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Winds, heat hamper fight to contain Southwest wildfires
2012-05-24 06:08:00
Fire crews hampered by wind gusts and the driest conditions in two decades in the U.S. Southwest made slow gains on battling dangerous forest and brush fires, including one in Nevada that doubled in size overnight.
U.S. commander: Americans in Afghanistan to fight through 2014
2012-05-21 00:16:00
The commander of NATO-led forces in Afghanistan bluntly warned Sunday that American soldiers will face combat in that war-torn country right up to the time they leave, December 31, 2014. General John Allen told reporters not to buy into a "narrative" that the handover of security responsibilities to Afghan forces next year means US troops ...
APNewsBreak: 22 states join campaign finance fight
2012-05-20 14:56:00
Twenty-two states and the District of Columbia are backing Montana in its fight to prevent the U.S. Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United decision from being used to strike down state laws restricting corporate ...
Chinese activist renews call to fight injustice
2012-05-20 09:59:00
A blind Chinese legal activist who escaped house arrest, endured a nearly monthlong diplomatic tussle and a hurried daylong flight paused ever so briefly upon his arrival in New York City before taking up a familiar fight.
APNewsBreak: 22 states join campaign finance fight
2012-05-20 09:31:00
Twenty-two states and the District of Columbia are backing Montana in its fight to prevent the U.S. Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United decision from being used to strike down state laws restricting corporate campaign spending.
Witnesses paint graphic picture of fight
2012-05-18 22:43:00
But nobody saw how the deadly altercation began.
Govt adopts landmark strategy to fight Alzheimer's
2012-05-15 07:17:00
The Obama administration adopts a landmark national strategy to fight Alzheimer's on Tuesday, setting the clock ticking toward a deadline of 2025 to finally find effective ways to treat, or at least stall, the mind-destroying disease.
Obama faces questions on federal fight for gay marriage
2012-05-14 23:32:00
Just days after affirming his support for same-sex marriage, President Obama Monday declined to say whether he would go a step further and publicly take up the fight to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. While the administration has already stopped defending the legislation, which...
Encrypt Your Android Emails With PGP - Fight CISPA!
2012-05-14 09:00:00
I have been writing a lot lately about various ways to encrypt your data to keep the peeping eyes of Uncle Sam out of your private stuff. Sure, at the time of this writing, nobody can legally go through your email without your concent or a warrant. If CISPA passes, those days are all over.I've decided that if CISPA passes, then I will only communicate through personal email if it's encrypted. My encryption method of choice is GnuPG. Well now that can be easier for me because I found two apps for my Android phone that will let me send and receive encrypted emails.The first app is APG, or Android Privacy Guard. It natively works with K9 Mail and OI File Manager. To get encryption working all you need to do is import your keys into APG. K9 Mail automatically detects and uses APG as it's key manager.One thing I found though is that APG doesn't handle HTML messages as well as other OpenPGP programs, so you have to set your email to format messages in plain text by default so APG can ...
world war ii collection, vol. 2 ? heroes fight for freedom (1965) dvd
2012-05-11 04:01:00
now only : 23.95 World War II Collection, Vol. 2 – Heroes Fight for Freedom DVD Box Set includes 36 Hours (1965), Air Force (1943), Command Decision (1948), Hell to Eternity (1960), The Hill (1965), Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1944) over six discs….read more … Proudly built by feedmonster. (freebie version)
Mets Fight Through Injury, But Struggle For Respect
2012-05-10 13:57:00
Last night's sweep of the defending division champion, Philadelphia Phillies, was a hard fought battle the entire way. Three games..three come from behind victories. But what does it mean?As the Mets push into the middle of May they remain on the upswing. The first 31 games of the 2012 season have seen them sweep a series from the Braves, Marlins, and Phillies in route to a 13-5 divisional record. A blip on the radar that will be the 2012 season? Maybe, but not something that should be easily dismissed. Entering tonight's game the Mets are five games over .500 and only one half game out of first place in the East. If the season ended today the Mets would represent the National League as the newly created second wild card team. A massive accomplishment? Maybe not, but consider what the team is working with. The Mets have lost a starting pitcher, as well as their starting catcher, shortstop and left fielder. This leaves them with a roster full of unproven youngsters responsible...
Curry's ability to fight cancer put to the test
2012-05-09 16:50:00
Reblogged from Headlines: Does an ingredient in curry have a role in cancer prevention? A chemical found in curry is to be tested for its ability to kill bowel cancer tumours in patients. Curcumin, which is found in the spice turmeric, has been linked to a range of health benefits. Studies have already shown that ...
Democrats facing gay marriage convention fight?
2012-05-09 06:00:00
The prospect of a floor fight at the Democratic National Convention emerged this week as North Carolinians voted to pass a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships.
Long fight predicted in Guantanamo Sept. 11 case
2012-05-06 19:52:00
The U.S. has finally started the prosecution of five Guantanamo Bay prisoners charged in the Sept. 11 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people, but the trial won't be starting anytime soon, and both sides said Sunday that the case could continue for years.
Obama 2012 Rallies Escalate Election Fight In Ohio, Virginia
2012-05-05 19:39:00
By JULIE PACE 05/05/12 09:45 AM ET WASHINGTON — In campaign mode for months, President Barack Obama is making his quest for a second term official with rallies in Ohio and Virginia while casting Republican rival Mitt Romney as a flip-flopping protector of the rich. The events Saturday at two universities, Ohio State and Virginia ...
By: Suzie-Q
Why Pick a Fight With China? | The Diplomat
2012-05-05 12:18:00
Having achieved little and lost much in Iraq and Afghanistan, the White House and Pentagon in 2012 are turning their focus to the Asia-Pacific region. Top U.S. leaders seem to believe that the world’s oldest major democracy must confront the …Read more »
GnuPG Plugin For Microsoft Outlook 2010: Fight CISPA!
2012-05-04 09:00:00
As you know I am REALLY against CISPA and these other "Big Brother" laws that are getting passed by the U.S. Government as a reaction to an imaginary threat. I even dedicated my May version of Tech Chop to spreading the word about CISPA. You can watch that here: (The Horrors of CISPA)If you follow me on Twitter, then you've probably seen me tweet about how if CISPA makes it pass the Senate, and President Obama doesn't veto that sone of a bitch then we as Amercans need to take precautions to protect our privacy. What that means, at least for online communications, is encryption! If you want to learn more about how you can encrypt pretty much anything you can watch my Tech Chop video on that here as well: (Encrypt Everything)In that video I mentioned encrypting your email using a free alternative to PGP that is fully compatible called GnuPG. It comes in a Windows version called GPG4Win, and it used to have a cool Outlook plugin that came bundled with it. That plugin only worked for ...
What do you fight for?
2012-05-03 09:42:00
Damien Trainor, a nak muay out of K Star in England who has an upcoming bout with Andy Howson, has a little documentary about what he fights for. Its a couple minutes long and worth watching, perhaps repeatedly (I had to because I can never understand what English people are saying). What do you fight ...
Hunting warlords: The fight for justice
2012-05-03 03:04:00
After a six-year legal battle, former Liberian president Charles Taylor became the first head of state to be convicted of war crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court at the Hague in the Netherlands.
Twitter fight, suspended account sparks conspiracy debate
2012-05-01 00:48:00
Chris Loesch, the husband of CNN's Dana Loesch, is a Twitter victim. That much is certain. The question is whether his tormentors are a nefarious horde of liberal tweeters or a benevolent algorithm that snared him accidentally.
Legends Fight
2012-04-26 20:22:00
This weekend World Team USA is throwing their annual fight card for those of you in the bay. The fights are held at the Asian street festival. The festival has a ton of good food trucks parked hawking their wares. This year there will be a handful of local pro fights, and some good local ...
Foods That Fight PMS
2012-04-26 15:43:00
By Karen Kwan What?s worse for many of us is not ?that time of the month? but the time leading up to it ? aka PMS. The cramps, the bloating, the nausea, the mood swings. And although you?re craving things like cake, chocolate and chips, if you eat these salty and sugary foods, you?ll only ...
2012-04-24 15:53:00
Renowned musician/producer, Cee-Lo Green, premiered his brand-new megahit single dedicated to winning. Fight To Win is the star's latest commercial production alongside long-time bandmates The Goodie Mob. The song premiered during yesterday evening's NBC showing of the mega-popular series, The Voice. In a related interview Mr. Green reveals how the tune is actually going to be the lead promotional song for the upcoming 2012-13 NBA basketball season. Way to hook, land and sink 'em! We're not mad at that one bit.
Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch forced into primary fight
2012-04-22 00:08:00
Utah Republicans denied U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch a clear path to a seventh and final term Saturday, forcing the 78-year-old lawmaker into a June primary with 37-year-old former state Sen. Dan Liljenquist. Hatch fell short of the outright nomination by fewer than three dozen votes from the nearly 4,000 delegates at the party convention.
Longtime Utah senator Orrin Hatch forced into primary fight
2012-04-21 21:06:00
By a hair, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch was narrowly pushed into a Republican primary race against former state Sen. Dan Liljenquist Saturday after failing to capture the 60 percent necessary to win the nomination outright. Hatch received 59.19 percent on a second-round ballot vote against Liljenquist, who received 40.81 percent. "There will be a ...
Free App of the Day: Hockey Fight Pro
2012-04-18 09:00:00
It's time to drop the gloves and test your skills in this unique 3D-style hockey fighting game. The game is rough and the stakes high. Fueled by pride or desperation, when it's game time, nothing else matters. This app features in-app purchases. Wi-Fi download only. Best on higher-end devices.Expires Apr 19, 2012
Panetta introduces proposals to fight sexual assault in military
2012-04-17 03:39:00
The Pentagon proposed initiatives aimed at curtailing sexual assault in the armed forces. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced the measures on Capitol Hill after closed door meetings on the issue with members of Congress.
The fight over warming: Militaries prepare to vie for warming Arctic
2012-04-16 10:43:00
The world's military leaders are anticipating that rising temperatures there will open up a treasure trove of resources, long-dreamed-of sea lanes and a slew of potential conflicts.
Bobby Petrino Will Not Fight Firing; Jessica Dorrell On Leave
2012-04-13 17:01:00
According to Whole Hog Sports, Bobby Petrino will not fight firing of him by Athletic Director Jeff Long on Tuesday, and because of the process of covering up his secret sexual relationship with his aide Jessica Dorrell. And on the matter of Jessica Dorrell, it’s now reported that she’s on on administrative leave, a University (Read More...)
Bobby Petrino Will Not Fight Firing; Jessica Dorrell On Leave
2012-04-13 17:01:00
According to Whole Hog Sports, Bobby Petrino will not fight firing of him by Athletic Director Jeff Long on Tuesday, and because of the process of covering up his secret sexual relationship with his aide Jessica Dorrell. And on the matter of Jessica Dorrell, it’s now reported that she’s on on administrative leave, a University (Read More...)
Image Spam And How To Fight It
2012-04-13 00:31:00
Spam attacks where the text is replaced with images aimed at lightly protected email systems are growing in popularity. With the variety of anti-spam filters that analyze the message content to weed out unsolicited emails, spammers continue to increasingly adopt image spam. Businesses, organizations and everyday computer users might have noted an increase of image-based ...
How GOP candidates? Wikipedia pages changed during nomination fight
2012-04-12 00:00:00
Search for the name of any politician?or almost anything else for that matter?and odds are one of the top results will be from Wikipedia.
'I will never give up': Birth-control pioneer says fight has personal cost
2012-04-09 22:28:00
Taunts of "baby killer" and "butcher" still echo in Bill Baird's ears, nearly five decades after he began fighting for birth control and abortion rights.
Mark Ballas & Girlfriend Tiffany Dunn Fight Caught On Tape (VIDEO)
2012-04-06 15:45:00
Dancing with the Stars pro dancer Mark Ballas and his girlfriend, singer/dancer Tiffany Dunn, got into a heated argument, which was unfortunately caught on tape just outside the Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood, Los Angeles on Tuesday (April 3)- watch video below. Tiffany was extremely upset after Mark was caught by one of her friends smoking ...
Hollywood Formally Brings ISPs Into the Anti-Piracy Fight
2012-04-04 23:15:00
Jill Lesser, an executive with experience with copyright, Internet and consumer issues, takes over an effort aimed at getting Internet providers to police copyright.
Canadian Drunk Guy Sings A Song After Arrest
2012-04-04 10:23:00
Drunk Guy caught on camera singing bohemian Rhapsody after he doesnt agree with his arrest fights, brawls, brawl, wrestling, ufc, knockout, knockouts, comedy skits,funny, beats down, size doesnt matter, street fights,girl fight, cat fight, kimbo,combat, rap battle parody, singing, guy sings a song, man
Jon ?Bones? Jones Highlight 2012 1080p by DefComAlert HD HL
2012-04-03 09:00:00
Highlight for Jon “Bones” Jones accomplishments in the UFC in 2011 Ryan Bader Mauricio Shogun Rua Rampage Jackson Lyoto Machida Rashad Evans Mathuschenko vladimir 2011 2012 defcomalert HD 1080p mma Highlight hl light heavyweight champion fight primetime dana white blog
Michael Coren & Robert Spencer The Fight Against Radical Islam
2012-04-02 11:06:00
Michael Coren & Robert Spencer The Fight Against Radical Islam Michael Coren & Robert Spencer The Fight Against Radical Islam – YouTube
How Secrets from Nature Can Help Us Fight Terrorist Attacks, Natural Disast
2012-04-02 08:25:00
Sagarin eventually assembled a working group with biologists and social scientists of different stripes alongside warfare experts, security analysts, and spies. He asked a simple question: “What can we learn about security in society from security in nature?” The answers …Read more »
Caps Get 2 Points, Hendricks Explains the Non-Fight With PK Subban
2012-04-01 06:41:00
Nicklas Backstrom brought the crowd to life Saturday by simply being in the lineup, and the Capitals managed to squeak by with a win in the shootout and two much needed points. He played almost 20 minutes in his return, third most of any Caps forward. It wasn’t a pretty win, with the Caps blowing ...
Inside The Fight: Schilling vs. Kaoklai
2012-03-27 10:22:00
Here’s the last installment of Jeff Dojillo’s great mini documentary series “Inside the fight, USA vs. Thailand.” I was surprised at tolerating this one. As I’ve stated before I’m not a big fan of Schilling’s character, but in this he comes across as pretty… normal. Props to Marty Rockatansky for his awesome photo. Enjoy!  
Lawrence Reed,James Douglas:Fight and Flight - acoustic duo
2012-03-26 21:34:00
Lawrence Reed:  I've just recently teamed up with James Douglas to form an acoustic guitar duet - Fight and Flight. It is refreshing to get back to the beautiful sound of two interwoven acoustic guitars.Fight and Flight are planning a small UK tour and recording an EP in the summer. If anyone knows of any venues that might be appropriate please put us in touch.We've posted some roughly recorded excerpts of past concerts which you can hear at
How You Blow a 3-0 Lead, Ovi?s Two Goals, and Was Brooks Laich?s Fight a Go
2012-03-24 04:37:00
Your most burning questions about the Caps’ 4-3 overtime loss to the division rival Winnipeg Jets on Friday answered: –Should people be concerned the Caps blew a 3-0 lead? –Chemistry: Perreault and Ovechkin –Brooks Laich dropped the gloves for the second time this season: right or wrong call at that point of the game?
Cleaning Helps You Fight Depression
2012-03-19 12:02:00
Depression is a common problem, nowadays. A lot of people feel miserable and unhappy with their daily routines. This sense is strongly emphasised, if they live in a cluttered and dirty environment. They start feeling useless and lonely, thinking of bad things, but all of these can change. How? If dirt makes you even unhappier ...
Free Fight Mesothelioma wristbands
2012-03-15 10:43:00 ?Thìs Free? §tuff ?Times . C om feed should ?only be read in feed readers, on the ©Freestuff Timesemail list, or the FST Google Gâdget. Any other use is copyright infrin ? gement and should be reported.© ©¥ Gets Facebook People Connected To Fight Blood Shortage In O
2012-03-15 08:52:00
Karthik Naralasetty, a 22-year-old thought of deleting a plague from our society – Blood Shortage. Looking at the grib of Facebook in our country, Karthik Naralasetty started to help people with blood transfusions. Looking at the shortage of blood in our country, This is where Facebook comes into the picture. Socialblood was launched as a Facebook campaign that connected people having same blood groups and also located the nearest emergency blood donors in no time. There were 8 Facebook groups running together for the mass. Socialblood also joined hands with Redcross-India and plans to tie up with NGO’s who are willing to support the same cause through social networking. Once someone places a request to join the Facebook group having the same blood type, it will be moderated and approved. All those who need blood donation can post messages to the group and will get a reply based on nearby availability of blood donors. Till now Socialblood already has 150...
By: WATblog
Brandon Marshall To Bears, Fight Allegations, Borderline Personality Disord
2012-03-14 22:21:00
Brandon Marshall is a nice guy. That’s what Marcellus Vernon Wiley, the former NFL Defensive End and now ESPN Analyst says about the now-former Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver, who just became a Chicago Bears player. On Sunday, Brandon Marshall and his wife were involved in some weird altercation. According to… According (Read More...)
Girl Fight: Is The Controversial Video Game Sexist?
2012-03-12 23:43:00
Girl Fight, the video game pitting two female fighters, took center stage at last week’s Game Developer Conference in San Francisco. I was given a great demo of the product, so have a look at the video first, then we’ll look at why it’s controversial to some people. Now Girl Fight is considered sexist by (Read More...)
Demi Lovato Continues To Fight Heartless Cyber Bullies
2012-03-12 16:48:00
Actress/singer Demi Lovato continues to speak against ?haters?/bullies who have enough time to waste on trying to bring someone down and it?s so much easier when you can do it online and not face to face. Demi Lovato Performs ?Give Your Heart A Break? @ 2012 PCAs (VIDEO) Demi took to her twitter to once ...
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