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BBC Footage Still Potent In Exposing Sathya Sai Sect (See Video Clips and S
2010-09-16 22:11:00
A potent factor in successive waves leaving Sathya Sai Baba has been video footage exposing the fraudulence that is Sathya Sai Baba. Especially for those pressed for time, here are some decisive clips from the BBC's 'The Secret Swami'. Although the documentary was first aired in mid 2004, it has since been viewed in many countries worldwide, contributing to enormous damage done to the Sathya Sai Baba Organizaton, and the repute of its founder and those of his following who have - in some cases wittingly and in a great many cases all too unwittingly covered up for him.
BBC Footage Exposes Fake Sathya Sai Baba Miracle
2009-05-01 10:47:00
See for yourself how exposing was the BBC crew's capture of Sathya Sai Baba collapsing after pretending to miraculously materializing a gold Shivalingam, and its exposure of his dithering performance. HERE . Film shot by others at the same occasion by those partial to Sathya Sai Baba was tightly suppressed
Beware Of Fakes
2009-02-20 17:00:00
These non-licensed brand name products might last a few days, or if you are lucky, you might just be able to say, "I can't believe this is not the real stuff."
Jessica Simpson fakes it!
2008-07-15 00:53:00
Watching Jessica Simpson fake it in Love Guru, all I have to say is she is no Meg Ryan. That and I feel for her boyfriends.
Soap Flakes and Political Fakes
2008-06-07 15:29:00
DAYS OF OUR LIES Interior, Congressional Office, Day Corn Lobbyist Wheeler Deeler confronts Senator Flip Phlopper in his Washington DC office. Corn Lobbyist (emotional): I've given you everything. I embraced your body politic with my assets. I caressed your palm with hush money. I've gotten you high in our corporate jet. Now I catch you with that scrawny little two-faced soybean lobbyist slut! Senator Flip Phlopper (defensive): Wheeler, listen, it didn't mean a thing. I just went to her smoke-filled room for a little cronyism, that's all. read more
Spotting the Good Breitling Fakes
2008-06-06 22:45:00
I wrote a new article on some of the differences between the good fakes and the real Breitlings. Not a super intensive definitive guide on a model-to-model basis, but rather a general guide as to what to look for and where the fakes falter. I included some pics to illustrate the differences.. I hope you enjoy ...
Claudia Schiffer never fakes an orgasm
2008-05-17 14:17:00
London, May 17 (ANI): German supermodel and actress Claudia Schiffer has revealed that she never fakes an orgasm, and believes that there?s no substitute for sex. The 37-year-old also stated that flings are ok if both partners are not married. However, she said that she would leave a man who strays, even if it was a business ...
Sovietologist Fakes and 1900's Peasant Rebellions
2008-05-13 09:48:00
The latest death toll figures from Hurricane Katrina can be seen on this website here. The famous Russian neo-Nazi video is on this blog here.Updated May 14:I'm being attacked by a whole bunch of intellectuals on some list for supposedly defending Communism's horrible death toll, specifically those of Mao and Stalin, though actually I was not doing anything of the kind, but you know how idiots are when it comes to evil Communism and all.It all boils down to who was worse, Stalin-Mao Mass Murderer of All Time or Hitler Most Evil Killer and Maniac. Of course, rightwingers being the truly horrible people that they always are, always try to defend Hitler!Boo! Hiss! Evil! Sucks! As an Old Left type, these guys tried to kill everyone of us on the planet. No way am I making alliances with people who want me dead.The Left mostly refuses to defend Commies, but instead says that Shitler was way more evil, and Lindsay, the man who has no regard for human life, who issues calls for murder on ...
Lindsay Lohan to Play a Girl Who Fakes Pregnancy!
2008-05-08 14:50:00
Lindsay Lohan will fake a pregnancy for her next movie role.The actress - who is currently filming a guest appearance on hit show Ugly Betty - will appear in Rick Schwartz comedy Labor Pains.A source tells the New York Post?s,?When she?s (Lohan?s character) treated better by everyone in her life, she tries to keep up the lie for nine months.?That's so LiLo! She might as well do that in real life just to get more paparazzi attention!For the complete gallery click hereCheck out our forum ( for many more posts
Poster oficial de ?The Dark Knight?. ¿Son mejores los fakes?
2008-04-26 22:20:00
Hace poco vimos el cartel oficial de ?The Incredible Hulk?, el de ?Indiana Jones y la Calavera de Cristal? también, incluso el de otro blockbuster como ?Iron Man? ya hacía tiempo que se pudo ver por la web.Pero faltaba un último revienta taquillas por mostrarnos su poster definitivo -no tease, que de esos sí que pudimos ver unos cuantos-. ?The Dark Knight? lo ha hecho recientemente. Aunque a mí me ha con un sabor ligeramente agridulce. Por una parte es de agredecer ver el cartel que se verán en los cines de todo el mundo, aunque igual luego nos muestran algunos más, como suele ocurrir en la mayoría de los casos. Pero por otra, no me parece tan impresionante como se ha comentado en algunos sitios. Casi coincido con una opinión que destacaba el hecho de que Batman parecía metido con calzador y photosopeado en plan artesanal. Aunque pueda impactar el fondo, con ese edificio que forma en llamas la silueta del murciélago característico del personaje. Existen otros carteles por la web q...
By: El Cine
See same, Hear same, Feel same: Chinese fakes!
2008-04-07 20:09:00
    Uptill now I have not seen any of the Chinese imitations in real. I only saw pictures of them on the Internet and I thought, If one of those got into my hands I'll spot it's fakeness immediately. However, I saw this video today on a chinese N95 8GB and I must admit that the Chinese have improved much. Now the firmware is almost an exact copy of original firmware too, except that I don't know it's real capabilities. Many people would certainly fall for those devices. Beware! There is this comment on a similar video on Youtube that will show you how worse things have become: SharedJoy said: "I bought 10 fake n95 from eBay.It cost me Australia $220, - each.You know what...., I sold them on 6 different pawn shop/second hand shop for AU$350,- each.Only one pawn shop owner refuse to buy from me because he knows it was fake.But the other 9 ....They didn't know. Now... most of them understand. Back then they are all stupid.They are blood sucker anyway. Who care.Quick m...
News Updates: Stella Sells To The Yankees, Louis Vuitton Hates Fakes, And M
2008-04-04 00:00:00
Stella McCartney has launched its e-commerce site which is currently exclusive to the US Market. The online store offers all pieces from the ?MORE...
Man Fakes Oakland Raider Career With Doctored Romanowski Photo
2008-04-02 09:02:00
It’s one thing to break the law, but what if you’re breaking the law for charity? Robin Hood made a career out of taking from the rich and giving to the poor and everybody praises him. Why no love for Ed McCabe? Yes, he downloaded a picture of Bill Romanowski, photoshopped it with his number ...
Limelight: Fakes and Forgeries
2008-04-01 09:59:00
To coincide with April Fool’s Day the latest Intute Limelight features the fakes and forgeries that have scandalised the arts, museums and archaeology worlds. Plagiarism and intellectual property law (and graffiti) also feature.
Signs and Wonders - Snakes and Fakes!
2008-03-25 17:23:00
The topic of whether signs and wonders ceased has reared it's ugly head again and after much avoidance, I decided to do my own study. I stated publicly before that I never studied this, and that I was leaning towards 'no' they are not for today but I wanted to be sure. My reason was largely due to the countless false TV evangelists with their false miracles, manifestations, and scandals. Another reason is that I have never witnessed any miracles, not in the way some TV evangelists claim.So, being aware of my bias against signs and wonders, I knew I had to pray that the Lord would remove that bias, forget everything I've been taught or read, to not read into the text, and give me fresh eyes in which to read.Just so I'm clear, I do not claim to have a lock on the truth. I'm simply stating my findings and in the end, what I believe. I encourage you all to do your own study, ask that the Holy Spirit to teach you, and not to listen to me or anyone else.Who are the gifts for?An obje...
Homeroom ?Kill the Fakes, Not Apes? Tee
2008-03-19 20:59:00
Homeroom just posted a preview of one of their upcoming tees, called “Kill the Fakes, Not Apes”.  Pretty basic design with a 3M reflective Homeroom logo up about and a parody of the Baby Milo character with a blown off section of his head.  Not sure what is on the back, but it is a ...
Director fakes rampant racism, gets sacked
2008-03-19 00:11:00
Courtesy 24oranges: Director fakes rampant racism, gets sackedLast week, a director working on a fake TV news item about racism in the Netherlands got caught with his pants down because a competing station happened to have a crew nearby filming the whole thing. The director had set out to film a piece exposing rampant bigotry by showing that people in Amsterdam will not stop and help a woman in need if dressed in a niqab.In order to measure this bigotry, the crew’s reporter would drop a bag of oranges and see who would help her pick them up. After a while she would change to a niqab, a garb worn by some Muslim women that covers everything except the eyes, and repeat the exercise. And it seemed the crew got exactly the sort of result they expected...The rest;)
Knock-Offs? Counterfeits?Fakes? We Got ?Em!
2008-03-11 08:00:00
These Guys Make Great Computers… addthis_url = ''-; addthis_title = 'Knock-Offs%26%238230%3B+Counte-rfeits%26%238230%3BFakes%26%238-230%3B+We+Got+%26%238216%3BEm%2-1'; addthis_pub = '';
Rubén Martínez ?Why We Fall For the Fakes? in L.A. Times illuminates curren
2008-03-07 16:18:00
“Ironically, our appetite for ‘reality’ fare has created an audience for the phony memoir,” says Rubén Martínez in today’s L.A. Times article “Why we fall for the fakes.” Click here to read the entire, excellent article.
Monk Fakes It
2008-03-03 12:48:00
Sophie Monk, the singer and actress that was once engaged to Benji Madden, tells People, “Let me make this as plain as possible – Benji did not leave me for Paris Hilton. Benji and I did not break up badly or anything like that. We both decided, as adults, our relationship had run its course and decided to move on.” Hmm. You don’t often hear of relationships headed towards marriage suddenly running their course. I think she’s either in denial or she’s just lying to the paparazzi to save face. Especially since Benji and Paris were first seen acting comfy-cozy a mere two weeks after the Good Charlotte singer and Monk had broken off their engagement. Paris then had the gossip mills going once again when she left a jewlery store in Beverly Hills flashing a rock on her engagement finger, although she did not say whether she was going to be exchanging vows anytime soon. As the ex, how could you be happy for them? It’s always great to accept that peo...
ABC Fakes Muslim Prejudice, Unsurprisingly Finds ?Islamophobia? in America
2008-03-01 00:00:00
-By Warner Todd Huston Apparently to prove that the US is filled with Muslim hating Yahoos, ABC went on the hunt to find "Islamophobia" in America and the result is "Witness to Discrimination: What Would You Do?" Since they didn't really know where to find any, ABC News decided to create ...
the juice: NYC police have spotted the fakes..
2008-02-29 03:27:00
I Know A Fake When I See One. I couldn’t believe this story when I read it. Well, yes I could because this is no new issue fake designer handbags have been around FOREVER. I guess I’m just shocked at a) how long it took the police to do this, b) and how much they seized ...
ABC Fakes Muslim Prejudice, Unsurprisingly Finds ‘Islamophobia’
2008-02-28 02:14:00
Apparently to prove that the US is filled with Muslim hating Yahoos, ABC went on the hunt to find “Islamophobia” in America and the result is “Witness to Discrimination: What Would You Do?” Since they didn’t really know where to find any, ABC News decided to create their own prejudice against Muslims by hiring an actress to put on Muslim dress and get “confronted” by a Muslim hating coffee store server — also an actor hired by ABC. Then, they rolled the cameras, opened the doors to the public and, viola, ABC “found” prejudice in America. How hard is it to “find” something that you invented in the first place? Let’s find out… ABC is “shocked” to find that their little manufactured moments revealed how some customers reacted. “Bystanders Turn Away When Muslim Actor Hired By ‘Primetime’ Encounters Hostility,” ABC proclaimed. ABC begins their report assuring us all th...
Uno de tantos fakes en myspace
2008-02-06 18:14:00
christian Male 21 years old Puerto Rico Last Login: 2/6/2008 christian has 46 friends. ————&md-ash;– Original Message ————&md-ash;– From: christian Date: Feb 3, 2008 7:05 AM oye eres una mujer … Original post by Ella Baila Sola
China market for fakes launches own brand
2008-01-24 09:17:00
BEIJING (Reuters) - Beijing's Silk Street Market, famous for knock-off designer gear from North Face jackets to Louis Vuitton bags, has unveiled its own brand and, apparently with a straight face, warned counterfeiters not to copy it. The first items to bear the SILKSTREET name include "apparel such as neckties, shirts and scarves, as well as a few household items such as tablecloths", Xinhua news agency said on Thursday. They are marked "quality guaranteed" with a label that tells buyers that "the goods are certified by the Silk Street Market. "SILKSTREET products are sold exclusively in the market. Anyone using the brand outside will be held liable," the Beijing Evening News quoted Wang Zili, general manager of the market, as saying. The market, a magnet for both local expatriates and foreign tourists, said as early as January 2005 that it would stop the sale of counterfeit goods but they have been on sale openly ever since. That announc...
By: B4U India
China market for fakes launches own brand (Reuters)
2008-01-24 06:43:00
Reuters - Beijing's Silk Street Market, famous for knock-off designer gear from North Face jackets to Louis Vuitton bags, has unveiled its own brand and, apparently with a straight face, warned counterfeiters not to copy it.
Eva Longoria says hubby Tony Parker fakes on-court injuries
2008-01-23 11:03:00
Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria has revealed that her husband, basketball player Tony Parker, often fakes his on-court injuries.   The actress says that she really finds it difficult to watch her husband play for the San Antonio Spurs because she never knows when he is actually hurt, and when he is acting.   "Sometimes he acts to get the flagrant foul or, to sell the foul more, he'll throw himself on the floor and really play it up more than what it is,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying.   "I really don't know what the difference is so I'm like, 'Stop laying on the ground if you're not hurt. Just get up!' He's like, 'Honey, I have to stay on the ground sometimes.' But I get really nervous, it's nail biting," she added. (ANI)
By: B4U India
Britney Spears Fakes it for Paparazzi
2008-01-23 00:19:00
Ever wondered how a crowd of paparazzi always follow Britney around everywhere!? That?s cause she, Britney herself tips them 15 minutes before she leaves the house.Any doubt this girl is a desperate attention seeker!?Here is your proof? she just wants to be seen? but you would think if she knows there?s paparazzi everywhere she should dress a little better, make herself look cleaner? not Britney or we wouldn?t be talking about her now and again.Latest shameful moment in Britney?s world is the gross X17 photo of Britney?s bloody underwear that is not gonna be posted here for obvious reasons. It?s disgusting!!The troubled singer wants to make sure her every move is chronicled, lensman Alison Silva said. ?Britney is in on it. [She] calls the paparazzi before she goes out. ?We know 15 minutes before she leaves the house. It?s all staged.?Silva also claimed that when four photographers were arrested last week for chasing the Toxic star, ?one of [them who] works for my company told me tha...
NOT Pregnant. Britney Spears Fakes Pregnancy. How about We Fake that we Lik
2008-01-16 23:24:00
Britney Spears is not pregnant, says Sam Lufti as reported by US Magazine moments ago. ?It?s all bulls–t. They?re just toying with the paparazzi.” said Lufti to Access Hollywood. Spears was photographed by her boyfriend’s own photo agency in pictures showing her looking at home pregnancy testers just hours after she failed to appear at a LA ...
The Fox Fatwa
2008-01-15 16:19:00
Conservative Republicans jerk off to Playboy. I came to that unscientific conclusion after analyzing the anti-Keith Olbermann rolling orgasms after the left-winger took it all off for Playboy's once-prestigious interview. Playboy was so hammered by conservative dudes outraged at Olbermann's "ravings" against Fox News, Playboy got an Olbermann shill to write phony Keith rah-rah letters Take this for what it's worth. Rupert Murdoch's NYP gleefully trashes the brilliant, self-absorbed, righteous, eternally fourteen Olbermann for dissing Rupe's Fox News: "Readers of Playboy were so disgusted by the idiotic rantings of MSNBC loudmouth Keith Olbermann in the October issue, editor Chip Rowe tried to balance their vitriol by getting the head of an Olbermann fan site to pen a gushing note to run along with all the negative opinions " NY Post Page SixI told you yesterday that I think the purveyor of positive Olbermann pap is none other than his much younger live-in writer girlfriend - th...
Heidi Montag Poses in a Bikini, Fakes Orgasm
2008-01-10 14:17:00
By: Monica GazaHeidi Montag is soooo funny. I mean really, this lady sure has one well-established New Year resolution and is holding onto it like crazy. She desperately wants the world to know that she looks good in a bikini, and is probably pissed off that she spent all that money on enhancing her boobs ( and not only, but thankfully her nose job and plumped-up lips are not too visible in these shots) and no one is taking notice. And before you believe there's some deja-vu involved here, no, this is a new "Heidi Montag is naked" post, and this is not the "sexy" photo spread Heidi did for Maxim. No, this is your plain, run of the mill, staged "Heidi goes to the beach" photo session. And if you take a look at these photos, you'll probably end up rolling on the floor laughing at just how fake this whole "here, snap my boobs" trip to the beach is.I mean yes, I admit Heidi is hot – I mean, her body is hot and she'd probably be getting much better press if she just kept her mouth s...
2008-01-08 08:13:00
Internet chatroom romantics beware: your next chat may be with a clinical computer, not a passionate person, trying to win your personal data and not your heart, an online security firm says.A Russian website called is advertising a software tool that, it says, can simulate flirtatious chatroom exchanges. It boasts that it can chat up as many as 10 women at the same time and persuade them to hand over phone numbers.An Australian anti-virus software firm, PC Tools, has warned that the software could be abused by identity fraudsters trying to harvest people's personal details online. The Russian site denied it was intended for identity fraud.The program, so far available only in Russian, will go on sale around February 15, just after St Valentine's Day, said the website.Link to complete story: G.
Hannah Montana Fakes Concerts: Body Doubles & Lip-Sync?s - Video
2008-01-08 02:48:00
Remember those multi-hundred dollar you bought so your screaming teeny-bopper could join other screaming teeny-boppers? Well it turns out those hard earned dollars went towards quite the faked concert. First off is the obvious & usual concert fake out: lip-syncing, but the real nasty trick here is Hannah Montana is using a ...
Fight Against Fakes: More Fake Sneakers off the Street
2007-12-18 00:00:00
With so many fake sneaker stores out there, its hard to eliminate all of them. But its always a great sight to see when $30,000 dollars in counterfeit sneakers are taken off the street. But when you shut one down, another pops up. ...
News Updates: Goyard Fakes Hit The Streets, Macy?s Goes 24 Hours, And More
2007-12-16 00:00:00
Faux Goyard totes take over Manhattan's black bag market. [NYT] Starting December 21, six Macy's stores will stay open 24 hours per day. Maybe ?MORE...
Britney Spears fakes illness to skip deposition
2007-12-12 20:38:00
Oups, Britney did it again:for the 4th time this year, Britney Spears was unable to attend her court-ordered deposition Wednesday morning due to an illness. “I was told of a general [medical] condition, and [Spears] felt she couldn’t attend,” said her ex-husband’s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan outside his Los Angeles office. A new date was ...
Britney Spears Fakes Illness to get out of Court Deposition
2007-12-12 16:27:00
Spears's testimony was expected to last no more than a day. The pop star, 26, is battling ex-husband Kevin Federline, 29, over custody of sons Preston, 2 and Jayden, 1. A lawyer for k-fed said "I was told of a general [medical] condition, and [Spears] felt she couldn't attend," Mark Vincent Kaplan said outside his Los Angeles office. Know what I say? Bullshit. Popular: 3 hours 47 minutes ago source: (
Flag The Dog
2007-12-11 17:03:00
Yesterday, in conjunction with the Washington Post's profile on Mitt Romney, the Pulitzer Prize-winning fabulously talented fashion czarina Robin Givhan wrote a companion piece on Mitt's stiff anchorman hair, among other observations. Hillary's profile was Sunday. Miz Robin already did a number on Hillary's purposeful cleavage last summer for which she was summarily hammered by liberal babes and NOW hags. So today it's John Edwards. Wash Post Robin: He looks like a man in costume -- as though he has popped his face into a cardboard cutout of "American Gothic." He is a millionaire tourist in his own narrative. Instead of underscoring how close he is to his working-class roots, he reminds viewers of how far he has come.Robin analyzes the Dreck Girl's Vogue photo by the celebrity snapper Annie Leibovitz: His hair is tousled and gleaming in the way that only expensive hair can be both fabulous and mussed. His canvas work jacket is too crisp and spotless. The dog looks as if it has...
The Great Escape
2007-12-11 10:48:00
I just couldn't resist putting this on my blog. Original picture is uploaded by ukaaa. Brilliant!!!
By: Techkeyla
Jewelry Fakes and Knockoffs
2007-12-04 00:00:00
Most all of us are familiar with the old comedy stereotype of the seedy looking gent on street corner pulling open his jacket, offering to sell an expensive watch for pennies on the dollar. Few of us would believe that a watch offered by a street seller is the genuine article. However, there are some ...
Adrien Brody Fakes Some Extra Girth
2007-12-01 00:29:00
Photos: Getty Images "Hey guys, I'm Oscar-award-winning actor, Adrien Brody! Remember how much weight I had to lose to be convincing for my role in 'The Pianist'? Yes, looking that emaciated was quite a stretch for me. I skipped lunch for a whole day to achieve that gaunt look." I kid because there's a special place in my heart for skinny guys. That's why when it seems that Adrien is showing up in what looks like special padded clothing to the opening of Energie/Miss Sixty New York flagship store in NYC, I can't help but smile and want to pinch his cheeks, except that I'm pretty sure it might injure him. 7 more photos of Adrien Brody at the opening of Energie/Miss Sixty New York flagship store in NYC after the jump.
Tiffany and eBay in Fight Over Fakes
2007-11-27 09:59:00
Tiffany and eBay in Fight Over Fakes      A lawsuit by Tiffany & Company, which claims that eBay enables the trading of counterfeit items, could threaten the online marketplace?s business model.
Telling Apart the Fakes from the Real Search Engine Optimization Expert
2007-11-26 18:54:00
Source: So you found a company that claims to be a Search Engine Optimization Expert, but you are not sure if they really are the SEO Expert they say they are. So how can you weed out the fakes and the incompetents from one who is a real Search Engine Optimization Expert? A Search Engine Optimization Expert is one who understands that SEO has two functions: The Search Engine Optimization Expert has to foresee what the customers or potential visitors to your website would like to see as content of your website; and the Search Engine Optimization Expert also has to work within the constraints set by the preferred search engines. Your Search Engine Optimization Expert should be able to identify the special keywords that are most likely to be used by your end users, readers or visitors. Some SEO teams will provide you with hundreds of keywords to use in your website content, but that is not effective or efficient because many of those target words...
5 Rumors for the Black Friday
2007-11-20 16:22:00
Ok! So the Black Friday is almost here and well, its time for people to queue up early in the morning in front of their favorite gizmo store. So, how about cooking up some rumors for this Black Friday instead of some Turkey eh!So here I go!1:Facebook joins Opensocial, and well Google links up Gmail user IDs to it. Those who already are logging in Facebook via Gmail email IDs, get an invite to a Gmail/Google Facebook exclusive group/app.2:iPhone launches back the 4 GB model. Sold for 250$. Wait! I've got a better one. Steve shows Woz a big hug, and tells him that iPhone is going the Open way. As in, no more lock! Free,Free,Free!!!!!!! So all those minds occupied by keywords like unbricking, jailbreak et al, can just sit down, stretch their legs and eat Turkey.3:Glenn Wolsey admits that he was the one who hacked his own site. ie. Glenn Wolsey is malcor.4: eBay sells Skype to Yahoo!5:Digg finally unbanns me. How I miss digging!!Too much to digest for now. Shall be back with a real pos...
By: Techkeyla
Chinese Buy Brands while Westerners Buy Fakes
2007-11-20 08:38:00
Last Sunday I strolled along the ?Financial District? in downtown Beijing. It was a quiet sunny day with few people around. Suddenly a very modern shopping complex emerged right in front of me just when I was browsing all those new bank buildings and...
Eva Longoria Or High Tech Fakes
2007-11-20 05:35:00
Eva Longoria, the new “IT” girl starring on ABC’s Desperate Housewives television series apparently had a photo shoot before she became famous. The photo on top is one of the tamer ones that can be viewed on the Internet. There are 6 very alluring pictures in this shoot. Two others may be permitted on the net, ...
France Will NOT Tolerate Fakes!
2007-11-19 20:32:00
I kind of like those shoes. But French authorities don’t! Un faux pas qui vous coûtera cher. En France la loi prévoit jusqu’a 300,000 euros d’amende et 3 ans d’emprisonnement. La contrefaçon est un vrai fléau. Translation: Stepping out of line will cost you a lot. In France by law, you risk paying up to 300,000 euros ...
Chin Up
2007-11-19 16:48:00
Computerized plastic surgery much safer than going under the knife. Radar Online shows how imperfect celebrities can look perfect. Does anyone give a shit? 48-year-old Simon Cowell a) hasn't had "cosmetic surgery", b) gets Botox shots but is not "obsessive", c) is not gay. Daily MailI ask you again, DAGAS?
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