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Man allegedly fathers 600 children through sperm bank donations
2012-04-10 22:01:00
New DNA tests suggest the owner of a British fertility clinic may have fathered as many as 600 children, while keeping his donations a secret. And in an even stranger twist, one of his newly discovered offspring says the man's belief in eugenics may have been behind the decision. The Telegraph reports that Bertold Wiesner ...
2012-04-06 01:25:00
3D Clinic Four new studies this week take on the genetics of autism, finding further evidence that older fathers are at increased risk of having an autistic child and suggesting that, overall, the genetic roots of the condition are incredibly complex.Read more:
Older fathers 'link' to austism
2012-04-05 20:17:00
Older fathers 'link' to austismThursday, April 05, 2012 - 01:27 PMDefective sperm from older fathers may trigger “new” genetic mutations linked to autism, a study has shown.Researchers found that “de novo”, or newly created, mutations played an important role in autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs).These defects were “overwhelmingly paternal” in origin, said the scientists.Fathers were four times more likely to generate the mutations than mothers. The gene defects were also “positively correlated” with paternal age.The findings added to previous research showing that older fathers are slightly more at risk of having an autistic child.Scientists analysed the DNA of 677 individuals from 209 families with a single child with autism, and 50 unaffected brothers and sisters.They identified 248 “de novo” mutations, of which 120 were classified as “severe” and likely to produce shortened or malfunctioning proteins.From this list the researchers focused on...
9 Things Being A Dad Has Taught Me About God
2011-11-09 15:25:00
I love being a dad. One of the greatest accomplishments in my life is that I am the father of four amazing boys. One of my new struggle as a parent has been letting a son go into the Army, not because I didn’t want him to go, but because I won’t see or hear ...
Founding Fathers, Tea Parties, & Occupiers
2011-10-10 02:53:00
From Roland Martin, a CNN contributor: “Self-professed rodeo clown Glenn Beck castigates the Occupy Wall Street protesters, but he’s always running off at the mouth about the Founding Fathers and how brilliant they were.” You hear that from lots of others, how the Founding Fathers are great, how the Tea Party folks are in the spirt ...
It's Tuesday: Fathers, do you know where your daughter is?
2010-08-23 21:40:00
If she's not right next to you, chances are she's watching Elipse, the new Twilight movie. I was actually going to go with her to share this moment with her. I promised not to play sword fights with the boys or talk to her friends. Negotiations continued, but after sitting 4 rows apart and not acknowleging her presence didn't satisfy her, I gave up and returned my tickets. I have to work tomorrow anyways. She's safe. My wife seems to like these movies as much as Samantha does and went with her. What's the worst that can happen, anyways: a riot between Team Jacob and Team Edward? The line at the Pico Rivera Krikorian went around the whole fence. Twilight [Blu-ray] The Twilight Saga: New Moon [Blu-ray] Original post blogged on b2evolution.
Sage Advice from Famous Fathers
2010-06-20 18:06:00
To celebrate Father's Day, Council of Dads author Bruce Feiler collects the top ten inspirational messages from iconic American fathers, including Ben Franklin and John Wayne. Read at the Daily...
Hundreds Respond to Fathers & Families? Action Alert to Defend Truth-Tellin
2009-02-26 16:36:00
New Hampshire local politician Crow Dickinson is being crucified for uttering some inconvenient truths about divorce and domestic violence–”There are a lot of women who use [domestic violence] as a gimmick in divorce proceedings.” Hundreds have responded to Fathers & Families’ Recent Action Alert to write letters in support of Dickinson. To write a letter defending ...
Ideals of Our Founding Fathers
2009-01-27 08:14:00
-By John Armor Thank you Mr. President for this interview. We?re both lawyers and students of history. I look forward to your comments on the ?ideals of our Founding Fathers? you referenced in your Inaugural Address. Which Founders are you particularly thinking of? Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Franklin? That?s a superlative group. Yes, of course, we ...
What Will the Obama Presidency Mean for Fathers?
2009-01-20 18:25:00
I’m often asked what I think the Obamapresidency will mean for fathers. I think there are some reasons to be optimistic and some reasons to be pessimistic. Below I list a bunch of them, not in any particular order. Positive: Obama clearly understands the importance of fathers, and has often emphasized it. Negative: Obama believes, or at ...
Children of older fathers more likely to have bipolar disorder
2008-09-01 18:45:00
Older age among fathers may be associated with an increased risk for bipolar disorder in their offspring, according to a report in the September issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. Bipolar disorder is a common, severe mood disorder involving episodes of mania and depression, according to background information in the article. Other than a family history of psychotic disorders, few risk factors for the condition have been identified. Older paternal age has previously been associated with a higher risk of complex neurodevelopmental disorders, including schizophrenia and autism. Emma M. Frans, M.Med.Sc., of the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, and colleagues identified 13,428 patients in Swedish registers with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. For each one, they randomly selected from the registers five controls who were the same sex and born the same year but did not have bipolar disorder.
New Column: Media Misreports Study on Fathers
2008-08-27 19:45:00
“The dad vs. stepdad debate is no mere academic question, but instead an issue which has serious ramifications in family law. Advocates of sole or primary custody for mothers often insist that children do fine with ‘father-figures’ instead of their fathers.” My new co-authored column, Media Misreports Study: Stepdads Better than Dads? Not so Fast ...
What to buy dad for fathers day
2008-08-26 12:30:00
Fathers day for 2008 is coming soon and don't wait to the last moment. Dad doesn't want socks or a tie again, he already has heaps to keep him going. Why not buy dad something special this fathers day? Whats to Buy has a great list of gift ideas for dad this year. With heaps of products to choose from your bound to find dad something special. How about getting dad a personalized gift - with his favourite picture on just about anything from hats, shirts, keyrings, mouse pads, clocks, watches, jewellery, jigsaw puzzles, buttons, magnets, stickers, flash drives, charms, mugs, sports bottles, wallets, hip flask, lighters, and so much more
Meg Meeker - Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Shou
2008-08-10 02:48:00
From The Oprah & Friends Radio Show with The Peetes, 8 August 2008 Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know by Meg Meeker The most important person in a young girl’s life? Her father. That’s right-and teen health expert Dr. Meg Meeker has the data and clinical experience to prove it. After ...
1 in 5 Fathers Wrongly Named, CS Agency Says
2008-08-06 20:03:00
“Men lie more, women lie bigger. A man’s lie is, ‘Where was I? Um, I was over at Tony’s house.’ A woman’s lie is, ‘That’s your baby.’”–Comed-ian Chris Rock From DNA testing: One in five fathers wrongly identified by mothers in Child Support Agency claims (Guardian, 8/1/08): Nearly one in five paternity claims handled by the Child ...
Happy Fathers Day!
2008-06-15 10:34:00
Happy Fathers Day Grampy! Fishing was lots of fun, buy you some more floats i promise!!!   :0) xxx Share This
Fathers Day - Dedicated to Tim Russert
2008-06-14 20:45:00
Tim Russert at Boston College's 128th Commencement Exercises on May 24, 2004 I'm dedicating this year's Fathers Day post to Tim Russert. As a Catholic with a lot of Irish in me and a solid base of Catholic upbringing and Jesuit education, I connected with Tim's public persona. I didn't know him. I wish I'd had an opportunity to know him. I recall passing him in the hallway at the 2006
Fathers Day Cards That Can Sing - free ecards father's day cards
2008-06-11 07:37:00
Who doesn't want to reach out to his or her father with some coolest Fathers Day wishes and Fathers Day card that can sing? Fathers Day card that can sing the spirit of Fathers Day celebration! Yes... I have came across loads of father days greetings and fathers day cards across the net. Some of them have really awesome music while others really are just crap. That's the fact. But today's post is acting as the container store of some great fathers day cards that really rock. The rollicking music and the mind boggling themes of these awesome fathers day cards are the perfect pick to create a real big impact on your dad. Just click away these musical fathers Day cards images and get into the unique father's day card page. Send these fathers Day card to your dad and the dad like figure to put smiles om their faces.Best Pick For Dad's darling Daughter - Fathers Day Cards From a Daughter Best Pick For Dad's Smart Son - Fathers Day Cards From a Son ...
Older fathers, older maternal grandfathers and new gene mutations in genes
2008-06-10 20:53:00
VERY IMPORTANT ARTICLE "The roots of several mental disorders lie in defects in the synaptic proteins, more than 50 of which have been linked to diseases like schizophrenia, Dr. Grant said."Brainpower May Lie in Complexity of Synapses By NICHOLAS WADEPublished: June 10, 2008Evolution’s recipe for making a brain more complex has long seemed simple enough. Just increase the number of nerve cells, or neurons, and the interconnections between them. A human brain, for instance, is three times the volume of a chimpanzee’s.Get Health News From The New York Times » A whole new dimension of evolutionary complexity has now emerged from a cross-species study led by Dr. Seth Grant at the Sanger Institute in England. Dr. Grant looked at the interconnections between neurons, known as synapses, which until now have been regarded as a standard feature of neurons.But in fact the synapses get considerably more complex going up the evolutionary scale, Dr. Grant and colleagues r...
Fathers Day Gifts
2008-06-10 19:19:00
The problem with buying a gift for Fathers Day is that most men just go buy things they want when they want them. If dad can’t afford it, chances are you can’t afford it, either. Is it any wonder why we buy him yet another fishing lure or tie every year? It takes some imagination and maybe a sense of humor to get him something really different, like a deer butt alien or a badonkadonk or any one of the 6 Strange and Unique Fathers Day Gifts. Disclaimer: I wrote this. digg_url = '';
Fathers Day Comments - Free Fathers Day Cards For Fathers Day 2008
2008-06-09 15:19:00
Hey... Fathers Day is right around the bend and I am sure you are looking for the most creative ways to put smile on your dad's face. Fathers Day comments are the best ways to add a silver line to the Fathers Day celebration. If you are staying away, you are probably missing your father. You are not alone -- millions around you are missing their dad and thinking about him with Fathers Day approaching fast. Show him your Whole Hearted Gratitude and make your father feel really special.Here are some cool Fathers day comments that you can try out to reach out to your father this Fathers Day. Send these awesome Fathers Day cards from miles away and touch his heart; make Fathers Day 2008 ever memorable.Happy Fathers Day Wishes - Fathers Day Comments
Fathers Day Cards at
2008-06-07 07:33:00
Here's my latest Fathers Day card designs at Stikshop Hope you like them. :-)
Get sorted for Fathers? Day with
2008-06-06 16:01:00
A few tips for solving present problems for the petrolheads and racing nuts in your households from motorsport merchandising site Porsche Carrera GT gifts are probably deprecated...
Fathers Day Jewelry
2008-06-04 22:44:00
What are you going to get your husband or your dad for this up coming Father’s Day…it will be here before you know it that is for sure. I know that my husband personally is very sick of getting the usual tie…maybe something completely different like custom mens jewelry. You Design We Create ...
An Important Win for Fathers, Children in Nebraska Supreme Court
2008-06-04 19:40:00
We’ve often discussed anti-father bias in Child Protective Services cases. Fathers are frequently marginalized and deprived of custody of their children when their wives/ex-wives/ex-girlfriends abuse their children. This terrible Nebraska case detailed below is another example. In the case, a mother abused her daughter and child protective services took the girl. There were no accusations of ...
Kids Born To Older Fathers May Have Increased Mortality Rates
2008-06-03 23:37:00
Kids Born To Older Fathers May Have Increased Mortality RatesWritten by Piyush Joshi Tuesday, 03 June 2008TUESDAY, June 3, (News Locale) - Having a kid after men have crossed the age of 45 appears to increase the mortality risk of the child, a new study by European researchers has indicated. This incidence is attributed to the declining quality of sperm due to ageing.It is popularly believed that unlike women, men have no biological clock and can father children throughout their life. In fact it is not uncommon to see celebrities having babies well after they have crossed their 50s.However researchers at the Danish Epidemiology Science Center, University of Aarhus found that children born to fathers aged over 45 were twice as likely to die before they entered adulthood when compared to kids born to younger fathers.The study analyzed over 100,000 children born between 1980 and 1996. So far some 830 children have died under the age of 13 years. All data was obtained from Danish Fer...
The Best Fathers Day Ecards For Husbands, Who Just Became Fathers
2008-06-03 09:29:00
Hey... Here's something interesting, I want to share with you. It somehow skipped off my mind, and Susan is the one who gave me the idea. How to wish your husband who became a father right before the Fathers Day? Doesn't that sound interesting?Okay, let me tell you how Susan came up with this idea. Fathers Day 2008 is going to be the most memorable year for her elder sister's husband. Just when the Fathers Day is peeping through the horizon with loads of opportunities to shower dads with heartfelt wishes, her sister gave birth to twin female babies! That's obviously an awesome news for Rick - Susan's sister's husband, who is on a business trip and would be taking a little more time to fly back! As soon as she got the news she wasted no time and landed upon this blog - 'Fathers Day Wishes', hoping to get some thoughtful fathers day ecards for new fathers. She said she wants to help her sister, picking some wonderful fathers day ecards so that she can reach out to her hus...
Watches for Fathers
2008-06-03 00:02:00
Father?s Day will be on June 15. I haven?t bought anything for my father or my hubby. But when I was surfing, I came across Parmigiani watches. They looked so nice and elegant. I really wished I could buy something exquisite as Parmigiani watches. I am sure they would look good at them especially my hubby?s watch just got broken lately. The second hand was disconnected from the entire piece.How about you? Got ideas already?
My Fathers Day Gift Ideas - Fathers Day Gift Basket
2008-06-02 11:18:00
Just before the Mothers Day - I remember, I wrote no of emails to my dad, asking for some gifts ideas for mom. Well I was over flooded with ideas. I already had huge number of gift ideas swirling in my mind, and Dad came up with a lot more.I am stuck with the same confusion as to what should I give to my dad as the fathers day gift. Yes, true that I have written loads of stuff related to Fathers Day gift ideas, but my problem is something different....My parents live in Houston and I... Miami. I've analyzed everything that one should, in order to come up with a specific gift idea. My dad is reaching 60 this July. He is a bit oldie in his thoughts and choice of music. I know that Bob Dylan would be more preferred than the most contemporary New Age Acoustic. But I want to go beyond DVDs and music albums. My budget is more than just a music DVD. I met Uncle Fred this weekend in Henry Reeves Park strolling with his beautiful fawn Labrador. Read on what Fred said...This 60 years ol...
Single Fathers, Are You Ready To Date?
2008-06-02 10:19:00
By Alex Hansen People are always talking about the plight of single mothers raising kids, but single fathers have it every bit as tough, if not tougher. As a single father, I have to the same financial responsibility as a single mother would have. I have to raise my kids single-handedly, unable to depend on a ...
Show Gratitude to Your Dad - Free Online Fathers Day Cards for Fathers Day
2008-06-01 12:47:00
Friends... with Fathers Day approaching fast, I am sure you guys are looking for the most aesthetic ways to reach out to your dad with your heart felt gratitude.I am really a bit too emotional. I mean to say, I tend to miss my parents perhaps much more than my friends. This is probably because I stay far away from them. I know I am not alone who stay far away and have missed their moms on Mothers Day and again going to miss their dads this Fathers Day.Showing gratitude to your dad is like confession before the Lord. You are thankful to a person, who:Saved you from all the odds of life with the strength of a mountain.Provided you with the warmth of a summer sun during the chilled winters when we were children.Loved you with generous soul of nature.Showed you the way with wisdom of the ages.Brighten up your days with joy of a morning in spring.If you are miles away from your dad, bridging these few hundred miles is just a couple of clicks away! Check out these thoughtful Fathers Day ...
Scientists reveal dangers of older fathers--
2008-06-01 02:09:00
Scientists reveal dangers of older fathersBy Laura Donnelly, Health Correspondent Last Updated: 10:18PM BST 31/05/2008Children are almost twice as likely to die before adulthood if they have a father over 45, research has shown. A mass study found that deaths of children fathered by over-45s occurred at almost twice the rate of those fathered by men aged between 25 and 30. Scientists believe that children of older fathers are more likely to suffer particular congenital defects as well as autism, schizophrenia and epilepsy. The study was the first of its kind of such magnitude in the West, and researchers believe the findings are linked to the declining quality of sperm as men age. A total of 100,000 children born between 1980 and 1996 were examined, of whom 830 have so far died before they reached 18, the majority when they were less than a year old. Article continuesadvertisementThe deaths of many of the children of the older fathers were related to congenital defects such as probl...
Edible Golf Balls Gift Idea for Golfing Buddy, Dad Fathers Day, Birthday, T
2008-05-30 09:18:00
Mrs. Beasley's Edible Golf Balls, 12 Truffles Everyone gets a hole in one with edible golf balls. We?ve packaged a dozen of our world famous Chocolate Truffle Cookies?a chocolate lovers' dream made with delectable Ghirardelli chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar?in a wooden crate and added some tees to create this gift without par. Perfect for dad, a golfing buddy or a thank you gift for a business associate. - Buy
Fathers Day
2008-05-30 00:26:00
It is just so important to remember your parents and Father’s Day is coming up. Father and Mothers are overlooked and very under appreciated. It can really wear a person down as well as age them. Feeling not appreciated all the while you are working hard to make sure that your family ... This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! Fathers Day Gifts and Great Deals
2008-05-29 14:35:00 has a great offer for Free 2-Day Shipping with $100 Purchase that promises to be a great order driver. Whether your are shopping for dads, grads, or themselves, this is a great deal! Normally 2-Day Shipping is $16.99 and now they can get it for free! This offer ends June 10, 2008. Father’s Day is ... SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: " Fathers Day Gifts and Great Deals", url: "" });
Cupcakes Fathers Day Dad Father Cupcake Daddy, Handmade Rich Chocolate, Van
2008-05-29 09:30:00
Mrs. Beasley's Father's Day Cupcakes Treat Dad the same Cupcakes enjoyed by Kobe Bryant, Orlando Bloom, David Beckham, Tony Soprano?s crew. Father?s Day Cupcakes are handmade, are chock full of rich chocolate, vanilla, nuts, sports-themed candy toppings. - Buy
Sugar Cookies Fathers Day Tie Neckties Dad Ties Cookie, Hand Decorated Home
2008-05-29 08:08:00
Father's Day Tie Decorated Sugar Cookies Dad will surely appreciate these neckties! Delighful individually hand-decorated sugar cookies. Home-made flavor. Festive decorative gift tin. K-Delights bakery delightful individually hand decorated home-made sugar cookies packaged in a silver gift tin tied with a festive ribbon. Designs and decorations of cookies may vary. Dad will be so pleased! - Buy
Fathers Day Whisky Hamper
2008-05-25 09:18:00
Fathers Day Whisky Hamper. A tipple of Royal Lochnagar single malt whisky 70cl and 2 bags of dark chocolate Whisky truffles 115g. Click to Buy the Fathers Day Whisky Hamper
How To choose the Right Fathers Day Card
2008-05-21 09:39:00
If you are looking for the best Fathers Day card, you've landed on the right page. Yes... just with the Mothers Day card sending craze is over, another great event - the Fathers Day is peeping through with loads of opportunities to make your dad feel special. If you are flying off to your dad this year you are probably taking a unique gift for him. What if you are bogged down with severe work load and not able to scoop time out to fly off to your dad? There are ways to bridge these few hundred miles and to reach out to your dad with your most heartfelt Fathers Day wishes. Yes... it's just a matter of a few -- too few key strokes! Just send a Fathers Day Card to him and delight him with great surprise.Now the question is how to pick the right Fathers Day card. Well, its not a rocket science... its simple if you can follow these tips of choosing the right Fathers Day card.Pick the one that suits your mood.Pick the one that reveals your thoughts perfectly.Pick the one takes less tim...
Spike Lee slams Clint Eastwood movie Flags of Our Fathers
2008-05-21 07:27:00
During a recent press conference at Cannes, the director Spike Lee hit out at Clint Eastwood for failing to provide a role for a single African-American soldier in Flags of Our Fathers, Eastwood's film about the Battle of Iwo Jima.The press conference was for Lee's new film Miracle at St Anna, a story about members of the all-black 92nd Buffalo Division, which fought the Germans in Italy. An eight-minute trailer of Lee's new film premiered at the festival.In Flags of our Fathers, Eastwood exposes the cynical fashion in which the iconic flag-raisers of Iwo Jima were exploited in order to help boost the war effort. With Eastwood's keen eye for injustice, you would think he would have noted that his movie renders all-but-invisible the role of black troops in the battle. This isn't a minor detail - almost a thousand African Americans took part in the historic battle.Spike Lee is right on the mark with his criticism. The irony is that while Clint Eastwood exposes exploitive practi...
Pete sends early Fathers' Day present
2008-05-20 21:47:00
Of this photo that is running on the Equality California website... ...Peter LaBarbera today says the following: Now look at the ?gay daddies? propaganda photo... What emotions does it evoke in you? Righteous anger, pity, sorrow, deep frustration? (If your...
Thinking of Fathers Day already
2008-05-20 00:00:00
Each and every year I go through a lot of stress trying to decide what to get my dad, my step dad and my husband for Fathers Day. I am still clueless on what to get my dad and step dad this year but with my husband starting his own company recently I am thinking this is a good opening for some gift ideas. At work today we were placing an order for new self inking stamps when I saw online how easy it is to order business cards and such. I am thinking they would be a great gift. I know when a small business is just getting going you can not have too many business cards to hand out or leave around town. Another great idea I am thinking of is a car magnet for his truck. I see them all over the neighborhood so I know they are the thing to have when you own your own business. I think he is going to be thrilled with these as gifts. I know they sure are easy on my end. Thanks to I can do it all online with out even leaving my house. Checking out their web site I saw they also...
2008-05-18 21:05:00
Births to women over age 40 soaring, and so is birth rateBy ANNE CONSTABLE The Santa Fe New MexicanArticle Launched: 05/18/2008 11:30:17 AM MDTSANTA FE, N.M.—Barton Bond is looking forward to coaching his son's football team. His wife, Joyce, can't wait to sew Halloween costumes when their children are old enough to go trick-or-treating. The Bonds sound like typical new parents, but they're not. They've been married 32 years, but have no other children. Barton has retired from one job and now teaches part-time at Central New Mexico Community College. Joyce is just two and a half years away from retirement from her job as marketing manager for the city of Santa Fe.
Fathers Day Gift From Cadbury?s
2008-05-18 10:23:00
An amazing Father’s Day gift! Deeply dark Bornville with Cadbury Heroes presented with a beautifull crafted whisky gift box from Glenmorangie containing four 50cl miniatures; Glenmorangie Ten Years Old, Glenmorangie Port Wood Finish, Glenmorangie Burgandy Wood Finish & Glenmorangie Wood Finish. Contains: 1 x 100g Bournville Deeply Dark, 1 x Bournville Deeply Dark with Coffee, 1 x ...
2008-05-18 02:16:00
Average Paternal Age is Very High and In the Danger Zone for Offspring Average paternal age is very high. Fewer men are fathering babies in their 20s when risk for NEW genetic disorders due to sperm is very low. By 35 men are in the danger zone for having autistic, schizophrenic, Alzheimer's, cancer prone offspring. The numbers of offspring with neurodevelopmental disorders is rising along with the rise in average pateral age. What to do since no one warns the public. Any suggestions would be helpful. Also any ideas as to why, in 1994 the definition of autism was broadened from classical autism.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-~~~~~~~~~~~~~Are there 'risks' in being an older father?Whilst the average age of fathering a child is 32, recent figures from the UK's Office for National Statistics show that in 2004 more than 75,000 babies were born to fathers aged 40 and over - more than one in ten of all children born. Further, around 6,489 children a year are bo...
Fathers Day Chocolate at Thorntons
2008-05-17 10:38:00
Need some inspiration for a Fathers day gift then look no further than Thorntons chocolate. Chocolate Football Boot & Shirt. Thorntons milk chocolate football boot and shirt with intricate white and dark chocolate details, can be iced with your own personal message. Buy Now No. 1 Dad Chocolate Car. Tell your dad how special his with this delicious ...
Fathers Day Gift Idea
2008-05-16 21:58:00
If your father is tough to buy for what do you do? I usually try and get my father something that he never knew existed or something that will blow his mind. Well, we can do both with this cool gift idea from Little gadgets and things that are based on technology have made ...
How To Choose The Right Fathers Day Gifts
2008-05-16 12:53:00
With Fathers Day approaching fast, I am sure you are looking for the most inspirational gift to reach out with to your dad with. I am probably the worst person in the world to discuss about the birthday gift with. But yes when it come to Fathers Day gift ideas... believe me, I can give some really blasting Fathers Day gift ideas.Uncle Fred is a one-stop solution for me when it comes to gifts. He has a typical method to choose the right gift! If you ask him abut the Fathers Day gift ideas he would surely hit you back with loads of questions in return. All you need is to answer all his questions correctly and he would come up with his one-word suggestion. And that will sure to give your dad a bright smile on fathers Day!Let me just follow the same technique!How old is he?What type of a man he is?What kinda stuff he likes?Is he still young at heart and move out for jog every morning?So just close your eyes, clench your fists and summon forth the mental image of your father and try t...
Fathers Day Cards - Fathers Day Comments
2008-05-15 07:36:00
A father is a whole lot of fun! He does not smile himself; he also makes sure that you have enough reasons to smile yourself. He has the entire responsibility of the household on himself and even then he makes it a point to spend quality time with the children. He tries to teach as much as he can to the children; the rest he leaves it upon the children to copy from the high standards set by him as an example. He makes it a point not to do something that makes it difficult for him to peer into the eyes of his children.Fathers Day provides the perfect opportunity to salute a man whose patience has often been compared to the mountain. Click on this wonderful Fathers Day card to thank your father and reach out your Fathers Day comments to your father...Send this Fathers Day Card Click for More Fathers Day Comments
Fathers Day Cards - Wish Your Father on Fathers Day
2008-05-14 11:39:00
After Mothers Day, its time to slowly raise ourselves out of the polarity in a family that was heavily tilted in favor of the mother. Fathers Day is a month away. It would be time to express your love for your father. The flavor of Father's Day is very different. A father is like a rock; therefore your expression is more subtle and subdued. There is a sharp contrast in the color palettes that make up Fathers Day cards as compared to the Mothers Day cards.Reach out to your dear daddy with Fathers Day cards and Fathers Day wishes. Click on this card to reach out your Fathers Day greetings.Send this Fathers Day Card Click for More Fathers Day Comments
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