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SAFENTRIX Provides a Fresh Approach to Fighting Spam
2012-05-31 12:31:00
THE PROBLEM This is a story anyone with an Email address will be familiar with. Open your Inbox in the morning and you will find tens (if not hundreds) of emails from people who have absolutely no idea who you are. These emails could be hawking the latest V****a clone or announce that you are ...
New mom in South Carolina fighting flesh-eating bacteria
2012-05-17 19:28:00
A new mom in South Carolina is the second person in recent weeks to contract a rare disease known as flesh-eating bacteria. Lana Kuykendall, 36, from Piedmont had just returned home after giving birth to twins when she felt severe pain in her leg, reports WYFF-TV. Her husband, Darren, rushed her to the hospital when ...
30 al-Qaida militants killed in fighting in Yemen
2012-05-13 20:37:00
Government troops backed by warplanes and heavy artillery pounded al-Qaida positions in southern Yemen on Sunday, killing at least 30 militants, officials said.
Fighting Ecological Invaders Efficiently
2012-05-11 16:16:00
From - latest science and technology news stories: Siemens is using a special water-treatment technique to make ship traffic more environmentally friendly. By disinfecting the ballast water in ships, a system named Sicure protects marine environments from damage due to the intro
Student fighting flesh-eating disease after zip line injury
2012-05-09 19:51:00
A Georgia woman is fighting for her life after contracting flesh-eating disease during a zip line accident.
Iowa paper devotes front page to fighting bullying
2012-04-22 23:05:00
In a rare and forceful act of advocacy, an Iowa newspaper devoted the entire front page of its Sunday edition to an anti-bullying editorial after a gay teen committed suicide.
The Physics of Fighting a Traffic Ticket
2012-04-16 19:17:00
This four-page brief was presented in traffic court by a physicist and resulted in his $400 fine for failing to stop at a stop sign to be dismissed. Makes perfect sense for the engineer. Have a read of his PDF paper HERE.
U.N. to send monitors to Syria as fighting rages
2012-04-15 05:12:00
BEIRUT (Reuters) - The United Nations will send an advance team of observers to Syria on Sunday to start monitoring a shaky ceasefire, even as a surge in violence on the ground threatened to derail international efforts to end more than a year of bloodshed. Russia and China joined the rest of the Security Council to authorize the deployment of up to 30 unarmed observers in the first resolution on Syria the 15-nation council managed to approve unanimously since the uprising erupted in March 2011. ...
Santorum out, vows 'not done fighting'
2012-04-10 20:00:00
After calling Mitt Romney to concede the race for the Republican nomination, Rick Santorum suspended his campaign Tuesday during a press conference in Pennsylvania, his home state. "We will suspend our campaign effective today," Santorum said surrounded by members of his family in Gettysburg. Santorum spent the weekend off the campaign trail with his 3-year-old ...
Fire Fighting Design
2012-04-10 10:09:00
Could anyone tell how to begin in designing a fire fighting in commercial or residential buildings? A million thanks to you!
MMA Sparring Class ? Insider Cam!
2012-04-05 09:00:00
– Mixed Martial Arts sparring class Insider Cam. Experience the Cape Cod, Wareham, Plymouth, and greater New Bedford area’s top professional training center for MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Self Defense and Fitness. 30 Days FREE call 508-295-5427
Standing Up For Democracy: How Activists Are Fighting Injustice in America
2012-04-04 04:35:00
 The one thing we have. Our own political currency is people. And people are ready to hit the streets. Today is the beginning of a much larger set of mobilizations. They’re going to take place all across the country. We’re just getting started." George GoehlStanding Up For Democracy: How Activists Are Fighting Injustice in America Today | Activism | AlterNet:
2012-04-03 09:00:00
U.S. Navy Developing Fire Fighting Robot
2012-03-24 16:22:00
From Technabob: Fires on board vessels at sea are a pretty serious hazard. That's why the U.S. Navy has been developing a firefighter for the fleet based on Virginia Tech's CHARLI-L1 robot. The U.S. Naval Research Lab is in charge of the project and are working with the University of Pen
My parents are always fighting
2012-03-20 04:26:00
My parents had a fight again. This time everything started from a normal conversation about Simple Payday. I don?t understand what is wrong with them. They start to talk about something and then they end up fighting about that. I am afraid that they are going to want a separation soon because it is not ...
Fire Fighting Pumping Unit
2012-02-23 07:13:00
I need to build fixed skid mounted FFPU consisting of three pumps (namely electricity operating pump 500 GPM, 7 bar, diesel engine driven backup pump 500 GPM, 7 bar and a jockey pump 50 GPM, 8 bar) with water supplied from city source and stored in fire tank. All the pumps (centrifugal) shou
Asthma Fighting With Proper Cleaning
2012-02-09 08:52:00
The most widespread illness among the people in the world these days are the allergies. More and more people become allergic to dust each year and this is something that causes asthma and other illnesses. So, in order to prevent such situation or if you have someone in your family who already has asthma, the ...
Embattled Mayor, Gritty City or Mayor Fighting for Oakland?
2012-01-16 01:49:00
Mayor Quan with friends at Chabot event It?s an old clich that almost everyone who writes about Oakland feels they must use. You know, it?s a gritty city. The latest one was the New York Times article that touted our new restaurants, which are great, don?t get me wrong. But the writer still felt he (Read More...)
Fighting Aging With HGH
2011-11-03 11:50:00
You might be surprised why people who are only around 30 years of age are considered ?older? when we speak of his HGH (Human growth Hormone). This is because it is at this age that a person?s production of the HGH by his pituitary glands begins to decrease by as much as 14% every ten ...
Flu-fighting Egg Yolk Antibody Lozenges Help Lick Influenza
2011-10-20 06:01:00
Anti-influenza lozenges made with egg yolk antibodies are now being sold in Japan, just in time for flu season. The lifesaver-shaped "Barrifull" lozenges are said to be particularly effective when you're stuck in a crowd of coughing, sneezing commuters.
Homeowners are Fighting Lawsuits to Win their Foreclosed Properties Back
2011-09-30 14:22:00
There are innumerable homeowners whose lifestyle got immensely affected during this foreclosure session. However, while many of them have succeeded in braving the adverse situations, some of them are still living in a completely devastated condition.Looking Foreclosed Homes? has the best online resources of foreclosures in California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Texas and all US States - Homeowners are Fighting Lawsuits to Win their Foreclosed Properties Back
Women?s ?sex strike? ends fighting in The Philippines
2011-09-27 20:39:00
Via – Quite Interesting NewsMANILA, Philippines – Women ended armed clashes in 2 Mindanao villages by not having sex with their husbands unless the men laid down their weapons, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).Show original Tags: sex strike, united nations high commissioner, united nations high commissioner for refugees, United ...
Jan Lokpal Bill – Now Fighting On The Android Marketplace
2011-08-17 14:02:00
The ongoing struggle for getting the Jan Lokpal Bill approved and legislated has been dubbed as the first Social Media Movement of India. One can clearly see the reason for this name being coined. The way social media has been used to garner support has no precedent in India. Raising awareness, not only about the Bill but also about the daily progress used online mediums much more than the traditional media. One can also argue that traditional and online media are quickly amalgamating into one. Big-development today is the phone apps. It was only a matter of time before the India Against Corruption spearheaded movement gets associated with the convenience and efficiency of the Android app, and rightly so. If you were wondering what progress have Anna and his supporters seen since your last rendezvous on RSS feeds/news channels/twitter hashtags worry no more. Two students of Sastra University in Tanjuvar, Tamil Nadu have devised an Android app called the Lokpal App. The app may soun...
By: WATblog
BBC-Named ?The Secret Swami?, Sathya Sai Baba Hospitalized and Fighting For
2011-04-06 03:59:00
Sathya Sai Baba is now kept alive by ventilator and kidney dialysis. In having to report the health bulletins emitting from Puttarthi, the Indian media - so remiss in reporting anything inimical to Sathya Sai Baba, are, of course, given that he may die at any moment, going to have to do their best to get the facts right. However, with the rare exception like the mass circulation magazine India Today, it has signally failed to look for or tell the facts. There has grown the irony that NRI's (non-resident-Indians) can read of the revelations about Sai Baba of a sort suppressed in the Indian media. But millions in India cannot. It is the media outside India which has investigated the many and serious allegations against Sathya Sai Baba, such as wide-scale, serial sexual molestation of boys and young men, implication in the cover up of murders in his bedroom in 1993, and other scandals. Those wishing to investigate the antecedents of Sathya Sai Baba's physical and mental health pro...
Therapy, or fighting the beast
2010-10-27 21:14:00
It’s funny, human behavior. Since I quit drinking, I have discovered several other distractions. I guess one habit has to be replaced with another, or in my case, multiple. I can’t believe I’m actually writing this, but one of them has turned out to be jogging. Yeah, me…the one who is allergic to exercise. Since ...
Hawkins, Fighting to be Heard (Metroland Feature)
2010-10-10 16:18:00
If a Third-Party Candidate Says Something in the Forest . . . From Metroland “Social and environmental issues have all but vanished from the public dialogue, while the two major contenders promise corporate tax breaks and banter about each other?...
UConn's Dave Teggart, Jerome Williams Arrested For Fighting Each Other
2010-09-28 19:30:00
UConn Huskies kicker Dave Teggart and reserve linebacker Jerome Williams were arrested on Monday night by UConn police after the two were involved in a fight according to Chip Malafronte of the New Haven Register. The kicker (no pun intended) was they were arrested for fighting each other and were charged with breach of peace. According to Malafronte, Edsall said that the matter will be handled internally. Ed Daigneault of The Republican-American adds that the players will still play because no one from outside the football program was involved. ?Nobody got hurt,? Edsall said. ?No black eyes, nothing like that. It was like a cat fight.? It will be interesting to see what the details were as to the cause of the fight when the arrest report is made public or the media can take a look at it. Teggart was demoted yesterday into an "OR" situation with Chad Christen as UConn's starting kicker. Update: Here's video of what Edsall had to say from Shawn Courchesne of the Hartford Courant.
Are information services fighting for survival?
2010-08-25 17:04:00
As, Intute enters its final maintenance year, I have spent a long time reflecting on the events that led us here. With public sector organisations and higher education facing the possibility of further cuts, I think that it is timely to share some of those reflections in the context of demonstrating value for money and ...
Blog Recommendation For Fighting Legalism
2010-05-30 21:23:00
If you have enjoyed my posts here concerning putting to death the black dog of legalism and trusting wholly on the Saviour’s gospel, please check out Terry Rayburn’s blog Grace For Life. I have benefited from his work greatly. You … Continue reading →
Nokia To Launch Online Music Store – A Step Towards Fighting Music Pi
2010-03-22 18:53:00
Nokia has plans of launching its music service – Comes With Music – in India in a couple of months. Nokia already has launched this service in 26 countries all over the world. This step of Nokia basically targets two major areas of mobile device marketing – first this service would give unlimited music access to its consumers and second – this service would also help Nokia to fight music piracy which in turn would benefit content providers directly. Nokia has already tied-up with big Indian record labels including, T series, Venus, Tips, Big Music, Eros and Indian Music Industry (IMI) for music content, to which consumers will get unlimited download access via the Nokia Music Store once this music service is launched. The collection offers 3.5 million tracks of all genres, Indian and international labels to the consumers. Consumers can then browse, download and sync music either to their computer or directly on to the mobile device. According to Nokia&...
By: WATblog
Federal Reserve Fighting Inflation in the 1970s and Restraining the Housing
2009-12-20 09:20:00
People have a hard time predicting the future especially when it comes to economic behavior. Many people saw the housing boom and bust but few had the wherewithal to take action at optimal points. Once the herd catches wind, it is usually too late. How many people rushed in at the tail end of the ...
Thoughts and concerns (while fighting the good fight)
2009-12-02 23:53:00
I’m not comfortable posting details about my health right now. Not sure why. Maybe because writing a scene is challenging when you don’t know how the story ends? (Besides, you have my number.) If you don’t, scour the restrooms at Skipper’s Smokehouse. Or wait until I write about it (when I’m damn good and ready.) Until then…deal with ...
Kay Bailey Hutchison Republicans Are Fighting Disastrous Democrat Policies
2009-11-30 22:53:00
Kay Bailey Hutchison: ?I?m fighting everything that the Obama administration is doing from overspending, from the stimulus packages, from the healthcare takeover to cap and trade; I am fighting that. What I meant was the majority in Congress are doing things that are wrong for this economy. And I think Secretary Geithner is doing the wrong things in leading the effort, and I think the President is where the buck stops.?
Football, dog fighting, and brain damage
2009-10-15 12:36:00
[From The New Yorker] OFFENSIVE PLAY How different are dogfighting and football? by Malcolm Gladwell An offensive lineman can’t do his job without “using his head,” one veteran says, but neuropathologists examining the brains of ex-N.F.L. players have found trauma-related degeneration. ne evening in August, Kyle Turley was at a bar in Nashville with his wife and some friends. It ...
Joop Wolters: still fighting the credit crunch
2009-09-21 22:34:00
Joop Wolters speels it out nice and clear... it's tough in guitar land at the moment. ! Jopp Wolters says: Yes the fourth album is coming along at the moment. I am in the process of selecting and finishing songs that will be on the final CD, it all has to make sense together... and I am still writing new material in between... I never stop with that... As all of us, I feel the impact of the... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Cardboard Tube Fighting to Be the Next Great Sport
2009-08-29 01:00:00
The Cardboard Tube Fighting League has taken something most children have done at one time or another and turned it official. Decide for yourself if this is the next great American pastime.
Cardboard Tube Fighting to Be the Next Great Sport
2009-08-29 01:00:00
The Cardboard Tube Fighting League has taken something most children have done at one time or another and turned it official. Decide for yourself if this is the next great American pastime.
Fire Fighting Plane Falls Out Of The Sky -
2009-08-20 17:58:00
Fire Fighting Plane Falls Out Of The SkyThis guy drops faster than boners during a Judy Dench movie.Get humor videos at NothingToxic [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
2009-08-17 00:30:00
TeamWuJin wrote: Trainer of Team Wu Jin Australia Member of Khuan Yee Lion Dance Association KEAT FMA Instructor Rep. Saitama, Japan Professional Body Guard/Security Trainer of Security Network in Saitama, Japan ... Knife Blade RAW Combat Disarm Fight hip Hop Japan RNB Silat kali escrima arnis kung fu aikido ninja dance club 444 Omiya Saitama Security Kali Luke Holloway Malaysia Indonesia Army Police Body Guard Military response training chen man ching siow huang iron shirt sayoc penchak karambit balisong ...
Tokyo Security Training Raw Knife Fighting
2009-08-17 00:30:00
TeamWuJin wrote: Contact Dr. Parvez Alam Register for the seminar early and recieve a large discount! htttp://www.raw-knife-fighting- .org RAW COMBAT INTERNATIONAL BRANCHES throughout EUROPE, ASIA, AUSTRALIA &; AMERICA!!! ... Tokyo Security Japan Bodyguard Raw Combat Silat Knife Fighting Karambit Defend Disable Disarm Fight Stab Mug Hold up Armed Defence Tactical Response Training Martial Arts Keat FMA Sayoc Penchak Kali Escrima Arnis Shaolin Kung Fu Taiji Lion Dance Hok San Huang chen Man ...
Fire Fighting Pumps
2009-07-22 11:53:00
al slam alikom, Could any body please tell me what is the difference between fire fighting pump and normal operation pump,and why the first is expansive then the second? and thank you for your help.
Christian Help Fighting Sin
2009-07-16 20:03:00
The following is a heart plea from a single girl looking for Christian help fighting sin: Hi All. I?m a 23 year old ?christian? single female who needs help fighting sin. I never ever imagined in the whole two years that I?ve struggled with masturbation that there are other Christian teens and young single adults ... Related posts:Dealing With Guilt as a Single Christian Many single Christians have told us that dealing with...Fighting Temptations as a Single Person A significant part of the Christian single life consists...Learning How to Forgive a Jerk One of the most important things we teach singles...Sex Addicts Anonymous Anyone? Know anybody who may need sex addicts anonymous? Fact...Single Parent Sex Struggles The following story was written by a female single parent...
Fighting for Pesticide Free Gardens
2009-07-13 23:17:00
cross posted at EcojusticeThe issue of pesticide free gardening is quickly escalating into a potential legal battle, as Henry and Vera Jones of Constance Bay have contacted us after the city threatened to mow down their natural garden and bill them for the pleasure.A Constance Bay man who ran afoul of a city bylaw over the long, meadow-like grass in his front yard said he may begin legal proceedings against the city as early as Thursday.Hank Jones said he is taking advice from the environmental-law organization Ecojustice, and is seriously considering filing for a court injunction to prevent the city from mowing the long grass and wildflowers that make up the budding wildlife garden in his front yard.He said bylaws that encourage mowed, golf-course-style lawns and discourage natural, meadow-like properties contribute to environmental problemsTo be clear, this is not about defending unkept lawns that pull down property values. Henry and Vera Jones are building an environmentally frie...
(Get The) Design Bugs Out! 10 Infection Fighting Hospital Designs
2009-07-12 02:44:00
... The buzz is that the British Health Services department is being cheered for encouraging the great design talent and manufacturing skills in its own country to solve a growing problem in Britain's hospitals: healthcare associated infections. In addition to manufacturing jobs, this program and those like it will eventually lead to sales jobs, customer service, and transportation jobs so needed in these times.
Fighting For Our Rights On This Day Of Independence
2009-07-04 14:00:00
233 years ago the citizens of this, then, upstart nation were fighting for their independence and their rights. How screwed up is it that today we’re having to once again fight for those rights from a government bent on taking them away. Wake up, and stand up people. Remember what exactly it ...
fire fighting panels
2009-06-30 09:57:00
In india, why fire fighting panels and chiller don't have neutral connection?. i.e., they are 3phase 3 wire connections. why do some motors are 3phase - 3 wire and others are 3 phase-4 wire.? what is the criteria for manufacturing? regards prashanth
U.S. Cities to Rely on Persuasion as Crime-Fighting Tactic
2009-06-13 22:22:00
U.S. Cities to Rely on Persuasion as Crime-Fighting Tactic At least 30 cities are expected to announce Monday that they are joining an unorthodox crime-fighting program that relies on persuasion, rather than arrests, to cut down on criminal behavior. The initiative, run by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, targets violent crime and open-air drug markets ...
Patrick Swayze Did NOT Die, Still Fighting Pancreatic Cancer
2009-05-19 21:44:00
A rumor Patrick Swayze had died in the hospital this morning was quickly spread via Twitter after a radio station in Jacksonville, Florida revealed the tragic ?news?. Patrick?s rep quickly released the following statement to debunk this cruel rumors. “This is to confirm that Patrick Swayze did not pass away this morning contrary to severely reckless ...
Fire fighting System
2009-05-17 15:41:00
I want to Know the Necessary of Fire fighting System using water for Transformers with Capacity more than 22 MVA?
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