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?Your Love Ain?t Fair? dos Simian Mobile Disco
2012-05-07 22:00:00
Os londrinos Simian Mobile Disco já anunciaram o título e a data de lançamento do seu próximo álbum. “Unpatterns” estará à venda a partir do dia 15 de Maio pelas editoras Wichita/Delicacies. Desse novo trabalho já foram reveladas 4 faixas, a saber: “Seraphim”, “Cerulean”, “Put Your Hands Together” e “Your Love Ain’t Fair”, sendo que a primeira e a última foram apresentadas em versões gravadas enquanto que as as restantes (e “Seraphim” também) foram apresentadas em versões ao vivo em programas de Zane Lowe, Annie Mac e Pete Tong na BBC Radio One. A mais recente é ?Your Love Ain?t ...
NYT's Bill Keller: Fox's Fair and Balanced 'A Slogan For The Suckers'
2012-05-06 14:26:00
NYT's ex-executive editor now columnist Bill Keller, he of "All The News That's Fit To Print," goes off on Rupert "not a fit person" Murdoch, Fox News, and Roger Ailes. "Murdoch's Pride is America's Poison" minus the first four grafs:Fox News is Murdoch?s most toxic legacy. My gripe against Fox is not that it is conservative. The channel?s pulpit-pounding pundits, with the exception of the avuncular Mike Huckabee, are too shrill for my taste, but they are not masquerading as impartial newsmen. Nor am I indignant that Fox News is the cultural home of the Republican Party and a nonstop Obama roast. Partisan journalism, while not my thing, has a long tradition. Though I do wonder if the folks at Fox appreciate that this genre is more European than American. My complaint is that Fox pretends very hard to be something it is not, and in the process contributes to the corrosive cynicism that has polarized our public discourse. I doubt that people at Fox News really be...
May 1, 1851: All's Fair in Love, War, Machinery and Appliances
2012-05-01 14:56:00
From Wired Top Stories: The Great Exhibition opens in London?s Hyde Park. It?s the birth of the world?s fair, a cosmopolitan tradition that has for a century and half served as a trade show of sorts for human progress. Read the whole article
April 30, 1939: New York World?s Fair Opened
2012-04-29 23:59:00
The New York World's Fair was held from 1939-1940 in Flushing Meadow Park. The fair's slogan, "Dawn of a New Day", gave over 44 million visitors a glimpse of what life would be like in the distant future of 1960. The fair was created in an effort to pull the country out of the Great Depressio
Can government make life fair for gay people? (Should it?)
2012-04-20 03:09:00
Twelve days ago, I posted the first, of what I expect to be, a series of pieces on gays, the GOP and the 2012 election (now a new category).  I return to that theme today, asking perhaps the question least considered by gay activists, but perhaps most important to the achievement of their (ostensible) goals: ...
Lilly Ledbetter Slams Mitt Romney, GOP On Fair Pay Issue
2012-04-19 19:47:00
Huffington Post Posted: 04/18/2012 4:05 pm By- Laura Bassett Lilly Ledbetter, the woman who famously sued her employer after discovering she was being paid less than her male colleagues and who inspired the first piece of legislation President Barack Obama signed upon entering office, fired back against likely GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney after he ...
By: Suzie-Q
Anis Matta Disebut Wa Ode, FPKS Berharap KPK Bisa Fair
2012-04-18 16:06:00
FPKS berharap KPK bisa bekerja profesional dalam mengusut kasus dana percepatan pembangunan daerah. Sikap FPKS ini terkait disebutnya nama Anis Matta oleh tersangka Wa Ode Nurhayati.
The Doctrine of ?Fair?
2012-04-10 03:02:00
   Addressing his fellow Democrats at a retreat on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in January, President Obama fought back against the class warfare charge that has dogged him since the 2008 campaign: “This is one of the biggest things I’m going to be pushing back on this year, this notion that this is somehow class warfare, that we’re ...
Gene Kelly, ready for love: Making of "It's Always Fair Weather" (Outtakes)
2012-04-09 05:00:00
Gene Kelly & Cyd Charisse in "Love Is Nothing but a Racket" dance number and "Behind the Scenes" from "It's Always Fair Weather" (1955) directed by Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly?Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.? ? C.S. Lewis, "The Four Loves" (1960)"Gene Kelly gets one of his very best solos. With roller-skates strapped to his feet, Kelly's Ted realizes that he is loved, and he is in love, and for that reason, he can stop hating himself. The revelation leads him to sing the infectious Comden and Green/Andre Previn tune "I Like Myself" and dance blissfully. Kelly taps in the skates as if it were the natural thing to do, then he immediately glides for a few feet in one single long take, just to prove that these aren't trick skates, and that there aren't any camera tricks either. It's just grace and athleticism, pure and simple, and it's exactly the type of moment ...
Fair Oaks Estates House Values - Trends
2012-04-05 10:31:00
Fair Oaks Estates House Values and Current ListingsThis blog posting shows the value trends in Fairfax Virginia over the past 12 months. This chart shows the Median price for all properties and is also segmented by number of bedrooms. Compare this with the active Fair Oaks Estates Homes for Sale. This will give you a general idea of how your House in Fair Oaks Estates compares with the rest of Fairfax. The true way for you to determine the current value of your House in Fair Oaks Estates is to request a Current Comparative Market Analysis to be performed by The Earl of Real Estate:Every week, The Earl of Real Estate Team puts together a Market Conditions report for the Fairfax VA Real Estate Market.Historical Values since 2000:Current Snapshot of Active List Prices in Fairfax:Other Fairfax Virginia Real Estate resources:, Fairfax Virginia Bank Owned Foreclosure Listings, Fairfax Virginia Condos for Sale, Fairfax Virginia Homes for Sale, Fairfax Virginia MLS Listings, Fairfax Vi...
2012-03-28 09:41:00
FAIR TRADE par M-ONK et si on se donnait tous la main...Fin des votes 25/04/12 09:41commentaire : 3-
That's Not Fair! What Your Competitor Can't Do in Competing with You
2012-03-20 05:56:00
Yesterday’s post was about false advertising, which got me thinking…. What are the things a competitor can’t do in competing with you to make a sale? Here’s a quick rundown: -It can’t create a likelihood of confusion with you, if you came first. This is the essence of trademark infringement. A later-adopter can’t come into your market with a name or brand that is likely, i.e., probable, to confuse consumers into thinking that its goods or services come from you, are approved by you, or are affiliated with you. It doesn’t matter if your trademark is registered, since trademark rights automatically arise from use. It doesn’t even matter if your competitor was innocent in creating the likelihood of confusion. If its brand, company name, product name, or other marketing tools tend to mislead customers into thinking your competitor’s goods or services come from you, you may be able to put a stop to it. Some caveats exist, but this ...
Ok, so that's just not fair
2012-03-19 16:39:00
Almost consistently, all winter and spring, the daily temperature 'back home' has been the same or within 5-8 degrees of ours... except they had SUNSHINE when we had rain.It's unheard of to have 80 degree days in March but guess what they have?  Not only 80 but sunshine!I saw these photos in my files from last year and it just made me feel like a petulant child - saying "It's not fair!" and stomping my foot.  LOL.HERE is what I got for winter.  These are pictures I took of my commute home from work each day.  Every. Day.  From the end of November through March and sometimes even April.My road coming home from work every day - in between 2 suburbs of the metro areaTypical winter in the midwest.  Freezing cold. Drifting snow. Ice.And WHAT do they get now that I move AWAY?SUNSHINE.80 DEGREE DAYS.IN MARCH.Many days this winter they were warmer than we were.  And they had about 85% more sunshine than we did too.  WHY did I want to move down Sou...
TMG Investigates: What Exactly is a BB Cream and Can it be Used on Fair or
2012-03-05 22:46:00
I am glad you asked!!! I have seen BB Creams around for YEARS especially in Asia.  They are essentially tinted moisturizers with added goodies like foundation, primer and SPF .  The ?BB? stands for blemish balm or beauty balm.  These super hybrid multitasker creams were originally used to speed healing after laser treatments. The craze ...
Julia Roberts Covers Vanity Fair (PHOTO)
2012-02-29 05:38:00
Actress Julia Roberts is covering March’s issue of Vanity Fair magazine. Inside the magazine, Roberts, 44, talks about her upcoming film “Mirror, Mirror,” her life with her kids and the pressure of being young in Hollywood. L?Oreal Pulls Julia Roberts Ads After Complaints of Unrealistic Retouching On making mistakes when you’re young: “There’s the express elevator ...
Money Power Decides Who Stays In The Online Retailing Game. Fair?
2012-02-21 13:20:00
The e-commerce saga is about to witness some tough future for smaller companies as they battle with much larger competition. India’s online stores are experiencing a separation of the strong from the weak as best-known and stronger online retailers appear to be taking the lead in this consolidation race. We had recently reported Flipkart’s acquisition plans for Though this may seem as a regular take-over for a growing company, Flipkart may be trying to bolster itself standing against Amazon’s imminent entry into India via the digital route.  Time & again has the argument been raised about Giant retailers offering everything under the sun against companies choosing to remain exclusive. However, analysts think there might be one winner in each of these categories. It’s after all how happy you keep the customer is what should matter. Indians are surely going gaga over shopping on the internet for just about everything. The numbers are healthy that’s for sur...
By: WATblog
War Is Not Fair, But It Does Have Class
2012-02-18 20:53:00
Here’s an original Mission Yuppie Eradication Project poster from San Francisco’s Mission District in the late 1990s. According to Wikipedia: “During the dot-com boom of the late 1990s, the gentrification of San Francisco’s predominantly working class Mission District led some long-term neighborhood residents to create what they called the “Mission Yuppie Eradication Project.” This group ...
Lewat Twitter Angelina Sondakh Bicara: Politics Never Fair Play
2012-02-03 11:24:00
Angelina Sondakh mencurahkan isi hatinya lewat twitter. Menyusul penetapan tersangka dirinya dalam kasus Wisma Atlet, mantan putri Indonesia ini menegaskan dirinya siap menghadapi segala tuduhan.
Bra Sale--Bali, Vanity Fair & More Starting at $19.99
2012-01-25 09:00:00
Enjoy great savings on bras from your favorite brands with prices at $19.99 and under or $29.99 and under.Expires Feb 2, 2012
Must only the rich pay their ?fair share? (of taxes)?
2012-01-23 20:02:00
Democrats often talk about hiking taxes on the rich so they pay their “fair share“. So what about the 47% who currently don’t pay any federal taxes? Is their fair share zero?
Save 50% on Organic Cotton Tees from Fair Indigo
2012-01-17 09:00:00
Enjoy savings of 50% or more on a selection of organic cotton tees for women from Fair Indigo.Expires Jan 24, 2012
Malaysia Pikom PC Fair (1st Quarter) 2012: Venues and Dates
2012-01-05 01:52:00
When we step into the year 2012, it means there are a lot of great things that will surprise you especially the Malaysian geeks out there. Samsung just announced the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus a couple of days …
Malaysia IT Fair 2012 with Dates and Venues
2012-01-03 11:34:00
The Malaysia IT Fair is back for another exciting year in 2012. According to the schedule released today, the IT fair will kick off in Penang on February 3 and ends on March 18, 2012 at two venues – Ipoh and Kuantan. From February till March 2011, the Malaysia IT Fair 2012 shall visit 7...
Christopher Hitchens Of Vanity Fair Passes At 62
2011-12-16 17:42:00
Death is not something one is prepared for, it just happens. That was true last night for the great public intellectual and Vanity Fair writer Christopher Hitchens. This blogger thought Hitchens would beat his battle with esophageal cancer, of which he announced he was fighting in 2010. Very sad, because the thought in my head (Read More...)
Save 30% or More on Organic Cotton Tees for Women from Fair Indigo
2011-12-16 09:00:00
Save 30% or more on organic cotton t-shirts for women from Fair Indigo.Expires Dec 23, 2011
Fair Use of False Advertising?
2011-12-15 14:05:00
Many commercial grade pickup trucks are billed as super tough and able to handle any heavy hauling projects that come their way on the job site. But is it really possible for a light truck to bear the mammoth load of landing a passenger jet after its front landing gear becomes disabled? That's the t
Dikirimi Surat Ancaman, Pangudi Luhur Fair Minta Pengamanan Polisi
2011-12-10 06:27:00
Pangudi Luhur Fair tetap digelar meskipun ada surat ancaman terhadap saksi-saksi terkait kasus Raafi Aga Winasya Benjamin (17). Sang panitia penyelenggara acara tahunan ini meminta aparat Kepolisian turun tangan mengamankan.
A Thing Of Beauty - Lady Gaga Vanity Fair Cover
2011-11-29 23:00:00
Welcome back to The Wonderful World of Miss TLC!!!!!!! As always, things have been uber cray in our atmosphere. Between work, life & family; Miss TLC has hardly had a chance to breathe, much less continue to entertain your lives with the witty reparte you've come to expect from this site. Fear not loyal readers, we are BACK, and what better time to relaunch "The Wonderful World of Miss TLC" than during "the most wonderful time of the year"??? :) We've missed you all dearly, and would appreciate comments here or on Twitter or Facebook, or forwards to your friends & family. It's gonna take a lot to get the word out that we are back and in fact, better than ever. We are planning some changes in the new year, but for now the site will still look and operate the same. Hopefully 2012 will be a great branding year for the team though so keep your eyes peeled for some cool new opportunities. In the meantime, we will be introducing a bunch of new features, and here's one to s...
Pihak Dirugikan karena Book Fair Ditutup: Penjual Buku dan Pengunjung!
2011-11-26 08:01:00
Rugi. Kata itu yang hampir pasti dikatakan para penjual buku di bookfair di Istora Senayan. Pameran yang selalu dipenuhi pengunjung di saat akhir pekan itu terpaksa tutup karena resepsi pernikahan Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono dan Aliya Rajasa.
Nah Loh! Pengunjung Protes Indonesia Book Fair 2011 Diliburkan
2011-11-26 05:40:00
Aris (45) dan keluarga datang jauh-jauh dari Batang, Pekalongan, untuk menghadiri Indonesia Book Fair 2011. Mereka terpaksa gigit jari pameran itu diliburkan gara-gara Ibas dan Aliya akan menggelar resepsi pernikahan di JCC.
Vanity Fair: Scarlett Johanson Sent Nude Photos To Ryan Reynolds
2011-11-01 16:49:00
Actress Scarlett Johansson has finally revealed the compromising naked pictures hacked from her phone were sent to her husband at the time, actor Ryan Reynolds, in an exclusive interview featured on the cover of the upcoming December 2011 issue of Vanity Fair Magazine (more pictures below). Scarlett Johansson Nude iPhone Pictures Hacked “I know my ...
Jack Thammarat, Alex Hutchings, Josh Gooch: Laney Music Fair 2011 Bangkok
2011-10-16 15:49:00
Jack Thammarat Band with Josh Gooch and Alex Hutchings (Unrehearsed Jam) Playing Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix) and Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple) Live at Yamaha & Laney Music Fair 2011 Bangkok Thailand on 3rd September 2011 Mixing and Mastering by Jack Thammarat Produced By Mr.Kheaw@Yamaha Thailand Jack Thammarat Band are Jack - Guitar & Vocal Nui - Bass Toe - Drums Noi - Keyboards Jack uses - Yamaha Pacifica Custom with Seymour Duncan JB and Classic Stacks Pickups ,Laney LH50 and Lionheart Cabinets ,Boss GT-10 ,Boss BD-2 ,Boss TU-3 ,Boss PW-10 and Palmer PDI-09 Speaker Simulator Josh uses - Yamaha SG1802 and Laney Lionheart L20H Head and Cabinet Alex uses - Yamaha Pacifica PAC212VQM , Laney VH100R ,Boss DD-20 and Xotic BB-Preamp Little Wing, Smoke On The Water - Jack Thammarat Band with Josh Gooch and Alex Hutchings Jam Jack Thammarat Band with Young Talent and Yamaha International Artist Josh Gooch Playing The Thrill Is Gone (Roy Hawkins ,B.B. King) Live at Yamaha & ...
Rob Chappers, Mike Dawes: Vintage Guitar Fair - make a date!
2011-10-05 19:30:00
Got GAS? Check out Vintage Guitar Fair Vintage Guitar Fair is a unique event based in the south-west of the UK, taking place on the 3rd and 4th of December at Havana, Exeter. Attendees can come to buy, sell or trade gear to each other in a friendly and secure environment, or simply relax and enjoy the demonstrations and workshops being conducted throughout the day. The venue is situated on the historic quayside of Exeter, and offers an attractive menu using seasonal, locally sourced produce as well as a regular bar and cocktail bar. Taking the concept of the guitar trade show, but putting the focus on the attendees being able to buy, sell and trade gear, the Vintage Guitar Fair is one of a kind. With workshops from some of the industry's best guitarists, demonstrations from local and global manufacturers alike, and the opportunity to fuel your GAS; tickets are available from just £8 on the Vintage Guitar Fair website, and will also be availabl...
VIDEO: Who Said ?Millionaires & Billionaires Should Pay Their Fair Share??
2011-10-04 00:43:00
ANSWER: “C- BOTH” (Watch This 57 Second Video For PROOF – HT To Think Progress)… We all know how President Barack Hussein Obama is taking some serious heat by insinuating millionaires and billionaires work the “system” to take advantage of tax loopholes and pay... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
Alex Hutchings, Josh Gooch, Jack Thammarat: Bangkok Music Fair 2011 promo
2011-09-14 01:20:00
Yamaha & Laney Present Bangkok Music Fair 2011 2nd - 4th Sep 2011
Hey, No Fair!!
2011-09-04 21:47:00
K usually wakes up the children, but he had to leave the house early the other day. We do it differently, the waking up. K plays an out of tune guitar and sings a made up morning song that might remind you of alley cats meowing in the night. I prefer to climb in my children's beds and snuggle them awake. On this particular morning, I climbed in with The Rooster first and rubbed her back and talked with her until I knew she'd get up and get dressed. Then I moved into The Mayor's bed. Because relating to seven year old boys seems to require an element of rough housing, I didn't rub his back so much as gently transition him into several world championship wrestling maneuvers. As I climbed out of his bed, I said, You'd better get up and get dressed quickly because I left a fart in your bed. And then, unbelievably, from The Rooster's room I hear, HEY! NO FAIR! YOU DIDN'T LEAVE A FART IN MY BED!! Seriously? They will fight about ANYTHING. The joys.
Festival and Street Fair in Kathu Village
2011-07-22 02:18:00
Last weekend (15th - 17th July) we had a street fair and cultural festival in Kathu. I should explain what "Kathu" is - probably means nothing to most people. Surely this place is called Phuket? Yes, but Phuket is a big island and Kathu is one of the 3 districts of Phuket Island, the other 2 being Muang and Thalang. Kathu district is pretty big, it includes Patong Beach and Kamala Beach, and the area inland between Patong and Phuket Town which is called Kathu (subdistrict) - this being where we live. Kathu was the center of the tin mining industry in the 19th and early 20th century. The old part of Kathu village where this festival took place is still very quiet and features a large Chinese shrine which plays an important role in the Phuket Vegetarian Festival (which starts September 26th this year). This was the 3rd year for the Kathu village festival and it was much bigger this year, and much more heavily promoted. In 2009, I saw the signs up and went to have a look, being very s...
Tips for Fair Skin: How to improve complexion?
2011-07-11 17:46:00
Treatment for dark skin [for fair skin] through Ayurvedic, herbal and natural methods (Gora Rang)1. Rub your face with milk, after it dries, rub face with salt. The dirt will come out. Now put the mixture of lemon and honey on the face and after it dries down, wash with lukewarm water.2. Make a paste of Jau ka ata, lemon, curd, rose water and apply once a week as face pack. Especially good for oily skin.3. Mix lemon and tomato juice in equal quantity and apply on face. After 30 minutes wash the face.4. One of the best methods for fair skin and lightening the complexion is to add half teaspoon of lemon juice in two big spoons of cucumber juice with a little turmeric. Apply it on the face. Wash the face after 30 minutes. The complexion will be fair. Do it at least once a week.5. For dark circles under the eye, cut potato in two parts and place under the eye, lie down on the bed for 15 minutes. You can also rub the potato under the eyes lightly.6. Avoid harsh sun rays. While going out ...
Get Youtube Legal Questions Answered About video Marketing From Fair Use Le
2011-05-12 11:11:00
A few weeks ago Youtube let its users from their video community ask legal questions about video marketing to the Fair Use legal experts from Stanford?s Center for Internet and Society (CIS) to help improve the quality of the video … Continue reading →
Brooklyn Decker - Vanity Fair Oscar Party
2011-03-01 05:48:00
Brooklyn Decker at Vanity Fair Oscar Party showing her awesome cleavage, She's really hot. if (WIDGETBOX) WIDGETBOX.renderWidget('8ba29bf-7-7ae6-49e3-aca7-eb69be383048')-; Get the <a href="">Share- on Facebook</a> widget and many other <a href="">great free widgets</a> at <a href=""->Widgetbox</a>! Not seeing a widget? (<a href=""&g-t;More info</a>)Subscribe: -Female Models, Celebrities and Sexy Girls
Brooklyn Decker - Vanity Fair Oscar Party
2011-03-01 05:48:00
Brooklyn Decker at Vanity Fair Oscar Party showing her awesome cleavage, She's really hot. if (WIDGETBOX) WIDGETBOX.renderWidget('8ba29bf-7-7ae6-49e3-aca7-eb69be383048')-; Get the <a href="">Share- on Facebook</a> widget and many other <a href="">great free widgets</a> at <a href=""->Widgetbox</a>! Not seeing a widget? (<a href=""&g-t;More info</a>)Subscribe: -Female Models, Celebrities and Sexy Girls
Time to go to the fair?
2011-02-15 16:15:00
There are certain things I never thought I’d do, like forget to shave my legs on a regular basis or curse at my DVR when it stopped working properly. I also never thought I’d attend a fair, theme park, or carnival and actually enjoy it. But here I am, getting older, unable to understand modern ...
She Moved Through The Fair (Loreena McKennitt)
2011-01-28 00:00:00
"My love said to me My Mother won't mind And me Father won't slight you For your lack of kind Then she stepped away from me And this she did say It will not be long love Till our wedding day She stepped away from me And she moved through the fair And... *** CLICK THE TITLE AND READ THE FULL STORY ***
DirecTV ? A Fair Weather Friend?
2011-01-19 02:25:00
Several months ago my wife and I made the decision that we were fed up with Cable TV. The price of the service seemed to be increasing faster than inflation in Mongolia, which was calculated at 28% in 2008. Of course Mongolia could curb their problem if they permitted the export of canned mutton, but ...
Willow Smith Whips Her Hair For Vanity Fair [Photos + Video]
2011-01-18 00:55:00
Willow Smith is featured in the February issue of Vanity Fair Magazine, already on newsstands. She is truly a budding fashionista, with an interesting sense of style. In the photo spread, she wears quirky pieces from Trunk LTD, Guishem, Sam Edelman, Louis Vuitton, Claire?s, &n-bsp;Kimora Lee Simmons for Hello Kitty, and Tom Bins. Check out the images captured by Art Streiber and behind-the-scenes footage and let us know what you think.  Any photos are fee to be used as long as proper photo credit is given and link back is given to ::GHETTOFABU::
Google Announces Global Science Fair For The Larrys and Sergeys Of Tomorrow
2011-01-12 10:45:00
Google has announced a science fair – a global one. Children between 13-18 from anywhere in the world can participate as long as they have – access to the interent, a computer and parental consent. In its blog post announcing ‘Google Science Fair’, Google gave the example of its founders who were fortunate enough to be able to bring their idea to many people. The company now wants to celebrate scientific talent in the way athletes and pop idols are – anything to get rid of justin bieber! At an event introducing the fair, Cristin Frodella said that the idea had come up at Google several times in the past. This is being conducted in partnership with CERN, LEGO, National Geographic and Scientific American. Registration is open till the 4th of April, but before doing so be sure to check out the rules. Participants will have to create a Google Site and other google tools to work on their entries and semi finalists will be chosen and announced sometime in e...
By: WATblog
Angelina Jolie at Vanity Fair Magazine Stills
2011-01-07 08:49:00
Angelina Jolie Vanity Fair Spain January 2011 Angelina Jolie recycled on the pages of entertainment magazine Vanity Fair Spain for the month of January 2011.      &-nbsp;Angelina Jolie at Vanity Fair Magazine Stills
Is it Fair that Jonathan Papelbon is a Dead Man Walking with the Red Sox?
2010-12-09 06:53:00
I'll always be eternally grateful for all Papelbon's time and effort with the Sox. While the addition of Adrian Gonzalez has certainly given Red Sox Nation something to cheer about this holiday season, there's another recent transaction that's left an...
2010-10-08 09:44:00
Dear Friends and Wine Lovers,We have the pleasure to invite you to the Opening Ceremony of the Carrefour 2010 Autumn Wine Fair. It will be held on the 4th floor of our ShuangJing Store, starting at 12:00 on Friday October 15th, until Sunday October 17th.During these 3 days, you can benefit from a 20% discount on our complete selection of imported wines. Also, you will enjoy free wine tasting, foods and a lucky draw.We are looking forward to welcoming you and your friends.Sincerely Yours,Didier PeanShuangJing Store ManagerTagsBeijing Wine China Wine
Rick Sanchez - Was It Fair?
2010-10-03 21:54:00
On Friday Rick Sanchez got his walking papers from CNN, Rick was the anchor of the 4pm-6pm slot. This is very much a coverted piece of real estate. It is too early to be classed as ‘prime time’ but there are few people that are in the news biz that would turn their nose up ...
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