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Concrete Bunkers Protect Israeli TV from Missiles
2012-05-27 17:41:00
Part of Israel’s preparation for war includes building a new TV station under concrete bunkers 23 feet underground in Haifa. Hizbullah missiles in the Second Lebanon War in 2006 knocked telecasts in northern Israel off the air. The Israel Broadcasting …Read more »
Ola Englund: grabs the lead for Six Feet Under
2012-05-22 23:42:00
eath metal ministers SIX FEET UNDER have announced the addition of Swedish rhythm guitarist Ola Englund (FEARED, SCARPOINT) to their legendary ranks. Englund, who will make his first official appearance with the band on the "18 Nights Of Blood Tour" next month, takes the place of Rob Arnold (CHIMAIRA). Ola Englund - Peavey 5150 II Demo (ft. Guest Solo from Chris Feener)
Vegetables vs Big Fat Pregnant Lady's Feet ? from Instagram
2012-05-11 12:42:00
Bloated feet vs Giant red spinach Bloated feet vs Kailan Bloated feet vs Sawi and Kailan patch So siapa lagi gomok? Actually susah giler nak tangkap gambar- gambar ni! Asyik tertangkap gambar perot! Lol! Have a great weekend guys!
Van plunges 150 feet near Bronx Zoo, killing 7
2012-04-29 20:02:00
A van flew off an elevated portion of New York's Bronx River Parkway Sunday afternoon, falling 150 feet before landing in a horrific crash that left seven people dead, multiple news outlets reported. The accident, near the Bronx Zoo, happened at about 12:30 p.m. local time, authorities said. It's not clear what caused the crash. ...
Finding the Right Shoes for Your Feet
2012-04-20 17:00:00
By Doris Montanera Are you wearing the right shoes? Putting your best foot forward means more than just picking the right spring/summer 2012 trends. Those wonderfully elegant, pointy-toed, high-heeled shoes that are so in right now? If you have a wide foot, they can cause spectacularly ugly?and painful?hammertoes and bunions. Summer?s preoccupation with flipflops? They?re ...
Duck Brand Bubble Wrap Protective Packaging, 12-Inch Wide Roll, 30-Feet x 0
2012-04-10 09:00:00
List Price: $11.99Deal Price: $10.07You Save: $1.92 (16%)Duck Brand Bubble Wrap cushions and protects your valuable items for shipping or storage. Original Bubble Wrap features a nylon, air retention barrier that minimizes air-in-bubble loss and maximizes object protection. More air, more cushioning! 30 foot roll is great for shipping and storage needs. Perforated at 12-inch intervals so you can either rip off a 12-inch sheet, or leave it attached and use the longer roll piece.Expires Apr 24, 2012
Happy Feet Two
2012-04-08 17:15:00
As fans of Happy Feet, every time we watch the movie we can’t help but wonder what happened to Mumble and Gloria. We know that they would probably end up together but what did their future hold? Well, now we know. Mumble, The Master of Tap, has a problem. His tiny son, Erik, is choreo-phobic ...
1400 feet grass carpet by Gaëlle Villedary
2012-03-19 10:23:00
Artist Gaëlle Villedary recently made a nice installation called ?Tapis Rouge!? in a small French town called Jaujac. It was made as a celebration of their arts and nature trail programs. Gaëlle Villedary wanted to connect the center of the village to the rich natural surroundings. Magic pictures below by David Monjou.  
How to tell if a woman fancies you: look at her feet - Telegraph
2012-03-18 22:59:00
via While men have long assumed that a woman?s blushes or a bat of the eyelids were the telltale signs of attraction, experts now believe that foot movements reveal most about an admirer?s true feelings. It is claimed that gestures with our feet are the most powerful form of body language because we are less conscious of what we are doing with them. If a woman moves her feet away from her body while giggling, to adopt a more open-legged stance, then she is attracted to you. But if her legs are crossed or tucked under her body, then the suitor?s advances are likely to end in disaster. Posted via email from poobumwee's posterous
Casual Friday ? Skydiving from 71,581 feet (21,818 meters)
2012-03-16 20:26:00
So yesterday (March 15), Felix Baumgartner dove out of a helium-balloon-borne capsule, becoming one of only three people to have jumped from above 70,000 feet... Continue reading →
Happy Feet Two DVD Giveaway
2012-03-07 11:12:00
Tap into the tale of Mumble and his musical friends in the Antarctic with ?Happy Feet Two,? arriving onto Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital Download on March 13 from Warner Home Entertainment Group. The sequel to the Academy Award®-winning animated smash hit ?Happy Feet,? ?Happy Feet Two? takes audiences back ...
Symptoms Of Arthritis In Feet
2012-02-28 01:11:00
ch_client = ""; ch_width = 468; ch_height = 180; ch_type = "mpu"; ch_sid = "Chitika Premium"; ch_backfill = 1; Yoga Remedies : Yoga and Arthritis In The Feet Moist Heat Therapy Warming Foot Wrap $26.98 Moist Heat Aroma Therapy Warming Foot Wrap provides moist heat, for comfort purposes, but also provides aroma therapy, which has relaxing properties of itÕs own. Our Warming Therapy Products ...
Ball Feet
2012-02-18 16:46:00
Dear All, I have a vessel supported on 4 legs. The vessel height need to be adjusted mechanically with the help of adjustable ball feet. Such type pf construction are found in brewery.pharmaceutical tanks. It resembles construction that of screw jack. each support legs is under a load of 9000 K
California Welcomes Back Winter With Up To Six Feet Of Fresh Snow
2012-02-17 17:36:00 Travel Article :: (SACRAMENTO) – California welcomes back winter after the recent storm that added four to six feet of fresh powder to already solid snow bases at resorts in Northern and Central California. With more snow in the forecast, Visit California and its winter resort partners along the Sierra Nevada are celebrating the season’s first major storm with 50+ Ski and Stay accommodation deals and lift ticket promotions at
iPad 2 Travels 100,000 Feet Up, Survives Fall From Space [G-Form Advertises
2012-01-07 05:47:00
What better way to advertise the durability of an iPad case that you?re selling than by sending an iPad 2 to space wearing nothing but the case and hoping it falls back to Earth unharmed? That?s what G-Form did to showcase the strength of its Extreme Edge case, and luckily ...
Getting Your Feet Wet â?? Begin Investing
2012-01-07 04:55:00
If you are anxious to get your investments started, you can get started right away without having a lot ofRead the Rest...Getting Your Feet Wet â?? Begin Investing - Financial Tips and Advice
Coleman Cable Heavy-Duty 4-Gauge Booster Cables (20 Feet)
2011-12-17 09:00:00
List Price: $86.99Deal Price: $35.96You Save: $51.03 (59%)When your car or truck needs a boost, the Road Power Extra Heavy-Duty Booster Cables are the safest way to transfer power from a 12-volt automobile battery. The easy-to-use, no-tangle cables have a trademarked T-Prene coating for flexibility and easy storage. They feature special clamps with triple-polarity identification that is color-coded, indent stamped, and marked with glow-in-the-dark labels. The clamps also have an ergonomic design that is easy to use on top-post and side-terminal batteries.Expires Jan 1, 2012
Save 20% on Beach Feet Boots from Tilly's
2011-12-16 09:00:00
For a limited time, get 20% off Beach Feet boots from Tilly's. Discount taken at checkout. See product page for details.Expires Dec 23, 2011
Happy Feet Two Freezing Frenzy Game
2011-12-11 10:30:00
Sometimes it’s difficult for us to find games that the whole family can enjoy. It has to be easy enough for Kiana (5) yet still fun for Kacie (9). And since they’re both fans of Happy Feet Two, we thought we’d give the Happy Feet Two Freezing Frenzy Game a try. This action-packed game features ...
Take it outside Christmas morning and jump on it with both feet
2011-12-09 06:00:00
Three remaining parts of the hog deserve brief mention. One, the tail, is a most delectable morsel when roasted in an oven or over an open fire. Two, the hog’s spleen, sometimes called the milt (German), is a tasty delicacy when roasted and sprinkled with salt. Immediately after its removal, along with the viscera en ... You Might Also Like:A kitchen welcomes Christmas
Cómo bailan los pingüinos en Happy Feet 2
2011-11-29 13:00:00
Los nuevos estrenos en películas de animación de la temporadas son películas de pájaros: La primera de ellas, Plumíferos. La segunda, Happy Feet 2, de la cual les hablaré en este artículo. Esta película se estrenó en Estados Unidos el 18 de noviembre, y en Latinoamérica el 25 de noviembre. Nuevamente volvemos a ver en ... Artículos Relacionados Cómo limpiar el Trackball de un Blackberry Revisa cómo termina una película con The Movie Spoilers ¿Como Funcionan las Turbinas?
Happy Feet Two for Wii
2011-11-28 21:47:00
It’s Time to Get Happy! In the footsteps of the Academy Award winning Happy Feet comes a beat-bumping, musical adventure based on the coolest movie of the year. In Happy Feet Two: The Videogame, play as Mumble as he traverses the Antarctic landscape with his best friend Ramon to save their penguin tribe from extinction. ...
Happy Feet Two: The Video Game (Giveaway)
2011-11-13 22:38:00
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announces the launch of Happy Feet Two? ? The Videogame, a 3D musical adventure game for the entire family inspired by the whimsical Antarctic world of the upcoming animated film Happy Feet Twofrom Warner Bros. Pictures in association with Village Roadshow Productions. The game is available for Xbox 360® video game ...
DIY Unmanned Airship Soars 95,000 Feet Above Earth
2011-11-02 13:34:00
From Engadget: Are you entertaining dreams of launching your own private spacecraft? All you need is about 30 grand in your bank account, and lots of spare time. Last weekend, a company called JP Aerospace sent its unmanned Tandem airship 95,085 feet above the ground -- a height that, ac
Essentials Feet TreatMint Foot Lotion
2011-10-28 17:52:00
I have dry and sensitive skin and so my extremeties usually get the brunt of this condition during the winter.  I am always on the lookout for new foot treatments.  Stanley Home Products sent me a bottle of their Essentials Feet TreatMint Foot Lotion for review. ABOUT  Stanley Home Products sells a large variety of products ...
54 Million IDs, 25,000 Sq. Feet, And 1 Massive Goal: Inside India's Bi
2011-10-27 16:30:00
From Fast Company: Over the past year, the registration rate has grown, and data centers in Bangalore and Delhi are now fielding 1 million new registrations every day. The southern state Andra Pradesh anticipates that all their residents will be registered by 2012. "The technology center
Assemblage 23 – 30.000 Feet
2011-09-27 15:03:00 Assemblage 23 – 30.000 Feet - September 27 from - Comment - Like
Are those my feet up in front of me?
2011-09-04 03:19:00
Life is hectic. Life is nicely paced. I’ve been getting nothing done. I’ve been busy doing everything. I write because I feel like writing, because if I don’t write I don’t exist. That is, if I don’t produce, create, express, then I am just subsisting. In my mouth out my ass and so on until ...
The Clay Feet Of The ?God-Emperor? ? Sathya Sai Baba
2011-08-25 00:35:00
It is fun to read to our children Hans Christian Anderson’s famous fable of the Emperor Without Clothes. We smile WITH the children at how we all ‘get’ the ‘morale de la fable’. And we smile AT the silliness of the emperor and at his subjects until they all began to wise up.  But do ...
The 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 feet Putting Drill!
2011-04-28 20:33:00
So, you want to get really good at those short to medium putts? Here’s a drill me and many pros use to get really, really good at these types of putts. First, you will need 5 golf balls. Second, find a completely flat lie with no breaks on the putting green. Third, set the golf ...This post: The 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 feet Putting Drill! Is Originally from: ProgolferDigest Please do not scrape content from
(4/2011) Free Your Feet!
2011-04-07 19:21:00
Arthur Rosenfeld-- In 1980, I was traveling in Kenya’s Aberdare mountain range with my father, Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld—renowned cardiologist and host of Fox News Sunday Housecall—when a runner burst into camp, having run 26 miles to deliver an urgent medical message. Upon receiving my father’s reply he took a sip of water and ran back to deliver it. Being surrounded by the creatures of the African highlands, and having recently left the plains, I managed an evolutionary perspective on the fact that a man could run a double marathon through the forest—outrunning lions and all that—but barefoot? How could his ankles, knees and hips take the pounding, never mind his feet? The deed was unimaginable to someone who wore leather loafers to work and soft sneakers to the gym. At that time, I could never have imagined that more than 30 years later there would be a quiet revolution in the way we see running. In the wake of Christopher McDougall’s bestsel...
The Agony of the Feet - A Look Back at the Toughest Boston Losses over the
2011-02-12 13:38:00
Where does the Patriots loss to Rex Ryan and the Jets rank in the past 10 years? Last nights Celtics loss to the Lakers had some shades of Game 7 last year - sure they started with only 10 players,...
Enslaved feet
2010-10-18 16:45:00
Sorry, this entry is only available in Português. Tags: ballerinas, China, humanity, woman, lotus feet, bound feet, shoes, Vivienne Westwood
of feet and frustration
2010-10-07 01:07:00
Some women make it look easy; they make it look effortless, this fashion thing. I've spent most of my life being haplessly unaware just how little of it comes to me at all.Not that I care. Not most days.But I recently found a darling pencil skirt at Goodwill, fulfilling my Great Skirt Fantasies. What is my GSF? Well, after wearing skirts all summer long, I would come across a batch of fall and winter skirts, skirts that beg to be worn with tights & boots. Skirts that play well with scarves and gloves. Skirts that would carry until spring. Skirts that may or may not like walking dogs, going to pumpkin patches and/or caramel apples. And skirts easy on the eyes and wallet.One would think that if I could find my Soul Mate Skirt, I would be set.One would hope that the neuropathy in my feet could just give me a break until I see my new acupuncturist in November, the earliest appointment I could get.One could hope that I could come up with a cute outfit for this weekend's Wordstock f...
Black Bean & Lotus Root with Chicken Feet Soup 黑豆莲藕鸡脚汤
2010-07-07 18:32:00
This is a combo of a few different soup - Black Chicken with Black Bean Soup, Chicken Feet with Peanut Soup and Lotus Root Soup with Peanut. With that, I now have a new soup that everyone at home likes. The soup is dark due to the black beans but don't be deceived but it's outlook, ie, tinted chicken feet, ribs and even lotus roots. It's really light and sweet. Ingredients: 200g Pork Ribs or Chicken Bones 8 Chicken Feet 200g Lotus Root, skinned and sliced 100g Black Beans, roasted for a minute on pan without oil 10 Red Dates, pitted 1 small piece Dried Cuttlefish, cut into strips 2 slice of Ginger (optional) 1.8 litre Water Salt to taste How to do it: Blanch chicken feet.and pork ribs/chicken bones. Put all ingredients except salt in a pot of water. Bring to boil then lower fire and simmer for another 3-4 hours. Add salt to taste. Serve.
News: no arms... then play guitar with you feet
2010-04-18 16:33:00
First part of the video only... but some crazy stunts in the rest of the video too. MGZ TV Episode 15
Futuristic Heel-less Heels - Wearable Sculptures for Feet
2010-02-25 02:29:00
Trend Hunter Rachel Bowman wrote about Chau Har Lee?s graduate collection last year and we couldn?t help but look upon her sculptural creations in awe?and a bit of trepidation at the thought of someone possibly wearing such? art.With her latest designs, however, Chau Har Lee has moved a little closer to feasibly wearable heels. But do not fret, she has managed to hold onto her unique vision, making her new additions as equally awe-inspiring as those in her graduate collection.via
Electric Carpet Keeps Heat On Your Feet
2009-12-18 19:28:00
Cold floors dampening your holiday spirits? Fujitsu General Electric is offering a number of heated electric carpets to warm your soul - and your soles.
celeb feet photos
2009-11-30 19:33:00
Cause Celeb $7.35 Cause Celeb Cause Celeb : 0330332694 $3.19 Cause Celeb : 0330332694 Psalms in Congregational Celeb $15.15 Psalms in Congregational Celeb Borghese Liptoxyl - No. 10 Celeb 5.4g/0.19oz $24.5 Liptoxyl - No. 10 Celeb Borghese Liptoxyl - No. 10 Celeb 5.4g/0.19oz $17 Liptoxyl - No. 10 Celeb The Dead Celeb $3.98 The Dead Celeb : A Lucy Freers Mystery by Lindsay Maracotta 1st ed Published in 1997 by ...
108 feet statue being built in Bhaktapur
2009-11-15 19:35:00
An 108 ft. statue, featuring Lord Shiva holding a Trishul in one hand, is being built in Sanga, Bhaktapur. The statue is expected to be finished in a couple of months. The work on the statue started three year back with the financial support of Kamal Jain, owner of Hiltake water tank company. Jain, an Indian ...
Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!
2009-10-31 05:01:00
Happy Halloween Everyone!!Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!
Dermatologists tips for having soft feet after Menopause
2009-10-13 22:25:00
Women start getting rough scaly feet after menopause. Scientists aren?t exactly sure why, but it?s pretty common. The problem usually starts first on your heels. Your heel skin becomes rough, dry thick and may crack. Gradually your entire foot can become elephant skin thick. Wearing sandals in the summer really thickens up the skin. As we go into winter, this thick skin dries out and cracks. Fall is a great time to soften your feet back up and that?s easy to do if you have the right tools for the job.Reclaiming your baby soft feet after menopause isn?t so hard. All it takes is good exfoliation. But a pumice stone won?t cut it for most of us. It takes chemical exfoliation and physical exfoliation, done regularly, to get your feet back into shape.? Chemical exfoliation means using a skin care product that softens and dissolves the thick skin so that you can actually get somewhere when you try to file it off. In my experience, the best skin care product to exfoliate and soft...
Military Car Robot Jumping 25 Feet In the Air Is Every Kid's Toy Dream
2009-09-15 20:08:00
From Gizmodo: Watching this video of the Precision Urban Hopper jumping over a fence, makes my inner kid all giddy and excited. It also makes my outer nerd wet. It has been invented by Boston Dynamics, the creators of the scary BigDog. The Precision Urban Hopper—developed
The Biomechanics of Dance: Try Those Dancing Feet (Part 5)
2009-09-10 07:01:00
Previous parts of this series have examined various forms of dance: ballet, jazz, and pointe (Part 2); tap, clogging, and Irish step (Part 3); and ballroom dancing (Part 4). Now it's time to see if maybe one of these is for you! And if you think that "engineers don't dance," I invite you to read
The next big iPhone app?. Casino?s blackjack and other amenities
2009-08-29 04:35:00
Casinos are realizing the iPhone potential and The MGM Grand at Foxwoods wants to be part of the party, creating the first casino based application for the AppStore, something tha could guarantee more cash flowing to their pockets and a new incoming stream of $$$ for Apple if those Casinos apps get the approval. And if ...
Sticky Feet Of Green Mussels Inspires New Adhesives
2009-08-29 00:29:00
You've heard of 'sticky fingers?'  Well, green mussels, aka Perna viridis, have sticky feet!  And that is the secret -- just released by scientists at the University of California Santa Barbara's (UCSB) Marine Science Institute -- of their superior adhesive powers.
Cause of the broken family: Fleeing feet or flying fists?
2009-07-22 19:47:00
From time to time I receive a comment about how staying within an abusive environment, and submitting to an abusive man brings healing to a family. How?Your chaste behavior towards a person that is beating you will turn their ways around. You are asked to suffer like the slaves were asked to in scripture, because it does mention the submit part for wives shortly afterwards. You are told to suffer as Jesus did for us! God is calling you to SUFFER for HIM!We read in the bible many times in which people fled from danger, because God opened the door for escape. Jesus did this. David did this. We find stories of people hiding others, and lying to authorities about their presence there to save the lives of those that are hidden. You are told those don't count. WELL It Worked FOR ME!Do we say to missionaries that are persecuted to death that they were at fault because they didn't LOVE their enemy the right way? What about the verse that says, ?Ask for it, believing, and it will be done.?...
One Man's Mecha Is Kind Of Heavy On His Feet
2009-06-18 23:14:00
Sarah Palin may have put Wasilla, Alaska on the map, but she and her family are not the only thing that's newsworthy there.  Wasilla just may be the home of one of the heaviest "mechas" in the world -- not the kind you'd want to partner in a ballroom dance class, that's for sure!
Mark Goffeney: no hands, but two feet
2009-05-30 00:21:00
Mark Goffeney shredding blues on guitar with his feet. San Diego's Big Toe Band This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
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