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IMO, Google Feedburner just killed TwitterFeed
2010-01-01 09:19:00
A couple of weeks ago, Google added a new feature to FeedBurner called Socialize. It is nothing more than a way to publish your feed items to a Twitter account. But in doing so, it has just threatened to take out TwitterFeed. Or at least, people who don?t do a lot of professional social media ...
Adios a Twitterfeed
2009-12-15 09:57:00
Los que utilizamos la plataforma WordPress para escribir blogs hemos odo hablar de TwitterFeed e incluso lo hemos utilizado en nuestro blog. TwitterFeed es un servicio que permite informar a nuestros seguidores en Twitter que hemos escrito un nuevo post. … Continue reading →
Neat WordPress Themes and Blogger Templates for sale!
2009-09-11 02:15:00
Although this is a Blogger blog, I couldn't help discovering a new way to earn money by becoming an affiliate to various sites that sells fantastic Premium WordPress themes like Blog oh Blog, StudioPress, and And oh, one of them do sell Premium Blogger Templates so not all themes sold on the sites are only WordPress themes. I have 6 sites I affiliate. One offers an e-book that gives you information on how to improve your SEO and search engine ranks and 5 offers great premium themes whether Blogger or WordPress themes that'll make your website look sexy, flashy, and done just like the pros want it. There are so many themes to choose from. Let's look at 3 of them coming from various sites that have them up for sale.WebPress from Blog oh Blog - WebPress is a gorgeous theme that comes in not one, not two but three different color schemes. The theme consists of a robust slider which pulls posts out of your slider category and displays them in a beautiful rotating sl...
FeedBurner Terms of Service Update
2009-08-19 13:10:00
As a natural conclusion to the process of migrating accounts to Google Accounts as previously described here, we have decided to sunset the legacy Feedburner Terms of Service. The Google Terms of Service will be the terms that apply to your use of Feedburner. These Google Terms of Service are the same terms that apply to many other Google products and services, including your Google Account.As a reminder, the advertising portions of the service are now covered by the AdSense Terms and Conditions and the accompanying Google AdSense Program Policies.Posted by Steve Olechowski - Product Manager, AdSense for feeds and FeedBurner
Now Available: Moving your FeedBurner account to Google using AdSense
2008-12-23 17:19:00
If you've been following some recent posts at the venerable Burning Questions, you'll be happy to know that we are now starting the next phase of FeedBurner integration into Google, right here in our swanky new digs on the Adsense for feeds blog. AdSense for feeds isn't just about earning revenue for your feeds; it's also the starting point for managing syndication and tracking feed analytics. We hope to give you some tips to how to earn the most revenue from your syndicated content, but we'll also be offering tips to help ensure your feeds remain in tip-top shape.A few months ago, we announced that we would be moving all FeedBurner accounts to Google accounts and we have been steadily doing just that ever since. However, as many of you know, this has been a manual process and has taken some time to smooth out.Now, we're happy to announce that if you have a valid AdSense account and a FeedBurner account, you should now be able to initiate this account move directly from with...
News: top 20 feedburner posts on truth in shredding
2008-10-14 20:01:00
News: 14-10-2008: Another statisitcs for top posts on this blog as created by feedburner for RSS feeds. Joop Wolters: beggin' for a trip to th? 277 140 Paul Gilbert: numero uno 234 176 Guthrie Govan: news from the undiscover? 212 132 Yngwie Malmsteen: black star 188 148 Vincenzo Grieco: blue fusion storm 215 113 Vinnie Moore: in control 206 115 Daniele Gottardo: firing on the eight 211... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Change of All About Computers Feedburner RSS URI
2008-08-19 00:07:00
This post is simply to advise all my readers who have subscribed to the All About Computers RSS Feed that if you subscribed BEFORE August 17, 2008, you will need to re-subscribe again. This is because I will be migrating the RSS Feed from the present Feedburner to the new Google owned Feedburner. As such, the RSS Feed link that existed before August 17 will soon be fazed out totally. If you do not re-subscribe now, you will not be able to get my blog updates by RSS, whether through a Feed Reader or by email, pretty soon. The new RSS Feed link for Review Central is now: Please re-subscribe now before you forget. It only takes a few seconds to do it. I will however post one last reminder the day before the old Feed URI is completely removed. Thanks for your continued reading and I hope that no inconvenience will be caused by this necessary action.
Hacking Feedburner - Trik Menambahkan Jumlah Subscriber
2008-08-15 17:09:00
Bagaimana melakukan hacking di feedburner? Apakah mungkin? Baru-baru ini terungkap bagaimana caranya menambahkan jumlah subscriber yang biasanya tertera pada blog-blog yang menerima update newsletter misalnya dari feedburner ataupun dari feedblitz. Itulah sebabnya seringkali kita melihat jumlah yg sangat banyak, bahkan sampai ribuan subscriber count, padahal blognya sepi.
Adsense for Feeds - Iklan Adsense di FeedBurner
2008-08-12 13:51:00
Saya tidak tau bagaimana harus memberikan judul ini, tetapi satu hal yg dinanti-nantikan oleh publisher Adsense sejak berbulan-bulan lalu (bahkan hampir satu tahun) kini terwujud juga. Adsense secara resmi kira-kira dua bulan lalu telah meluncurkan Adsense for Feed yang bisa dikonfigurasi langsung dari FeedBurner (website yg telah diakuisisi mereka).
Hack Feedburner - Increase RSS Subscribers
2008-08-05 02:32:00
This is simple and amazing I came across a very interesting post over at: It talks about how you can hack Feedburner in 2 minutes (video below) and get a ridiculous amount of RSS feed readers… (fake ones). This is very very sneaky and would be a great tactic if you were having a RSS ...
FeedBurner Is Getting New Home
2008-06-11 00:52:00
FeedBurner announced back in April, that all FeedBurner users will be migrated to Google Accounts. But the interesting part is, that Google will no longer use as their home or in the feed URLs. Their new home will be, a site that announces you can use FeedBurner to “analyze, publicize, optimize, and ...
Feedburner Introducing AdSense For Feeds
2008-06-08 14:35:00
It hasn’t quite hit the streets yet however Feedburner is starting to roll out Adsense for feeds for those publishers who use the Feedburner service to distribute their RSS feeds. As theses ads are rolled out you can expect to see the ‘ads by Google’ alongside contextually targeted ads. To quote from the Feedburner blog: For publishers ...
Feedcompare ? Para comparar el nmero de suscripciones via FeedBurner de 4
2008-06-03 06:23:00
Feedcompare, es una curiosa herramienta online que nos permitir comparar el trfico de una web con respecto a otras. Algo similar a alexa, pero en lugar de comparar el trfico web, compara las suscripciones mediante FeedBurner de cada sitio. Podremos comparar 4 sitios a la misma vez, y ver los resultados de los ltimos 24 ...
FeedCompare: Compare FeedBurner Subscriber Count
2008-06-03 00:06:00
If you thought Alexa is the only tool from where you can compare traffic stats of site, then think again! I’ve found a new tool which lets you compare your FeedBurner subscriber count with up to 4 blogs/sites in a row. Visit the FeedCompare site, and just enter the FeedBurner feed name, or enter the ...
Feedburner yelik say?n?z? k?yaslay?n
2008-06-02 22:08:00
Alexa‘n?n anasayfas?na girdi?inizde sizi sayfan?n byk bir k?sm?n? kaplayan bir grafik kar??lar. Daha nceden denemeyenler iin bilgi vermek gerekirse, buradan di?er sitelerle site trafiklerini, sayfa grntlenme oranlar?n? ve alexa s?ralamalar?n? k?yaslama yapabiliyoruz. Her ne kadar alexa gvenilir bir k?yaslama arac? olarak grlmesede, yine de a?a?? yukar? do?ru sonular elde edebilece?imizi syleyebiliriz. Bu sayede yolun neresinde ...
FeedCompare – Compare FeedBurner Subscriber Numbers
2008-06-02 17:06:00
Shankar Ganesh’s Tech Blog – Bloggers are probably going to love this tool. It?s a bit addictive, and does its job perfectly. lets you compare FeedBurner subscriber numbers of up to four blog feeds in a row. Just go to the site, and key in your blog feed?s URL and those of your competitors, and it?ll show you ... read more
FeedCompare - Compare FeedBurner Subscriber Numbers
2008-06-02 14:29:00
Bloggers are probably going to love this tool. It’s a bit addictive, and does its job perfectly. lets you compare FeedBurner subscriber numbers of up to four blog feeds in a row. Just go to the site, and key in your blog feed’s URL and those of your competitors, and it’ll show you a neat ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "FeedCompare - Compare FeedBurner Subscriber Numbers", url: ""- });
Google Adsense i din Feedburner feed
2008-06-01 11:18:00
Det tog sin tid men nu r det dax, Google kommer att visa annonser i Feedburners feed. We’ve been hinting at this for awhile, but it’s finally time to spill the beans: Starting next week, we’ll be rolling out AdSense for feeds to a small group of publishers, in anticipation of a full launch to ...
Adsense for Feeds from FeedBurner
2008-06-01 02:35:00
Starting next week, Feedburner will launch a new feature in their feed called Adsense for Feeds. Your adsense ad will now show inside your RSS feed page, just like ordinary Adsense ad. For the time being, Adsense for Feeds will only available to a small group of publishers. read more
Google AdSense Finally Now in FeedBurner!
2008-05-31 14:26:00
Since the day, Google acquired FeedBurner, there had been rumors floating all around that AdSense units might be provided on FeedBurner. (...)
Just a quick update to RSS and Email Subscribers
2008-05-21 19:50:00
The Adventurist RSS Feed, courtesy of Feedburner, has been updated to reflect the new site. You should begin to get the latest updates from The Adventurist at the New Address <<<<<<&-#60;<<<<If you are wanting to subscribe, simply click the RSS Feed button found in the left-hand column on this site, also, Email updates will reflect this ...
Using RSS to Get Deep Links
2008-05-20 06:41:00
Every now and then I get inspired to work a bit on my Squidoo lenses and update them. As you may or may not know, The Monetizer is a huge fan of Squidoo because it's yet another free to use, free-hosted web real estate you can set up to make money. It can be a great passive source of income if you put in the groundwork. Squidoo is also invaluable in terms of promotion of your blog, affiliate links, referral links and much, much more. While I was poking around Squidoo I came across a great leans which discusses using RSS feeds to gain deep links back to your Squidoo lenses. Of course, you can take this logic and also apply it to your own blog or website with its RSS feed. If you've burned the feed on Feedburner or another RSS site, you can start submitting to RSS directories and adding your feed to several other places.If you have 1 blog or multiple blogs, consider setting up Hub Pages, Squidoo pages and even a Quarter Wiki page or two if you can afford it (they cost just a qu...
Oopss! Feedburner feed count drops
2008-05-15 15:45:00
I noticed a significant drop yesterday and thought it will be back up, at the latest, today. It doesn’t go the way it should be though. Today the number of readers for this blog settles at the lowest point. Given the scale of feed count drop, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only ...
page2RSS crea RSS anche quando non esistono
2008-05-15 00:28:00
page2RSS un semplice ma utilissimo servizio on line per la rapida creazione di RSS (per chi ancora non sa cosa sono e come funzionano gli utilissimi feed RSS ricordo che qualche tempo fa avevo anche segnalato una bellissima video guida qui) anche quando non stato implementato sulla pagina web che vogliamo monitorare. Tramite un ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "page2RSS crea RSS anche quando non esistono", url: "" });
Seriously, What the Hell is Up with Feedburner?
2008-05-14 16:33:00
Since most of you guys won’t be reading until the end of this post, I’m finishing up the entry counts for DatMoney’s "Get Traffic" contest and I will be announcing winners via my Feed footer so make sure you check your RSS Feeds to see if you won! Update: Feedburner is currently not displaying my ...
Problemas con FeedBurner
2008-05-14 16:01:00
Por alguna razn FeedBurner no ha enviado ni ayer ni hoy los boletines a nuestros suscriptores por correo electrnico… Esperemos que pase rpido! El efecto psicolgico de haber tenido anteayer 450 suscriptores y hoy ciento y algo es impactante! Contenido exclusivo para suscriptores del Blog: Todos nuestros bookmarks sobre Canad Copyright Los Ziegler en Canada ...
Feedburner Is Going To Feel More Google?ish
2008-05-13 12:25:00
Feedburner is about to lose its identity, or at least, its look and feel as it migrates across to a typical Google look and feel including using your Google details to log in. According to the Feedburner blog, you wont see many changes to start with but you will be managing your feeds through your ...
Google Adsense Ads for Feedburner Feed is coming
2008-05-06 06:24:00
A quick info about Google Adsense Ads seen on Feedburner Feed on Inhabitat feed. You can go to this link to see it live, but I know you love screenshots, so here it is The good thing is that the ads are not applied as Javascripts objects like usual, but it came as a map image. ...
праздничные счётчики Feedburner
2008-05-05 20:15:00
Специально к дню Победы BeautyFeedCounter совместно с Mannodesign выпустили праздничную серию фидберновских счетчиков. Давно пользуюсь их сервисом, но только теперь заметил, что исправили баг при котором не передавалось количество подписчиков, что ж можно будет убить продублированны- родной счетчик. BeautyFeedCounter Еще несколько интересных счетчиков от Mannodesign Mannodesign - проект симпатичной вебдизайнерши ;), которую зовут Настя Манно. Я уже добавил RSS ленту в свой ридер и выделил местечко в Блогролле, чего и Вам желаю!
Adsense in FeedBurner Feeds = Bad Idea?
2008-05-05 17:53:00
Google has started testing Adsense Ads in FeedBurner RSS Feeds. Do you think this is a good idea or bad idea? Here's what I think...
By: OpTempo
Feedburner fait le ping pour vous
2008-05-05 10:26:00
Article vous offert par Le journal du blogA chaque fois qu'il y a une nouvelle publication sur son blog, il est possible d'alerter les sites qui rfrenant les blogs comme "Technorati" et autres, cela s'appelle du Ping. Blogger permet de faire automatiquement en allant sur "paramtres", "Gnral" et mettre oui pour "Laisser les moteurs de recherche trouver votre blog ?".Seulement, n'est pas le seul service de ping que l'on peut notifier pour faire le buzz (faon de parler). C'est pourquoi, Feedburner propose un service de notification automatique de plusieurs services de ping notamment "ping-o-matic", "Technorati", "My yahoo", etc.Pour activer cette fonction, il faut :1. Dans Feedburner, ouvrir l'onglet publicize 2. Puis cliquer Pingshot que vous trouverez dans la colonne de gauche 3. Cocher sur "Google blog search Ping service" et "Ping-o-matic"4. Cliquer sur "save" et vrifiez que la mention "This service is active" apparaisse juste ct du bou...
Feedburner and Wordpress 2.5.1 [Digg]
2008-05-01 05:29:00
If you upgraded to Wordpress 2.5.1 and you use Feedburner there is a possibility that your feeds are no longer working. There is a problem with two of the files and the fix is located here.After you make the corrections in the two files upgrade your blog to update the database and then ping Feedburner and all should work fine.
By: Stix Blog
Feedburner To Serve Google AdSense Units On RSS Feeds
2008-04-30 15:03:00
Since the day, Google acquired Feedburner, there had been talks about assimilation of AdSense into Feedburner, so as to provide AdSense units on RSS Feeds. (...)
Feedburner migliora l?integrazione con Google
2008-04-30 14:37:00
Come ricorderete, Feedburner venne acquistato circa un anno da Google. Da allora Feedburner diventato completamente gratuito ma rimasto fondamentalmente un organo distaccato. Oggi su Burning Questions, il blog di Feedburner, comparsa la notizia dell’imminente integrazione con i servizi Google. Tra le novit in arrivo: Look&Feel in Google Style Possibilit di accedere al servizio con account Google. A ...
How to ensure that your FeedBurner stats are correct
2008-04-30 11:30:00
I publish my blog feed using FeedBurner. And I always used to think that the statistics shown in my FeedBurner account for the number of subscribers is correct. Well, as it turns out I was completely wrong. And your statistics shown in your FeedBurner account could be wrong as well (especially if you are ...
FeedBurner Moves to Google Accounts
2008-04-30 00:00:00
After Google bought FeedBurner in June 2007, we didn't hear too many new things about FeedBurner. A post from February detailed the benefits of the future Google integration: connecting with other Google services, better performance and new features. "Why not build new services and integrate at the same time? (...) ...
FeedBurner Moves to Google Accounts
2008-04-29 19:49:00
After Google bought FeedBurner in June 2007, we didn't hear too many new things about FeedBurner. A post from February detailed the benefits of the future Google integration: connecting with other Google services, better performance and new features. "Why not build new services and integrate at the same time? (...) Our perspective is that the time you lose trying to continuously merge an updated legacy codebase with a new rewrite causes you [to] be in a world of never actually getting the integration done because you're constantly working on merge problems."It seems that the Googlizied FeedBurner will be brought to life soon. FeedBurner Blog announces that "in the coming weeks, upon visiting, selected publishers will have the opportunity to sign in using their Google Account". That means you will be offered the option to choose a Google account as a new home for FeedBurner. The posts mentions that the integration with other services will be added gradually and i...
Rcuprer les abonns non confirms sur feedburner
2008-04-29 15:48:00
Certaines personnes ayant tent de s?abonner la newsletter d?un blog n?ont jamais fini le processus car le message de confirmation en anglais leur envoy a t peru par eux comme un spam. Pour savoir comment en mettre une sur votre blog lire l?article ?Intgrer une newsletter avec Feedburner ?. Aprs avoir vu comment mettre le message de confirmation la Newsletter en franais, voici comment faire pour tenter de rcuprer ceux qui n?ont jamais confirm leur inscription votre newsletter. 1. Dans Feedburner, ouvrir l'onglet publicise 2. Puis cliquer email subscriptions que vous trouverez dans la colonne de gauche 3. Au bas de la page, juste au-dessus du bouton save , cliquer sur View suscribers details . Instantanment, la liste de tous les abonns votre newsletter (confirms et non confirms ) apparatra. 4. Aprs avoir rcolt les adresses mail de ceux qui n?avaient pas fini leur processus d?inscription (ceux dont l'adresse e-mail est suivi du status "Unver...
Problems with my Feedburner (Resolved!)
2008-04-28 19:32:00
Sorry to say this but I’m having problems with my feedburner address. It’s getting 404 errors. Two days ago I had about 30 readers subscribing to my feedburner feed. Now I have only one. The problem is that I’ve changed my feedburner address to a different one and the plugin is not recognizing this, ...
mettre message feedburner francais
2008-04-25 16:05:00
Dernirement, lors d'une conversation mail avec Lise du blog A propos des allergies alimentaires, elle m'avait fait part d'une astuce qu'elle a utilis pour mettre le message de confirmation envoy par feedburner en franais. Je trouve cela trs bien de mettre en franais ce message de confirmation tant donn que certains abonns ne confirment pas leur inscription cause du fait qu'il n'y comprenne rien au message qui leur est envoy en anglais. Je vous laisse lire l'explication de Lise :Voici ce que j'ai fait pour mettre le message de confirmation d'abonnement en franais :1. Lorsque tu es dans Feedburner, tu ouvres l'onglet publicise 2. Tu cliques sur email subscriptions que tu trouveras dans la colonne de gauche 3. Tu cliques sur communications preferences qui est une sous-menu de e-mail subscriptions 4. L?objet et le message anglais demandant une confirmation apparat droite. Il suffit de le changer par un message en franais.Voici les nouvelle...
FeedBurner BuzzBoost Tips
2008-04-24 16:51:00
I have said this before, FeedBurner is the best way to publish a feed for your website, blog, podcast, whatever. It’s not because it’s so easy to use. It’s not because it’s so cool. (It is all that). It’s because of all the features that you have available to you for your feed. Features such ...
Turn Your Feedburner Feed Into A Podcast
2008-04-24 13:13:00
Feedburner is a handy service that enables users to subscribe to your posts through either an email or RSS client. Did you know that could also get your RSS feed turned into an audio podcast. Not by Feedburner, but my a new site that is still in beta, but working reasonably well. Don’t get to ...
Feed Analysis, estadsticas de cualquier feed que use Feedburner
2008-04-23 09:46:00
Feedburner incluye un sistema de estadsticas normal y PRO, para poder realizar un seguimiento de los usuarios suscritos al feed, al que solo pueden acceder el propietario de la cuenta. Feed Analysis permite que cualquiera pueda acceder una serie de estadsticas de todos aquellos feeds que utilicen Feedburner, simplemente incluyendo la direccin del feed. Y aunque ...
CommentLuv and FeedBurner Don?t Mix (Or Do They?)
2008-04-20 05:18:00
FiddyP created an amazing WordPress Plugin last year called CommentLuv and it’s been steadily working its way around the blogosphere. Essentially, CommentLuv uses fellow blogger’s RSS feeds to automatically append a link to their latest blog post to any comments they leave on a CommentLuv enabled blog. I installed it here at ...
Feedburner Sucks
2008-04-18 22:21:00
Seems like a great tool to track your subscribers, as well as add other cool things to your blog, right? Wrong! FeedBurner has been down lately way to often, and if you have their FeedFlare added to your blog (a little neat script that adds automatic social bookmars to the footer of every post), it makes your blog load extremely slowly. It takes a few minutes for most browsers to 'realize' that the FeedFlare isn't loading and to stop attempting it. The end result is you loosing your visitors.Screw FeedBurner. In the butt.Edit (April 22nd): It hasn't been down since (or I didn't notice it). And apparently this problem might only be limited to specific geographical locations. I wouldn't want to badmouth something which otherwise is a great service - but I still think making my blog unloadable is the worst thing such service could do!
By: AoCBlog
How to Ping Feedburner
2008-04-18 19:26:00
If Feedburner has not updated your blog posts, you can tap Feedburner's shoulder by pinging its ping machine. Go to this link: Feedburner pings sites automatically on a 30-minute interval. It depends on how often you update your blogsite. If you are such a prolific blogger that you can churn out a blog post every five minutes, then you may ping Feedburner often so that it will immediately update your feed data. You can also use Pingoat to shake your blog. Remember that Feedburner is owned by Google. If you want your blog articles to be indexed by Google fast, creating a feed of your site through Feedburner can speed up the indexing of your website.Quick Note of the Minute: Find out why millions of websites are hosted with 1and1 Webhost (Linux and Windows Platform Available). To learn more, click here>>
FeedBurner Plugin Bisa Mengurangi Backlink Ke Blog
2008-04-18 09:04:00
Bagi para pengguna Wordpress tentunya tidak sedikit yang memakai plugin FeedBurner. Dengan plugin ini semua feed dari Blog Anda akan di redirect ke FeedBurner. Jadi jika ada yang nampilin feed kita linknya akan lari ke FeedBurner bukan ke blog kita, rugi gak tuh ! Untuk lebih jelasnya lihat gambar berikut. Similar Posts:10 Worpress Plugin Yang Harus ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "FeedBurner Plugin Bisa Mengurangi Backlink Ke Blog", url: "" });
FeedBurner subscriber drop weirdness.
2008-04-17 19:30:00
I’ve been using FeedBurner for about almost a year and a half now (if anyone’s counting, that’s since the first month that I’ve been writing here. and FeedBurner’s been managing my subscribers since then). I’ve been lucky to watch my subscriber count grow consistently — with one notable exception. This site has hovered around 400 RSS ...
FeedBurner FAIL
2008-04-14 00:00:00
Something wonky happened a few days ago and I didn't notice... sorry feed readers! Here's the posts you may have missed... Effective Email Case Study - TubeMogul Link Glossary - Alt Text Comfortable Branding by Name (Video) Hard Sell Tactics DON'T WORK Developing Professional Business Cards with Sharp Company Logos Link Glossary - Backlinks Cribbed Content for April ...
My Feedburner Link is down!
2008-04-09 16:26:00
I feel sorry, but after moving my blog to a self-hosted Wordpress install, my feedburner feed has totally messed up. I’m looking for a fix, but it seems nobody can help me. Feedburner doesn’t accept my Wordpress feed, although it is valid. I don’t know the reason for this. I hope I won’t lose all of ...
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