to at least 500. For that, I feel a little bribery is in order. Therefore I will have a contest here to inspire you all to be friends of Bauer-Power by liking us on Facebook. The winners (Yes I said winners) will get some free schwag from Bauer-Power Gear! Now before you scoff at that, we have some pretty cool stuff that you may actually want. In fact, I will be making available for the first prize, a free t-Shirt which are surprisingly good sellers. All you have to do to enter is like us on Facebook, then post the following on our wall: I love Bauer-Power, now give me my prize! That's it! We'll see the post and enter...
Facebook working on redesign of unpopular 'Timeline' feature
2012-05-22 22:35:00
This hasn't exactly beenFacebook's year ? itsstock price has been in a tailspin since itwent public on Friday, and the new Timeline profile look has beenuniversally panned. It may be tough turning around the cratering stock price, but Facebook isn't ? Continue reading ?
Did Facebook bankers secretly cut revenue estimates?
2012-05-22 18:40:00
And now comes some news about the Facebook IPO that buyers deserve to be outraged about. Reuters' Alistair Barr is reporting that Facebook's lead underwriters cut their earnings forecasts for the company in the middle of the IPO roadshow.
Augmentez les like par centaine sur facebook
2012-05-22 16:28:00
Voici comment faire pour gagner des centaines de fans facebook chaque mois. Ceci est totalement gratuit.
Facebook Shares Gain Traction, But Trading Price Comes Down
2012-05-22 08:08:00
The hugely anticipated Facebook IPO closed at US$ 34.03 per share and soon its  shares started facing the grim reality when the prices dropped by 11% on Monday. Facebook had set on a course to gain a very high valuation of US$ 104 Billion. Accordingly, it even jacked up its share prices. Though the shares did trade at the announced price band between US$ 34 – 38, it was a different story on Monday all together. A while ago Facebook had sought additional help from many financial institutions to increase the width of the spread. Accordingly, the company’s lead underwriter (Morgan Stanley) was primarily responsible to keep the prices high on Friday, by buying the shares in huge quantities. This was done to prevent a ‘Busted IPO’, wherein share-prices drop below the announced price-band. There are quite a few assumption of what would have happened? Quite near to the IPO, some disturbing insights about Facebook were revealed and it was learnt that though Facebook was a...
By: WATblog
Selena Gomez Facebook Hacker, Gareth Crosskey, Gets 1 Year In Jail
2012-05-22 00:34:00
An overly proud and loud hacker named Gareth Crosskey, who hacked into Selena Gomez?s Facebook and Twitter account last year, was caught, arrested and sentenced to one year behind bars. Gareth allegedly posed as the singer?s step-father Brian Teefey, who has admin rights to her Facebook account, to post messages like ?Justin Bieber sucks? and ...
The Facebook sell-off: Will shares recover?
2012-05-21 20:43:00
Shares of Facebook (FB) fell as low as $33 today, more than 13% below the offering price on Friday. Ironically the same shareholders who were assumed to be buyers of the stock at any price are now ditching FB at a steep discount.
Where are Facebook friends? Stock sinks on 2nd day
2012-05-21 15:34:00
Facebook's stock falls below the $38 IPO price in the social network's second day of trading as a public company.
Facebook faces crucial week after modest debut
2012-05-21 07:20:00
Newly issued Facebook shares may have a hard time in the coming week if lead underwriter Morgan Stanley stops supporting the stock and managers lower down in the IPO book get out before going underwater.
Facebook stock limps into Monday: What's next after IPO?
2012-05-20 17:05:00
Facebook resumes trading on Wall Street on Monday with shares being closely watched to see how well they stand on their own after stumbling out of the gate in a historic but lackluster debut.
Using Facebook Advertising to Super-Charge Your Real Estate Investing
2012-05-20 17:01:00
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last five years, you know Facebook. You probably can’t go two hours without checking your wall, ?liking? your friend’s comment, and laughing at a video of a golden retriever playing the piano (seriously, check that one out. I’ve put a link on my own Facebook page!) ...This Article is Copyright © 2004-2012 BiggerPockets, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Using Facebook Advertising to Super-Charge Your Real Estate Investing
ayisha al - haqq shared a profile on Facebook
2012-05-19 16:41:00
ayisha al - haqq shared a profile on FacebookGwen Vikkey Miao Vicki Victoire
Facebooks IPO: Shares Open At $42.05, Firm Worth $104 Billion; Twitter Rea
2012-05-18 19:51:00
Friday is Facebooks IPO day, as investors rush to purchase a stake in the Social Media company. As of now, according to CNN, Facebooks shares opened at $42.05, reportedly 11 percent higher than the anticipated $38 IPO share price. And as Facebook is on track to raise $16 billion, this blogger says to Mark Zuckerberg, (Read More...)
rashpal singh shared JAPJEE KAUR's blog post on Facebook
2012-05-18 13:00:00
rashpal singh shared JAPJEE KAUR's blog post on FacebookFASHION FORWARD: The FQ + EQ Movement
Facebook set for big first-day pop
2012-05-18 03:50:00
Facebook is set to raise up to $18.4 billion in its IPO and become the first U.S. company to be worth more than $100 billion at its debut, as investors bet on a big pop in the stock when it begins trading Friday on the Nasdaq.
Facebook prices at top of range in landmark IPO
2012-05-17 22:40:00
Facebook Inc priced its initial public offering at $38 a share, giving the world's No. 1 online social network a $104 billion valuation in the third largest offering in U.S. history.
Facebook?s IPO movie better than 'Social Network'
2012-05-17 18:02:00
A short documentary now playing on the Internet is the best movie about Mark Zuckerberg yet. It?s studded with clues to the workings of Zuckerberg?s brain, and possibly even clues to the future of Facebook, which makes its initial public stock offering on Friday.
Bill could ban Facebook co-founder from returning to U.S.
2012-05-17 17:51:00
Senate Democrats unveiled a bill to punish Americans who renounce their citizenship for tax purposes, pointing specifically to Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, who last fall withdrew his citizenship in advance of the company's IPO.
How Facebook Is Impacting Jobs, Growing In India & Probably Launching A
2012-05-17 14:06:00
The Facebook IPO goes live tomorrow and there is a lot of excitement in the social media circles. Facebook’s IPO measures have already been covered obsessively but Facebook itself is concentrating more on their consumers due to the many changes they have shipped to service this week. Facebook is no longer just a social networking site as it has impacted advertising, media and the creation of jobs along with its social component. Let go deeper into how it has managed to do this. Impact on Jobs: Facebook created the ‘platform’ known today as social media along with Twitter and MySpace. Social Media is not just about social networking, it is also about advertising, outreach campaigns and general spread of information like videos, photos and ideas. Now, a lot of startups and next generation Internet companies are leveraging Facebook’s s-pace to access the crucial 900 billion people that it has. This is a huge number and no wonder the Facebook app economy is growing ...
By: WATblog
As Facebook grows, millions say, 'no, thanks'
2012-05-17 13:22:00
Don't try to friend MaLi Arwood on Facebook. You won't find her there.
Facebook Good For Networking Not For E-Commerce; Really?
2012-05-17 08:05:00
It is observed that when it comes to the business, people are reluctant to trust Facebook which have a very wide spread appeal. A recent survey has revealed that though users readily interact on the website, when it comes to clicking on the ads or even buying the virtual goods, many are unwilling to do so. This lack of trust on the displayed ads is a serious threat to Facebook as advertisements are its largest revenue generators. Recently, after rolling out advertisements on its mobile platform it was discovered ad-interaction was not not increasing at all. Undoubtedly, Facebook has been facing problems with ads for quite some time now. If this scenario continues, it’s ad inventory might take a hit. How? Advertisers always want to target messages to people who will most likely respond. If 83% of respondents confirmed that they “hardly ever” or “never” click on the ads Facebook serves up, why will ad managers put up ads? There is still some good news, people who di...
By: WATblog
Why you might want to turn off Facebook?s SocialCam
2012-05-16 20:59:00
Friends ? I beg of you ? TURN OFF SHARING for the Socialcam app on Facebook. Socialcam is a feed of user-generated videos. Just by clicking on a Socialcam link in Facebook and accepting their app, every Socialcam video you watch from then on is shared to your Facebook friends automatically. The content is questionable, ...
Elizabeth Holcomb shared their blog post on Facebook
2012-05-16 19:52:00
Elizabeth Holcomb shared their blog post on FacebookTT Consultants the greatest swatch sourcing company in Asia:
Darryl Reece shared Curacao Fashion Week's event on Facebook
2012-05-16 18:56:00
Darryl Reece shared Curacao Fashion Week's event on FacebookCuracao Fashion Week
GM unfriends Facebook ahead of IPO: What went wrong?
2012-05-16 18:56:00
Days away from Facebook's IPO, General Motors announced it's pulling $10 million in advertising business from the social media kingpin. No full explanation was given.
Facebook Updates Its Mobile App; Makes Photo Viewing Easier.
2012-05-16 15:54:00
Facebook recently rolled out an important design update to its mobile app. Although, the update doesn’t change the overall UI, it has made viewing photos much better. The new 3x enlargement in terms of size of the photos is rather nice and eliminates the need to tap on a photo to view on the large screen. You can see before and after images below. Before the update After the update It seems the Facebook team has already started taking design inputs from the Instagram team. Although the buyout of Instagram will not finish in 2012, the new design shows that Facebook is serious about improving its mobile app functionality. The new updates to photos make it easy to skim through the timeline instead of actually going individually to each photo. Instagram displays photos in full length and there is really no need to click on them to check them out. A similar preview feature has been incorporated into Facebook. If you install the update and you have a big touchscreen, you wil...
By: WATblog
Freshdesk Launches Private CRM Support For Facebook Messages
2012-05-16 14:13:00
Customer Support on Social Media platforms is the key to engage with the customers resolving their issues and queries. Sadly, almost all social media platforms, including Facebook have not really been designed with this in mind. Facebook has fan pages where your users can message you but all this is in the public domain and might not be the best place for consumers and companies to interact with each other in certain circumstances. Freshdesk, a cloud CRM startup is changing all that. They announced on their official blog that they have achieved integration of the Facebook messaging feature with their services. Using this integration will definitely bring new found functionality for brands who struggle under the fact that most information given to them by their customers is public and there is no other way to go around this. There are a couple of points that the company points out regarding this new feature. Source: Freshdesk  All queries via Facebook messages will be tickete...
By: WATblog
Facebook boosts IPO size by 25 percent, could top $16 bil
2012-05-16 09:06:00
Facebook Inc will increase the size of its initial public offering by 25 percent, a source familiar with the matter said, and could raise as much as $16 billion amid strong investor demand for a share of the No.1 social network.
RT @cardservices: Houdt twitter en facebook vandaag in de gaten, we hebben
2012-05-16 08:50:00 RT @cardservices: Houdt twitter en facebook vandaag in de gaten, we hebben leuk nieuws #appledokters 20 minutes ago from Twitter - Comment - Like
Novelette Ellis shared a profile on Facebook
2012-05-16 07:43:00
Novelette Ellis shared a profile on FacebooktheLAfashion
Novelette Ellis shared a profile on Facebook
2012-05-16 07:30:00
Novelette Ellis shared a profile on FacebookBerlinda Pierre-Louis
Facebook Ups Its Share Price Band To US$ 34& 38; Is This A Calculated M
2012-05-15 13:39:00
Facebook appears to be preparing for an enhancement in the likely share price of its first IPO. Decimating earlier speculations, Facebook has pegged the figure between $ 34 & $ 38. If people do accept this new rates & simply lap up the shares, the company could see a massive jump in valuation from current US$ 93 Billion to US$ 104 Billion. How did Facebook come to this figure? Though not listed openly, Facebook shares were being traded in the Secondary Market. The networking giant halted this trading for the grand launch, the shares were being exchanged for a monetary value of US$ 44. If we compare this to Google’s or even Groupon’s IPO, then financial-market future for the social company is very bright. Google had announced share price of US$ 85, which now sits at US$ 600! Having said that, newer tech companies are always prone to thorough scrutiny from market watchers. Facebook, for its IPO has roped in multiple financial backers & hence must be feeling pretty c...
By: WATblog
Facebook hikes IPO range to raise $12.1 billion
2012-05-15 12:57:00
Facebook Inc has increased the price range in Silicon Valley's biggest-ever initial public offering to raise more than $12 billion, giving the No.1 social network a valuation potentially exceeding $100 billion.
Facebook favoriet op bedrijfsnetwerk
2012-05-15 09:25:00
Met Internettoegang op het bedrijfswerk is het voor werknemers bijzonder makkelijk om hun sociale netwerken tijdens werktijd bij te houden – iets waar je als werkgever niet op zit te wachten.
By: SpyBlog
Half of Americans think Facebook is a passing fad
2012-05-15 09:19:00
Is Facebook a flash in the pan? Nearly half of Americans think so, according to a new AP/CNBC poll. Forty-six percent of those polled say the social networking giant is likely to "fade away as new things come along," while 43 percent predict it will be "successful over the long term." And with its long-awaited ...
Factbox: Early Facebook backers and their bets today
2012-05-15 07:57:00
(Reuters) - Facebook's earliest venture-capital backers, especially at once-downtrodden outfit Accel Partners, will have reason to celebrate come Friday when the world's biggest social network is set to debut on the Nasdaq at as much as a $100 billion valuation. Here is a look at some of these pioneering investors and what they are looking at now. KEVIN EFRUSY, ACCEL PARTNERS Efrusy did research and sourced Accel's original investment in Facebook, although Accel partner Jim Breyer sits on Facebook's board. ...
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