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Mortgage Corruption at Citigroup Leads to Whistleblower Payday
2012-06-01 14:14:00
The bad decisions that got us into the massive financial mess starting 2008 are still around. Read this story about the mortgage corruption still going on at Citigroup. This story helps to explain why the financial crash is the solution, …Read more »
Mortgage Guidelines Resume Tightening Nationwide
2012-05-01 14:45:00
Despite an improving U.S. economy, the nation's banks remain cautious about what they will lend, and to whom.
Stay At Home Parents? Denied!
2012-04-25 21:13:00
Stay At Home Parents? Denied! is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money!I recently read a US News Article about how the stay at home parent must ask the breadwinner for permission before opening a charge account. What??? Yes even in the year 2012 this is true. The article sheds light on the Federal Reserve?s decision: No paycheck, no credit card. The bottom line, a homemaker not ...Get a free mortgage quote!
A Simple Explanation Of The Federal Reserve Statement (April 25, 2012)
2012-04-25 19:00:00
The Federal Open Market Committee voted to leave the Fed Funds Rate unchanged within its current target range of 0.000-0.250 percent Wednesday.
The Fed Starts A 2-Day Meeting Today. Make A Strategy.
2012-04-24 14:45:00
The Federal Open Market Committee begins a 2-day meeting today. Mortgage rates are expected to be volatile for the next 48 hours.
Don?t shrug off the similarities of past April stock markets
2012-04-05 21:10:00
It might be well to keep in mind that the market topped out on April 26 in 2010, and April 29 last year, forcing the Fed to come to the rescue during the summer months Almost a year ago in this column I pointed out the eerie similarities in April (2011) to conditions the previous April (2010). And sure enough the similarities continued into almost identical 20% market corrections before the bull market resumed. And here we are again this year looking at eerie similarities as March draws to a close, this time to the last two Aprils. I’m hearing a lot of assurances that this time is different. It would defy the odds for the . . . → Read More: Don’t shrug off the similarities of past April stock markets
A Simple Explanation Of The Federal Reserve Statement (March 13, 2012)
2012-03-13 19:30:00
Tuesday, the Federal Open Market Committee voted to leave the Fed Funds Rate unchanged within its current target range of 0.000-0.250 percent.
Federal Reserve Wary Of European Spillover
2012-02-24 14:45:00
The Federal Reserve has released the minutes from its 2-day meeting January 24-25, 2012.
A Simple Explanation Of The Federal Reserve Statement (January 25, 2012)
2012-01-25 18:50:00
Wednesday, the Federal Reserve's Federal Open Market Committee voted to leave the Fed Funds Rate unchanged within its current target range of 0.000-0.250 percent.
The Federal Reserve Meets Today : Mortgage Rates Expected To Move
2012-01-25 14:45:00
The Federal Open Market Committee adjourns from a scheduled 2-day meeting today, its first of 8 scheduled meetings this year.
New Hurdles Loom in Euro Crisis ?
2012-01-03 09:28:00
“Europe is absolutely my No. 1 concern. It is so far in the lead I can’t think of what my No. 2 concern is,” says Princeton economist Alan Blinder, a former U.S. Federal Reserve vice chairman. “There’s just an almost unending list of things that might go wrong and start us on a bad track ...
A Simple Explanation Of The Federal Reserve Statement (December 13, 2011 Ed
2011-12-13 20:35:00
Tuesday, the Federal Open Market Committee voted to leave the Fed Funds Rate unchanged within its current target range of 0.000-0.250 percent.
Federal Reserve Passed out $16 Trillion Dollars
2011-11-16 12:23:00
In the first audit ever “allowed” (seriously) by the Federal Reserve, a whopping $16 trillion dollars has been “loaned out” throughout the world: The Fed Audit Among the investigation’s key findings is that the Fed unilaterally provided trillions of dollars in financial assistance to foreign banks and corporations from South Korea to Scotland, according ...
A Simple Explanation Of The Federal Reserve Statement (November 2, 2011 Edi
2011-11-02 17:45:00
Wednesday, the Federal Open Market Committee voted to leave the Fed Funds Rate unchanged within its current target range of 0.000-0.250 percent.
Make Your Mortgage Rate Strategy : The Federal Reserve Starts A 2-Day Meeti
2011-11-01 13:45:00
The Federal Open Market Committee begins a scheduled, 2-day meeting today, the seventh of its 8 scheduled meetings this year, and the eighth Fed meeting overall.
Safety and Survival
2011-10-14 21:39:00
?The beginning of an extended period of turmoil? and other real-time insights from Agora Financial?s Safety and Survival Summit. Including... Fed and Treasury ?walking a tightrope? between depression and hyperinflation, says Michael Pento.
Welcome to the Bear Market
2011-10-04 22:15:00
The bear market of 2011: Only 40 S&P points away from surrendering all the QE2 gains. Plus... The bank you?ve never heard of that could set off a worldwide panic.
No, It?s Not 2008
2011-09-23 21:24:00
Does it feel like 2008? Dare we suggest ?the end is not nigh??? Amoss on how Operation Twist will prop up (some) stocks? Mayer on what to do now? King on keeping the faith with natural resources.
The Newest Lost Decade
2011-09-22 23:20:00
The new new ?lost decade? coming to a neighborhood near you. Plus... ?Operation twist? and shout kicks the market in the shins? what the Fed?s balance sheet will look like in return.
Two Eyebrow-Raisers and One Opportunity
2011-09-21 21:39:00
Two eyebrow raisers: Feds point fingers at ?a global Ponzi scheme? while Lloyd?s mysteriously withdraws a lawsuit against Saudi Arabia. Plus... Washington expands its drone war: An intriguing investing angle becomes even more lucrative.
Bugging Out
2011-08-29 17:04:00
Earthquakes, hurricanes, Fed speeches: Strange doings at week's end. Plus... Gold back in a groove: Behind the post-Comex bounce.
Golden Earthquake
2011-08-24 23:20:00
The 5 survives the Great East Coast Earthquake; the short-term gold price, not so much. Plus... How gold and stocks hand off to each other every 17-18 years... and where we are now
From the ?Unresolved Issues? File
2011-08-22 22:22:00
Stock market celebrates the fall of Gaddafi (briefly), oil market begs to differ: The 5 tallies a list of "unresolved issues" affecting markets. Including... Scope of "secret" bank bailouts revealed: White House works overtime to suppress new scandal.
Profit from the Strategic Reserve Fiasco
2011-07-14 21:29:00
Addison Wiggin – July 14, 2011 What strategic reserves? The 5 digs into why oil has hit a one-month high, perhaps on the way to $150 Alaskan oil production in steep decline… but a few hardy souls soldier on. Chris Mayer uncovers the profit potential Gold pushing $1,600 as Ron Paul presses Ben Bernanke on ...
A Solution That Solves Nothing
2011-06-30 22:50:00
Corporate jets? Really? Why the latest "solution" to the national debt crisis solves nothing. Plus... QE2 wraps up: Lindsay Lohan weighs in on the consequences (seriously), while Dan Amoss peers into the "roach motel" of America's future.
The New Energy Scramble
2011-06-23 21:57:00
New Middle East energy scramble underway: The 5 handicaps a winner and spots an opportunity. Plus...U.S., 27 other nations tap oil reserves... Byron King on why the stated reason makes little sense.
The Dry Ice Discovery
2011-06-22 21:48:00
Dry ice fuels new computer revolution, delivering China a windfall and early investors a singular opportunity. Plus... Greeks empty their bank accounts, load up on gold? while China pumps up Panda production to meet demand
What Rebellion?
2011-06-13 21:04:00
Ctrl+Alt+Bernanke: Hackers break into IMF, while "Anonymous" ups the ante on Bernanke -- or does it? Plus... Brazilian currency, commodity speculation: Chris Mayer examines two more triggers for the next financial crisis
What?s Wrong With This Picture?
2011-06-08 21:50:00
Despite rising revenue, budget shortfalls and layoffs coming to a state near you. Plus... Bernanke's buzzkill for stocks -- and when to expect he'll start trying to juice them again with QE3
China Imposes ?Severe Punishment?
2011-05-10 22:05:00
Untangling the vagaries of China?s Price Law: "Severe punishment" for obscure offenses. Plus... Dan Amoss on the next trigger for "sharp corrections" in U.S. stocks
Ben?s Secret Plan!
2011-05-05 22:56:00
Ben Bernanke's "secret" plan to support the dollar: Let the economy tank! Wow... it's already working. Plus... Dollar rallies, but for how long? Abe Cofnas sizes up U.S., Aussie, loonie
Most Successful Speculation Ever
2011-05-02 21:52:00
"Bleeding America to the point of bankruptcy": Bin Laden dead, but the world's most successful leveraged bet lives on. Plus... Dollar's bin Laden bounce doesn't last long... Abe Cofnas on the next big event to move currency markets
The Front That Shall Not Be Named
2011-04-29 22:41:00
Your government in action: Running guns to Mexican drug gangs, looking the other way as U.S. banks launder their money. Plus... Variation on the dollar index hits all-time low, Fed goes all Alfred E. Neuman on us: What you need to do now
Lather, Rinse, Repeat
2011-04-28 22:05:00
Bernanke opens his yap: Stocks, oil, gold hit new highs, dollar hits new lows. Plus... Lather, rinse, repeat: What happens after QE2 winds down
No Passport For You?
2011-04-25 22:39:00
by Dave Gonigam – April 25, 2011 Busybody Alert: State Department wants to know all your former addresses and employers before handing out a passport "A ridiculous notion"… It's Doug Casey's turn to take a whack at the "gold is a bubble" blather Abe Cofnas on the currency market's "balancing act" going into Fed-Wednesday… and ...
Clouds Under the Silver Lining
2011-04-01 23:26:00
by Addison Wiggin – April 1, 2011 Jobs spark jubilation; manufacturing index, too. The 5 finds reasons to curb your enthusiasm… The Federal Reserve forced to release 894 pdf files of "discount window "documents… Earth's magnetic poles fail to realign… Gold down ;( dollar up… how a tiny currency move delivered a 222% gain after ...
Fight or Flight
2011-03-29 23:19:00
by Addison Wiggin – March 29, 2011 The Japanese earthquake could spare the United States from a "dubious distinction"… why it may not matter to you… Capital goes where it’s treated best… 60 Minutes takes a moment to notice… Video: Silicon Valley venture capitalists politely listen to a hippy-dippy pitch for bottled air… More Fed ...
Beware the Wealth Effect
2011-03-28 23:36:00
Fed's "wealth effect" gives precious metals a smackdown: Dan Amoss on what the Fed really is likely to do next, and what you should expect. Plus... Six reasons natural gas is still a good bet... and 11 ways to play it.
We?re Number 28!
2011-03-25 22:48:00
"We're Number 28!"... Results from David Walker's comprehensive survey of fiscal soundness around the globe. Plus... China's latest "5- year plan" even more bullish news for natural gas...
Everybody Panic
2011-03-16 21:08:00
by Addison Wiggin - March 16, 2011 Stocks hammered, again... Japan, nukes and reminiscences of the 'flash crash'... The "nuclear renaissance" declared dead... and a viable candidate named to replace it... Vancouver favorite Marc Faber on the one sure thing that will follow falling stock prices... how it will affect every decision you make this ...
?Anonymous? Targets the Fed
2011-03-14 22:06:00
by Addison Wiggin - March 14, 2011 "Civil disobedience" campaign to end the Fed launches... at the very moment key Fed governor shoots himself in the foot... Mainstream: Japanese power plant monitored for signs of nuclear meltdown... Behind the scenes: Bank of Japan steps in to prevent market meltdown Dan Amoss with six reasons stocks ...
Crisis? What Crisis?
2011-03-02 22:54:00
by Addison Wiggin & Dave Gonigam - March 2, 2011 You call this a crisis? How the Libya uprising stacks up against other oil shocks What the oil spike last week might mean for stocks between now and September Gold reaches a record, thanks in part to Chinese demand Looking past the iPad hype… Patrick ...
Silver?s Record Month
2011-02-02 22:17:00
Totaling up silver?s record month... and a chart that means good things for gold. Zombie alert: Wall Street pay and benefits reach a record high... as does the number of Americans on food stamps. Why Egypt is a mess... and why it?s a ?canary in the coal mine? for other emerging markets. Conflicting indicators: In an era of $3 gas, people shun carpooling and seek out the bus. Reader points out a crucial connection between rare earths and Obama?s State of the Union.
Here We Go Again
2011-01-18 15:32:00
Humans, for whatever reason, tend to project the past into the future. It is an emotional flaw in our genetic makeup. It is also the reason why so many . . . → Full Story: Here We Go Again
The Fed Minutes Keep Mortgage Rates On Hold (For Now)
2011-01-05 14:46:00
The Federal Reserve released its December 14 meeting minutes Tuesday afternoon. There wasn't much there to disturb mortgage markets, thankfully.
A ?Reckoning?? Really?
2010-12-02 21:58:00
A fiscal ?reckoning?? Blue-ribbon panel discovers we have a problem, seven years late. A strategy that?s worked through all of 2010? and a better one to pursue now. Demand for foreclosure properties plunges? Why it?s about to fall even more. ?No foreign bailouts?? Federal Reserve?s own data contradict Bernanke. Readers sound off on street signs specs (with updated news) and those frisky critters (still!)
Bernanke?s November Scorecard
2010-12-01 22:56:00
A QE2 report card? Are markets responding the way Bernanke wants them to? Three data points drive a Dec. 1 rally? and three reasons they?re overblown. Truce attempted in War on Small Business, and why it failed. Revenue-starved city starts handing out $191 jaywalking tickets. Readers take issue with Alan Knuckman?s gold outlook, pile on a fellow reader who objects to frolicking panda and grizzly.
Stocks Spanked, QE2 Backfiring
2010-11-17 00:08:00
Bond vigilantes awaken, stocks taken to the woodshed? Dan Amoss on the Fed ?risking ultimate disaster.? The overprotective directive from Chicago that sent gold tumbling overnight. Congress back in session? the one sensible thing it might do soon, maybe? nah forget it. Auto dealership devises semi-automatic stimulus? cross border concerns in the great Pacific Frontier? a market immune to ?high frequency trading? programs? and more!
Bummed About $1420 Gold
2010-11-09 23:16:00
Gold tops $1,400? Why Byron King isn?t happy. Chinese denounce QE2?s ?catastrophic influence?? what they?re doing in response? and how you can profit. Requiem for a bond insurer: Ambac files for bankruptcy. Plugging last week?s Fed?s statement into a ?word cloud? for 545% gains. Reader sees a ?slow boil? from dollar debasement? We suggest a solution.
Stumbling Into a Trade War?
2010-11-08 20:52:00
How Obama hopes to avert a fight with China? but is stumbling into one anyway. Dan Amoss on QE2: Bankers as bullies, Bernanke as nerd. World Bank chief calls for gold standard? sort of. Don?t fight the free market: Chart reveals the utter failure of the homebuyer tax credit. Turning skin into blood: Medical news that?s old news to some of our readers.
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